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tv   Closing Bell  CNBC  October 19, 2016 3:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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basically saying it's everything. >> he also said about viacom, they're just about ready to explore. stocks are spiking over talk about that google over the top network, by the way. >> everything you need to know, starting now. now. >> hi, everybody. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm kelly evans at the new york stock exchange. >> and that makes me bill griffeth. stocks climbing slower higher today. i think i read this would be the first back to back plus days for the dow in like two weeks. haven't been able to do that lately. one hedge funds manager says things are not as bad right now as others might be, saying we'll bring you those comments briefly. >> with a rainbow, too, coming up to brighten the sky. go
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goldman ceo talking to david about the stocks. a pocket-sized drone. we have ideas about what this drone could be used for. don't google it because we want to tell about you it. china pointing its first china ceo and announcing it wants to have 5,000 stores there by 2021. howard schultz will join us from shanghai. >> they have to open a store every single day between now and then. >> if they continue to keep it up, talking about their concerns about china, a store a day for years is their plan. >> earnings and the election, two of the big stories on the minds of investors today.
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covering the earnings. he's in las vegas with a preview of tonight's third presidential debate. bob, why don't you start us off here. >> it's early, but i'm pretty happy. i'm getting excited because the numbers are better than expected right across the board. we got more bank earnings today. you know morgan stanley, some of the big money center banks, they're doing well. i like the regional banks, the bb&t, us bancorp. they're moving earnings estimates up. the s&p 500 will probably go positive on that. the first big surprise on energy today. h hal butt haliburton. beat by about 6 or 7 cents. earnings doing a lot better and north america doing better. dave lessor, the ceo of
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haliburton. as we look forward, we expect an increased commodity price to stimulate rig count growth. things are getting better for us and our customers. the numbers are now positive for the third quarter, earnings and revenue positive for 2.5%. this is for the whole s&p 500. here's the trend so far. i know it's early but i'm making a prediction. right now the number of companies competing are more than average. how much they're beating by? above average as well. guys, back to you. >> we hope the retailers don't spoil them, bob, but as you mentioned, more positive signals. there's a lot at stake tonight for hillary clinton and donald trump in the final -- can you believe it -- final presidential debate. john harwood out in vegas with the latest. john? >> reporter: kelly, last of the three presidential debates three
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weeks before the election. last big moment for them to directly communicate with tens of millions of americans at one time. but i want to give you a little reality check about just what you can accomplish in this session, much less in the first debate, which was the most watched one. if you look at these numbers, presidential candidates try to change impressions of themselves as well as the other candidate. look at hillary clinton's impressions. in january, 40% positive, 49% negative. now, 40% positive, 50% negative. almost no movement whatsoever. donald trump, take a look in january. 29% positive, 58%, i believe, negative. if you look at his positive-negative now. 29% positive, a little over 60 negative. almost no change. and now look at the ballot. in january hillary clinton in the two-way race led donald 51 to 41%.
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now hillary clinton leads 51% to 41%. si so a lot of this is fixed. donald trump has developed a strategy in the last couple debates to intensify his base. it may be realistic because it's not very easy to expand that base. for hillary clinton, she's got a lot on the line in terms of lifting feelings about her diminishing negativity, having people see her as a president who, if she follows through on these leaves and becomes president, can govern on the election. that won't be easy for her, either. so much in our politics are polarized and attitudes so firmly fixed. tonight is a big opportunity but not quite sure how much they can make of it, guys. >> i'm surprised those numbers hadn't moved more. >> they moved in the meantime, but we've come back to those january numbers, that's for sure, yes. >> be sure to stick with cnbc tonight as we bring you live coverage of that final presidential debate. it all begins 9:00 p.m. eastern. speaking of movement, we
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have stocks moving higher, oil as well. oil at a price we haven't seen in over a year. let's get to the closing bell exchange. both of them at post 9. and rick santelli checks in from chicagoland. kenny p. -- and by the way, we had the beige book out today. there, we acknowledged that. >> wh what do you make of this market here that kind of just chugs along? >> let's just say it for what it is. if anybody thought the banks for sure would report kind of bad or negative or weak numbers two weeks ahead of the election after we spent all this money, you're out of your mind. they've all reported great numbers, and analysts have cut numbers so the magnitude of the report looks even better than it might have been, so it's all well and good. the market rallying. the market telling us it's expecting a clinton win. not really sure what's going to happen in congress yet.
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are are they going to lose the senate, are they going to keep the senate? what's going to happen in the house? i think that's where the trouble could come if there is trouble. right now it's all good. all the news is positive. everyone is raising their guidance, everyone is talking about how great it is and so the market is rallying. >> so jason, you actually think the consternation people have about politics could be bullish for stocks? >> there is a lot of concern about the uncertainty and so forth that has people holding back on money they otherwise would have wanted invested, even in an environment where cash means nothing and it's performing where they need to be. there are people who want to be in this market, and i think that will keep the market resilient and potentially push us higher. >> rick, i want to give you this number today. he wasn't as negative as some money managers have been recently, like david tepir or
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david chamberlain or others. here's what he said. >> i think you're going to see a little growth in europe this year, i mean for the first time. it's not going down anymore. so i don't think things are as bad as people -- i don't know why the hell they're thinking of having an interest rate hike. i don't think we need a stronger dollar, but i think things are not nearly as bad, and as i said to you, i think there's huge opportunity on the core side. >> what do you think, and do the markets you follow in fixed income and foreign exchange, do they reflect that feeling right now, do you think? >> listen, he's a smart man, he has a big portfolio, but in terms of just the one comment about europe. obviously he's not investing in the banks or the financial side, and when he said a rate hike, why do we need a rate hike? maybe that's why he's not investing in the banks, and if
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he is, listen, maybe the return isn't as good. the central banks have created a landscape they thought would give us growth that hasn't. to keep the stock market up, not only do you have the likes of the bank of japan buying stocks, you have our central bankers thinking about buying stocks. his endorsement was far from a ringing endorsement, basically talking about a little growth to europe is not, in the old days, considered truly optimistic. i think when it comes to the big money managers, they're in the money game. they're always going to find sgchlt there it. there is always a game in town, according to jim cramer. the stronger dollar is good for the masses in this country. look what's going to happen in the usa, inflation is moving up, companies are moving prices at 10% swoops. i think there are two sides to every story, and it doesn't
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surprise me when you interview six, seven, eight of some of the brightest money managers in the game that you can always find one or two that have something positive to say. >> jason, what do you think is the most attractive part of the market right now? >> jason? >> i would say the strongest areas of the market have really been the combination of emerging markets, asia, japan, and in the u.s. market, mid calf value funds have been doing very well. we're also seeing nasdaq doing well also. >> it's been pretty much at all-time highs. >> it's been paying to be optimistic. it's been paying to go for riskier assets, and i think that's probably going to continue. >> same question to you, kenny. where do you see opportunity right now, or where do you see the money flowing right now? >> in this country for sure, and i think the firmoney is where y
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want to be. midcap and other names will really benefit as a result. >> thank you for your thoughts today. good luck tonight, rick. >> the debate is tonight. i want to see a lot more hitting by the cubs and a lot less hitting by the candidates, how is that? >> there you go. you got it. we have a news alert on google. julia with more on that. what's going on, julia? >> cbs has struck a deal with google to participate in an over the top digital project that google has in the works. this is according to a source close to the situation who also tells me other networks are not far behind. my source tells me this is a skinny bundle in the 30 to $40 range that will be a broadcast-centric product with the live broadcast networks as well as some affiliated cable networks. google is aiming to launch this product in the first quarter of next year, and it could launch
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even if it can't get all the broadcasters on board. they note that the service will be called unflugd. cbs and youtube says they have no comment. disney and fox have not yet responded to my question for comment. belle? >> i guess there were some reports at the time that apple wasn't willing to pay up. is there a sense that if google gets this to work, they are paying big bucks? >> i think what google is trying to do and what apple is trying to do may be different. what i'm hearing about this is it's specifically the broadcast networks. less mendez has talked about how he wants his broadcast network to be included in skinny bund s bundles. apple may have been trying to do something bigger. it will be interesting to see here which broadcasters want their networks to participate. cbs has the advantage of just being cbs. if you're negotiating with, say,
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disney, they might be trying to sell a larger bundle of channels. >> right. and if you're comcast, if you're nbc, you have additional distribution issues in there. it's not just like a cbs issue. we'll wait for more reporting, basically. thanks, julia. >> so complicated these days. let's take a break. we have 7 minut17 minutes left trading session. >> louis blankfein. he'll join us in a moment with the highlights. pennsylvania governor ed rendell, both will join us to preview tonight's debate and what each candidate should do to ensure victory in november. starbuck's is doubling down, looking to bring its employee rate to 5,000 in the next few
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i won't. keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees
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to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. we already know amazon wants
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to deliver packages by drone, but now they've been issued a patent for a drone that fits in your pocket. it's patent filing. it could replace police video dash cam videos. it could even help you find a lost car in a parking lot. amazon did not specifically reference its artificial intelligence assistant alexa which you find on the amazon echo, but it's pretty understandable that the company may build it into their drones. >> when i first saw it, i thought it was a pocket drone. how does it fly out of your pocket? it sounds dangerous. >> fly, fly, little drone. find my car. >> and using this for police work makes a lot of sense. i guess the only question is practical ability. >> plug it into your phone, watch what it sees as it's
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flying around. >> it makes a lot of sense for something that sounds a little crazy. >> it's very much on the drawing board right now. it's not even near any pro prototype, i don't think. >> talking the election with our david favor just moments ago, and david joins us from the goldman innovators summit. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, kelly. mr. blankfein in sort of a retrospective but speaking broadly about history when we were talking specifically about whether it's the markets or regulation or where things stand right now for the financial services industry. as you guys know, earnings have been pretty good over the last week or so that we've heard from the major banks, including goldman sachs. but the stocks haven't reacted that positively, and i did ask mr. blankfein whether multiples to book values would return, or
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if we'll see changes in the way financial institutions are viewed more broadly. here's his thoughts. >> there are cycle to see these things, and sometimes the cycle takes so long you think this is permanent. we had the great depression at one point. we had a lot of regulation. it was a long time ago, but we had time for, you know, memories to dim, for regulation to get adjusted, for it to go too far in the wrong direction and recover and get into a much more severe direction, and those cycles have taken place. so if you ask me is this the end of all cycles and is this moment frozen? no. >> of course, as to how long it's going to take to get back to a different cycle, mr. gla blankfein wasn't saying. he didn't think the markets were
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aligned as much as they could be, but appropriately priced securities wasn't there as much as it has been in the past, guys. >> by the way, i heard you ask him about his health but didn't hear what he said. >> he said he thinks he's cured. he ended his chemotherapy treatments about eight months ago, and he said that, o course, the generalecline that takes place in your early 60s can sometimes mask what is a recovery from a serious illness. of course, he had non-hodgkin's lymphoma. but mr. blankfein says he's cured. and when i asked him about retirement, he's not thinking about that at all. >> i think you talked about the wikileaks? >> he did, but he didn't talk
3:21 pm
about it much at all. he thought it would be used somewhere and therefore didn't offer a lot, bill, other than saying he's not part of an international cabal to bring down the sovereignty of the united states. >> we'll have to take him at his word. >> we'll make that a headline. >> thanks, david. david favor there speaking with goldman sachs ceo. as you mentioned, bill, morgan stanley matched that today. overall, the market 73 points for the dow, 8 for the s&p 500, 9 for the nasdaq. >> we're going to hear from both sides of the aisle, next. howard schultz joins us from china to lay out his vision of nearly doubling the coffee
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stores in that country over the next five years. stay tuned.
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the dow is up 7 poin0 point the moment, the s&p up 7 and the nasdaq up 8. facebook shares are also up higher after the social media giant unrolled new features
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allowing people to order movies and book salon appointments. the move is part of facebook's new strategy of becoming a one-stop shop for users. we're under six hours away from the third and final presidential debate tonight between republican nominee donald trump and democratic nominee hillary clinton. the debate will focus on a number of topics ranging from the economy to foreign affairs and even to fitness to be president. i spoke with democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine yesterday. i asked him if wall street should be worried about a potential clinton administration. >> nobody should be worried about fair regulations that will enable the economy to grow but in a sustainable way, not in a volatile way that is more subject to booms and busts. we did great regulation, sadly, after the depression that kept our financial system generally in place, even as we were experiencing ups and downs in
3:26 pm
the economy for 70 years. but then we allowed a whole lot of transactions to go into an unregulated posture that then helped to take the economy down and we just can't repeat that mistake. >> we also spoke about republican nominee donald trump and his plan for the economy. >> i can't imagine any savvy financial person who thinks that the trump plan is going to be better when the independent analysts who are pretty sharp at this say it will be dramatically worse. >> all right, joining us now from what to expect from tonight's final debate, we have greg in new hampshire and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is out there somewhere joining us as well. senator, i was looking at the notes. what you're expecting from the debate tonight. it says chaos and outrage. you don't have very high expectations, do you? >> i think both candidates' objective is to show that the other candidate is unfit to be president. that seems to be the theme of
3:27 pm
both candidates. >> why can't we get into the issues? >> there are some huge issues. i had to fix the debt with ed rendell, and to fix it you have to address retirement, you have to address tax reform. neither candidate has been willing to address at all the retirement issue. in fact, hillary's plan expands them, but the taxes have been thrown out there but in a way that haven't been substantive or effective. >> governor, what do you expect this evening? do you think we'll see any differences from the last couple debates? >> i actually think the ball is in donald trump's court. if he continues the same tenor of the first two debates when he talks about and he's asked, and he will be asked about the statement that the election is rigged, if he continues to rail that hillary clinton is physically unfit to be president, things like that, then i think it's going to be more of the same and it's going to be totally unproductive.
3:28 pm
and donald trump's slide will continue. the best thing donald trump could do would be to stand up there and say, look, let me make it clear. i was emotional. i said we wouldn't necessarily abide by the results of the election because it might be fixed. i didn't mean it would be fixed at the polls. my running mate and i will abide by the results of the election. i hope tonight we can focus on the real issues facing america. if he did that and could explain his position cogently, which i don't think he could, then he might have a chance to stop the slide and get back into the game. >> i'm going to ask you the same thing i'm going to ask senator greg, governor, if we think back on past debates, we don't think about what was said of substance, we think about the sweat on nixon's upper lip in the 1960 debates, we think about lloyd benson taking john kennedy to katask, those are the things
3:29 pm
that come up, not the real substantive discussions that could be had, right? >> that's true, but i think in part -- and i'm not one who passes the branch on part of the press these days, but in part it's the fault of the moderators. when you think of the first questions out of the box in the first two debates, they were not on the issues, they were on some of these outrageous comments that have been made, the statements that have been made. what's wrong with -- as senator gregg said, what's wrong with saying america's debt is now 7% of the gdp. it's going to grow and grow unless we do something. what's your plan for dealing with the debt? and then not allowing them just to give a passing answer. >> frankly, the character of this person does matter when they're dealing with all sorts of issues when they're in office, so i can understand questions dealing with that. i was going to ask you about hillary clinton in that regard.
3:30 pm
has there been a focus of many of the things we've learned about her from wikileaks and everything else, or has it all been drowned out by what donald trump is doing? >> it's clearly been dominated by donald trump because he loves to dominate. that's his personality, and he sort of stepped on his own toes a number of times when the issue should have turned to hillary's activities and whether they were appropriate or ethical or whether they put national security at risk. but whenever that seems to happen, he jumps to the front of the stage and does something that creates the attention of the national media, and especially entrepreneurean folks out there. i think it's going to take a while to recover from this election physically, because we haven't even had the discussion of how you bring together a
3:31 pm
substantive nation which seems to separate us. >> governor rendell and senator gregg, thank you for being with us tonight. >> and please stick with us tonight as we bring you the debate at 9:00 p.m. central. time now for a cnbc news update with courtney. >> reporter: here's what's happening at this hour. a possible break from the linkedin case that possibly hacked 1 million users. a russian man has been arrested in prague in connection with the cyber attack. he delayed releasing information about it for tactical reasons. the u.s. planning to deploy an anti-missile system to south korea as soon as possible. he says the u.s. will do
3:32 pm
whatever it takes to defend itself from sounorth korea and honor its commitment to south korea. a blast happened at a popular shopping destination after a construction crew hit a gas line. the extent of the injuries are unknown at this time. a new gallop poll shows a record high 60% of americans support the legalization of marijuana. the vote comes three weeks before voters in nine states decide whether to expand legal access to pot. that's the cnbc news update at this hour. back over to you, bill and kelly. >> i didn't realize that many more states could legalize. i wonder if that takes the wind out of the sails in colorado and these other states where they've had an influx of those products and stuff. somehow it's getting drowned out. marijuana is not the lead story of this election cycle. >> not this time around, that's for sure. thanks, courtney. >> thanks.
3:33 pm
we're in the last hour of trade here with the dow up 60 points. >> and starbuck's tries to dominate its appearance in china by 2021. speaking of china, the so-called netflix of china is making its american debut today. we're going to hear from the head of the company's north american operations coming up on "closing bell." stay tuned.
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it
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continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive. joining me on the floor of the new york stock exchange is peter acosta. what were you doing 20 years before today? >> sweating. praying we were still in business come monday.
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>> it was black monday. the dow fell 26% that day. a day we will not soon forget. >> i still remember -- >> where were you? >> we were on the back side of the room. we had booth n, and there was like 12 of us crammed into a spot for six. >> we were already expecting something to happen that monday because friday had been a big down day as well. >> i'll go on record and say on friday one of our clients had called at the end of the day, and i said, you will never see this happen again, and it happened monday worse -- >> and then tuesday morning was not pretty. >> tuesday looked like the end. >> and then it turned around. >> and there were a lot of, you know, back room machinations. >> there was a lot of talk about the back room. sdp >> yes. >> it could happen again, though. >> it could, but i think a huge geopolitical event is what would set it off.
3:38 pm
i don't think there's any kind of economic event here in the u.s. that could set off such a torrent of sell side interest, but i think if there was a geopolitical event that was earth shattering, that could do it. other than that, i can't imagine anything even equally half of what we had that day. >> today will take care of itself as we look back. >> i think the rest of the year will take care of itself, so i'm not afraid. >> we will see of the than. thanks, peter. >> thanks. the closing rally across the street again today. the dow subpoena 60 points, the s&p about 6, the nasdaq is lagging, up about 6 points as well. this company is focused on much more than just streaming video. we'll hear from its north american president, next. then starbuck's going the other way planning a huge expansion in china. ceo howard schultz will lay out
3:39 pm
his china growth strategy. that's still ahead.
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about 18 and a half minutes left with the dow up 60 points right now. take a look at tesla.
3:42 pm
it jumped when the company announced it would unveil a new product tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. investors knew the product announcement would be happening today, but apparently getting the exact timing got some investors excited and threw off the highs. still a 2 and a half percent gain right now. >> the dodgers-cubs game starts at 8:00 eastern and then the debate is at 9:00. it's going to be crowded then. >> it will indeed be a busy night, kelly and bill. u.s. steel gaining more than 7% on heavy volume. the some is surging citing jp morgan saying rising coal prices are not necessarily bad for steel. and keep in mind shares of u.s. steel have doubled year to date, up more than 130%. jppointing to some
3:43 pm
historical analysis as well, saying scrap in general have been positive, not negative, for these steel players. back to you. >> wow. big move there. thank you, seema. >> 17 minutes left if you're keeping score. before the closing bell of the dow, up 60 points. >> she'll name names in just a moment. we'll look at the future of the media industry where more than ever conflict is king with discovery ceo david zaslav. stay tuned. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. ♪ for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise
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giathe giant netflix of chi is making its american debut. we're joined by its acting north america president, richard wren. diedre? >> that's right, it came to america in a very large way. the energy market, as you mentioned, is a huge space. there were 2,000 people in attendance. i couldn't even keep track of the many launches.
3:47 pm
there were smartphones announced, tvs, headsets, a self-driving electric car, amazon prime-like membership. at one point there was a fleet of glow in the dark electric bicycles that came out on stage. this was a very big launch for a very big company, but one most of our viewers have likely never heard of. you mentioned, kelly, it's called the netflix of china. that's what it's been known as, but considering everything they launched today, it's more like an amazon with chinese characteristics. i was able to get my hands on one of the smartphones. this is a laprobe 3. it's like the iphones but about half the price. they think it will make a big hit here with american consumers. we do have the president of north america. i want to ask you about this smartphone.
3:48 pm
it's an impressive machine. you want it to compete with the iphone and samsung's devices. how are you able to get it to about half the price when you use the same suppliers and the same specs, similar specs. >> we are a user first company. we develop a disruptive business motto based on the ecosystem. we are a hardware first approach company. we don't need to make money from the hardware. instead we position the hardware as the internet interface. secondly, we use our own e-commerce to go directly to the users. we don't need to charge any distribution margin. >> a question, though. how are you going to win over u.s. consumers and why do you want to win them over? there's more than a bill kwion customers you have in china. why come here now? and you say there might be people worried about privacy and security issues when it comes to
3:49 pm
a chinese country. >> the u.s. is the most important market. here is the innovation center of the world. also we put internet technology and entertainment together. so in u.s., based on our ecosystem, we put privacy in the top. so we will have very top people to join our team to make sure all the security will be done. >> richard, thank you for being with us. congratulations on the launch. kelly, i'm going to hand it back to you guys. i should mention that leeco has big plans here as well. they'll be hiring 12,000 people to work there, so you're definitely going to hear of this company in the future. back over to you. >> that will increase the war for talent. earnings are coming our way, and among them american express will be reporting at the top of
3:50 pm
the hour. kayla tauche joins us is. >> american express is expected to post earnings higher than last year and revenue down just 6%. investors will get a closer look at the company's first quarter without that valuable costco portfolio. they have one more thing to worry about, though. after bank earnings, investors saw higher demand for rival credit cards from jp morgan, and at citigroup those are targeting amex's customer base, fighting for customers. it could be that amex needs to amp up its market and ing and rs program at a time when they're trying to tighten funds and restructure. the government is waiting to see if all those things change its guidance for the year.
3:51 pm
we also have e-bay and mattel reporting. how are you going to do this all next hour? >> are you going to help me out here? >> you can handle it, i'm sure. joining us is courtney gibson from luke capital. you like netflix, especially after these big numbers they reported? >> absolutely, yes. we were joking about the whole netflix and chill. that's essentially what everyone is doing these days. netflix has plenty of room yet to go. >> even though they're spending, what, $6 billion next year on content? >> well, the couldn't tent, if you ask me, i'm a consumer lover, i absolutely believe content is what's driving the growth at netflix. yes, they have tons of old movies from the '80s, '90s, et cetera, but that original content from stranger things to luke cage to all the disney content that will ultimately be
3:52 pm
on there, they have a significant advantage over the other players right now. >> what about apple, which you also like? >> i definitely like apple. people talk about samsung, that google will pick up those consumers. the iphone 7 just came out. i think quarterly earnings will look good for apple, and i think the analyst may be underestimating the impact it's going to have on apple and folks that are going to switch and have switched from that samsung device to the iphone. >> so two tech giants, a lot of questions about them. you don't like a retail giant. you sold walmart, is that right? >> i did sell it. i'm actually seeing what they're trying to do as far as getting into the streaming services and other things. amazon, generally speaking, i think is tremendous. amazon, as you think about the millennials, where they're spending money and spending their time, amazon, i think, is
3:53 pm
maybe slower than what i want to see in my portfolio right now. >> and i name you think is attractive is at&t? >> i do. i think about a 5% yield. even if you don't love the company, you have to love that yield. think about the iphone. think about streaming things. at&t has definitely done some incredible marketing things when it comes to what they've done on with directv. i'm not sure how much that is playing into t but i think at&t is doing some really interesting things aside from the yield play. they're still looking to grow and make some moves in the market right now. >> what do you make of the yields so far? >> pretty good. i'm one of the optimists. i know we've seen pessimists as of late, but slow and steady wins the race, as john rogers, a good friend of mine, has said at aerial. that's okay. i would rather take slow growth
3:54 pm
than no growth at all, and there is room for us globally to see wind under the sails in the global economy. >> the glass half full. good place to leave it. thank you, courtney. >> it all depends on whether you're drinking or pouring whether it's full or half empty. that's what i've always believed. we'll take a break and come back with the closing countdown. >> as bill mentioned, it's a full hour on "closing bell." howard schultz will join us talking about doubling his presence in china, and he'll be joining us from shanghai. be sure to stay tuned for all of that. what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers)
3:55 pm
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sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. >> 500 million, anything around that and below that, you don't pay much attention. it gets more interesting when it gets toward a billion. >> the dow, i've been saying this, i think it's true. it will be the first back to back plus signs we've had for the dow. we're up 46 points now. we had tremendous volatility. you rally them and they sell it
3:58 pm
back. you sell it off and they buy it back, right? >> the amplitude is pretty small. we haven't had the kind of volatility in october. we kept talking about this, remember this is the most volatile month. i haven't seen it that much. >> oil, they had a draw, a surprisingly large draw in the inventory data this morning, and you can see when it kocame out. >> it's a 52-week high for oil, and that's a big, big deal. combine that with halliburton, the first big number in oil. we have's new high on oil, we have a new high on halliburton. the ceo made some points that he thought it might get higher. 50 and 60 is the new trading range rather than 40 and 50. if they can get away with that, that's a huge shift. that means it generally went to a positive earnings category.
3:59 pm
>> fusion, nothing happening there. tesla has this product announcement out at 8:15 p.m. tonight. the stock has been rallying off that though it hasn't been that high since 2:00 eastern. >> the announcement of the product announcement. >> it was supposed to be monday and -- whatever. now we have american express, ebay, and mattel, it's been how many years now, over 50 years. when you think mattel you still think barbie dolls. that's still what they think about. how is barbie doing in their sales? >> and transformers, things like that. i do want to point out that bank stocks have new highs, these
4:00 pm
companies have been beating by much higher margins right now. we have a shot at ending that earnings recession we keep talking about, bill. >> thank you, bob. up 40 points on the dow at the close here. stay tuned for those earnings reports and howard schultz of starbuck's checks in from shanghai and david zaslov. thank you, bill. welcome to the "closing bell" on this debate eve, everybody. i'm kelly williams. let's finish the day on wall street with the dow ending about 41 points on the bell there, at 18,200. about a quarter percent gain for the blue chips. about a quarter percent gain for the s&p 500, ending at 2144 today. the nasdaq, to 5246.
4:01 pm
plenty of earnings to digest and it's going to be a busy hour for that. again, kayla touche is standing by with results from l lipton express, and we'll see you in just a moment as though results come in. howard schultz joins us in a cnbc exclusive to tell us about the company's plans to double its presence in china over the next two years. we have our panel joining us for more on these fast and furious earnings. kevin o'leary joins us as well. it's been a while, kevin. good to see you as well. what do you think about the market? >> the good, two days in a row. the bad, just a little bit of low energy in terms of action. you have a few limps. the high beta kind of riskier
4:02 pm
stocks way outperforming those safer stocks. that's something that mostly is because of energy, because of the financials, because of the metals. maybe that's a message in the market saying it's getting comfortable with earnings in the economy. the average earnings reporter stocks up about 8 or .9 of a percent. >> what's with the nasdaq? >> i think a lot of the negative tack that were leading for a while, and those cyclical stocks were really getting in the way. zds spe >> speaking of cyclical, what i like to bring is is what's going on with small business entrepreneurs. one of the interesting things i'm hearing from a lot of entrepreneurs is they're seeing a pickup especially in things like consumer discretionary. they say that people seem to have a little certainty of what
4:03 pm
might be coming out of this election. it's making them a little less worried. and the spending is increasing. if that anecdotally ends up increasing the market, we may see a bigger pickup going into the holiday season. >> you see that in this, christine? >> absolutely. and they're pleasantly surprised with the results so far. we went into the season expecting a sixth of a quarter down in profits. we're looking for about 6% growth on profits. revenues have stayed relatively in the same range, about 2 and a half percent growth on a year to year base. i'm confident to say that since we still have about 90 companies tle left to report, things look like still stay good throughout. >> that's pretty significant itself. kevin, what has your attention in the market? we'll work on his sound there. he'll join us in just a moment.
4:04 pm
mike, one thing i was going to ask about as well as oil. we can talk about the way halliburton performed today. it was up 5.5%. >> the entire group was up about 3% today. again, we have the correlation that was very much in force today. the moves in crude oil were really tracking where the stocks went until the oil closed on the floor basis. i do think it's interesting. it's a leadership group now, it's no longer about recovery. energy is the top performer year to date, and you have people chasing it for that reason, but as bob said, getting more comfortable with where crude can trade for a while. >> those earnings are starting to cross and it looks like a beat on the bottom line, anyway. i'll have more details in just a moment. it looks like about $1.20 versus the 90 cents estimate and those shares moving higher. again, we'll have more detail in just a moment.
4:05 pm
>> america is up 2% in trading today. it's been kind of a neglected stock for a while. >> i want to come back to the financials a little more broadly. for morgan stanley, huge revenues possible in terms of growing. still, this was an area that felt like it had to do well, and i think 13 or 14 names coming into today were all beach. that's very unusual. >> morgan stanley was a name higher on the list we were expecting to do pretty good year after year, but if you look at the numbers, the growth in activity, all the banks were strengthening in those areas, reporting numbers than anybody expected. if you look at those this season, financials are on top. that is the most heavily weighted sector in the entire
4:06 pm
index as far as market cap goes. >> and they have more focus here and not as much internationally. they've had so much thrown at them. that being said, looking at the numbers we're seeing and hopefully getting this presidential election behind us, it may give the fed some fodder to maybe raise rates. >> he raised this prospect about whether the 10-year is about to break out. we've seen this at 1.8%. >> it has, and it really hasn't rushed back much at all. it's looking to find this new range this here. i don't think it's a straight shot to 2%, but the lows at 1.4%, they seem safe right now. it's kind of off because of the cost of hedging the dollar. >> kevin, if you can hear us okay, the fact that people are
4:07 pm
moving higher in rates has you worried about the dividend at all? >> no, i like it, anyway, because if we're going to be a sub gpd growth at 3% or less, i think it's the same situation. i think you can expect 5 to 6% of the market of which half will come from dividends. you can be optimistic of things like oil thinking it may now be at a 50 to 60 range and going into the energy sector, but i would caution everybody the balance sheets look worse than they ever have, with the exception of exxon. everything else looks terrible. if we don't get the fed follow-through in december, if we don't get more rate hikes, this, too, will end. this is the first time you've had financials only to be dashed. if you like it as a trading platform, that's great, because you will get 15% moves. look at wells fargo. look at goldman sachs. they're going into personal lending at $35,000 a hit.
4:08 pm
that's like a consumer business. that's how hard it is for them to try to find new ways to make money. i'm not loving financials. i wouldn't be buying long here. >> we'll come back to that in just a second, but you mentioned the importance of dividends in the long term, and that reminded me of a chart that david bloomberg conjured up today. wouldn't you know it, there is a company other than google with long-term trading? it's domino's pizza. what do you think? >> i love domino's. that chart, if you look at the entire market, over the last 70 years, 71% of returns came from dividends, not capital appreciation. it's domino's that everybody thinks about never returning capital to shareholders. but at the same time long term, i'm talking 40 years, in dividends i trust.
4:09 pm
i love cash flow. >> stay right there, everybody. we have more on stocks moving higher. kayla touche, how's it look? >> you mentioned it was a beat on the top and bottom line. what's likely moving the stock is that the company raised its guidance for the full year of 2016 and it also reaffirmed what the company expects to earn in 2017. it says the year to date progress gives us greater confidence to substantially increase in investment spending at the end of the year. they say there's more work and challe lengsz ahead but it's designed for more profitable, sustainable growth, and they're on track to lead at least 5 to 6% of shares in 2017. in 2016, they expect gaps per earning of $5.65 and $5.75. that took into account charges
4:10 pm
in the beginning of the year. the result will be $5.90 or $6 a share. the initial guidance was 540 to 570. had been nervous about whether they could consider how much money they were? what sort of provisions would the company have going forward, and the company is saying that they are not only going to be more profitable than they expected this year, but they are also confident about next year. one other metric i wanted to tell you before i go, kelly, provision for losses. so another person expecting. even credit was a little bit
4:11 pm
beggar than october 10. >> the first quarter of 2009 -- >> we were even more did elish. i want to see how this estimate estimates. they were still expecting more growth both on the top and bottom line. maybe this will change that. i think the biggest issue is they've been losing market share here in the u.s. for almost two years. there might not be a product market hit free for them, especially due to the fact they're using it in concerns. they're offering better rewards for lower fees. i'm shocked to see this beat.
4:12 pm
perhaps they'll have new products to lose. >> courtney reagan, tell us about the toy maker. >> that's right, barbie maker mattel actually missing on the earnings per share coming in at 70 cents. consensus was 71 cents. analyst consensus was for 1.77 billion. in the comments from the ceo, he said, we remained on track to deliver but there was actually no numbers given here. many. if you take a look at barbie sales. up 15% in constant currency. fisher wheel. ublg see they are margeally
4:13 pm
higher by about a. >> i think the kevin oh le'leary prediction. i think there kevin is right on. they're looking for people that pay that dividend yield, and if that story were to shift, mattel could be in trouble. >> hasbro has the star wars portfolio going for it, i think. >> it does. a yield near 5% for a company that's in okay shape is often kind of a flashing yellow light. it's a franchise in decline. american express is maybe the more kind of eye-catching result here, not just because of what
4:14 pm
they delivered but because if 2017 is on track, the street estimate was $5.53 a share, this stock was valued as if the franchise was less repaired. it's a cheap stock. i think you have the capacity here to be revalued higher just they're not going to say this. warren buffett is a huge liability here and this is a huge activist opportunity. obviously the management is doing something right here, but let's see if they can continue that trajectory. it looks awfully cheap, and if you had that right activism behind it, i think this would be one that's very, very interesting. >> you used to have to pay dubl the valuation for american express. i think there's room for the stock to work. >> we have a news alert meanwhile on apple.
4:15 pm
sue, what's happening there? >> they have issued a special invitation to an event that's going to take place on thursday, october 27. it is reportedly, according to some, to announce new max. we wi -- macs. we will see on october 27 if, indeed, what everybody thinks is going to happen will happen, and that is unveiling some new macs. we'll keep you posted, kell. kevin, whether it's on amex or apple, i would love to get your thoughts. >> in our shop we had it under a dollar. we would assume their they're going to continue. i still can't get confident because they're just the outlyer in terms of cost. we're going to look at it again. these numbers are really impressive. we'll be back looking at it
4:16 pm
tomorrow morning, we don't own the name, but this is a blowout. they really delivered. netflix soaring after a better than expected cyber growth in its earnings release. as they pony up big bucks to make new content, can analysts compete? plus, we'll talk to david zaslav about how he plans to beat the competition. we're not far from the showdown between hillary clinton. that's coming up along with those results in ebay. keep it here. you're watching cnbc first in business worldwide.
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4:19 pm
ebay reporting 44 cents. revenue 2.22. gross merchandise volume here, kelly, the total value of goods sold, 21.1 billion. that looks a bit light compared
4:20 pm
to the estimates i was seeing. also ebay said it added 1 million buyers across the platform. that also looks a bit light, at least according to the annuals i was seeing for the quarter. for q4, kelly, companies expecting net revenue of 2.6 billion to 2.4 billion. eps, they are modelling 52 to 54 cents. it looks like the street was at 54 cents. heading into this printed number, stock was on a roll at 20% for the last three months. also the different initiatives ebay has in place to try to drive growth. they're trying to make it easier to find products when you search for them on ebay or their search engines. that call starting at 5:00 p.m. oorn and we' eastern and we'll be on it. >> tomorrow we get paypal
4:21 pm
results. the vanity fair new establishment summit brings together titans from technology, media, business and politics over the next two days to talk about the interests and innovations influencing the future. we are joined now from san francisco in our first cnbc sbeer view. john? >> thanks, kelly. david, thanks for being with us. we have a deal to talk about. last week you guys were about 1% shy of your market cap in group 9, which will do a lot of stuff. tell me, what does this do for you? there are a lot of questions about face book, about snapchat. does this give you good data without putting your whole brand at risk? >> we think it's a pretty clever
4:22 pm
deal. we had some digital technology and platforms here in silicon valley. we were reaching about half a billion streams a month. we put it together with three different businesses. thrillist, the dodo and now this. together we have close to 4 billion streams. we have a great data infrastructure as well as a very large ad sales infrastructure. we own 30% of it, so it's off balance sheet for us. n now. we picked up an existing team that was growing, but we have a guy named ben lair, young, dynamic, ambitious. now this is the number one news site on facebook. more people get their news from facebook than any other organization. also a couple snapchat channels.
4:23 pm
for us this is off balance sheet, but we have a right to take control of the asset two years from now. but it's important for us to play in all ip technology space and to be the leader in news on facebook, to get almost 4 billion streams -- we think it's a scale question. you have to be in the top three or four in the marketplace to get attention of advertisers and to have an impact. so this gives us a real important seat at the table. >> when you're talking scale skpl skl, it will be able to give you more credibility, maybe target better than and not have to rely on facebook and snapchat. >> these two companies were
4:24 pm
helped along by a guy named kenny lerer, who was behind buzzfeed, and he recognized two pieces that were critical. one is the ability to drive technology all through the web, not just facebook. you can get one minute of terrific storytelling. you could generate a but also data on who is consuming your content? even though this is a separate company from us and we'll be able to get access to all that. when i think of discovery. we have 14 channels here in the u.s. we have 10 countries in country world this gives us a big piece
4:25 pm
of the don rose came to me, who runs the product rk. we look at facebook as being a fantastic platform. so this just gets us more aligned with facebook and being one of the our other journey of building our ip in longfort. >> i wanted to talk to you about google. the journal just reported that they've reached an agreement with cbs to release a skinny bundled called unplugged in the range of 20 to $40 a month. is this going to be a part of
4:26 pm
that? >> the skinny bundles is it's important for us to be on every platform. if you look psd, we've been on every skin. as well when they launched 20 channels for $9, we got five, so one piece of that is to be on the sin skinny bundle. the other piece is to take these directly to our writers, and we have an incident in europe where we're taking our sports content directly to consumers for a fee. we're calling it sports netflix, but really, we're the leaders in sports in europe, with eurosport, and we're driving that direct to consumer for $8 a matt where we give you a huge
4:27 pm
volume to phone or any other device. >> les gave us az thoughts on why football was down. you know, is live viewing of sports under threat here? >> i'm not an expert in u.s. or uil sports. we are the leader in three channels across europe. we also have which reasons 6 million people a month. viewership of cycling, tennis, winter sports, soccer is all up. so i think it's all anecdotal
4:28 pm
against football. it's been rising for so many years. i think you have to look at the long tail and see how it's doing. there is a great passion for sports here in the u.s. we see it in staypades in europ. it's really driving our growth. >> we didn't even get to talk abo about, david zaslov of discovery, thanks for joining us. >> david and john, thank you both. we all admit to watching david casso. >> klly, this involves the ongoing story.
4:29 pm
according to the l.a. times, the l.a. times is report lg ring that the california journal is investigating fake accounts. they are demanding the bank turn over lots of information including the identities of. adding to the pressure of wells fargo is already under. >> theshe's also running for onf the big seats there in california. donald trump said he doesn't believe the polls anymore at a colorado rally, but it turns out he may be on to something. customers' 2-mobile.
4:30 pm
we have numbers from the fcc and those numbers coming up. trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. john is in vegas with a preview of the debate. john? >> reporter: if there were surprises, we wouldn't know what they are or they wouldn't be surprises. we know hillary is bringing meg
4:33 pm
whitman and cuban to the debate. donald trump is bringing a half-brother, a benghazi victim and may be bringing someone to say that bill clinton made inappropriate advances on her some 35 years ago. but what we do know from past debates is we'll see donald trump, a candidate who swings from both fences, and hillary clinton, a candidate whose most significant attribute is remaining unflappable and under control, and that is exactly the two people that chuck schumer, senator from new york, who is likely to be the most important partner of the new president, has come to know. i asked him about both candidates when we sat down the other day. >> what surprised me is more so. everyone knew that he had a big ego, everyone knew he would sort of like to just talk about himself, but the extreme of it surprised me. >> what would be your candid
4:34 pm
assessment of hillary clinton's flaws as a candidate? >> i'm from brooklyn. i can tell a b.s. artist pretty good. she is not. you know, she's more cautious than i am. that's her nature, that's who she is. that's not a bad trait for president with difficult decisions. >> how is she more cautious than you? >> i wouldn't even try to tweeze it. she's a very careful person, very careful. >> and very careful is what you can expect from a candidate who is holding a lead of better than seven points in the average of polls tonight, kelly. we'll see if donald trump can do anything about that. >> we have just a couple hours to go, john. thank you. while hillary clinton is leading in these polls, should we trust them? we have a look at the big business and modern business of polling. >> with all these polls, there is a new one out about every day.
4:35 pm
you would think someone is making a lot of money, but that's not true. there are four different types of polls but only one of those types cashes in. first it's the countries we're familiar with, gallery, ugov. they're not even in the business of selling polls, but for their real business. then you have the universities. quinnipiac is famous for its polls hoping to have free polls, attract publicity and looking to get student applications. and, of course, the news media polls. these are expensive because it costs more for higher quality polls. but again, they're not selling their polls. they're rather using them for researching stories, building their brand, driving audience trust, growing ratings and web traffic. the only people cashing in on polls are the in-house campaign strategists.
4:36 pm
they're the ones who advise candidates. ben colson went from advising. the polls we usually see are actually advertising for something else. >> is there any way of ranking them, of knowing who is most trustworthy. >> they grade them from an a to an f. they put more money into it and then you get better results. don't forget you can watch the debate between hillary clinton and donald trump right here on cnbc. it kicks off in about four hours time on nbc eastern. here's what's happening at this hour. new jersey governor chris christie will appear in a new jersey court next month in connection with the bridgegate scandal. he'll be answering a citizen's criminal complaint. the governor has maintained he
4:37 pm
had no knowledge of the 2013 scheme which closed lanes on the george washington bridge ahead of rush hour. they want to hold some of the 2020 tokyo games in northeast japan. that is where a tsunami killed thousands in 2011 and triggered meltdowns at the fukushima nuclear power plant. taco trucks forming a wall outside the trump international las vegas hotel. the anti-trump protest coming, as you know, just hours before vegas hosts that third presidential debate. the protestors were inspired by a trump supporter who warned that the expansion of that cull tumor could result in, quote,. an update on the pro's fate is expected tomorrow. we will keep you posted on that story. it's the second time they've tried, so we'll see.
4:38 pm
>> i'll be at the taco trucks, sue. you can never turn one down. >> no, you cannot. there are plenty to go around in las vegas today, that's for sure. starbuck's naming its first china ceo after operating in the country for 17 years. coming up, howard schultz joins us to discuss the plan of doubling the china company. stay tuned. 19 trillion and growing money for programs like education will shrink. in just 8 years, interest on the debt will be our third largest federal program. bad news for small businesses. the good news? there's still time for a solution. ask the candidates for a plan to secure our future. we're drowning in information.
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welcome back. shares of starbuck's were one up on the day. they promise to double their presence in the country to 500 stores in the next five years. joining me from china is howard schultz. howard, are you a the roastery site? >> i'm not at the roastery site since it's about 4:30 in the morning, but i'm happy to be with you. >> we appreciate you dialing in, and many people today, notably kyle bass on their network again, repeating their concerns about china. are you getting in precisely because your competitors might be too cautious right now, or because you believe in the future growth and middle class prosperity of the country? >> well, i think, as you know, we have spoken before about the
4:42 pm
fact that starbuck's and myself remain very bullish on the chinese economy, and specifically the buying power of the chinese consumer. i think starbuck's benefits because we've been here 17 years, and as a result of the many years we've been here, we've established one of the most iconic, respected consumer brands now with 2,400 stores in over 100 cities. in this year alone, the new class of stores that we have built are the best-performing stores we've had in over a decade. that coupled with the fact that we're building a roastery in shanghai in perhaps one of the best locations in the city, twice the size of seattle, and we believe very strongly that these are the early days for starbuck's in china. we've said before there will always be cyclical changes in the economy and could be cyclical issues with government changes. but nevertheless, the
4:43 pm
unbelievable level of middle class chinese in which the government is predicting that perhaps they might have 15 consecutive years of gdp growth that's over 5%, you look at those numbers, and there's a very, very significant opportunity. and i think the fact that we have done our homework so well and built a very strong team here, we believe that we're sitting in a very unique position to take advantage of the position we occupy and leverage it up. yesterday we publicly said we will have 5,000 starbuck's stores in china by 2021. >> yeah, it's a huge number. we're showing, howard, your stocks performance year to date. you're down 11%. and to quote someone who is watching this stock, they say, we're on pins and needles over whether you're going to hit a 4 or 5% sales comp, referring to the u.s. can you put people out of their misery, howard? >> given the fact we're in a
4:44 pm
quiet period, no, we look forward to sharing our results in the first week of november, and then in december we'll talk about the long-term strategy of the company. if you look at the 24, 25-year history of our public life as a company, we've always taken the long view. we think we're in a very unique position domestically. i will say that on a parallel track with the fact that the class of stores we opened in china this year are the best classes in over a decade, the same is true with the class of new stores we've opened in the u.s. so i know people are concerned, probably more so about the malaise that's over the economy and the consumer in large part due to the election, but we will power through that, take the long view, and we'll look forward to reporting our earnings in november. >> howard, it's carol roth. going back to china, how easy or difficult might it be to find ba
4:45 pm
ree rristas to work in your store as you continue to ramp up work in china? >> i'm glad you asked that. i had some pretty high-powered government meetings yesterday, and one of the conversations i had with them was them asking me about the unique benefits that we've been able to provide our chinese employees. and i think this is in large part because we've been able to attract and retain great people. we employ 34,000 people in china. we've done very unique things about having annual meetings with the parents of our employees. we just put in a housing allowance for our chinese employees who are traveling great distances. we become an employer of choice because of the values and guiding principles and our relationships with our people in the communities we serve and the social impact we've had in doi the right thing and building the company the right way. even the stock option plan that has been in effect for over 20
4:46 pm
years in the u.s. for our employees we were able to put place in china where every one of our people. once again, we've not only done innovative things, we've done innovative things including meeting with parents. it's become very important, building trust with our people. >> howard, we now know you're one of the. i see an old style start to the campaign that feels steal. you wro -- stale. you wrote this back in july.
4:47 pm
do you feel better about hillary possibly becoming president? >> i am very enthused and excited about hillary clinton becoming president of the united states. considering how vitriolic this election has been, i look forward to the election being over and hillary clinton becoming president of the united states. >> and you think that's how it will work? >> i think any time there is this degree of uncertainty, t the -- i think once the election is behind us, i look forward to things being normalized, and we all have to navigate through these kind of issues. starbuck's has been in business now for 45 years and faced very
4:48 pm
unique and different challenges, and we somehow always come out ahead and i look forward to continuing to do that. >> howard, thank you again for joining us very early in the morning there in china in what promises to be a frenzy of building activity to hit that 5,000 store mark by 2021. that's howard schultz, ceo of starbuck's. t-mobile reaching a multi-million-dollar settlement to the fcc on charges it misled customers on its data plan. details when we come back. ♪
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welcome back. t-mobile accused of misleading customers about its unlimited data plan. the carrier settled with the fcc for $48 million. aditi roy has details. >> reporter: hi, kelly, that's right. t-mobile will shell out $48 million as part of a settlement with the government over its unlimited plan. the investigation looked into whether the carrier misled its unlimited data customers but not adequately informing them of restrictions. the fcc found the company slows down data speeds when t-mobile or metro pcs customers enrolled in unlimited plans exceed a certain monthly data threshold. in a statement, the fcc says company advertisements and other disclosures may have led unlimited data plan customers to expect they were buying better and faster service than what they received. here's how that settlement breaks down. $35.5 will go towards a customer benefits program that will offer discounts on accessories and
4:52 pm
additional data. $7.5 million will pay for a fine, and $5 million will go towards u.s. schools. ceo john la jair responded, saying, glad we could help schools with the solution, as well. and under the settlement, t-mobile will update its disclosu disclosure policy and notify customers. the stock ended down 2 cents. back to you. >> thafrnks, aditi. he's relentlessly positive. >> certainly is. very promotional. covering the cost. i don't think necessarily it's tainted the brand and people kind of get there is some kind of limits to -- >> but he does have such a bold out there personality. and he does seem like somebody where transparency is consistent with his brand, and in today's day and age, you just have to put the customer and the consumer first. so i'm actually surprised this is something that happened.
4:53 pm
also interesting that not all of the fine is going back to the customers affected. >> somehow not shocking, though. >> yes. coming up, another check on the after hours earnings as we count down to the calls which will start top of the hour. stay tuned.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
up next, prepping for those earnings calls, american express, which is up 5%, ebay, down about the same amount, and mattel also now moving higher. what to listen for, next.
4:56 pm
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shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. welcome back. we have some big movers after hours here. mattel and american express moving higher by 5%, ebay down 6%. what are you listening for? >> with regard to american express, what it's feeling about its consumers. >> and business model shifts. they have lost some customers and may be new programs they have coming into place. so really want to hear from them
4:59 pm
what that programmatic approach is, both in terms of customers and also financial tech, which we know is really hot. >> how about mattel being up 5%? >> yeah, i mean, you know, the third quarter is not their biggest one, right? it's all about kind of what's on the -- the stock has not necessarily been a standout, does have the dividend yield support. i don't know if anyone is really looking through and seeing more to it than that. >> and then there is ebay. >> you know, ebay is interesting to me. as i look, it really seems like it would be a great acquisition candidate for somebody like a walmart or even a google. i don't know within their existing platforms on a stand-alone basis what more they have to sort of justify that huge growth. boy, would they be attractive for someone trying to go after the small business owner. >> that might be why they're active. buyers at $165 million versus $166.5 expected. seems to be part of the concern. >> yeah, a little bit of a slow down there. i will say, this is a $28 stock before the july report for their quarter. it gapped up to $33 now back around $30. seems like it's just a little bit of a giveback.
5:00 pm
a busy hour and evening. >> debate and cubs game. >> we know you're on a plane during a lot of this. >> yes. >> hopefully you can catch it. appreciate it, guys. as always know that does it for us on "closing bell" today. "fast money" begins now. "fast money" starts right now. live from the nasdaq market site overlooking new york city's times square, i'm melissa lee. your traders on the desk, pete najarian, tim seymour, dan nathan and guy adami. american express jumping after hours, while ebay sinks. we'll bring the latest headlines as those conference calls kick off. starbucks doubling down on china. ceo howard schultz moments ago about the big bet. we have the comments. and later, if not just the nfl getting hit, falling sports ratings sending the network scramb scrambling. just how bad he thinks it could get. today's big winner and that would be energy. that sector outperforming as it jumps more than


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