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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  December 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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good morning. sayonara 2016. futures pointing higher on this last trading day of the year. russian retaliation. president putin vows to respond to u.s. sanctions in the wake of that alleged election hacking. details coming up. and your 2017 playbook. oil prices on track for their biggest yearly gains since 2009. predictions on what next year will hold for commodities. it's friday, december 30, 2016, "worldwide exchange" for the last time this year begins now. ♪
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>> good morning. >> welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm sara eisen. >> i'm wilfred frost. good morning to you from me as well. our final show of the year. all week we've been playing the top songs of the year. today we're playing some of our personal favorites. >> this one is one of mine. >> i quite like this one as well, but i'm sure i didn't request it. all of my requests were shot down, so we're playing sara's favorites. >> let's check in on the global markets after a quiet few days after stocks have pulled back and so has the dollar and treasury yield. starting strong this morning. dow futures up 40. s&p futures up 6. nasdaq futures up 12 this could end a strong month, quarter and year on a very high note. we'll see what happens in the trade today. as for the ten-year treasury note yield, bonds have been
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bought over the last 24, 48 hours that pulled treasuries off their highs. the ten-year yield is back below 2.50. it's not too far off from the two-year highs that we reached in the last few weeks. there has been a pause, potentially a reset, profit taking. a lot of year-end portfolio rebalancing from the likes of pension funds and others. >> the really interesting thing to point out on the ten-year note. it hasn't moved that much at the start of the year. 2.487. at the start of the year, it was 2.17. despite that meteoric rise in yields in the fourth quarter, it's just a bit elevated from the start of the year. that's different if we can flip and see the two-year chart. the short end started at 1.23, endi ending -- started 0.67, ending at 1.238. a much more marked move up at the short end than the longer
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end. that points to expectations for hikes next year. people much more confident that the fed will deliver in 2017 than this time last year for 2016. >> here's the setup as we begin the last trading day of 2016. the dow is up 13% this year. the s&p 500 higher by 10%. nasdaq up about 8.5%. for the fourth quarter, the dow is the biggest winner again. more than 8%. much more on the markets in just a moment and what it mean that's dow has had such strong outperformance for a change than the broader market, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq. >> it was a stark reminder when you look at those returns, year to date incredibly strong. you add to that the dow up seven years in a row. the nasdaq five in a row. big trends. >> powerful moves post election. >> what a surprise. not just the election results, but the fact that the markets rallied so hard off the back of them. >> more markets coming up, first a developing story.
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russian president vladimir putin is dismissing new u.s. sanctions against russia by the obama administration following alleged election hacking. a russian official issuing a statement saying we understand that obama's administration will leave soon, but it has once again shown its real face. yesterday the white house imposed sanctions on russia's military intelligence service and 35 diplomats were expelled from the u.s. sanctions were also imposed against two suspected hackers and three companies that allegedly provided support to intelligence cyberoperations. the cia concluded that the interference in the presidential leak shun was intended to help donald trump win the election and they believe that putin was personally involved. trump issuing a statement saying it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people i will meet with the leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. clearly a big development at the
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end of the year. offset by the fact that there is a change in leadership in 20 days time. >> does put putin in a tougher spot, though -- not putin, trump in a bit of a tougher spot when it comes to extending a hand and having a friendlier relationship with russia. >> particularly when you see some leading republican statements, like paul ryan n support of obama's tone. >> let's look at markets overseas. european equities ending slightly soft. down about a quarter percent in france, more than that in the uk. less in germany. understandable. here's a look at what european markets have done so far. big, big gains for the quarter, certainly across the board and desent gains year to date for some of the biggest indices. the ftse 100 rallying. and the softer euro post u.s.
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election that buoyed most european markets in the fourth quarter. that has dragged france and germany into positive territory. energy markets, asian markets here they are. a slight gain for shanghai. the nikkei started more softly than that today. ended not too negative. down a little bit. those are the returns for the year as a whole. interesting to see the different performance between the hong kong index and the nikkei in the fourth quarter. coming down to the effect of the stronger dollar. the nikkei surging, hong kong falling. a big question facing markets like china, hong kong, emerging markets, especially asia. as we march into next year and we wonder about the trade policies from donald trump and how many rate hikes the fed does. both things could potentially be
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harmful for emerging markets. >> so far it's been -- the rate hikes and the dollar affected them. trade is the big question for next year. broader markets here. let's show you oil. prices up more than 45% so far this year. heading for our first annual increase in the price of oirl. wti crude sitting bang on $54 a barrel. up 0.4%. brent, 56. it has climbed back as well. nat gas which has popped in the last few days over colder weather expectations is up another third of a percent. as for the u.s. dollar, it has also been strong. fourth year in a row. strong lately, though overnight the euro spiked. it's up about 0.8%. 1.0572. really towards the end of the year, weaker u.s. dollar capping off what is a strong dollar year. interesting the dollar is stronger against the yen. something funky is going on with the euro and the pound.
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it's getting bought. a weak year north pound after the surprise brexit vote. gold prices, you might think in a strong dollar year gold would have a tough year t has had a tough few months post-election but finishing the year higher. >> by 7.5%. >> a lot of bulls on gold say next year will be their year. even if stocks do rise. you have increased volatility and unpredictability in the political space, in europe, in the u.s., add the tweets and potentially an appealing situation for gold. >> might we see inflation which is one of the traditional drivers, albeit if you have higher rates, that might be a less reason to hold gold. >> you have bitcoin to choose from, too which is surging. >> quite. >> are you a bitcoin investor yet? >> no but i find it interesting to have alternative currencies to talk about that get hated and bashed and continue to climb and defy expectations. >> and we're not investors in
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anything because we're not allowed to be. >> let's dive deeper into the markets. landon dowdy joins us with the specific winners and losers. >> as we head into 2017 here's a look at how wall street performed year to date. which s&p sectors lead the pack? energy soaring 24%. financials up 24%. telecom up about 19%. on the flip side, healthcare sliding the most, down 4%. real estate down about 1%. staples up 3%. but the sector is lagging compared to the overall market. as for specific stock winners and losers, in the dow, caterpillar is up the most, 37%. nike is down 18%. and the s&p, nvidia leads the charge. the chipmaker up 238%. it's also the top performer in
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the nasdaq. drugmaker endo international is the loser. and liberty global down 50%. >> on this final trading day of the year, there's just one major economic report on the agenda that's december chicago pmi. that's out at 9:45 a.m. eastern. manufacturing activity in the midwest expected to have slowed slightly this month but still remain above 50. it's a level that signals growth in the sector. at 1:00 p.m., we get the rig count report from baker hughes which could be interesting as the price of oil rebounds, we want to see what drilling activity in the u.s. looks like. they've been adding to their rigs on top of that. new data showing investor enthusiasm to close out the year is up. lipper reports that u.s. based stock funds attracted $11.8 billion on the week ending wednesday.
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investors pulled 775 million from taxable bond funds and etfs marking the third straight week of withdrawals. out of bonds, into strokes. that's the trade. does it spill over to 2017? we will see. >> except it's run out of steam a little bit. >> little bit towards the end of the year. >> i think that's significant, back below 2.5% on the ten-year. >> to-week low. >> goldman sachs the worst performer yesterday on the dow. profit taking. the last week or last three trading days, seeing some things that have been strong post trump leak election victory. >> nothing fundamentally driven behind it we'll see in january how sharp of a pullback f at all. this is the traditional santa clause period where strong period leading up to the end of the new year, two days after, seems like we don't have it this year at all.
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we'll see what happens today with the dow. we could be seeing our first down week in eight for the dow. >> it's been a very strong quarter and a strong year as a whole coming off the back of a decent run. definitely pressure going into next year in terms of whether that can be repeated. when we come back, wti crude rising more than 45% this year. oil on pace to break a two-year losing streak for its best year since 2009. we'll drill down on what's next for the commodity in 2017. >> first our facebook and twitter question of the day what do you think was the best trump tweet of 2016? we'll read some of the responses before the end of the show. en reting retir tires. en planour never ting riring retiretiwith*trtre.t are you entirelypraredo r? d i neget tired of i i'm inests ands a veed investor in vests
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welcome back. monte dei paschi siena reportingly plans to issue nearly $16 billion of bet next ye debt next year to restore liquidity. monte dei paschi had to ask for a bailout after failing to win investor backing for a debt swap aimed at keeping it afloat. the trading year comes to an end today. so cnbc has the playbooks to examine how various sectors may fair once the calendar flips over to 2017. this morning looking at
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commodities, oil, gold and other metals. jackie deangelis has a few predictions. volatility was the name of the game in commodities this year. gold, oil, copper all saw massive swings. next year looks like that will continue because there are so many unknowns. gold prices will move lower. gold prices will continue to move on fed action. a dovish fed has been supportive of gold. a hawkish fed is not. the fed's actions impact the dollar which, in turn, impacts gold so with fed change coming the expectation is that gold prices will not farewell. crude prices will move higher. crude oil saw massive swings this year. it's expected to slowly climb higher and stabilize next year. the range is expected to be between 60 and 70. but that stabilization hinges on supply decreasing and demand rising. there are a number of caveats that could throw that equation off. crude shocked the market the
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last two years. it's not impossible for it to strike again. copper prices seesaw. copper is eyed as an indicator for global growth. demand for the industrial metal speaks to global growth trends, specifically in places like china. copper will continue to be in focus but expect prices to bounce around. data, headlines, the fed, these will all influence this hot commodity. >> tough business forecasting commodities. >> very hard indeed. it's been a tough year in the oil markets. ending on a great note, but tough to predict. still to come, the year that was. a look back at the biggest stories and best moments that sara and i have shared on cnbc. this is a treat for us, as well. >> this was our big year, 2016. "worldwide exchange." >> 2017 will be bigger. >> but we launched one year agofrago. >> not quite. the 4th of january. >> almost. >> we'll have the highlights of
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other year coming up. first, here's today's national weather forecast from reynolds wolf. >> good friday to you. let's look at that forecast around the country. in chicago, temperatures just below the freezing point. just barely in terms of the high. 31 degrees. new york could see showers popping up later on into the midday hours. check out western new york. we're talking about snowfall, lake effect activity out to the pacific northwest, moving into the northern rockies. snow definitely in the picture. showers in los angeles. many of them popping up along the grapevine, a dusting of frozen precipitation in big bear. big 61 degrees in dallas. atlanta with 51. we can expect the jet stream to drape across the center of the u.s., with it cooler air for bismarck, seattle, chicago. detroit and even spots of cleveland, nice and chilly. mild in miami with 73 degrees. going to commercial break right now. more "worldwide exchange" coming up after this.
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it is our last show of 2016, boy has it been quite a year on "worldwide exchange" since wilfred and i joined forces, we had the opportunity to work side by side covering huge market moving events, surprises and interviewing newsmakers. here's a look back at our most memorable moments of 2016. >> our goal each morning is simple to get you ready for the business day ahead. chinese stocks plunging overnight. dropping so much that trading
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was halted. >> the global selloff continues. >> crude crushed, stocks slammed, oil prices plunging below $28 a barrel. >> the relentless selloff. the common thread here is slowing global growth. >> the bank of japan taking the global markets by surprise. the boj cutting interest rates below zero. >> it's finally here. the day that will determine the future of great britain in the european union. ♪ >> breaking news. the uk votes out of the european union, an historic day here in great britain. >> it's a new day in the uk. >> it is indeed, sara. straight to the market reaction which is severe. >> the concern is this will pressure other european members and rally euro skeptics. >> live in brussels where
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european leaders are set to meet for a crucial summit following last week's brexit vote. >> please, can we end this complete rubbish. ftse is up 3% today. >> but it's falling sharply before that. >> it's 12% up from february. could we all grow up, stop this absolute scaremongering nonsense. >> you know what i'm going to say, don't trust the betting markets they were dead wrong on the brexit vote. >> it is election night coverage a historic one and it's 4:00 a.m. in new york. >> donald trump declaring victory in the presidential race. so much surprise and so much was wrong. the pundits, the polls, the odds, the markets. the question from leer is there reaction going to be a playbook. >> deja vu in terms of the level of surprise. we saw an immediate and sharp selloff in the global markets. >> u.s. equity futures have been
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volatile in early trade. >> the trump rally. stocks jumping post election. . the trump rally rolls on. >> a double digit gain going on. >> mr. stumpf goes back to washington. the wells fargo ceo faces another grilling from lawmakers. >> mr. stumpf will you willingly give up your own bonuses? >> john stumpf is gone. >> we are joined by tim sloan. >> you feel sorry for him? >> john is a friend of mine. there's no question i feel sorry for him. >> newsmakers and news breakers. what's your main message? >> the attacks avoidances that used to support inversions will be stopped. and tax avoidance that's egregious will be stopped. >> the momentum the last ten days swinging back your way. you are feeling confident? >> this is once in a generation chance to take back control from an institution that is out of control. >> mr. knight joins us for a rare and special interview.
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>> we just said from the beginning we want to win the athletes heart as well as his or her feet. >> i'm not sure the gdp data is that accurate anymore. >> our primary obligation, it's set out in the law is to do what's right for the american economy. are there similarities with what happened in the uk with brexit and the rise of donald trump? >> i think it's what donald trump calls the middle class -- disenfranchised middle class, it's the same group of people. >> one of the basic principals we're looking at is do no harm. and do no harm begins with trade. >> steve swartzman, it's been pointed as chairman of donald trump's strategic policy forum today. >> the issue is how do you build the united states. how do you create jobs or in this case keep jobs. >> you can tell that the game of basketball is healthy and alive. even a little court ambush we
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did, people just wanted to see players play basketball. >> if you can figure china out, if you can crack the code on china it's a massive step forward. >> your stock is up 29% since the election. is donald trump that did for bank of america? >> the election focussed people on a few things, faster growth, that's good for bank of america. higher business rate structure. that's good for bank of america. >> companies like ours have to take the initiative. and change our portfolios and change the way we operate. >> to end off what we thought the biggest surprises of the year were. >> brexit, trump, the collapse in oil prices, china scare in the beginning of the year. >> that was amazing. >> that was good fun. >> clarissa and sophia, amazing job editing that package what a year it's been. >> what a year it's been. much thanks and applause to our whole team at "worldwide exchange." they manage to make us look reasonable. >> remember, we thought we were
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a jinx to the markets when we first launched? the markets were tanking every single day. who thought we would be ending up for the dow 13%. >> we say it a lot, but we cannot say it enough, the turnaround since those february lows. extraordinary year it's been, 2016. the final trading day coming up. still to come on this edition of "worldwide exchange," a round up of global markets on the final trading day. the dow, s&p and nasdaq all up more than 8% year to date. as we say good-bye to 2016, we want to hear from you. donald trump dominating the headlines this year. our social media question, what was your favorite trump tweet of 2016? stay tuned. we'll read those out later in the show. (cheers) what's it wo taurom
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whhe valuethe value of pital iso crds? nmoan stanley ings thatr
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good morning. green arrows on the final trading day of 2016. a round up of the biggest losers and winners. let's make a deal. 2016 going down as the third biggest ever for m&a. and today's top trending stories including new years celebrations and the businesses most likely to benefit. it's friday december 30, 2016, you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. ♪ good morning. welcome to "worldwide exchange" on cnbc.
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i'm sara eisen. >> i'm wilfred frost. it's our final show of 2016. all week we've been playing the top songs of the year, today we're playing some of our personal favorites. including our producers. this could have been mine. >> elton john didn't have any new hits this year. >> no, no andrew lloyd webber classics this year. tough picking for me. we did have one. >> let's check in on the global markets. after a few days of softness for stocks, looks like we're on firmer footing this morning. dow futures are up 34. s&p futures up five. nasdaq futures are up ten or 11. if we do get gains, may be an appropriate way to send off the s&p and dow and strong quarter and month. as for action in europe, some weakness to close out the session and year. german dax down 0.3%. france down 0.2 %.
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the ftse 100 holding near it's record close. down a third of a percent. italy and spain also a bit lower. as for asia overnight, the japanese nikkei market did not like that stronger yen that we saw on yesterday's session. it sold off fractionally. ended the year about flat. even with the big comeback in the second heart on the back of that weaker yen. shanghai comp was an yuntd p underperformer. >> you say hong kong ending flat for the year, the nikkei also ending flat for the year, but their performances polar opposites. the nikkei surging, the hong kong market has fallen 6.5% in the fourth quarter because of the stronger dollar. that highlights the dichotomy as we look around the world of whether the stronger dollar, weaker local currencies will be a good thing or bad thing.
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emerging markets, those with peg currencies like hong kong suffering in the fourth quarter. >> big question, this time last year we were talking about the dimmed outlook for emerging markets. the fed, remember, last december made its first interest rate hike in nearly a decade that led to a strong dollar. weak chinese currencies. outflows from emerging markets, but also happening at a time when the price of oil was collapsing, and when global growth was not that strong. now there's renewed optimism about the u.s. economy, fiscal policy, lower taxes. the new trump and republican congressional policies, and the price of oil is much higher and surged almost 50% this year. are things going to be better for emerging markets? we'll see. >> let's start with looking at oil prices who ended up having fantastic year.
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>> getting to 26? >> oil finishing up 45%. for the quarter up 11.5%. great rally at the back end of the year. >> we also saw an opec deal to cut production for the first time in years. will that hold? that's a question and is demand strong. either way, ending with about 0.3% of gains just shy of 54 bucks for wti. ten-year treasury note, which has seen yields surge in the fourth quarter has seen yields pull back in the final week of the year. at 2.48%. slipping below 2.5. the high of the ten-year note was 2.64, about 2 1/2 weeks ago. for the year as a whole, not a huge rise in yields. it's been the fourth quarter showing a sharp bounce. this t in terms of the shorter end, people expecting the fed to
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deliver more rate hikes than last year. dollar a look at that. a strong story in the fourth quarter. the dollar quarter to date up 7.5%. the broader dollar index. huge move for major currency across the currency pairs for a quarter as a whole. for the year as a whole, up 4% for its fourth positive year in a row. ending with a little bit of profit taking against the euro and pound. gold prices which have suffered significantly since the election, still ending the year in positive territory. down 12 for the quarter. the price, 11.61. >> on this final trading day of the year, just one major economic report on the agenda, december chicago pmi at 9:45 a.m. eastern. manufacturing activity in the west expected to have slowed this month, but still remain above the critical 50 mark. a level that signals growth in the sector. at 1:00 p.m., the weekly rig
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count from baker hughes. good barometer about drilling activity in the u.s. it's been ticking higher as the price of oil has rebounded. to mergers and acquisitions in 2016. the third biggest year for m&a on record. here are the five largest announced deals. not all completed yet. qualcomm and nxp semiconductor combining for 47 billion. sunoco and energy transfer partners $52 billion. british american tobacco and reynolds american for 5 billion. bayer and monsanto, 66 billion. at&t and time warner, $85 billion. that's the one front and center as to whether it will go through or not. overall m&a volume fell by 17%. you hear speaking to various investment bankers that they're positive this and ipos can pick up. >> ipos were frozen this year. >> right. >> investment bankers are optimistic that the new
5:37 am
administration will have a spark. >> i was surprised to see this year was such a blockbuster deal for deal making it was also a year for deal breaking. notably pfizer allergan after that tax inversion crackdown by the u.s. treasury. others blocked, baker hughes halliburton. also also monitor the antitrust regulateders next year. russian news agencies reporting russia plans to expelt 35 u.s. diplomats and ban u.s. diplomatic staff from using warehouses in moscow. this comes in retaliation for u.s. sanctions. we were expecting russia to retaliate. we heard this will be coming. they are taking similar measuring as the u.s. in terms of sanctions. >> the question is will it be exactly tit-for-tat kind of thing or will they pause because they know a new administration is coming. some retaliation there.
5:38 am
we'll wait to hear if there's more. top trending stories. new year's eve will be a big night for uber. the company predicting they will hit more than 15 million rides. uber suggesting that riders share rides and plan around the busiest time frame between midnight and 3:00 a.m. >> the big difference with uber now, they have to tell you the price of the journey before you take it. before, you would get off and get an e-mail, $220. >> which is better. >> much better, but worse for them. busy night, but perhaps less profitable per ride. is twitter adding an edit button? ceo jack dorsey is considering it. dorsey asking users yesterday what the company can do to improve or create, one suggestion is an edit button for
5:39 am
tweets and a crackdown on bullying. edit button good if it's a spelli spelling mistake, but not completely changing the tweet. >> which is the worry. >> especially when newsmakers use twitter, they can go back and edit it. >> i didn't say that at all. >> right. >> we'll have to wait and see. it would be nice -- >> nice for us. think about how many mistakes we make, tweeting, talking, posting. spelling errors. >> speak for yourself. still to come, the must reads. we'll get you ready for the last trading day of 2016. here are the market returns as we stand year to date. 14% for the dow. back in a couple minutes. ♪ youo wh do yothink? ♪ if you'rgointoish, sh big at the xus cember to remember sales eve t up to o 0 custer cash on lect 26 andels for these terms. see ur lexus dler.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." time for our must reads. my pick is titled forecasting the world in 2017. the 16 predictions for next year. they admit they got brexit and the election wrong for 2016, but they got 9 out of 16 right for this year. they say the u.s. federal reserve will provide three rate rises. getting the rate to 1.5%. they pose the question will the s&p 500 finish the year above
5:43 am
2,300? the answer on that, no. the reasoning largely based on valuation. and a more quirky one, of which will are many, will either goldman sachs lloyd blankfein or jamie dimon step down? they say no. a nice global look at some headline predictions for next year. >> i focused on the news of the day, obama sanctioning russia. expelling 35, making all the covers of the front pages. the "wall street journal" op-ed editorial take on this, the larger flaw here is that mr. obama's order amounts to a far too late signaling exercise to underscore u.s. displeasure rather than a serious retaliatory strike that imposes real costs on responsible russian officials. mr. ryan was right to support the action but also right to add that they are an appropriate way to end eight years of failed
5:44 am
policy with russia. that's the general consensus, at least from republicans, obama does get credit for retaliating. >> but veiled credit. >> too little too late perhaps is sort of the common criticism. >> backs to the markets. bright spots in the s&p 500. energy was the best performing sector up 24% this year. healthcare has been a drag. down 40%. here with his 2016 outlook is a portfolio manager from ubs, glad to have you here on this last trading day of the year. you say you have to be long. even with this tremendous rally we've seen this month this quarter and for the year. >> you have to be long if that fits in your risk profile. we're in a moment of enormous opportunity, enormous change. with enormous opportunity comes risk. if you have the risk profile to
5:45 am
be aggressive here. it may make sense to be very long. you have a situation where you have a president who has unlocked the animal spirits. >> what does that mean? >> this is not a fuzzy concept, it talks about how if you have enthusiasm in the economy, if you have people who are excited about spending money, excited about investing, it can change how you analyze data. how you plug numbers into a valuation model. stan fisher, the vice chairman of the federal reserve talked about animal spirits in october before the election. he talked about how the fact that people are enthusiastic can, indeed, create a positive economy. >> it's interesting you mention peoples risk profiles here. does this sort of enthusiasm-based optimism for markets mean there could also be much bigger potential pit falls next year if certain gdp, inflation statistics don't come through? will we see bigger moves up and down? >> i think you can have real
5:46 am
volatility here. you have a situation where things are about to be majorly changed. you have republican house, republican senate, republican president. the president wants to do certain things that he will be able to do without legislation. and other things that he must rely on congress for. these things take time. during the course of how this plays out in real time, we'll have to see how the markets react. >> wilfred was going through the ft predictions, one was that the s&p could not climb as far because valuations would stand in the way. does animal spirits mean you can discount the valuations? >> absolutely not. animal spirits are part of that valuation model. i refer back to the stan fisher speech. >> i need to read the speech. >> an october speech he gave to the new york economic club. it's amazing. you have a president who spoke positively. created a sense of positiveness.
5:47 am
>> president-elect trump. >> president-elect trump. you have somebody who one of his mentors is norman vincent peel. if you are positive, if people are positive, ben bernanke talked about how when people had houses that were going up in value, they would feel positive and spend more money. that's positive for the economy. >> what makes you change that positive outlook? is it 5% move in the dollar? a bigger one? is the dollar irrelevant? what are the risks out there? >> the risk is that we have a shift in peoples impression of how this is all going to play out. look, we have a series of people who have been appointed or designated for appointment by the president-elect. we have to see what his next level of appointments are and what he's ability to do during the first 100 days if that enthusiasm tempers, then you have to re-evaluate models. >> it's not all positive talk. you mentioned a mentor. one of his key advisers is peter
5:48 am
navorro who wrote "death by china." a trade war does not match up with the positive animal spirits. >> you have to look at what the president-elect said conceptually, he wants to have better deals, more building. he wants to have reduced regulation. he asked icahn to be his adviser on regulatory reform. nobody is saying there shouldn't be regulation. people are saying that we have to have regulations that make sense, that allow america to grow. so i think that if you look conceptually at what his view on china is, that we need better deals. that we have to increase the ability of america to make money. that's positive. that feeds into the animal spirits. >> alan, great stuff. >> happy new year. >> nice to end with a positive outlook for the year. >> very bullish. still to come, it is our last show of 2016. we have a round up of our best,
5:49 am
worst, funniest and strangest moments. >> there's many to watch. >> i'm nervous. >> this is one of my other songs of the year.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." let's get you up to speed on the market action. strength in u.s. equity futures after two down days. notice how i did not mention dow 20,000 all show long. it would take a big rally to get there today. futures are up 34. s&p futures up 5.3. nasdaq futures are up 10. if we hold the gains, it caps off what has been a strong year, quarter, and month. quick look at currencies right now. the dollar is pulling back against the euro and pound. stronger against the yen, which bodes well for stocks.
5:52 am
116.84. as for oil prices. tremendous year for oil as well. up 45%. wti crude sitting below 54. brent below 57. both stronger this morning. as 2016 comes to an end, we're looking back at our favorite moments on "worldwide exchange." it's been just about a year since sara and i became coanchors together. let's say we've had plenty of fun along the way. >> how fresh we are on "worldwide exchange." >> god, i'm excited about the rest of the show now. >> wilfred and i had a big fight over our favorite boy bands. >> our favorite song on a friday. ♪ >> how many selfies do you have to upload every day? >> you do, five? six? >> on average. >> selfies of yourself? >> selfies of wilfy. ♪ >> i think my face looks like an ape. >> take it off the screen. >> he's taking the mannequin challenge. ♪ >> i like facial hair. >> i used to have a big beard, blond hair back in the day.
5:53 am
>> that's a tbt photo. >> an elite dating website called beautiful has been hacked. oh, wilfred. it's like so unamerican of you. >> below naught 0.1%. >> 0.5%. >> you're eliminating naught. >> we're now bang on. bang on flat again. pretty much bang on flat. >> he does make exceedingly good cakes. >> so british. >> i love potato chips in the uk. >> crisps. >> not as fancy. >> harry potter is epic. >> as you -- >> big day for yum brands. >> controversy. >> we say controversy. >> i did see a brit doing very
5:54 am
women he well here in rio. >> i'm wilfred frost, good morning to you. wilfred frost. >> good evening to you from me as well. >> you go straight to the real stuff. abc what does that stand for? >> anti-ball crushing. >> oh, my gosh. >> sara this one is for you. i know you're an fx -- >> it is a currently story. >> what is yours? the peso or yen? what do you mean? >> my favorite currency is -- >> what? >> the great british pound. >> why wouldn't it be. it's losing value by the day. >> i love that woman. ♪ >> my god, she does not shut up about foreign exchange. >> kayla in for sara, which means we might be get through the show without steph curry or the yen. . i miss you so much. >> i'm not the only one.
5:55 am
♪ >> tesla's master plan part deux. >> part deux. >> i wonder when we'll get part treux? >> croissant. >> that's a pronoununciation i on. >> i have not seen many bond films. >> american beers take like sparkling water. >> we got this for yourself. >> it's 5:00 somewhere, even if it is 5:00 a.m. here. ♪ >> whopping $681 million we spend on furry friends like tux. >> front or the back? >> landon, thank you. ♪ i owe it all to you ♪ >> i promise, you'll never have to see that again.
5:56 am
>> there we go. >> was amazing. >> that was amazes. >> brought tears to my eyes. our very, very, very big thanks to sophia pitt and clarissa for putting that together. epic. >> epic. >> indeed. >> in the words of a britt. along with josh, vanessa, heather, julianna and darden. >> and to the full lineup of our team from adam to ann our ep, to kate. the others that worked on the team during the year including richard. >> we're not going anywhere. >> we're not going anywhere. we're here to stay. lacy, our team mentor, not here at moment. she'll be back shortly. >> who knew we had so much fun. >> i know. so much fun. i feel like to round things off, we should take a quick look back at the serious stuff. at futures as we end the show to have a quick look at what we're expecting on this final trading day of the year. great gains for the year as a whole. slight gains in the futures market. shaping up for a positive
5:57 am
post-year. >> happy new year from all of us at "worldwide exchange." "squawk box" is next. where,n l of ts,is the sff r the akes are so your fanans, futur how do solve t you n't. yopartnewith a firm that adand e fortune 500, d, caneliver iight person to person, ontters moan staeym that adand e fortune 500,
5:58 am
anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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good morning. russia in retaliation now. president putin responding to u.s. sanctions in the wake of alleged election hacking. oil prices are on track for their biggest yearly gain since 2009. we'll bring you predictions on what next year will hold for oil and other commodities. and futures indicating a higher open on this final day of trading. we'll update the sector score card and talk strategy for next year. it's friday december 30, 2016, yep, "squawk box" begins right now. ♪
6:00 am
♪ live from new york where business never sleeps, this is "squawk box." good morning. welcome to "squawk box." i'm andrew ross sorkin along with joe kernen, and melissa lee. joining us for the hour, joseph is here. anybody ever call you joseph? >> my mom. >> i don't want to compete with this joe. >> i don't mind it. i'm good. if you want to call me joseph, it's fine. no joey. >> kibosh on joey. >> he's a liquidator, also. >> can we call you the liquidator? >> let's tell you what's going on. the setup as we begin the last trading day of the year. the dow is up 13% year over year. the s&p 500 is higher by 10


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