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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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taking them. >> spy puts. >> red hat! >> you remembered it. see you back here tomorrow. "mad money" starts right now. b more ""fast money."" "mad money" starts right now. >> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer, welcome to "mad money," welcome to k cramerica. my aim is well, we didn't crash. we didn't get clobbered like so many predicted would happen. instead we plummeted early on and then spent the rest of the
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session revaluing, with the dow only losing 36 points and the nasdaq actually advancing a remarkable 2.0 after being crushed. how in the the heck can this health care debacle -- wasn't that supposed to spell the end of the trump rally? as somebody shouted from the rooftop this is weekend, and this very morning. i think we need a history lesson here to answer that question. let's go back to the beginning of this remarkable advance. it started not so much because donald trump won, but because hillary clinton lost. we keep forgetting this. she was perceived to be anti-business, anti-capital and indifferent toward the stock market. investors assumed she would be prone to issuing regulations, like president obama and if anything, she might be willing to give the banks a harder time
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just to prove her independence from wall street. we also worried that a democratic wave could put elizabeth warren in charge of the senate finance committee. instead, though, donald trump took the presidency, and in a sense gave republicans, the gop a grand and unexpected sweep that one was looking for. the rally entered it's second phase when trump turned out to be wildly more pro business than expected. step three, we saw some very strong employment numbers and it became clear that the federal reserve could get away with raising interest rates, as they did again early this month, which is very bullish for banks, which is why they have been leading the markets higher. stage four, nothing to do with washington, the rest of the world got stronger, and
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countries around the world are benefiting. and last i looked, we were the only ones that elected trump. number 5, we ended up getting record earnings from the restaurants and the retailers. why? because that's when paul ryan, the speaker of the house decided to take up health care. why the gop's real mandate wasn't jobs, wasn't tax cuts, wasn't deregulation, it was repeal and replace obamacare. the result was the my yaz ma we saw last week. pretty much declared trump's entire agenda dead on arrival. i think that's the wrong take away. and today's resilient action backs up my view. i think the swift failure of the
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health care plans allows trump to go back to his business agenda, the thing that wall street really wants. and even though he can be his own worst enemy, it's a lot easier to cut taxes than it is to cut health care. as a matter of fact, health care is the most contentious issue in politics. the only thing we can say for certain, whenever the government messes with it, whenever the government messes with status quo, the american people don't like it. it's very easy to get behind tax cuts. lots of people like their health care, hardly anyone likes taxes. it's true that speaker ryan remains enamored with his own intel lent, and that he can screw up something as simple as a tax cut. but the whole notion that if
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health care fails, tax cut also fail too. honestly, who came up with that ridiculous narrative? while donald trump didn't seem to have a go-to on health care, but he has steve mnuchin and wilbur ross carrying the water on taxes. and the intellect in capitol hill, all three are impressive and in my opinion convincing. trump has just about every business leader in the country behind him on tax reform. and cutting taxes will actually boost job growth. i get that it will be harder for trump to -- i never expected the legislative slide would be easy. as in the house, the republicans knee to kowtow to the ultra conservative freedom caucus as much as anything. so i have no illusion that tax cuts will take ages to get done.
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but i do believe they'll get done. in fact, i think that's the first reason why we didn't crash. the second reason, earnings. many people may want to lump earning into the donald trump rally rubic, but other things play a far more important role. with stocks as elevated as they were a few weeks ago, there were too much trump fluff, hence today's rebound after the 184 point rebound in the does this morning, stocks that recently reported good numbers and recent yields with bond market equivalents. and we got a report from red hat. plus dart, parent company of olive garden, reported higher than average earnings, neither
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needed trump to repeal and replace obamacare in order to blow out their numbers. but the bears would say, wait a second, cramer, how can the economy accommodate such earnings? shouldn't we be seeing the opposite in the economy? no, i don't think, so oil is down because we're pumping more than anybody thought we could particularly at $37 a barrel. even when opec sent it down to that level and thought it would stop us. it didn't. interest realizes? i think they're much more a function of global bond flows. makes little sense to buy european bonds at negative interest when you can bier treasuries at 2.38 short. the third and final reason why we didn't crash is we're seeing a realization that the third leg of the trump tripod, the
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deregulation leg is starting to kick in. and that's good for companies large and small. here's an interesting factoid to keep in mind. do you know that for every one law that passed during the obama administration, 25 rules were promulgated, 25. i believe the roll back of these rules is happening in ernest right now. we saw one about federal land use and we'll see others about energy. why? because the white house doesn't need congressional approval for this. all this explains why we were able to rally from today's depths. don't forget that the bank stocks have been going down for weeks and today just happened to be the crescendo of selling, in some cases even rebounding. it's important to realize that not crashing one thing and rallying is another. rallying will be hard to do given that we're on the verge of
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a new earnings season and we have an employment number that needs to be strong or we'll hear about the falled out economy is because of the cratering of trumponomics. but if you believer the pro business ball game is now done, if you're a pessimist like that and you want to stick a fork in it, i think you might end up missing the next leg of the rally as trump continue continues to deescalate the regulations. jay in new jersey, jay. >> jim cramer, boo-yah. >> i like that, what's happening, buddy? >> jay in new jersey, thanks for having me. papa johns, the stock's been strong recently, they're expanding internationally, but
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papa john's ceo has dumped over a half a million shares in the past month for about 5% of the insider shares. is papa john's too crusty? or are we going to get more pizza out of it? >> papa johns talked about the problems with the nfl. dominos technology sells pizza, it's a better business thanpizz. i'm going with dominos. >> jim, boo-yah, five years ago i bought mcdonald's at $90. do you think i should sell? >> so far steve easterbrook are still killing it. keeps coming up with new ways and new technologies and loyalty cards. today we saw that there's a lot more to the rally than just a
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failed health care bill can destroy. don't be a fool and miss out on what i think could be, after we bide some time here, another leg up. the recent decline means it's on fire, i'll reveal the company just ahead. and the oil company garnering a lot of attention on wall street lately, i'll tell you why. and james comey revealed his incredible cyber saw. i'm talking to a private cyber security player, end game to see if it could offer some answers. stick with cramer.
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. while this market continues
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to languish, i think you need to use any softness to load up on high quality stocks, with high quality companies, they're trading well below where they deserve to be. take a company called accenture. if you're looking to migrate to mobile or the cloud or maybe your want to embrace data analytic software, they are the guy who is can help. but the stock has developed a nasty profit of selling off after earnings, especially after a really strong quarter. when it reported a strong quarter last week, the stock got slammed, it went down 4.5% in a heart beat and is currently down more than 7 bucks from it's highs. as i told you a week and a half ago, if accenturic got hammered,
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i would be bullish on the stock. why is it bull lish? aside from the fact that i think it's an excellent buying opportunity. in the past act censure was all about providing management consulting, and business process outsourcing to companies around the globe to a vast variety of industries, but in recent years, they have aggressively rolled out initiatives related to cloud computing, digital marketing, mobile and network security. accensure uses business to help old dogs learn new tricks. [ barking ] and then they provide outsourcing services in order to manage and roll out that
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technology. instead of setting up security or cyber security, which this industry doesn't have much experience in. to realize that old school technology outsourcing just wasn't enough, they're being outdated and outmoded. that's why they started inve investing heavily digitally and mobilely in the cloud, getting in on the newest part of the economy and those that are growing like mad. for 2017, worldwide infrastructure technology spending should come somewhere around $4 trillion. and somebody needs to tell tech markets that they're not experts in knowing how to spend. they're able to offer their customers a lot of fixed rate contracts. some businesses have much les control over their costs.
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it might be a little bit complicated. the tru four days ago they reported a pretty robust quarter. and they got hit hard in the stock. the company earned $1.30, and accensure's guidance, let's call it not a home run. the revenue guidance for the next quarter was a bit weaker than analysts were looking for, but they raised. so it's not perfect. so but when you check under the hood, it's clear we don't need to be worried about the company's earnings going ahead. six of the 13 industries that accensure services are
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experiencing double digit growth, some other areas of the market, we're getting more and more energy that energy is going to go bigger in the second half of the year. suggesting the company plans to do some more deals in order to boost it's growth rate, we like it. what i think really matters here s the fact that accensurers's cloud and -- nearly half of the company's business comes from these red hot areas and they have trained several thousand people in robotics. here's a good one. the company recently helped shell and jaguar's land rover business shell out the first ever payment system in a car.
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which allows jaguar's drivers who shell out cash from -- only focused on the headline numbers, they do that, the small revenue means that the stock got clobbered. what makes me so confident the stock will bounce back? it's so simple. this has happened before. last year the company busted out and lowered their earnings outlook, and the company got penalized for no reason. even the commentary was very bullish, over the next five weeks, the company's stocks sank from 117, all the way to 113. but once february got going, the stock turned around, to the point where it started trading $126 right before it reported lat last week. if use bought into the stock's weakness, you made a real good zbarn in three months.
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act censure's stock went down and i don't think you want to wire into any additional weakness, because by the time the fall rolls around, the stock will be trading a lot higher than it is right now if history is a judge. and i think history is the bottom line. this is exactly the time you want to buy accensure. we have seen this play out over and over kbrefr. it's why i'm pounding a krrks krrcaccens rurure right now. i'll tell you why one oil company might be ready for a rebound. that is if you think oil's coming out. as a unit leader in iraq and afghanistan, he was forced to
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adapt to enemy warfare, how his experiences on the battlefield help him navigate the digital domain? i have some answers. after a flurry of buy raids, is it finally time to consider the stock? do not make a move in snap before you hear my take. stick with cramer. ( ♪ ) upstate new york is a good place to pursue your dreams. at vicarious visions, i get to be creative, work with awesome people,
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sometimes wall street will turn positive on a stock at the strangest moment. take occidental petroleum, a company that's been on a seemingly endless declooirn since it's peak. but for a variety of reasons, occy's stock hasn't been able to really benefit from this turn,
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as if oil had never rallied. sure it's had the occasional bounce, like the post election bounce in the oil whole patch thanks in part to the whole fossil fuel trump administration. but whenever the stock gets some traction, it quickly seems to give back its gains and then some. oxy had a very beneficial fourth quarter earnings report. holy cow, this thing is only a couple bucks higher than where it was when oil was in the $20s a little over a year ago. that's incredible. incredibly bad, that is. a couple of weeks ago, the stock caught not one but two upgrades, with a pair available slapping buy ratings from oxy within a day of each other. which begs the question, could
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oxy be ready for a rebound? does oxy stock represent value here or is it a value trap? let's dig deeper, i think this is a great example of how to assess weather a beaten down stock is really a bar gone or just more of the same. for those of you who are not familiar with the company, occidental oil, stems from the united states, the middle east, latin america, and the red hot region in texas and new mexico that has some of the cheapest oil in the western hemisphere. certainly the company has 60,000 acres within the red hot delaware midland basin, along with 750,000 acres in more unconventional areas, in the middle east, oxy is holding it's own. and colombian oil assets, oxy
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has a midstream business, where they gather oil and gas. along with a chemical division where they make basic commodity where is they -- it's not their fault that the price of crude went into free fall a little over two years ago, but the company has made some bone headed moves along the way. for example, oxy spun across it's high california resources corp. that's crc stock served up $100 at the end of 2015. at the moment it's changing at $12 and change, which represents a nice rebalance from the lows, but the stock is nearly 90 points from it's highs, you might think that getting rids of this business at the pd of 2014 was a smart move, and there's some merit to that argument. this company held on to 20% of its gains. more recently while the price of
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crude has pulled back about 8% from it's december highs, oxy is performing worse than the commodity it produces? last september, o -- the stock's valuation was stretched and recommending that investors swap into conoco instead. conoco up 5%, oxy down more than 17%. lower than expected cash flow and production and morgan predicted this stock to -- to ramp production, the stock lost 9% in response. of course it seemed to catch a second win after trump's surprise victory, but even that flamed out by mid-december, when
6:29 pm
oxy bottomed out in september, even after the previous week forecast. more disconcerting, oxy spent a lot of money last year trying to boost its permian acreage. basically investors want oxy to start monetizing these assets, but instead management seems reluctant to do so. by the time we got to the beginning of march, oxy birm a battle ground stock. the same guy that downgraded occidental in december, he -- right now it sports a 4.8% yield, tempting, right? the truth is that the company is going to have a hard time, difficult trouble hitting it's growth targets unless crude oil bounces back over $60. even more he suggested it's going to be difficult for oxy to
6:30 pm
hit its growth targets and build growth at the same time. the last thing you want to hear in a yield play is that the stock's dividend is in question. however, little over two weeks later, occidental's management gave you a gift, the company raised it's 2017 guidance substantially. also told us it expected as much as 1 million in additional capital. they're getting a big tax refund and they expect to get better prices for their oil. in the week of this news, o occidental raised the price from $79. oxy is not getting enough credit for the low cost permian acreage. second the very next day, bank of america merrill also claimed oxy as a gooir, then permian
6:31 pm
very strong, according to bank of america merrill, oxy is -- put all the cash flow concerns to rest. so what do we make of these calls? i mean these are bigg bottom calls, two in a row. let me give you one more meese of information. a couple of days of these -- noted that their negative view had become more consensus among investors. november's sell call on oxy was great because everybody was counter to it. but when everybody's bearish, that suggests that the down side could be more limited than we think. if you believe that oil could be poised to rebound back to the mid 50s, admittedly a very big if, and some very good analysts who don't care for it higher are now positive. in an oil rally, oxy could be a
6:32 pm
nice catch of stock, but if you don't like oil this year, accept that all oxy might be is a better house than we thought in a crumbling $47 neighborhood. scott in california, scott? >> mr. cramer, boo-yah from california. >> lucky man, what's going on? >> i love your show and all your valuabled a vooir ed advice, th that. i'm recently in just under 6 bucks, and i'm wondering do i buy hold? do i my more? >> more importantly, they're getting validation, and this was about permian assets, slummer j jay -- slumberge, weather sford
6:33 pm
with it's new ceo, it's back. there's not much to like about occidental. but you might want to speculate on this one as a catch up stock. please be careful and recognize the risk. more than 1 billion yahoo! accounts being compromised. i'm sitting down with a private in the space to keep you secure. and after a slew of biuy rating, investors are snapping up snap? first i'm taking your calls rapid fire in this edition of "the lightning round" so stick with cramer.
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we know that cyber security is back in style in the wall street fashion show right now, but what does the future of this destroy look like? given all this talk about russian interference in the elections, leads us to believe we need to worry less about hackers and more about other countries. for example, their tools perhaps could have stopped the hack of the democratic national committee last summer. end game's platform is designed to stop new attacks and limit the damage from old ones and this company has had great success. let's check in with nathan smith
6:38 pm
to learn more about his company and future of the security of cyber health. >> we signed a bick censorship with accensure. >> that makes it sounds likes you guys just play offense, not defense. >> we don't play offense in the sense of hacking back, but we're trying to level the playing field of some very sophisticated actors. >> a sophisticated actor, this is not just guys, we have seen countries with vast resources, i also feel like we're going to stop people dumping on us from the materials. but we don't seem to do anything when countries dump on us. >> there is a real deterrence failure in cyber security. the russians interfered in the u.s. elections using cyber
6:39 pm
means, because if they had sent memorabilia into our polling stations we would have stopped them. >> for a when that hires endgame, why would they bring you in instead of a fire eye or sem man toes. >> a lot of companies in cyberspace. our view of the world is that the data that most companies care about sits on the lap tops and desk tops and servers across the country, and endgame -- prevention detection, response and automated hunting in one product. and that's a differentiatator. >> as far as the airport? >> there's a misconception owl there that the government is somehow behind in cyber security. there are parts of the government that are out there on the vanguard. and the air force is very
6:40 pm
sophisticated and we are proud to assist them. they're hunter who is go out across the air force network and hunt very proactively and aggressively to identify and root out resident attackers. >> i know it's hard to be hindsight, but if you had been working on the dnc account, do you think you could have come up with something? >> all of our testing afterwards suggests that we couldn't. but one of the features of the endgame platform, you can drop us into an environment after an attack has already taken place and we can detect it immediately. >> we're brig fans of accensure on the show. why did they pick you? >> they made it clear during the selection process that they were looking at others. this market is highly fragme fragmented, there are 1,500 companies and chief executives and boards are looking for a trusted a visor to integrate
6:41 pm
cyber capability. and one of those is this managed hunting officer. and we have the best of breed hunting capability on our online platform. >> i knew you were one bullet away in your service to the marines. can you just speak about the leadership qualities that the marines imparted to you and what they mean for endgame? >> the marine corps is a values driven organization and i have tried to assure that endgame too is a value driven organizations. and having that mission focus is what helps us get the right people, orient them the right way and turn them loose to do their work without too much oversight. >> have you had luck recruiting veterans? because i know of air force must want to see that and the training, we have had cadets here, that clearly have more knowledge about cyber threats than you would get from a little
6:42 pm
bit rliberal arts college. >> really what we're doing is bringing together four different skill sets. we need the veterans typically who come out of places like the ars and the nsa who have a granular understanding of the attacker and we need to pair that with scaleable, serviceable software and we need to help data skin cysts and user experiences designingers that can designer programs that you don't need to be a programmer. >> we don't who's really on the other site of the a north korean attack. >> you bounce the attack across a bunch of servers, across four continue innocents and it gets hard. most of our endgame clients don't want to --
6:43 pm
>> are we under spending in this area. >> i think you can spend a lot of money and not materially increase your security. and one of the shifts that has to happen is a move by boards from a risk averse approach to cyber security which basically results in buy one of everything. >> that's exactly what i see people doing. >> to a value-based approach, sisher security is a -- value based decision about where you should spend. >> okay, because what i'm trying to worry about is, i'm concerned that the u.s. government, as you said, the military is sophisticat sophisticated, but the u.s. government, we just had this big transition, i have to imagine that there are jobs that are open, that are not ready, and this is a holdover area where there's like a lot of other parts of the government where it's okay if we don't have a lot of money. >>? one of the things i learned in the military is that moments of
6:44 pm
transition is your greatest opportunity and your greatest threat. it's the same in a government transition, there's a moment here where we can begin to do things differently, and that's a momentous opportunity, but as long as key jobs are not filled, we are at risk. >> i know that with cyber security, i can never feel secure. that's nature fickes, the ceo of endgame, a cyber security company doing a lot of great things. it's an important question you ask, but one i think with a simple answer. we have this need to peek over our neighbor's fence. and once we do, we see wonder waiting. every step you take, narrows the influence of narrow minds. bridges continents and brings this world one step closer.
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it is time. it's time for lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? skee-daddy. the lightning round, from new jersey, lisa. >> how are you doing, cramer? >> i'm doing real good, lisa, how about you? >> real, real good. i got a question for you. >> all right. >> what's your thoughts on steel dynamics, buy or sell? >> good company, i know there was a piece of research out there that said that steel
6:48 pm
prices are coming down. i like new corp in stages on the way down. let's go to william in indiana. >> boo-yah, hey, thanks jim for taking my call. >> of course. >> i think there's an hsbc holdings which is european's largest bank. >> my problem is that it's got that 10% yield scares me. i always feel that when you see that yield like that, that is a red flag and something could happen to it so i'm going to have to say no to that one. dennis in connecticut, dennis? >> hey, jim, i would like to know your thoughts on masimo. >> it's going to do better under repeal and replace, or if they stay the same, i got to tell you, it's a good company. i got to go to ian in kentucky. >> jim, a big boo-yah from lexington, kentucky. >> perfect. what's up? >> with the increase in consumer spending and investing more and
6:49 pm
more on their homes, do you think that scott's miracle-bro is a buy at $22? >> hydroponics, that's how people will grow marijuana plants, it's a very small part of their business, but i like scotts miracle-gro for a variety of reasons. let's go to scott in dpl there. >> jim, the company i'm calling about has a medical device to street cancer, the company is the only mri guided radiation therapy system that can -- they're approved in china, just got fda approval about three weeks ago in the united states. the company's ticker symbol, vray. >> this one has been smoking and
6:50 pm
has left me behind. please be careful, it is really up a great deal. let's go to dave in illinois. dave? >> dr. cramer, a recent public offering, good for the gander, goos, canada goose? >> i think it's good, i know people feel like the stock is too hot, not for me, i like it. let's go to alberto in maryland. alberto. >> a big boo-yah, skee-daddy. >> i'm liking that, what's happening? >> i'm calling from colombia, maryland and i want youred ed a on cliff's national resources. >> i'm going to say that that trade has occurred and we're going to move on. ladies and gentlemen, that is the conclusion of "the lightning round." ed trying to figure out this complex trade so i brought in my comfort pony, warren, to help me deal.
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12k3w5r. snap's stocks jumped -- i can't resist recommending a stock that's got that kind of growth. you've got to makings for some pretty darn exciting stories.
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the demographics, late teens, early 20s. it's a total mobile love affair and advertisers need to reach people on mobile if they're going to have an impact because that's where the users are going. this is the best way to player. companies has 158 million daily average users. it could be an alternative to advertiser who is want more exposu exposure. a series of videos, top ten shows, i like that, they're attractive, well presented. it's simple, it's fun, it's engae engaging. i quote, snap is a camera company that allows people to express themselves in the moment, end quote. in his view it's only a matter of time before snap gets to
6:55 pm
monetizing these daily active users. it's trading right now at $1.05. in other words as goldman-sachs points out in its recommendations, you want to get shares of snap because it's an early stage company, and i quote, given our expectation for sustained hyper growths -- i'm not jumping up and down telling you to bring snap right here. one word, discipline. if you're buying snap, you're paying 28 times this year's sales, 14 times next year's sales for the stock. i can't do it. it's too rich for me. i see it going higher, but i can't. facebook trace at under 11 times 2017 sales and just 8.5 times next year's numbers. both company are wildly
6:56 pm
profitable. while both companies are projecting wild profits as far as the eye can see. profitability, it's something snapchat does not have currently and something they have highlighted in their s-1, they may never achieve or maintain, yeah, they have been losing gobs of money since 2011, including a $5 million loss in 2016 alone. and don't think you can get in there and start rattling cage for management to change their ways. it's not going to happen. how about all that snap's growth? we know that facebook's instagram has already copycatted the story experience and has picked up some pretty good traction against these guys. mark zuckerberg is a vicious competitor. plus snap may s alphabet $46 million a area to use it site. this is the year that all the
6:57 pm
advertising firms are sampling snap. so when you see the sales numbers, they'll be humongous, much more than the street rate, no doubt much bigger than any of the estimates. you won't find out if there's reups any time soon. we don't know. and snap will innovate, making their backers more excited at every innovation. discipline can be a real buzz kill at the beginning, but it's saved my bacon too many times. let it go as high as you want, but you'll enjoying it without me. stick with cramer.
6:58 pm
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various: (shouting) heigh! ho! ( ♪ ) it's off to work we go! woman: on the gulf coast, new exxonmobil projects are expected to create over 45,000 jobs. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide. these are jobs that natural gas is helping make happen, all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here. think about it, we had oracle, that was great. we had micron that was great. and we had red hat that was great. these are all stories that are independent of washington. that's what i've been trying to tell tell you. i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow.
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