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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  November 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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good morning. dow 19,000. u.s. stocks soar to record highs. >> oil shock. new questions today about an opec-led production cut. details straight ahead. and a post-brexit budget. the uk finance minister outlining the first spending plans since the country voted to leave the eu. it's wednesday, november 23, 2016. "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning. welcome to "worldwide exchange" on cnbc.
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i'm sara eisen. >> i'm wilfred frost. good morning to you from me as well. >> let's check in on the markets. after another record close for u.s. stocks, the trump rally has momentum and is strong again. we have a lot of economic data to work through today. ahead of the thanksgiving day holiday where stocks are closed. for now strength in dow futures up 5. s&p futures are flash. nasdaq futures up 3 1/2. the dow with an all-time high yesterday, crossing above the 19,000 mark and closing above it for the first time in history. the s&p 500 seeing record intraday and closing highs for its part that index ticking above the 2,200 key technical mark for the first time ever. and u.s. treasury yields took a pause yesterday, but stayed near high levels. 2.3. real movement in the short end of the curve, the two-year yield reaching lie levels. and we're seeing the opposite
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interestingly in europe. >> yes, two-year yield hitting a high level since april of 2010. >> here in the u.s. >> exactly. we saw the shorter end of the curves play catch up. as you say, the ten-year and longer stayed roughly where it was. let's look at equities around the world. european equities soft this morning. we did have eurozone november composite manufacturing and pvss pmi, they were 51.1 versus 53.3. either way, as you can see, there is red across the screens. the ftse 100 is a strong performer yesterday. commodity names there doing well. let's look at asian trade. japan closed for labor thanksgiving today. the rest of asia, sort of softly mixed. hopi
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hong kong and shanghai slightly down. >> let's go to oil. there are doubts about whether opec will or will not agree to any kind of production cut at next week's key meeting. reuters reporting a gathering of opec experts in vienna yesterday decided to recommend the cartel debate a proposal to reduce output by 4% to 4.5%. iran, iraq and indonesia are said to have expressed reservations about their level of participation. so no consensus from this meeting. there's hope from the bulls, right now with wti above 48, 48.23. brent inching closer towards $50 a barrel. >> the main takeaway, why things like the energy sectors are doing well is that oil last week was up 5%. this week so far up over 4%. clearly the positivity is there relative to ten days ago. >> even with a strong dollar, which usually pressures oil. as for the currency board, it
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has been a strong period for the u.s. dollar. holding its highs this morning. yesterday we saw the euro briefly dip below 1.06. trading above that level now. a bit of a stronger dollar against the euro. weaker against the yen. the pound probably the biggest mover, down 0.3% against the u.s. dollar. we'll get that key budget out of the uk. as for gold, it's gotten a boost over the last few sessions as the dollar has taken a break. that continues. it's up a buck this morning. the busiest day of the week for the economic data. weekly jobless claims and october durable goods at 8:30 a.m., followed by october new home sales and november consumer sentiment at 10:00. the minutes from the fed meeting out at 2:00 eastern time. just one earnings report of note today, and that would be de deere, that come before the opening bell.
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landon dowdy has more on what to look for. >> here are the three things to watch. first the outlook. sales of farm equipment have been declining as lower crop prices are holding down demand for new tractors and harvesting. and sales of high horsepower tractors are down in the u.s. investors will want to hear if the decline in demand will ease next year. deere announcing a target to cut $500 million in material and production expenses by the end of 2018. listen to more details as analysts say reaching that goal is dependent on deere sales staying flat for the next couple of years. and watch for slowing used equipment sales. that would weigh on the report as farmers are opting to return instead of buying when the lease expires forcing deere to take a hit to an already oversupplied
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market. shares of deere are up 20% year to date address they have continued to deliver beating profit expectations, that's thanks to cost reductions. it's worth mentioning here, if we take a step back and see where we have been in the rally, stocks are up -- the dow up 9% so far. a large chunk of that, 3% comes since election day. but so much of the post-election rally has to do with banks. the bank stocks are up 11% since the election. way more than the 3% rise that we have seen in the s&p 500. so as people ask can the trump rally continue, i think it's hard for people to answer that considering we're going into year-end, we typically see a-year-e a year-end rally. there are signs, and there are groups like industrials and banks that you have got to be watching. >> absolutely.
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i will add banks year to date are not soaring. >> zero to hero. >> that's right. but what's important to note if terms of the banks performance, we had the yield curve steepen and shift up. traditionally we were fearful of that for equities as a whole, so the net effect overall has been strong market performance despite a strong yield curve. we would have been fearful for coming through for the wrong reasons. the banks have helped the overall performance and have confidence in that that's a good thing. >> there's been a lot of talk of rolling back dodd-frank regulations, and this deregulation theme which trump did mention in his youtube clip. i wonder how much is baked into the bank trade there and what we will see in terms of taking back dodd-frank and replacing it with anything. >> the deregulation hopes i think are overdone. the biggest reason for the share
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price performance is the yield curve. two other factors under trump that could be positive for the banks, which are a bit underplayed. one is corporate tax reform. almost all of the big five or six names pay pretty full levels of corporate tax. if you see a cut in that, it's more effective for them. some of the tech companies not paying that level of high corporate tax already. if we do get rule changes to allow companies to repatriate their wealth, almost any way they spend the money the banks will den fit, whether it's in buybacks, dividends, taking advice whether it's going into m&a or investment into other projects. speaking to various sources in the bank world, that's something that could see a big windfall. that could be a 2017 m&a type windfall or buybacks and stuff like that, that could benefit the banks a lot. >> it's been interesting to see the sentiment change. they've become the darlings.
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almost every bank at a 52-week high, except for two. bank of america the overperformer. hewlett-packard enterprise reporting better than recorded fourth quarter profit, the company forecasting a first quarter adjusted profit largely below analysts estimateses. the stock down 1.6%. hp ceo meg whitman will be on "squawk on the street" at 9:00 al eastern. hp inc., the print and pc business of the former hewlett-packard, posting fourth quarter profit that was in line with estimates. revenue from the printer division fell 8% on continued weak demand and the first quarter profit guidance is below analyst forecasts. madison square garden announcing a data breach at its venues. the radio city music hall owner said hackers captured personal information when customers swiped their cards and food and beverage stands between november of 2015 and october of this
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year. the company says criminals installed a program that allows them to read and capture card information. >> >> facebook is upping efforts to enter china the new york sometimes reporting the social network is developing software that will comply with china internaet laws. facebook has restricted continent in other countries like russia and pakistan by taking it down after it was posted, but this new feature would prevent content on appearing on feeds in china in the first place. a federal judge blocked an obama administration result which would have extended overtime eligibility to 4 million americans. the regulation was scheduled to take effect december 1st, and would have required employers to pay time and a half to employees who worked more than 40 hours a week, and who earned less than $40,000 a year.
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small business and other trade groups argued that the overtime rule would boost labor costs and force demotions. seems like they got a win in this ruling. a post-brexit budget. the uk finance minister outlines plans since voting to leave the european union. we're back in a couple minutes. generosity is its own form of power.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." good morning to you. let's get you up to speed on the market action. just about in the green. fractional gains in the futures markets. just below 19,000 for the dow, we passed that psychological level yesterday. there was some differentiation in spectk sector gains. we did see a sharp decline for healthcare that with you down a cup the percent. telecoms were up a couple percent. oil prices have been important the last week or so. about 5% of gain the for wti last week. up about 4% this week. albeit in the last 24 hours you would say the confidence of an opec production cut delivery eased a bit. those gains over the last ten days highlight where we are relative to a few weeks ago.
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uk finance minister philip hammond is set to outline his economic plans today. geoff cutmore has more on what to watch. >> this budget is a landmark in itself, it's the first for philip hammond, and the first mini budget, if you'd like, since the brexit vote. so low earners, ultimately to appease some of the populist anger among those working but not earning a great income, the so-called j.a.m.s. as they're called here, those who are just about making it. so we expect improvements around personal allowances and taxation for them. and also a focus on business. business is nervous around what
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brexit negotiations will bring next year. possibly an announcement of continued reductions on corporation tax, and we should expect some public spending announcements that would also be seen in a positive way by the business community. we have a number of billions of pounds already earmarked for infrastructure, road building, and research and development. it seems to me this is a brexit budget, very much designed to calm peoples nerves as we've seen the dramatic reductions in the value of the pound and fears of inflation increasing and growth slowing into 2017. philip hammond will want to steady the ship here. >> geoff, thank you very much for that. >> this week president-elect donald trump said he would pull out of president obama's massive trade deal, the transpacific partnership, on his first day in office. it will have far-reaching implications.
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in an op-ed our next guest says trump is right to ditch tpp. and joining us from washington is alan tonelson. he's been a critic of america's free trade policies and deals. good to see you again. good morning. >> good morning to you folks. >> how important is it to scrap tpp on the first day? we came at it as the democrats were against it. the republicans were against it. is it a sick nall of mognal of tough talk on trade from trump? >> i think it is a signal of more to come, because after all one of president-elect trump's major issues -- i would argue his real signature issue during this last presidential campaign was not immigration, it was trade and the job off-shoring that he argued. i thought convincingly, was responsible -- or the trade
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policies that were so responsible for actually pushing those jobs offshore including millions of jobs in high-value that used to pay great wages. >> alan, clearly donald trump doesn't want the country to do zero trade. >> no. >> as a follow-up he mentioned the deal of bilateral trade agreements. is that plausible to replace these wider free trade agreements with bilateral trade agreements? or is he being optimistic that that's something he can achieve? >> it's plausible when you think about u.s. leverage, even though, as i see it, america's leverage with its major trade partners, even when you put them all together in the form of the tra
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tra transpacific partnership is sizable. what he is concerned about, i think rightly so, is maximizing that leverage and going bilateral would accomplish that goal. >> already china stepped in to fill the void, talking about a regional pan-asian trade deal, talking with partners like korea and japan. should the u.s. not feel threatened and not feel that it's going to get left out of a major chunk of the global economy in terms of commerce? >> i think china is blowing so much smoke. it's amazing to me how many presumable nknowledgeable americans haven before falling for the idea that china could lead the world and east asia when it comes to trade. the problem is china's consumption levels and import levels are so low, and china's trade barriers are so high. china still relies on a massive
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trade surplus for its growth. there's no subs tight ftitute f enormous still open u.s. market for various other asian countries that depend heavily on net exports for their growth. >> alan, dropping tpp on day one is not a massive move in that nothing has been finalized yet. what do you expect him to do in terms of existing trade deals? could that be damaging, even if not in the long-term, could it be damaging to the short-term? >> to the contrary. something like restructuring nafta could be beneficial not only for the u.s. but for canada and mexico, too. if you raise nafta's north american content requirements and enforce them with higher tariffs, you incent much more production coming back to north america and many more jobs.
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i hope that's what he'll turn to next. what's fascinating, despite standing on their high horses during his campaign and saying we'll never renegotiate nafta, drawing lines in the sand, no both the mexican and the canadian leaders have said, sure, we're happy to renegotiate nafta. >> so, sum it all up. what would you tell an investor and a multi national company like a nike, who is worried about the reality of trade wars, something we have not seen since the 1920s under president trump. >> i would tell multinational companies -- because i certainly don't feel qualified to provide investment advice, i would tell multinational companies that the very biggest market that they could still gain is not foreign markets where the u.s. has relatively little control, but the u.s. market where we have major control and where an enormous chunk of it has been
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seized by imported products. that's the real growth opportunity that u.s. multinational companies have. >> alan, thank you very much for joining us. pleasure as always. >> my pleasure, thanks. >> with an op-ed on still to come, the trump transition. any details on the president-elect's cab neinet pi. >> first the national weather forecast on the busiest travel day of the year. here's reynolds wolf. >> hi. let's look at that forecast for you. i know for so many of you, you're traveling from one part of the country to another. you will have obstacles we have this rain story in chicago, 44 degrees. those rain showers extend down to the gulf coast. drier conditions for dallas and denver. more snowfall for the central and northern rockies. good news for the ski resorts. the west coast, looks beautiful in los angeles. further you go, the better
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chance of rain drops and snowfall. for new york city, could not be more beautiful. it will be wonderful. get out to rockefeller center to see the tree. more coming up on the other side of the break. more "worldwide exchange" after this.
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now to washington news. edward lawrence has the latest on the trump transition and where we stand. >> reporter: the parade of interviews at trump tower may
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have produced at appointment. published reports say nikki haley will be tapped as u.n. ambassador. mitt romney is the front runner as secretary of state and ben carson is being considered as secretary of housing and urban development. after a lengthy interview with the "new york times" editorial board, trump hints that it is time to make amends with his rival, saying he needs to move on from her investigation. >> there's a tradition in american politics that after you win an election you put things behind you. >> reporter: except for criticism of the trump foundation which reported in a new filing it violated irs rules. it may have to pay penalties or more taxes according to tax experts. in the meantime, the president-elect focused on filling his cabinet. >> these have been incredibly inspiring meetings for him. not everyone will end up in the
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cabinet or government. and most are not even seeking that. >> that was edward lawrence reporting from washington. cover of the daily news, new york paper critical of trump, they have his head as a mr. softee. they go to this backpedaling on hillary clinton, as he cozies up to nemesis time. >> mr. softie, is that what they call it? yeah, the soft serve ice cream in the trucks. >> they call it mr. whipee. >> do they play the music? >> they do. >> do you get a chocolate flake? >> not typical. >> mr. whipee with chocolate flakes. taste of summer. the dow posting all-time intraday highs. more when we come back. generosity is its own form of power.
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you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter.
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mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. good morning. dow at 19,000. u.s. stocks soar to record highs. >> oil shock. new questions today about an opec-led production cut. details straight ahead. and a post-brexit budget. the uk finance minister outlining the first spending plans since the country voted to leave the european union. it's wednesday, november 23, 2016. "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm sara eisen. >> i'm wilfred frost. good morning to you from me as well. let's check in on global markets. record highs. three record highs yesterday for the u.s. -- >> four. >> another. >> the russell as well. >> three out of three in terms of what we're looking at. four out of four if we add the russell 2000. we still don't know the right word. >> what is it? >> just quad. four records is another way of saying it. there we are. we will pull back from the open if the futures markets are anything to go by. only slightly. the dow called lower by two, three points. s&p by one. nasdaq by 0.24. a broad rally yesterday. 9 out of 11 sectors were positive. one or two notable declines. healthcare down 1.4%. telecoms up about 2%.
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europe, which was decent yesterday, that lost some steam today apart from the ftse 100 led higher by energy and commodity names. the west sufferering by about half a percent. we did get pmis which beat expectations. asian trade is fractionally negative for hong kong and shanghai. the nikkei is closed today. australia eked out gains akin to the ftse 100. >> let's check out the broader markets. ten-year treasury yield holing at 2.30. a heavy mix of mix of economic data today. as for the u.s. dollar, also holding near the strongest levels in 13 years against big currencies like the euro. the euro at 1.0613. got down to 1.05 level yesterday.
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that's a strong dollar and a weak euro. dollar/yen pausing in the action. still sitting almost -- just below 1.11, also an indication of the stronger dollar against japan. and the pound is weaker. dollar stronger there as well. some of their own factors at work this morning with the budget in play. gold is up just a bit this morning. the dollar looks for some direction. it's been going in the opposite way of the dollar. it's higher by about two bucks. nothing really to speak of. the trend post-election has been strong dollar, high yields, gold weakening and stocks have taken center stage. it's all over the front pages this morning. we always look to the front pages for a gauge -- we don't always. we do now. you have the papers. >> but we had record highs before that have not made the front pages. here's the "new york post," 19,000. they give it to trump.
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with his thumbs up. the "usa today" also dow topping 19,000 for the first time in history and, of course, we saw them on the floor yesterday, the 19,000 dow hats. people are wondering how long it could get to 20,000. because, november 4th, the dow was trading under 18. we climbed 1,000 points in the last month. >> surprising march which wasn't expected before the election. my smirk because of you using the newspapers. >> it's an important read. when you look at how long the rally has to go, you have to look at how exuberant people are, how much consensus towards
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buying stocks. one thing that is clear, they're not equally distributed gains. yes, it's been a broad rally but led by banks and industrials. outsized gains in these sectors. the s&p 500 up 3%. banks up 11%. industrials up big. consumer discretionary and retail is up. we'll have to see about the leaders and sentiment. >> i will say when a financial business centric story makes it on the front page of a mainstream paper like "usa today," have we already seen the best of the rally? oil prices as well. this morning they are liar. the last 24 hours has probably seen hope that we'll reach an opec cut, but the net position compared to ten days ago is better. up 9% for wti. 48.22. let's talk more about oil prices, yoining us is john kilduff. good morning to you.
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>> good morning. >> november 30th, all eyes on that a few other side meetings in the last week or two. can you sum that up for us? >> this is probably the biggest event risk unique to the energy market i can recall in a long time. seeing a ton of interest in it. a lot of trading and futures bet in the options market. i will say the skew is on the upside. a lot more people buying call options thinking there will be a deal and prices will go up as opposed to people buying puts and thinking it's going the other way. what we're seeing now is this torture ed process and the desperation of saudi arabia to bring along iran and iraq to cut down on production. >> what's going to be different if the betting is that there will be a deal? what's different this time that didn't happen april when they all met to discuss this and there was no deal on the table? >> if anything, a lot of that call option buying is sort of an
5:37 am
outlyer bet that something will come together. >> you don't buy it. >> i don't buy it at all. there's just no way the iranians are going to agree to this. they see a horizon potentially where oil production and exports gets disrupted again by the trump administration and the screws get turned on them and they find themselves boxed in again, so why would they agree to any cut now? they are also in position to ride this out. they've been under the sanctions regime for years, they have hunkered down. this price, as long as they produce more and more, they're fine with it. the saudis do. you're seeing that today. there's a great article in the financial times, just about how bad things are in the kingdom. their desperation is front and center. >> stepping away from the opec
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meeting, how encouraging is it for potential priss ce upside i the market that we had that really with the dollar? >> the correlation has broken down, oil prices have not got hit yet from the strong dollar. the other problem the oil market what is there continues to be chunks and slugs of new production hitting the market on a daily basis. you have seen russian production go way up. we saw a new field from kazakhstan yesterday, 100,000 barrels to start, going up to 400,000 next year. shale players are ramping back up in the u.s. and competing on an international basis. there was a big million dollar purr class by a korean refining company out at eagle ford. there's a whole new dynamic going on here. opec does not have the control that they did back in the day. the saudis patience -- the thing
5:39 am
to watch here, the other extreme, is that the saudi patience gets tried and they say, okay, you know what? we'll throw down and pump as much as we can and break the back of this price until everybody comes back to the table and comes back kicking and screaming. they did this right around 1993, this time of year there was a battle for market share as well. everybody uped production and the price crashed so much, there was a major german energy company that went bankrupt because of their long position in the market. >> you see levels here high? what's your forecast for wti for the end of year and into next year? >> i think we'll struggle to maintain these levels. but i think a price between $35 and $45 is reasonable. and then sort of the outlyer, worst case scenario for oil producers is if the saudis get their patience tried and blown,
5:40 am
and they go to a production level that is higher than it is now. they did apparently threaten that in a meeting last month it was leaked that it was said to the iranians we could ramp up to 11, 12 million barrels a day, how would like that? >> thank you very much. some stocks to watch. hewlett-packard enterprise reporting better than expected fourth quarter profits last night but revenue did fall 7%. that was hit by weak demand for storage and networking economy r equipmenqui equipment. hp ceo meg whitman will be on "squawk on the street" at 9:00 al eastern. it will be great to get her thoughts on president-elect trump, a republican who backed
5:41 am
hillary clinton voekl hillary clinton vocally. hp inc., the print and pc business of the former hewlett-packard, posting fourth quarter profit that was in line with estimates. revenue from the printer division fell 8% on continued weak demand and the first quarter profit guidance is below analyst forecasts. it's the busiest day of the week for economic data ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. weekly jobless claims out at 8:30 a.m., followed by october new home sales and november consumer sentiment at 10:00. the minutes from this month's fed meeting are out at 2:00 p.m. eastern. to today's top trending stories, jack dorsey was suspended from twitter. co-founder's page was taken offline according to what dorsey called an internal mistake. when his account was restored, he tweeted just setting up my twitter again, relating to the first tweet he sent ten years ago. >> he looks so young still. >> users can deactivate accounts
5:42 am
on twitter, but only the company can suspend accounts. there's been a lot of talk about them doing this with fake news and abusive accounts as they try to tackle this hate problem. they continue to be under pressure. >> still no real explanation. apple may be bringing back an old-style of cell phone. the company has granted a patent yesterday for a device with a foldable, flexible screen. apple's applications features a touchscreen smartphone with a design made popular by clam shell phones that open and close like a notebook. >> the flip phone? >> fayes. it's unknown if apple has this design in the works already. i like that. make these epic phones we like so much smaller. >> back to flip phones? >> it's small in your pocket, big screen when you look at it. >> yeah. >> that's an amazing
5:43 am
technological advance. samsung has a slighty bendy screen phone, but to be foldability -- >> who is going through these patents and finding this stuff? >> teams of lawyers. >> if there was any doubt we now know for sure the white house does not mess around with security. just ask ellen. she was attending the presidential medal of freedom ceremony but forgot her i.d. she tweeted this picture saying they have not let me into the white house yet because i forgot my i.d., #not joking. ellen did finally make it into the white house. she had some fun on her visit. she did the mannequin challenge with some other ceremony attendees which you'll recognize some of the famous faces in this room, robert de niro, tom hanks, bruce springsteen. >> very impressive mannequin challenge. >> absolutely.
5:44 am
i don't know if that proves the white house does take security or not, because it only took an hour for her to get in. >> she had to wait an hour. they knew who she was. she was getting a medal of freedom honor. >> not that strict. still to come, today's must roads, first check out trading in europe at this hour. ftse 100 is up. energy names leading the charge there. back in a couple minutes.
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welcome back to our must-read section. my pick is in the "wall street journal," democracy's verdict on clinton. this is the "wall street
5:47 am
journal's" editorial board. it bases this off of donald trump's approval rating being up nine points since election day in one survey. of course surveys and polls we shouldn't be focusing on. saying peoples opinion of him has improved since election day. they base it on the fact that certain things like the prosecution of hillary clinton during her e-mail scandal is something he decided not to do. they say prosecution would also stir needless controversy that would waste mr. trump's political capital. i bring it up because that point of political capital is very important. something that at the moment we're all so focused on the fact that mr. trump has a republican congress and what he can achieve with that, no different than what mr. obama had at the start of his presidency, which didn't
5:48 am
last long. >> my pick is in the "new york times." i felt that all of the "new york times" pieces this morning were must reads, they had a unique chance to sit down yesterday, both the columnists and the reporters with president-elect donald trump after in the morning he called them the failing "new york times," but apparently in the meetings called them a jewel, said he reads it. so, i went to columnist frank bruni's take. donald trump's demand for love. he writes that the trump who visited the times was purge of zeal to investigate clinton's e-mails or the clinton foundation, hear out the scientists on global warming, skeptical of waterboarding and unhesitant to disavow white nationalist. in other words, walking back l some of the extreme language
5:49 am
that the times and others were critical of about trump that he's open to hearing about climate change. bruni questioning whether it makes the president look vulnerable, and does he buy the last idea that he heard, but also gives him a ray of hope that he now and the presidential position is more measured. tom freedman also wrote one that used the word hope for president trump. they liked what they heard. they got access to him. >> absolutely. interesting that the "new york times" got so much access to him yesterday when they were one of the biggest if not the biggest punching bag. >> yes. >> very interesting read. approaching the top of the hour, team getting ready for "squawk on the street." michelle caruso-cabrera has a look at what's coming up. >> we'll be talking about donald trump and the issue of whether or not he has conflicts of
5:50 am
interest related to his business and what he'll do once in office. holeman jenkins will be here. he has a column on that today. how do we think about what's happening there and is there anything to be done at this point? it's the day before thanksgiving. that means that we'll talk to the ladies at the butterball turkey hotline to figure out how to make your turkey. we'll also talk to the author of the book "thanksgiving" about the history of thanksgiving. and we're doing a lot of this for you, you will join us for the last two hours of "squawk on the street," right? we want you to learn everything about thanksgiving. >> i've already said that to my producer coming in, i'm looking forward to those thanksgiving guests. i hope you don't mind basic questions. they'll be coming. >> he's already bashing mashed potatoes. >> i'm a -- >> what? >> roast potatoes. >> unamerican. >> oh, my gosh. >> i bet you never had that casserole with the green beans
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and the dried onions on top. >> no, i haven't. >> i haven't here. >> "squawk on the street" in nine minutes time. when we come back, a record rally, more thoughts on the markets when david joy joins us next. does this trump rally have legs from here? you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. cathy's gotten used to the her kitchen rbage... yup, she's gone noseblind. she thinks it smells fine, but her guests smell this.
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5:54 am
move of repositioning, given the surprise outcome in the election has already taken place. i think ultimately stocks can move higher. looks like the environment for equities is improving. to move higher from here, we have to see some policy initiatives that have a good chance of becoming law. so we may trade in a sideways pattern for a while until some of those policy issues become clearer. >> do seasonal factors come into this as we approach the end of the year? people happy to lock in gains and sit on the side for the rest of the year? >> i think that will come into play. though there are those saying maybe this will merge right into the so-called santa claus rally. i suspect we have already gotten that and brought it forward. if we can hold on to these gains through the end of the year, that will be a successful conclusion. get us close to what our original s&p target was of 2175.
5:55 am
if we close above that, i'll be happy. >> 2175, so many of the big banks raised their targets as a result of not just the trump surprise victory but the market reaction. deutsche bank says 2250 by inauguration day. jpmorgan raised its outlook to 2300 two days after the election. why have you not raised it past the levels where we are now? >> a couple things. first i think in order to succeed in this market you have to be in the right sectors. i don't think all sectors will participate equally. financials, industrials, energy are probably good places to be. bond proxies not a good place to be. i don't think the whole market will be rising dramatically. secondly, we have political issues still to get through before year-end. most notably the referendum in italy, and the fed raising rates.
5:56 am
the fed is clearly in the early stages of reversing their multi-year accommodative stce, not aggressively, by that will be a modest head wind for a market where val wag uations ar high. so i think equities edge higher, but i don't think the whole market will be participating equally. >> david, if the italian referendum and any other european election goes against the establishment, should that be used as a buying opportunity? brexit and fears around trump provided buying opportunities. >> i would be more cautious about this one if it's a no vote. unlike the uk, italy is a member of the you'eurozone. that's a significant difference this time around. the other issue you have, which i didn't mention, is the opec meeting next week. if that doesn't go well, that -- energy earnings are a big swing factor for a lot of these s&p 500 forecasts.
5:57 am
>> okay. we have to leave it there. thank you. david joy. >> that's it for "worldwide exchange." "squawk on the street" is coming up next. generosity is its own form of power.
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good morning. it is the trump rally. stocks soaring post election and records are falls. the dow crossing above 19,000 for the first time ever. washington watch. president-elect trump prepping his cabinet. the latest on the transition straight ahead. and blocked. why jack dorsey found his own account suspended. it's wednesday november 23, 2016. "squawk box" begins right now. ♪
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live from new york where business never sleeps, this is "squawk box." good morning, welcome to "squawk box," i'm michelle caruso-cabrera. our top story, the markets. the news is this, the dow posting all-time intraday and closing highs, crossing above the 19,000 mark for the first time in its history. if you look at the right-hand side of the chart, finally a breakout move after a full year of almost doing nothing for the major avenrage. the s&p 500 ticking above the 2200 mark for the first time ever. you can see that breakout move. it was a quadruple all-time high, right? >> first time you had all four major averages open at record highs since '99. >> nasdaq and the


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