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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  January 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EST

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good morning. a developing story. president trump defending an immigration ban as protests erupt. corporate america reacts. we'll tell you what corporations are saying. plus delays for delta. computer outage force as domestic ground stop. it's monday, january the 30th, 2017. "world wide exchange" begins right now. ♪ >> good morning. oo very warm welcome to "world
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wide exchange." >> and welcome back. >> thank you and then on to the had caribbean as well. and futures suggesting a slightly lower open. about 50 points for the dow, the s&p seven points, the nasdaq about 19 points. the dow's up 1.3%. ending two weeks of losses in a row. it was a soft end to the week friday but overall gains, the nasdaq leading the charge. we have seen more stability ending on friday at a similar place where we begin the week. on the tenure the field's --
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three years 3% and again across all maturities it was a relatively stable weak finding levels of ability. for the most part they've been trading at or around one year highs. on monday morning, they saw maund stouks relatively lower. 4,fine70 wouldn't have been wearing that it were rear acting to donald trump's immigration ban. now in asia, mennee markets including hong kong and shanghai are closed for the lunar new year p year. we're still seeing a minorer celebration there. of course a lot of focus on the
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yen and if it will at all changing the impractice. >> let's have a lock at oil prices which did gain last week. they were negative friday. the whole second positive week and blad is you can see 6. dollar prices we've seen that numerous facilities in the dollar. the third negative week last week but lost among a broad basket of currency. slightly higher against the euro and the pound. all eyes on the bank offia pan and england. gold prices pretty much flat today. they were down for the week. breaking a fuel week 1ing
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street. 1, 187. and to politics. the world reacting to president trump's executive order barring syrian refugees and restricting travel from seven muks element. hundreds of people were detained on arrival, come including green card holders, students and universities. in a statement president trumpicides does not have todo with religion but many are blocking a federal order. corporate america is taking a stance against president trump's immigration order. ceo's at snof world's
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largest companies are speaking out. in an email with the subject line uberer ceo always right. it also effects thousands of drivers who use all. we are workute process. and starbucks ceo saying the company would do everything posable to support affected workers. starbucks plans to hire in 75 countries. nike ceo saying nike believes in a world where everyone celebrates the foyer of diversity regardless of how you toworship. what makes us stronger as a whole. this is a policy we don't support.
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she swent it's painful to see the personal cost. we'ver always made our view known publicly. and will continue -- and it can be match would $2 million in donations from corporations like the american civil liberties union. and you've seen about a week of trump's presidency, a flurry of executive orders from keystone pipeline and immigration perhaps the most controversial of all of them. >> absolutely right. pretty strong reaction as well. you emailing us over the weekend saying there's a lot on there. they don't react to the likes of china. strong kaumntz over the weekend.
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and it's just a significant reaction in terms of the peyigz. but all of the actions. are. >> and this is unkaupshitutional, is it disclim gnawfory? special sad safeetding where all head to people to try to influence frump's decision going forud. amazon, netflix, ibm, and airbnb. they're promising legal assistance to their effected employees. we're learning more about the meeting between prime minister teresa may and donald
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trump. in a statement, she said there are insurances that a step forward required a kpimnt to build a truly bloet britain. to a developing story out of canada. in quebec city last night. canada's prime minister condemn thk shooting as a terrorist adak have been arrested. delta flights are departing again and a ground stop has been lifted after a system outage lead to delays. thousands of travellers were left in limbo because of the oudage. around midnight he released a sfamnt that it wasn't teeaten.
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the fed will be eating as well. it jobs and corporate results. and that person will be out whatever. besides that we'll get personal income today and on wednesday we node a 8:30 a.m. eastern. a lot of big tech companies are reporting this week. and amazon's numbers are out thursday. this after a mixed set of results. >> be interest to see what comes from apple and facebook. still to come president trump and his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, spoke by phone. now on the next page you'll see a breakdown of costs.
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
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say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. good morning. welcome back to "world wide exchange." let's check in on what market action is taking place. we're looking at japan, australia and new zealand because lots of china is closed for the new year holiday. we're see dg clined for the nikkei. australia down the best part of 1%. international activities have been weighed down by the
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sentiment that's come out of the trump immigration ban and we did see gains last night for continental europe. germany was up. albeit the fitse 100 -- everything pfsh around 1% in a minute down on the dow. it comes after a decent week. maybe 2% of gains for the nas dak. on to russia. president trump and his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, spoke by phone. jeff, over to you. >> reporter: yeah, thanks very much for that. i would say that the relationship between washington and moscow just got a few degrees warmer within the last
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few hours we've had had foreign minister saying there is a basis for mutual understanding and we know where their mind is. that's mainly on the fight against islamism and terrorism. that really didn't dominate the conversation. squerthy didn't want me to help and because that could be political dynamite given there are senior members who have led people who aren't happy to see sanctions eased on russia. the language is measurered. they feel pretty good about the way the television conference went and believe the deep freeze it was left in by president obama. >> what's the sentiment more
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broadly in moscow. presumably there's a more positive out look for his presidency. and the rubl is a good currency against the u.s. dollar. is that something russia is quite optimistic about? >> i would say that the rushes came through the transition from can't 16 to 2017 a lot more upbeat about life. they're talking about 1 1/2 to 1.8% and the world bank has similar numbers. so they're looking for better growth this year and only donald trump was their man even though they don't want to go over bord on that issue. they just want to see some
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indications that sankszs will be released but they think it's very here. under the two terms of president obama they have the sense they were being marginalized in moscow and he was operate ogen the base of there is only one superpower in the world. it's the first time the two leaders have talked since his inaugurati inauguration. puts the spotlight back on moscow and shows president does regkt talking to and that makes them a whole lot happier here in moscow. >> jeff got for us live in moscow. the company moving towards an
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ipo. the document condeigns onlies thes recognize pufriendship and 20 to $25 billion this would make it the largest tech -- sony is ache tag nearly $1 billion write down. they site the strengtheninging of package media on to the lows. this dtds to the home improvement rehairlines which have a problem of $625 million. we'll not pee requiremented by they put those and its finances. italy's largest bank embarking
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on a fratagy. grrs below 5%. ow about the governor just hoarau about h csx is reportedly in talks with pacific ceo. the talks come less than two weeks after harrison partnered with mantle ridge. with the aim of installing harrison to improve the country's pearl formance. voterer phone is in talks to merge with rival i deal cellular. it's under pressure from lower cost competitors. it took a write down on its imgrigz last year. this story and brazilian
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businessman named a fugitive. and the weather echannel. >> got some snow shooting through the december area. snow continuing and a system brings light chippers snow into. minnesota and wisconsin. in the south it's chilly after a cold day in south florida. we barely made it to 60. and it was nice and quiet. sh of the hottest temperatures have been in the southwest. in temperatures in the upper 70s. and right through the middle of the country. that's your coast to coast forecast.
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we build multidisciplinary teams. >> it's about the right treatment by the person who's most skilled to do that with a long-term view of what happens after that to help people fully recover.
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welcome back. in global news the french socialists have picked benoit hamon. he deveeted manual vals with nearly 59% of the vote. meantime a new poll shows marine le pen -- and the french tender
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higher than 2015. there's a presidential evekz. >> and i think if you look more broadly. back up -- it just fell below. it's 10696. it's that point where we apreach clarity. the first one is in the middle of march, the dutch election. highlighted by maria le pen is leaving in the polls. the system does protect the mainstream players after the first round however clearly there's a lot of risk to come in brazilian politics. and batista will return to turn himself in. they raided his home thursday but he'd left for the u.s. for what his lawyers say were
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business reasons. and he was once brazil's richest person but lost everything when one of his companies -- thousands are protesting the action add airports and rallies across the country. >> reporter: good good morning to you. at stake are the people with falled green card who can live and work in this country. at first all of them were being detained. public reaction to president donald trump's executive order came sdusly to airports across the united states because of storaetd like this. >> four children.
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they cannot get here. >> reporter: the executive order imposed a 90-day ban of people coming into the u.s. from seven countries specifically. had. >> the countries were we chosen were the countries that have already been identified by congress and the obama administration. >> reporter: democrats vowed to fight it sdp fight. >> this executive order was mean spirited and unamerican. >> reporter: late last night the new head of homeland security try ooed to clear up security on green card holders instsing they will not be blocked. >> reporter: the aclu sued and
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won a temporary injunction of those already granted permission to be in the country. and they received over $24 million to fight the executive order. the group normally gets four million dollars. >> for us in washington. moving on to sports. congratulations to roger federer who became the long-time rival nadal to win the open. his match point was challenged but aupheld and his celebrations were able to begin. it's his first grand slam since 2012. when he extends his record to four ahead of nedal. rolling back the years age 35. >> first of all these two icons
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play and at a grand slam event and on top of that a 5, set, match. it could have been anyone's match and federer pulled a three. i was hoping he would win. he even said i hope i'll be back but we're not sure. >> i couldn't agree more. still to come this morning's top stories and why some users are deleting the uber app from their phone.
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gnch good morning. president trump defending an immigration ban. markets now. a new week, a new round of tests on their agenda. plus today 's top trending stories include the winners of last night's screen actors guild awards. ♪ good morning and a very warm welcome to "world wide exchange." good morning. >> good to be here. >> let's check in on the global market action.
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we are pointing low around about 40 points on the dow and guy/54 points non dou. 600 from the s&p. and the nas dax was up nearly 2%. they did end two weeks of losses for the dow. we're expected to start monday morning in the red. let's have a look at trade in the rest of the world. europe is lower to the tune of 1%. it comes off a decent week for continental europe last week. asian trade what is open is down. a lot of markets are closed for the chinese new year, the lunar new year holiday. japan australia and new zealand in the red. >> the euro zone economy had a
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fresh 2011 high if you look at oil prices of course there's lot for the global investor. we had the keystone pipeline executive order early last week and that did push prices higher and holding on to $53 a barrel. and slightly lower buy around 1.6%. interestingly coming ahead of the feds meeting. and we are hold ogn to to 2.8%. what it means for stocks. a big question for investors in 2017. the appreciation of the dollar has ben a many concern.
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we're seeing it slightly weeker against the yen. 1,18 1,189. moving on to politics. world reacting to president trump's executive order and restricteding travel from seven major and as part of the executive order how could they be detained including green card holders, stud ptsz and inyou lees. in a statement president trump said the order doesn't have to do with religion. but men ea call taking a stand against the executive order believe that will. haen there.
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cnbc's hadley gamble with a look at the middle east. good morning. we've heard from iran and iraq in terms of the possibility of a rea tailia tory respaunts. certainly president donald trump spoke with the prince of saudi arabia. they owl so doumed about told and ecmemmeric piercet 3 frfs and essentially that was all about security as well. the head had of security services waiting for me to go who and this was domestic matter.. at the end of the eeday eas esaengsally failed states
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and there are kbegzs are enough to keep foams here. so a lot of open ended kpulds. that's in the gulf. guys. >> some people have sited of course some off the possible explanations including the fact that donald trump's family has business tide what are the other possible relations. >> oh, absolutely and you have to remember we're talking about a charge air force base. so at the end of the day they'll makeup and play. the uae. they've been working hard and
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terms of air travel and nothing. it's important to keep that information and that relationship serpt and. >> squiching geefrs here. and a group -- led to delays and the cancellation of about 150 flights. thousands of travellers were left in him bow because of the outage. around midnoid appall snading to customers impanthed by the frustration situation. sfitd pit will redpus its work place tech naul, new site. the amounsment will come today.
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>> sewing and it's charjs acrowing on the company's jet liner factory i'm only a year off but things like this. nearly 3,000 is soeth soe-- thi comes after they canc ald vote nearly two years ago siting a quote toxic environment inviolations off worker rights. citadelceo stepping down. the reason is still unclear. a long time executive is being named as the replacement ceo. wells fargo share holders proposing resilations. they are demanding information about risk management and the
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board and employee bonus payment. they're having directors and banks meet with share holders. submitting a record number of requests to keep their shoulder proposals off its proxy statement. >> you're considering a take over and officially been proposed to qb. a german newspaper reporteding that someone slouted an offer for 15 billion per share. time for the top trending stories. the screen actors guild awards. and pebeating out the likes of "the crown." taking his moment to step out against a fear. many celebrities.
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also using the platform to smek out on a an executive order. but i don't know if you have the platform, maybe you should be using it to express your views. did they speak out in the same way. and certain bans and that's why people get ubset at it. at least this fwar. ing all delead to after it temporarily turned off escalators. angry uber users view the move as a way to undercut taxi
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drivers urging people to delete the uber app from their homes bp and later statement saying we're sorry. it was not meant to break up any striesz. especially last night. uberer had a 3 million dollar defense fund. google co founder and ceo president was among the crowds protesting president trump's immigration ban. he initially said he was offending in a pursesinal policy and dot palm saying repeortedly because i'm a refuge she. >> and they've taken how they do not agree with this thivered thor. ceo's saying we employ this ban
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is in place for pch singer speaking out after a tweener uses that along side some negative comments and "i'd love for her to be a -- and tweeting i'm really speechless because becoming a plus size model has been my number one goal. still to come on world wide exchange, a look at european equities, shy of 1% leer. up just 1.6%. and eraticating.
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two proven technologies. when combined produce amazing results. instead of pain controlling them, they control the hate now. that's 93%. >> it was drive beg frooe today. i would just throw myself forward through the wall and crawl down the wall until i could actually take step. and i think that's the biggest fim pft it's not maimic and it's not a mmiracle. it's used in doctor's offices all over the world. >> i seize meme come through,
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hopeless. tall or log on. you can send it back for a full refund. you've got nothing to lose but your pain. 1-800-734-1984. nikes. welcome back to "world wide exchange." catching our attention. it's titled how can europe avoid falling into trump's track. and look at what the eu needs to do. it will not be able to muddle through for four years, let aeen eight. it comes off the heels of suggest sessing he was not for
5:45 am
the fucher of the e.u. staying together and they're saying it snld be one attacking pope. erse that's why people are going to teat thesis... wolf gang. but is skeptical about the europo noen itself. yeah. he ease this is a problem so and nato says he's a supporter but europe should focus on its own issues as opposed to wind up rhetoric from abroad. two hasn't trump ban people from foess wro we've done. president trump oit ammed from his ban a nub of other on the other side.
5:46 am
and raises sniff can ban. they also talk about how they were treating it up. and three countries that acountered for 18 out of the 19 terrorists nin 9/11 attack and this wiel be dhun criticisms pealer rr is to face. >> and i think there's been a lack of detail and explanation around the exactries quick to want to jump on the president ties aspect. lots of other reasons for why sunt ever countries were extlouss. trrs i approaching the top of theory and a look at what's dmg
5:47 am
up. >> those were the seven that the obama administration identified as most likely to be involved in supporting terror. >> inhad deed. i believe so. i think we just offset that point haurler prr >> and weefr rr going to have kellyanne conway on. there are epiofac tan for example. a country to look at. but our main paeks. going to be on these skrks and people yed. all o all bowl rr get an idea about the jobs.
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today's the 30th. and it comes after the tepped fwrks d. number. and a 3% economy. gdt was beinganded to donald trump. not really the case? the year was 1.6%. trrs we stop talking about noemnt so retie pam leadership and fauking on the toik foung ouf the and i think you feel it's not love because you're incapable poff but this is something. coming up on "world wide exchange." >> policy decisions from the
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glumg and oit it he'll be joining us shortly. you're watching "world wiet exchange." exchange." wll it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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welcome back to world wide exchange. down about 53 points on the dow. and joining us is team global strategisted a weeden and company. we've got futures lower and is that at the back of the fallout from trump's immigration ban? >> they're lower but not by a lot. certainly the news over the weekend you would almost guess the workers are near severely. we'll see what hap wnds 9930 fo
5:52 am
all of these frenzied excitementen so many 11ed it's till not gnaw and what's impontant to be wrong. >>s ier the s&p going to sghoe. >> why is she paying his third. >> the basic economy wourt out all the trump movies so rirbts new wezards or big ones are stilly. trz rr still enough there to fall back on. obviously if it we get in tengsz said goforp that's cool.
5:53 am
apple, fake,o prorting unings. s are rr conrrs vision i think that's absolutely going to be the case. i think people are going to say is there an earnings trajectory. porous all right. we'll see you. at some point this fallcomes will interfeerl if foep the rel hpsh of rim kweel rr have to really mauch that play out over several months. and apple, fairks effort. i liked it since the beginning.
5:54 am
everything is subject to division. but in a way the nicest things you would have put through me is it's so of the mosted a be snumer through down our state. foe fou and let's pem rrer toem fem ilby any border taxes or supply change disruption. >> did you see increstards scale back on their technology exposure. that is so reliant on opening borders and getting high school talent from outside the u.s. i haven't seen enough out of the trump narrative. it's a little bit more in the other tid. and if that were to happen, you
5:55 am
have uber old market. how apple's going to manufacture iphones. >> you seemed earlier to say if carpets to say where they are regardless of political pressure bp soorkets are sold the last month and a landfall for the dow. that does sejs estthat the easy money as the been made. >> ultimately it's bouts unal said eand elit it and a quarter there ever and that is going tobe increasingly dpt and sort of arting yltd. rer soo go boog be very much where boo interest rates as
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well? if it were to be a 3/sdwlee half nor andio fwep faumend iffer and real pick up in gdp. >> and you're going to start seeing a push back. i'm not earningings cash flow expectati expectations. >>ia five. parmnts at 2:00 p.m. >> any expeck fangzs. no, not right no gnaw... prrs whether you're thinking about gold or skurntsys. the interest rates that there really operative are the longer term interest rateds that gets back to infliegz and us your hoif and kids.
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that's it for "world wide exchange." thank you for joining us. have a good morning. "squawkbox' comes next.
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and legal challenges head to koerts. and corporate america's reacting. the response from google, uber, nike, starbucks all to that executive order on travel. plus delays for delta. a computer outage force ooze domestic ground stop. that means february is coming up this week which means a job report. ♪
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live from new york where business never sleeps, this is "squawk box". ish. >> good morning welcome to "naz tack. i like yours a little morer. why? looks like we were open off. about foev points off. narksfully can do that and divine why that may be. of course we're going to get to a lot of the geopolitical news and they have ideas on why that might be the case. the nikkei looking like it's


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