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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> we appreciate that. thank you for taking it easy on me. my final call, don't talk politics with family members over the weekend and stay away from social media. go for a long walk. everybody calm down. have a great weekend. we'll see you monday at 1:00 1: eastern time on power lunch. take care, everybody. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. new money coming in. we're hearing about it now. we're seeing it. sure, the averages got hit today, dow backsliding 36 points. s&p dipping 0.24%. so far this remarkable
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post-trump rally has only been subject to the most mild of profit taking and remains as improbable as the election outcome itself. in the old pre-trump days it was almost inconceivable to have stocks go up with the averages were down. the futures just overpowered everything. now we have situations like today where the banks trade higher again as interest rates go up and the certainty of a federate hike grows ever more. well, certain? that's fabulous for the earnings. we get a quarter from applied materials, the semiconductor equipment maker, and when it says the chip makers are ordering equipment again, it takes up a host of them. but when every one of amat's competitors, the stocks all go up. will this year of good feeling continue? let's check out our game plan. right now politics can outrun any earnings and if we come in monday and donald trump has named mitt romney secretary of state, i believe you'll get a rally in the stock market based on the idea that trump may be more savvy about foreign policy. why do i say this? i heard it from money managers
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and floor traders. something to think about. trump may not be the most diplomatic guy on earth, but there's no reason he can't hire a diplomat. money managers would certainly be appeased, and of course the name brand wall street friendly treasury secretary on top of tapping romney for state would send this record through the roof, that is if there is even a roof. how about earnings? on monday, we heard from tyson foods and this company successfully transformed itself from a commodity chicken producer to a purveyor of packaged goods. i like the direction tyson is headed, and it sent the stock up a lot. but these kinds of stocks right now have gone hideously out of style in the wall street fashion show. kicked off the runway by companies that bend metal, make things, move things around, like money, banks. tyson's earnings terrific in a slow economy, but its numbers will pale by comparison to those that do well when the economy is accelerating. after the close, we'll test the new thesis that people are now
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going out post-election when jack in the box reports. the fast food chain's stock has been red hot, a combination of good numbers from their mexican division and very strong sales at its namesake stores. can a stock that's run 32% year-to-date maintain that pace? my bet is unless the number here from jack in the box is super, you won't get much of a move. that said, jack in the box is a chain transformed and while we know they've played down the idea they picked up market share from a hobbled chipotle, it's certainly possible we won't get most of a pullback on a plain good number. the cybersecurity stocks have been going on a hideous slide going into the fall but have come roaring back to life, perhaps because we've hearded about hacked e-mails endless li not to mention servers and there's a sense hacking has become so prevalent, companies need to spend aggressively to solve it. cyberark and prove point have good numbers. we've targets these endlessly. they mostly do e-mail and the key to the kingdom kinds of
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passwords. but palo alto's network is no slouch and i think we'll like what they say when they report. my only worry is palo alto has so much business already it could be a candidate for saturation. i don't think you can spend enough on cybersecurity these days and palo alto is the chief traded winner. tuesday is chock full of earnings and i bet we'll hear from great ones from a diverse group. before the opening, we get burlington stores. this discounter has put up fabulous numbers of late. will it be too warm for some of the coats they carry? interesting question. that's my only real worry here. i have a real big retail wrap up later in the show where i ponder the fate of the consumer and whether she's trading up. we want to find out where dollar tree fits into the retail equation, last time the dollar stores got crushed because of newly energized walmart. i don't kn walmart is still being aggressive. didn't care for that quarter yesterday, but they're spending a lot of money on infrastructure. i say it makes dollar tree too
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hard to call. campbell's soup has seen its stock get pounded into oblivion, and a sense that a two and change yield doesn't protect you in a world where the ten-year treasury offers ah a similar return. even as the company is transforming itself into a more natural, more organic and more relevant enterprise. we have two companies i think are going to be the stars when they report on tuesday. analog devices, which purchased linear tech for 14.8 billion, and tech data which you know they think is terrific. both companies had good numbers to begin with but i think these mergers will allow these numbers to stray strong in 2017. they are my nominations for best of the week, tech data being the strongest. another winner, if you remember the, you know we've been buying this hp enterprise for the charitable trust hand over fist. ceo meg whitman has done deal after deal to bring out value
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while nabbing some very good data center and networking business and i think she'll give you more goodies when they report next week and has an exhibition of some of its new stuff. stock of urban outfitters is up for the year. a lot of analysts are saying it's time for it to cool off. the last quarter was remarkable. they told a really good story about having the right fashion. i don't think good fashion goes out of fashion in one quarter. however, the stock's run makes it imperative that urban outfitters blow away the earnings estimates, and those numbers have risen so much so fast since the last quarter that i suggest actually taking some profits in urban before they report. you want to read on the consumer and credit. we'll be listening to the heavily shorted cigna jewelers because the money managers who are betting against it think this company is nothing more than a lender that happens to sell jewelry. i think that's a harsh judgment. they're smart people on both sides of the trade. finally deere and company has seen its stock move up more than 20% merely on a belief there has to be a turn in the agricultural business after a multi year
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downturn because i haven't heard anything substantive yet that would justify that move. i wish there were more to it than that, but the numbers don't justify the run. traders should ring the register on some of their position and buy it back if the conference call is negative. i put it like that because deere has a habit of pouring cold water on its stock and i don't think this time will be any different. you know what this is. we've really upgraded -- people don't realize how much we've upgraded the show because for the first 11 years, i did this. then everyone said it doesn't work jim. so we have a picture of an actual turkey because you can't do this. i mean you can go like this, and even that doesn't really work because this is someone that is not a machine learned. it's not artificial intelligence. it's just stupid. anyway, that's just my own thing. probably too much information, and the people who built it probably are mad at me but i don't care because i'm like -- never mind. one more thing, friday is our national shopping day. it's kind of like our singles day except they came up with it after we did.
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the dploom from the election has been elected and a sense things are better or getting better. let's not mistake things. we're still in the throes of donald trump's victory and an errant cabinet pick could send us lower. but experienced hands at state and treasury, it might not matter what earnings we get because anything that reassures investors there are some serious hitters here will, i believe, continue to pro-tepel stocks higher. let's take some questions. let's go to rhonda in texas, rhonda. >> caller: hi, jim. >> rhonda. >> caller: hi. the day after the election, hospital corporation of america dropped 15%. so do you think it's realistic this stock could hit the mid-90s in the next 12 months? >> too hard. too hard under a trump -- too, let's say, erratic under a president where we really can't get a read on what's going to happen with the affordable care act. let's take a pass on that one. let's go to lauren in ohio,
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lauren. >> caller: hi, jim. >> hi, lauren. >> caller: i'm a grandmother looking to invest in a couple long-term stocks for my six grandchildren. i would greatly appreciate your opinion on valero or marathon. >> i don't think those are the right kind of -- i was hoping you would say something like a disney or a johnson & johnson. why? because in the end, those are refinery companies and refineries are going to revert to the mean. they are commodity companies and i'm not going to recommend them for long term appreciation. let's go to martin in michigan, martin. >> caller: good evening, jim. thanks for taking my call. >> hey, great that you called. what's up? >> caller: my concerns are nova nor disk. >> no, no, no. they had one of the worst quarters of the year. we're not going to go there. if you want to -- i suggest you go to merck because they had prize competition on pretty much every drug it puts out. oh, i see, you had to do it with your right hand. anyway, they're plenty of big reports next week before you get
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to enjoy your thanksgiving turkey. let's not kid ourselves. if president-elect trump lands a big appointee to this cabinet, that could give the market something to feast on. if he fails, things could get foul. on "mad money" tonight, united continental was once the black sheep of the airlines. with the stock flying higher, is it clear skies after buffett took his stake? then it's been just over a week since trump won the general election. what could the president-elect's policies mean for apple and its shareholders? and with black friday a week ago, i'm giving mu retail wrap up. i suggest you stick with cramer! >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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you should never assume that winners will always be winners and losers will always be losers. the fact is it's possible for companies to change their stripes, especially with the right leadership. take united continental holdings, ual, which for years was the black sheep of the airline industry. when the group was down, united continental was down the most, when the group was up like the big airline rally, united continental was up the least. but lately this company has gone through a remarkable transformation, the stock has become the best performer in the cohort. it's up 19% year-to-date. the entirety of that move has come just since late june. that's right, united continental has gone from laggard to leader in less than five months. i think that's remarkable.
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so how exactly did they pull off this stunning comeback? in september of last year, you all decided to shake up its management, which was pretty bad frankly, so they brought in oscar munoz. he's a railroad exec. munoz had a heart attack the very next month, but after recuperating from a heart transplant, he came back to work in march, and ever since then i've been very bullish about this stock because i believed in his ability to turn the business around given the fabulous job he had done at csx the railroad company. from the moment oscar munoz came back to work, he had to stave off a proxy fight from a couple of activist investors, al tim ter capital management and par capital management. give me a break. i thought their argument was a little disingenuous since u hall had appointed a ceo to shake things up. he hadn't been able to do anything for the first few months because of the heart
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attack. munoz quickly dealt with the activists. he resolved the proxy contest perfe perfectly. no harm, no foul. but that still left a host of problems. when the company reported on april 20th, the results -- let's call them mixed -- but passenger revenue declined and they forecasted a 6.5% to 8.5% decline in passenger revenue per available seat mile for the next quarter. this is a crucial key metric for the airlines. i talk about it in get rich carefully when i say what are the most important metrics when if comes to the airlines. the hub airport in houston had been under pressure thank to weakness in the energy industry. they pointed to a slowdown between the u.s. and china. worst of all, management said they had heavy competition from low cost careers. >> sell, sell, sell, sell. >> remember, competition has
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always been the bane of the airline industry. for most of my lifetime as an investor, my policy was to stay away from these stocks because they always seemed to be involved in ruinous price wars. over, there have been a slew of big time mergers. government kind of let everything happen. for a while it seemed like the airline industry had become a slap happy oligopoly. fast forward to july, though, when united continental reported its second quarter results. things had already started to improve. the company delivered a top and a bottom line beat and while it's passenger revenue per available seat model still declined, down 6.6%, that was still near the high end of management's previous guidance. more important, munoz told ulsz the company would be adding less new capacity than previously thought. believe me, that matters. in fact, he said that the fourth
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quarter, united continental would actually cut their transatlantic capacity. why was that good news? by cutting his capacity forecast, munoz signaled he wants the industry to maintain its pricing power rather than constantly going back to the days of ruinous competition. next major development came at the end of august when united continental named scott kirby, a very smart executive who had been let go by american airlines as its new president. by the time ythey reported a month ago, we got another top and bottom line beat, a big one, and the passenger revenue per available seat mile continued to improve. even better, munoz said that in the next quarter, he expects a 3.5% to 6.5% decline in passenger revenue and indicated that many of the problems afflicting this key metric are now, and i'm going to quote, in the past. with the exception of american,
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united continental is the only other airline that's generated a steady improvement in prasm in 2016. munoz expects this critical number to go positive early next year. you can't hold a stock down like that if that happens. the company held its annual analyst day earlier this week and we got the clearest picture yet of oscar munoz and his vision for the future. first they plan to unlock earnings power. these are cheaper tickets where you don't get to pick your own seats. you board last, and you're only allowed to bring one small personal item on the flight. if you got luggage, you'll have to check it for a $25 fee. they're also working on a premium economy concept where presumably you'll pay a little more for features we currently take for granted. that's all right. the idea here is they'll be able to take business back from some of the low cost competitors like spirit airlines while also simplifying the boarding process. by creating these new product
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categories, they believe they can generate $1 billion of additional revenue by 2020. meanwhile, munoz plans to cut the company's capital expenditures by another $1 billion just by restructuring. this stuff is great. you know what that is? that's like finding a briefcase full of money on the sidewalk. ual says it's going to stay disciplined on costs and keep the balance sheet strong. best of all, munoz gave us some very bullish commentary talking about the cautious optimism of his employees. i talk to him all the time when i fly, and i fly a lot. they all same the same thing. universally, they love munoz. he said, i certainly believe we've turned the corner and the road is nothing but up from here. it's true. he's made the airline much more efficient. long delays down 27% since 2014. flight cancelations down 57% in the same percent. not to menti however, even with all the efforts, this would simply be the best house in a bad neighborhood in the airline industry were stinking up the joint. but the other airlines are
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cutting back on the new capacity additions too. fuel costs remain very low. even long time airline hater warren buffett has made a big bet on all three carriers. even with its recent rebound, united continental remains dirt cheap. that's the kind of multiple you get if the think the earnings are going to be shrinking next year. but given munoz says ual as praz many could increase next year. here's the bottom line. under the leadership of oscar munoz, united continental has tackled many of the problems that had plagued the company for years. it's gone from worst to first in the airline industry, and while the stock is still cheap, i suggest if you get a pullback, pull the trigger. it's one of my two faves. it's a tie with the incredibly run southwest. two winners for an economy i think is going to grow much faster than people believe in 2017. much more "mad money" ahead. the reports apple is exploring
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shipping production to u.s. that would make president-elect trump happy. what it could be mean for the company and more importantly the stock just ahead. plus 36 days until christmas. oh, man. with holiday shopping top of mind, i'm eyeing the retailers, many of whom have been anything but merry and bright this quarter. don't miss my take on winners and losers in this space. and four different companies, one common thread that could make you money. i'm going to reveal it just ahead. so stick with cramer.
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i won't. it's your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, watch all your live channels, on your devices, data-free. switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years. offers starting at $50/month. for the last ten days, we've been working our way through what the upcoming trump administration means for both the overall economy and individual sectors within the stock market. for the most part, the implications have been pretty
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positive. we've seen the private prison stocks roar higher, perhaps too much higher. while the gun makers plummeted in what i regard as a totally undeserving selloff. however, there's one company that nobody seems to know what to do with given the new reality of a trump presidency with a republican controlled congress, and it just so happened to be the world's largest company, apple. first apple stock sold off in the immediate wake of the election, sliding down from 111 to 105. the last three days it's rebounded back up to 110. people can't figure out what trump's victory means for apple, and it turns out their confusion is totally justifiable when you consider all the ways that trump's vision would both help and hinder this business. that's why tonight i want to explore the potential headwinds and tailwinds that the trump administration could produce for apple and handicap the chances of his proposed policies becoming reality because we need to factor that into our analysis of the stock too, right? first off, it's worth
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remembering that apple had a remarkable run going into the election. in late june, it was trading in the low 90s, but as it became clear that the iphone 7 would be a success and samsung's competing product had to be recalled because it was too explosive -- and i mean that literally -- the stock made a major comeback, which is how it got to 111 right before the voting started. all else equal, apple has a lot going for it right now. before the election their biggest problem was the company couldn't make enough iphones to keep up with the incredible demand. of course all else is not equal, so what are the puts and takes for apple from the coming trump administration? obviously there's still a lot we don't know, and trump himself is one of the most unpredictable figures if the history of american politics, which is a big reason why he won the election frankly. there's no real orthodoxy here. people are tired of orthodoxy. we can make some educated guesses based on the issues trump campaigned on and they paint a mixed picture for apple. i think the end result amounts to a net positive for the company, but we need to go through each and every item
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before you can understand why we feel that way. let's start with these negatives. there's a preponderance of them. first there's the china factor. the majority of apple's phones are made in china and trump has railed against the chinese as being unfair trading partners, at one point proposing a 45% tariff on goods coming from china. there are fears he could spark a trade war as the chinese communist controlled newspaper pointed out -- the company is quietly looking for ways to make the iphone in the united states. best case, it seems like their costs would double. plus it's not just they make things there. china also represents nearly 20% of apple's sales. so a possible trade war, i'm calling it a huge negative. i think it's fairly unlikely to happen. i think trump just wants a better piece. that's my new term for him. probably going to use it all the time. a better piece.
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second, trump wants to krark down on the issuance of skilled worker visas. if that happens, apple's labor costs are going to rise. given that tjeff sessions will n our next attorney general, i wouldn't be surprised if the administration makes this a priority, but i'm not sure about congress. there's this personal vendetta thing. in february, trump called for a boycott on apple products when the company refused to build a fbi a back door into a locked iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. fortunately they found a work around. you have to happen if a similar situation occurred now that trump has been elected president. i doubt we'll see the white house calling for a boycott on apple. trump's got bigger fish to fry. those are the potential negatives. now i'm going to give you some positives and i think they outweigh the negatives. first, trump and the republican congress want to lower the corporate tax rate. since apple's u.s. tax rate is 30.5%, this would give them a major boost. at this point, i think a
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corporate tax cut is so likely, we can almost take it as a given. second, more important, there's the repatriation issue. apple like many u.s. based companies has a mountain of cash lying around overseas, which they haven't been able to bring home because they'd get hit with a 40% tax rate. as of the end of september, apple had more than -- staggering -- $237 billion in cash and marketable securities and 91% of that was outside the u.s. so roughly $216 billion. that translates into $40 per share. this is only a $110 stock for heaven's sake. come on. anyway, both donald trump and the republican controlled congress want to create a tax holiday that will allow american companies to bring ohome their overseas money tax free, or perhaps maybe not tax free. it might be a percentage. it's still a heck of a lot
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better than it was now. this would let apple bring greater than $40 per share home. that is the best case scenario, a huge positive for the company no matter what. it would also be terrific for the u.s. since apple could reinvest that money here or return it to their shareholders via a buyback. my charitable trust owns it. i'm hoping for this. just like the corporate tax cut, i think -- we get one of these pretty much every time the gop controls both congress and the white house. the last one was in 2004 under george w. bush. as far as apple is concerned, there are multiple potential pros and cons from trump's stated policies. however, when you handicap the chances of these possibilities becoming law, the positives seem more likely than negatives. take the possibility of a trade war. trump may want to get tough on our trading partners but most of the republicans in congress have been historically strongly in favor of free trade, especially the leadership. that's why i think this is an issue where trump's bark may be worse than his bite if only because paul ryan is probably going to stand in his way. as for the skilled worker visa program, i think it's more
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likely trump will be able to have an impact, but he'll have to get any changes through congress, where some of the most powerful companies on earth will be lobbying against him. even if trump cracks down on those visas, it's not going to cost apple that much money. how about the vendetta issue? trump seems to be pretty magnanimous in victory so far. i'm not as worried as i thought i would have been by now. mark benioff made it pretty clear. he thought the concern was silly. i'm going with benioff. on the other hand, the two big positives. corporate tax reform and a tax holiday and the repatriation of these foreign earnings, they seem like areas where trump and congress are almost certain to make a deal, and that's insanely positive for the stock of apple. let me give you the bottom line. people may be confused about what a trump administration means for apple. the positives far outweigh the negatives. this is a stock you want to own. and just thinking about apple's $40 per share in foreign cash that soon be coming back to america makes me salivate. barbara in connecticut, barbara.
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>> caller: you're my guru, jim. thanks for taking my call. >> i'm trying to make everybody their own personal guru, but thank you for that. >> caller: cisco is my stock. i bought some last quarter when you said to pull the trigger. as a long-term holding for its transition to a recurring revenue model. since then, four top engineers and one top new hire have left. is it still a buy? >> okay. you know, this is a really good question because i have to tell you i was concerned about the quarter. i got to interview chuck robbins. i downgraded the stock from a one to a two for my charitable trust. we're not as sanguine as we were before to be quite honest. i'm concerned. don't buy any more, and frankly it was not the kind of quarter i was looking for. downgraded from a one to a two. more on that in our bulletin this weekend. all right. we're still learning a lot about how a trump administration could impact the world. for the world's biggest company,
6:33 pm
i think the odds are in apple's favor. much more "mad money" ahead. i'm focusing on which companies are hanging on by threads and which should be bought off the racks. then one word mysteriously missing from the vocabularies. and a thank god it's friday edition of the lightning round. so stick with cramer. what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create, not just wealth, but things that matter.
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morgan stanley
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i got to tell you retail has been so all over the map this quarter that it's almost unbelievable. let's go over the big trends in how the markets reacting to them because we're seeing an incredible reordering in the group right now. first we have what's being perceived as a trade up going on as the tax cuts that all republicans want will no doubt put more disposable income into the pockets of consumers. i think that idea and not the actual numbers is why the stocks of macy's, kohl's, and mandatory str -- nordstroms has been doing so well since the election. macy's is monetizing real estate and closing underperforming stores. nordstrom had the right merchandise, and the environment wasn't all that promotional for
6:37 pm
them. the bottom line was that investors liked what these companies said. same goes for jcpenney which reported mediocre numbers and slashed its guidance. stock still went up. that's something you rarely see. a company taking a hatchet to its forecast, yet its stock rallies anyway. it shows the optimism in the stock market. next, home depot trounced lowe's. in my eyes, the disparity between the two has never been greater. i was aghast at how much stronger home depot is performing, particularly big ticket appliances. there are without a doubt some execution issues at lowe's, but i believe that home depot has a much better bead on what the consumer wants right now and it's doing a remarkable job of putting its game plan to work. the big ticket sales were extraordinary, and i think some of that is the tie-up with on the call, home depot talked about shared donors, which
6:38 pm
certainly included lowe's. to me, it seemed like the household formation and home price appreciation numbers favored the big box do it yourselfers, but in retrospect, it looks like it only favored the -- what about the trade up story? this one is hard to pin down. maybe, just maybe, we should look at target versus walmart for answers. target just crushed it, indicating a really robust back to school and holiday season optimism. almost every aisle was strong in the proprietary brand, especially toys. walmart, hard to get a read on, but it's so focused on future spending that i have to wonder if it isn't too focused because the same-store sales were nothing to write home about. i hope that acquisition of doesn't take their eye off the ball. not a horrendous quarter. however, if you want to map the consumer between target and walmart, there's no doubt the slightly higher end target was the winner this dwaequarter. i'm always try toing figure out if the consumer is trading up or
6:39 pm
down. next week we get dollar tree earnings. i'm going to stack those against tj ross. ross in particular was standout. trouncing the same-store sales estimates. initially the stox of tjk got banged down on a forecast the holiday season would be difficult. i think people didn't realize how conservative they were being until after the call. the next two days made up for the stock, especially it's kind of back where it should have gone. since tjx was among the best performers on the earnings, particularly once again its standout home goods division, which was very strong. big position for my charitable trust by the way. ross stores, what can i say? the chain verified my thesis have a lot of full price merchandise on sale for much less than almost anyone else because of the disarray among the broad line retailers, especially macy's. sure, the broad liners did better this fall, but it's always compelling to listen to the conference call because both
6:40 pm
companies emphasize there's plenty of excess inventory merchandise out there for these two chains to buy. therefore, they're able to buy at much lower than wholesale prices. then they mark the goods up to you to generate some impressive sales. these two companies are on fire because they've got the lowest price of materials and merchandise, maybe even lower than amazon in a lot of cases and they can mark it up. next up, sporting goods. just as we expected, foot locker is benefiting from the war among the sneaker companies although it putted kybosh on under armour today. foot locker stock sold off initially on profit taking. then buyers came in and regained its form. it's just a buck and change now, below its 52-week high. dick's sporting goods gave you very good numbers, but it's galloped so high after the failing of sports authority that i think the stock had little room left to run. plain vanilla profit taking there. here's a pleasant surprise that shouldn't be a surprise. another good quarter from best buy, which was supposed to be run out of business by amazon by
6:41 pm
now. excellent home theater, and iphone sales got called out as the reasons for the good ub ins. it powers apple much higher. it did have a refreshing pullback today. how about the mall? a truly disparate place with only one star. ton of losers. biggest losers as usual are gap stores and abercrombie. if i worked at either of these two places, it would be a moment of total existential crisis. gap is in turnaround mode. abercrombie is once again in serious decline. how else can you feel about a chain that had minus 6% same-store sales, people looking for a minus 4%. but more important, they delivered just two cents worth of earnings. people were looking for 20 cents. the only good news, there was candor on the conference call. the ceo actually termed the numbers disappointing. sadly in a brutish world where only the strong survive, there's
6:42 pm
simply no need for either chain any more. the dilemmas are so severe, i think we should rename them. i think we should start calling them the saturday storvaurt sar. and kamu and fitch. speaking of crisis of confidence, williams-sonoma had a 4.6 decline. why? just listen to the ceo for the reasoning, and i quote, for others less familiar with pottery barn, we are pe ceived as expensive, too predictable, and not for them, end quote. talk about existential. you know where there could be a turn coming? l brands. here there was never a downturn in bath and body works. very hard to amazon that place. pink has been extraordinarily good throughout. it's been victoria's secret. that's been the problem, and i
6:43 pm
think they're addressing it by ending the everyday race by the low price promotional aspect. they're getting rid of the free panty promotion. hey, that's their term, not mine. as well as the $10 off bra deal. thank heavens. don't give up on the mall entirely, though. after all, we have a new winner, a clear winner. children's place. it rallied more than $13 yesterday on an amazing quarter and gained another buck today. they've cracked the code and is winning both online and off. it's pure execution, people. the right styles and the right sizes. the children's place is the nvidia of retail. that's a great semiconductor company. and not only is the mall not dead, but you can make a ton of money if you have the right stuff. the bottom line, in the end, we have too many retailers. some are hanging on by a thread. some simply aren't needed. some simply are atavistic and anti-dill louvrian and beiwaiti
6:44 pm
to be destroyed by amazon. now you know which is which. the ones that can be bought on tips and the ones that should be put out of their misery because they've lot their reason for being. "mad money" is back after the break. attention: are you eligible for medicare?
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time! it is time for the lightning round! that's where i take your calls rapid fire. you tell me the stock. i tell you to buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell. we'll play this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." let's start with krista in virginia. krista. >> caller: thank you for taking my call, mr. cramer. my question is about abbott laboratories. is your opinion the price at around $40 too high? >> no, no. i'm just so not crazy about health care under this new leadership, but i do like miles white. longer term is fine, but i got to tell you short term, i just think there's not a lot of
6:48 pm
upside. annette in california, annette. go ahead, annette. you're up. annette? >> caller: hi. >> hi, annette. you're up. >> caller: hi. >> go ahead. >> caller: i'm sorry. headwaters. >> what was the stock? headwaters? no. we're going to stick with home depot. let's not get fancy. let's go to sue in massachusetts, sue. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. my question is on -- i have eversoft energy. >> just hold on to it. we don't like the utilities here. they don't yield enough versus bonds. let's go to david in california, david. >> caller: hey, jim. my wnr, western refining stock, is being bought by test row and went up 20% overnight. should i sell it and ka-ching my register. >> yes, yes. and come by bar san miguel. small plate restaurant in brooklyn.
6:49 pm
let's go to martin in new york, martin. >> caller: booyah, cramer. >> booyah. >> caller: die conindustries. >> another company that does good infrastructure. i like it even though it has had quite a run. i'm not done. i am not done. i'm going to go to tim in high old home state of pennsylvania. tim. >> caller: hey, jim. booyah. >> booyah. >> caller: what do you think about horizon pharma prior to next month in december? i know they're going to have another -- >> no, no, no. horizon is another one of these companies it's just a giant headache anymore. i don't want any headaches. i don't want to have to take tylenol when a buy a stock. i'll take one more. let's go to ben in texas, ben. >> caller: hey, cramer. thanks for all your hard work on this great show you got. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm calling about a stock i've never heard you mention. hhc, howard hughes corporation. >> you know, i actually did talk about it once. it's a holding of bill ackman's.
6:50 pm
i like the stock. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. i am doing pretty good. not going to say perfect because i twisted my ankle in a pothole because we have bad infrastructure on wall street. but otherwise fine. probably a little too much information. in large -- [ buzzer ] >> it's a trillion dollars. there's one stock more than any other to watch for in the future of this -- can we just change this? [ crickets ] >> we got to get this in the can. >> who's your favorite bald man that talks about stocks? >> jim cramer! >> hi, mr. cramer. this is cheryl from new jersey, and i'm here with my 11-year-old daughter cara. she's learning how to invest, and she would like to ask you a question. >> hi. i first want to thank you for signing my book for me for my
6:51 pm
birthday. >> aww. >> my five stocks are merck, disney, apple, exxon, and procter & gamble. am i diversified? >> man, i think this kid's got horse sense. >> hallelujah! ver i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade this car is traveling over 200 miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere.
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there was no mention of the term, the tough macro environment on salesforce's dynamite conference call last
6:54 pm
night. we didn't hear about negative macrobackdrop mentioned when it came to children's place. if you heard macro on the conference call, let me know. i can still recall you did not get a lot of al buy. in recent years, we've gotten used to the term macro in fact, a decade ago if you blamed the macro, meaning the all around competitive funk that surrounding the economy, i used to think it was some sort of ali alibi, that your company had simply failed to execute. something was always proven right when the competitors in your segment blew away the numbers and didn't have any alleged max row -- macroworries at all. now, the truth is almost every company does have macro worries and there are really are only a handful that don't. i mean it's for real. almost every company sees too much competition or its clients or customers who are either cautious or thinking of hoeflding back on their
6:55 pm
spending. the reason why you saw such huge moves in the sales of children's place and netflix is they had products that did manage to transcend the terrible macro. you know what, the complaints are real. the excuse when used by a company like cisco, it's real. it's honest. it's ironic. i can recall times where i would single out a company that blamed the macro pointing a finger and saying, well, where is the macro alibi for your competitor. but the sheer lack that didn't call back on something tells me it is the macro. when you have a company that doesn't complain, it's part of a rare breed these days. although the cloud space is ferocious, the fact that salesforce won contracts from every vertical, tells me it has amazing execution. children's place just seems to own the children's space in the mall. no matter what anyone, including amazon says, there is only one
6:56 pm
netflix. oh, and nvidia, it's like the intel of old. it has the chips that work the fastest with the most power and are most elegant for gaming, for machine learning, for artificial intelligence. nvidia has simply outengineered everyone else. what does this paucity of non-macro blamers mean. i think it's part and parcel with the election frankly. it says something about the results that the pollsters didn't catch. the reason why companies blame the macro so much is because the macro is pretty darn subpar. yes, there are jobs to be had. yes, wages are going higher. yes, the dow is not far from its all time highs which it made a few days ago. but there simply isn't enough growth to go around for these companies and people are sick of and they blame the politicians. they want less gloom, a sense of order. the election may not solve that. the fact i can only think of four companies that weren't tracked by the macro tell me the economy is no longer some bogus alibi. it's real. any sign that the business
6:57 pm
environment is getting better will take stocks even higher from here. that's why the market's been roaring. that's why it's been going up since the election, because investors believe the new administration can finally do something to kick the economy into high gear, maybe even 4%. whatever your political persuasion, the simple fact that one par-- and the business community is lapping that up. judging by the stock market results, the investor class is too. stick with cramer. they may want the latest products and services, but they demand the best shopping experiences.
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people literally on twitter immediately saying how bad this is. guys, not everything is bad, all right? that's one of the things that we've learned since the post-trump rally. not everything is bad. get your head around that. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see you monday!
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