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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  September 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> a lot to get to tonight. we'll get to chinese inflation data. we'll probably talk about that tomorrow. restoration earnings after the bell. the dregs of the earning season coming in after the bell. let's get over to headquarters and get the half. thanks so much. welcome to the "halftime report." our top trade this hour taking on twitter. the analyst who says the stock is a flat out sell. he's with us live today as the company's board meets to discuss the future. are rumors of a coming deal enough to buy the stock. first, let's get right to scott. he's wall street's biggest bear on this name. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> what expectations do you have from this board meeting today?
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>> not much. i think probably the most likely is some indication of cost cuts to come versus the company being in play. there's been a significant deterioration in the revenue run rate of the business and i think you're going do see the company have to address that in the near term. >> are dorsey's days numbered? >> i think the management team has six to 12 months max probably closer to six months to be able to firmly get a turn around plan in place at which things start to look like they need to change. >> so a couple of quarters max is what he has? >> that seems like that's a good range. >> what about the business itself, is a deal likely? do you think there's a buyer out there and at what kind of price do you think we'd be talking about? >> a deal is possible with a company of this size and the user base that it has. i think the challenge that twitter has is you have a business that's decelerated
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meaningfully from levels in 2014 where this business was growing 100% year over year to exiting in the single digits and you have a stock price that reflects the speculation of m&a and has priced the assets up near linkin n provides. if you look at the ranges in terms of where this business is headed in the direction of yahoo the downside to the extent a deal doesn't transpire or one at not a very full price suggests the stock has risks into the low teens. >> what about an activist taking a big position and trying to rattle the cage a little bit? i've spoken to investors some of whom have small trading positions in this name already who are doing some work and they're keeping an eye on the situation and they want to see what happens. if a buyer emerges and whether
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the management team would actually turn down a perspective offer because they're unwilling to sell and i guess dorsey would be the headliner there and that would force an activist to take a bigger position and a more forceful approach to twitter's future. >> that's also possible. we're trying to focus on the fundme fundamentals of this business which have been shrinking. it seems meaningfully lower than where it is today. does that mean an activist could rattle the cages and create short-term profitability that's possible but to the extent that would happen it would fail because there would no the be a buyer at premiums to current levels and even the stock price that more closely reflects the fundamentals of the business which are below where the stock
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is trading today. >> this reflects a problem for a perspective buyer that at 14 where the stock was it is attractive perhaps to a buyer who would pay some sort of premium. this stock has a run up to $19 and change according to these rumors and maybe it's less attractive because who's going to pay a bigger premium on what the stock has already run? >> especially if you're bidding against yourself given that there aren't a large number of buyers for the assets. what tends to happen in these situations more often than not is that if there is a buyer out there, that buyer is going to sit around and wait until the business deteriorates to a level at which the stock price allows for the value of it being acquired which doesn't seem to be at these elevated prices which have been bid up solely based on the speculation of m&a. >> you have a $9 price target on this name which is currently
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trading as we've been watching and having this conversation north of 19. you not only think the situation is going to continue to deteriorate, but deteriorate meaningfully. >> our valuation is based on where we think this business trades on a fundamental basis 12 months into the future and other media platforms on the internet that head in the direction of single direction growth which at $9 a share you're looking at twitter trading around eight to nine times. >> we appreciate the time today. we'll have you back on shortly. scott is the most bearish analyst on the street on twitter. the headline of his note is still no buyers, but plenty of sellers. >> i think most importantly was the question why no activist stake. what is it about this company that is having so many step back and take a position in it as it continues to cheapen.
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the business model itself is deteriorating. he's correct about that. i don't like the stock at 18 and i didn't like it at 15. i don't think the stock is doing the right things to exhibit you're going to see consecutive quarters of growth. >> the stock appreciation has in some ways made it less attracti attractive. >> it was based on someone coming in and buying the company. >> it's what you said scott, the fact that the stock has run like this, it's priced that premium and we talk about it over and over again here. if these guys can't manufacture some sort of merger with a snapchat or something like that because i can't see snapchat since facebook missed them i can't see them being approved to go in with facebook. they have to be stand-alone or they could merge in with some of these twitter assets. other than that you've got an
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overseas buyer which we've discussed over the last several weeks. could it be a foreign buyer. should it could. another rumor comes out and it makes that pop again. >> i don't know if the move from 14 to 19 that dismisses the somebody out there would say at 19 we're not going to try to mick make a bid. >> it's more attractive at 14. >> no one is going to buy this for under $25 a share because they're looking at the valuation. the other thing that never came up in your conversation is what's the one thing that dorsey has been able to execute on, the nfl package. >> it's not a game changer. >> it's not a game changer but it's something.
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name me anything else that twitter has done. what else has twitter done to get viewers. >> he says on the front page of his note with the company hopes for a turn around hinging on products that have not yet launched we think the investors should brace themselves. we are betting on the unknown. >> aren't we always talking about the pipelines of every company we ever talk about. >> yes, but betting on an existing product as well. >> we know the -- >> the apple store, you're betting on what they have now, but you're willing to continue to buy the stock if you believe the innovation is going to continue. >> the way we play twitter which is not with the stock itself because of what scott's talking about and the downside risks. you plan with options and the reason you do that is you give
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yourself an opportunity if a buyer ever emerges. if that happens you have a great home run in front of you. >> you traded in and out of this thing at times maybe against your better judgment as a guy who looks at value. >> i got lucky and made some money. that's all you want to do. . i think scott's analysis was dead on. the other scott. i don't think an activist shows up here. there aren't underlying assets for a par shut for an activist in case they're wrong. it's got to take a big company to buy this or a private company. private company's typically don't buy assets like this that are deteriorating without the asset value underneath. a big company, why? this is a tainted asset at this point. it's not like going in and overpaying for assets like facebook did that are on the rise. it's damaged and dorsey is going to do what he's going to do. if he can't fix it there should
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be no reasonable expectation anybody else will. sometimes these things don't work. the fact you have the prince in there don't mean much. i remember stories like blockbusters where you had brilliant investors in there all the way to bankruptcy. you guys are big twitter user. i don't happen to be so i don't have the same view on it. i don't see the value in it. i see the value in the internet. this is just another internet tool. it means nothing in the scheme of things. i can find other ways to lose and make money. it's overvalued, too much premium for a takeover. >> the platform is so distinctly different than facebook and linkinn. pete talked about nfl. that's the problem with twitter. twitter needs more content and they're going to have to give up a share of revenue to get that content otherwise you're talking
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about a company that two years from now i don't know if it exists. >> the stocks are at the lows at the day, down a little more than 5%. >> you don't want to own a tech company, a growth company, that their big announcement is they're cutting costs. that's the last thing you want to see in a growth company. let's talk about apple. another big stock. under pressure today and today wells fargo down grades the stock to a neutral. the firm says the positives are known or expected and they expect shares to be range bound. you could pick the timing of the note maybe and have issues with that. the things they say would have been known before yesterday, but what do you make of some of the stuff that they have to say? largely known, range bound, in terms of new features, expected. they weren't wowed in any way shape or form.
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>> if you want to know what apple's new features are going to be. buy another phone. water resistant, by a samsung. camera, buy an lg. they can save their r&d budget by just copying. >> it's not like this is new. >> this is not innovative. who is going to upgrade? >> me. i'm going to upgrade. i was going to upgrade anyway, but because i'm one of those guys who wears a phone -- >> you take issue with almost everything he said. >> well, i agree with a lot of what he said as far as innovation and so forth. steve is spot on. lg with the cameras, samsung with the waterproof and so parted. >> i'm going to quote the notes from you today. >> all right. >> loved what i see. speed, functionality, speakers. people will buy that phone.
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>> yes recollecti, they will. i wear that phone out. in basically a year and a half i have trashd a phone. i don't mean crack the screen. my phone has worn out by the time i'm done with it in the year and a half so i'm just waiting for this one to come out. i'm going to get stereo speakers. both ends of the phone. i wasn't wowed by those air pods but what i did like was the fusion chip that's so much faster i want that because i watch a lot of -- i consume a lot of data and video on that phone. i think this is a great phone and i'm going to be one of the guys that orders it september 9th. >> are you going to play 700 plus dollars for something that is not the wow factor. >> the wow factor is the iphone 8. >> i can't wait the year for the iphone 8 so absolutely i'm buying this one and i'll do what
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tim cook talked about yesterday i'll buy that phone on their plan so when the iphone 8 comes out next year i'll flip over to that. >> maybe there are more people than we think. >> there's not. there are very few people in the world that can trade them that successfully. that's just the case. it's a unique instance. the majority of the masses are going to look at this and look at the price of $769 -- >> it's the same price as it was before. >> the 7 versus 7 it's $649. >> we're not going to have that good of a read into where sales go. apple is not going to release preorders as they have in the past. >> they have an extra week or so in the calendar because they release it earlier. >> they're actually releasing it to 28 countries as opposed to
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12. you say there's no wow factor. i disagree. i don't think -- don't expect that in the 8 either. what you did get was the processor unit. don't you get frustrated with your battery or phone? don't you get frustrated when it's slow? why wouldn't you want to upgrade then because it's ten times faster than the original. the incredible processing speed you can do now. yesterday john fort was going crazy over the camera. i'm not a big camera guy but the reality is does anybody carry around a camera anymore? absolutely not. now with this camera, all the things the camera brings, it's a camera that happens to be on your phone. it actually is an incredible unit. i disagree. i think there is a wow factor. >> there was disappointment in the fact that the fast charging technology wasn't there and that's something for me don't you get frustrated by the battery, i get frustrated being on the road trying to charge the phone quickly and can't do it.
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i didn't get it yesterday. >> your battery lasts longer. you did get it. >> two hours longer i think, right? >> that's a pretty good chunk of the day. how many hours of the day are you awake? >> 23. >> there you go. >> you guys are a tough crowd. >> you're a guy who doesn't use twitter. you don't embrace anything. he doesn't see value in twitter. >> look at his clothes. he doesn't embrace anything. >> 1974. >> here's what you've got. >> he's done well. >> you've got a consumer product company that's selling at 12 times earning. every time a tv came out the tv was better, more improved, it turned on quicker, the colors were better. >> did you buy the new one. >> no, not every time. >> i'll tell you what we're watching jackie gleason at your
12:17 pm
house. >> fairly valued. >> yesterday apple was 107 and today it's 106. you could find so many other tup opportunities in technology than apple right now over the next three to six months. >> look at the range. he said range bound. but 105, we're almost there now to joe's point. at the low end of the range love buying for instance buying it around the 105 level. i'm not going to buy the stock. i'll ride it that way. >> an analyst was talking about china and india and people have no idea how upgrades are going to work over there because the phones that they're on presently. >> they have so much cheaper phones in china than this. there's no more china mobile coming on when they get their
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big bush. you can buy phones for a fractu fraction of the cost and they are there. >> break. we're just getting starter for better or worse on the "halftime report." one wall street analyst says it's rotation time. see where he's going and what he's leaving behind. plus, the call of the day. a down grade for nikki but a good chunk of wall street still sees this stock going higher. which side should you be on. before the break, forget the tweets. these guys are talking twitter. >> i'm on facebook and instagram and i feel like they're the same so why would i have twitter. >> i have a twitter account but you don't see anything on there. >> i have an account, but i don't use it. >> what's in their future. are they going to be acquired. >> i hope so. i work for google so i think we might be a candidate to buy them. s with m i'm in
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we're back. look at your market picture at 1221 in the east. the s&p is down five points and the nasdaq is down almost .5 of 1%. is it time to go on offense with your investing strategy. good to see you again. >> how are you. >> i'm good. you want people to go for yield,
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but you say just switch the way you're doing it. >> well basically the call that we currently have that i think i made on the "halftime report" is we've been a neutral sector and market wise for the last six weeks because the market reached our target and the fundamentals were squishy. we put out a note yesterday talking about offensive bond surrogates versus defensive bond surrogates because everybody that watches the show knows that telecom, utilities, staples have been highly valued because there's been a chase for yield. the question is do you chase them here is the question i get so often and the answer is you don't have to. there's bond surrogate trades in the other more offensive sectors and our call in the intermediate to longer term where you guys know i'm the biggest bull because i think the back drop of the global economy is getting better. it's too soon to say the newest
12:23 pm
parts of the monetary stimulus haven't worked yet. europe leading indicators are still good even with the brexit vote. what we want to do once you come off a correction that i think we're kind of in and beginning, you want to get offensive. i don't think you want to get defensive in any way on a pullback. you want to use it to your advantage. >> i'm going to stop you. you say we're in the beginning of a correction. >> yeah, i think we've kind of been in one when you look at the percentage of stocks moving averages. it's a squishy market. it doesn't have a huge interest up or down and that's a consolidation/correction process that we think is going to end with some kind of move up. so many people think we're going to have this big decline. you had three instances from 2012 to 2013 where the vics jumped to 20. we're not looking for a big down
12:24 pm
time. >> what are you looking for. >> we're looking for 3% to 5%. that sounds like 3% to 5%, that can happen any moment. let's see who's a buyer at 5%. it's been a low volatility market. when you get down 3% to 5% people start to worry you're heading to an economic recession and that's not true. >> you said the market did hit your target. it's 2175. that's pretty much where we are. what do we get between now and the end of the year. >> targets are the dumbest thing because it's the trend that's important versus the actual valuation. historically the s&p times at 19 times operating earnings. could it go to 17.5 or 19, i don't know, but what i'm saying i'm more focussed on the next 12 months. you have never had two 90%
12:25 pm
upside volume days, those first two days, i've never been negative three, six and 12 months later of any occurrence where that's happened. so to make the case that you should be a seller on weakness i think is a mistake, but typically that's what happens in a low return environment where a lot of active managers are having a difficult time, it becomes a business decision as much as a trading decision. we want to -- the reason we went neutral is you can't get extra aggressive when you're already extra aggressive. i want to be able to get extra aggressive as prices weaken instead of the other way around. >> you want me to buy financials -- >> as it weakens. >> are you making a call that the fed is going to raise rates this year and places like the financials and other more offensive as you say bond proxies are going to get a boost as a result. >> to the end of this year and into next year. our target is front-end loaded
12:26 pm
because i think the economy is probably better than many give it credit for. the fed is already in our view behind the curve. you can't look at a chart of inflation and say inflation is really low. it's in the middle of the range and it's trending a little bit higher. i think most would agree that it's starting to trend a little bit higher. as inflation expectations begin to pick up, the fed is going to have to become more aggressive into the second half of next year so i think of the gains that we're going to see are going to be front-end loaded. you could have one rate hike in december and then you go from there. >> i always like the conversation. we'll see you soon. >> great. have a great day. >> you do the same. what do we think? >> i'm going to take a minute to digest that and while i am i'm going to tell you what i think i think the fed is going to in september -- the ecb did nothing -- so i'm going with
12:27 pm
financials now. >> are you calling for a correction of 3%, 5%. it would feel like a correction. >> it would and i would buy it. i don't get the other stuff. i'm trying to digest what he said. it seemed that we're looking for it but i don't know when it's going to happen. tony's good. i love his work. i'm trying to digest it. i'm being polite. >> are you irritable? >> yeah, i'm irritable. i cracked my iphone. i told you before we came on air. here's how i'm playing it. i like health care and i've looked it for a long time. biotech has come back nicely. it's cut losses in half since the beginning of the year. it's well positioned. i like other parts of health care except for services. i like financials. the fed's gonna go. that will cause a correction in
12:28 pm
the market, 5%, because i think the market is somewhat come place ant and i would use that as a buying opportunity. >> real quick on the fed going because there's been so much confusion surrounding this. the federal reserve went in 2000. they went in october of 2004 before the election. the other way, they actually cut rates '88, '92, '96. there's all the evidence to suggest that the federal reserve does not pay for the election. i know most people disagree with that. the evidence is there to say they'll make their decision independently. >> the average peak in rates to decline in rates during the ten recessions, the last ten recessions, has been 550 basis points. we have no tools in the toolbox to account for that. that was a phofootnote from a
12:29 pm
paper. >> i want to move to this side of the table for a minute. the idea that you should be still hunting for yield, but just doing it in different places than investors have been. >> in my opinion it's the age old thing. when you look for quality, you look for growth and then you look for yield. yield is the last thing you're looking for in that category. if you can find those you have the winning thing. look back to brexit. we were looking for quality. tjx selling off. you look for specific names and quality and then you start to look for growth. do you have growth? yes. if you have yield that's everything. that's what you look for. >> let's move to nikki because it's down graded today to a neutral. there's the stock at $56 and change. they say competitive head winds could leave shares range bound. >> anybody who has been short nikki including going into the
12:30 pm
olympics has been right because instead of seeing a significant boost, nikki is what $5 off the 52-week low and maybe $12 off the highs. it's been sagging a little here. it doesn't mean it's a bad stock. we own it for customers and we have overwritten it, meaning we've sold calls aggressively against this name because i don't know what the catalyst is until basketball really. i don't see a lot of back to school buying with nikki products the way i do with the more underarmour for the kids because that's a back to school play than nike. >> the analyst down graded it and didn't lower his numbers and price target. having been a research director. i walked into the office and said look, the stock is at your price target. you have to raise your price
12:31 pm
target or you have to take it to neutral. the analyst said he went on a trip and he visited footlockers in germany and other parts of europe and he said they're cutting -- >> i believe it's she. >> it's she. sorry. i read the report. i didn't read the author. sorry. did you have a rough day today. >> half my job is spent holding you to account. >> thank you. >> left him speechless. who else. >> the point is the analyst said they were discounting nike by 25%. they're featuring puma and others on the shelf. why not lower the estimates. >> this is a short-term call. it's talking about europe. what's happening in europe and who is the owner in europe.
12:32 pm
adidas. >> when you look at nike you look at the growth. 61% is footwear. north america is number one and then europe. they have competition. where is the growth though? the true growth is coming from d china. why is kevin plank in china. he needs it to take off and it hasn't. nike is king over there and nike will attack into the china world as well. >> you buy nike on dips. we'd wait for a roll back. >> we hear there's trouble down on the farm for tractor supply and trouble in the aisle for super value. the markets betting chinese stocks are about to make a move. we're going to tell you which way coming up next on the "halftime report." oh, well, w - all of our new plans comeh no da overages. tmeans... wow, no more oveveges? go on...sait.
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hi everybody. here's what's happening at this hour. european council president is urging britain to hurry up and get on with finalizing it's departure from the european union. he met with thersa may.
12:36 pm
it is not clear when that meeting will take place. ford is adding about 1.5 million vehicles to the vehicle latch recall because the doors can pop open while the vehicles are moving. it includes the 2012 to 2014 focus and escape and 2015 mustang and lincoln. the new york mets have signed tim at the bow. good luck to him. that's the cnbc news update this hour.
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this is the new comfort food. pursuit perfectn. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. coming up in 20 minutes macy's out with a bold plan to bring in more customers. they must have been listening to tyler mathson because it may involve booze. sos is for save our stuff. why american goods are being
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held hostage at sea. this startup is making a ton of money and his employees only work five hours a day. how does that work? scott, back to you. >> we'll see you in a little bit. let's do our trader blitz. first is tractor supply. they cut their guidance for a second time. >> you're right. the energy producing region that's one of the biggest struggles they face right now. any time you look at the guidance and they cut it the way they did today, i think you wait a couple of days before you can figure out where the dust is going to settle but stay away from it for now. >> trouble on aisle four. sup supervalu cut their value. >> the stock popped from 490 to almost 580 a share. if it holds over 5 i like it
12:41 pm
here. >> lilly. >> they're citing the product line. the estimates are lower than what the consensus is for 2018. i like health care. lilly is as good as any of them. >> this stock was 9.5 and now it's 17.5. do not stand in the way of this because something is going on. yesterday during the break i asked pete about this and he had great insight as far as what's going on but it's unbelievable. it's almost like if the market is open, micron is up. something beyond that is definitely going on and i know you've seen a lot of activity there. >> it's an interesting name. >> there we are together. coming up, someone is making a very big call today on tesla.
12:42 pm
we'll tell you what the analyst said when we come back. you got to hear this one next. the "halftime report" is the place for market moving interviews. >> you don't call a company a sewer because a company made a mistake. >> real money. >> we're short tesla and solar city. >> real debates. >> people think that globalization has hurt businesses but it's technology that has hurt businesses. >> the most profitable hour of the trading day. >> i love the show. all i do is get to tweet about the show. this is the greatest moment of my life. >> the "halftime report" week days noon eastern. ever thought i w crazy to open a hotel he
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welcome back. we're watching tesla today. it's under pressure. the stock is down 2%. it's below $200. that's after a sell rating. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> what's the reason for today's call? much of the negativity is already known, is it not? >> it is. i think as people -- we're coming at it now an automotive angle. we've covered solar for ten years and tesla has its work cut out for it. tesla is going to burn about $3 billion just to achieve its mission over the next 18 to 24
12:46 pm
months. apex is going up and throw in solar city in the fold we think the cash burn could be closer to 5 billion. >> too much risk for the reward? >> exactly. so many balls up in the air right now and then through in this master plan with pickup trucks and buses and long-haul trucking. there's so many things he's trying to do. we'd rather see him focus. >> so they went out and borrowed $300 million that is due next year. that doesn't seem to be enough and it puts them further up in the capital structure i'm sure than what investors are going to be like. it seems like the dead is going to choke them at some point. they're not going to have enough money, are they? >> they have their work cut out for them.
12:47 pm
it's around the leasing of the vehicles, it's about 10 to 15% of their vehicles every quarter are leased so gives them additional capacity for that. >> appreciate the time. we'll see you soon. >> thank you much guys. let's trade it. >> there's much more competition coming here. we talked about competition with nike and apple. there's much more competition coming out here particularly if you look at bmw. i wouldn't own this stock and shareholders aren't protected. >> you have to -- i don't know how you -- i guess it must be more difficult to value this thing when you have the fundamental issues that jeffry laid out against the status the stock enjoys and some point which rules the day? >> i think it's the technicals.
12:48 pm
i think when you look at the stock, if it breaks through 217 it's going to 185. i own some in there after it broke through. i've been waiting. the volatility is still amazingly low when you look at tesla considering the moves it's made and the day-to-day moves with the market as tight as it's been it's all over the place. >> ultimately someone comes in and buys tesla. >> the options market is betting on a turn around for a health care stock that's down 48% this year. we're going to give you that trade just ahead. u're here to buy car.
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we're back on "the halftime report." on the hunt for unusual trading activity, as they usually are. they've gone to the telestrator. >> take a look at the fxi. basically some bottoming here around 32. it's $6 higher than that now, pushing all the way to 39. when you look today at what's going on, they're buying the 40 calls. this is something that we call a call stupid. they bought the 40 calls in october. they also bought the 40 50 calls. why would you do that? because you're stupid. you should just buy one of the two of them, instead they bought both. >> they're doubling up. >> i don't know why. they certainly wanted multi-million-dollar exposure in the fxi. they've been right so far today.
12:52 pm
it's up about 30 cents. it's a bet that it goes through 40 and keeps going. >> pete? >> i'm looking at community health. when you look at this chart, what's a little bit different. look at this stock. this stock, not that long ago, this stock was trading in the 40s. you can see where it's been bottoming out ever since. here it is up towards 11, moving a little bit above 11. they were buying the october 12th calls. they bought 2,000 of those. doesn't sound like a huge number. if you look back in august, there was activity on the 12th, the 19th, the 29th. huge numbers, call buying, put selling. that was that much more to get me into the stock. i bought these same exact calls. i'll be holding on to these for three to four, maybe five weeks. i like these calls. they're inexpensive. if this stock bounces, they really could be taking off. >> thanks so much. switching now to oil. surging almost 4% today. jackie deangelis at the nymex with the futures now traders. what's going on, jackie? >> we're trading over $47 a
12:53 pm
barrel. that was after the department of energy indicated that we saw more than 14 million barrel drawdown in inventories. this is supporting the trade here. did we go higher? >> it seems like we do. the momentum is to the upside. what we saw that took place on labor day and the trading day afterwards, huge amounts of volume that took place in the russia-saudi deal. i think there's more momentum. the oil volatility index doesn't really necessarily indicate that we're [ ing out of any sort of range, but certainly looks like 48 if not $50 is in the cards. >> we discussed this earlier and you said maybe it's time to fade the rally. explain. >> absolutely, jackie. this is an anomaly because we had a storm last week in the gulf, so 25% of the oil production was shut in. we could get a same number to the upside next week because that is coming back on the rkt ma. so i want to fade this rally closer to $48.
12:54 pm
>> more on oil online at the top of the hour. we're talking to tom kloza. then we've got david rosenberg talking about stocks. see you then, scott. >> we'll be there. thanks so much. coming up, two former nfl pros right here on this desk. they're going to give us their picks as the football season kicks off tonight. final trades coming as well, and that's two minutes away. hey ry, what are yodoing?ohey jm nnecting our brains we n shour amazing adinknled that's a great idea, but whdot yojust g thinrsm's atooms where yocastragies,ideas, even s market professionals and ousands oer trars? i know. yourrain tolmy brain before youold my face. mmm, bluerry? tap into the knoedgef other aders on thinkorim onlyt ametre.
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12:57 pm
nfl season kicking off tonight between the panthers and the broncos, 8:30 p.m. on nbc. we are excited about that. we'll go around the desk, get our picks for the season. pete, i'll start with you. >> for the nfc, i've got to figure it's the carolina panthers. i think they continue to improve, so i'll go with them. my sleeper is going to be the vikings, though. >> doc? >> wow, well, i have the same. >> what do you mean act like you're not? >> i'm going to change it up. sorry, pittsburgh, and of course, steve's friend that happens to own a piece of the pittsburgh steelers. i'm going to go with kansas city and the panthers rather than pittsburgh because i had to change it up. >> okay, joseph? >> this is only if the fed
12:58 pm
raises rates. pittsburgh and greenberg. >> pittsburgh and greenberg? >> green bay. [ laughter ] >> where in the world? >> greenberg is an israeli team that's coming into the league. >> he's a hockey guy. it's okay. >> pittsburgh and green bay. >> wow. pittsburgh and green bay? >> it's going to be a tough one. >> pittsburgh. pouncey is back. i think they've got a great defense. >> they'll have to rebound from the 0-1 start they're going to have. >> they added a guy ryan harris on that offensive line. >> okay. >> let's talk about twitter for a moment. the shares did take a turn for the worse. there's the stock. it's down 6%. scott was on our show at the top of the hour.
12:59 pm
really skeptical that they would be able to find a buyer for this company. sort of threw cold water on the notion that there's going to be a white knight out there to pay some kind of premium for this company at this point, and that sort of sent the stock reeling a little bit. he has a $9 price target. >> i think scott's right. not about the $9 price target. that's if nothing happens, i believe. but i think he's right that basically the takeover number is where it is. i think the takeover is right around 20. that's why you don't want to be shorted, in my opinion, at prices significantly lower than 20. but i don't think it goes a lot above 20. >> that's a $13 billion market cap. >> yes. 3 billion in cash, though. >> you guys sound just as skeptical as devon. >> it's a needle in a haystack any time you're owning the stock just because it's going to be taken out. even then, we've seen it fall apart. >> let me show you community health too before we run. the guys over here did unusual activity over the telestrator a little while ago and the stock
1:00 pm
is spiking nearly 3% on what john was seeing. or pete. >> we look similar. i know. >> one of the najarians. >> if you listen to pete last week. i'm sorry, i'm trying to do a show here. >> that does it for us. "power" begins now. we've had a trifecta of stock movers topping your menu. we're talking twitter, apple, macy's, and wait until you hear what macy's is doing to help gin up sales. plus, hillary meets the press. we're breaking down hillary clinton's six-question fly-buy with reporters. and s.o.s. save our stuff. more on the american goods being held hostage at sea. "power lunch" starts right now. welcome, everybody, to "power lunch." i'm tyler matheson. glad you could be with us. stocks


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