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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> gold's going higher. catch "fast money" again tomorrow. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save some money. my job, not just to entertain but teach and coach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. the action in some stocks, well, let pea just say it's pretty darn easy to explain. facebook reports one of the best quarters of the year, a monster
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beat after the close, and its stock soars. twitter reports once of the worst quarters of the year, and again, correctly, it gets crushed! i find the action needs two stocks for reassuring companies that have stocks that go higher, and clown show companies that have stocks that go lower! without everything and everyone it's straight forward. sometimes stocks can rally simply because they repuce to go down. even when the federal reserve's hinting that they might raise rates. the averages barely budged. dow losing a point. s&p declined 1.2%. nasdaq advanced 1.8%. sometimes individual companies just don't give you enough reasons to sell their stocks. when they report. and that can lead to tremendous
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rallies. i know that it's go being up because it's not going down. can sound like some kind of weird zen riddle. so, let me explain. we saw four of these stories play out today. panera bread, buffalo wild wings, caterpillar and boeing. two restaurants, voila, a heavy machinery company and the world's largest maker of airplanes. let's start with panera bread, yesterday, steeple recommended people sell the stock of panera bread on the same day that the company reported earnings. they predicted the company's sales would be not so stock and that the stocks would get hammered when we all saw the numbers. the reasoning? in was a broad macro call so to speak. the analyst thinks the economy is slowing down and the restaurant bitz is the wrong place to be in a slow down. but panera didn't stick with the
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script. no, no, no. it reported a surprise, a giant one. giving you solid projections that the numbers would continue. i would call the results better than expected. but more importantly, they were sharply better than what steeple me dikted. those who bet against panera were playing with the wrong thesis, playing with fire. at the same time, the panera bulls, who wanted to wait for the quarter in order to not get blindsided jumped in too. bingo, you get a magnificent run. buffalo wild wings, ooh, it's a little more complicated. ivy been hearing whispers that the business was slowing at the beer and wings chain. their same-store sales actually shrinking by 2%. awful number. but that's the bad news. the good news, though, is that buffalo wild wings has a plan for half-price wing night that's tested and succeeding, the
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olympics coming up, not to mention the nfl, the money season. companies developing a healthy take out and delivery business. despite the lousy same-store sales, buffalo wild wings beat the estimates by a penny. something that caused many to say holy cow. i got the miserable comp sales mum more than right, but it didn't matter? there was no ugly reduced forecast. without an outright miss in slash guidance, there was simply no reason to bail on the stock of buffalo while wings. you have to figure if the company can beat estimates, who knows how much better things can get better when things do get better. there's an activist, marr kay dough capital, put it all together and buffalo wild wings became a nightmare situation.
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any short-seller with half a brain would cover. the bull whose have been on the sidelines watching the stock fall now have every reason to step in and buy b dubs. it's a quiwin/win. maybe that's the ww. and maybe that's why it soared. how about cat pillar, it's what i call a consensus short, meaning it's the kind of large capitalization stock the feds love to bet against. because the company's end market and its customers are doing so badly that it seems like a layup to bet against it every time the darn stock spikes. that's because the short sellers have high hopes that cat will once again report a revenue in earnings shortfall while cutting its guidance, that's the unholy
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trinity of what it takes to crush a stock. for all this time, that's exactly what happened. cat's now four years into its downturn. talk about reliable. but something happened on the way to still one more disappointment. caterpillar beat the top and bottom estimates when it reported last night. more important while the company did guide down for the rest of the year, if you took the time to listen to the conference call, you realized that cat sales and rpings are almost certainly bottoming. yes, it would be terrific if their customers in mining and oil and gas were to see real lift in their sales, but at this point, they can still make a ton of money even at this lousy loi level of business. cat gave you several downright positive data pointing. first management said the market position had improved and around the world, and particularly
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china. that's not what you want to hear when you're short. the two, europe's gotten better. and i quote, some improvement in mining on the horizon in the aftermarket, end quote. fifth, the company said anecdotally, a lot of our customers are busy across the country, including, end quote, the best kind of busy stating that have raised taxes. they pay their bills, right? they raise taxes to rebuild infrastructure. construction is the mother's milk at caterpillar. who the heck wanting to belt against a company with a 4% yield that's telling you it fienltsly hit the bottom after a four-year downturn and there's no way to go but up. that's why this manufacturer could see its stock jump again today. finally, there's boeing. what a horrendous setup. first the stocks, the customers have been hammered on weak earn
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earnings. they're the worst performers in the market. it's now going to take deliver rdelivery the a year later. what happens when the company reports this morning? it crushes the numbers, a ninil lates them. the result? stocks took off this morning, rallying at one point at $4.50. there's no reason to sell a stock down nearly 6% for the year. and the dividend can easily be raise id by all that. these ambushes failed, unlike twitter, didn't give you a reason to sell. when there's no natural sellers, there's no way a short-seller can make money. that's how a stock can go
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higher, simply because it refuses to go down. steven in massachusetts. steven. >> caller: boo-yah. here's today's question. it's about coca-cola. i'm wondering if the stock's going up or going down. if it's a buy or sell. >> you know what, if you want to buy a gross stock with a good dividend that is executing very, very well, perhaps in the best consume ear package goods, may suggest you buy their rival, pepsico. and at the same bizarre time, they're valued at the same price. buy pepsico. louie in california. >> caller: good afternoon, mr. cramer. i need a little education clarification. back in january i bought a bunch of ino as a speculative trade, after they had started testing a
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single-shot vaccine for zika virus. it more than doubled in a quarter. so i sold enough to reach 100% house is owning the rest of my position. they recently announced tests have started for a single-shot vaccine for hiv. that could be huge. i want to buy more of the stock this time as an investment. >> no. no. no. no. you've done the right thing. you're playing with the house's money. who knows whether this works out or not. i got to tell you something, louie, you got the highest quality situation going. playing with the house's money. at short seller doubling cross. the bears thought they laid a trap in buffalo wild wings, caterpillar. on "mad money" tonight, is it trash day already? waste management's been cleaning up the town for decades, but after its decline, are you
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wasting a buying opportunity? then the apple shortfall everyone was expecting. and new ppg ceo, see if he can continue the company's tradition of being one of the best industrial companies in the world. so stick with cramer! don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? #madtwee #madtweets. send jim an e-mail at or call us at 1-800-743-cnbc head to
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. i'm always telling you that this is the most confusing week of the quarter. a week when we get flooded with so many earnings reports and conference calls that it's hard to keep track of everything, don't have enough hours in the day. i pay for someone to sleep for
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me during this period. take waste management, number one garbage disposal company in north america. 21 customers, 249 landfills. very few know more than david spiner, the ceo, but this was a confusing day. the company saw a surprisingly strong quarter. higher than expected revenue, up 3.3% year-over-year, positive buying growth, commercial earnings turning positive. he raised their cash flow guidance and the stock sold off. how is that possible? i think a huge part of it has to do with the fact that up 24% run. major move for a steady eddie company, one with a yield down to 2.4%. so, should we view today's
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weakness as -- we've got to find out. let's take a closer look with david steiner as the president and ceo of waste management. welcome back to "mad money." >> hi. thanks for having me. always good to be here. >> i was stunned. i thought this was by far the best quarter in a decade. you've done all the things i've been wanting, really good buy-ins, great industrial volumes. you said we're buying a lot more trucks. market didn't care for it. is this just a case as you think, because you've been right about your own stock, where it's been a huge run and some people are saying hey, thought it was good, and it was good. >> yeah, you know, jim, the market has its vagaries and you know it better than i do. we don't manage this business for one-day stock moves. we manage it for the long term. if we keep producing quarters like today, the stock will dech nitly take occasion of itself.
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>> i'm trying to find the holes. you lost some recycling contracts. isn't that the kind of volume you want to lose? >> absolutely. the recycling contracts we lost were losing contracts. they were negative-margin contracts. what we've done in the recycling business is try to dee risk -ri. the split that our customer got was so much that it didn't cover our processing cost. we've changed the model where we cover our processing costs and profit first then we split with the customer. that's taken the risk out of recycling. the times last year where we had recycling as a headwind, we won't have that anymore. it can only be a tail kwind. i look at this quarter, and there's not a single hole in this quarter. we just intend to keep doing the same thing, quarter in, quarter out. >> second one, i thought maybe people thought this. turning cash flow into the
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second quarter,748 million twartwar compared to $816 million in the second quarter of swift. was that an anomaly? >> yes, that was an anomaly. we had a little bit of movement in working capital. so that works itself out during the course of the year. so what we said is that our cash is actually going to be above our prior guidance. the low end of our prior guidance by $100 million to $200 million. >> i liked later on in the call when you address thed that issu and said it's likely that there be a dividend boost, even though you already have a larges dividend. >> yes, absolutely. you know what we're all about is making sure that we use the cash to create the best value for our shareholders. now we would love for that to be
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acquisitions. we've done some fairly decent-sized acquisitions. we don't see one of those on the horizon. so i expect the cash will be deployed like we've done over the last 15 years, which is a strong dividend and share repurchases. >> i went to a land fill basically across the street from the statue of liberty. it seems that's the best business, but you said it wasn't that good right then. 6.5% volume increase? i mean, this, land fill's where you can make a fortune, right? >> well, yeah, and the inkremtsal margin of the landfill can be as high as 80%. a hume fixed cost basis, but not a very high variable cost basis. when you smart putting tons into those landfills, you can drop a huge margin. it's been pretty steady, you know, in that sort of 6% to 8%
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increase. we expect that to continue and get stronger over the coming quarter. >> i wish everyone would read your quarters. people are worried about the economy, but you've goat a great panly of business. your hon you're not seeing an industrial recession. >> yeah, you know, jim, i like to say that it just seems like it's our time. i've been ceo of the company now for about 12, 13 years, been with the company about 16 years, and there really was one other time i remember like this, that was a period from 2006 to 2008, which was a great period for us, driven by housing starts, but they're nowhere near where they were at peak. so we think there's still a lot of room to run for volumes. if we can see the economy at that slow growth, 2% to 3% rate, we think we've got three to five years of really good volume growth coming up.
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>> our viewers, for people who know what the great metric is, housing starts and waste management equate to what kind of volumes that make it so lucrative? >> yeah, you know, when you think about it, when they tear the how long down next to me, they put a can out in front of it and build a new house. but you haven't created a new residential customer, because it's the same house. but when you start having big housing developments being built, now you've got a residential customer, those cans out in front while they build the house. but more importantly, you have the new businesses coming in around those neighborhoods. the new gas stations, restaur t restauran restaurants. it's a recurring revenue stream. when you think about our business, that commercial customer is generally about a seven to eight-year customer of just that revenue stream pouring in. it is a great business for us, at about 60% of our new business
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is coming from new business starts. so we see real strength in new housing starts, in new business starts. but they're nowhere near where they were in the peak from that 2006 to 2008 period. so i think we still have a long way to run. a few good years ahead of us. >> i could not agree more. president steiner has not steered us wrong in the many years he's been on the show and not steering us wrong now. coming up, this company has found itself in the middle of a serious health care debate. >> as far as i'm concerned, we're the same company. we've dpelt with the issues that existed, and i frankly was shocked. >> cramer has the ceo. to get the latest on what effect the election could have on this stock when "mad money" returns.
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how did apple, the world's largest and most covered company manage to fake out nearly everybody at wall street request a stock that roared 6.5% when so many expected the quarter to be awful? i think i've solved the miss trichlt the chief pillar of the bears choice was looming shortfall in sales of smartphones. the negativity was predicated on the so called field work. which meant there must not be the kind of demand that we thought, egg personally for the new, smaller, cheaper form factor iphones. yet these analysts salt down and stitched together commentary from suppliers even as suppliers have to mask apple's business. you are never allowed to use
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their name because they'll yank their business. texas instruments said cell phones were particularly weak. they are a known supplier to apple. sky works, another known supplier said the same thing, and they probably have the most semi-conductor content in any iphone. if apple didn't place a lot of orders with these chip maker, then this company, which has sold 1 billion iphones must be stuck with a ton of inventory, meaning apple will need to slash prices to the bone to get rid of the excess supply. that would lead to more price-cutting, as it seems clear that the current crop of phones had been a total cropper. the apple would miss numbers big and cut its forecast, what nobody thought about is that maybe apple didn't order enough chips because the company itself underestimated the demand. yet maybe apple didn't realize
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exactly how compelling these new phones were and didn't understand they produced more switching from samsung than ever before and not to mention upgrading from more so-called dumb phones than they thought. markets like japan, turkey, brazil and canada all turned out to be quite strong and highlighted on the conference calm. th -- call. that's the only explanation i can come up with. it wouldn't have mattered if so many analysts hadn't had this negative talk out there. saying apple's best days are over just yesterday, sell! that best days are over has become parlance. on more important the buy side, the actual counts where the most negative i could ever recall. the biggest company in the stock market had become dramatically
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underowned by many institutions which are now scrambling to pick up stock. the negative facts didn't add up. maybe apple got too negative on their own pros peblts. who can blame them? when enough people say you don't know what you're doing, maybe you with the best-loved products start to get under rated. they had too much demand. i can name companies that only western they had that problem. and the better than expected demand may not be going away if this quarter maybe not the revenue stream. much better than the iphone itself. the bears masquerading just got overrunned. stunned bit strength of the story. they came wanting to ask, when's the funeral. they left having to revise their estimates upward, not down. that wasn't in the plan. in other words, these doubting analysts felt the lash of a better than expected number. it was good enough.
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and the bottom line is sometimes good enough is well, good enough. which is how the stock of the biggest company on earth rallies. >> caller: listen, boo-yah from queens, new york here. i purchased gm stock the morning thenni earnings came out. ever since, the stock is in the low $32. >> right. >> caller: yeah, i'm feeling a little bit of pain here. >> oh, come on. there'sing there's nothing to be, look, it's kind of a bond. i'm not that interested in the story. i like ford more than gm, you say it's buy this time, but it did have a very good quarter. doug in tennessee. >> caller: boo-yah, from
6:30 pm
nashville, music city. >> how you doing? >> caller: good, good, hey, jim i bought sirius radio stock when it was on the verge of bankruptcy in '08 '09, and had a nice gain. my portfolio's become lopsided. i'm wondering how much i should take off the table. >> first of all, congratulations. you obviously had, you were imma immakeable. i would say 20% is the limits i would tolerate for most people. you want to take a little bit off the table. you're playing with the house's money, do not be greedy, because pigs, well, we don't want to be one. nice trade, nice investment. earn pgs season is a game of expectations. one word ahead for apple --
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pain. the only problem, it turned out to be dead wrong. it proved to be more than enough to rally. much mormon -- "mad money." i'm sitting down with a ceo and reveal the best ahead. and rapid fire in tonight's edition of the light nings round. so stick with cramer. what's better than "mad money"? how about more "mad money"? follow "mad money" on facebook, twitter and instagram to go one on one with cramer. >> what other questions do we have? i always tell people you've got to start with an index fund, because i need you to be diversified. >> get more with guests. and go behind the scenes with the most interactive show on television. >> if you can't explain in three bullets why you're buying a certain stock, don't buy! >> follow "mad money" today. ♪
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(don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. what are we supposed to make of ppg? it's a leading producer of all sorts of proprietary class
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paints and coatings. ppg is a terrific long-term track record, but last year the company stumbled under the dollar, coming down 15% in 2015. and while it's bounced back, it's still down more than 10 dollars from its highs here, hmm, opportunity? the company delivered a less than perfect quarter. ppg posted in line earnings. the stock got hilt, fell $1.50 in response. in the six days since then, it's come down from 110 to 106. while the head line numbers were only okay, their management was extremely confident saying that buyers would pick up. should we concerned about the second quarter in the rear view mirror or enthusiastic about the rest of the year? let's check in with michael mcgary, the chairman and ceo of the company. let's get a better sense of what
6:36 pm
the company is up to. welcome back to mad money. >> thank you, jim. pleasure to be back, and appreciate your continued interest in ppg. >> when i got into stocks, your company was called pittsburgh plate glass. you do not make plate glass anymore, do you. >> we haven't made plate glass for a long time. as you know, during this quarter, we made a decision to sell our flat glass business. been in it since 1883 but by the end of the year, we'll be out of the flat glass business. we've been named ppg since 1968. we've been fautalking. and we're going to continue in the paints.
6:37 pm
>> i was struck by the fact that coatings is a technology business. for instance, super-lightweight sealants, you're doing things with coatings that are really about internet of things more than they are just colors. >> absolutely. when you look at our technology, whether it's lightweighting, fuel economy, giving more color choices, heat management for airbus, there's a lot of technology. people say oh, do you watch paint dry? absolutely not. we watch paint grow, the volumes grow, this has been a very good business for us and very technology driven. our investors have enjoyed that. >> so when people speak of coatings, it's a much more proprietary business. this is not sherwin-williams versus ppg on these deals. >> when you look at acquisitions, there are folks we compete against on the architectural side. there's a different set of competitors. we're the biggest global company in this area, and we're going to
6:38 pm
continue to make acquisitions as we move forward. >> you're straight forward guy. and you say that you underperformed in the u.s. on autos, even though you outperformed in europe, and asia. why is that? and should we be concerned? >> you absolutely should not be concerned. when i think about what your viewers are interested in, the total macro market, how much paint are we selling. we kept outperforming the market four years in a row, and obviously, some of these customers get nervous when you gha get that big. we'd rather be growing in europe where there's a lot more growth and asia. and in the u.s. we see it in the eighth inning. we took our choices and decided to take business more in asia. >> i've been doing work on electric vehicles in china. it's exploding. are you able to get into that chinese business in a big way? or the chinese comfortable with
6:39 pm
ppg in there? >> jim, the chinese absolutely love us. we're the number one painter of oem cars in china. the suv market has been exceptionally hot in china. and that's been very good for us, you know, so we're happy. >> now i hesitate to ever inject politics, but obviously, if the u.s. were to pull out of world trade organization and raise tariffs on more than just steel, this could create a world trade problem for ppg. >> well, there would be a world trade problem, don't forget, we have a local business. we make locally, buy locally, sell locally. we have plants in 70 different countries around the world. so, for us, it's still a local business. paint is not being disremediated by the internelts. we're going to continue to function, but obviously, it's not good for the economy and wouldn't be overall good for our
6:40 pm
suppliers. >> we're used to you being in there buying back stock. but previously denounced cash deployment would be coming up and accelerating in the second half, that means that we're back thinking maybe in the second half ppg's in there buying stock like they've done for many, many years. >> absolutely. as you know, last year we bought back over $750 million of stock. we bought back $150 million in q-1. we were out in q-2 because of asbestos. q-3 and q-4, we'd rather do acquisitions, but we're not going to let cash sit on the balance sheet. if there's an opportunity, we will be out there buying back stock. and we told people in the latest call that we would be in the upper end of the range. >> in the overall paint market, pretty darn strong, right? fewer players, still kind of a
6:41 pm
good market to refer house paint. >> yeah. the u.s. market is the most consolidated market in the world. canada's consolidated now. with mexico, our great acquisition of co-nexmex. >> i want to thank you so much, president and ceo of ppg. thank you. >> thank you, jim. >> company's going to be back in there buying stock. "mad money's" back after the break.
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it is time!
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time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? time for the lightning round. let's go to jack in new jersey. jack. >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah from ocean grove. >> oh, my, man, you know that's my hood. what's up? >> caller: i wanted to ask you what you thought about fedex? >> at this point, i think united parcel is cheaper. i would go with ups. let's go to mark in illinois. mark? >> caller: hey, jim, i'm calling about bristow group, ticker brs. >> why don't you get diversified and go into lockheed-martin. you'll also get the helicopter, because they bought sacourseki. highest quality. >> caller: buy, sell or hold on canadian national railways. >> they've had too big a move, i
6:46 pm
want to wait till they come down. patrick? >> caller: i have a small holding of amc entertainment stock, and with the recent acquisitions, it's continuing to fall. i'm up about 15%. should i hold or sell? ? ye . >> yes, he want you to hold onto that. i think adam's going to do oo good job. i like his acquisition strategy. dan in arizona. >> caller: this is dan from bullhead city, arizona. >> what's shakin'? >> caller: i got ak steel. >> you should keep ak steel. the chinese and koreans cannot dump anymore. we heard from u.s. steel, things are starting to cook. the other day -- when you block china and korea from doing their nefarious dumping, you get a company that can have a real
6:47 pm
stock run. maddie in new jersey. maddie! >> caller: hey, jim, how are you. >> i'm great. >> caller: i hold johnson controls. i have a modest gain, and i see they're merging with tyco. >> you want to hold onto that. i think that's a terrific situation. when they sort that thing out, it's one i have to keep coming back to as a great situation. let's go to marvin in new york. marvin. >> caller: yes. >> marvin. >> caller: hello? >> yes, you've got cramer. >> caller: yes, i would appreciate your valued opinion on home depot. >> i think home depot's going to do better than most. i was on a call last night which was plumbing and paint, and i feel even better about home depot. i think the stock's a buy. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right?
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oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade
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just over a year ago we found out that sentene was buying health nuet. it would be big enough to challenge aetna and united health. still we've gotten more consolidation, those top five looking. justice department's trying to block these deals.
6:51 pm
and the new the centene is becoming a place for government managed health care. it looks like the combined company has a little bit of trouble. it reported its first quarter since the deal closed yesterday. wall street was not impressed. while it posted a 20 cent earning beat, thanks to health net swallowing numbers, there were red flags. the vast majority of that was positive exchange counting. substance abuse costs by $90 billion. and a $300 million premium reserve. management said they wouldn't be bidding for any of the assets the major insurers tried to sell. in response, the stock fell 8.5% yesterday. got hit today. this could be a situation where the expectations got ahead of
6:52 pm
themselves and a lot of confusion. what do we do with the stock here? let's take a look with the chairman and ceo of sen teen. le welcome to "mad money." the timeline of my involvement with kren teen. i studied your incredible june yesterday. it seemed like this is the one to buy. no government controversy, everybody's liking it. your return on investment is by far the best in the industry. then yesterday when you report, you delivered a good number, but you had charges, and it made me go back to the presentation, and the presentation said, and no unfavorable developments through may. then went on and said you guys are unbelievable in figuring out reserves. so my question is, how did you miss this one? >> we actually, jim, we didn't miss it.
6:53 pm
there is a big misunderstanding. >> okay. good, i'm glad, because the stock's down big. >> i'm grlad to be here. one, we said the medical reserving was right. i said that yesterday. we're there. i also said we would be doing a value analysis required under the tax laws on the business and we would determine what it is. the issue was that there was some issues in california with the individual plan. there were problems in arizona with non-profitable business. we knew this. we knew this when we bought it. we knew that we would be doing this purchase accounting, which most people understand is an accounting technique. >> okay. >> what it really says is that the arizona business, by taking this approach, it's off the books. we're not going to do did anymore. at the end of the year, we're out of that particular -- >> arizona's resolved. we have one discrete piece of
6:54 pm
business, organizegon, is that resolved? >> if would be lost if it were a third of us. >> but we can't round out california. >> california, i've said all along, we have an issue there, we're working very closely with department of insurance. before we closed we were talking about it. that the individual plan there, the ppo had a bad product design. and we knew that. and we've already submitted the changes effective january 1 of '17. they're going to be fully approved. so we're tabling the appropriate pricing to get it right. so when you have these issues, you take the pdrs, and that's just, eliminates it. we're the same company. we don't have more losses. the cash flow. the timing of some of the states. >> that's not this premium deficien deficiency. >> as far as i'm concerned, we're the same company. we've dealt with the issue ofs
6:55 pm
th -- issues that existed there. >> there's people who know your company far better than me. and i'm sorry to focus because -- >> please, please. >> you're forthcoming guy, and we got to get this straightened out. >> we want to. >> however, credibility took a step back today as the $390 million of reserves were significantly higher than centene suggested in june at our conference. jeffries didn't catch it, and it was their health care conference? >> what they didn't catch is these reserves, these pdrs, were not medical reserves, which everybody was worried about. >> it's not the mrl, the medical loss reserves. >> no. it's a discontinued situation. they're going to be corrected immediately, not immediately, but starting in '17. you recognize it now.
6:56 pm
it doesn't hit the bottom line. it hits the goodwill on the balance sheet. there's no hit to the bottom line. we beat consensus by two cents, the 19 cents, we call that out as incremental, took no credit for that as such. s so i mean it was very clean. >> obviously, you're very good at the exchanges. other guys are dropping out. >> you're unbelievably good at valuing medicare business. all of that very much still on prak even with health net, right? >> we've won seven rfps this year. >> my hope would be whatever misunderstanding there was, the stock is now fully reflecting that and it's now pack back to being in growth mode. >> i think so. if i could buy stock, i'd want to buy it right now. i believe that that is totally misunderstood. >> okay. >> and as people understand the
6:57 pm
accounting of it, it's going to deal with it. >> then i'm glad you came on. you could have canceled. you could have said, this thing is too much for me. >> now that i know you, if i wasn't, i'd call you and say i need to get on. >> fair enough. that's what i want to hear. chairman and ceo of centene. listen, he spelled it out. people talk about deals on their auto insurance. wouldn't a deal involve two parties discussing something? a little give, a little take. because last time you checked, your rate was just whatever they say it is.
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
>> tonight on the profit... i go inside sweet pete's, a confectionary shop whose candy-obsessed owner has created a huge variety of sweets. >> that's the caramel. >> that is good. but with a horrible location... part of location is having foot traffic. and i don't see that here. a partnership gone bad... >> i'm calling you out on your integrity. it's crap. >> and an outdated kitchen that won't allow him to keep up with demand... there is a limit to the output, and you're the limit. if i can't turn this business around... >> i don't see how i can go forward. >> sweet pete's will come to a bitter end. >> you guys misrepresent my integrity. >> no, i'm calling you out on-- >> i'm sorry. >> my name is marcus lemonis, and i fix failing businesses. >> we made $10,000 together. >> i make tough decisions... we'll change the recipes. >> i mean, that would be the last thing i'd want to do.


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