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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  January 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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bank earnings. bank of new york. i think you want to get a critical mass to decide, were expectations too high or too low or just right? >> thank you so much. that does it for closing bell. now it's time to hear from the next prime minister on "fast money." "fast money" starts right now. tonight, check out shares of netflix up 8%. we've got full team coverage as that conference call kicks off right now. julia is listening to the call. the red phone made it all the way to san francisco. neil is manning the infamous red phone. he'll have instant reaction for us.
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plus, make canada great again. kevin o'hery throwing his hat into the ring. he tried populist wave? and later, another day. another retail wreck. holiday sales take a number of retailers along with it. are any of them a bargain? first, netflix coming in, announcing massive subscriber growth in the and u.s. international markets, trouncing expectations. that stock up almost 8%. hitting a record high. does this stock have more room to run? and could this be a good sign for the rest of fang? we kick it off with seaburg who was bullish in your final call last night. >> look. i think in general this stock, it was up $10 plus after hours. this stock has room to go. i think it is a buy here. their international sub number. $5 million. we said $4 million was the buy
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side whisper. they hit $5 million which is incredible. i think there's a lot more room. hastings was walking around somewhere if san francisco over the past year. and he mentioned they'll put up more international sub numbers all this year than all last year which is incredible. the street doesn't that have model. at this level, still a buyer of netflix. >> and they'll increase original programming substantially in 2017. that could bring in even more subscribers creating a virtual cycle here. >> first of all, all hail seaburg. i was on the other side of that. i was wrong. the concern you have with netflix which is what i brought up last night. they're spending an awful lot of money and burning a lot of cash. they're spending the money, getting the content. as soon as that falters, stock is vulnerable. i wouldn't want to be shorted. that's for sure. >> they said anotherer 1 million alone and they will need on tap
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the markets. >> it is unsustainable. if you look at the cash burn. a bunch of people putting it out on twitter. i think north of now $600 million in terms of the cash burn. that's a real number. i have to tell you. the knock against netflix for a long time has been valuation and the cash burn. one of the things we've said for a while is that reed haste sgs taken potentially two misstepping over the years other. than that he's been flawless. you can argue that valuation doesn't make sense. cash burn is a huge concern. all those things are absolutely true. what is also absolutely true is you can't get in the way of the stock. i've been with dived this for a while. you'll hear analysts tomorrow probably downgrade the stock. and you'll have others upgrade it as well. i'll be in the latter camp. >> it is a high flying stock. they've issued equity, issuing
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debt. and subsequently, they have plenty of money. even if they continue to burn. the valuation part gets really expensive. but the momentum of the subscriber growth and the momentum of the quality of the programming is really hard to get short two back. >> when you see the valuation where netflix is, maybe the rest of the fang. maybe it is okay to pay the nosebleed. >> i wouldn't extrapolate from this. netflix is not a google. it is not a facebook. very different methods in each of them. those four stocks trade together because they were only place you could get growth. that's the only thing they have similar. you can't extrapolate subscriber growth to netflix to amazon or facebook. there are other places. so again, vulnerable stock. you don't want to be shorting the momentum. >> i think they tried to guide street numbers down a little
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bit. they talk about spend. that stock will work. they can put their foot on the pedal. it will go higher. amazon will kill it as well. >> i agree. they're very specific, very different businesses, of course. it is a little bit. we saw it. certainly they traded very much in lock step. it didn't matter which one they get in. i think they're dispersing a little bit. i believe there's still growth there. on long google going in. >> the other point we make. we made it over the years. increasing competition. and it is clearly increasing competition. my pushback has been and will continue to be, there's competition for q-tips, band-aids and jello. when people talk with them, they say q-tips, band aids and jello. what does that mean? netflix is becoming a ubiquitous
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term which works to their failure. >> if i go to the store to buy q-tips, i'm just buying whatever is there. >> when they were in the u.s., and they were going to penetrate u.s., they had to spend a lot of money the advertising. a lot of money to get subs. their international is a little different. you have amazon now helping them out. amazon won't catch up to them. i would say this. there's no way they're catching up to the lead that netflix has. >> in terms of this one, does that mean it is good for amazon or bad for amazon? that its competition, they're stamping amazon out? >> i think the cash flow. they're developing these.
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>> clearly an excellent call but to play devil's advocate. does amazon need to catch up to still be damaging to netflix? >> there can be multiple players within this universe. i don't think it is amazon displacing netflix, i think there's plenty of room. >> let's go to the special red phone in san francisco. it was a by just yesterday. welcome. you can put the red phone down for now. >> i want to start with the comment that he just made on the closing bell. >> it is a subscription based business. it is a huge dwloebl market. part of why time warner sold out.
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they don't have global distribution and netflix does. >> is the street not giving enough credit for the international business? >> i think there's tremendous value. the call just now, they said steady growth in latin america. europe is starting to reflect in terms of growth and they're just starting on asia. so i think there's tremendous value here. if you think about someone like disney who is trying to get more international distribution, netflix really gives them that distribution. a lot of studios will continue as they ramp back to the international markets. and international could be the key point to getting this total business to becoming extremely profitable. we're expecting about an 8 perch margin. and we think back, you can go significantly higher. a lot of opportunity from subscriber growth as well as the contribution margin perspective. >> give us an idea how far down
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the road it is? one analyst on the street, it was saying that in some of the big markets, you're entering your three. and typically that is an inflection point. you really start seeing the business model working. starting to work. >> yeah. i think in key markets, like the u.k., they probably have around 40 plus% market share. others like france and germany, we think they're sub 20%. now as they get more original content in those bharkts more localized languages, i think we'll see that. it probably takes about two or three years for them on start to gain materials share. but also from a profitability standpoint. i think they can get to key markets within about three years. we're starting to see the large markets hit the three-year mark and that's where we'll see the outside profits for the overall business. >> i'm curious where netflix
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hits that wall. where subscriber growth almost mathematically can't increase. are we getting anywhere near that? >> i still think there's a lot of room in the u.s. the big bear thesis is in the u.s., they're hitting that wall on subscriber growth. we see them getting from 47, 48 million, the probably around 60 million over the next two to three years. so i think there's a tremendous amount of growth still in the u.s. it will be decelerating. we won't see accelerating growth but i think they'll continue to add subscribers. on the international side, i think we're just scratching the tip of the iceberg. netflix has 40 million subscribers on the international side and we haven't even seen them touch asia. asia is a massive opportunity for them. thinking about japan, india, south korea, vietnam. these are all big, big markets and big opportunities for netflix. >> thanks a lot.
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we'll check the news a little later on. let's ask traders here. is netflix a must-know stock? >> and we play this. the dating game. this is months ago. who would match up with netflix? >> you said disney. >> half joking, half serious. reed hastings is 55 years old. i happen to think the man is a visi visionary. he wouldn't be a terrible replacement for disney down the road. not suggesting anything is in the works because i don't know. netflix, the product has become, as i am, said, ubiquitous. they failed a few years ago but i think they'll be better down the road. >> hulu is a perfect example. they can't figure out how to compete. i look at netflix and say they are spot on above the fray. there's a company around for a long time. >> i feel like it will be a disk
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divide. >> i don't own it. should have owned it. is that an answer? for a long, long time. it is a big deal for disney. very big. but it is not -- it's doable. >> in terms of size. although i don't think you can tone stock that disney buys. >> to be clear, i'm not. if i was reed hastings, i would be doing a secondary offering. raise some money on this. >> but the market has been able to absorb it. the stock is up 8.2% in the afterhour session. from his lips to god's ears. we'll tell you what goldman sachs ceo had all of wall street talking. must, shares tanking.
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is the group of retail stocks a no touch? or is it a buying opportunity? we have the details. and kevin o'leary is here. what is his plan to make canada great again? bp unheel,
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everybody wants to know, do the markets have more room to run? from dafs. >> there's a lot that can be wrong but i think we're at the beginning of a cycle. if it falters or something goes wrong or some risk pops up that we didn't anticipate, it won't. but the base is that this can keep on going. >> do you agree with the ceo of goldman? >> i love how he phrased it. he wants it to go very well. that's how i feel. you have to ask yourself. is trump's presidency going to be reagan 2.0 or nixon 2.0. this is what we need watch for. you need a stable to weak
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dollar. the dollar gets too much stronger, that will be a problem. and you need slowly rising rates. you give me those two things and i agree. you want to be buying with him. >> i agree. we need to have earnings catch one expectations. they need follow suit. we've had a big move in a lot of the stocks. i do agree with you. we need see top line growth. fundamentals matter. you can't just base a stock pick based on pure expectations of what's to come. you have to look at whether or not these earnings will be carried through in the near term. we're in a conundrum really in a lot of sectors. >> he was very bullish for him. you have to be somewhat measured. but jamie dimon as well. i thought 40% growth in gdp is a possibility and very, very bullish. so my position is i'm long. long in the banks. and yesterday, the last two days not great but i think the story intact. and it will take a little while. i think more than the earnings happening first is what can trump do once he gets in.
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how quickly can he make things happen? >> the story is intact. you stay long until it is not intact anymore. that will be a policy shift or change. not just like a tweet. the twleets dislocate stocks slightly. you will see movement and volatility. a change in policy. >> a speed bump on the road to policy change. aren't we seeing little bits of that? he says he does not like the border justability. he said we like it. we're off the ring. we think it is a viable option. >> this is not to put you on the spot. >> what does that have to do with it? >> i'll tell you why. who was the 26th president of the united states? >> 26th president of the united states? >> 3, 2, 1.
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theodore roosevelt. he mentioned trump. i mentioned reagan 2.0. i would submit trump is theodore roosevelt 2.0 who is not nearly as business friendly as one would think. ends it appears he is business friendly. better tax rates. the whole thing. >> i thought you would say he was a friend of mine. that being said, of course lloyd always makes excellent points. you hope for the best and prepare for the worst. nothing was bad in the world a month and a half ago and it's gone away. >> next up, target causing a retail wreck on the street today. the the company issued a profit warning followed weak holiday sales. digital sales made but failed on make up for in store sales. target, macy's, jcpenney and kohl's. >> i own some macy's which i haven't bought more.
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it seems to get cheaper every day which means i should have sold it higher. i'm not sure what to read through this target release. i'm not sure where it went wrong. electronics. they called that out specifically. they called out essentials and food. some of doesn't apply to the other names. so i don't think these names should have been down as much. target was down a lot on not that big of a miss. i think it was the surprise. i think target was probably the most overdone. but i would wait a couple days until it shakes out a little more. target is getting to a valuation we haven't seen in a while spoefl would be the most interesting to me right now. >> and there's a lot of talk about real estate in retail with macy's. one analyst on the street was saying, look at target. target owns its real estate and that's worth a certain amount of money. >> and we've mattered before. that was the reason why you bought sears. i think in this space, walmart is the most at risk. most of the analysts that i read
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today said we thought walmart did better. maybe so. think about the longer run. coming from china on a huge boat is higher prices. and that will hurt walmart. our wages will hurt walmart. if they have any slip in steals 28 stock is set up, i wouldn't buy it. >> anything worth buying retail? >> i think it has to be something outside of bricks and mortar. mentioned again burlington. i think adidas is a phenomenal stock. and also, dick's. we're seeing garbage with all these brick and mortar stores that are having a massive struggle. >> mastercard, visa, get it done every time. we've talked about it here on "fast money." now entering our 11th year. >> 11th year. wow! still ahead, netflix soaring. we'll their latest from reed hastings about what drove quarter. in the meantime, here's what
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else is coming up. ♪ >> say that again! >> no need for that. because mcdonald's just unveiled a major change to its classic big mac that could revive the stock. we have a special report. plus, first brexit, now trump. >> o canada ♪ >> shark tank is giving o'leary -- what is his plan to make canada great again? >> that's why they call me are wonderful. he'll be here with "fast money" returns. lfpu yco,anhabr
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grexit. welcome back to "fast money" at the world economic forum in davos. all the discussions are around trade tensions with xi jinping 10:00 crowd earlier this week that globalization is positive and should not be used as a scape goat. but theresa may is also here. a reminder that populism is on the rise everywhere around the world. whether it is britain's vote to leave the e.u. or donald trump's election in the u.s. and it is something some of the biggest investors and policy makers are worried about. >> there is a phenomenon that exists that is called populism that we really don't know very well. it existed in the 30s. that phenomenon is partially due to a wealth gap but also partially due to a sense of inefficiency and make the place work on time. and this, for the common man. and the values that are national
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values, rather than global values. there are those elements that exist in right now as an influence, that is more important than central banking. >> one thing everyone can agree on. no more predictions. the consensus got it wrong on brexit, wrong on the election of donald trump and wrong on the market reaction to to electing trump. will it be wrong once again when it comes to the global economy and the snarkts that remains to be seen and the biggest question at davos. >> the global rise of populism. what does it mean for the market? certainly the upsize and outsize move. >> what does this populism come out to be? it tens on come in 80-year cycles. if you go back and try to model it, there has been some terrible outcomes to this. that being. if you can get something like a
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reagan 1980s where the popular leads to positive business environment. that will be very good. and i think that's what we're all looking for. so you hope that there's no trade war. if that is the case, you'll be okay. >> is it populism or realism? it only rears its ugly head during failed periods. >> if you look back at other failed societies, right? what is the outcome? it doesn't go from we had a failed here. >> how do you measure failed? is the economy -- >> i think trump woke the world up. or woke the u.s. up. right? and that was the awakening, was why? we have a failing sewed, a failing economic culture. >> listen. >> but i think it comes up. the word, that comes up in my
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dialogue with people when things aren't going right. >> it's interesting. we always, as long as i've been around, as you pointed out. karen pointed that out as well. appreciate it. a stronger policy. quietly, privately, that's the last thing they want. weaker dollar policy, weaker dollar helps us. mr. trump, president-elect trump the other day actually said, i think it was yesterday. the dollar is too strong. and that was a shocking comment that we probably didn't spend enough time on. if it goes down this road of actually acknowledging that, everybody thinks they want a stronger dollar, they in fact want a weaker dollar. you talk about populism. it could rear its head. >> if we see this happening in france, then you could really start to see the euro unravel. that will, i think, have a very strong dollar. not by choice. just by the havenness of it.
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>> soap that would be good european exporters. >> again, this issy mentioned the beginning. all things being equal, the strong dollar is a global wrecking ball. more depth in the dollar than any time in history. the higher that goes, the more cost to service that debt. and that is a problem for the whole world. so that's why the dollar is the hinge here. that's the most important thing. >> can we extrapolate in terms of stocks? sectors that can benefit from the rise of populism? >> wow. that's a tough call. the rise of populism, which stocks will benefit. that's a hard thing to come to grips with. to me, it is currency and commodities. >> so what happens? since the rise -- hershey's. >> what? >> a ton of chocolate. >> the maker of spam. you can go down the road. alcohol. whatever it is. but in terms of what we've seen since the rise of it, in the
5:33 pm
united states. we've seen a dramatic rise in the u.s. stock market. what do we see in great britain? >> we've seen it in the british stock market because the pound has fallen. it is one or the other. i'm not sure that the rally in britain, after brexit, i think, is more of a sugar high than this market. >> our next guest is hoping to tried populist wave. kevin o'leary announced that he is running to lead to conservative party in canadaful will he make canada great again? he joins us now. it's great to speak with you, kevin. >> great. i was looking more -- >> mr. wonderful of course, that would be your slogan. the slogans are striking. you and donald trump are both successful businessmen. you and donald trump have been on reality tv. was that a blue print for you?
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>> i've been very active in policy for a long time and i've always been interested in economic and fiscal policy. the country is so poorly managed and i saw the opportunity. what's happening here is there's going to be an election for the, we have the parliamentary system many canada. so you have to become the leader of the opposition party. then you have to wait for an election. so a lot of activity for me in the next six weeks. then it goes dormant until the election in 2019. that's when things are get active. but i'm going to be a very vocal clinic of our prime minister, justin trudeau. i don't like his economic policies, i don't like what he's done, make have the country so competitive against what trump is doing. obviously it has been met very well by investors. i'm one of them. the trouble is if we don't have the same tax rates, the same policies on manufacturing and distribution, canada will be in trouble when trump arrives.
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that's just in a couple of days. so i'm worried about it. it is a very interesting time for me. i've been watching this populism creep through all around the world and i've been very active in britain in the last week. we got a bit of a bounce. i've said all the way through. i thought this year, europe unhedged beat our markets. i think that's what happens. as she lays out her plans, it is clear we'll be very competitive. >> so your run for the conservative party, that was sparked primarily by -- granted, your interest in politics, but sparked primarily about your concern about canada's competitiveness versus a trump presidency? >> no. what really pushed me into it was this. a couple weeks ago a document got posted just before the holiday from the finance minister of canada. in it it detailed the next 38 years, ending the company in 1.5
5:36 pm
trillion deficit. there's no chance in hell i'm going to let that happen. that's why i got into the race. many canadians and investors around the world saw that and were shocked. clearly, justin trudeau misunderstood his mandate. i think frankly, he doesn't know what he's doing. and i think a lot of other canadians and investors around the world are coming to that realization. we need an alternative. it will be me. >> all right. so in terms of populism, we've had a spirited discussion here on the desk about investing in populism. how do you do that? >> you have to believe that at the end of the day. this happened with the whole brexit thing. let's think of what happened in the last 12 months. we watched the pound drop to 38-year lows. a buying opportunity of a lifetime, i say. and then we saw the government do something really interesting. this was not a legal mandate. it was simply an emotional vote.
5:37 pm
that y but they took it as direction is that started to get very competitive. on tax policy, immigration policy, oefrg they could do to support their businesses and trade internationally, including to go back to the eu and countries like the u.s. and canada and say, we're open for business. we're going to be competitive. we'll make it easy to trade and look what happened. you've been well reward, owning those names. all of these british companies. these large cap dividends, and the guy running the bank there is a canadian. carney. he put these policies in place. these guys are smart. i'm telling you, populism can work for you as an investor if the leadership focuses on the thing that matters. gdp growth. i think we're going to see unhedged europe long. going to beat s&p this year and remember, i'm short those regional banks domestically. look what's happening to them. i hope i'm not right. but so far i'm starting to get
5:38 pm
rewarded. >> at what point would you have to or would you give up your spot on shark tank and your share out of your interests in investments? >> that's many years away. the thing about parliamentary politics in canada, that won't won't be declared until the end of 2019 or maybe 2020. so hopefully i'll be on shark tank for a while to come. i love it. as you know, in a television show, you have to wait to see if you get picked up every year i'm very optimistic. i love that show. it supports millennials, entrepreneurs, and o shares, i'm just getting that going. my goodness. i am so excited about it next week. there's so much innovation and i'm bringing a brand new product. i want to keep it a secret because i'll announce when it i'm there but i'm all in. >> we'll see you in hollywood. thank you mr. wonderful.
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>> love him. we'll see him monday. as you mentioned, hollywood, florida. i would move to toronto to vote for him. that's how much i like kevin o'leary. >> you can. are you going to? >> of course not. still ahead, netflix is still soaring. what's ahead for the streaming giant right after this break. must, call at this time big mac boom. can it breathe new life into the stock? guy adami puts it to the test. a taste test. liwi o geathooi coy
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big moves in the after hours session. >> that's right. stocks sharply higher in news that the outgoing ceo hunter harrison has approached the company's board of directors to discuss his departure and altering his contract to allow him to pursue other company with other north american rail roads. csx, norfolk southern, among the stocks moving higher. and harrison, well regarded in the rail space, helping canadian pacific turn around the company. now potentially moving to one of these north american rail roads. >> thank you very much.
5:43 pm
this from morgan brennan who covers the rail stocks. remember, harrison tried move with csx and nfc so this is not so off base. >> they report on the 25 ths of january. at levels we're trading at now, 115 or so, these are right around all time highs. we saw somewhere in 2015. very interesting. nsc is not cheap by any stretch. i have to tell you something. if we were to hold this 115 level, the transports which have been squishy in the last week or so get their mojo back. it is within a half percent of all time high, breaks into that level. >> which of these company needs a champion, a legend, someone who can turn them around in a difficult environment? ksu. that's what i would be looking at. they have some issues with most of the business coming from mexico. it would be very interesting to
5:44 pm
see him there. and i think it would be very positive. >> we don't have any there. but csx is up the most of these rail roads. it has lost the more on the back of its earnings and today. it is making up its losses. let's go back to netflix which is moving higher in the after hours session. soaring to a record high. julia jones us in a conference call from l.a. >> hey, melissa. the video call just wrapped up and there were a range of questions about what is driving the better than expected growth. though quarter's numbers were far better than expected, if you look at the big picture. bits the high qual confelony netflix is creating as the company grows overseas. >> in the international expansion. what we've seen in latin america, steady growth. europe as a whole has been
5:45 pm
really picking up moment dlumt for us. in asia, we're just getting started. >> hastings spoke about the value they're seeing in originals such as the crown. saying as they enter the second season for shows, there's an even bigger draw with more word of mouth. hastings saying they're working more on local language content that helped fuel that content cycle. hastings noted they have a long way to go when you think about the content they don't have. he is working to spread the word about the rise of internet tv. trying to tell everyone about how much more convenient it is. this as they push to get on 99 million subscribers, which is what they project they will hit by the end of q1. he was asked if he thinks kit match cable penetration in the u.s. he said he doesn't think netflix can in part because they don't have sports and he said they're not planning to go after sports
5:46 pm
content as of now. >> which is even more costly than original programming. >> for more, let's go back to neil who has been manning the red phone. what is the biggest unanswered questions, still? >> yeah. i think the biggest interesting factor that they talked about on the call was, the ability to get more local original content. and they're seeing that it is driving more viewership. so i think this will be big for international subscribers. the big question will be that cash flow burn which is and expected to expand. will they need on tap into the debt markets again to be able to fund that expansion? and when can we see that start to moderate in the future? >> so you want to hear them say $2 billion is the cash burn for 2017.
5:47 pm
>> yeah. that's what they're predicting. they were predicting something lower. they went higher than that. so is at this time cap? will we start to see that come down? >> all right. thank you. once again for us. holding on to the 8%. what do you say about netflix now? >> i love the stock. i have one prediction. guy hit the nail on the head about a disney potential as acquiring netflix. listen to what he just said. sports, we don't have it. espn, a suffering franchise. hastings wants to continue to grow franchise. at some point it will be for sale. >> so netflix needs disney for sports. but does disney need netflix? >> they don't have content. >> does anyone need netflix? no. could a lot of people use them? i've heard facebook's nail get thrown out there. >> you're talking about a deal out there.
5:48 pm
north of $70 billion deal if all the stars line up. that's not insignificant. especially given the valuation you would be paying. >> a lot of debtor the they will be very deluded. >> would you be more bearish on dings if they do a deal with netflix? or more bullish? >> that's a great question. i think it would depend on how they structure it. >> i would think that it is david einhorn who said it. if disney bought netflix, it would be like the aol/time warner merger. they're going to be paying at the top of the market. to me that would be that type of thing. that being said, one of the all time legendary ceos. >> who steps down in 2018. one option, breaking down all the action.
5:49 pm
>> we did see a bullish bet. this stock is up 2.5%. we saw two times average daily volume. where we saw it was the seller of 2750. it collected $2.40. you are expecting to it remain above 82.5. only moderately bullish. they're probably expecting that most of the big run that we've seen has already taken place. >> all right. thanks for that. check out the full show. 5:30 eastern on friday. coming up, two new big macs added to the mcdonald's menu. are they good enough to get customers in the door? guy adami puts they will to the test. hey , u
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badadoyle mplr tt lygn tadirectv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. welcome back. mcdonald's has two new big macs today to bring back all the customers. >> a bigger big mac and a mini mac. two different new size offerings to go with the original. everything else besides the size
5:53 pm
stays the same. though the new smaller mac jr. doesn't have a middle bun and it is just one beef patty. it also has fewer calories for those wanting to splurge but they can't afford the calories. the grand mac is 1 1/2 times bigger and the calorie count tops out at over 860 a burger, in case want to know or you probably didn't. so these are a way for mcdonald's to offer more choice but not steering too far away from the originals as to alienate its loyal and some would say older clientele. an internal memo said only 1 in 5 millennials have ever even tried a big mac. also, fast food customers are price sensitive so you can't offer new pilots are too pricey. we have the angus burger being pulled back this 2013 because people didn't want to pay $5 when you can get the big five original off the menu. we'll check on how mcdonald
5:54 pm
satisfies doing when they report earnings monday morning. if you are wondering how the new big macs stack up next to the predecessor, we have guy adami. an unofficial big mac aficionado, apparently. he will take a few bites out of three. >> what are we trying to determine? >> to see if the changes to the big mac, the grand mac and the mini might be enough on bring in new customers. >> i think what we should do first, this is scientific, correct? we should go with the base case. and the base case, have been, would be the big mac. the original. bear with me here, folks at home. mmm. a mighty tasty burger. >> special sauce, two patties, a bun in the middle. >> lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions. then i would say to you, let us go to the smaller burger. >> one patty no, middle bun.
5:55 pm
>> apparently it has fewer calories than panera bread's turkey sandwich. >> i call on that but okay. let me check. mmm. oddly similar. as it turns out. >> considering it is the same patty. with the same sauce. >> now let's go to the big kahuna burger. >> 1 1/2 time the original patty. >> if i were to say the big kahuna burger, what would you say? >> i have no idea. >> of course you wouldn't. but i know b.k. knows. i'm going to have a bite of the big kahuna burger now. >> what is that in reference to? >> isn't that joe kern? wasn't at the big kahuna? >> he is the big kahuna. however the big kahuna burger is the one samuel jackson eats. he says can i wash down that big
5:56 pm
burg we are the tasty drink? so the answer is they're all the same. this thing has 900 calories. >> 860 calories. >> for two hours to burn this sucker off. think about it. make good choices. this ain't good choice. >> this is definitely not an ad for mcdonald's. >> this is a better choice. and i'll say it. this is not an indictment of mcdonald's. there is nothing better than mcdonald's fries in the restaurant. true? true. nothing worse than mcdonald's fries 45 minutes out. >> it's not mcdonald's fault. it is just the timing of the show that the fries are cold. >> back to you, desk or somebody. ic ty y anpa
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
time for the final trade. >> raytheon looked pretty good. you buy that one. >> yes. united, i think it has had enough of a run. >> seaburg. >> nothing to do with the burger. i'm a big buyer ntsb stock. >> what did you think?
6:00 pm
>> i have to honestly, they're doing a great job at mcdonald's. they report on the 23rd. i'm with seaburg here. i think 130 before 110. >> we'll see you tomorrow at 5:00. 5:00 for more "fast physici" me "mad money" starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. read-throughs and derivatives. that's what earnings season is all about. even with donald trump's inauguration coming


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