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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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ellison's oracle quarter illustrates how strong salesforce really is. >> will you come with me to a subtitled movie with . my mission is simple -- to make you moivenl i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money". welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends i'm here to save you money. my job is to educate and teach. call me or tweet me@jimcramer. on a day where the dow gains, nasdaq climbed .37%, i realized the name of the game here is
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leap-fr leap-frog. what's leap-frog? it's when a particular company's stock moves up. it causes other stocks to be revalued higher, almost instantly. how does it happen? let's start playing. take the actions in the airline the reason we had gary kelly the perfect ceo thug, he had solid things to say about november's bookings. the name of the traffic pickled up week after week after week post-election. that was news today and the stock quickly moved up smartly. now we get to the valuation part t. priced earnings multiple. remember stocks don't trade on absolute basis, they trade on a relative basis. nobody cares that southwest is a $50 stock. we don't think it's twice as expensive as a $25 stock or half as expensive as a $100 stock, that's nonsense. what matters is the earnings per shares, what we are willing to pay for them. it often symbolizes. when gary came on this show, southwest was swell selling 13
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times next year's earnings estimates and they are wildly regarded as the best capitalization in america. which means it trade as what is known as a premium to the rest of the group. it deserves that, it's a stock and never lost money and has a terrific balance sheet. when we spoke to kelly, his stock was trading earnings, it ramped and ended up with a highest priced mobile. one turn higher as we call it 14 times. after that move, throough, we he to say, hold it, southwest took a trade at a four multiple point premium, but, you know what, the rest of the airlines may be playing a little catch up. you know what, this is not a situation where we just decide, hay, we will pay more. ? no because of the southwest. that's where the leap-frog comes in. the very next day united continentsal reported a different metric is doing better than peep thought. suddenly united, which had been
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stuck in the scrub with americans and delta gets revalued up a bit, because of that news, trading higher and escaping from the pile. then the game of leap-frog continues. today was delta's turn, the company is hosting negatives. it talks about how it thinks things have gotten much better since election and its management expressed exciteth about all the changes trump wants to make in the thanks code. delta stock leaped over united's value, in this kind of a market, we award multiple points to other companies that surprises to the other side. bingo. toda in54s exextrapolate that news, we get inaction. the next thing you know the major airlines aren't selling at seven, eight times earning, they are nine times higher.
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if we were in a less favorable mark. less of a bull mark, more of a long time, none of this would matter. these airlines stocks have been beaten to a pulp over the last few weeks. in fact, warren buffet said he would not buy stock after a terrible time with u.s. air, they were such profitable deep value plays. they have been going up ever since. now it's fair to say when we are constantly surrounded be i the animal spirits of the marking and anoingt of new trump stocks, if american larls comes out tomorrow, i'm not kidding, saying it's having a rally good holiday season, it will leap frock over delta and united. i know, it seems ridiculous. then again, leap-frog is a children's game so what did you expect? and it's not just the airlines. the same exact things are happening in a whole host of industries. so, for instance, tonight, we're speaking of double digital, with
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the stock that's red hot western digital after they announced they were at better than expecting earnings last week, including personal computers. there are a slew of companies that serve the personal computer cluding seagate, amd, micron and digital. it is with seagate. the next thick the stock gets up with this good news pre announcement. now western digital made a brilliant acquisition after sand esks which allowed it to benefit from a flash memory cycle. it's expanded beyond the pc into the internet of things play, think of data forms, given what we we heard the data center real estate investment trust, we notice a demand for more storage now that everything is moving to the cloud, everything down the pike. we're in a moment where many of the big institutional investors
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don't seem that bright, to put it dramatic amy. they are aware of the digital transformation. when they see its stock flying, they want to pass up seagate. next thing seagate is ten times earning, one higher than western digital. after western digital tells its story tonight, i bet it leap-frogs all of again. i'm not seeing. we're seeing the game in automatic computer advanced micro, it's a game on for those two. now, leap-frog is not the only game going on here. we also have an umbrella contest in the higher end segment led by cramer favor invidia. the chip maker has become the american pharoah. the legend ashe triple crown race horse. it's bin i winning in gaming, machine learning chips or artificial intelligence.
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invidia has the moecht momentum. stradz at 37 times next 84s earnings. >> that spurl came yesterday. it's a good opportunity to buy. the other fast growers are rallying. why? because invidia is giving the stocks a bicker umbrella to move up. again, it seems silly. you know when i first understood this stuff in the ''80s, i thought it was outrageously dumble. leap-frog, really? it stayed that way 32 you the '90s. it cooled a after the dot-com trash of the 2000s. since then the great recession hit. with a few exceptions like bang, facebook, netflix, goggle now known as alphabet, we were stuck with a low growth environment, it seemed endless, you needed other catalysts or takeovers or dividends to move your stock higher. most could generate earnings per share but only recent call backs
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or buy backs to trump the share cap. not genuine revenue growth. you we heard, ah, there is no revenue growth. then donald trump the most pro-business presidential candidate in ages won the election. and the result is what you see unfold every day. trump stock, trump stock, trump stock. like i keep saying, much of this move isueled by the three big items onis agenda, lower corporate tacks. >> trump stock. >> deregulation. >> trump stock. >> and repatriatation of overseas exam. suddenly they will reignite the real growth. okay. real growth we had for the whole economy before the great recession. maybe back in the halcyon days of the '90s. that's what counts for these games people. investors only play them when we annual have a positive bullish backdrop. my advice, you don't have to get involved in kids' games like leap-frog, earn the stocks under
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valued, likely to go higher that they get so expensive then they need to be sold. by the way, none of the stocks i just mentioned has reached anywhere near that point yet. the bottom line is this, i want you to understand why these moves are happening. it's not that we have all become a bunch of genius stock pickers overnight. it's that we're in the right place at the right time. the stockmarket in this post-election era of good feelings. let's go to matthew in new york. matthew! >> caller: hey, what's going on, cramer? this is matthew calling from long island, new york. >> i tell you tomorrow night after the show. i'm see, what's up? >> my question is for elon musk and solar city. elon musk urged tesla with solar city. should we buy solar city hoping in the new 84, with him advising trump and everything, the stocks shoot up or should we leave it alone? in there i don't know, matthew, i don't think this president.
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i think that like solar city was. >> not the trump stock. >> not the trump stock. he's not in the subsidies for solar. he doesn't bind the whole global warming thesis. tesla you buy in the car business, if you like the car, you can own the stock, i'm not recommending you. i'm not saying sell either, though, maria in new york. >> hey, jim. i have been with you now every night for years and i want ttha knowledge and expertise with us main stream investors. but, jim, i'd like your opinion on key core, key. i bought it. i'm up a few points. i'm with the trump rally the banks are really doing great. so should i buy more or take my profit now and sell? >> no, don't take your profit. i mean, key is still very cheap. this stock used to be in the '30s and '40s, a long time ago. it's just been a great acquisition.
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we are into what best moodies can transform. i think they should go by that, then it may not be for sale. do not sell key, if it moves down a.. pull the trigger. marcus playing games. you don't have to participate. you have to own stocks and great companies under valued. on "mad" tonight, they are stuck in the penalty box. maybe we should go see ice hockey. western digital is leading the charts. is it time for your portfolio to head west? i'm sitting down with a ceo that never does tv and see if the rally can continue. then does this bang have bite? ? no, not netflix and google. i'm talking diekdback energy, as oil prices continue to climb. could it mean the cat's meow? i will sit down with the top dog, see where the countries is headed. stick with cramer.
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for ages, the whole personal computer was stuck in the box especially components, nearly everyone was convinced they could enter into secular decline. in the last knew months, this group has caught fire. seagate and western digital which have been rallying since the top of the show the epic move, in fact when it comes to western digital, the pc recovery, i'm telling you it's icing on the cake stipulate. this is a company that's working aggressively to change its stripes. western digital made a major move into the data center. the company is trying to move up the stack. industry's meaning if they are
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transitioning from traditional product-based sales to solutions-type business for the data center. most importantly, western digital diversified a little over a year ago when the company announced it was buying sandisc, it was a great acquisition for flash memory. nearly $16 million, a company that closed sevens ago. the dig drive technology have been losing ground, plus they have the ability to push sandisc products to the enterprise, when it was, my father's western digital, something made it clear, much better than expected october. dramatically increased its guidance for next quarter last week at the terrific annual investor day. many think this may be the inexpensive play on the internet of things. even up here, it's trading eight times earnings. can the stock keep climbing?
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let's check in with steve milligan, the transformer and ceo, get a sense of the company's major changes. wow. you have reinvented the western digital i know and love another year. tell me what is the trends that's driving company? >> well, the biggest thing, jim, is it's really about two things i'll talk about. one is obviously the dramatic growth and data that we've seen you know frankly in our personal and professional lives, whether that be in terms of medical application, home make, machine learning, artificial intelligence, a number of different things and so our whole platform has been premised on how can we capitalize from a business perspective on that substantial growth in terms of data. you have alluded to the 2nd thing. i joined the company in 2002. we were a $2 billion company.
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we were essentially break even. our stock was less than $4. it's really about the ability of a company and a set of individual which i'm really proud to be the ceo of, to be able to transform from a technology, from a product perspective, from a canability perspective to enable us to drive and grow into the future. >> tell us about the transformation. i know it's diversification. but it's giving us much more than flash? >> absolutely. it's given us great technology. one of the things that's happening from a storm perspective. we've viewed storm fundamentally as an enabler. it's how you generate that data. it's how you transform that data. it's how you generate value from it. so we need the right technology base that enables us to develop the right kind of products that will evolve with that storage mark. so we added a great amount of capability. not only that, a great set of
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products that enables us to serve us frankly all the needs of our commerce. >> some of the technology will perk up. i thought i would given on the pc. that was generally wrong. general personal storage is a great business. >> one of the things i will caution you on is not get too conservative. we have to decline at double digit rates. now it's kind of stabilized. we're still expecting a decline into the future and so, but that stabilization is really helped to add kind of a base to our business that we can, you know, we have other parts of the market that are growing, i mean, we needed that part of the market shrinking to shrink at a lower rate. that's really happened in terms of the pc market. >> it shocked the rest of the markets that are not as diverse as yours.
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now, i notice there is a lot of debt, something i should worry about? >> absolutely not. i mean, we got really substantial cash flow generation. we're planning on deleverageing our balance sheet rapidly. we are committed to the dividend which have for our investors. so we're very confident and feel good not only about our balance sheet but our financials going forward. >> are you the first tech ceo that i can really ask directly about what's happening in washington. with president-elect trump is not just a man who speaks. he acts and he is clearly concerned about china. we are very concerned for the tech companies we filed that maybe there will be retaliation. you have a lot of business in asia. how do we either get our arms around this or do we accept this as a new risk factor to owning western digital? >> well, it's absolutely a risk factor for all of us in terms of the tech industry. we got a substantial business if china. we have a lot of partners that
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we do business with. we have a good relationship with the regulatory authorities, which has taken us some time to be able to do that. i'm hopeful that the trump administration will be, you know, business oriented and understand that you know it'sant how we can generate jobs here in the u.s., promote exports, that sort of thing. hopefully, we won't get into some sort of retaliatory actions that not only would be harmful for china but, frankly, would be harmful for american business and more importantly american consumers. so it is a watch item. so it's something that, you know, we hope to engage in a dialogue with the administration. but for the time being, i'm optimistic. i'm an optimistic person by nature. and i'm hoping trump with his business backgrounds will do the right things to really help improve our competitiveness and the competitiveness of american businesses going forward.
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>> we certainly share that. we had up with estimate, digital reality on the other day, they come with the fastest growing. data parts. they were talking about autonomous cars, the amount of storage they have, it's a dramatic increase, beneficiary for western digital? >> absolutely a beneficiary for us. basically, wherever there is data, that's where you will find western digital. not to sound a little bit corny, but i tell my kids, i say, look, western digital stores the world's data, that's really what we want to do. when want to make sure that data is secure, accessible, stored in a cost effective way. but absolutely anywhere you will find data, you will find western digital products. >> let's leave it there. i agree with you, your stock, many a night is much too cheap. thank you so much, ceo of western digital. it's an honor to have you on. what you have done with that company is fantastic. >> thank you. >> "mad money" is back after the break.
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coming up, we're taken a wild ride during the trump rally. but are you diversified enough to stay safe in an unpredictable market? cramer breaks down your portfolios when "mad money" returns. ♪ we're drowning in information. where, in all of this, is the stuff that matters? the stakes are so high, your finances, your future. how do you solve this? you don't. you partner with a firm that advises governments
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>> remember when i told you that this market has not one but two fangs? not just my acronym for some of the best products around, facebook, apple, netflix and goggle. it trades under the symbol fang. today they gave us a secondary offering, something that's become a pattern with these production places with the company selling 10.5 million shares of the red hot stock for $97 each to pay for acreage in the permian basin. it's still one more stop for an oil deal.
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while these have all worked out so far, including this one, which closed up four points from the offering price, if you got in, you know what? i think we need to be a little more wary. a little more sir couple spec. oil has had such a big run. i don't know how much more upside it will have. diamondback are buying and shrewdly priced its offering down 13 points from its highs and down 4 bucks from yesterday's close. they gave you a nice discount. it's a part of a 2.4 billion deal to buy 76,000 acres, making diamondback a bigger player in the permian when people see the chinks in opec's cut agreement. which is what grew the latest leg of the oil stock rally. what's the worry here? let me give you a bunch of them, frankly. it's not just one. i have been think a lot about this. i like oil. oil spun like a demon into the low 40s, after we got the second agreement after it limited the
6:27 pm
nine opec country, russia, the price of oil out two years didn't budge. the price of oil out five years in the futures market. they're both in the mid-50 to hundred range. >> that may believe that opec has discipline to longer term and more important market are what you see is what you get. many places can you get oil out of the ground for $35 a barrel. in some areas, it's possible at $15 a barrel. thanks to u.s. technology. then cimarex last week. at a certain point, all this drilling could be sewing the seeds of the oil market's own destruction. this is basics economics 101 people. up with of the main reason it's stuck in the 50s is apple and pioneer are selling oil future in that future market as they can. they are drawing and locking in gains from future production right now.
6:28 pm
if really smart people like scott sheffield, the outgoing of pioneer are selling into the future mark him may you should think twice about buying. have you we heard of that? have you seen the latest recount lately? it's almost back to where it started this year. that's right, after falling from 464 last may, it's now back up to 624. this is something to watch. this is not a good trend if you are buying oil stocks. in other words the speck ought has been turned back on. who imthe united states can't make up for the barrels of production we expect opec countries will be cutting. at this pace, it will certainly be a factor in balancing supply and demand. finally, come on. our new president hates opec. he is putting into place a cabinet that favors pretty much everywhere. while no place is cheaper than the permian the next price of production, who knows how much oil we can pull out of the ground? again, if you call last week,
6:29 pm
our go to energy source rbn, he told us we could overproduce here, to the point we could tip the balance and supply. >> that would absolutely put a lid on oil supplies. be careful. diamondback energy is up more than 50% on the year. it's adding to its fabulous acreage in the permian. but beware, because the stuff it's pulling out of the ground has to keep climbing in value before you get too excited about participating in still one more equity deal from the oil patch. i'm not saying we should turn our backs on these oils or any of the oils, i want you to be cautious in case this fang try is to bite you. let's go to jeff in walk. jeff! >> caller: jim cramer, you are brilliant. >> thank you! >> caller: i would like to ask a multitasking question, i'm make it quick, i'm looking at marathon oil. my larger question is, how will the current administration help the volatile producers in the price market per quantity of
6:30 pm
oil? >> okay. marathon is not one of my faces the reason it's not, it doesn't have the quality acres, i like the peak the spin off, what they can do is offer inven e centives. they can change the taxation for oil and gas drilling. they can do a lot of things about royalties. there is much upside. deep forget, deregulation, they can make it cheaper to get it out of the ground and cheaper to transport. that's all good for the energy stocks. anne marie in new york. thank you for calling me brilliant. i wish i were. ann marie caller carl i have a energy dilemma, are you ready? >> i can solve any dilemma when it comes to energy? >> caller: do i sell slumberge by ma gel lan or apache when they come in or do i keep slumberge which is a core hold something. >> those are three positions we have, i love ma gelen.
6:31 pm
it has that great yield yard that as a yield play. apache, i just discovered that. alpine high, i can't let you sell slumberge, i hope you have a diversified away from that. if it's three out of ten we have to take a little profit in slumberge as no one got hurt taking a profit. we know that. thank you for buying. thank you for buying that insurance plus. terry in colorado. terry! caller hey, mr. cramer. thanks for taking my call. great show. >> thank you. >> caller: sir, i have 263 shares of kinder morgan, will the stock go up, down? because it is a pipeline company, sir? >> i didn't want them to increase the dividend. it's not going to happen it looks like near term. yes it's a winner in that environment. may i suggest magellan,
6:32 pm
mid-stream petroleum. mmp is god. that's when you want to pull the trigger and boy. why? >> trump stock, trump stock, trump stock. >> sure the permian is great for the country. be careful. oil has to climb bfrl we get too excited about the next secondaries. unless it's an mop you are fine. a rate hike won't stop us spending on our cats and dogs. i am sitting down with the ceo of idecks to see if it can help liquid gold for your portfolio. then, do your stocks have what it takes to survive the unknowns in this market? plus your calls, rapid fire on tonight's edition of the lightning round. so stick with cramer! [ music playing ] [ music playing ]
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okay. we spent a lot of time talking about washington lately, because the president-elect's agenda could have imwith major businesses. at the end of the day, i love stock from companies that don't need help in order to tliempbl believe it or not, there are thieves that transcend trump. one is the humanization of pets. these days, that i treat them like their own children. we do, too. they don't sit back. they never ask for money, except to buy a coup toy. most importantly, people want their pets to live longer, which brings us to the maker of the veterinary testing and diagnostic tools for animals. they supply instruments and analysis and test kits. they have a sizable watch stock
6:37 pm
at idexx as well as selling software. idexx is the only humanization of pets. >> that itself why the stock is roaring. not to mention it's 38% gains since we last booked a ceo less than six months ago. so let's dig deeper with johnson energies, learn more about his company, how he is doing. what the prospects look like for 2017. welcome back to "mad money". good to see you. >> awesome. >> we were walking by the other day the animal shelter, she said, you know what will be good, how about a pet for the holidays? no, that doesn't work. i then study what's going on. people give pets for holidays. >> 50% of dog owners buy tear dog a christmas present and for millennials who are even crazier about pets, that's over 60%. >> it seems like these trends cannot have been the same when i was growing up.
6:38 pm
>> it turns out every generation has a stronger bond with their pet and is willing to devote more of their resources to the care and being of that pet. they sleep in the bed, they're with them more, is a pt of the family. it's a long tim trend. >> baby boomers, half buy christmas gifts for the dogs. more than 60% of millennials. is it gen x even more? what is the progression here? >> yeah. the baby boomers were a big growth factor in pets. then the gen x is a little more. i think the baby boomers passed on something even stronger to the millennials, 87% of mill len ide ials -- millennials say pets make you more hope. >> they're opposite of pet sfwls in this pro growth environment, i think we will see millennials forming householdings, when they
6:39 pm
do that, they will be acquiring a pet. >> that's a very good point in this provost environment, i described you as not a trump stock. the fact is, you pay a lot of taxes. >> over two-thirds of our business is u.s. based. we pay u.s. taxes, so any kind of a tax reform will benefit us. >> you have tremendous growth in international, double digit. how are you doing it? >> it turns out this bond we have with our pets cuts across every single culture in the world. maybe it's genetic. i don't know. people say the pets makes them feel better. as you say, we are growing faster, internationally than we are even in a strong u.s. growth. >> as much as we may spend discretionary on pets, i understand 765 in 2015, how much people spend dining out, 274, a cell phone another 90 do people spend more on pets as a relative piece of the pie? >> they don't spend as much,
6:40 pm
they're early in this whole megacycle trend in pet care. part of that is we are still veterinarians are learning how to adopt technology and how technology and medical care canned a have aens the health and well-being and life span of pets. >> i saw there were 3,000 people graduating from veterinary school this year. there is nothing better than to rent a place to a vet. it's an instant startup that works. is that a good network to measure how your business is doing? >> the vets are exlepts credit risk. it's very low. it's a good business. it's a growth business and an average veterine's practice is six or 7% a year, organically. >> it's much better than humans. >> it's a great business because people love their pets. it's a cash business. so it's good from a cash flow point of view. they're getting paid many times before they paying us and it's
6:41 pm
growing. so we're in a session where we are able to do more and more for pet owners. >> at the same time, you have a series of new tests that add once you get a customer, then you got new things, including this urine test i know is selling. you said it would sell well. you told us it is doing well. >> it's a phenomenal course. when you think of diagnostic, we're the world leader, you think of blood work. it turns out urine has a ton of medical information. we call it liquid gold. >> i haven't we heard that, but i understand that. >> it's what we talk about i. turns out it's a very manual process. what we have done is automated with your sentiment analyzeer, our classic razor blade business model. we sell the analyzeish then the test. >> what's the turn around in. >> three minutes, five drops of urine. >> so you take a second trip? >> there you go. >> that is fantastic. the last thing i wanted to ask you, i'm trying to figure out
6:42 pm
the value of the livestock business when i saw what happened with zoettas and the other companies, they spin them out the big pharma. it's a swimmer for you. if you sold it i guess you would get a big price like everybody else. >> we are the world leader in technology diagnostic, we have the technology center, an exciting product there is a pregnancy test for cows. it turns out there isn't one. how they determine if the cow is pregnant? well, manually. let's go there. >> yeah, maybe liquid gold we leave that as too much information. that's the chairman and ceo of idexx laboratories this is one of the greatest secular growth stories in the world. "mad money" is back after the break. what's better than "mad money"? how about more "mad money". follow "mad money" on tasebook, twitter and instagram to go one-on-one with cramer.
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>> what other questions we have? i always tell people you have to start with an index funds. i need you to be diversified. >> get more with guests and go behind the scenes with the most interactive show on television. >> if you can't explain in three words why are you buying a certain stock, don't buy it. >> follow "mad money" today.
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>> if you can find great companies and invest in them. the bake values will be maintained. stocks are higher because it's a great environment. so if they go up to six rate
6:46 pm
increases, then you would see the marks come down somewhat. maintaining american leadership makes energy r&d investment a very smart thing to do. >>light nipping round is sponsored by td ameritrade. [ music playing ] it is's time for the lightning round. i tell you what stocks to choose and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? ski daddy, discover the lightning round. with we start with pedro in puerto rico. pedro! ca >> caller: hi, i own viacom, should i boy it or sell it? >> that guy is doing a good job over there, let's move this. how about john in kentucky. john! >> caller: hey, thank you, jim
6:47 pm
a. big hillbilly boo-yah coming at you. >> there you go. caller: the stock i got right now is bristol-myers. >> bristol-myers is good. i think the stock has gone too far north after that optivo didn't go well. be careful. how about troy in michigan. troy! >> caller: boo-yah, cramer. >> boo-yah. >> caller: hey, i want to get your -- what's your opinion on nokia? nok? >> doing fine, sell, sell, sell. i'm kind of neutral. ha, ha, ha. sell. how about craig in washington. craig! >> caller: boo-yah, jim. my stock's united reynolds. you got a target? >> stock was a buy in the '60s, in the '70s, it's too rich for me. lisa. >> caller: how are you? i am doing great. i love your show.
6:48 pm
my question is on bob evans. >> i think it's still worth a lot on its own, i think it's a good company. i like to eat there, by the way, we could use one nearby. jake in maryland, jake. >> caller: cramer, how is it going? >> i'm great, how are you? >> caller: i'm calling about abm industries. i wanted to know your thoughts. >> jake is a trump stock, trump stock, servicing and pull back a lot i'm salivating over it. let's go to richard in florida. richard! >> caller: jim cramer, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: what itself your opinion on momo. >> i am not recommending china store, they are not a trump stock. sam in illinois. sam! >> caller: boo-yah, mr. kramer from chilly illinois. >> boo-yah, what's happening? >> caller: finisar.
6:49 pm
>> it's a triple play fiber optics companies. madeleine in florida. >> caller: hi, jimmy, happy holidays. >> same to you, maddie, what's up? >> caller: calling about hawaii ware, ha. >> it's good. true, that ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade.
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how do you know when a trump stock becomes not a trump stock? how do you know which company will be at the receiving end of the next tweet or phone call from the president-elect? with trump, everything's negotiable. one non-negotiable thing is
6:53 pm
having oil, you can seetists regardless of shifting political ties. that's why we play, am i diversified? you different me a call or tweet me. i will let you know if you are diversified or take another gander at it. joe is first. what do you got for me? >> hello, cramer. i watched your show every night in the am i diversified seg account is my fav. >> there you go. see, i have been telling my executive producer. 14e wanted to get rid of it. let's go. >> caller: back in july, you talked about diversifying your portfolio not only in different sectors but to also not have all your stocks that are dividend payers in case of a rate hike -- >> true. >> caller: because they could get hit. >> true. >> caller: my stocks are paycheck, cvs, kraft, heinz, progressor and gamble and verizon. am i diversified? >> okay.
6:54 pm
this is a good question. you pre faced saying if they are all bond market equivalents, so to speak we have a rate voirmt. these stocks did get hurt. paycheck, cvs health consume verse pro money in the pocket. kraft behind, they may be doing a deal. verizon got a higher than expected yield, ploktor has many things internally. i will say they are diversified enough. up with is food, one is cotton, you know, mostly diapers, soap and stuff. so you got a telco, a food, a consumer product, a drug store and a payroll processor. i'm fine with it. many buy yields. they have growth. let's go to ohio. >> caller: hello, how are you, jim? >> i am really good, how about you? >> caller: thanks for the load, this time i have key bank,
6:55 pm
valero energy partners vep. hanes brand hbi in there interesting. >> and golding glass, glw. >> co-i did a piece the other day about the bank stocks getting down graded and it keeps flying all right. we got energy, just i like that. we have corning. jet blu. we have energy, apparel, tech and airlines. that is just perfection! hallelujah! a tweet. oh, boy, now we have a tweet from@halligan underscore zach.
6:56 pm
who wrote, am i diverse tied, della tarlss, citigroup, foot locker. #dow chemical. a lot of hashtags. okay. let's go to work. dem that is an airline, that stock is being revalued up. we know it's playing a leap-frog, visa is percolating a little bit. citi, this is a faux bank as a bank, dow chemical, did you see today they are getting rid of the bump it preferred, that means the stock will go higher and foot lomer, a retailer, a chemical, a bank a credit card company and airline. these are not the statement. they do not trade together. don't fool yourself. fabulous game today. i don't know, maybe they will come around and sigh it's a good thing. oh, suddenly she's home. now she's on board. all right. stick with cramer! >> caller: cramer, are you super. you are awesome. >> caller: i'm a first time
6:57 pm
investor. >> caller: thank you for insp e inspiring me to get into the game. >> caller: i want you to know you have transformed me. thank you, cramer! t. who played the wife? beverly d'angelo! juliette lewis costarred as the daughter. oh, i think it was um... chris columbus was the director... it's called claymation... narwhals really exist... actually guys, it was the ghost of christmas past... never stick your tongue on a frozen flag pole... yukon cornelius... "die hard" is considered a christmas movie! that's the unlimited effect. stream your entertainment with unlimited data when you switch to at&t and have directv.
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[ music playing ] my prediction, leap-frog for western zij tal. wgci. i like what i we heard. i hope it goes higher. if you can't take the pressure or a pain of a tech stock, i suggest idexx is as out as far as the eye can see. i got to tell you, that stock has been a humble performer. i think it will continue to do so because of the secular trend of the humans loving their pets. i promise you to find a deal right here on "mad money". i'm jim cramer. i will see you tomorrow! an fert: tonight on "billion dollar buyer"...
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