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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> so goldman sachs. a lot of people we talked about in today's show make sense here. i think you sell it and see 205. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast money." "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. this is not a show about politics. but if you want to understand what's happening in this market, you need to get your head around the market's relationship with
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the upcoming trump administration. whatever your own political beliefs, there's no question that washington is about to get a lot more pro-business. i'm going to repeat that. a lot more pro-business. and that's what's driving the stocks of so many bill trig companies higher. even as others sell off in a bizarre confluence of good and bad news that's mirrored in today's ax with the dow struggling to stay positive. s&p dipping 0.26% and the nasdaq getting crushed, down 1.05%. in the last 24 hours, president-elect trump has announced a bunch of pro-business cabinet picks. the result is that the market's anointing a whole new group of stocks rotating into them while slaughtering others. so i want to explain why that's happening and how you can profit from this. so let's trace the narrative.
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first the picks strutrump annou today sent a huge message. people who are pro-business and pro-growth are going to get key jobs in this administration. that's who this administration is going to be listening to. pro-growth, pro-jobs. now, close viewers of this network know that wilbur ross is a pragmatic, crafty business person who knows how to invest well and place bets most importantly on industries that could thrive even as others have given up on them. i'm thinking about things like steel, like coal, like textiles. trump wants to revive those kinds of industries and bring back and create jobs in them. now, maybe he can. maybe he can't. maybe that's just the buy gone days. but if there's even a possibility, then ross will figure it out. i know ross. he's smart. he's clever. he's pragmatic to a fault. i'm not saying that wilbur ross is the reincarnation of charles -- engine charlie wilson, the head of general motors, who famously when he was
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nominated for secretary of defense by president eisenhower in 1953 said, what was good for the country was good for g.m. and vice versa. but i am saying that wilbur ross is good for stocks, with i is what we care about on the show. how about steve manu chin for treasury. can't say i know him although i worked for his dad, whom we affectionately called coach. coach retired at the top of the ga game. i learned a ton from him. i have to believe steve learned air he-- a heck of a lot from coach. manu chin is, begin, a businessman and a fantastic investor, good for stocks. i stress these credentials because these are the kind of people whom president obama would never appoint to cabinet positions. to him, they're probably wall street fat cats. he may not even know who they
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are. but to the stock market, they're members of the traditional business establishment who want to make the economy grow and want to see profits grow. with these picks, trump is sending a huge signal. he wants people who will be savvy enough to grow our economy faster, to take back jobs, including manufacturing jobs and have the government promote business and the causes of business. good for the stock market. that's their mission. it was not president obama's mission. it's okay. again, it's not political commentary. always what's good for business is not always good for the rest of america. but obama seems to believe business can fend for itself. trump wants to embrace business. good news for stocks. when manu chin and ross came on air this morning i was blown over by what they had to say. they talked about cutting corporate taxes, creating jobs, giving the middle class tax breaks but not the rich. that's going to spur growth. i can't emphasize enough these two picks are about growing the pie so everyone does better. you may think that's impossible. you think it's too cynical.
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if you even for a moment believe that it could happen, then i need to know i think ross and ma chew chin are savvy enough to get it done. level headed, high-roaders. finally, there's trump's gambit to save 1,000 jobs from going to mexico by negotiating with greg hayes to keep carrier plants open in indiana that the company planned to close in order to save money. trump called hayes, basically said it would be a real good idea for the company to keep those jobs in indiana, and if hayes complied, then he would do a lot to help united technologies and all other businesses by repatriating u.s. dollars. trump pretty much got what he wanted, and about half the jobs will stay here. there were small incentives for united technologies, but the gist of it is that utx simply won't make as much money now. but it's also less at risk of losing the $6 billion in federal
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contract business it has. is this good for stocks? no. will it be a warning to other businesses that they should think twice before they move their operations offshore? yes. is it pro-growth? it's pro-u.s. growth for workers, not shareholders. but trump figures he's given enough to shareholders that he can lean on business to save jobs. look, he could have just slapped tariffs on stuff. instead he negotiated with hayes, admittedly with the upper hand. okay. if we have a pro-growth president who is making pro-growth cabinet picks why didn't stock prices soar? first, opec made a deal that raised the price of oil dramatically. the stock market likes when oil goes higher if it's about the increase in demand. they don't like it if it's cuts in supply. so oil users lost even as the oil companies gained, especially in the domestic producers with holdings in the permian basin. in addition to short sellers
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buying back the oil shorts, investors clamored for anything oil and clearly to make sales away from oil to raise all that money to buy those oils. i'd wait for the oil stocks to cool off, people. they're up too much in one day. ends in three days. you'll get hurt. second, a pro-growth agenda is great for the stocks of companies that need a strong economy to do well. that's the basic industrials. that's the transports. that's the banks, which will continue to rally if ma kmu chin gets his way. i continue to like the bank stocks. however, a pro-growth agenda doesn't mean much at all for companies that already have a lot of growth, namely the tech stocks or those who won't see their growth accelerate. the stocks known as the defensives, which you buy when growth is slowing. so what doesn't do well? health care, drugs, foods, you name it. their stocks aren't going to rally on statements about revitalizing american
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manufacturing. i think there will be bargains in the group, in all these groups, because they're getting crushed too hard. there's selling off too mightily. as is almost always the case in this market, which exaggerates every single move, and that's where you get to make some money. let's put in language today that you'll really understand. today the oil fang is biting the heck out of the tech fang. that's right. remember, i told you about diamondback energy, one of the fastest growing oil companies? that stock jumped more than $12 or 13% while facebook, amazon, netflix, and google, fang, now alphabet, were laid to waste. it's a pretty poignant dichot y dichotomy. these moves are way over the top. energy is too strong, although the direction is right. tech is too weak although i can see why it would sell off. the soft goods, case by case. and the banks? with manu chi and ross in there, i think the windfall for the
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banks continues. more on that later in the show. put it all together and we could have a down day because the industries that benefits from the trump growth agenda do make up as much as they used of the s&p 500 or the nasdaq or even the dow as the industries that don't need a strong economy to thrive kind of really -- well, there's just a lot more of them than we thought. give it a couple of days to sort out and i think you'll find that the news is better for all companies. there just isn't enough money coming in on a given day to make everything rally at once. the bottom line? this is another rotation in a long line of rotations that will run its course before another one begins anew. not business as usual, though. but pro-business for certain. let's go to hayes in texas, hayes. >> caller: jim, how are you? >> i'm doing good. how about you? >> caller: good. jesse liver moore booyahs from dallas texas. >> the great plunger. what are you thinking? >> caller: i am thinking on this dust-up we saw in the media
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yesterday on the sec and tesla, specifically the sec was concerned with the use and presentation of non-gap measures in tesla's august earnings and stated, and i quote, individually tailored measureme measurements. later the sec went back and stated based on your request, it is not clear. given that tesla has just taken on onerous debt from the solar city merger, they have recurring cash flow issues, they are nonprofitable, and now we have a situation that smacks of acco t accounting irregularities, is this an automatic sell? >> here's the problem. people love the car. they love the car, they buy the stock. you can't break that linkage. that stock does not trade on the fundamentals. if it did, everything you said is true, and it would be much lower. it trades on an ethos. it's a cult stock. i don't recommend or bet against
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c cult stocks. colin in wyoming, colin. >> caller: hi, jim. booyah from 5,000 feet up in wyoming's rocky mountains. >> lucky guy. what's happening up there? >> caller: having a lovely autumn fall. lovely whether. my question is about making a quick trade around december's fed meeting for a quick trade only should i buy a bank stock such as bank of america or maybe something else? >> well, bank of america has had a major move. i'm not going to be against owniow owning bank of america. but today it was up the most. i think you can get that bank stock. buy some now and hope it pulls back a little. but bank of america is so far behind the market that i think we'll look at it and say oh, 21, 19, it didn't matter. it was about to have a major run, and i think that's true. it's anything but business as usual today. it's pro-business. the trump cabinet selections are sending a signal to wall street that he wants the economy to grow much faster than we think
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is possible. i think that's going to continue to fuel a rally, but it will be a rotational rally, one at a time. on mad tonight, from calvin to tommy, this clothing giant supplies apparel to major department stores around the world. i got the exclusive with the ceo of pvh. then opec reached a deal to cut oil production today. i'll tell you what the decision means for oil companies you're invested in here and at home. speaking of oil, i'm going to sit down with the ceo of maritime petroleum and see how the news could impact his stock. stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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what are we supposed to make of the latest quarter from pvh, the apparel titan behind calvin
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klein? here's a company that seemed to be making a strong come back. but as we enter the holiday season, some of the old negative themes have come back. strong dollar, weakness for many mall based retailers. after the close, pvh reported a substantially better than expected quarter, but they gave guidance that i found a little bit disapoint. the company delivered a to cent earnings beat off a 2.40% basis, beat was fueled by the strength of thar calvin klein brand, particularly in europe and china. however, pvh's sales and earnings forecast for the next quarter came in below what the analysts were looking for. we got to figure out what is going on. is pvh really being conservative? let's check in with manny chirico. welcome back to "mad money." i don't know. this was one of the biggest beats in all of the years you've been coming on. and yet i detect from the guidance that you almost want to say to people, don't get ahead
6:17 pm
of yourselves. but first let's talk. this was an amazing quarter, wasn't it? >> yeah, we had a very strong quarter, particularly internationally. >> right. >> both in europe and in asia, our international comps for calvin kleins were up double digits as well for tommy hilfiger. feel really strong about the business. our order book going forward and in europe in calvin is up over 20% and the tommy hilfiger business is up 8%. big business. >> this was the quarter where the acquisition. we got a little sidetracked because juan aco wasn't as strong as hoped. but this was the quarter that showed it might be the real driver for pvh. >> i think that's right but i think the whole year has been a real driver. through the whole nine months, we've been substantially beating our guidance and i guess through the middle of last year. so business has been surprisingly strong, particularly internationally, and i think we're being cautiously conservative about
6:18 pm
how the holiday season is coming together. but we've, you know, based on black friday, we feel pretty good about business. >> we're in a fluid situation in this country. i did he teketect from the merc speak to that literally post-election because of the resolution of it or because people like what's happening, that there is a bit more spend, a bit more go-out. is this anecdotal on my part or are you seeing in the statistics you have? >> we're seeing it in our business directly. let's talk about november. the month of november, the week before the election, the week after, business was just -- was tough in north america. all of a sudden, the last two weeks, as we started to go into black friday and right after, we've seen in our retail business a significant improvement in trends. the question is now we've got a big holiday season in front of us. as we always are, we're being conservative as we're projecting the year and the balance of this quarter. so we'll see how it is.
6:19 pm
trends right now, the last two weeks, are running ahead of plan and margins are running significantly ahead of plan. >> if that's the case, i'm sensing that a macy's, a jcpenneys, a kohl's are not having to discount. they're having good a good holiday season so far. >> i don't want to talk about anyone else's business but i'll say my channels -- we feel really good about how that business is proceeding. >> that is a nice change because that is one of the areas i wanted to ask you about. the north american tommy hig figurer you weren't that happy with? >> wholesale business is very strong. our retail business for the first nine months has been tough. we've talked about the international tourists. we've talked about the dollar causing some issues there and that trend continued in the third quarter despite the big beat we had. we started to see as we got into the second half of november and
6:20 pm
into -- and as we're going to go now into early december, there seems to be some momentum. i think we're also starting to lap some of the dollar strengthening that happened this time last year where we were up against a much stronger -- weaker dollar prior to that. so, again, we're feeling good about it. but, you know, i don't think this is the time to go running in. >> no. >> there's a lot of noise out there, be it the election, what the ramifications of that is. i know there's some -- wall street seems to be celebrating the election, which is great. but let's -- trump's got to take over. there's a lot of questions about exactly what it means for a trade and what it means for the dollar going forward. all those things just cause us to be cautious. >> you don't have to worry about trump ties coming back. >> i thuink i'm wearing one. >> europe and asia had been points of, at times, pain, particularly europe. are you surprised that europe is as strong as it is given what we
6:21 pm
read about over there? >> i think two things. i think europe -- europeans are staying in the european market given where the currencies are. so i mean the uk, i know brexit, everybody is nervous about what it means going forward. but right now business couldn't be better in the uk. sales are very strong given the weakening of that currency. the euro is buying more in that market, so more europeans and more americans are in that market. there's more shopping going on in that park, and we are big beneficiaries. >> and china is a win, isn't it? >> well, two things for us. our calvin business, which we've been running now for the last four years directly and now just taking over the tommy business in the second quarter of this year, that business has really been posting strong growth, continues to be our fastest growing market, highest operating margins within the company. so that's going to be an area of strength as we go forward. >> online, amazon? >> continues to be a small piece of business as a percentage of
6:22 pm
the total. fastest growing and starting to become nicely profitable. >> surprise vanheusen? >> our vanheusen brand, in that mid tier channel with kohl's in particular and jcpenney has been very, very strong. the flex collar has been an innovation for the dress shirt, and it's just -- you know, it's the number one seller in that channel. >> talk about -- there's a lot of consolidation of, talk about more apparel coming together. there are too many players. any thoughts on it. >> acquisitions are a big part of our growth. you talk about calvin, tommy, and i think in the future, it will be. i think the next six to 12 months, i think our focus will be on if there is acquisitions, it will tend to be more in the reacquiring some of the licensed businesses with calvin and tommy. and then, look, we are -- given the fact that we've paid off about a billion and a half dollars in debt --
6:23 pm
>> cash flow machine. >> it is a cash flow machine, and i think we will be looking for acquisitions. >> let's leave it at that. manny chirico. monster beat quarter. i think conservative on the guidance. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, an opec production agreement is a done deal. so what does that mean for investors looking to strike it big on oil? cramer sits down with the ceo of they're monday petroleum. >> what does it mean for a refiner to have a president that really very specifically is pro-oil and gas? >> announcer: one of the nation's largest movers of fuel when "mad money" returns.
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♪ ♪ get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer. did opec just engineer the
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short squeeze of a lifetime? i have to admit that this production cut deal was about as unexpected as you could get. last week opec ministers leaked there was no deal. nobody would agree to cut backs and the best we might hope for was a freeze at really high levels. that caused oil to take its usual dive to the low 40s with lots of chatter that if there was no deal, then $30 beckoned. of course that made the usual gang of whipsaw commodity traders go heavily short, betting that any deal would be no deal. and oil would fall because there is, as we all know, a real glut of oil out there. even as early as this week, we heard there were implaquable sources at work. but this morning we learned that the saudis are willing to cut almost 500,000 barrels of production a day, and that alone with a couple of hundred thousand barrels cut from other opec members was enough to bring
6:27 pm
everyone to the table. now, just so we understand, there really isn't anything in this deal that seems to curtail all that iran and iraq are doing or might do. that's not the real issue here. the real issue is that the saudis control opec. why? because they have the unique ability to freely raise or lower their output. going into the meeting, the saudis producing as often as much as 11 million barrels a day, from 10 million in 2015. there's simply going back to where they were last year, maybe a little more. however, you can do the math. if the saudis boost the price of oil by more than 8% today simply by making a 5% cut in production like the agreement has them do, they'll do fine. selling slithly more than 10 million barrels a day at 50 is a push, and it's much better, more importantly, than selling 11 million at 40, where oil might have been headed without this agreement. it's pretty much a no-brainer because if the other opec
6:28 pm
companies can't physically pump more than they are, then the algebra works. there's another aspect opec can't count on. that's the u.s. the saudis have created an umbrella under which the u.s. producers can really turn on their spigots, take up the slack. not necessarily tot point of driving crude back down, but to the point where production estimates, what the analysts follows, are too low for our american independents. that's why you're seeing these massive moves. or the oklahoma area known as scoop, which is in smrt parts equally profitable. hence how you can see gains in eog. now they're prepared to reap the harvest of this saudi umbrella. now, why were the traders so
6:29 pm
wrong? why were they shorting oil so heavily? here's my bottom line. i think there was enough chatter about opec failing to reach a deal coming from all directions that the risk/reward on the short side seemed like a much better bet. turns out it wasn't. yet the smart money got played, and they got it wrong. the true believers? they got it right. gary in michigan, gary. >> caller: dr. jim. >> yeah. >> caller: i just bought a little bit of fxl, a midstream pipeline play. i figure with commitment to energy development, that natural gas pipeline should be relatively conservative play with a good yield. the problem is, jim, these are hard to figure out. these companies are owned by generational billionaire oil guys. they all know each other, and they've all got bits and pieces of everybody's company. it's like a big spider web. i want to know what do you think of slx? >> what you describe is why i don't trust that one. i just don't. i can't because i can't get my
6:30 pm
arms around the ownership, and it seems like every other day there's deals involving them. i wish you had done magellan midstream. much smaller yield, but much more conservative. roland in new york, roland. >> caller: hey, big new york booyah, jim. >> thank you. >> caller: given the president-elect's policies on coal, natural resources and trade, what's your opinion on csx corporation? >> i think all the rails do better under president-elect trump than they did under obama. remember, coal is really a factor right now about how high natural gas goes. we're exporting a lot of natural gas. natural gas goes up, then coal becomes more interesting. there's going to be more growth activity. i like all the rails. i like union pacific, and i like norfolk southern, and i've been out front in norfolk southern when we had jim squires on recently. alex in california, alex. >> caller: booyah from the great state of california.
6:31 pm
i've been a long time listener and appreciate all the advice you give. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm calling about anadarko petroleum. consider the sudden rise in oil, the handle going back to 2008 shows some long term resistance. would you consider this a buy? >> first, alex, thank you for the fine comments. what i like to say is i like anadarko, okay? it's up nine. i don't recommend people buy stocks up nine. i just say we missed it. let's get a better chance. but if not, up nine, it's just not my style. i've been hurt too much buying stocks up nine, not made enough money buying stocks up nine. the smart money looked pretty stupid today after today's opec production cut. that's what lit a fire underneath many of the independent american producers. there's much more "mad money" ahead. today saw two huge president-elect picks and they made waves across the plarkt. what you need to know adjust
6:32 pm
ahead. plus an edition of the lightning round. so stick with cramer. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle
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we know the news that this opec production cut is terrific for oil producers. what about the refiners? typically a spike in the price of crude hurts refiners. it's all about the difference between the price of oil and the price of gasoline. but there was one company in this group that actually saw its stock rally today, and ha is marathon petroleum, also owns speedway, the nation's second largest convenience store chain. but an eventful time for marathon. at the end of october, they reported some weaker than expected numbers, but management announced they were dropping down some of their pipeline
6:36 pm
managements. and even contemplating the sale of mplx altogether. then we learned that elliott management had taken a 4% stake in marathon petroleum. they proposed several more steps to unlock value, which they say could send the stock up 60% to 80%. i think it's this activist involvement and the possibility the company could potentially take a number of steps to unlock value, something they've always been amenable to, that allowed the stock to hang in there today. let's take a closer look with gary heminger, the president and ceo, mr. heminger, welcome back to "mad money." good to see you sir. >> thanks for having me, jim. >> have a seat. one of the things that is funny about these activists is they tend to pick on the good ones because they know they're going to win you the way. you have done more to bring out value than anyone in your class, and the original split also brought out a lot of value, created double the value. do you need to do anything more
6:37 pm
than the steps that you have said that you'll do? >> well, jim, in fact you recall i've been on your show right after we split from marathon oil and then when we, in october of 2012, when we did the ipo for mplx. and then when we acquired the hess stores. so we've done a lot to be able to grow value. >> every time the stock has gone higher. >> every time it has. >> you've made our viewers a lot of money. >> in fact, i take you back to 2011 splitting from marathon, we're up 140% in shareholder returns. >> extraordinary. everyone needs to know much better than anyone else in your sector. >> our board has a very deep knowledge of how to grow value, and we review a lot of opportunities with the board. and all of these opportunities that we continue to review, you know, it's evident -- and i agree with elliott, and i visit with many shareholders all the time, that there's a tremendous value. and we got caught um in the
6:38 pm
downturn of the commodity price second half of last years that hurt refiners, and mpls just purchased mark west and we caught caught up in the downturn of the drill bit. so they're very involved in the production regions. but we've seen the cost of capital, and we've seen the yield improve over the summer. i think we're in a good place right now. >> we are always -- as you know, huge fans of your and of mark west, so it's a great combination. how about this deal today? does this deal stick? we've all been so suspicious. >> well, in fact, back early this year, we talked about this, and i was on a panel at a conference. we talked about where oil prices would be, and i stated at that point that oil prices needed to get into the $50 to $55 range for a number of reasons. i traveled to the middle east often, and you just look at the economies, and you look at the requirements there. >> right. >> and you look at the requirements here domestically, what the producer, the driller -- you look at all the
6:39 pm
drillers today and the service companies are up significantly because it's a good position that they're going to get back in and back to work. so does it stick? you know, it's down probably about 1.2 barrel reduction is where they're going to land. it's where they needed to be. we believe by the end of the first half that the global supply of crude can be in balance. it might even be a little bit of a supply deficit as we go into the second half of the year. so i believe it has a chance to stick as long as they, you know, the technical agreements that are going to be put together here over the next couple of weeks really come into where they stated they would be. >> your sister company is acting like it is. they're up 20% today. you've always been clear these are separate companies, but everybody benefits if they both go up. >> they do. i'm still a big shareholder in marathon oil. >> now, new president. >> yes. >> to say that he's pro-fossil fuel is an understatement. what does it mean for a refiner
6:40 pm
to have a president that is specifically pro-oil and gas? >> i think first of all, the pine line permits and the issues we've had across the country with the keystone pipeline and now the dakota access pipeline, which we are projected to be an owner in the dakota access pierp line and it's samemied right now to finish the construction. i'm very confident the president-elect is very intelligent. he's put himself -- surrounding himself with very intelligent people that understand the economics of the oil and gas industry. so i'm confident we're going to get the permits going. the second thing that really needs to be handled with the new administration is this renewable fuel standard. it just does not work. rins are trading now at a dollar. >> it's a weird subsidy that didn't work. >> it's really a hidden tax to the consume ir. it doesn't work, and it's been very detrimental to all of the refiners. there's really nobody who is making any monday off of rens,
6:41 pm
but the consumer is paying this high cost. >> when i look at speedway, i have to admit it does seem undervalued. but there's not much of you can do. you want to have both sides, right? >> well, jim, as i talked with you a while right after us acquiring the hess stores and we've done a great job of executing and bringing those in. we're way ahead of schedule on capturing the synergies. but speedway is very important to the integration of mpc, the integration back to the refinery, integration into the mlp. if you really think about we sell 6 billion gallons a year through speedway. for the most part, all that volume has gone through all of our pipelines, our terminals, our docks, our barges that are all in the mlp. so it's very supportive of the mlp, but i agree we're not getting the full value in our share price. but i also believe we have some alternatives we continue to work on that is going to continue to increase that price. >> all right. one last question just about the
6:42 pm
general ethos. we do have under obama, it's almost as if i feel like the protest against pipelines, let's just say that maybe the president actually favored them. maybe the protests are something that an anti-fossil fuel guy would certainly almost think is good or say is good. what can trump do about a local protest? i mean if in the end the president is pro-pipeline, how does that stop a dakota protest? >> well, the president -- and i believe the obama administration was pro-pipeline. >> they knew the pipelines were safer than other forms. >> they certainly know that. you know, the keystone was one political view. the dakota access pipeline, this really came to a head right before the election. >> right. >> so what has happened is they really punted this to the next administration. >> right. >> but i believe, you know, the army corps had approved the permit, had approved the easements. we are a company -- i had this question in a town hall meeting.
6:43 pm
we are a company. we certainly will not do anything that is environmentally unfriendly, nor will we do anything to violate secret burial grounds. nor will etp or philips, who are party to this pipeline either. i have very high confidence this is going to get resolved early in the new administration. >> excellent. that's gary hemmen ger, ceo of marathon. by far, the most undervalued in the entire group and the one i recommend constantly. stick with cramer.
6:44 pm
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6:46 pm
>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time! it is time for the lightning round! that's where i take your calls rapid fire. you tell me the stock. i tell you to buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell. we'll play this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." let's start with richard in california, richard. >> caller: mr. cramer, sir, this is richard from california. longtime listener. i grow my retirement funds off your very good information. >> thank you. >> caller: can't thank you. booyah to ya. >> booyah. >> caller: one big stock i've been watching for a while, waiting to pull the trigger or not. acia. >> we suggested we do this one and it went all the way up.
6:47 pm
we said when they did that last quarter, we were not happy with it because they did have a contract that we thought would have been big that didn't happen. so i want you to be careful in this one. long term story good. short term, not that good. david in pennsylvania, david. >> caller: hello, jim. thank you for taking my call. i bought into national flavors and fragrances at 126. >> they missed the quarter. they absolutely missed the quarter. this is a company that has a long history. i would be a buyer of had company after they report the next quarter. i want to see what it is because this quarter was a not good quarter. let's go to debbie in new jersey, debbie. >> caller: hey, mr. cramer. how are you? >> good. how about you? >> caller: i'm terrific. ulta salon. >> we're going to find out. they report tomorrow. let's wait to see what they do. i did like the last quarter, but the stock sold down hard. i like the company longer term, but i want to hear what they have to say. we're on the verge of hearing what the numbers. patrick in maryland, patrick. >> caller: hey, jim. booyah. >> booyah.
6:48 pm
>> caller: shout out, finance teacher, mr. marks, and i'd like to know what you think about buffalo wild wings stock? >> i think buffalo, they've got an activist in there trying to get things going. i like the business model okay, but i'm telling the truth. the restaurant game is a little bit harder than it used to be because of minimum wage. i think it's okay. not as great as it was. let's go to norman in texas, norman. >> caller: yeah, jim. should i be getting ingilead now? >> it's a very expensive stock. i still prefer celgene, even up here. let's go to fred in florida, fred. >> caller: greetings, prince cramer. thank you and your excellent staff for all your great intel. i own olin. it's up 47% year-to-date. it closed today at 26. where do you see it in the next 12 months. >> they made a great deal when they did the chlorine. that was a killer deal. i want you to stay long.
6:49 pm
it's an inexpensive stock. michael in california, michael. >> caller: yes. hello. >> hey. >> caller: mr. cramer, how are you doing today? >> all right. how are you? >> caller: fine. sunny san diego, california. >> can't beat that. >> caller: i would like to know since the presidential elections and they have a problem with medical and hospitals. >> right. >> caller: i would like to specifically know about express scripts. >> nompt the one that we like in that group, the one my charitable trust owns that i feel really great about is walgreens especially with that rite aid deal. jerry in ohio, jerry. >> caller: booyah, jim, from the buck eye nation. your opinion on zylum? >> this is a great company to own. this is about water infrastructure. we're bullish on water infrastructure. it's been a great theme. let's go to alfredo in florida, alfredo. >> caller: hi, jim. how are you? >> all right. how are you?
6:50 pm
>> caller: good. >> under armour. >> i didn't like what i heard in the conference call. made me very nervous. short term, there are better places to be, including pvh on a discount. let's go to austin in colorado, austin. >> caller: booyah, jim. >> booyah. >> camping world, by sell or hold? >> the stock hit a 52 week hold. i happen to think the long term camping theory is a great one, and i heard that from thor. anything that involves that theory is a good theory for me. stefan in new york, stefan. >> caller: hey, jim. booyah. >> booyah. >> caller: young investor here, started watching the show at a very early age. so what are your thoughts on dex com? >> you got to bring them back. people keep telling me they got more competition than i thought. the medical device group has gotten weak, stay tuned to that one because it had a great quarter but we've got to be sure before we commit even down here
6:51 pm
at 69. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. . we only do it for everyone gary. well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies. well, don't worry, i won't let this accomplishment go to my head. i'm still the same old gary. wait, you forgot your french dictionary. oh, mucho gracias. get help on options trading with thinkorswim, only at td ameritrade. what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create, not just wealth, but things that matter.
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together, we're building a better california. what a battle royal the dow jones industrial averages today. only a two-point gain, but still a positive coda to a month of november that saw almost 1,000 points tacked on.
6:54 pm
to me, though, the nine winners out of the 30 dow stocks in today's session speak volumes about president-elect trump and his two cabinet picks, steve mnuchin for treasury and wilbur ross that were announced this morning. i don't know about you but i sat rapt in attention when these two men talked about their vision for this presidency. as a stock junky, all i could think is how the heck are we going to make some money off this targeted pro-growth agenda? i got to tell you, one thing i've learned in my 36 years inity business, never youth think the market. just take your cue from the action. so let's take our cue from the nine dow stocks that went higher today. first, biggest, goldman sachs. makes a ton of sense. this company is being valued substantially before the election because the banking legislation enacted after the great recession crimped the find of products goldman could buy and invest in. plus if the senate went democrat
6:55 pm
and had elizabeth warren be head of the banking committee, goldman would be a good short. not anymore. sure, like mnuchin, i worked there. that's where i got my start. i'm forever grateful. i play with an open hand. what you need to realize is the stock of goldman sachs had fallen behind the rest of the banking group, and it didn't deserve to be that way. it has too much growth. however, if you thought you'd be getting more of the same or even tougher enforcement of dodd/frank from the next president, you could justify that discount. now, though, goldman definitely deserves the premium it used to get, and for all the things that ma chew chin said. i wouldn't sell it, not even up seven. next, dupont. we heard from dupont today that its deal with dow chemical is still on track. that was welcome news. more important, this is the kind of deal that guys like ross or mnuchin would be okay with. when you listen to these two
6:56 pm
gentlemen, you get the sense they like mergers that create stronger american companies that can compete on what is sadly, indeed, an unlevel playing field internationally. i like dow chemical. we say it's a buy. chevron and exxon are not. sure, opec pulled a rabbit out of the hat. i think we still have to come to grips with how pro-oil and gas the trump administration is going to be. these companies won't be targeted as enemies. that may be awful for the environment, but it's great for job creation and the economy. fifth, there's caterpillar. i think this company is now in the sweet spot for a number of reasons relating to the trump agenda. most important is cat is viewed as a necessity for both fossil fuel extraction and for infrastructure. it's been the trump industrial stock since the election. i think it can keep climbing. jpmorgan follows and all i can say that ross and mnuchin's comments about growth play right into the hands of jamie
6:57 pm
diamonds's bank. it will drive the earnings per share higher than the analysts will think. fabulous performer. united health, unh had a terrific analyst meeting. it's been transformed from an hmo to a nationwide health care company that stands to do better under trump. next, number eight, american express. this company is about travel, leisure, going out, not to mention small business. they've been doing better since the election. finally one outlier, pfizer. here's the bottom line. if you watched squawk today, you could have picked seven out of these nine gainers in the dow has benefitted from this administration. these names are at the core of the new regime as erepresented y trump and now by steve mnuchin and by wilbur ross.
6:58 pm
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