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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  October 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> the term single digit millionaire quickly becoming a hot topic on twitter. thanks, kate, to you. meantime, back to hq and the judge. ♪ >> welcome to "the halftime report." i'm scott wapne wr. the big call on nike that is shaping that stock today. with us for the hour. the host of cnbc's "mad money" jim cramer is here as well. jim, it's always good to have you. >> thank you. >> we begin with our call of the day. bank of america going to sell on nike sending those -- jim, i go to you first. they say competition is intensifying. market share loss to adidas and under armor to continue through
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next year. this is a big, big call. >> it's a huge call, and i can't disagree with it when kevin plank came out and basically said, listen, the opportunity is too greedy. there you've got kevin plank, who is such a competitor. just say, listen, the opportunity is too great. you have to stand -- when i was growing up, at one point we all fancy we could be great at tennis. stan smith, what are the gross margins there? comes back out of nowhere. the fighting words of kevin plank, he is your worst nightmare opponent because he was willing to hurt his own stock. this is a key downgrade, and it's a right one. >> you know, i'm glad you bring up kevin plank who on this program last week said the following about the overall business right now. plays into this story. listen. >> i tell you, in our business alone where you have seen the consolidation where the previous five years before 2016 we had a total of $1 70 million of sales
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revenue disappeared from the sporting goods channel. in the last 12 months alone, we've had over $4 billion disappear. it is going to take a creative company to find ways and to grow and put that positive metric on. >> see, guys, i thought he was going to let the stock go up, sell some and buy the ravens. >> it looks like the ravens are -- they're not going to go anywhere. >> it's a very competitive business. people thought that adidas was left for dead. >> right. >> they've made a resurgence. in fact, their stock price over the last year under armor is down 37%. nike is down 23%. adidas up 82%. >> adidas is making headway when you look at north america. everybody wants to say over in europe adidas is king and they're competing with everybody else. that's not the case. they've come to north america, and they're going right after nike. under armor knows they have to spend, scott, and that's the problem for them. now nike is starting to see it. as the market share starts to
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come down, people get more and more concerned. nike is the google of shoes, right? they own the space. >> oh. >> and if you own the space and all of a sudden you get a little bit of a slip and all of a sudden the foundation is, like, sand and it's slipping down like this -- >> plank wants to be the google of shoes. >> he is not going to be -- >> he is innovating with the technology, and they're investing so heavily in that. he will say they're a technology company before they're an athletic apparel company. >> on the welcomes what are they wearing? the women are wearing the adidas sneakers. that's the new trend. you look on the weekend. what are the men wearing on the soccer fields, the ice rings? they're wearing the under armor? are they wearing any nike? not as much. nike doesn't seem to have the near term momentum that adidas does. the money has gone into adidas so far year-to-date. when the money comes out of adidas, the question becomes does it go to under armor? does it did go to nike? listening to your conversation with kevin plank the other day, i'm willing to say it should go rightfully into kevin's company
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because he is distinctly outlining his plan for 17 and 18 that i believe will reaccelerate growth. >> does everybody agree with this call? >> i totally disgragree. >> before i call you know what on it. >> i want to come here on nike, and you have to have history on the stock. this is a stock that traditionally has traded in the mid 20s as a multiple. much better than the growth rate. because of the value of the brand, now we're going below 20 on the multiple here. if this stock comes down to 48, it is at the top of my buy list, and i will buy it at 48. the reason is -- >> still at 23 times next year. >> jim, i'm not saying that this is going right up. >> you are getting a great world beating brand at a good discount. >> it may take a year. i want to make one comparison. >> okay. okay. >> the comparison is to tiffany's, which also traditionally up until about two years ago traded in the mid 20s. why? because of the brand. now, the brand got tarnished a little bit. they lost some sales particularly in the asian
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financial downturn. they're going to get that multiple back. i see a direct correlation there. tiffany's is on the rise. i'll start picking nike up at 48. over the next year it comes back. >> under armor to me, if you think that nike is over valued, i think under armor is egregiously overvalued here. >> they're only 70 times. >> yeah. >> it where they are in the growth cycle, isn't it? >> sure it is, but at some point you have to go to valuation. why would i give them credit for it when they haven't executed over last year. they request pay all they want. at the pointed -- at some point nike will be the one to buy. it may not be right now. you never get these things at
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perfect times to make a lot of poen brsh you got to buy them when they're there. >> what if nike's intel and under armor's amd and nike decides to just crush them. remember when intel decided to kill amd in the 1990s they've decided that's it. i've had enough of ad and jerry sanders. i've had enough. >> we've got google, intel, we've got some problems, and the spending for under armor, that's the problem, scott. when you listen to kevin plank, what did you take away from that? i took away we're going to spend a lot of money. this is a long-term process. >> i agree. >> if you agree, then you can't -- >> he is not taking on debt. he has the money. he has the ability to spend. >> that's fantastic. that's going to take him until, what, after 2018 before that thing really gets revved up and starts taking down the real share. >> that's going to take the trajectory from his growth. it's back to 20%. okay, the apparel component business -- >> in the backyard. >> an interview was --
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>> long-term. five years out. >> i love the interview. i love the sbufr. i am going to go and go to get crushed. hey, listen, it's still phil night. buck is reteerd, but mark parker hasn't heard from -- can you imagine what -- he has that -- by the way, the slip in nike, according to this call, are the slip in nike, they lost a pretty small percentage. if you really look at what he said, north america, they've lost a little bit. it's like google every once in a while they went from 90% to 88%, and suddenly they're getting beat by yahoo, and then they're in the -- >> i like -- under armor -- >> i want to clarify. >> the stock didn't go down because of the quarter. >> no. >> the stock went down because
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much the outlook. are. >> can we go back to the valuation on nike? this will take one second. it's 23 times. >> you see the numbers 22.7 on the merrill 27. >>. >> it's a may fiscal year end. you're right. it's 23 times the year ending in may of 17, but it's 19 times. >> let's bring in -- >> i'm just using this. >> who is exactly right on this stock. he put a sell rating on it last october, and since that call, the stoj is down 24%. in full disclosure, we kind of gave you the business. it turns out you were dead right. >> it's been an ugly one year since nike, but i think what's important to remember is that price leads sentiment. if we go back to last october, nike was approaching all-time
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highs. 82% of south side analysts had buy ratings on it. they were jumping over each other to upgrade the stock. that was the ultimate euphoria in the stock. we have 61% with buy ratings. we just saw the downgrade this morning. i think, again, you have to put this in context, and this is a stock that was a relative outperformer to the market for ten years. it's just now started to break this relative up trent trends, and on an absolute basis, it's just breaking pretty key support at $52. >> what kind of number do you have in mind where the stock could go down to? >> i think the next real support level would be around $45. there's some long-term trend
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lines there. some pretty decent support there. then i think that would also get you to a point where it's pretty far stretched below its 200 days. that puts you about, i think, 16% to 18% below its 200 day. that's pretty extreme. again, the trend is firmly broken at this point. >> appreciate it. >> give us your view on under armor. >> it had been underperforming for a while, and i don't know if this is a bottom, but it's a bit more extreme than nike why i is at this point. at least from a short-term trade, under armor sets up a a bit better here. >> jonathan, mkm. >> i would go long nike and short under armor. that's how i would play it, but i would go with footlocker
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because footlocker is cheaper than both. >> that's what i was going to say. >> let them fight it out. let them both fight it out. >> that's that matthew boss jp morgan. he has been very good. you know, this is so much like but i didn't want to jump -- go ahead of myself, but this feels so much like starbucks, which is a stock that my charitable trust -- >> you just get that feeling, and starbucks feels like it's breaking down. we abandoned nike for three, and we missed 15. i hear you. i'm centstive to that. >> that's the wild card.
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they have also -- they could come at you. >> i'm going to -- >> do you wear adidas? do you -- >> the well run around in all these sneakers on the weekends. >> my wife wears lululemon. >> a lot of schools have sponsorships. under armour, nike, adidas. all kinds of things. there are certain schools, and that puts you in there as well. i disagree with that. >> it's not -- >> it's not the last six months. these are multiple years. >> nebraska is different than a societial fashion trend. when you walk around on the weekend and you're in starbucks and you look down, and everyone has these adidas shoes on, that's much different than -- >> i disagree totally. >> do you think the $200 shoe has life? >> i don't know where you are
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going. >> you do have unbelievable very rarely do you have such incredibly smart people. we don't talk about mark barker because he is not. >> go read shoe dorg. phil knight, he seems a lot like -- he seems a lot like -- >> parker has been at the helm for many, many years. >> he has taken the market cap very big. >> we have to take a break. >> we are moving on. >> why? where are we going? >> you had a tie. >> i want to hang myself with my tie. suicide -- i didn't mean that. we have a long season ahead. i just want to kind of jolt myself. >> let's talk plikds. eight days before the election, and those new developments regarding hillary clinton's e-mails taking center stage once again. chief washington correspondent jon harwood live in the nation's
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capital now and how those reports are impacting the latest polls. john. >> the question is can hillary clinton's lead be overcome in the eight days before election day. now, even before the fbi letter broke on friday, donald trump had been making some headway in the polls. let's take a look at these averages. the real clear plikds average is now down to a little more than 2% points. it had been around 6. you look at the huffington poets averag -- post average. it's still at 6. the "new york times" average has gotten closer. it's five. we see consistently that donald trump is stuck in the low 40s. hillary clinton in the mid 40s. the question is how close are those going to get, and will the lines cross? we had two swing state polls from nbc, wall street journal, and marist over the weekend. dlo take a look at florida. 1% lead for hillary clinton. she had been up by 3 points before that.
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this represents progress for donald trump. those 29 electoral votes are must win for him. less good news in north carolina. we see in this poll also nbc-wall street journal-marist. hillary clinton ahead by 6 percentage points. gary johnson at 8. jill stein is not on the ballot. 47-41. the problem for trump is, yes, florida is good news. he needs that. but he must have north carolina. that's a state that mitt romney carried and winning 206 electoral votes. donald trump got to add to that total. not go backwards. if hillary clinton holds that lead, he will go backwards. donald trump may be making some progress. has a long way to go. >> indeed. thank you so much. john harwood with the latest there in the nation's capital on how the polling looks. it's tightern itightening. jimmy. market doesn't seem to be pricing in a trump win. >> i was flummoxed big-time on friday. when the news came out about
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comey. you would think that maybe the drug stocks could change direction. the bank stocks were flying because we always associate these days a trump rally means that the end of the faction that is elizabeth warren, right? yet, the bank stocks reacted that way. you would also think that the drug stocks would make a turn. i found friday so confusing that i need you guys to help. maybe you can explain to me what happened. >> i actually think tightening in this the race and the reason why the market is not dropping is because the concern two weeks ago on this desk was, well, possibly democrat, democrat, democrat. maybe they go out and take the house. i think that got turned around on friday. the expectation now is the republicans will hold the house. >> let me just think of it this way. >> that's exactly right. >> that makes sense to me. >> if trump wins, what does the stock market do the next morning? >> depends what the u.s. dollar does because it's going to surge. >> it depends on congress. >> let me rephrase. if trump wins, what does the zk
12:17 pm
do? >> gets hit. volatility spikes big-time because the uncertainty level continues to be around trump. nobody understands it. that's what the spike will be. >> if you get a democratic senate, you're in the clear. if you get a republican senate, we're assuming the house stays republican, you're in trouble because there's no check and balance on it. >> that's exactly right. you've got to look at congress and you have to look at the presidency. >> any surprise? whether you love him or hate him, it's not factored in. >> right now the market is assuming clinton presidency and republican senate. that's why you are seeing basically -- >> any break from that is a huge volatile -- >> are we going to have muted activity in the market up until election day? it's a wait and see. can you actually if you like some stuff can you buy stocks? >> i've been looking at the 1992 election where clinton on september 25th, 1992, went to merck. great american company at that point. >> i thought you were talking prison. >> no. they were located -- >> i thought you were going there too. >> i play -- i once coached at
12:18 pm
ralway, and i thought, jeez, this is going to be a tough match. it was like a high school game. there was absolutely stunned silence when clinton went to merck and attacked the drug companies. if you take a look for only -- for about 18 months the drug stocks went down, and then it was the most -- it was the most ferocious rally in the drug stocks. he couldn't win. he couldn't beat the drug stocks, and i keep thinking when will that happen. i tell you, these drug stocks have been under pressure for months now. i asked you guys at what point can we buy these or do we just decide if hillary wins, they're in the doghouse for the next 18 months, and just look at this. >> we talked about this on friday, by the way. biotech -- >> you looked at this? >> near the low? >> being had was down 3%. >> has anyone taken a look at health care earnings.
12:19 pm
s&p 500 companies, 300 out of 500 looking at revenue growth 8%. eps growth 6%. health care earnings are strong. unfortunately, we're not talking enough about earnings because excludeing energy and materials, they look pretty darn good. >> yet, i feel they're toxic, they're radioactive. i've been looking at merck and just thinking they have good management, they have a 3% yield, they've got a lot of drugs. that stock is back to where it was before -- how is that possible? how is that possible? >> the good news is we could literally go for 60 straight minutes. >> that's what we're going to do where. >> we can't do that. >> we're going to go to overtime. there were so many overtime games and so many ties. >> there were. there were a lot. >> last night? >> we'll talk about that amongst ourselves in the break because here's what else is coming up on "the halftime report." >> ge and baker hughes team up. what's it going to mean for the rest of the energy stocks? find out. plus, goldman sachs making two big calls on two major oil
12:20 pm
players. exxonmobil and chevron. and why cramer is hitting the button on merck. more halftime report with scott wapner and the gang coming up. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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>> welcome back. general electric combining its oil and gas business. that deal creating the second largest player in the old field services industry. pete, you own ge where. >> yep. own ge. we had all that unusual activity at baker hughes as well, scott. i'm not saying this was tied to that by any stretch because baker hughes already had made a huge significant move since then. i think this makes a lot of sense. we know what ge has been moving towards. they've been getting themselves out of financial and more in that energy world, that energy space. that started a while back. unfortunately, near the high end of oil. now i think is the right time where they're doing some of the other dealings. >> jimmy, you said this morning that you like the deal. i referenced the conversation i had with nelson peltz who echoed that saying it's a great deal for the fifth the new company can go nose to nose with slumberge. >> i was in a panic on friday because there was a news report saying that ge was going to off load its oil service group to baker hughes. i said, oh. just when i think that oil could
12:24 pm
be stabilizing here. jo they have an incredible way to be able to lower cost per drilling. this is the finest deal. this is terrific. how about the way baker hughes reversed? people realize that ge got the better. they totally agree with nelson peltz, and this was the defining beginning of what i think may be the next move back for ge. i applaud it. i like it. >> joe, you interestingly enough, got out of slumber ge, right? >> listen, on friday -- first of all, there's a mults reply reasons for me right now pairing back in energy.
12:25 pm
>> this is a tough deal. now you present the technology that slumberge had with a distinct advantage above the others. now you are combining ge with -- with baker hughes. technology advancements. you are also talking about the lyft business that's very strong. >> this is not -- slim berge is a quality company. quality. you should own it. for me and where i was and you make a little bit of money you and take profit and step back from it, that's all this is. >> you are not really touching on the fact that oil has hit its ceiling here, right? it got to 51 and bounced right off. we don't have a deal from opec. you got iran balking and iraq pumping at -- you got oil everywhere. oil is coming back to $45. what does that mean? it means you need this
12:26 pm
consolidation. >> you felt like you had to -- >> i knew we had something. >> i -- >> goldman going to buy on chevron and taking exxon off the america's conviction list. weiss. here's your chance. >> i'm speechless because opec didn't agree to a deal, and that was a shock to me. >> i would go to the alarian mlp. it's trading at 700 bips above -- usually trades at 300 bips above the ten-year. it's at 700 now. >> can i tell you what i think about this call? >> really quickly. really quickly. >> three seconds. i'm going to take a break.
12:27 pm
>> exxon and chevron texaco. >> it was an amazing conference call. they're very promotional. >> they were ecstatic. they made a lot of money, chevron. they are a good company. >> qualcomm and deere are on the move as the street says buy those stocks. the traders, we'll give you their takes ahead in the blitz.
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>> welcome back too "the halftime report." i'm seema modi. european stocks finishing the month lower. although euro zone inflation data for october continuing to show signs of life. in fact, the rise in inflation to its highest level in more than two years has brought forth a heated debate around central bank's effectiveness and whether the european central bank will taper its bond buying program. that's the focus for the european bond market. jp morgan, though, still bullish on bonds. the global search for yield will remain in place for a long time to come, provided continued supports for credit.
12:31 pm
in terms of stocks on the move in europe. h hexagon falling on news that roland is under investigation in norway for insider trading. that stock down more than 5%. advertising giant wpp reporting that shares are higher reporting strong earnings, but it did say it's a business in the u.k. that slowed after perhaps the first signs of brexit anxiety. speaking of the brexit, the pound is now the worst performing global currency this month on uncertainty facing britain following the vote. sterling falling by 8% this month. the weaker currency, though, still good for exporters, and that's why we take a step back. you'll see that the u.k. did post a gain for the month of october. it's now up about 6% since the u.k. referendum vote. in terms of other stocks on the move, germany gaining. spain higher. italy higher by 5%. bother now about a month away, scott, until that constitutional referendum that could decide the fate of prime minister mateo
12:32 pm
renzi and -- >> seema has the headlines for us. hi, sue. >> hi, scott. here's what's happening at this hour. secretary of state john kerry accepting the chatham house award in london. he is the joint recipient along with his iranian counterpart for their roles in implementing the iran nuclear deal. he spoke of the benefits of diplomacy. >> the price we pay when countries don't -- the debt that is compounded with interest that piles up over conflicts that just remain frozen. the expense that mounts when wounds aren't healed. the danger that grows when threats aren't addressed through cooperation, and then they can only be addressed through conflict. >> three of japan's leading shipping firms have decided to merge their container operations. nippon, says mitsui and -- say they will spin off and integrate their shipping containers and
12:33 pm
begin operations in 2018. wal-mart once again launching its green light event campaign. it's encouraging consumers to switch one light bulb at home to green to show support for vets tomorrow through veterans day on november 11th. >> cramer calls the move in one stock over the past few days insane. that's next. before the break, though, a t 52-week high including loews, akamai and mastercard. back after this. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out
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>> lights do our trader blitz. baird upgrading deere to outperform. >> josh brown is the first thing i think of. he has been all over this. >> are they right? >> are they late? we'll see if the stock gets above 90 and makes a move towards 95, and then they're not late, but i think they can. ag equipment looks like it's coming back. it's a quality company. >> you got a thought on deere? >> i think brazil royal is coming back, but it seems late. this thing has been going up in
12:37 pm
pure fumes. >> that's why i ask. century link agreeing to buy level three communications for $34 billion. >> the problem right now is people are starting to read through this. they didn't mind the judged of a erj mmger or an acquisition, but at this price i think people are starting to look at that and take a big gulp. people are exiting very rapidly over 49 million shares traded. well over the daily average. it's an incredible number. i think you stay away from this name. >> team4e89 is selling itself to blackstone. >> we have barry rosenstein, the big activist in the stock. he did a great job. i owned it. thank you, barry. look, there's going to be more to come. >> qualcomm gets an upgrade. >> i think this is a great long-term hold. the truth is it's up 60% in less than a year. good news from the nxp acquisition is in it. i think if you are a trader, you can take some gains. it has to be prooven in earning,
12:38 pm
which are coming up. >> this company gained $16 billion in market cap when it went head-to-head with bristol. this is an amazing drug feature. this is for lung cancer. it has given back almost every penny. ken frazier is not a hype artist. he is never going to say how great this drug is or have a huge campaign saying, listen p to me, there's a sulgs campaign, but not on tv saying, hey, ask your doctor direct kind of thing. it company has given up the whole gain. i think the stock is a buy. >>. >> macy's, deutsche bank. upgrade to buy. >> all right. listen, i'm going to come at you with this one. macy's -- brick and mortar -- >> get your chair stabilized there, okay? >> i know how you roll.
12:39 pm
>> he is sending -- >> we've seen sarcasm. >> i had a good weekend. i got some rest. it was great. >> it's been doing improved jim live -- >> amazon is updated. >> that hurt. >> sorry. >> listen, the thing you need in brick and mortar retail is m&a activity. who says going to be the acquirer? it's going to be macy's. they're making margin headwinds by selling stores. they need to acquire somebody. i see your expression. >> another -- who else is out there? >> you're going to give me the kpro drugs. you can pick up nordstrom's on the cheap. >> the brothers don't want to sell. the brothers nordstrom, they're not seller. >> it's going to drive him crazy. you can pick jc penney and refinance the debt with -- and
12:40 pm
you save a lot of interest. >> i like the creativity of it. i like creativity. >> i do too. >> that will substitute for performance. i think macy's -- look, i -- i think macy's can melt up a little bit. >> they have a new ceo. lundgren retiring. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> focussing on the -- they're focussing on digital and on all the things that they need to be focussing on, and if they can get the margins back in terms of not as many -- this is exactly what they were talking about in the call. we don't want to have these promotions every single week. let's have less of them and make them big when they come. i think that actually is -- >> i do like the closing of the 100 underperformers. i like amazon on that discount. i thought they gave it away. >> it's -- >> i played broad lines. rememb remember. >> you didn't say that.
12:41 pm
>> the guy was so bad maybe from lack of skill, he had heavy retail lack of buying on his mind. utsds a challenged space. hold on. the consumer tells me it's not buying. it's not just a question of amazon. >> i got to -- i got a stock -- >> it's appropriate. >> i'm waiting for -- >> it's a stock on the move. >> seema, what is moving? >> hi. oh. there we go. let's take a look at shares of -- halted after gaining 7% on a report from bloomberg. it is in advanced talks to sell itself. not sure to -- we will take a
12:42 pm
look at that coming up. scott. >> all right. seema, thanks so much. >> a little over $4.5 billion. a lot of folks out there. if you want to jump -- >> i played golf. coming up, more name dropping with steve weiss. plus, tracking bullish options activity in one health care stock that's in correction territory. is it about to jump? first brian sullivan, though, has a look at what's coming up on power lunch. >> what is that look -- >> i'm letting you know, sullivan, so you know when you go to power lunch, holy crap, look what najarian was talking about. >> tonight bears 72. vikings 3. coming up at the top of the hour, power lunch. as the race tightens, what you need to know about e-mails and your money. calling it flawed and in need of a reboot. one analyst lays out what apple needs to do to win in the tv
12:43 pm
game and nielsen says disney espn may be in trouble. espn punching back. all coming up on "the halftime report" with pete najarian. they say the world does not revolve around you. but today, maybe it can. i am helping 1-800-flowers find the perfect gift out of trillions of combinations. and working with the new york genome center to find treatments as personal as dna.
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>> i have some stocks on the move, including that one right there. brocade said to be in talks to sell itself. we got that news just a few minutes ago from seema. the stock is up almost 22%. >> i mean, you really -- >> you know how these things go, right? >>. >> that's been around for a while. >> i do. i'm looking at -- if you look at this dva is the symbol there. this is a really interesting one. this is a stock trading in the mid to upper 70s back in july.
12:47 pm
you go into august into the earnings, and, unfortunately, the guidance was a little bit short. that sort of got caught -- people off guard. this stock hit all the way down to 55 poed today. >> if it goes under 55 plus that premium, i'm willing to own that stock. when you look at bh where it is near the lows and the big guys that own it, 38 million shares with warren buffett and brookshire. there's a lot of reasons to want to look at this name to say, hey, you know what, i think there's some up side. i do. i saw the puts and bought some calls though. >> yeah, that's the way i'm going to play it. >> two and a half days. >> no. i got it to november as well. i'll be in there for a solid two weeks. >> you don't need that long. baker hughes, halliburton, all these things, you know what i'm talking about. >> i think that's interesting. i look at that team health. buyers who have a -- >> they're taking perspective that these companies have long-term earnings powers.
12:48 pm
not just the political season. long-time. you look at 18 months. 22. >> this is not like any of us going out and buying porsche with discretionary money. who is the pay ever? it's the government's zplool macy's, maybe they want to diversify. you're hill air wrusus. >> straight ahead, the issues to be aware of. >> this is a beauty supply sale. that's something i'm going to need more of as time goes on. >> a lot. a lot. >> thanks a lot, buddy. i really appreciate it. >> not as time goes on either.
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
washington had a chance to win, but in the end, it wasn't to be. >> you know, i have to -- i was -- >> i don't have anything to say. >> it is asymmetrical for me. i get very pumped when we win. i was throwing things last night and my wife urged me not to go to the giant game, the away game next sunday, because if i can't get my emotions under control, she's not going to let me watch. >> silver linings playbook. >> that was the dallas game with me and my dad, that was me and my dad with -- my late dad. we had huge fights about this. >> the zebras in our game, i wanted to break some things in the house. it was close. so tempted. >> not detroit. i was up at espn watching, in valhalla with adam schefter. >> it is contagious, the name dropping. >> his is actually relevant to something. >> i have to get it together.
12:53 pm
this is a personal existential issue i'm talking about. i'm too old to take it this level of seriousness and blair walsh gets like 12 points tonight, that's it for me. then i lost fantasy and reality and then i lost everything, okay? >> and got to play the giants on sunday who are ahead of you. >> i don't have it together right now. >> cousins played so well for you. you got to be loving what you're seeing. >> i got 36 points from cousins. >> look at that. look at that. >> 36 points. >> happens. >> more with cramer. final trades next. ♪ we're drowning in information. where, in all of this,
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all right, we're back with "the halftime report." it has been awesome having you for the hour. you are welcome anytime. you want to sit in with us, have some fun. what do you have tonight? >> brunswick. i have iconic, taking over part of alcoa. this is the introduction. and mike polk, people did not like the quarter, the stock has been down. let's hear what the quarter an opportunity. a lot of people don't like that group. home depot, lowe's, people don't feel like people are spending for their home anymore. i want to see if that's the case. >> i was going to ask you about the piper calls on both. they downgrade both. they're both to neutral. moderation in overall remodel spend. >> i don't know.
12:57 pm
fortune brands got an upgrade today. i feel like they were disappointing quarters. i think the fabulous ceo of home depot talked about a multiyear move. >> very contagious. >> killing me. >> i don't think -- >> have you to heard of mel tor torme. >> like marisa? tomei? it is spelled -- >> it is different. please continue. >> what? >> i don't think it is a bad call downgrading the stocks. they have run quite a bit. i think there is still upside. the risk reward, rates going up, i think they'll go up faster than consensus, i don't think it is a terrible call, not cheap. >> the only thing i'll say this is this, so many downgrades to stocks that were so popular over the past couple of years.
12:58 pm
>> like depot. >> not getting a response in the market. be careful with that. >> that's interesting. this is part of the gloom trade. >> right. >> these are great companies. home depot -- got a multiyear move. we still build half the homes that we did when our country was 100 -- >> it is not a sell. it is don't buy it here. >> don't buy. i'm okay with that too. >> i think it is a buy, that thing has taken the paint, taken the heat. near the 52-week low. good buy. >> just doesn't excite me. there is no catalyst there to make it go higher. i'm not in it. >> back to where we started at the very top, full circle back to this whole -- this call, concerns about under armour. i don't think we got that deep into athleisure. jim chanos was here less than a week ago or so, saying he's negative on the athleisure space. the ceo of lulu. how do you feel about the stocks?
12:59 pm
>> i refer to boss, because he's been so ripe, on the show, fabulous. he put out a piece saying foot locker and lulu will be the secular winners. lulu is going to have down numbers. he thinks it is true, but in the stock. i think lulu is a multiyear move. i think because it is the spin, it is the yoga, i'll use the word that you actually will do, you like football, it is the mindfulness play. that's what they do. you know howie rose gets up at 6:00 p.m. and does yoga with the egol eagles. it is yoga and spin. you have to take five points of paint pain -- >> does that qualify -- >> no, jeff laurie is a name drop. >> i like what i hear from jim. >> thank you. >> what about lulu? you like foot locker. >> i used to not understand the lulu value proposition in their clothes, but i love their clothes. the quality surpasses everybody
1:00 pm
else. sto stock is still expensive though. >> foot locker never gets out of the penalty box. they don't follow through. >> down 3%. >> people are talking about -- >> thanks for being here. >> i didn't want to talk -- i wanted to mention sky works, thursday, that will determine -- >> and corpsville. >> yes. that will determine apple. >> guess what will determine what the "power lunch" starts right now, whether we stop talking. bye, guys. >> field goal and then another field goal. >> still talking. i'm melissa lee. here's what's on the menu. the october surprise, a fallout from the fbi e-mail bombshell just eight days until the election. in need of a reboot, why one analyst is calling for apple to seriously step up its tv game and one fast food giant came up with a whopper of a halloween costume with pictures you got to see. "power lunch" starts right now.


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