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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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week. >> yeah, i agree define risk and also special that my dad retired in the army reserves. shout out to you big guy. >> thanks a lot for joining us. our time is expired. we'll see you back here next week for "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. now, that was a week. a week for the ages. we saw the surprise election of a new president, which inspired a wholesale switch, wholesale
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shift absolutely in the way the market views the relationship between the white house and the economy. and therefore the stocks. it was an amazing transformation which continued today, even as the dow gained 40 points, s&p declined 0.14% and nasdaq advanced 0.54%. nice little recovery for the nasdaq. looking ugly there. we spent all week talking about the market's reaction to trump's election. how it went from being shocked and dazed and confused and scared to suddenly bullish in the blink of an eye, with investors reaching for stocks that benefit from aggressive economic growth while they dumped the no-growth gridlocked names. the sea change was radical because the two candidates were radically different. clinton stood for more regulation, higher taxes, and if she won, she'd have a republican house of representatives, which would have meant for gridlock. that's what the stock market had been banking into going into the election since the polls showed clinton way ahead. trump's a real estate developer, though. he develops real estate.
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what does he stand for? lower taxes, fewer regulations, borrowing money to build infrastructure. when trump won, we had to throw away many of the stocks that would have worked under clinton, buy all new ones. i'm explain the impact of what we call a rotation on wall street. suffice it to say like trump in his previous life, you literally have to think about building a building if you want to figure out what's going on underneath in this stock market. let's see. what do we need to build a building? of course you need materials, actual materials to make a building. all of those stocks went up all week. you need heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical. companies even remotely involved in those industries or the processes involved in those industries went up. all of them. you need machines to excavate and move those heavy materials and items all around the place. they all rallied. you need to borrow money. banks will make a ton of money off new loans. the financials got an added kick when trump said he'd dismantle
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banking regulation. let me ask you, do you think bank of america goes from 16.50 to 19 bucks in four days for nothing? but here's the thing. many money managers didn't get an influx of now cash to pay for all these newly red hot, formerly ice cold stocks. so to do this buying, they had to sell the so-called clinton stocks, the ones that they already owned, the ones that would have worked best under hillary, from the fastest growing drug stocks that don't need a strong economy to some of the best technology stocks. think fang. so the slower growing companies that don't face much government regulation. in a low growth world with little demand for lending, interest rates will always be too low for bonds to represent real competition to higher yielding stocks. hence why that cohort rallied for years. yet it was wholesale change all
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right. there were some outliers. it might have confused you. nvidia, the semiconductor maker, reported an amazing number last night because it has the right chips to power data centers, gaming, and artificial intelligence. so its stock bucked the rotational trend. it rocketed up $20 or 30%. but for the most part, this vast majority of this market was complaint with a trump rally, which meant sell tech, buy industrial, and the banks needed to finance that. enough history. what's going to happen next? now we want to see how much trump follows through with his pro-growth, anti-regulation, lower tax rhetoric that weapon spent so much money in the stock market on. what am i looking for? how about a tweet informing us he'll want to issue $500 billion in make america great again bonds so he can rebuild all the roads, bridges, tunnels and the rest of the crumbling infrastructure in the country. how about some appointments of people who execute a pro-growth vision? here's what you need to watch to figure out when that's going to
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happen. you just need to watch the bond market. if trump is going to accomplish everything he talks about, the government is going to need to issue a huge amount of debt because he sure isn't going to pay for any of this work with higher taxes. he's slashing them. he'll certainly have congressional support for the tax cuts, but i'm not sure about the deficit spending. so the bonds will signal trump's level of success, and the action there will tell us whether this rotation continues. that's right. we have to take our cue from the bond market. stocks won't get us there. too varied. what about the game plan for next week? okay. zoe's kitchen. while bother with this smallish restaurant chain? this company like popeye's louisiana kitchen might give us a read on whether the consumer is feeling better about herself after the election. zoe's had become a victim of the gloom before the election. has the gloom really been busted as so many of the major retailers said is happening this week? i want to know. i need every piece of
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information to figure out this wacko market. tuesday is home defee dpot day. this one has been sinking for a ages. since then, the narrative has been turned literally upside down, and home depot has become a superstar, just like its doppelganger that reports wednesday, lowe's. can the numbers justify it? i bet they can. they're both savvy retailers. regardless of the politics, they'll take it. we hear from two other retailers, dick's sporting goods on tuesday, target on wednesday. dick's has been flying high ever since sports authority closed its doors but target has been floundering. i think dick's will continue to do well as many of its suppliers of apparel and shoes have been in price wars. it benefits from those price wars, target, i think the company has got to lay out some sort of vision for how we can expect more and still pay less in an era where we're definitely paying less using amazon prime. and we don't even have to go
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anywhere. frankly i want to hear something from target that says it's going to be entertainment value in the store so we get off the couch and want to go there. otherwise, see you later. wednesday we also get results from cisco, no, not cisco the restaurant, cisco the tech kind. i'm not sure where it fits in this new world of no tech, more copper. make things will have calmed down by then and we can assess it, really judge cisco on its merits and not just the rotation. i'll let you know beforehand since we own the stock for my charitable trust which you can follow along at the retail parade continues on thursday with some big guys. best buy, gap, walmart, ross stores. at this point, i have to tell you all these, they're all what i call sentiment stocks, not going to be talking about the numbers that they just reported. no. it won't mean anything about them. what this is about is whether they're going to shout from the rooftops that this new era means for shopping.
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literally their stocks will go nuts if they do. you don't believe me? jcpenney reported miserable numbers today. i was like you got to be kidding me. could it really be that bad? then on ott conference call what they said is things are getting better. stock was up by almost 4%, and that's the new play book for you for retail at least. on the other hand,, it reports after the close, and this kind of stock is the kind the market has turned against this week. salesforce does well regardless of the economy, and money managers want more than that these days. they want mojo. they want the stocks of companies that surf the wave of new growth that trump is supposed to spur. finally on friday we get earnings from foot locker. you get a dip any day, any point in any one of these days this week, foot locker is the one. any dip, and you buy it. let me give you the new bottom line in the new regime. it's a brave new world, and we're going to play it exactly this way until trump tells us
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otherwise. maybe he'll tweet sell those stocks. who knows? yes, it's a trump stage, and all the stocks are merely players in this drama. a drama that brought the old line dow jones average up 5% in five days' time. oh, what a week it truly was. let's go to bud in ohio, bud. >> caller: booyah, skee-daddy. >> whoa, man, coming right at you. >> caller: this is your longtime fan bud in beautiful akron, hor, wanting to once again thank you for all you do for us and especially for that amazing and inspirational veterans day show yesterday. that was awesome. >> thank you. i got to tell you, people thought it was the best show we ever did. regee that, the executive producer, people thought it was the best show we've ever did. thank you very much. how can i help? >> caller: tonight i need your hold or sell recommendation regarding the recent rise in interest rates and what it's done to the bond equivalent stocks. one of the reasons i those to add a full position in dominion to my portfolio is that it was a
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growth-oriented utility. but will the growth it has be enough to escape the downdraft of its bond equivalent cohort? >> you know i like tom farrell. i think he's a terrific manager. you know i like their low-cost structure. but i've got to tell you it doesn't yield 4, and i got stocks with 5 and 6% yield that are -- >> sell, sell, sell. >> no, i don't think the bottom is reached yet. you know what, don't throw that one away. but wait to buy more. don't buy more here. i say we go to tom in new york. tom. >> caller: hey, jim. it's an honor talking to you, man. i listen to your podcast every day. >> thank you. >> caller: all right. so i bought some smith & wesson down 16%, which i thought was at maybe a bottom. with a lot of republicans in washington, i think that more guns will be available to more people. what do you think? do i pull out now, or should i stay put? >> i'm going to tell you this. we have decided we're going to do a piece about this stock and some of the other stocks that have been thrown away or moved too far in either direction next
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week. but my inclination is to believe that you are right, that this is not a sell down here. it's a very well run company that is being traded rather emotionally, and i think that we look two, four, five years out. we'll say why didn't we buy it in the high teens, low 20s. irwin in new york, irwin. >> i watch your segment every morning and then in the evening "mad money." now i hear you're busing tables in a restaurant in brooklyn tonight. when do you sleep? >> no. sleeping is for losers. yeah, bar san miguel. the sleeping thing is completely overrated. i hear people talk about it all the time. all right. go ahead. >> caller: my question for you is i purchased shares of clorox for my grandchildren within a dividend reinvestment plan thinking it would be a safe place for them to go their portfolios. over the last several months, i have not been having the success i anticipated. should i stick with clorox or look for another stock to place them in? >> okay. irwin, let me tell you, you said the magic words is grandchildren.
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i have to tell you i think that they run a fantastic company. it is absolutely true it has been a miserable stock to own. it's also true this stock has been nothing but win for the whole five years of gridlock. my take is you wait till it goes under 100, and then you buy a little more. you put it away and get that great yield and just say good for the grandkids. thank you for those incredibly kind comments. busing tables, it's underrated. i did it when i was 16 and they treated me awfully. now i do it when i'm 60 and they treat me nice. wall street's focus on the oval office didn't stop on election night. right now the challenge is to figure out which stocks thrive and which dive in the new world of a trump administration. coming up on mad tonight, what's behind the fallen fang? yes, facebook, amazon, netflix and alphabet, nee google have been selling off in this recent rally. you got to read my play book. plus, popeye's has put up a double-digit move in just the last few days. is this the start of a big run? but first we got to re-evaluate the energy space in light of
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donald trump's sweep to power. i found one name that could have the best path to growth. my suggestion, stay with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound)
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ever since the election, money managers have been scrambling to adjust their portfolios to the new reality. with trump in the white house and the gop controlling congress, the name of the game is deregulation. that's why the banks and the drug stocks are suddenly back in vogue in the wall street fashion show, particularly those banks. did you see them this week? those were lifetime moves. but you know what, there's another sector that should benefit from the republican party's newfound dominance in washington. it's an industry that people haven't talked about because something's going down in it. i'm talking about the oil industry. thanks to the decline in crude
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today, i think you're getting a chance to buy this group into weakness. you know that's how i like to buy it. i want you to listen to what chip johnson, the ceo of carrizo oil and gas told us just the other night. >> i think the republicans are always going to be a little more business friendly than the democrats. so that could work out to our advantage, and maybe some of these pipelines will get built that will reduce rail traffic. >> yep, in this kind of environment, i think it's worth focusing on the exploration of production companies that can still thrive, really thrive with the price of crude stuck in the low 40s. which one probably does the best in in environment? i think it's going to be eog resources. it's one of the larger independent oils that's been positioning itself to succeed even if the price of crude stays lower for longer, which is what it looks like after today's selloff. the thing that really sets eog apart is that it still has an ambitious agenda to increase its production, which makes this stock the best growth play in the oil patch, which is why i'm talking about it tonight, because it's got growth. let me give you some background.
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eog resources has assets all over the world including china, trinidad, united kingdom, but the most important holders are here in the u.s. more than 97% of the company's reserves, eog is the largest onshore producer of crude oil in the lower 48 states. it's the largest producer in the eagleford shale and the state of texas, and it's got some huge acreage in north dakota as well as the low-cost permian basin in west texas that we talk about so often. roughly 52% of the company's reserves are oil. 30% natural gas. eog is all about efficiency. they drill on their own acreage to find the lowest cost reserves. the idea here is the company wants to get the greatest amount of cash from each unit of production. just like the rest of the oil cohort, the stock got slammed when the price of oil went into free fall more than two years ago. the stock peaked at 118 in the summer of 2014 and didn't bottom until it hit $57 this january.
6:19 pm
that's a 52% decline. since then, though, as the price of crude has recovered from its lows, shares have rallied more than 60%, up to $91 and change as of today. in fact, the stock traded as high as $98 a month ago but as oil has pulled back from the $50 level, eog stock naturally has come down with it. still, eog resources has some tremendous gains for 2016. this despite the fact the company has lost money during every single quarter and seen significant declines across all of its businesses. so what's going on here? for example, when eog reported its most recent quarter, it report aid slight top line beat but nevertheless delivered a larger than expected earnings loss. who is buying this thing? there's one aspect of the quarter that investors got very excited about. management raised their long-term production growth forecast, and that's what this trades off of. eog said they expected crude oil production to increase at a 15% compound annual growth rate through 2020 as long as the price of oil stays near the $50 level. that's because they're adding new capacity in the eagleford,
6:20 pm
permian base inand bochen shale regions. if crude can bounce up to $60, then the company will have production for aggressively. see, i'm talking about growth. ceo bill thomas said on the conference call, given the size of our base production today, that growth is remarkable. by the way, this guy is not a hype artist at all. thomas continued, and i quote, our organization, truck, and cutting edge culture are driving new technology advancements, cost reductions and exploration efforts across the company at a record pace, end quote. what's not to like? now, what really grabbed my attention here is that only three months ago, back in august, eog had forecast 10 to 20% production growth through 2020. the fact that the company raised its production is a prediction of its production in such a short period of time suggests that management is starting to feel real good about the business prospects here. like so many of the other oil companies i've recommended in recent months, let's go over them. i like apache. i like an adar co-.
6:21 pm
eog has been acquiring lucrative acreage in this delaware basin. that's the lowest cost sweet spot of the permian in texas. the company snapped up 178,000 acres, increasing its resource potential by 155%. eog announced its latest acquisition two months ago. the purchase of yates pell role yum for $2.5 million. this deal boosts production, and yates has 44 million barrels of proved reserves in some of the lowest cost regions of the united states. i think this is a terrific example of eog being opportunistic, u opportunistic. eog hasn't had to do any dilutive offergs to pay for his purchases. i'm not the only one who likes it here. it caught an up grade from gr guggenheim. these analysts attended the oil
6:22 pm
conference in midland texas this week. like us, they love what they heard from eog because it has a lot of valuable unexploited acreage to take a lot of oil out in that permian where it's so cheap. despite the upgrade, the stock went downtown today. that's because of the decline in crude. i'm telling you it's giving you a better opportunity. i've got one caveat is you need to understand what you're buying if you want to own eog. this is a growth stock like a tech stock. it's not a value play or a yield name like a chevron or exxon, and growth stocks aren't for everybody. when you buy a growth stock, you're not betting on its current numbers. you're making a bet the company will be able to grow its sales and earnings over time. that's why growth stocks often seem expensive. the investors are valuing the stock based on the earnings it can generate two, three, four, five years down the line. with eog resources, this stock is all about the company's incredible production growth and what it could be mean for the earnings. certainly nobody is buying it for this year's numbers.
6:23 pm
how do i know that? because eog is expected to lose $1.72? 2016, and we don't like it for next year either. wall street is looking for the company to earn 52 cents a share in 2017, which would mean it's currently trading at 176 times next year's numbers. but when you gaze out to 2018, eog should earn $1.94 thanks to its tremendous production growth. 2019, there's only one analyst saying $6.35. this say growth stock. that's how you have to look at it. of course a growth stock like this is more risky than a value play because if eog slips up and fails to meet these long term expectati expectations, the stock can get hammered. in this case, i very much like the risk/reward. here's the bottom line. with a trump presidency on the horizon, i expect the oil industry to benefit from a wave of deregulation not unlike the bank industry. and when it comes to the oil patch, eog resources has the best growth in the business.
6:24 pm
i'm a big fan of eog stock as long as you understand what you're buying. especially since it's pulled back nicely today in the wake of the broader decline in energy. a broader decline i think is going to set you up for a much better 2017. still more "mad money" ahead. from retail to restaurants, these stocks have been roaring higher post-election. is there really a shift in the american consumer? tonight, fried chicken chain popeye's will give us an inside look. plus will this apparent optimism provide a lift to travel stocks? the airlines are saying that. i'm speaking with a hotel owner. and facebook, amazon, are sitting out this rally? do you know why. i do? you'll find out if you stay with cramer.
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with fang? why did it get crushed along with so many other tech stocks while the industrials and banks and retailers went on a rampage this week? facebook and amazon and netflix and google not to mention apple get slaughtered this week after a trump victory. what do they have to do with each other? welcome to the world of rotations explained. may i suggest you pull up a chair. i'm going to teach you what's really happening and you haven't heard it today. haven't heard it this week frankly. most money managers follow the same play book. they look for stocks of companies where the estimates show good growth. whatever companies have the biggest year-over-year, y-0-y debt more growth path or are overweighted. since the great recession there have been many times where we've had little or no economic growth. when that happens, many companies simply can't deliver big gains year-over-year.
6:28 pm
they're too bound up with the economy. we call those companies cyclicals. these lend themselves to disappointment and when they can't make the earnings estimates, their stocks get hammered. there are other companies that have little or no revenue growth. that's that sales line, but can manufacture good earnings growth through cost cuts, supply chain management. we've seen that from many of the food and drug stocks. these are very safe to buy when the economy is down shifting or in a lull, not so hot if you think the economy is going to accelerate as many suddenly think is the case since trump was elected. but there are other stocks that, through their own design and ingenuity, catch the attention of the big institutional money managers and they get overweighted no matter what the season unless there's a big growth spurt. when i coined fang, i had in mind the concept of four companies that were in charge of their own destiny regardless of how the economy might be doing. these companies have excellent top line growth even though they might not have bottom line growth. i know it's odd that big investors would actually select the stocks of companies with no
6:29 pm
profits, but at times the market reserves its highest praise for those businesses that don't want to even mess with profits because they're so busy meeting the demand that produces robust sales. for example, the $4 trillion in retail sales up for grabs and amazon wants to take a huge chunk of it. when it's successful in growing sales, money managers go gaga regardless of the bottom line. facebook and google grow their top and bottom lines with terrific aplomb, steady, good. that can fit the bill for any money manager who can't find anything to buy among the more pedestrian growth stocks out there. i like the fang stocks because they can deliver terrific upside surprises. you must always remember it's the magnitude of the adjustment higher that drives really big moves. however, there are moments, moments like this one, where there's such a huge sea change and belief and sentiments that something so seismic that it transforms the entire perception of what companies are going to have the largest earnings beats against the estimates.
6:30 pm
right now managers are looking at what they regard as the incredible pro-growth, anti-regulation, lower tax fueled economic vision that they president-elect trump could be able to ram through. and they're thinking that the economy is going to accelerate, perhaps dramatically because of his plans. they see a regime where overseas profits are going to be repatriated, and that will allow for aggressive stock buy backs and expansion with that free cash. these moves require more borrowing by both the federal government and by companies to take advantage of opportunities so interest rates will go higher. boy have they ever done so. put it all together, and money managers see a company -- let's pick un. let's talk about caterpillar. they say a company like caterpillar that's geared to basic industrial activity, and instead of thinking it will earn $3.30 next year, roughly the same as this year, they think it might actually earn $6. they think it could be up 100%. i'm not kidding. that's what's behind cat's magnificent move. or they may hate wells fargo,
6:31 pm
whatever the heck happened to its culture, but they see much bigger earnings for 2017 than even imagined a few weeks ago. remember, it's not the beat. it's the magnitude of the beat. these companies could if things go right could show sales accelerati acceleratio acceleration. so fang and other high-growth stocks get social media to raise money to purchase the likes of cat and wells fargo because they'll have the highest estimate revisions, and it's revisions that we care about. that's what drives stocks. that's the cause of this rotation. will it come true? only time is actually going to tell. but the bet's been made, and it will continue to be made as long as it looks like president-elect trump is going to get his way. we're going to take calls. we're going to go to dale in ohio, dale. >> caller: jim, booyah from the
6:32 pm
buckeye state. how about those buckeyes? >> love the buckeyes. what's going on? >> caller: i'm a long time fan of you and the show. thanks for taking my call. >> you're welcome. >> caller: my question of the day is regarding twitter and their struggle to monetize. >> right. >> caller: the twitter machine is an amazingly powerful platform. everywhere i look whether it's on local or national news, late night tv, it's twitter. they're everywhere. it appears twitter has built a platform that is the most relevant in the market and yet jack dorsey and team cannot seem to figure out the end game. >> no, you're dead right here, dale. sad to see adam bain go. here's what i have to say. i think that the company's market cap is too small for the opportunity but on an earnings basis, i can't push it. you got to struggle with the notion it's a speculative stock if you buy it. it's not going to be up at $18
6:33 pm
on earnings. it's only going to be up on takeover, and i don't recommend stocks on takeover in this show. can i go to nino in new york, please. >> caller: good evening, mr. cramer. how are you? >> i'm doing well. how about you? >> caller: excellent. excellent. it's a privilege to ask you a question. my question is after having such a great quarter and record sales on a single day, why is alibaba still going down? >> that's a great question. i'm going to give you the history. that's what happened the last singles day. people buy in anticipation of a great singles day. we get the singings day, and then they sell the news. that's exactly what happened again. i happen to have the privilege of speaking to one of the executives there this morning on "squawk on the street." i think everything is fine with baba but the fact is it got too hot ahead of singles day, and now it's getting cool. i would not touch this stock until it went back to the low to mid-80s. the mechanics of money management are taking hold this week. it's not some sudden drop in netflix viewing or rapid decline
6:34 pm
in shopping that's got fang down. instead, big traders are moving cash into cyclical stocks. they believe those are much better positioned in the newly minted trump administration. still on "mad money" ahead, the stock of fried chicken chain popeye's has been going nowhere until a double-digit move in the past week. the reason behind the surprising jump just ahead. plus you may not know apple hospitality. but it's behind big stocks like hilton and marriott. will it fly higher with renewed consumer confidence? and a finally friday edition of the lightning round. fang! with the week that was, stay with cramer. sing girl, come on. ♪[ singing ]♪ sorry, ariana you gotta go. seriously? verizon limits me and i gotta get home. you're gonna choose navigation over me?
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and most independent pharmacies nationwide. it's free to use, it works for everyone, and purchases are always refundable. check the blink price of your prescription now, and get $10 off your first purchase at, promo code tv. at a moment when so many restaurants have been struggling, suddenly some incredibly strong numbers from popeye's louisiana kitchen, the chain of more than 2,500 fried chicken joints. popeye's has given you some terrific long term performance under the excellent leapership of the ceo. however, the last couple of years, the stock seemed to have hit a wall has the company's growth appeared to be decelerating. the whole narrative may have changed when popeye's reported on wednesday, the company reported in-line revenues and 1.8% same-store sales growth.
6:38 pm
these were much better than investors fears. these new numbers causes the stock to roar more than 8% yesterday. part of the broader rally under retail and restaurants that's really rocking our world. so is popeye's going to rocket in 2017? let's take a closer look with the ceo of popeye's louisiana kitchen to learn more about the quarter and where her company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. great to be here. >> i detect, among some of the ceos i've been speaking to just this week, that there is a feeling that whatever was happening in the country, the hunker down may be ending. people coming and going back out for dinner. you seeing it? >> i sure hope so, jim. i think that's what we're looking for in restaurants is more traffic coming into the restaurants. hopefully now that things are more certain about the future, maybe a little bit more optimism about economic growth, hopefully we see? real return to the restaurants coming forward. >> in the meantime, you put the usual kind of thing i love about
6:39 pm
popeye's, the three pillars, louisiana heritage, passionate teams, and i love this one. routine excellence. why will this make a difference in taking share and getting better same-store sales? >> louisiana heritage is the heart and soul of our brand. it's how we def ren shat ourself from our competitors. passionate teams are who take care of our guests every day. what i love about the words routine excellence is really what you expect from a chain. you want to trust us, you want the service experience to be the same every time. we've really invested there this year, stepping up training for all of our team members, having scorecards in restaurants and really moving our guest scores forward. >> you're a yew neeuniquely lon thinker. sometimes wall street gets me down. this was an investment year. you said you were going to invest. you finished the investment. you set yourself up for 2017. but it is only after this quarter that you got any recognition that the investment action may be a good thing. >> you know, i think people got concerned about the category as a whole when things became
6:40 pm
value-oriented and the sales slowed down in the sector kind of broadly. but we proved once again this quarter that we're always on the right side of that equation because we have a differentiated brand and a growing footprint both in the u.s. and internationally. and i think people see that we're very much on track for our strategic plan. >> you do go back to the louisiana heritage in order to be able to not have what i regard as a race to the bottom. a lot of people in your industry think they keep cutting price, it's somehow going to do something. you offer specials that attract people, but you have not done that everyday low price thing that so many others have. >> that's right. we really don't believe in everyday low pricing. we alternate between value on our core menu and innovation from louisiana. we just did something that was a combination of both. it was the $4 wicked chicken deal in october, and it came right up against halloween. and wicked comes from louisiana. wicked chicken is our best lto, and that $4 price point really pumped. >> earlier you mentions about the tougher category. i just want to quote from the
6:41 pm
conference call where you say that the competitive environment being so value driven, but the fact also that grocery prices have gone down. therefore occasions eating out have gone down. is that cyclical or do you think it might be the function and if the funk lifts, we're willing to go out because your meals aren't that expensive. >> i do think it was partly lack of confidence, but it also was lower commodity prices and lower commodities are keeping prices low in both grocery and quick service restaurants. i expect it to stay competitive through next year, but we're excited about the idea of bringing forward innovation in that environment and continuing to grow market share. >> i see you grow market share here in the chicken group, but i also think if you want the real electric growth, i should be focusing far more on international. is there a moment of fulcrum like with some of the other chains i follow where if i spend too much talking about united states, i'm missing a bigger picture? >> this has been an exciting year for popeye's international. we've signed up over 500 new restaurants in our future,
6:42 pm
easily getting us over 1,000 restaurants internationally. it's been a point of inflection for us frankly, jim, and you can expect a lot of excitement from us in international growth in the next two years. >> do people know what louisiana means overseas? >> you know, we have to teach them that it means incredible flavor and festival, but, boy, when they taste the food, there's no trouble understanding what good is. >> well, i feel very international if that's the case because i'm always blessed by the fact that you bring us a lot of your food, which you know i do love. the ceo of popeye's louisiana kitchen. congratulations on a fabulous quarter. this is a stock that can roar in 2017. "mad money" is back after the break. what's critical thinking like?
6:43 pm
a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create, not just wealth, but things that matter. morgan stanley
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. we should not be acknowledging veterans who have served the country only on veterans day. we should be doing it every single day. we owe them a great, great debt of gratitude. >> it starts really with character, things like integrity. the things they learn at the military aacademy, duty, honor,
6:46 pm
country. it's hard work, problem solving, critical thinking. it's leadership. all those things, that's what we need more of in business as you know. >> that was starbucks ceo howard schultz and alex gorsky from yesterday's invest in america salute to the troops show. it was a great honor for us to have the west point cadets and veterans in our studio. i would like to dedicate today's show to all of the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us for our way of life, including my late dad, pop as cramerica knows him, and our director, an air force veteran, brian russo. thank you. and now it is time! it is time for the lightning round! that's where i take your calls rapid fire. you tell me the stock. i tell you to buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell. we'll play this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." let's start with chuck in colorado, chuck. >> caller: hello, jim. >> chuck, what's up? >> my question is about the ca morris company. >> that thing is a bat out of
6:47 pm
hell. it has moved too much. there were short sales all over. i say ka-ching, ka-ching. chetten in new york, chetten. >> caller: hi, jim. thanks for taking my call. happy veterans day. >> absolutely and to all the vets, thank you. >> caller: my question is on acutie brands. >> this was considered to be a secular grower where now all people want is cyclical. >> don't buy, don't buy. >> i need to go to krish na in north carolina, krish na. >> caller: hey, jim, thanks for taking my call. what is your view on intuitive surgical. >> people feel the hospitals won't have enough money to be able to buy equipment because of the possibility of the repeal of the affordable care act. we're not going to be able to touch it at this very moment. i need to go to d.j. in pennsylvania, d.j. >> caller: hey, jimmy, thanks for taking my call. i was calling about synchrony
6:48 pm
financial. >> synchrony is right here. by the way, bruce kamich, special technical at real money says that g.e. is finally ready to roll too. synchrony, of course, a spinoff of g.e. can i go to collins. >> caller: booyah. long time fan, first time caller. i was wondering your thoughts on penumbra. >> i do not know penumbra. i know what a penumbra is, but i don't know penumbra. so we'll have to do more work. let's go to kyle in tennessee. kyle. >> caller: jimbo. baba booyah. looking at stars seem to be lining up for fireeye. >> yeah, but you see, you're just doing it on spec my friend because the quarter didn't have it although i do like that new ceo. i sanction buying the stock under 15 but only for a trade
6:49 pm
because it's not my fave and that group is getting hit. can i have one more? let's go to alan in florida, alan. >> caller: a big league booyah to you, jimmy. i want to know about sa pernice pharmaceutical. they're profitable. their sales are growing with their epilepsy drug. the small little $1 billion market cap. >> i liked it for the parkinson's actually. my take is this actually is a decent spec. i think it's a good spec. remember health care right now is all over the map. chris in massachusetts, chris. >> caller: jim, a big booyah to you. >> i like that. >> caller: i'm calling about rea pharmaceuticals. >> we have a pension to like these speculative oncology stocks but let's not forget that drug stocks right now are being sacrificed on the altar of the cyclicals. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade.
6:50 pm
we are going to begin to do what we do best in cramerica, talk about companies again. >> i'm going to get this right. norbert dis -- dis -- >> accenture, acn. don't type it in. it always comes out can because that type stuff that happens. >> anyway, my staff is so good. make they feel good. one of them is on vacation driving me crazy. heather. she's got some weird one of those reply lines. she's like i'm having a great time in this country, don't bother me. mine just says i'm not available. >> 75% analytical, 25% director, 100% entertainer. mobile trading so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go.
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with the federal reserve expected to raise interest rates next month, what does that mean for the high yielding bond market alternative stocks like the real estate investment trusts? this group has been under pressure in recent months in anticipation of a rate hike but at a certain point you've got to wonder if they've come down enough. take apple hospitality, a real estate investment trust that owns 236 hotels in high end suburban markets. two months ago the company merged with apple re 10, a
6:54 pm
$1.3 billion deal that created one of the largest select lodging plays in the industry. hospitality reported a strong quarter on monday but the stock has recently been on the skids. why? it's not because of the fundamentals. the business is doing just fine. it's because apple hospitality sports a monster near 7% yield and with interest rates on the rise, high yielding stocks like this one become less attractive. with the stock a point above its 52 week low, maybe it's too cheap to ignore. let's check in with the ceo of apple hospitality. mr. knight, welcome to "mad money." have a seat. i want people to understand you had a great quarter but the stock goes down because it's part of what i call these rotations. so i want people to get comfortable with apple hospitality because thhospita hospitality because they -- why
6:55 pm
should he this own apple hospitali hospitality? >> it's a good question. when we built our portfolio, we were really looking to mitigate risk and create stability for our shareholders. as you mentioned, we're one of the largest hospitality real estate investment trusts, broadly diversified. we're spread across the united states and we invest in brands that people recognize. our hotels are hampton inn suites, courtyards. we layered on top of that very little debt, and as you mentioned, we pay an incredibly attractive dividend. >> talk about that acquisition, what that means as far as safety and diversecation. >> the acquisition significantly grew our portfolio, increased our footprint across the united states, and we were able to complete the transaction without damaging our balance sheet. in fact, we grew and strengthened our balance sheet in the process. >> in you're documents, it's pretty clear still the hospitality industry, the hotel business is constrained.
6:56 pm
we're still not building that many hotels. so as things go long, things just get better for those incumbents. >> that's true. so, you know, over the past several years, we've seen supply growth in our industry below long-term averages. we continue to see growth in the general economy. you know, we've grown year-to-date funds from operation, 14%. things are still good for us. >> now, you changed the way that you are compensated. you've got a more variable structure. what does that mean for shareholders? why should we care about the variable management fee, sliding scale, because i know the sfit cated -- people that do this for a living, they might like that. but i want our viewers at home to know why this is a better incentive to own shares in the company. >> a very good question again. really we've looked to align both our management companies and our executive team to the success of our shareholders. so at a property level, everybody from the general manager all the way up to the management companies that manage our hotels all the way through the executive staff of our compa company, we succeed when our shareholders make money.
6:57 pm
>> the yield would normally seem like it's too high to be believed, but this group has so cratered, how do you distinguish from some of the other guys who have health care exposure? >> well, you know, i mentioned our balance sheet. we're 25% levered. >> that's very low. >> very low for real estate. we're geographically diversified. we don't have exposure to a particular market that might drive performance -- >> chicago looks a little bit weaker but chicago comes back. there's nothing structurally -- >> the beauty of our portfolio, we have underperforming markets that are offset, more than offset by performance in strong markets like southern california and phoenix. >> i got to tell you, you can never go wrong buying something at 7% that's safe and diversified. guys, if you need income, this is the kind of thing you should look at. stick with cramer.
6:58 pm
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what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield that's what i find romantic. this is literally throwing your money away. i think it's over there. that way? yeah, a little further up. what year was that quarter? what year is that one? '98 that's the one. you got it! nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. let's get out of that water. happy birthday cliff mason. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money."
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i'm jim cramer. see you monday! male announcer: america is struggling to shake off the recession. public distrust of wealthy ceos remains high. but more and more bosses are looking for radical ways to reconnect with their workforce in order to find out what's really going on in their companies. each week, we follow the boss of a major corporation as they go undercover in their own company. this week on undercover boss, the chairman and ceo of chiquita brands international, one of the largest producers and distributors of fruits and vegetables in the world, poses as an out-of-work immigrant pursuing the american dream. - manuel. - nice to meet you. - i just got my citizenship last year.


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