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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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i think the sky works. >> dan knows a lot. >> sometimes. i'm melissa lee. see you back tomorrow more "fast money." jim's exclusive with the ceo of mgm starts right now. stay tuned. >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey i'm cramer. other people want to make friends i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain you but educate and teach you. call me or tweet me @jimcramer. looking back it now seems clear that the world changed on election day 2016 you may love
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the results or hate them but one thing is certain. getting the election overwith turned out to be a big deal and if donald trump can deliver on all of his promises then many of the stock markets moves will be totally justiced with just one more record high today, the dow gaining another 65 points. nasdaq .44%. a lot of strength in tech. what is really dawning on people now is exactly how frozen our economy was by this endless election and how unthawed it seems to be now. as we got closer and closer business seemed to fall off cliff where the fabulous cfo said on his conference call today i think it was worse than a snowstorm in terms of nobody wanting to go out and buy stuff and that's what i read about other retailers, end quote. no wonder the stocks rally all
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day. the flood gates have been open. what we're really learning is that it wasn't just with retailers. it was every nook and cranny of business. take a look at what he told us here last night. this has gotten better and better since that day. each week. or what about what the ceo said when he was on the show recently. he was cautious about the holiday season. he told us the weeks after election day were gang busters across the board. no wonder the retailers have been rallying pretty much nonstop since then and they now find their stocks on fire. how can they not when they told us the backlog is up double digits and positive demand trends pretty much everywhere. these are come one come all situations where toll rallies
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you get fabulous pit action. think lowe's, home depot, furniture, tools, the ripple effects are astounding. notice that disney is now up $9 since the election. some of that could be what we have seen spinning off espn or selling it and doing an acquisition makes disney less dependent on current cable offers but i bet a lot of it will be a surge in books at the theme parks. yes it's that big of a deal. do you think those flights by southwest are all going to houston? think again. it's extending in tech too. remember much better than expected earnings and said a lot of the devices were doing well. even person computers. how about the amazing strength and sales for semi-conductor companies like broadcom or amd
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or micron. a lot of action there spinning over to solutions. now we all know about the obvious trump stocks. bank of america. the first national bank of trump. best pure play out there. goldman sachs has truly turned into goldman slacks for those that fit in. it's up 4% for the year. and higher rates make them more money and increased deal activity for stock and bond activity and more money and most important deregulation make their fortunes. goldman sax probably got a start in this business and certainly has been able to take as must have risk as it used to because of dodd frank. honestly when it seemed like hillary would win in a landslide i was expected show trials ran by senator elizabeth warren.
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instead we got trump and his administration and celebration of finance with the department headed by a former goldman sachs partner. very smart, sharp steve nguyen and the possibility that the banks awesome number 2 maybe going to the government too. it must feel unbound over there and then there's oil and gas. holy cow as we said last night. this administration doesn't just want to look the other way, it wants to promote. perhaps through more generous tax breaks with an eye toward destroying opec by unleashing our american technology to drill like crazy. we know trump is not oblivious about the impact of opec. he can do something about it because of the domestic and cheap oil we discovered because of our great technology. here's what he told me back in january of 2008. >> any politician do you think has the pulse? anyone running for president has
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the pulse of what you know about the economy. >> the biggest that you never hear about i told you about it once every time they lower interest rates, the cartel, the illegal monopoly raises oil prices. the monopoly, that's all it is, if business is ever formed opec, everybody would be put in jail. here they are and every time a country hits oil they're invited into the cartel. it's a disgrace. now you have oil that's close to 100, going to be over 100 and nobody in this country calls and says get that oil price down. you get it down and they can do it. >> you think they can. >> they can. let me tell you our presidents used to call. they say you get that price down and you get it down fast. if spoken too properly those prices would come down like you
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wouldn't believe. nobody calls. >> well we now have someone as president elect that calls as the ceos of boeing united technologies learned the hard way. once they did the art of the deal. finally they keep discovering from changes made in this election. how about scott's miracle grow out from bank of america today. wait a second, this is not your dad's grass company as they said at the top of the piece. the brokerage house raises price target from 80 to 105 because scotch has become a leader in hydroponics and maybe commonly used to grow marijuana.
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to improve pot smoking and it could jump 50% because this grass has room to grow and there's not many other stocks. yet every day we keep finding out new winners stemming from either the end of the nasty slug fest between the candidates and specific issues changed by the election like the growth of legal marijuana and the gail force winds powering the trump stoc stocks. here's the bottom line. we're learning that the world changed not just politically last month and we have be and ae going before election day and after election day. and every day we're amazed at exactly how different the business world is versus one month ago. let's go to michael. michael go ahead. speak to me.
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michael. >> let's go clear across the country. let's go to chuck in california. chuck. >> hey, you and i were both disappointed when he slashed the dividend on the stock and then he began doing some on new takers. don't you think he bottomed out now. >> don't buy. >> no, not my guy. period end of story. allen in florida, allen want to talk to you about gw pharmaceuticals. and the doctor is very excited. analyst very excited. they just got drug status for their autism drug and they got clinical studies for main management my doctor tells me it
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could be better than all of them combined. you have been following them since they were $30 a share. what do you think? >> it's doing fantastic and doing great and every single study it's a must. the fda must fast track it but the big issue here is the off label use. that may be undone. that's right. by people growing marijuana. and maybe that's going to be the huge growth story. behold, ae. the business environment changed after the election and it continues to take the market to historic levels. don't i got the ceo. don't miss my exclusive to see who is playing the cards right. did you catch lululemon's climb today. talk about a workout. it should come as no surprise and mortgage rates jumped by roughly .5 since last october based on trump's growth agenda.
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what does it mean going forward? i have the exclusive with the ceo. may i suggest that you stick with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jim cramer on twitter. have a question, #mad tweets. send jim an e-mail to madmoney@cnbc dol or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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>> it's not just because trump is set to take office next month or the redskins are pushing for the playoffs in the second year. no people are excited about the latest casino from mgm resorts. it's finally arrived. the grand opening for national harbor that is just a ten minutes live and $200 million stock is up and it's got a lot going for it beyond this red hot
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new property in washington. made a series of moves designed to unlock value for shareholders. and we like that one too. with buying the other half of the board got it and of course continue to expand in the chinese gambling mecca which is lifting the whole group after spending aawhile down the dumps but of course stories out of chinese press today that atm cash limits may hurt the business. very strong and national harbor isn't even opiate but could the stock continue to run despite the 4% decline. and brand new casino and you see what it means for the future of the company. jim welcome back to mad money. >> thank you for having me jim. >> all right you look like you were in one of the most beautiful i've seen. tell me why this national harbor is so important for your
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company. >> on the banks of the potomac. 8 miles from washington d.c. because we believe that we did tremendously well financially we got 40 million people a year visit our nation's capitol and we believe that our form of entertainment food and beverage and casino gaming is going to be profitable for marijuana and mgm. >> there's never been big time entertainment destination associated with washington d.c. what kind of action are you going to be bringing in to make sure that we want to go to your place specifically? >> well that's exactly right. washington kind of shuts down around 10:00 at night so everyone is going to be coming over here so we have bruno mars and boys 2 men and lionel richie, cher, the list goes on. we're going to bring back boxing
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to national harbor in prince george's county. ufc. it seals like every weekend we'll have an event in our new 4,000 seat entertainment venue. >> is there enough rooms? are there enough hotel rooms to be able to handle the business you're bringing? >> we built only 300 rooms here because there's about 3,000 in the market. a really fine convention hotel here. another 1,000 rooms in the market. our idea is and virginia doesn't have gaming. they never had a bad day in washington defendant c. economically so there's a lot of money around here and they're going to be coming over to marijuana to spend it. >> all right now i know there's a lot of near term news and some might be noise. there might be limitations on how much money gamblers can take out of atms. i know they're very important to your company. when i go to a casino i do want
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access to atms is this going to hurt you guys? >> first let's put this in context. we have about 20% of our profits in mccaw. the chinese government has done a good job over many years trying to sustain growth what they want to see is not a lot of up and grown growth and improvement in tourism and revenue. the controls they have put into place are consistent with the controls they have put into place in the past so there's a lot of chatter about this today. i don't want to minimize the significance. it will reduce some revenue but the long-term play is an extremely positive story and we're looking forward to opening up a very very entertainment laiden new resort national
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harbor is so much more exciting. i know you were an analyst from the old days. identify the issue. let's talk about something hah changed the the country. whether you like him or not. we have a new president and he is to some degree the opposite of president obama. president obama actually hurt las vegas. this guy has been in the ka see moe business most certainly but understands the hospitality business. pros and cons of a president trump? >> so more pros than cons. i can say that. the gaming business, hospitality does best in a growing economy. we all want that. we want the economy to grow. we want job growth in the writes. that means more disposable income so very big positive there reducing regulation and a lot of bureaucracy. also very positive. having someone that understands the global hospitality business
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has to help. our business is international tourists. i'll all about bringing international tourists to the united states because let's face it they spend more money when they come here. they're great tourists so i'm a very, very positive person about the president elect's administration he's going to be the right guy in this time and i'm looking forward to working with him. >> he feels strongly about creating jobs. does any industry create as many jobs as yours. >> thanks for asking. there's been a lot of talk about jobs and rightly so. it's 1.8 million american jobs and they're not just jobs. these are literally.
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>> my company in a two year period of time created 8,000 new jobs between las vegas here. 4,000 jobs in maryland and another 3,000 jobs in massachusetts in about a year's tile. we are all about job growth and our industry is a growing political voice in what is important to america. >> last thing you mentioned at your conference call is you threw out japan. japan would be another unbelievable market. is that something that we could see years from now. >> it could happen any day. they already approved the promotion act and the upper house is debating it right now. if japan moves forward with this bill which would ultimately lead to request for proposals for integrated resorts, japan could
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be the largest gaming market second only to them and the results they have in their beautiful country. and if the japanese people want the resorts they want to help and i promise you i'll do my best. >> last question ooen right before the election you had critical things to say about the way mr. trump does handle himself. a lot of people have come around to the idea, look, that's campaign rhetoric and little visceral reaction. now with that how do you feel? >> i feel great. for a ceo that represents a company that the majority of my employees are minorities with rhetoric on both sides of the
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campaign i am glad it's over and it's back down to business. so i didn't like the rhetoric at all from either candidate. i stick up for my employ wrees and i care a lot about diversity and inclusion and i care about good trade policies and i care about immigration. having strong borders. being a welcoming country to folks that visit us and work legally here so i have a lot of distinct views and i'm looking forward to the fact that president elect trump is a business person first and going to be a consensus builder. he is putting together i think a very fine team and i'm looking forward to a rising economy, a rising economy is great for mgm. >> i'm looking forward to going to national harbor myself. congratulations on this and for the fabulous performance you have given shareholders. best of luck this weekend, sir. >> thank you, jim. >> exciting story but also you
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have the worries so when that gets billed in a little more maybe that's your opportunity. we're saying that way. your the chairman and ceo. mad money is back after the break. >> coming up is it time to lock in that mortgage? what will the rise in interest rates mean for america's new homeowners? jim sits down with the ceo of a company that touches a quarter of america's home loans to get a read on the latest trends in housing. >> the fundamental driver of residential finance is people buying homes. >> when mad money returns.
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if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. >> so much for the out with
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athlesiure in with denim thesis that they fell for. it doesn't apply to lululemon after the blowout quarter and 15% return. we heard analyst after analyst say that lululemon's time has come and gone because it's pioneering style has been copied by so many competitors and is no longer cutting edge. not only that but because we heard from a couple of stores that denim is back is a hot trend a lot of people came to believe there wasn't enough room on the shelf for both. the story, athlesure is finished. i called this thesis reporting meaning some clever people looked over the landscape seeing too many weak sales of the kind of apparel that lululemon makes but from other companies and
6:28 pm
real growth in denim. especially with calvin klien jeans and decide it's about a broad switch to denim. a fashion statement and overtime there's been many of them written for this company but here's what the critics and their short selling buddies overlooked. maybe all the missing sales are going to the main competitor. maybe they're going to lulu. the numbers the company reported were staggering. 34% earnings per share growth. 7% combined same store sales plus it's the whole story. more important perhaps is that lulu maybe actually at an inflection point right here, right now. going from the prevention maker to opening stores in china and london that could produce huge numbers. china in particular with two
6:29 pm
stores up in shanghai followed by another two in 2017 that could change the whole complexity of shares given that they sold 10,000 items on singles day. one day. the biggest shopping day of the people's republic for much more than anyone thought they did. it reminds me of when underarmour went to china. that stock is in the low 20s at that time. the stock did double after it went to china two years later. not too shabby as long as you didn't get too greedy. similar move from lululemon it wouldn't shock me. yes the numbers were that good. and theory as to why it did so well, 20% sales gain including the energy bras to get real granular or abc pants, yes, antiball crushing or new from the lab that underarmour well best in high intensity sweating
6:30 pm
situations. but innovation the tech company is only part of the story. it's hard for many people to understand. i believe the main reason they got it wrong is lulu is bigger than a brand. lulu stands for something. in the time i spent with the ceo i have learned exactly hough this man understands about the way people think. particularly younger people. he knows they go to lulu because it embraces the culture in health and sustainability. i think it's really important to differentiate from the athleez jurors trend and how people want to live their life and lulu is the only brand that's a metaphor for how people want to live their life and how they want to move. i love that. this guy gets it. >> he goes on to bust it entirely with this quote. you can argue either the space is really crowded and we have a lot of competitors or very few. it's the latter because as he
6:31 pm
continues as long as we function on innovation and value to our guests we don't see a risk to the market that we created. lulu was about mindfulness and being in the molt. it's about all the things wall street laughs at or could care less about and they, not wall street determine the number. gabriel. >> booyah, jim. i wanted to ask you, it's seems to be coming back. i'd love to know your opinion about whether i should add on to my position. >> they have a change in management coming. they do have denim but never been a feature for them. the department store business has been okay. when they're down $3 that's good and lulu, it's nutty to buy something up nine but it won't
6:32 pm
be up nine tomorrow and maybe you just go down there and buy buy buy. mark in texas. >> miami mark calling from austin texas. i am long on underarmour. they split it into class a and class c yesterday. i own class a. can you tell me what's going on there? >> i think the company is is doing a little better but i have to tell you that competition among them has made me like foot locker. because i don't like it when companies really have competition. competition is bad for profits. arthur in massachusetts. arthur. >> hey, a huge, huge, booyah to you jim and many thanks. >> my stock is tjx. i watched it over the past three months and i've seen it go through a 50 and 200 day and i watched it play through levels
6:33 pm
and firm up on dividends yet i still hear many analysts offering a variety of different places every day. it reminds me of the new england weather. >> i'm not concerned my charitable trust which you can follow along at action owners we tell club members this is exactly when you want to buy. you have macy's closing a bunch of stores and excess inventory. they're adding a lot of stores. i think that tjx is indeed -- >> buy buy buy. >> lululemon is about mindfulness. it's hard to wrap your head around the monster move today but it's for real. we could be at an inflection point for its stock. much more mad money ahead. existing home sales, a high in october and that means new mortgages. then brick and mortar retail has been business bottle threatened? well how are they fairing? i'm talking with a ceo and all
6:34 pm
of your calls rapid fire tonight's edition of the lightning round, so stick with cramer. [engine revving] ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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>> the big question now isn't whether they tighten but how much damage it might do to the parts of the economy sensitive to interest rates. mortgage rates are about to get less attractive. on the other hand the trump administration is planning to cut taxes which i think will more than balance out the effect of raising of the rate hikes that i expect. don't just take it from me though. let's talk to an expert elli which prosides more origination software via the cloud and it's a major boom for companies that make more fwajs. it complicates the process of making a mortgage. the company has a front row seat to what's happening in the mortgage market. it's the kind of growth company that's doing well but since the election it has sold off traumatically. largely because of the run up in interest rates but largely fears it will slow it's business. let's take a closer look with the ceo to find out more about how his company is doing or the
6:38 pm
mortgage industry was headed. welcome to mad money. >> thank you for having me again. good to talk to you. and will make it so that entry base which is deregulation will hurt their business? >> no, i really don't think so regulation is would be of the factors that helped us grow but a big part of it has been the overall shift to automating the process and although there's been lots of talk about getting rid of dodd frank and repealing it or, you know, dismantling it the likelihood is that it's probably going to be some come promize.
6:39 pm
some level of reducing the power of the cfpb by moving it from a single individual to more of a commission and some level of greater transparency and i think those are actually going to make it really positive all the way around. it will be positive for our customers. it will potentially increase credit availability which again is a real win for our lenders. >> all right. you do a survey and you talk about having a great pulse on originations. where is the country in the last four weeks? there's the preelection and the post. there's a surge of opt mifl to be able to buy everything including houses and that is to help. >> there is definitely a real opt mifl out there. i mean, even though rates are going up, they're going up because people are bullish.
6:40 pm
you have consumer confidence. you have the belief that we're going to see some nice inflation increases. we're going to see some stimulation from the new administration and all of those things are positive for the purchase market and so when you look at that, you look at the idea of potentially improving credit availability, our customers are pretty bullish as we are. >> so in terms of the trade off what i said at the begin as good that i think all of what you just mentioned can actually trump, so to speak, any rate hike or even multiple rate hikes to say that we got to mortgage rates to 100 points higher. that business could even -- that that's not going to impede business if the country is doing that. >> you know, it's not. >> we're going to see it come down a little bit more. rates are going up and the fundamental driver of
6:41 pm
residential finance is people buying homes. and we're in a healthy place now. they're projected to grow to 1.1 trillion in volume next year at 10% growth rate and that's before stimulus. you get some stimulus there and they don't effect people's decision to buy a home. people buy a home because they feel good. they get a new job and they have a life event. they want to move into a bigger place. those are the drivers. small interest rate increases, don't change that decision process. perhaps they bring down price appreciation a little bit but, you know, if all of these things play together we could see a robust purchase.
6:42 pm
do you believe demographicicly we're in for a multiyear move? >> demographically absolutely. you know, this year about 33% of homes are coming from new home buyers. we're projecting into next year well above the 50s. 61% of that population is millennials so they're getting more optimistic. we're seeing it in the heart land. we put out a report today that shows that in places like minneapolis and chicago and detroit that number keeps gr growing and we'll see more of that. one of the things that came out last month was the new construction starts. 1.3 million. the highest since august 2007 and why is that happening? builders are seeing the same thing that you're talking about
6:43 pm
jim which is they're first time home buyers. we need more inventory and it's happening. >> good to see you, sir. thank you so much. >> great to see you. thanks so much jim. >> deregulation might hurt but the economy getting better that helps. you have to make up your mind. mad money is back during the break. ♪ we're drowning in information. where, in all of this, is the stuff that matters? the stakes are so high, your finances, your future. how do you solve this? you don't. you partner with a firm that advises governments and the fortune 500, and, can deliver insight person to person, on what matters to you.
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morgan stanley.
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6:46 pm
>> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. hear this sound and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? let's start with joe in indiana. joe. >> hi, jim. thanks to you and your crew my stock is ice intercontinental. >> trump stock. trump stock. >> this is about more value. it's about an explosion of listings in 2017. i like the stock very much. >> hey, jim. thanks for the opportunity. i'm looking for frc first
6:47 pm
republic bank. >> it has room to go. they all do. let's go to alex in california. alex. >> this is alex from los angeles. >> what's going on? >> my stock has benefitted from the super cycle phenomenon. it's up 100% year to date. i'd like to know your long-term opinion about momentum holdings. >> it's good. i have to tell you though they look terrific. it's cheap. you should buy that one. let's go to gary in new york. >> yes. booyah. >> booyah. >> hey. >> i got it because i'm a life insurance holder. >> trump stock.
6:48 pm
>> they're beginning to reflect a lot of that. so maybe let that one cool a little bit. let's go to audrey in new york. >> thanks for taking my call, jim. >> you're welcome. >> bye, sell or hold. >> i like it. i have just been thinking a lot about it in the last quarter. kind of competitive there. barbra in florida. >> thank you for taking my call. my question is on hershey stock or bristol meyers. >> neither one of them is really right right now. they kind of don't fit. i do like them longer term because that brand is unassailable. what can i say? >> not a trump stock. >> charles in mississippi, charles. >> booyah from mississippi. >> booyah. >> my question is what do you think of global payments? >> you know, global payments is good but i have spent a lot of time in that industry lately and i have to tell you right now i
6:49 pm
think their business is stronger. let's have another. let's go to ron in maryland. >> booyah. thanks for having me on. >> of course. >> i like it all the way down and i like it all the way up. >> how are you, jim? >> i'm good. >> it's good talking to you. >> i'm calling about the system. >> no, no. that is no good. may i suggest you buy arnc. it's very inexpensive and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. ur bs so we can share our amazing trading knowledge. that's a great idea,
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but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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well, most retail stocks are getting a boost curtesy of the trump rally. some of the names are getting a little tricky. ollie's bargain outlet holdings. 230 off price stores became public in 2013 and this stock has nearly doubled powered by the desire to find bargains and also by the past weakness of the big department stores. and needed to unload at cut rate prices and companies like this one and then turn it around.
6:53 pm
they have been on fire since the surprise victory. beat higher than expected revenues up 15.7% year over year. it's up 2% and could be profit taking. what is going on? did ollie's run too much into the quarter making it impossible for the stock to go higher? let's take a closer look. let's go under the hood with the chairman and ceo of the bargain outlet and get a better sense of the quarter. welcome back to mad money. >> hey, jim. >> congratulations on being the best. >> thank you very much. >> that's because you got a fantastic model including something that's going to happen this very weekend. that's a big deal. >> yeah. we do have a good model and we have what america wants. america wants to save money. doesn't matter who the president is. they want to save money. this sunday night would be a monster night. they're having ollie's army night. over 7 million members and many, many of them will be at the
6:54 pm
event they close to the general public and they get great savings and the lines will be long but the savings will be longer. >> tell people how you get this merchandise because it's fascinating to people that think they can't be must have more of bargain beyond amazon. >> we scour the market and attend almost every major trade show in america and we're looking for disruptions. we caught a lot of know trity over an ad in the wall street journal about the bankruptcy. we have been doing this for 34 years. any time there's a disruption whether it be a bankruptcy or somebody closing. package changes. discontinued items. name brands that reduce prices we turn the consumer on. >> it's interesting hah you open new stores almost instantly profitable. >> well yeah it's 55% year on year. two year pay back. very very strong we are really
6:55 pm
hitting all of our marks and we're a mature company. 34 years. we're a baby in the public market. >> but you said that you know to fish where the fish are biting. what do our viewers need to know about that? >> well, that was in reference to doing electronic advertising in the fourth quarter. >> you're a very transparent company and you even say look it depends what is available. you didn't have a lot of merchandisi merchandising. >> or a bigger deal last year. that's just it. i'm up against nearly a 9% two year comp in q-4 i'm up against a 14% two year comp. i'm thrilled with what we're doing. we're rocking. our stores are packed. we're rolling. >> a lot of people worry about the dollar stores but they had a lot of perishables. it doesn't sound like you have them. >> our idea of food is pop-tarts and potato chips. >> whose isn't? >> and they're good.
6:56 pm
but we don't have much exposure to food at all. >> and that idea is just irrelevant to you. >> we price off of the real stores. whether it be the targets or whatever. we price at a discount to them so they may set the price and we're hoping to sell it at a substantially reduced price from their price. >> how do people find out there is an army and how do they join up? >> you can join when you come into the store. you can't sign up online. we want to make it a little bit difficult because then we know you want to hear from us and that's why over 60% of our business is attributable to ollie's army. >> everyone got caught up on coffee pots. i have a lot of money for my 8:00 coffee. >> we have a very, very high premium brand coffee that we have been selling for about 2.5 years and we have sold a lot and
6:57 pm
the customers have bought it and voted with their wallets and they keep coming back and they keep buying it. >> last thing. >> since the election there has been a thaw. do you expect your biggest ollie's army sunday night ever. >> we hope so. please pray for no snow. >> thank you. deserves the shout out. thank you to mark butler. the chairman president and ceo of ollie's bargain out let. what a story. mad money is back after the break.
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yeah, chevy was great in that. who played the wife? beverly d'angelo! juliette lewis costarred as the daughter. chris columbus was the director... it's called claymation... narwhals really exist... actually guys, it was the ghost of christmas past... never stick your tongue on a frozen flag pole... yukon cornelius... "die hard" is considered a christmas vie! that's the unlimited effect. stream your entertainment with unlimited data when you switch to at&t and have directv. after the close, broadcom with a good quarter and restoration hardware with a weak quarter. i see a lot of stocks going up. always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it for you right here on mad money. i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow. tilman fertitta: tonight on "billion dollar buyer"...
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