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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  May 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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open to it. >> they are looking at capital out of chain and the issues if we cover those as much as ipos. >> they're not going to ring the bell go that does it for "closing bell" today. "fast money" start right now. >> i'm melissa lee the traders are pete najerian, karen finerman and guy adami. tonight, the trump masters are hard at work. he'll explain why he is calling for stocks to hit new high, plus another day, another airline brawl. get this, airline customer satisfaction is at an all time high. so what does that mean for the stocks? we'll explain. later one under the radar retail stock is soaring. we'll tell you what it is and if it's too late to get on the trade, first we start off on a snaps earnings review. stocks are getting slammed in
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the after hours session near it's ipo price of $17 bucks a share, 17, 18 is the last trade here, pretty much after the after hour session low, we have a lot to unpack here the conference calls are under way with ceo evan siegl at the helm. luke ventures, co-founder gene munster, here on set, julian boorstin is out at headquarters. let's kick it off with you. since you spoke to a snapchat give us the details. >> reporter: that's right. we are looking at the snap ceo earnings calm evan siegl picked up the calm, the fact that he says they are building a strong foundation for snap's business, take a listen. >> we are pleased with the early results from his performance and quality improvement, particularly on android devices. these improvements help drive a significant investment with 3 million snaps, generating an
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increase in overall sessions and time spent. >> reporter: chief strategy officer con announcing per user is over 30 minutes a day saying they are making progress on the advertising goals and improving ad tools and adding ad measurements. spe spiegel;e's opening comments. >> we had more than 20% of ad through our api. automateing our ad platform means that advertisers get better pricing. our community sees better ads and we are able to make more money per impression. >> reporter: the q & a session just started. the first question from analysts about daily user growth. this is a hair lighter than expected. 8 million more than last quarter. speegle says they are not lying on the growth packages. artificially rev up their growth. they are all about encouraging
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people to create content and they see the dau growth and daily active use growth as a creation on this platform. they're not going to encourage people to add all offed their friends but rather really focus on authentic dproest that can drive the company -- growth that can drive the company long term. >> we'll talk to you later, thank you very much. snap again just about $17 bucks a share, so it's basically round-tripped its ipo price. what do you do with it now? is eight no touch, guy? >> everybody here said at some point it will go back and retest at the $17 level. a lot of people flagged 17 as this level to get back n. the one thing that struck me other than a disastrous quarter and music growth slowing far more than they anticipated this is a quote from a ceo publicly traded company. i think people enjoy looking like a puppy. that's a quote on conference call first conference call after earnings, which to me is finally someone said it, though.
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>> well, maybe, but i mean that was to me sort of interesting. i think they are going to be one of the leaders in this augmented reality. i don't think looking like a puppy is all they are about. i think 17 is an entry point. >> puppies are darn cute, though. >> apparently. >> apparently not cute enough. >> i haven't been a fan of this the various entry, you say you have facebook, instagram. you have to decide whether this is facebook or whether it's twitter. so facebook you had about six months where it traded below the ipo price to gobble it up and it never looked back again. so is that going to happen with snap? i don't think so. but to take a stab at it around the ipo price isn't the end of the world. >> i think we should make the point that for the first quarter reported as a publicly traded company. a lot of the social media stocks did not do well. the question here is tomorrow going to be a buying opportunity or prove to be, you know the warnings. take a look at these next day
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declines jt twitter was down 241st. facebook down 12%, linked in down 10%. twitter is down 24% is it more like a twitter or -- >> i definitely lean towards twitter. i look at the way facebook has been operating. you look at what zuckerberg has done in a short period of time recently. you look at the snapchat stories and 200 million users. you look at what'sap ap, they got 150 or 175 million users. then all of a sudden you look at these guys and you don't see the growth trajectory. at least when facebook was starting out, you'd see that growth trajectory. twitter has been stagnant forever. what if this ends up being the next twitter where they got minimal growth. we see how much money they are losing, they lost $2 and something a share. the ipo cost them money. yet people i don't think want to look at this company and say you know what we will look past that because we think this thing is
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the next augmented reality. i think it's great for kid. they love using it. it's a great using tool. i'm not so sure it's a great using tool to make main. >> i agree. i'm not long twitter or snap. i think twitter at sleeft a very unique product. right, there is nothing like twitter. even with twitter's ups and downs and the financial issues that they have, it is a unique product. snap is a lot harder to say how unique and how big of a moat is there? maybe no moat. i wouldn't buy it here. let's see tomorrow. will you see a lot of people with that thought it was going to be a hume growth story. it's turning out not to be there at some price it's probably okay. >> 3 billion snaps sound like a big number. i don't know how many tweets. >> one teenager will snap 2,000 times a day. >> more. >> much, much more. >> i don't know the number of tweets. because you would think 3
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billion snaps you would be able monetize that in some fashion. but i don't know how many become tweets there are a day. i don't know how many tweets there are. >> if you are getting tweets from a declining number of users, though, daily active users that the growth of daily active users is already flowing out of the gate, first public traded company quarter. what's next? >> the demographic, can you get all the athd dollars you want. their demographics are not guys and gals out there buying things. the last i looked, unless my daughter and son are buying things i don't know about, either case. so back to your original point about facebook, facebook didn't have facebook trying to put them out of business. facebook came at a point where they were in uncharted territory. zuckerberg to pete's point i think is doing everything he possibly can to sort of blast snap. >> and snap's user group, they are not loyal. >> that itself the other aspect i think you have to look at. they're wonderful, everybody wants that demographic. they are not loyal.
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they'll move to the next thing and the next thing. facebook is much stickier, it continues to grow. >> there were seven lead managers on the ipo. around that ipo price, they're all going to be there supporting that ipo price. >> they need a floor. >> i don't know about a floor. there is definitely going to be seven sell side banks that should be having their neck out on the line buying the stock if that's where they priced it. >> more on snap's first earnings report, let's go to venture founder gene munster onphone his red new i phone. >> if i was going to give them a quarter grade, i'd give them an f. i don't want to say the company is an f. out of the gate you have to crush that number. they didn't do. that secondly, the first two questions on the call daily active users. those were both disappointing metric. as an investor in social, it's an important to flush that out. >> in terms of -- so there is no way you can see buying a stock at the ipo price?
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>> well, i think that the again you will have people throwing the baby out with the bath water. i think this company will be around. i think there needs to be a turnover in the investor base over the next few weeks as they come to terms with this dau growth is. the core of the call is surrounding engagement which is different than fakebook. i think you got to let this stock settle out the next few months and get a different type of investor. who knows if this is an investor story, not a dau growth. >> can you imagine a business model and success story in terms of the stock price appreciation where engagements is a better metric than daily active user growth in terms of monetization? >> you can. there was a period where facebook after many years of growing that the revenue per user started to grow. so that can be out there. one thing they mentioned on the call is their average revenue per use in the u.s. is about
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$1.80 double their global average. that's their aspiration. i think as investors reach out to the company they will be hammering that hom they can grow this revenue per user and engagement number. >> so the rate of growth, which already slowed by the time the ipo happened, does that make you in hindsight trying to rush the ipo to try to sort of get out the door while there's still some decent growth? >> i think the impact dau growth was extern am. probably things they may be hadn't seen and know about. specifically, what facebook is doing with instagram. that's having a meaningful impact. facebook now has more daily stories from instagram than the daus for snap chat. so i think that that was kind of an unforeseen hurdle. separately, facebook's developer's conference a couple weeks ago, they announced they are opening up their camera for developers, they're opening up their competitor's snapchat. i think that will put further pressure on daus. because what that meanst
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innovation around filters is probably going to be greater at facebook. >> all right. gene, we will check in with you later in the show, gene munster. moneytime, ipo 17 bucks a share that's the exact level that apple said he would buy it. look at what he said in march when the stock was around $22 bucks. >> i'm not jumping 32 you the hoop to buy the 2180. should it go down closer to the original offer price, i would love to buy the stock there. i'm a believer in the company. it's a valuation question to me. wherein, i'm in the nowhere land of valuation right here. >> nowhere land. so we are back right close to the ipo price. i think the second part to this question is taking look at the lockup expiration, that's july 30th. so that's kind of around the corner. we've got robert murphy, evan speeg him, benchmark exam, light speed fmr. those are the top insider
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holders of snap shares. what do you do here? if you are looking at buying, your entry point, you are staring down the barrel of a lockup expiration at the end of judgment, how do you trade up? >> the only reason, 17 is obviously a number we pick. it was the price was brought out at. tim seymour made a point. it's a good point that 17 is effectively an arbitrary number. it's meaningless in terms of the value of the company and those types of things. 72 ento steve's point will be somewhat of a battleground, although it is now two-and-a-half three months a tf ipo. i'm not certain, that level they may not defend it as vociferously as two months ago. if you are looking at jogging around 17 bucks, i think you have an opportunity. but this seems to be a company that has tremendous competition in the form of facebook and the head winds are significant. it will be an aukmented reality company. not six months from now. >> you have to wonder about the deceleration we are talking about here. you wonder, when tapper reads
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through that report, does he have 17? that's interesting, 17 is a number they use actually the metrics they use to try to value this company the right way they came up with $17 a share. >> hold on, you think that $17 a share based on their fundamental am analysis of the situation and a valuation model? it wasn't what the market wanted? >> it's a supply/demand. everything comes into the pricing model which they came up to the facebook and twitter and everythi everything else on this ipo. a guy like tupper starts to look at this company, we know what they were doing going into the ipo now as the first earnings call, they get this news and story line. we know the competition level makes it very difficult. >> and the pick changed. i guess that's the question. >> as to me the lockup isn't an issue. i wouldn't avoid it if i want to be in it. you don't know how much of the lockup will sell. they may decide, they don't have to some of the lockup may be forced to sell.
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>> that may be the mandate. to that part, doesn't bother me. i'd want to wait for another earnings which doesn't happen until august to get a sense of how this is going before i'd want to jump in and buy it. >> again, snap shares down by more than 24%. coming up, it's not just snap from whole foods to e.l.f. beauty and the trump trade is over at least according to one top technician but it might not be bad news for the market. he'll be here to explain. later oil having its best space since november after falling more than 11% in the past month. is this the beginning of a comeback? we have those details. much more "fast money" still ahead. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife
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>> welcome back to fast more than. shares of retailer e.l.f. beauty after reporting earnings today. courtney reagan is back at head quarter. >> reporter: e.l.f. beauty is posting a decent quarter as a public company. it's expanding growth margins despite the low price points of other product t. beauty retailer is reiterating not up the four-year forecast in revenue which is disappointing the streets. shares down about 4% after
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hours. they have been a strong subcategory retail, slayers of elfful beauty are down 4% in the after hours. they were worse before the call started. though we did see actually a higher movement before the results crossed interday today. esee the lauder for example in recent months, e.l.f. is testing its products in stores. executives anticipate increased productivity from product sales at wal-mart and target, it's two biggest redistribution points going forward. on the calm, executives acknowledged a slowdown in apri growth remain because of what they expect for e.l.f. in terms of distribution, expansion and the bulk of the year. investors, though, not so sure. >> thanks very much. it's a mixed bag, courtney mentioned, coty down 25% in the same time. >> coty may be getting their act
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together. they had a big acquisition of png brand. it took on debt to do it. it appears to be working, which would be great to take on a lot of leverage and its works. that's great. i have a buyer, also, they have done a fantastic job i never owned it. you talk about the consumer spending money, certainly spending money at these places. >> i think the beauty products, guy, we'll go to you. >> jim cramer made this point. i think it's a great point. people want to look good. right. allergan. i thought the quarter was great. brett saunders did a great interview with jim cramer the other night. >> oh, botox. >> obliterating. jim talks about this. look at what goldman sachs did, they downgraded to stock. they raised the price target. not a big deal from 260 to 262. i think sell-off in allergan is overdone in my opinion. >> you look at the charts, go back to november, alta coty fell
5:20 pm
off a cliff. it's still 10% lower than the high. alta is 10% higher than the november high. if i were to buy one, you got to go to the smooth chart. that's alta. >> guy looks good up here. >> so you want to tell the folks. >> there is a push, a big push to have live botox on tv and we might actually do it. >> geeze. >> we might actually do that. >> i'm 53-years-old, you dance with a "gone girl" you brought to the prom last ike e week. you know what i'm say something. >> oh, snap, shares getting slammed in the first quarter. we will bring you the very latest. i'm people lis owe /* mellissa . >> the first rule of thumb is -- >> buck him your seatbelts and pull no punches. if you think hell on air saturnoff for passengers, think again.
5:21 pm
it might have you buying shares of airline stocks. plus -- >> you're fired. >> trump's comey firing still sending shock waves around the world. we'll tell you the group of stocks that can soon feel the fallout when "fast money" returns. "fast money" is going to -- las vegas! hitting the strip to the hottest trades and talking to the biggest names in sin city, steve w cnn, mark cuban and wayne newton for one crazy night on "fast money". that's tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.
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. welcome back do "fast
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money," here's what's coming up in the second half of the show, southwest the latest u.s. airline to deal with a passenger brawl, guess what, people love the airlines more than ever before. what is going on there? whole foods jumping higher following its earnings, it's a shakeup after this pressure that got investors captivated. we will tell you what the ceo said about the changes in a few moments. we start wuf a president trump's shocking move to fire fbi director james comey, unexpectedly sending shock waves through d.c. john harwood has all the latest. >> reporter: mellissa, the firestorm continued all way, democratic leader chuck schumer and the senate going after the president, demanding a special prosecutor in the case, mitch mcconnell shielding the president the republican leader in the senate. there is also concern among the business community. i talked a few moments ago for a speak easy interview, which is why we are in a casual setting with josh bolton, who was the chief of staff under george w.
5:28 pm
bush, now runs the business roundtable and asked him if he was disturbed by what happened with james comey and the trump white house? >> the president has the right the authority to fire the fbi director, but there will be a lot of turbulence over the timing and the circumstance of this and so my concern from my van tage point at the business roundtable is that that will delay or distract from what should otherwise be a very productive period for legislating and acting on economic policy priorities. i don't think there is reason to doubt about the stability of the rule of law in this country. >> now, of course the question is, even if we avoid a constitutional crisis, how long is that distraction persist? what does it mean for health
5:29 pm
care, which has to be done before tax reform? and then is it still possible for tax reform to be done this year or next, guys? >> thank you, john harwood. we will try to put this in the context of the market because of the reactioner should i say the lack of reaction in equities was kind of puzzling today. let's say the blowback from comey is so bad that nothing, nothing, zero, comes of trump's agenda. if that is the case, would you still put "fast money" to work in the markets today? >> so, i stayed long, a lot of the things, but i do think market wants to roll over. so few don't get anything, if the blowback is he doesn't get anything passed, i think you see the drip lower the same way we' at the drip higher sometimes when i look at it i make it too complicated. maybe by getting no new regulation on the table, maybe that's the tail wind. maybe the idea that it's a friendly administration versus what corporations seem to be an
5:30 pm
unfriendly for the last eight is enough to keep the market here. >> maybe some regulation roll back going through executive order or agencies, maybe a light touch when it comes to enforcement, maybe an economy that's steadily growing at 2% or slightly getting better. is that the back track for decent markets? >> i to the it was just on the trump agenda, as i sort of got mired in some of the other stuff, i did focus on the animal spirits, exactly what you are saying, more optimistic. the regulatory environment is much better. we will not see big new hamstrung companies. so that actually does make a difference and the rest of the world, we are seeing some growth there so i do think it could blow into this market. will i put new money to work? i say if i went home with my same portfolio, i am buying. >> we are looking for new market. obviously, globally, if you look
5:31 pm
at europe, it seems good, when you look at the facts in the strong earnings season, is there a pause? i keep feeling this as a pause. i will say it about the financial, you say the election of j.p. morgan and those in the financial world. when you see where they are right now, a lot of that, maybe people could have said, well, it's a trump bought. what is it now? now we've gone further and we reported some of the real numbers, i think anything that they can get through is one more positive. without that, we still have the facts t. facts are, the numbers are good. >> as the d.c. drama continues, what can this mean for the classic trades? the trump trades have already been over. scarleter, explain. >> i think that's right. let's look at a few sort of beta sectors and try to pulling it altogeth altogether. two-panel chart.
5:32 pm
top is the energy sector itself, the bottom is relative performance to the s&p 500. so, obviously, what we know, it's quite clear, the line is a week or two after election. this is is down, absolute and losing money and it's down relative. that's fairly clear. let's go to some of the others. few were to look at industrials, this is where it's interesting. we have the bump from the election. then we've gone up since. but the reality is otherwise. right. you were under performing the market. meaning it was only a few hours, a few days if you will. let's look at the next circumstance. so materials, it's the same thing, again, i have drawn these lines at the point at which just after election you have general up positive but down relative. let's go again. so here we have financials. this is the big. we've unwound the we'll trade. again, aligned, we've down this, but what you have really done is this.
5:33 pm
meaning, pecking stocks that are not outperforming the asset classic whichties. okay. so if we were to pull this altogether, there is some indexes within the s&p, the s&p pure value, pure growth and what i've done is i've held the s&p, the green line as a constant. so the s&p is going to be held as a concept. this is just be every the election. six months, now, let's move it forward and here we have the so-called trump trade, meaning, this is value, financials, industrials, few will. this is growth. now, let's fast forward it to where we are now. it's all gone. in fact, not only is it all gone, the peak, you have all of three weeks. most people didn't buy on day one or day two. yes we know perhaps icon and so forth. most people bought on week two. most people have this experience
5:34 pm
with their trump trades. not good. and, well, it's just a funny thing that is believed to be that i think never was. >> all right. think we have carter over. >> of course. >> do you think? >> carter. >> thanks. >> well, if the trump trade is already undone. we are not relying on them for the market so far? >> the trump trade isn't that like there is krispy kreme and dunkin' donuts? >> the people have to name their thing to make it popular. you know, weight watchers an so forth. we get it. there are tv shows, fear factor. it's all trying to grab a head loon. but the truth is, you got to live up to your name. there was nothing there. >> or sit what mellissa just said? is the market the real trump
5:35 pm
trade? so when you look at the overall mark, what was the tail wind to the s&p. because when we talked about this off the election, there were some days where the utilities ran, there were some days that tech ran, some days that financials ran t. overlay is you can't be in energy right now. that's the lager. everything else seems to have taken a day on, day off. so is the real trump trade the s&p? >> i wonder, you could say because the s&p is up post-election, therefore the trump trade is that equities are a better place to be than other places. you can say if you went back pre-election swoon, we're not up that much, meaning the election that mark took was a big heavy hit before the rebound. i think, look the market has one chance left here for the so-called trump trade, it's taxes. that's not my area. i rely on you all for. that that's the one big thing that could possibly put some real life. >> i hate getting into counterfactual stuff. my sense is this market was trending high over the last
5:36 pm
eight years under an obama administration that a lot of people think did nothing for the economy and business. markets are still at an all time high. my sense is, if hillary clinton got elected, i think we'd be exactly where we are now without that sell-off for the first four hours of election night. so i don't know what the trump trade is. >> it's not the debt going into the election in november. if it was frooel feeling as though we were going to win, we would have done that. >> wasn't it your feeling hillary was going to win? >> overnight when the dow was down 700 points, that's the fear was he was going to win. other than that she was ahead in all points. >> let me ask you something. >> yes. >> right after the election we saw a dramatic sell-off in the big techs the google, the facebooks. everything of value. >> since then, those have rallied very sharply as we all know, which i think is partially trump trade, they're rallying somewhat on taxes as well as tax and repatriation as well as
5:37 pm
upstanding growth. does that skew this analysis? >> it doesn't. i don't create those indexes. those are done by standard & poors, it simulates the top growth versus the sort of non-growth. what we do know is when there is real question in a market, people favor is sin kratic vote. it's a new mouse trap that's growing better then any else i think it's a defensive posture. >> back to the question we did before, that is even without these so-called trump trades leading the markets. the markets overall still looked good? >> well, if you could say the market hasn't had a pause in a while in that sense, maybe it's not good. but what we do know, remember, we much debated. when we were on the lows in january of last year, you are talking about three-quarters of all stocks in russell 2,000 lost 30% of their value. the question is, are we going to have a second bear market like
5:38 pm
that? to be determined. >> thank you, carter. still ahead, snap shares getting smacked in the after hours. maybe that has ceo evan speeg speeg spiegle a little touchy t. company suspended flights on the most popular planes. it could be a great buying opportunity. we will explain. much more "fast money" right after this. in taxes and fees on your wireless bill? only t-mobile one gives you unlimited data with taxes and fees included. that'll save you hundreds. get two lines of unlimited data for a hundred dollars. that's right. two lines. a hundred bucks. all in. and now, the brand new samsung galaxy s8 is here. so what are you waiting for? get the new galaxy s8. plus get 2 lines of unlimted data for a hundred bucks. taxes and fees included. only at t-mobile. mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle.
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. let's get to boeing taking a hit after the aerospace giant grounded flights on a popular aircraft. >> hi, melissa, we are talking the 756 max. >> that is the future of the most popular line at boeing. we were out there when we saw the first flight in january of last year. they're suspended test flights because of the engines, that i are made by ge and its french partner satisfy upon the. it has a turbine issue. this is not something that we discovered during a flight. during a statement or in a statement boeing says we are working with cfm, the joint effort to inspect the discs in question. cfm and its supplier notified us after discovering the issue as a part of their quality inspection
5:42 pm
process. at no time have we experienced an issue associated with the low pressure tur bynes lpt during our ongoing max testing program. how important is the max? think about this, there are more than 3700 of these planes that have been ordered. that's more than 7400 engines of these elite engines with the first delivery scheduled for next week. there is no indication koerth boeing they are slowing down manufacturing or delivery, any time you talk about halting test flights, even though it may be a couple days. that's what it appears to be, that's speculation, still. it gets people wondering, is there a broader issue? that's why you had shares of boeing under pressure. >> an analysis as to whether or not there could be a financial hit because of there? >> no, your hit would only come few had to delay production or deliveries. at this point there is no indication that will happen. >> all right. phil, i want to turn to the airlines here the past few weeks the airlines have suffered a lot of black eyes. there is good news today what is snit.
5:43 pm
>> it comes from j.d. power. every year, they survey customers, money 11,000. they say, what did you think of your last flight? guess what? airline savgs according to j.d. power is at an all time high this survey of more than 11,000 travelers asked people what they liked, were they happy? generally speaking they are happy t. highest ranking starting first off at the top, you have southwest, jet blue and aalaska and when we asked people at j.d. power, what about all these incidents making headlines, here's what they had to say. >> these are very isolated incidents, as you well know. i mean, these things aren't happening as frequently as maybe the media portrays them. >> and melissa, we talked about it for the last couple of weeks, look at the airline stocks. in fact, you go back to april 9th, the first incident the big incident on united with a passenger being dragged off, look at slayers of united since then. they're up. people are looking at the bottom line t. bottom line has not been impacted. >> thank you phil lebeau in
5:44 pm
chicago. >> i would say the single happiest flyer, dr. dao. >> yes. post-settlement, whatever that may be. >> post-settlement. >> the boeing thing is interesting, radio it? if there was a design flaw, that would be an issue. it's not. it's from one of their suppliers, it's an easy fix, that's what the street seems to say. boeing had an all time high, yesterday, two days ago. valuation makes sense to me. we have been on boeing for a while, whatever weakness you see here is negligible you buy the stock. >> boeing, general dynamics and lock heed, every time the market is down, every time the market is up, they're up as well. i think it's a buying opportunity. i was at boeing forever, i recently sold, i don't think anything can get better from here, they seem to bounce back every time. >> let's gobaing to big story, snap, the stock collapsing in the after hour session. it's down by two% back near the ipo price of 17 bucks a share.
5:45 pm
ceo evan spiegle on a calm. julia has the latest. >> reporter: melissa, on the call a few minutes ago, snap ceo evan spiegle was asked the question, does facebook care yoyou scare you? why or why not? >> i think the bottom lean you have to get comfortable and enjoy the fact that people will copy your product few make great stuff. i think we seen this happen a lot in technology. when google came along everyone felt they needed a certain strategy. when facebook came along, everyone thought they needed a social strategy strategy. with snap, we believe everyone will develop a camera strategy. just because yahoo has a search box doesn't meaner that google. >> reporter: they say they should not buy more facebook ads. snap users are particularly engaged which is tough, with
5:46 pm
this younger audience. most importantly noting with the stock trading down 23%. that volume right now is about 24.7 million during the trading day which was 18. million. over to you. >> julia, thank you. let's go back to gene munster. >> today they're google. with the force of facebook coming to 2 billion users, that's an ominous competitor coming. so i think this competitive issue, the da issue, all the questions kept circling back. unfortunately, it doesn't give the analysts an issue to be uncomfortable in that quarter. >> do you think evan spiegle is the first ceo of the publicly handled company. >> he's doing great. i thought he handled it well.
5:47 pm
so they are taking the approach to not giving guidance, facebook doesn't give guidance. they give color. let's see how they stick with that plan. i would give his approach a b on this how he handled tough news. >> i don't want to read between the lines. it sounds like they're not really giving investors much to go on in terms of anything beyond the initial bad release. >> it was really lean on the calm and that's going to be their approach. i don't think investors and analysts will feel different about it hoerm tomorrow than they do today. one thing they may feel better about is amazon. ironically the last question was about their hosting. they use both google and aws. they say they have recently moved some of their containers, as online digital assets from google over to aws. so. >> you, of course, were an analyst, not too long ago,
5:48 pm
what's your take on how the analysts will handle it tomorrow? especially since steve grasso mentioned everybody and his brother had a part of this deal on the street. are we not going to see the downgrades further down the line? >> you will see that, you will see meaningful cuts to the dau numbers. keep in mind there was a rush of free advertising snapchat had in the month of march. it probably declined, the growth rate declined. i think that will probably play through the numbers tomorrow. >> all right. gene, thank you, gene munster of loop. karen, you were making the point about yahoo and facebook. basically, breathing down snap's throat at this point? >> right. i mean, well, yahoo is a very distant. snap, you can't say facebook is a very distant at all. right? i mean to some metrics, i agree with you. they are the potential yahoo here. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> i was going to say, goods for him. good for them, though, for trying to establish what they want to do on the calm.
5:49 pm
if calm. they -- the call. good for them for dock that auto of the box a -- out of the box. >> as ugly as the after hours option is, it could have gone uglier had they done a little more talking. >> your comparison is an interesting one spiegle. i look at facebook, all of a sudden you look at engagement, strong, mobile strong. their growth and ads continues to be strong. when you look at the growth rate of a much more mature company and they're still outpacing this brand-new, if release, wow, to me, facebook is the place to be. i'd much rather be at facebook than snap. >> i wonder, it sounds very dumb andic nornt when i say this but i wonder if facebook would rye to take out a snap or if they feel they can totally do it on their own. maybe they want to pick up these millenials. i don't know if it's that dumb.
5:50 pm
maybe it's so dumb it makes sense. it's a $26 billion number but nothing through. >> i think if they wanted to buy, i don't think they want to put them out of business. they're doing a pretty good job. there is a little of humility i think you have to have having lost $2 billion on your first quarter as a puck u publicly traded company they didn't have. facebook is a competitor that's crushing them right now. there should be a little more urgency in that call. to discount them the way i we heard it at least doesn't make sense to me. what the ceo of chipotle told jim cramer. you don't want to miss that. the major department stores report earnings tomorrow. we'll tell you which ones the traders are betting will be the big winner. that's next. the power of innovative thinking. the power of 100 of the world's top companies. the power of an etf.
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5:54 pm
necessary to do it. we're doing it in a few hundred stores. we want to see what the response is, so far so good. we will watch this throughout the year, we will see if we should have a price increase in other markets as well. >> so the chipotle comeback. pete what do you say? >> you know, i'm starting to believe so a lot of people put out there this 18 months, you got to get over the 18-month period. all of a sudden you are back to the races. i have gone to the mall of america every saturday. i have noticed the lines have continued to get longer and longer an longer over the last couple of months. it seems to me traffic numbers are returning to chipotle. so, yes, i think so. >> no joke, i thought it was going to need a generational thing or five years. >> too short. >> you will see how the stock has performed well off it's all time highs. the fact that you go in there, there was an inversion to walking into chipotle you could not each put into words. >> do not police the full interview with jim cramer and
5:55 pm
that's coming up at the top of the hour. all right, back to earnings, nordstrom's reports earnings tomorrow and find pretty big moves, mike ko joins us with out options. >> reporter: all of these things move 4.8% on earnings, macy's is expecting 7.2, bearish earlier. we saw call buying, 32.5 weeklys there, nordstrom's expecting an 8.5% move. have you time to play that one, they actually report after the bell. >> tlachgs for that, for more "options action," check out the full show friday 5:30 eastern time. karen, forced to choose is there between nordstrom's and macy's? >> yeah. >> probably macy's because it is so beaten down, but i own neither. >> i think nordstrom's rallies after earnings, i think there is a 23% shortage, they will cover. it will be a benign quarter.
5:56 pm
i think the valuation is getting too rich again. >> coming up next the final trades, stay tuned.
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
guy. >> yes, mel. >> what are you doing tomorrow? >> i will be standing at a craps table at the encore hotel in las vegas. >> that's right. we are going to las vegas! me, guy and nathan headed out to the credit suisse contest. we will be with steve w cnn, mark cuban and wayne newton, 5:00 p.m. "fast money" goes to vegas. time for the final trade. >> unbelievable a. great lineup, neighbors, keep an eye on this name. oil has been beating down. nbr is going high. >> i'm hanging on to my foot locker. they will report later next week. that's going to be positive for foot locker. >> grasso. >> vrx, one of my "fast money" march madness, a bullish call. i'm still on the name. >> guy, rangers, disappoint me.
6:00 pm
great season, disappointing. only one team at the end of the season, mem, it ain't me. allergan is too cheap. >> that may get you done, pete. >> i'm mellissa lee, thank you so much, see us tomorrow at 5:00 from las vegas. meantime, do not my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica, my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you as well. so call or tweet me


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