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tv   Trump The Billionaire President  CNBC  January 23, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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house? >> i had great parents and great bothers a brothers and sisters. that's sad to look at that. i want to buy it. >> the 2500 square foot home was built by his father. >> this could be the room the president elect slept in when he was a child. >> there are five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. >> everybody associates the trump name with gold, glitz large penalty house style living, and this is much more humble than that. the next home was more high-end and a little bit more grand than this one. >> in 1950, the trump family moved around the corner to this much larger mansion. just the first stop on the journey to the top of the tower, and here is how it stacks up against his new digs in d.c. the trump tower sits at 725 fifth avenue and was built in 1983, also known as the tower of
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power in our nation's capital, the presidential digs, completed in 1800, address 1600 pennsylvania avenue, also known as the people's house. here is the tale of the tape. trump's black and gold tower residents unfolds over the top three floors from the 66th to the 68th. and measures 30,000 square feet. back in d.c., the ivory presidential mansion is 55,000 square feet and spans six floors. in the trump tower's backyard, an 843 acre ocasis known as central park and a fence encloses 18 acres of land, including the famous rose garden and every commander in chief needs a home office. in trump tower it sits 26 stories above manhattan with amazing views. meanwhile, his new office, you know, the oval one boasts an
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antique desk from the 1800s. putting a price tag on either place is a challenge but let's try. let's assume the mansion in the spy inspired by the palace and covered in gold and marble is the highest price in man mhatta mull ply that by 30,000 and the tower residents tops $391 million. let's try the same math on the classical mansion. nearly $3,000 per square feet and multiply by 55 k and that's $93 million. you may remember robin leech who did one of the first tv interviews with donald trump. we caught up with the lifestyles of the rich and famous host in las vegas in the back of a limousine for a trump down memory trump lane. >> i'll tell you a story about
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donald which is part and parcel of who donald trump is. when he was in atlantic city, he bought a yacht, a big yacht and it was owned by the then rich's man in the world. he trumply rena promptly renamep princess. it was important for donald to own the yacht of the richest man in the world. when we bout the yacht i called him and said can i film it because it was the most incredible. we saw everything. it was perfect. it was dream boat for james bond and in fact, it was used in a james bond movie. >> you can run a small government from here. >> about three months later, the phone rings in my office and he says, do you know how much that day up on the yacht cost? i said i have no idea. he said it cost me $55,000 to fill it up with gas after you
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had used it. he said i never realized that that's how much it cost to fill up the tank of that ship. so i said well, i hope you're not asking me for the $55,000 because i don't have it. he said no, i just needed to express it. $55,000 is a lot of money but he watches the pennies or the 55,000s. coming up, meet the first family, from the 35-year-old daughter who built brand that rakes in a reported $100 million a year to the 10-year-old baron with a floor of his own at the tower of power and the first lady whose bringing bling to the west wing, but first, the five wealthiest presidents, at number five, james madison, who would have been worth $101 million at his peak. in fourth, andrew jackson at $119 million. largely from real estate on the tennessee frontier. third, teddy roosevelt at $125
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million. born into a prominent industrial family, he blew his intheritanc as a young man. in second place, thomas jefferson at $212 million. his 5,000 acre plantation was an extravagant project at the time. it was also one that would deplete his fortune once he left the white house and our nation's wealthiest president until now, george washington who at his peak was worth $525 million. impressive but still more than $3 billion short of the newest member of this prestigious club.
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call today. comcast business. built for business. the trump building is $3.5 billion. it's split into two categories, ent entertainment like "the apprentice" that made him $214 million over two as the real bread and butter is real estate. there are60 trump properties, 11 u.s. states and d.c. and 111 countries. the vast majority where the presidential penalty house originally hit the market for $50 million. >> what i've learned from mr. trump is it's all about
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marketing. it's all about knowing your target audience. former trump employee helped launch the lux hotel condo. >> we had studies that showed that a trump brand warrants a 30% premium. >> perhaps the crown jewel of trump's premium properties, palm beach where a $200,000 initiation fee and $14,000 a year in membership dues, gets you access to the luxury amenities, including private pools, dining and ballrooms and trump golf courses across the country. travel about 60 miles south and you'll find another posh enclave that has trump written all over it, literally. developer gill and his family paid big bucks to license the trump name for the six high-end high rises. >> branding for us was a huge attraction for buyers. they know the trump brand. they know what it comes with. they know the style and elegance. >> he says having that golden
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name has paid off. >> the total is over $2 billion in units sold. >> rounding out trump's real else state portfolio, 17 golf courses and the winery in virginia and commercial properties in new york and california. all part of an empire that takes ex travis jens to new heights. some of his five children are executives and all of them can add something else to the resumes. first, children of the united states. meet the new first family starting with donald trump's three eldest children with first wife ivanka. overseeing the half billion lls golf course and taking over the organization with his brother. the 33-year-old was a vp but
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overseeing trump winery, the largest vineyard in virginia. the 1300 acre estate includes a 45-room mansion with suites that can fetch up to $1,000 per night. ivanka trump is the family's oldest daughtercepted an adviso role, ivanka announced she would give up positions with the trump organization and the fashion brand that bears her name that brought in $100 million in revenue in 2015. tiffany was born in 1993 to marla maples, donald's second wife. she graduated from u penn and reportedly wants to become a lawyer. baron is the son of trump's third wife, melania. the 10-year-old reportedly has his own floor in the trump tower and is currently enrolled at colombia prep, one of manhattan's most elite private schools where tuition is almost $47,000 per year. he and his mom will reportedly move into the white house at the
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end of the school year. a super model with a pension of diamonds. she puts the first in first lady. her 2005 palm beach wedding was standing room only for the hollywood elite. >> i saw donald but i could barely see melania. she was covered up with that whole vail. >> that vail bit accompanied melania's christian dior's wedding dress. price tag. $100,000 but nothing compared to the 15 carat rock he used to seal the deal. he bought it where vip clients need an invitation to check out the goods in the top secret suite and in true trump fashion, donald reportedly negotiated to get the ring half off for the bargain price of $1.5 million. coming up, a look inside the 50,000 square feet mega mansion where donald and melania spend their summers in style.
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plus, meet the ultra wealthy members of trump's $14 billion cabinet but first, a look at other world leaders that came into offices as billionaires include petro worth $1.3 billion when elected president of ukraine in 2014. he made his money investing in cocoa and owned the largest sweets manufacturer in his country before losing much of the his fortune while in office. thailand's former prime minister built his $1.6 billion fortune in the mobile phone industry. at $2.5 million, former chile president and credit card tycoon sebastian and silvio worth $6.1 billion. now you may be wondering why russia's vladimir putin is not on the list.
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experts estimate his current worth between 70 and $200 billion. mostly based on his alleged holdings in oil and natural gas companies. that would make him one of the richest men on earth, but when the former agent took office in 2000, he was worth far less than that and in 2013, he only reported making a little over $100,000. it's just... we were going to ask about it but we weren't sure when. so thanks. being upfront is how edward jones makes sense of investing. enjoy your phone! you too. all right, be cool. you got the amazing new iphone 7 on the house by switching to at&t... what??.... aand you got unlimited data because you have directv?? (laughs to self in disbelief) okay, just a few more steps... door! it's cool! get the iphone 7 on us
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trump trump tower may be considered the white house north but travel 50 miles north of the fifth avenue skyscraper, you'll find seven springs. trump bought the property in bedford, new york in 1996 for $7.5 million. ♪ ♪ >> i was about 12, 13 years old and my brother and i and my father during the summers would put us to work and we were literally riding around and mowing fields and cutting down trees. it was probably the best experience in my life because it was the first lessons about development from my father. >> the 50,000 square foot summer home has 60 rooms, 15 bedrooms and a bowling alley. >> i would walk around the house for days and be amazed with the details. every room in the property and house are exceptional. >> there is also three pools, including an indoor pool made from imported italian marble.
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>> i spent so much time here and learning the art of the deal here. this is a special place for me and one i'll always remember and be close to. >> and now from westchester to washington, where one of the most remarkable things about the trump administration is that he's not the only billionaire tycoon in it. his cabinet and staff picks is over $14 billion. here are donald's top three level opponents. linda mcmahon, co-founder of the wwe. we estimated net worth and roth, $2.9 billion and betsey devos, the daughter of richard devos, her family's worth $5.1 billion.
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coming up, get a first ever look inside a trump penalty house worth more than 40 million. but first, more of that limo ride with trump's buddy robin leech. >> the first time that i really got to know donald is when i was interviewing him for "lifestyles of the rich and famous." he was more interested in interviewing us than we were in interviewing him. he would get up to check the camera not because he was picky. we wanted to understand the business. he wanted to know how to communicate better for himself by understanding the tech nenol of the media and that fascinated me about him and when he announced, he was announced he was going to run, that's the first thing that went through my mind, he's remembered absolutely everything from the days he interrupted interviews. he knows how to make a
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welcome back welcome back to "trump the billionaire president." to one of trump's most posh properties in a building so exclusive, cameras aren't even allowed inside the lobby but we were granted exclusive access inside the $40 million penalty house in the sky. the trump international hotel and tower in new york city sores 52 stories above columbus circle in central park. >> trump moved himself to be an absolute visionary in the '90s when he took thisilding, a commercial building and turned it into a luxury hotel and condo. >> we got an exclusive look inside a penalty house on the
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48th floor owned by a billionaire buddy of the donald, who we've been asked not to name. >> mr. trump originally said it would break all records selling for 1,000 to $1500 a square foot. not only can that come true but at 8,800 square foot, that's a remarkable appreciation. >> she said initially the condos weren't an easy sell. >> something was wrong with the building so donald trump immediately flew in, the leading expert in the world to tell him how to fix it. they told him to put a spear to the columbus circle. >> the fix was a globe he commissioned modelled after the world's unspear in queens. >> immediately the bidding sold out. >> how much would a penalty house in this hower go today? >> this residence is not on the market. should something like this come on the market at trump international, it would probably trade in excess of $40 million,
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away from the 1,000 a square foot price tag. thanks for watching this special edition of "secret lives of the super rich, trump, the billionaire president." i'm robert frank. good night. for sale in the u.s., then here's your chance, 'cause our cameras were the only ones allowed inside, but it'll take a quarter of a billion dollars to buy this california dream and the 75-foot infinity pool makowsky: it is a $2-million theater outdoors. frank: what?! next, meet the movie star with the lucrative second career. check out keanu reeves' side gig -- making high-end, hand-crafted, super-luxe two-wheelers that start at 80,000 bucks each. -he breaks things? -yeah. things that nobody else can break. frank: and see why this 35-grand-a-night resort villa


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