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tv   Trump In His Own Words 2010 Cnbc Titans  CNBC  January 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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than any other has been responsible for changing it. donald j. trump. >> people think of trump as a showman. i remember a guy who came on the scene. . >> when you look at the horizon and see new york, you can say, that was mine, that was mine, that was mine. >> donald trump, real estate mogul, best-selling author and emmy nominated tv star. although he has numerous critics, he has countless more fans and has become an american icon. donald john trump is born on june 14th, 1946, in queens, new
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york, the fourth child of fred and mary trump. >> my father was a tough guy, strong guy, but a really good guy and fair guy and my mother was a homemaker but she was smart, really smart. so i got lucky and i learned a lot from both of them. >> fred trump is a successful real estate developer. he owns a lucrative business building and managing middle-income apartments in queens and brooklyn. >> he didn't build the glitz and the glamour. he knew bricks. he knew solidity. he knew queens. this is where he was comfortable, so he built an empire of homes for ordinary people. >> fred trump is one of the largest landlords in new york's outer boroughs. he introduces donald and his brother to the real estate business. >> i learned from sitting on his lap listening to him make deals over the years with contractors and everything else and he was really my mentor and really a great teacher.
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>> fred and mary raised donald and his four siblings in this 23-room house in an exclusive enclave of queens. despite the wealth, fred does not lavish his kids with gift gls we were taught the value of a dollar and worked, worked, worked. >> donald and his brother worked for their father. >> all of the boys learned the business from the bottom up. perhaps it's part of dad's lessons to us of humility. you don't start off at the top. you start off cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchens, cleaning ovens to make it nice for the next people coming in. >> fred also teaches his sons not to squander a single cent. >> he would go and look at his properties and if the bulbs were too bright, he'd change the wattage. if a light didn't have to be on, he would turn it off. >> it was a great education
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because ultimately the pennies do count and learning about the value of money and learning it from my father was very important. >> as a child, donald is bright assertive and also known for mischief. they send him to a military academy. their decision pays off. in 1964, donald graduates from the academy. he enrolls in the wharton school of business at the university of pennsylvania. after graduation, donald returns to queens. >> i also think donald learned what he wanted to do and didn't want to do. >> he doesn't want to do it building middle-income apartments. he wants to build skyscrapers. >> donald always had aspirations
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to do bigger and better and over time, donald began to branch out. >> trump sets his sights on the holy grail of real estate. >> he says i'm going to go do my thing in real estate in manhattan, the biggest playground for real estate in the world. >> but manhattan is a world away and donald will have to go it alone. his father has no interest in joining him. >> manhattan didn't fit in to his picture. he did really nicely in brooklyn and queens and that's what he knew and what he understood. he knew his subject and didn't want to get involved in manhattan. >> at the age of 25, donald moves to the big apple. he tells friends he's go to change the new york city skyline. a plan like this would be ambitious at any time, but in the early '70s, it was sheer n lunacy. >> new york was in dire straits, one step away from defaulting on
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their bonds, tremendous amount of foreclosures and nobody was building hotels. >> those of us who lived in new york felt it was a no-can-do place, that nobody could get anything done. >> trump sees opportunity. in 1974, he brokered a deal with the commodore hotel. unfortunately, the timing is terrible. the location, right next to grand central station, is now rife with crime and prostitution. >> the whole area around grand central station, one of the landmarks of new york city, had become not just a dump but nobody wanted to go there. it was really run down. the old come mmodore had been u as a brothel, of all things. >> trump plans to gut it out and turn it into a hotel. he hopes to revitalize the neighborhood. it's an extremely complicated
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deal so he hires an experienced lawyer. >> he's 27 years old, had no track record at all and no hotel experience. he had never received any major mortgage money and hadn't had many dealings with the state and i just thought it was pretty close to being impossible and i told him so. >> trump dismisses ross' misgivings and forges ahead. >> a lot of people would say this is too difficult. he saw the upside of it. >> over the next two years, donald does everything in his power to restore this once proud hotel to its former glory. he spent a lot of time networking with city power brokers. >> what i saw in donald, basically, was a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. he had the ability to convince people that what he had in mind and was really going to happen. >> but it isn't just trump's professional career taking off. in 1976, trump meets 27-year-old
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ivana. she is beautiful, confident and wildly ambitious. the couple marries in a lavish wedding. with ivana by his side, he presides at the reopening of the commodore hotel, now renamed the grand hyatt. the building features a new facade of shimmering glass. >> it changed how you felt about new york city. it was just incredible. you felt that there was an upswing. >> just as trump had hoped, the hotel sparks a revitalization of the neighborhood. and it establishes him as a heavyweight in manhattan's real estate circles. >> it shows that he could do what he said he was going to do. in real estate, a lot of people say i'm going to do this, build that, buy this and nothing happens. trump said, i'm going to build a hotel that's going to help the neighborhood, it's going to be beautiful, and he did it. >> it sets the trajectory of his career and really put him on the forefront of the development
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world at a very young age. >> when cnbc titans returns, trump build as shrine to its most important asset, himself. >> he wanted to create something special, a building that really symbolized what the trump organization is.
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♪ if you asked 50 people, who were the top five real estate people, they'd probably only be able to mention donald trump, and for good reason, because the other real estate people do not put their names on their buildings. >> in 1980, donald trump begins construction on his second major project in new york city. he plans to build a $200 million luxury high rise. he will name his new building trump tower. >> he wanted trump tower to be a departure from what he had done in the past and really wanted to create a brand. >> trump tower provides tenants with upscale stores, high-end office space with breathtaking views of the city. but to do this, trump tower needs to be taller than its neighbors.
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>> one of the major obstacles is the air rights. >> that determines the maximum height of a building. trump has enough to construct a 48-story skyscraper but he wants more so he turns to tiffany & company and compels them to sell their unused air rights for $5 million and convinces them that that will preserve the integrity and beauty of the store. he then adds 20 stories to trump tower. >> people have said, i wonder why tiffany was never developed. they can't because they can't ever build higher than what they already are. i have the air rights. >> trump tower opens in early 1983 and features a stunning waterfall. >> trump tower is something special. somehow the color of the marble makes people perhaps look better than they are. >> trump puts his name in four-foot-high gold lettering, bold and brash, just like trump. >> i started getting a reputation and it became a very
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good reputation because i knew what i was doing. >> when trump tower opens, it attracting high-end tenants and v celebrities. >> people felt honored and paid a premium, sure. >> trump's ability to attract the most sought-after customers caused controversy. >> he put a face on development and then he did development that we loved. >> unlike his competitor, trump has created a brand and he's not shy about using the media to promote it. >> he saw getting good media coverage as a way to sell his products. he needed people to understand that the name trump was supposed to signify excellence, high-quality, great standards of building. >> this strategy pays off. throughout the '80s, trump
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continues to dominate the manhattan real estate scene. his net worth is $500 million and growing. >> the '80s was a great time. it was a very exciting time but in a certain way it was bad because it was too easy. it was like shooting fish in a barrel. >> with two ultra successful manhattan properties under his belt, he sets his sights on atlantic city. >> it was really with the mindset of the real estate guise and saw value. >> he opened trump plaza and trump castle. >> atlantic city, when i first got involved, was young. it was vibrant. it was very lucrative, very profitable. >> to attract even more visitors, trump holds professional boxing matches at the convention center. celebrities, professional athletes and politicians flock there. >> he has his finger on the
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pulse of what people want and how they want to be entertained and enjoy themselves. so he brought in the best boxers. >> i brought mike tyson to atlantic city, larry holmes, so many others. i would take the convention center, rent it out, we'd sell 15 to 18,000 tickets and it was a very exciting time. >> trump's casinos are a gold mine. they grossed $30 million per month. the big question then was where to invest the profits. >> he could pour them back into the casino hotels or siphon off the money to use to build up his real estate in new york. well, he preferred to put the money into his real estate in new york because that's what he loved. >> back in manhattan, trump develops other properties, including trump plaza, trump park and a another hotel. >> i have always had a good relationship with new york city. i love the people. i even love the politicians. >> he'll do anything he can, basically, to support the city. he's critical when things are not being handled the way he
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things they ought to be handled. >> trump criticizes the popular ice rink in central park. >> they had no idea what they were doing. >> trump is disgusted by the inefficient use of time and resources and contacts the mayor to complete the renovation with $3 million. >> he says, give it to me. i'll do it in a few months, under budget and it will actually work. >> after the media runs the story, the mayor agrees to let donald take the reins. construction begins in 1986. four months later, he finishes on time and $750,000 under budget. >> you get things done. >> i do get things done. it's worked out fantastically and i'm very, very proud. >> in 1986, with typical fan fare, the rink reopens. >> i give ed koch and the
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commissioner credit for having the courage to say, donald, go and do it. >> you just saw the modest donald trump and i am delighted to thank him. >> what do you think of the show? >> fabulous. just great. and we have donald trump to thank for it. six years without ice skating in central park was a bit too much. takes only three months to do it when you know how. >> trump is equally busy on the home front. in the luxurious trump tower penthouse, he and ivana raise their three children. >> family to me has always been very important, but i was this young guy doing deals all over the place and i was very busy. >> despite his hectic schedule, donald always makes time for his children. like his father, trump has an open door policy for his family. >> we'd see him in his office and when we showed up, we were able to stay. whether that was him screaming
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at a contractor or negotiating deals, there was never a time when he said you have to leave. >> my parents were very careful to make sure that we took nothing for granted. and they were constantly reminding us that one has to work extremely hard for anything that they get in life. >> but trump's advice is not just reserved for his family. in 1987, he publishes his autobiography, "the art of the deal." it's an instant hit. >> "the art of the deal" was the number one best-seller on "the new york times" list and any other lists for many, many weeks. so that took me into another level. >> donald was becoming a superstar at that time and all of a sudden this person that started out with his dad in brooklyn and then becomes this magnificent figure that transgressed many different businesses. >> the kid from queens is on a
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role. financeeers watch in awe. >> everybody wanted to be a banker for donald trump. he was the golden boy and it was going to work out well. >> beginning in the mid-1980s, trump starts to use these loans to diversify his investments and buys the new jersey generals in the football league and sponsors the tour de trump, a race that goes across the northeast. >> by the time the riders complete the 1100 miles, they would have seen 13 of the start/finish lines. >> trump understands that every single purchase extends the trump brand. he purchase as $30 million yacht in palm beach, florida. and buys an airline and calls it the trump shuttle. in 1988, trump buys the plaza for a cool $390 million. later that year, back in atlantic city, he begins the
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construction of his third and most expensive casino, the trump taj mahal. unfortunately for trump, after a decade-long winning streak, his luck is about to run out. the 1980s has been a time of extraordinary growth and prosperity. but as the decade comes to a close, the economic winds are shifting. >> donald trump's attitude and everybody else's attitude was there won't be a recession. >> what happens very often in any real estate or any successful entrepreneur, you get so enthralled with your own success that you didn't realize that there's a possibility of a downturn and how you could get severely hurt. >> next on cnbc titans, is it too much for trump to overcome. >> when you borrow too much, in bad times you get absolutely crushed. ever try something so good,
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companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday. you're watching an encore presentation of cnbc titan of donald trump. it originally aired in 2010. one of the most in-depth profiles of mr. trump and his personal life and the family members closest to him. here is cnbc titan's donald trump. >> new york city had a lot of financial institutions both in
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the stock market and more importantly overextended saving and loan and almost every financial institution and developer had a grave, grave problem and the bigger you thought, probably the more grave your problem was. >> on january 1st, 1990, the real estate market in new york city collapsed. and donald trump's situation plummeted. >> banks drastically cut lending and the credit crunch makes it nearly impossible for companies to borrow money. >> it led to huge defaults with banks all over the place but, in particular, the real estate business was really hurt. and you couldn't finance anything. >> and when the banks stopped lending and you're in business, generally speaking, you have trouble. and he had trouble. >> the economic woes trickled down. the casinos grew quiet. in new york city, the properties
10:29 pm
plummet along with trump's net worth. he can't make his loan payments which total $350 million a year. >> you'd have nothing left over because you want to maximize but the problem is when the world crashes, you're not -- you don't have the cash balances that you need. >> as trump's empire crumbles, so does his marriage to ivana and his relationship with marla maples becomes fodder for gossip columns. >> why? >> it was new york city, me and a beautiful wife, it was beautiful girlfriend. the publicity was so incredible, so much. >> by june 1990, trump is on the brink of financial ruin. he owes $9 billion in business loans and another $975 million in personal guarantees. >> donald trump could have blamed the economy completely on his troubles, his financial difficulties pu he realizes to
10:30 pm
some extent he was at fault as well. >> some say your ego was partly to blame. >> i had so many home runs in a row and i started not focusing and all of a sudden i had to get back to work. >> trump needs a bit of his own magic to avoid bankruptcy. >> i could see the handwriting on the wall. the markets were collapsing all over the world. when i saw institutions that were powerful institutions going bad, i called up all of my banks. i got them into a room and i made a deal with them. >> trump reveals the extent of his problems. he needs a $65 million bridge loan to keep the trump organization from collapsing. >> trump convinced them that, you know, i've got a great thing going here. i was making money hand over fist in the '80s because i had branded myself. and my name is worth a lot of money. you can either foreclose on me and then you're never going to get back your $9 billion, or you can lend me the money to pay off
10:31 pm
my debt. >> trump is a bankable figure. you had to ride with him. you could argue that trump was too big to fail. >> trump's lenders agree to bail him out alone him additional $5 million. >> as much as he needed them, they needed him. >> trump has pulled off the most important deal in his life. one thing trump never lacks is perseverance. >> what is interesting with my father, when faced with adversity, that's when he performs the best. >> pens in hand to write his business obituary. >> it's a very bad feeling when you're the hot boy in town and then all of a sudden you're reading stories on front pages that maybe you're not going to make it. and i think probably more than anything that fueled my enthusiasm more, my energy to get up and prove people wrong. >> the easy money of the '80s may have dried up but trump is more determined than ever to
10:32 pm
rebuild his empire. >> i remember him coming home at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, he'd be out at 6:00 in the morning back in the office and doing what ever he had to do to make sure he could stay afloat. >> one of trump's first moves is to streamline his investments. trump sells a number of his assets, including the trump shuttle and yacht. he turns mar-a-lago into an exclusive club. as the '90s roll on, the country claws itself out of the recession and trump's empire begins to recover. by 1993, trump has reduced his personal debt from 9$975 millio to 115 million. his personal life is looking up as well. october 13th, 1993, trump and marla maples celebrate the birth of their daughter tiffany. two months later, they exchange vows at the plaza hotel.
10:33 pm
in 1995, trump reduces his stake in his privately owned atlantic city casinos and raises $2 billion in a private offering to pay off his remaining debts. >> and by 1995, he, thanks to the banks, was debt-free. and he went on a rampage after that. >> you learn during bad times about yourself. you learn that you can handle pressure. you learn if you can really think quickly and on your feet. and if you can't, you're going to go out of business and that's going to be the end of the game. it's, take me home, mommy. >> trump pursues new projects in manhattan. one of them is 40 wall street, a dilapidated and nearly vacant landmark. >> 40 wall street was a deal that made sense. it was basically a case study of how to buy distressed asset. >> in 1995, trump purchases the building for pennies. after a $35 million makeover, prospective tenants flocked to make leases.
10:34 pm
virtually overnight, the property soars. >> i want one of those in my career, right, to have that kind of roi, that return on investment. it's just phenomenal. >> without overextending his empire, he begins to partner and development expertise and property management skills and, most importantly, his name. in the mid-1990s, trump teams up with ge capital to turn the gulf and western building into trump international hotel and tower, a 52-story luxury condo hotel with its awe-inspiring views and impeccable five-star service. by 1997, trump is back on the forbes 400 list for the first time in six years. his net worth is estimated at $2 billion.
10:35 pm
but this success comes with a price. in 1999, his marriage to marla maples ends. >> she said she could not convince you to spend time with the family. that work and deals always comes first. >> i love working. i think i'm a good father. i'm not sure ei'm as good of a husband as a father. >> we always had jobs at early ages. this is what you're doing this summer. >> we worked for the people that worked for him and made minimum wage doing it and he really tried to instill not only the job and how certain jobs get done but also the value of a dollar. >> in 2001, don jr. joins the family's business. >> it's great working for him. he's a fair guy. he'll give you autonomy and let you make up his own mind. if he tells you one way, you overrule it and go the other
10:36 pm
way, you better be right because you'll hear about it the rest of your life. >> john jr. is not the only one vying for an opportunity with the donald. mark burnett has the donald on his mind. he's ready for a change of scenery. >> i was desperate to actually make a show that allowed me to live in the city. i thought, what do people really, really need in a city? it's jobs and the big question was, what is the job that everyone is going to sign up for and really want. >> it doesn't take long for mark to figure it out. >> i met donald a couple years earlier which was a dream for me and he'd be the ideal person for the boss people are vying to work for. >> he pitches his idea to trump and calls the show "the apprentice." >> donald said to me, this show is what business is really like and how tough it is to make it. i want to do this.
10:37 pm
and he said, but what's the deal? and i knew there was only one deal i could make. i said, let's go with 50/50 on this. he put his hand out, we shook hands and history began. >> when cnbc titans returns, can trump build a tv audience? >> nbc knew that they were risking a huge amount. donald trump had no track record in television. >> his own agent and managers told him not to do it.
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he's not only a businessman, he's a celebrity. he's a star. and that has an effect on people and my job and the job of my team is to capture that. >> january 2004, "the apprentice" premiers on nbc. donald trump not only stars in the show but serves as an executive producer. he earns more than $1 million per episode. for the next 15 weeks, 16 contestants compete for a once in a lifetime opportunity, a $250,000 job with the trump organization. >> so when the winner of this thing gets a job with you? >> for at least a year. >> that's the winner? >> second place is three years. >> the first time we actually met donald, we were all kind of looking up at him in awe and it
10:42 pm
was like, wow. let the games begin. >> each week, the talented group of aspiring apprentices the real drama takes place in the board room where each week trump fires one contestant. >> you're fired. >> it's a rough and tumble world in new york city business. it's not an environment of hugs. environment of toughness. >> it's the breakout hit of the 2004 season. >> donald and mark did something that no one else had ever done. it was a show about business and caught on like wildfire. >> trump's popular catch phrase become as sensation. >> you're fired. >> everybody walked around the country saying, you're fired, you're fired. and, of course they associated that with donald trump. >> i thought i was known well before "the apprentice" but now it's at a much higher level. it's not even a contest.
10:43 pm
>> it was a great turning point for trump and the brand that people got to see a side that they've never seen before. he's a likable guy, he's a funny guy, great sense of humor. >> never one to squander an opportunity, trump gets lucrative licensing deals. >> if you get something with the trump name on it, you get something of value. >> the trump name graces a variety of products, including bottled water and vod dka, even though he doesn't drink alcohol. even cologne, all with the trump name. >> it just really took the trump brand, you know, to a different level. perhaps a demographic we don't necessarily cater to in our real estate. >> ever since "the art of the deal," trump has enjoiped imparting his business knowledge to others. >> i love to educate people and i love teaching them what i've learned so they can go out and do the same thing themselves. >> in 2005, he puts his name on
10:44 pm
trump university, an online destination for real estate and business courses and pulse in upwards $1 million for speaking engagements and writes several best-selling books. following bill rancic's win on "the apprentice," the trump international hotel and tower in chicago. >> a lot of people think donald trump is -- they view him as this billionaire and at the end of the day, the guy is a gifted builder. it was my job to take in and absorb and soak up as much as i possibly could and that's what i did. i watched how he made decisions. >> during construction, engineers proposed wrapping trump international in horizontal steel wraps. >> within 30 seconds, donald said you can't do, that the pigeons will poop and you'll never get it clean and the architects couldn't believe they didn't think of it. >> with the real estate market booming, trump turns to his
10:45 pm
favorite past time. >> my father started buying golf courses. >> trump provides players with breathtaking features and luxurious amenities. >> he loves the game. he appreciates the game. he gets it and gives people what they are looking for. >> it's going to be okay. >> on january 22nd, 2005, trump marries his long-time girlfriend melania. he promises i'm going to devote more time to the wife. the following year, trump and melania welcome a son, barron william. by 2006, ivanka and eric trump join the family business. >> he always says to us, love what you do. if you don't, you'll never do it well f you don't put in that extra time because you don't really enjoy t. i'll know and fire you like a dog. >> trump doesn't have to worry. he's taught his early apprentices well. >> they don't take a paycheck for granted. they come to work every single day, leave late into the evening, work on weekends when
10:46 pm
called upon, any hours they are asked to work, they are there. >> in the mid-2000s, a bubble forms in the real estate market. prices shoot to historic levels but this time as a voice of reason, trump cautions against ex ub rans. >> i was telling thousands of people, don't buy real estate now. i sort of listened to my own advice and i didn't go crazy. >> my father was very restrained during this time but we wanted to continue to grow and expand our footprint so we created a hotel company. >> the trump organization establishes the trump hotel collection and develops projects in las vegas, waikiki and manhattan soho. trump refrains from investing a substantial amount of his own money. >> it's our brand and we can get a lot of value from that perspective and projects that we may not be the developer of but we're creating value for those develope
10:47 pm
developers. >> people will pay more for a trump building. they know it's going to be a quality product and stay a quality product because donald is so careful in the management of a property with his name on it. >> next on "cnbc titans" can trump take his brand global? >> i think we have the hottest brand in the world and i think the future is really bright for trump.
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first and foremost, we'll always be developers. it's in our blood. we have those side projects that keep us entertained but real estate will always come first. >> priceless for donald trump and the trump organization. >> there is no amount of money that could buy you an hour primetime on nbc on a weekly basis to promote all things trump. it really is one of the great assets of this organization.
10:51 pm
>> "the apprentice" brings trump into the homes of more than 20 million viewers each week. >> one of the things "the apprentice" really allowed him to do was really opened him up to frankly the rest of the world. >> we've got some of the highest prices ever for televisions sold overseas. >> syndication deals bring the show to more than 160 countries and inspires two dozen international spinoffs. >> we were beginning our international expansion at the same time that the show was launching. we were doing projects and really launching the brand all over the world. >> by introducing to international markets, the trump family hopes to take the business to the next level. >> what's next within the trump organization is really to become less of a new york centric company. we want to have a hotel in every major city in the world. it's got to be an incredible asset so it's going to take some time. [ applause ]
10:52 pm
>> in 2010, they get one step closer to their dream. in early april, trump soho, the latest edition in their luxury line of hotels opens with rave reviews in downtown manhattan. >> we have the best views of anywhere in new york city. you have the ability to put heads in beds during the week, the monday through thursday crowd, and then we have the bar and restaurants and hip things to really put heads in beds for the weekend for the trendy crowd coming into downtown. >> trump doesn't invest a lot of money into trump soho. instead, he licenses his name for a cut of the profits and continues to partner with companies that sell consumer products. trump forms the trump network, a multilevel marketing company. >> when i did "the apprentice," it was a long shot. this is not a long shot. this is going to be something that's really amazing. >> we're absolutely thrilled to
10:53 pm
have mr. trump as our partner. he doesn't put his name on anything that is not the best. that's given us the opportunity to be the best in our industry. >> in 2010, trump capitalizes on his love of golf and celebrity to create donald j. trump's fabulous world of golf for the golf channel. he provides commentary as celebrities and athletes go head-to-head on his golf course. >> mark wahlberg takes on kevin dillon. >> although donald trump makes millions of dollars, real estate remains the cornerstone of his empire. after 40 years in the business, he's more driven than ever. >> i'll wake up to a 6:00 call where i have no idea it's him and he starts talking about a new golf course we want to purchase or a detail. >> his greatest skill is a business leader and his ability to build enthusiasm for an idea
10:54 pm
in all of his people and all the people working on it and then he has the ability to delegate. >> but despite his willingness to give his employees autonomy, there's one aspect of his business trump can't give up. he loves to negotiate. >> maybe that's the boy from queens or maybe it's just a pragmatic business guy. but hey, if you can save an extra $50,000 on a contract, that's a pretty good phone call if it takes you five minutes. >> that desire to keep a close eye on his cash stems from his brush with financial ruin 20 years earlier. >> our company today is worth in excess of $6 billion. >> i think i learned to keep cash, stay conservative. i enjoy borrowing but i also know that when you borrow too much, it's great in good times but in bad times you get absolutely crushed. >> you never heard one thing written about donald trump being in financial trouble during these fast few years. lots of other developers had
10:55 pm
bankruptcies. donald trump came through it unskrau unscathed. >> i love what we're doing and what we're doing with the brand. >> donald trump has promoted his buildings as the biggest and the best but more than anything he wanted to impress his own father. >> not long ago, when donald had one of his many triumphs. i can't remember which one, he said to me, what do you think dad would have said? and i said, i think he would have said, i'm so proud of you. >> i believe that my father's legacy will always be rooted in real estate. he's changed the skyline in a very real way. >> he's proven that you can be successful by being out there every day in people's faces, telling them why what you're doing is the best and proving that it's the best. >> no matter how successful donald trump becomes, he says his greatest achievement is the children. >> i've been given a great
10:56 pm
amount of credit for the success of my children. and i'm very proud of that. ultimately, that's more important than brick and mortar. it's more important than anything. >> when you get older, what are you going to remember? no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no tattoos. give me a kiss. >> but only temporary. >> you just watched an encore presentation of cnbc titans donald trump in the nearly seven years since the special originally aired, trump's business empire has expanded internationally and net worth is estimated at $3 billion but there have been pitfalls, too. trump university and trump network, which you heard endorsed, both face broad complaints and in november 2016, trump settled for $25 million for trump u just after elected president of the united states. you have to have the goods. do me a favor.
10:57 pm
let me negotiate. we hit really hard and really fast. he taught me how to be happy. >> trump in his own words continues next. cnbc. >> never, ever quit or give up. >> get yours. i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized. that's smart. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. tennis racket for a squirrel? he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long-term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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the new york real estate to the hollywood walk of fame to the white house, donald trump has walked a winding path to the presidency. i'm kelly evans. tonight we're cracking open the cnbc archives to take a look at trump in his own words. one of trump's most fascinating appearances on cnbc, it took place almost ten years ago, you will hear some things that sound very recent as well as some things you might find surprising. >> tonight on the big idea,


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