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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  August 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> yeah. hard to get through security. probably found a way. maybe a private jet. i don't know. >> interesting. mike what are you watching going into the afternoon in the market janchts quiet rally. see if it sticks with oil down. >> all right. with that we it over to the "halftime report." guys, thanks. welcome to the "halftime report." i'm scott wapner. top trade this hour, the rebound rally. stocks moving higher just days after the fed signaled higher interest rates could soon be on the way. so are today's gains a buy signal for investors? with us for the hour, joe terranova, sarat sethi, jon and pete najarian and, oh, yeah that guy. jim cramer, host of "mad money." so glad yew with us. >> and that you are back. >> the market to me, jim, seemed
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to have every reason to be down again today in a follow-through and fought through. what do you make of it? >> we are not buying the same stocks. people have to understand. part of the market on fire, no good. look at a stop like bank of america. look at wells fargo. there haven't been bids underneath these stocks. stocks that the liesman interview with stan fischer is calling for multiple rate hikes. now, maybe they walk them back, but we get a strong employment number, these stocks continue to fly. something to live more. >>best performing sector today. on fire. this the buy signal in the group? >> saying it the last six months, been dead wrong. you have to keep buying these. buy the ones jim said, the regional banks. the signal that will happen, the economy is okay. if the economy's okay, banks will do fine. trading below book. trading at a market discount. no money is in the sector,
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strong balance sheet, dividends, everything people were buying in staples and telecom. >> and also the ability to increase share buy backs. also could potentially see dividend growth. now, the market right now, which has been a buy-back market the last couple of year, buy backs plunged this quarter. look at sector, say to yourself, cyclicals outperforming. of course i'm looking at financials. an environment no one is buying back shares financials can. >> and back to the very top. is this some kind of a statement kind of day? >> yes! yes it is. i was watching, candidly friday off, but glued to this and my tomato plants. one's growing faster than the other. look at this! dusted off the 2005-06 playbook and remembered selby oh tech, sell the drug stocks, that you buy industrials. by the way, the dollar.
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how about that reversal dollar goes high around still buying stocks that are international. incredible. >> materials, industrials, financials. these stocks, the groups now to focus on? >> absolutely. and we've been talking about materials for a while. i know jim has. >> right. >> and quick one for you, jim. did you think summer is right, larry summers, when he says eliminate the dot plots? one of the things that -- >> yes. i never liked them. >> judge, it implies these multiple rate hikes, and then it doesn't happen. it's worse than when the fed governors go ot and just kind of talk about hawkish tone. >> i don't know why they don't re-invent -- why investing? taking money in buying? i mean, there are -- there's a time when we should go back to common sense. let the bonds rollover. watch the dollar not go too high, but i am seeing -- look, i like normalcy. the dots is from that period of, like, well, listen. who knows how we're going to get -- remember come on say, if
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the martian came down we should be at 4 percent brs. no one will let us to do. when you look at the rest of the world, how can you not want to buy our notes, our bills? holy cow. giving you money to run do i say, listen, i only want to you lose a certain amount? >> long as it's not too big. >> right. justless me this. tell me lose a lot more than you? i don't want to get paid in that scenario. >> maybe at the point where the market was leading the fed. right? the market had been right, telling the fed what to do. you wonder now if maybe that starts to shift a little bit where the fed tries to get back the upper hand? wonder what the investing environment looks like in that scenario. the fed starts to do what it says and the market has no say. >> the only caution given the flip-flop fed, data doesn't go their way, something happens overseas, come back and say we're going to wait again.
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the only caution i have. data, stocks are leading the fed and the fed needs to catch up. >> yep. housing, very strong. retailers that rally, fuller price, not promotion retailers. i look what consumer spends. what dovetails to have the stock go down. did not deliver in the quarter. autos very internationally. normally say they should work. but i see a robust economy with good job growth and under that scenario we have have higher rates and still go higher. >> we're not falling out of bed. >> no, but i think it changes the strategy. you have to focus on the u.s. dollar. what's the impact? if rates move higher the cost of issues debt obviously increases. right? cost of equity is real cheap. make sure you're staying away from companies that high debt level and really not getting the profit margin expansion. watch out. profit margins did not expand in the last quarter. being selective in stocks pay
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attention to that. takes you back to financials. >> you do a quarter point, too, not talking about anything that disrupts everything. sure, people are going to change their outlook to joe's point, and that will be part of the equation, but what i see playing out in europe, jim, is, i see paris, for instance. tourists. it's not happening. >> right. >> i mean, there is a lot going on in europe right now because of some of the violence in germany and france, that people aren't going. there's going to be a lot more stimulus coming out of mr. draghi, because he has to, and in other words, we're going to move a quarter point, and it will be ten seconds before they talk about, when do we walk that back? because i i don't think it's going to stay. i don't think we're going to add one, this past december and then one again, judge. i think by the time we're early into 2017, say that all already be talking about walking that back, because of what's happening overseas. >> i take the other side of that.
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negative interest rate policy has not worked. >> agreed. >> i think the governments in the world are figuring that out, saying, wait a second. u.s. goes up. we're negative here. people are not saving. gold goes up. everything is going the other way. that could be something interesting which would then come into fisk's polifiscal pol. governments say, things improving in the country. we need ports, bridges, roads. where's the money? spend it. get employment back where i is and that could be sel self-supporting. >> and conference calls, on the move. eaton hasn't moved because international is bad. ingersoll-rand, honeywell, nice move here. general electric finally another leg up. boeing may be harder. i'm a believer in caterpillar taking costs out. >> deere? do you like deere? >> i think that deere faked out more people, because deere makes more money -- that was has
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laye hilarious. that conference call, doing badly, doing badly. that call was amazing. doing fabulously. talking micron, texas instruments. >> haven't talked about tech. tech is something, look at xlk and micron technology, all we had, paper after paper after paper. look at names. suppliers going to all of these tech companies and chip names, absolutely on fire. >> yes! >> and a yield, jimmy, and great balance sheets. >> yes! >> and takeovers. where you want to be. >> in your portfolio. >> they're viking-like. >> why you own sicko, microsoft. >> yes, microsocht, sales force ahead of dream force. >> look at this -- jimmy's in a -- all over the place. >> has anyone, am i the only one on that conference where they -- >> and yes! attack, attack. and if you want to be -- >> yes. >> if you want to be in
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financials go with the beta names look at bank of america, look at citi, those names. baeta names sky faster. >> holy cow! we're going to make the playoffs! >> playoffs? >> the d. >> i broke the huz huddle. they let me in. it's not a stock symbol. means, take no prisoners. >> and on the deal for a while. >> got it back for you. >> throw it this side of the field. tech. >> yes. >> tech. been ripping t. h. >> stay with it. consolidation, higher margins. six months ago, again, nobody wanted to touch summy conductor. qualcomm now up. microchip's consolidating these. to watch, staples.
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sectors peak you see consolidation. be careful, the idea of semiconductors is why i like them, different, because there are not too many other players coming to the field. >> thing this whole thing full circle before we take a break. talking about the markets what it should be. >> no breaks because it was a special, they told me. >> better not be now! >> have to break? what the heck are you talking about? >> the yield plays and dividend stocks. what happens to them now if the sectors that you say start to -- [ mumbling ] >> is that it? >> not where you want to be. 3% does not protect you from a ten-point down move. >> the accept ysemiconductors. >> cisco, yielding three. insane! >> microsoft. >> looks good. >> cash flows. >> and growth. >> do you want southern with that possible risk of nuclear. >> exactly right. >> do you want to go into the big oil companies that the move they had? have to talk about that.
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what a move. >> mentioned oil ten minutes into the show. >> how do you like that? >> we should talk about simmerex. >> haven't talked about apple. >> invites went out. follow cnbc. invites went out. you follow it? cnbc. it's good. it's worth following. >> no commercials. right? >> not yet. >> going straight through. >> especially with these two. >> ready for that? we have a news alert, by the way, on apple. there you go. josh lipton has it. josh? >> that's right, scott. the invitation a lot of investors waiting for, apple putting out a formal invitation for its fall event on september 7th. the convenient, the invitation saying, please, join us for an invitation-only event at the bill graham civic auditorium in sfr san francisco. 10:00 a.m. dual camera, updated home
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button. the question whether the iphone 7 can help revive growth in the iphone franchise. analysts like pieper jean munster says still about 275 million active phones has are on the iphone 6. at least two years old. the bet there for the bulls, there's enough people selling older models upgrade even if we get in the fall are incremental changes. the event on september 7th here in san francisco for apple. back to you. >> josh lipton, thank you. time to take a break. >> not at the muss coney center. at graham. you and i been there three, four times for events always at the muss coney center. >> does this event have the same gusto assess in the past if we know it's longer and getting so? >> the hp call, the flash was driven, really, by cell phone.
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i'm not a chartist but play one on tv. this stock is the worst in the book and i like apple as a stock. as a company. holy cow. the rollover here. got to break out to 110. got to do it now. i mean, like, now. this afternoon. >> why is it the worst in the book? >> because people just say, in the end it's going to be a blah 7. they haven't beefed up the service, the service stream could be $28 billion. no one's willing to put a malt pull on it. the worst buy in the world. look, i hate this. terrible. it's almost like they're afraid of getting shut off by the company. >> and tony bullish on this. right? 130 target, something like that, when on here. there are a few bulls out there. >> he did say that the best times are in the past. >> he many the one that said that. >> in the 100 calls against the 110s in the short term, september time frame. >> really? >> yep. and 105s versus the 115s out in january. because i'm a believer. but think about how much that is to the upside?
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that's not a lot. even the 115 is $8 from where the stock's trading now, but if i get either of those moves, judge, either in september time frame or, jim, all the way out into january, i'll triple my money on those trades. >> that's great. >> you can sleep with those, too. because i don't see a lot of down side. >> i've slept with them. not bad. i couldn't kick those out of bed, to use the analogy. >> the perfect place to take a break and what we'll do. before we do that, speaking of markets, investing legend lee cooperman will be with us on wednesday. exclusively here for the entire hour. dwha a great time to have lee with us, too, talk about markets, the fed, politics. a whole lot more. speaking of -- there is a lot more ahead on the "halftime report." >> announcer: mylan, under fire for the high price of the epipen as a new solution. make its own generic. will that cure the company's troubles? what's it mean for the generic
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drugmakers? plus a street fight over netflix. two big wall street firms on opposite sides of the trade. which should you believe? also hitting microsoft, alphabet and sales force. the "halftime report" with scott wapner is coming back in two minutes. >> announcer: "halftime report" is sponsored by -- of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. ♪
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all right. welcome back to the "halftime report." new at noon, herbalife releasing a new series of videos taking aim at short seller bill ackman. they've just posted this along with a news release. they say it's the first in a new series of videos. they say it shows how, in their words, bill ackman's hubris drives, making unsound decisions costing his investors hundreds of millions of dollars. the company said, i quote, for close to four years big ackman launch add well-funded aggressive market manipulation campaign filled with false statements to support his reckless $1 billion bet against herballife. jim, get your take on this whole thing. really, this amazing news on friday. >> yeah. i was thinking of it the whole time. >> it started with akman on cnbc and then ended with icahn buying more than 2 million more shares. >> one of the things that could be happening is jefferies, rumored, aggressive firm.
12:19 pm
mean it in a positive way. make a lot of calls. love to cover that. the handler is terrific. i thought this is possible. you could show, could show a bid to carl. say a buyer, multiple seven-figure buyer and mulls it over. word gets back and ackman did something you're not supposed to do. talk about the actual buying and selling of stocks and naming names. the protocol is the not to do that. was this something pitching him saying, blow some out? remember, there's five board members. to blow it out, say perhaps it was the obituary and herbalife didn't do it. that's why some say manipulation. >> ever see anything like this? a story that won't go away and seems to have a new twist just were you you think it's going to possibly wrap up. >> i've never seen anything where the company itself and the stock and earnings per share means less. no one is saying, listen, at $5
12:20 pm
per share, i pay 12 times earnings. no one seems to care about the earnings on either side. ackman says, no earnings. betting on zero. new firms betting on 100. herbalife, providing supply in the 80s but have a lot of debt. a bank piece of debt that is, that can't let them do anything, but why is this a public company? why? i mean, geez. you got to believe this should be a private company. >> right. obsession. a total obsession. i don't understand. why didn't ackman call up carl and say i'm going to talk about this. why didn't he do that? we asked on the show, don't you believe you're spending too much meant's caste on all this? sorry. don't agree with his answer. there is as a process, a trader or investor, you spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, mental capital. end the day, who needs it? the stock price is in the same place it was a year and a half ago. isn't it? basically in the same place.
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>> we don't -- look, they're still doing that volume points thing. johnson, still talking about, going to run these things dual, the way the ftc wants, the way they want and know how earnings are on march 17th. march, period. what bothered me, if icahn was indeed the seller does it mean a thing the pe guys, a couple seats, blow out and bought the stock and blow the poor, devastating for herbalife. devastating if he was the seller. >> drive the stock lower. the ultimate confidence voenchts vote. >> 40s. icahn looked at it with board members decided no earnings power. it isn't like this team has no fundamental analysis. they do great fundamental analysis. >> interesting as well, the timing of the horse thing. people questioned whether he had, he's an insider. right?
12:22 pm
five board seats sddoes he haveo alert the company he would sell? no, he didn't. look at the rule. it states that because -- the average weekly volume in herbalife shares had spiked to such a high level after the settlement with the ftc hit, that it opened a window for icahn to use, if he wanted to. >> right. >> to sell into that, at a time where otherwise, because of being an insider he wouldn't have been able to do. somewhat moot now. a, he didn't sell. b, he bought more. >> right. sometimes you think totally nefarious. i mean, this would be, i don't think this happened. he let's go, maybe i'm a seller. then ackman immediately goes on tv and blachts it down. comes in with that buy at the end of the day. truly lucifer-like, huh? can you imagine if he thought about it like that? >> look, hey -- carl likes poker. >> yeah! >> he likes chess. >> he bluffs sell and then came in, and full house! wouldn't that be something?
12:23 pm
>> good at both, by the way. >> and you have covered the story better than anybody. got to hand it to you. >> just won't go away. >> i mean, a battle of the billionaires is a great story. >> all right. yeah. yes it will. by the way, let's switch. talk about netflix a moment. carl icahn in that too. made a great deal of money there. down 14% year to date today and analysts initiating coverage says sell the stock. >> what's that music in my ears? does that mean something? >> got to go to break again. >> pay the bills. >> i don't have one of these things in my ear on "mad money." why are they playing music? i can't concentrate. >> talk to analysts coming up. mylan that story. making a new generic version of its epipen drug to address the recent controversy. will that turn the tide for the stock? getting a little boost today. "halftime report," back in two. whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans...
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or keeping a hotel's guests connected. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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we're back on the "halftime report." mylan responding to the epipen pricing firestorm announcing its launching a generic alternative at a 50% discount after being criticized for dramatically raising the price of the life-saving drug. you first, jim. what do you make of this story?
12:27 pm
do you even like mylan as stock? >> no, i don't like health care to begin with, mylan specifically, i don't know how many other company -- any other drugs they may have praised the price. this is social media. if you -- social media and children. so i felt like this is issuing generic when you know there's no generic competition. basically, please get me off the front page. brian sullivan, the ceo expressed she was outraged as the people have to pay $600, clearly something that didn't -- endear her to the american public. >> yeah. i thought people -- obviously, i focused on that line as well. yeah, okay. yeah. >> more reactive. to jim's point, health care is fully valued. go to the next leg of this market it's not where the money's coming into. i think what you have to watch here is, this could be just the first one. there could be a lot of other companies with products like this. >> see, look. the counterargument to that is, we've been down this road. now maybe, you know some people would say, okay, maybe mylan's
12:28 pm
tone deaf where the conversation has been over the last 18 months. really, ever since the hillary clinton tweet, sent the sector careening. however, there has been a pretty darn good reversal in the ibb and some stocks. why can't that continue, if this kind of news is already known? yes, this may be the newest case, but it's not a new story. >> you've got to change the dialogue, if you're hillary clinton. this is a -- a can't-miss dialogue. everybody thinks that the drug companies gouge, except for the congress people, they have grade mind share. >> perception, becomes reality. how do you fight the head wind with a multiple going into election season and depending on who wins? >> why have these stocks fought back jthts rolling over today. >> and some of them have, you know, just phenomenal new products. >> right. >> you know, like, for instance, i know bristol's down hard, but look at bristol. you know, some of the cancer
12:29 pm
stuff they've got going on, scott. i'm in two different zika treatments. i mean -- >> right. >> the cdc says, 25% of the island, puerto rico, or continent, depending how you look at it, of puerto rico, could be impacted by zika. i own ino and xon and that's a specific -- >> people buying because zika, 6,500 feet. bale much higher. i looked at real estate. steamboat springs. investment trade. doing it. you can -- because it's ash ar ba tros. lo buying vale because of the price difference. >> talk about the pbms and response. i thought the chief medical
12:30 pm
officer, steve kelly did a good job the other day. they had to come out, express scrips, come out and counter what mylan accused them of. cvs as well knocked down. i like them. >> do you? this rolls over every 30 seconds. >> seems to hold 90. seems to hold 90, make as run back up to 100. ultimately gets there. the last quarter wasn't so bad. okay. express scrips, not sure. i like the way they defended the story. pbms unjustly got knocked down the other day. >> how can you pit one versus the other? nothing to pit. i've liked larry fine merlot, s ceo. open, sniff the wine. maybe send it back? always -- unless you have -- maybe screw top. >> use screw top. right? don't send thunderbird back. like, hey, i get t. gilead. disaster? >> hmm. >> ah. >> what's up with that? why?
12:31 pm
>> well, because they never bought anybody. should have -- should have bought medivation, instead of pfizer. pfizer likes to buy things. walk by, they tend to buy you. >> look at -- >> tired of it. buying bristol, same reason. bristol, everybody gives up on. >> i own brifting, pfizer, lilly. >> lilly? >> and there's upside still in lilly. >> you think? >> pushes towards 100 next 12 months. >> wow. >> how about the acquisition and the fact they already got a pipeline, got a tremendous pipeline. >> depth in -- >> aggressive. i mean, got to hand it to you, reed is -- who wants to be part of the dialogue? she part of the dialogue. but -- i just -- look -- >> the insiders love him. the people that work for that company love him. i was with a few. >> a charming guy. >> do you not like pete's play call on some of those names? >> my problem, j & j, gold standard, no said a thing. roalded over.
12:32 pm
everyone likes it. kroger, ulta, high multiple stocks nobody wants. they want nordstrom, circle back into the equivalent of the industrial plays of retail. >> the problem with johnson & johnson, a run from 100 to that 126, jim. there has to be a little pullback from that into the 119s, maybe 115. >> a mcdonald's run. >> obviously not that great. >> stocks have to slow down. a point in time they'll pull back. >> and why doesn't union pacific or norfolk southern? basically told you, end of the world. okay. way you 94 for it. >> what about anjem? why do they continue to search? >> a seller amgen. seller. >> and pfizer buys that, too! >> not an engine but like the name. >> do like the name. okay. >> celgene, ouch! painful. i need a -- epipen. >> not an epipen. >> xanax doesn't cover it. >> playing the music. >> they're not.
12:33 pm
not yet. almost 12:33 on the east coast. where markets stand. not at the highs, not that far off. triple digit gain for the dow. 18,500 we'll call it. >> shouldn't we go to the news? >> should we do that? >> with who? >> with sue herera. i just like to hijack your show a few minutes. >> go ahead. sue? >> i love being hijacked by jim cramer. perfect. all right, thanks, guys. tell you what's happening at this hour. on a serious note, an isis suicide bomber striking a wedding south of baghdad killing at least 15 and wounding more than a dozen. five suicide bombers took part in that attack, but the other four were killed by security forces. france's interior minister gathering leaders of the country's muslim community with the aim of mending relations between islam and the french state. he ruled out drafting a national law to ban burqinis, a move sought by a number of right-wing leaders after a top court overturned municipal bans on the
12:34 pm
outerwear. back at home, amazon reportedly is nearing deals with a record label to launch a streaming service that could come as soon as next month. it's planning to charge $9.99 a month. 11 years ago today, hurricane katrina made landfall on the coast. destroyed thousands of homes. the costliest and deadliest storms ever to hit the u.s. $75 billion worth of damages left behind. that is the cnbc news update at this hour. more "halftime report" coming up in just two minutes' time. make them lighter? s that the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions.
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coming up at the top of the hour on "power lunch," launching a generic epipen. too little, too late? and one market watcher says the dow is headed to 38,000 and joins us to make his case. and what have we lived through now? stock market bubble, technology bubble. a housing bubble. why health care may be the next big bubble to pop. "halftime report" is back after this with "the call of the day," a street fight on netflix. i'll see you at "power" at noon.
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all right. welcome back to the "halftime report." a bold call on the street today. net flicflix initiated with a s rating, axiom. increasing content costs as reasons. bring in analysts behind it. victor anthony joins us live. good to you have on the show today. >> thank you. >> why is now the time to initiate with a sell? i guess some of the issues you lay out are fairly well known? >> yeah, well, i think the bull case on the stock is starting to fray. yes, competition has been a key bear concern of the stock for early years now. now the competition is real, and now competition for amazon and hulu in domestic markets and several more competitors launching soon. several more competitors in international markets as well. the competition now is real, starting to impact subscriber growth. it's put upward pressure on
12:42 pm
content for netflix and seeing that in results. if you look at domestic market, subscriber growth, decelerating sharply over the past quarters. does not explain the second quarter. celebrating growth has been happening for some time and competition is in part to blame. as well, netflix has rid -- they have about 50% of the market in the u.s. i think it's going to be a challenge for them to get the incremental 50% to get to the 90 million they want in the u.s. saturation is also an issue in the domestic market as well. >> put on my mark mahaney hat for a minute with rbc, and the reason being, he reiterated his outperform rating today. came on the network a short time ago. quoting from his note. i'd like your reaction. this make as market. you guys are on completely polar opposites where investors should be. he said record high usage levels mod deftly inproved customer satisfaction, evidence that
12:43 pm
netflix international could be as profitable as the u.s., stronger than expected subscriber growth on the back of lower than expected churn levels. part of the upside. where's he wrong? >> i think churn would be an issue in the back half of this year, and so i continue to see that an issue, pressuring subscriber growth in the next two quarters. in addition, tough comps. launched in japan in the third quarter of last year. launched southern europe in the fourth quarter of last year. did massive content launch in the first quarter of this year. also an issue as well. so then when i look at it internationally as far as content costs, why i think the bull case about margins, international margins creeping up to domestic margins, when i survey, talk to international markets, i'm getting feedback, demanding more local content. a lot more to license local continue tent. pressure to come out with more original content in the local markets where they appropriate outside of the u.s., so that
12:44 pm
will put upward pressure on content costs, what does doetha pushes up the goal in meeting parity in the u.s. >> and jim cramer, nar coase will have good international pickup. i wanted to asking awe jay hogue. an important board member from tcv. huge member of the stock. you don't buy stock unless it's going higher. what do you think jay sees? >> well i don't know him personally. i think, bullish investors, what they look at is really just a secular gross story on television and how it disrupts the current lean year tv market. netflix to their credit is in the poor position of that secular trend, playing that secular trend. second, he has good content. netflix. grew up in new york city, parp-the-part of the everyone lucien of hip-hop. a good series.
12:45 pm
narcos 1 was good 2, is coming out. good content. i just think competitive pressure going forward will put significant pressure on the subscriber growth on churn and i think as well it would put pressure on conference spend pushes out profitability for netflix going forward. that's my position. >> a quick question here. i thought one of the big things they're doing correct is taking a ton of business away from google. i mean, in may, 50%, now they're 54% of folks are listening, are watching tv and movie on, there and that's the biggest competitor, i think, worldwide. it's youtube. google, in other words. do your numbers account for that at all? >> well, yeah. youtube as a competitor as well. and there is -- youtube will become more aggressive as well
12:46 pm
as original content. dipped their toes in that a little bit. a much bigger competitor, they will become, youtube. amazon is coming up. becoming a lot more competitive and recent data i've seen about hulu, they're becoming a bigger competitive threat to netflix, particularly in the domestic market. the one to really watch. >> victor, got to run. appreciate your time. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> victor anthony. i hear you saying, you told me in the break, you don't like the stock. >> just a battleground. i hate these situations where there's a good bull case, good bear case, good analysts on both sides. so many situations you don't have to have that kind of tussle i'd rather not have to dealintellectually with the fire power. >> jay, known him for years. tcv, the benchmark investor in this thing and guy comes in, buys a ton of stock. i also think -- i watch a lot of amazon, watch a lot i might have watched on netflix or amazon.
12:47 pm
they have a brilliant sense what people watch. no cancelled shows. hastings is good, can get domestic back on track i think. remember, this is no 235faceboo >> we'll talk about certainly before the hour is over. meantime, jim's new cnbc documentary debuts this thursday. "ground zero rising: freedom versus freer." focusing on the rebuilding of lower manhattan. first preview right here on the "halftime report," and that's coming up next. experience more confidence regardless of the conditions. ♪ get great offers at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. ends september 5th. see your lexus dealer.
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we are back. jim cramer has a new cnbc documentary marking 15 years since the world trade center attacks, giving us the first look today. the world trade center. >> it's back in business. i think that's more than thanks to more than 26,000 men and women who've rebuilt it including a stone mason named matt crawford that i called up. take a look. >> i remember the first stone set. i remember the date that it was set. >> you mean the date meaning like the actual day. >> the actual day. so this stone right here. >> okay. >> august 17th, last year. 2015. this was the first stone that was set. >> crawford is a supervisor with gem roofing and waterproofing. a contractor installing the marble along the hub's walls and floors. >> it's a gigantic puzzle. all of these pieces are
12:51 pm
fabricated and then laid out in italy. and then the architect's rep actually approves that piece of stone, not just for the shape but also for the blend. >> it's been a three-year job and a race to the finish. >> you could be working 12 hours a day, you could be working seven days a week. >> and everybody's cool with that all your workers? >> these guys take great pride in their work. they love being here. they realize the special emotion that's attached to this project. and they're happy to get it done. >> new york's such a busy place, some people -- new yorkers even don't even know how far along the work at the world trade center has come. i got to tell you i was shocked. i remember it was just fence and what a mess, no, it's open for business. the cnbc original documentary "ground zero rising: freedom versus fear" debuts thursday night at 10:00 eastern and pacific. this documentary we have makes you look good. this is a team effort. please don't miss it. >> first of all, can't wait to see it.
12:52 pm
love seeing you out in the field. and you are a reporters' reporter and a reporter at heart. maybe a lot of people don't know that. >> yeah. i covered homicide for a long time. i covered sports cover at fsu. i like being out there and talking to real people, not just ceos. and this was a delight. but again, set up by a fabulous documentary. i hope you like it. i really do. >> thursday night. look forward to that. >> thank you. >> you have a comment? >> i do, for all of us that were there that day car futures 28 people lost that day, vinny viola who's a friend of the show and i we were down there on that day to see it come back once again. obviously it's something i'm going to enjoy watching on thursday night because i think we kind of lost the conversation about what happened down there. >> yes. look, this is very controversial. by no means do i say do i not represent the people who feel nothing should ever have been built there, people who feel it's wrong, what we're looking at is the ok would you sous and
12:53 pm
showing my wife this is the mall next to the graveyard. i think that will be an issue. i think some people are going to say wait a second, is this right? i come out by saying everyone's got to go down themselves to make a decision. it's very personal. >> it's beautiful too. oculus, fabulous architecturarc >> everyone go to the museum. it's very hard. >> all right. we'll be right back. , social updates. we call it dark data. 80% is invisible to most businesses. the ibm cloud has tools that can help see dark data and put it to work. hello, my name is watson. working with watson in the ibm cloud, we can help an energy company predict pipeline corrosion. and help a start-up to use social data to predict market trends. now businesses can get more out of their data. that's what the ibm cloud is built for. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests...
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a quick programming note for you, outspoken short seller andrew left of citron research is going to join us tomorrow. he's facing a potential ban in hong kong now over a controversial call he made on a chinese property developer. we're going to ask him about that, a whole lot more tomorrow with mr. left right here at noon. let's get some final trades today. facebook, you mentioned it earlier, jim. >> yeah, i happen to like he's short facebook, he did say after that great quarter. >> yeah, how much better can it get. >> takes out 128 i think he'll be in a tougher situation, but he's a terrific guy. i like adobe on the short side and broadcom on the long -- on the semi. these two are the defining stocks of this tech rally. adobe's so well run. just incredible combo. if these stocks keep going, they
12:57 pm
are generals. others will fall. >> pete, thoughts on the ones jim mentioned in addition to the ones you like. >> i like what you're talking about with facebook and obviously there are some technical lefls there. get to 128 off to the races. zuckerberg has done an incredible job as ceo in every asset, in terms of acquisitions and they have a plan and a ten-year plan, everybody thinks he's too young, he can't do it. he can do it. rob bins that took over at cisco, hitting 52-week high after 52-week higher, i think it goes higher. >> yes! >> i did flip into options because i want to be able to reduce the risk and still get reward because i think it still breaks out another 10%. >> jimmy, cisco. >> also a football fan. i like chuck robins. real deal. good yield. continues to be underestimated. it's time that stops. though i like his underpromise, over deliver. he is in person a different guy from john chambers chrks is terrific. there's room for both. >> good yielding stocks? >> oh, god, switch to software
12:58 pm
subscription and everyone saying routing and switching company, give me a break. >> they're not focused on the right asset. >> no. got multiple expansion coming too. >> i'm watching amarillo, judge, this one since august 10th it was $60 stock back then, amba is now 71 and pushing higher. it's up two bucks today, i think. again, earnings thursday, so the only thing i worry about at all and i'm talking to the guy that, you know, would know this very, very well is that it's run so much, jim, into earnings that if it's not just a blowout quarter. >> has to be blowout. >> it has to be, otherwise i don't know if it can sustain a $12 move in 12 days. >> and left was shorted and correct. beautiful call by him to sell it at 100s. >> ask him about that tomorrow as well. okay. so you point out i know apple's a top holding of yours. >> it was. we still own a little bit. do not own a lot of it anymore. >> okay. because jimmy called out apple as a stock performance.
12:59 pm
>> no, no, it's one of those things we talk about apple, i agree it's very hard to come out of this range. has to do a couple of things either a really good sell through season or raise dividend above s&p and you'll attract people. >> or acquisition, sirius satellite, own that car. >> do something different. >> we just pay it. do you ever look at your bill? we just pay it. >> that's right. >> talking about technology before and both correct on talking about it. think about potential m&a, adobe, why doesn't somebody buy them? why doesn't microsoft buy them? that's a company right for the pickings. i think the market is going to continue to surge higher. it is going to come on the back of buybacks and also on the back of some m&a in technology. >> all right. it's been awesome having you. >> it's been too much fun. >> should we on three? >> you guys do that? >> take no prisoners! >> more of jim tonight on "mad money" of course 6:00 p.m. eastern time. he will speak exclusively with
1:00 pm
thor ceo bob martin. >> that's a horse. remember, that's air street, which we're all going to live out of nuclear war happens. >> zombie apocalypse as well on this post-fed jackson hole we're in. that does it for us, thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. power starts now. all right. welcome to "power lunch." we got a lot coming up. first of all, talking about mylan labs company announcing a new program today to bring on a generic version of the epipen. but is it too much -- too little too late to quell the firestorm on drug pricing? a bold call on stocks, dow headed to 38,000, and trouble brewing millions from the carolinas to the gulf coast on high alert as hurricane season kick sbos into high


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