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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  May 15, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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rart. >> this gives you a window to the fact they're thinking of using it for these ride sharing companies. you wonder how it's going to transform. >> all u 11 sectors are hire. cisco, we get earnings later in the week along with other names in the retail space. back to the judge at hq. welcome to the halftime report. i'm scott wapner. our top strtrade this hour, up, and rayway way, why tech keeps rallying to new record highs. with us today, joe, josh, steve, pete. begin with the nasdaq rallying today. serm names hitting new highs today. pete, apple, amazon, netflix, adobe, sales force, all hitting new highs today. >> we've been talking about how the technology space as well as some of the other sector, but technology space when you look at the names that have put out
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the numbers, not talking about trump rallies, any repateuation yet, any of those tax reforms, the raw numbers that people have delivered. when you look at apple's numbers, blew it out. people had no idea they would do as well as they're doing. services being the focus. look at microsoft for instance. you look at the earnings this quarter so far, from the technology sector, it makes sense that's a leadership. >> is this too much though, joe? are these stocks getting out of control? i tell you, the nasdaq 100 up is 17% year to date. 6.5% in a month. >> no, it's deserving given you could check the boxes, growth, future earnings. so i think you don't get a complicated strategy here. you're not looking to get in and out of these names. i think you want to look at opportunities. there's names out there. amd, with john and josh talked
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about. earnings didn't look like they were so bad. analysts say the stock recovered, i think that's a name and twirt is back up 19. i will buy twitter in the nekts day or so. absolutely. it's making a recovery that looks really good. >> you can feel comfortable, josh, buying those names i mentioned as they hit new highs every day? >> scott, do i ever look comfortab comfortable? this is the type of tape where something terrible happens out of the blue. just trying to enjoy it while it lasts. right now, not impressive when you look at the global opportunity set. but blue chips in the u.s. and around the world with just going bonkers, any company right now with a decent dividend, buy back
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program and some earnings growth is being paid for at a much higher multiple. the xux at a 52 week high. the breakout is global. up 17% in less than five months. eem up almost 20%, so it's global. is it just a tech rally here in the u.s., no, look at the all time high list. the 52-week high list right now as i'm talking. mcdonald's, thermal fisher, unileaver. total, santa fe. it's blue chips around world and ik what that speaking to is not complacency. people have more faith in zuckerberg, think, page, cook,
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bezos than in the white house and congress, the eu. we're defie iing the large corporations that have managed to make it through. our question though weiss is whether an apple, up 35% year to date, facebook up 31 are too rich to buy here. >> arguably, too rich to buy. up 15%, up 20%, that that sount hasn't changed. what you're betting on is that the market continues and this this leadership continues. i don't think that's a bad bet to make. i do think there can be a black swan event out there. not to be controversial, i don't know why this time i wouldn't be. but maybe it's -- zwl. >> somebody is asked me this question and i don't feel like i have a strong pin, but you
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might. if we get one of these events, does apple, amazon, does that complex of names, does it do worse or better in a reintroduction of volatility? >> better. >> i don't know why. that those are also safety. so here's what's happened in the market. is that political risk doesn't exist anymore because we've lived through so many political events. since 2011. starting europe and we've come through them and gone higher. that's why people are imp pervious. so, if you're buying a strengthening global economy, which is what you are, what's going to work there? tech. people are much more comfortable buy iing the names that resogna with them t names they know and pms are very much comfortable chasing performance to this point because they're fighting for their lives in active management that these stocks will keep going. good reason. they're delivering on fundamentals. valuati valuation, that's been the story and you can't invest in black swan events.
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>> but these names that i mentioned, those five, whether they're the fangs or other wise can just continue to keep climbing as a result -- >> not alone. look at sales force, adobe. >> i named those. >> just beyond if we were playing nifty fifty games like in the late '60s, if it were just five stocks, i would be very concerned. the fact it's broad-based and every time you want to get bearish, i listen to wang's keynote address. he's the ceo of nvidia. he gave a keynote address that every person in the technology industry was glued to. it happened last week while everyone else was obsessed over james comey. he was laying out a blueprint. the things this company is working on and its expansion of
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its total addressable market. tens of billions of new opportunities for chips. that's why you're seeing a stock like nvidia do what it's doing, but not just nvidia, it's comprised of dozens of stocks that continue to make new highs because the tam getting getter bigger, so people are willing to pay an increased multiple when they're looking at a company that might have a whole new slate. >> i would keep your eye on what happened here over the next couple of days. in february, the market got above 23 o 00 and after a couple of day, people believed the story. fek tek cal folk, came in and drove the market higher. it never looked back. are we going through the same type of technical formation here at 2400? that might just with the case because keep in mind, we couldn't get above this 24 00, now, we're this. >> just wondering what can stop the market.
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if hardly anything out of d.c. rattles the stock market. >> yeah, i mean, there's something out there and it's something that right now, it's probably right in front of us. >> politico out with a piece today talking about the agenda of the president being delayed until 2018. >> then what could that be in 0 2018 in until chen, once you get towards 18, maybe you've got incredible catalysts towards you. >> maybe the market doesn't neepd the agenda as much. >> i agree with you. >> i think there are better things going on. when we go through these and start to hear some build rs and airlines and railroads and you start getting caterpillar and deere and look at these names that are performing and the tech space and financial, everybody's like, well, the financials aren't really going anywhere.
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they went up 25% before that. it's okay to pause. when you're talking about tech name, what is it that's going to get them going higher? how about the fact people are going to have to revalue them because mike isn't the old microsoft. they are. >> maybe the trump agenda instead of being the ice cream is just the cherry on top. >> the longer it gets pushed out, the better, he hasn't endeared himself to a lot of people and has these noises in the agenda with with comby and others that fray that delicate coalition to start 52. here's the other point on technology. you're in a slow growth u.s.
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we're fight iing to be at 2%, slightly above 2%. so, if you want to bet on growth are you going to guess whether some of the industrials like steel is going to go and reinvigorate itself? no. then it goes -- >> how much of the tech gains do you think are due to repatriation? expectations? is. >> i think it's all -- none. it's the removal of the protecti protectionism fears. when everyone was walking into trump tower after the election, what technology did, it sold off because we were worried that globalization was going to go to the wayside, protectionism was going to come in. it's negative for a technology sector. you talk about the trump policies not being enacted until 2018. goldman sachs had that note out at the inning beginning of the . the risk is that this does occur. that's the risk to the upside. >> let's talk about another
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technology stock. if you want to call it that, that had a great year. tesla. check this out. morgan stan dika pitchlating on the stock. downgraded it to equal weight. adam jonas is the one there, maybe the best known one that covers that company. it can become the next amazon or apple. we see such if you remember firm as competitors. it's a big deal because of the angel cyst. >> that was a story 200 points ago and 1 is 00 points ago. now, it's more realistic. this is another where it makes sense. either you're there because you're a a true believer or you're not. >> this this a wake up call to tesla owners.
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i talked to some tesla balls and they've been dead on the stock. i've been os rated between wow, it would be great if this company does all they were going to do. but skepticism that look frankly, they look antishareholder when he first does them, then the shareholders cheer, so you don't know what to make of it. it's trumpian, actually, the tesla bulls are focused on solar rooftops. they want to talk about the fact that smooth and techtured ones, they're talking about a new tam of homes and tesla is going to throw out that whole paradigm of selling door to door. of something that goes on top of your roof and just selling you
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the roof and when you look at what they want the to offer it for, how they want to sell it, frankly, it's appleesque. they want you to walk into a tesla showroom, and oh, what's the story with your roof and what if we could change that equation. not saying this will come to pass, but there is truth to the possibility that this could far yoet grow just being a car company. >> it's a stock up 50% year to date. >> it's shocking because the fundamentals have not improved d by 50% this year. >> is this, is this fund men falls for many have not mattered. >> if the fundamentals mattered, the stock wouldn't be at 318. >> if it's going higher, this is also. it's just hyper charged because the short interested you've pointed out. >> people look at it as a tech stock quite honestly. people say is it an automaker?
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it's a tech stock. but here's the other problem. if adam is right, i was talking to him about this, he was talking about china. he's concerned that they can get the progress in china that they need to get. that's going to be one -- >> yeah. >> why are you holding out on us? >> like a week and a half ago. good man. >> i think you were talking to nick jonas. >> wooir going to take a break. here's what else is coming up. >> cyber attacks lead to cyber tunty. the sector is popping today. next up, we'll go through the list. and the etf that holds the big names, hsck. plus, the stocks to get ahead of before this week's quarterly reports. we're talking walmart, home depot, tj maxx and deer and pete sees unusual activity from the options market in yet another big name. see if this leads the stock higher or lower? the heem are back in two minutes. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95.
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andrew left joins us on the phone. welcome back. most important report in years you say. that's not a little hiber bolick, so it? >> absolutely not. this report goes beyond just the stock market over e the past two hour, my phone has been ringing off the hook with hedge fund managers not talk iing about money. but rather about the importance of getting a colin os ko pi. i woke up this morning, i saw brad gray, hollywood legend, died of cancer. it's serious. if your insurance covers it, get one. no cute commercial, no a alternative science. get it done. and that's it. >> you're suggesting that the product from exact sciences doesn't work. that's the charge you're making. what evidence do you have for that? >> i have their evidence. they did a study with fstand ford. it is inferior to the standard
12:19 pm
of care. that's them saying it, not me. it's an b inferior test they're trying to compensate by running commercials for people who are afraid to get a colonoscoy. normally, i'm on your show, i talk about medical company, yes, but they're making money. in this case, they're losing money, selling an inferior product and trying to have people think there is an alternative, so whatever this ceo can say, listen to your doctor, not me, not him. go to your doctor when you're 50. he'll pep everybody who's listening with steve or guy or anyone on the show, your co-hosting, when 50, they are going to listen to their doctor and get one u. >> you say your short-term target is 20 with a potential zero. what leads you to believe this could be a zero? >> zero is easy. if you just go think of what the world is going to look like in five, six, seven years, blood
12:20 pm
based dna cancer testing is the future. no doubt if you look at the amount of money. we might look at pooping in a box sykes sixth years from now and laugh. they're not going get profit bable until 2020 and even by then, this might be a complete dinosaur. this is a product unlike anything i've written. tomorrow, if valiant went away, there are people who are dependent on the medications owned by valiant on the assets. this company could go way wii tomorrow. and it wouldn't make a difference. maybe would people start getting more colonoscopies or use the fit test. >> we're going to bring in on the phone, kevin con roy, chairman aceo of exact sciences. are you there? >> i am. >> what's your experience? >> andrew is dead wrong when it
12:21 pm
comes to detecting stage one cancer from blood. it has been shown in study after study after study that bonlgically, that doesn't appear to be possible. and for that reason, blood based test is very unlikely to ever display any other test. you want to detect stage one cancers and you can't do that reliablely from blood. the most preimminent guidelines have said that colo guard is a parody with the other screening methods. and so, again, mr. left is dead wrong. >> are you saying that your product is -- >> i'm not dead wrong. it's his study. go look it up. google. st stanford, gast row journal, 2016. >> mischaracterized. that study.
12:22 pm
what that study says is with greater compliance of colo guard versus the chemical test, it's cost effective relative to the fit test and so, he again hasn't solely die jested that, but that is what that study says and it is without to not contest the fact that overlong-term, the study shows that 14% of people when encouraged will complete the fit test on a regular basis, so again, the most important thing is to get screened, the guidelines say that the tests are all good options. we think colo guard is great because it detected 94% of curable, curable stage colon cancers. with the specificity of 87%. that is makes it a rational front line screening test because remember, colonoscopies
12:23 pm
for the main group, and basic ones only detects 95% of o colon cancers, so we leave this up to physicians and their patients to choose which test is the right test for them and it should -- >> not from the results. >> as you can see -- >> good -- >> the results, the number -- >> hoang on, andrew, so, we thik mr. left is -- we're comfortable as we look out over the course. >> he said -- >> he's going to cause some people to lose money he's saying something dangerous, he's saying the patient should choose. no, the patient should listen to their doctor and doctor should choose fchl you look at the numbers from orders per physician and everything else it shows you from the doctors are not choosing. you can run commercials but a patient shobt do it. that's it. >> okay, now -- i'm going to
12:24 pm
jump in at this point, i'm going jump in because there is an article in barens from about a week ago which says why exact sciences is soaring. they did a study where they spoke to 50 primary care providers to understand what was happening. with this product. it was viewed the product was as having the highest rate out of all cancer screening options that were out there. they also note of those surveyed, they would expect to use this product 55% of their eligible patients if guidelines and reimbursement were sufficient. there's another study that talked to 100 physicians. more doctors are prescribing this product. >> these studies are talking small percentages of doctors, look at the company's numbers. it's all right there. if physicians want to prescribe it, the orders per physician would be going higher.
12:25 pm
that's the first thing. second thing is this company is losing money as it is. wait until a medicare funding goes lower next year and most importantly, look at united health. the leader in managed care said this is medically unnecessary compared to the comparisocompar. i still hope your viewer, you and kevin himself goes out and gets one when he's 50 years old. >> do not listen to a commercial. >> i greatly appreciate your passion and that you want people to get screened, including me. the preimminent guidelines to many in america came out and said the most important thing is that doctors and patients have a conversation and have joint decision making in this. and they included colo guard and colonoscopy in that conversation. remember that 50%, about 50% of americans are not adequately
12:26 pm
screened and so, this importance addresses a really important need. 45% of people who have gotten a test have never been screened. >> this is a wonderful -- >> andrew, andrew, you hold on. andrew. >> is way behind colo guard in developing it and we think that there left's cent, we think, we think, superficial analysis is wrong and we think it's going to continue to be proven wrong. >> you're not suggesting, andrew. i'm going speak. just wait. mr. con roy, are you telling us and our viewers that your product can detect polyps for example, a precur cory sor to cancer? >> our study shows it does, not at the same rate as colonsocopy, however, the guidelines are
12:27 pm
starting to indicate that the use of a test like colo guard more frequently than colonoscopy, but we think like a pap smear, which only detects 50% of cervical cancer, over time, would start to pick them up and they would be able to be re3450u6emoved. those pop ips take ten to 15 years to turn into cancer. you have a long time to catch them. but over 90% cancer detection and colonoscopy by the best guest is about 95%. so they're similar in terms of the overall sensitivity. >> short, but you've just admitted though that your product does not detect precancerous polyps at the same hit rait that a colonoscopy does
12:28 pm
when the medical community considers it itself to be the gold standard, not a colo guard. >> here's where you're wrong f. you look at the guideline, these guidelinens don't call anything a gold standard, they say you have a multiple options and the key thing is to get screened. again, i'll just point you to a simple fact. a significant, approximately 30 million americans in the screening population have never been screened. innovation is absolutely critical. then i have one final point before i have to leave here because i'm standing outside a plane to board, one critical thing, your analysis is wrong about the pama calculation of median price. it's not the average price. look at that statute and the implementing regulation, it's the implementing. our prices stable. as we have said, our price is stable.
12:29 pm
based on the data. you are just wrong. you'll have an opportunity to see that. but you're mistaken and i don't -- >> can i say something? >> yes, go ahead. first of all, this is coming from a gentleman who raised money for his company six months ago and have the price of the stock now and personally sold a nice position at half the price where it is now. more importantly, of course, he's very glib about the prospects of his company. where blood based dna testing is now is not where it's going to be in four years. still get your colonoscopy. read my oreport. it's detailed with their scie e science. from third party, them, to united health, stanford and you'll see it all within itself. what's he going to come on tv and say he's right? my company shouldn't exist anymore? of course not. read everything that's written. >> mr. left -- zpl there's no --
12:30 pm
[ inaudible ] >> we're going to give kevin the last word. too hard the to talk over one another. >> go for i! kevin. >> your report may be detailed, but it is wrong and we look forward to addressing this -- >> kevin, don't tell -- >> thank you, mr. left, for your medical advice. i would rely on the mayo clinic, not you. >> tell the viewers don't get a colonoscopy. tell it to the viewer rs now. >> go talk to your doctor and get screened. >> the doctor will tell you to get a colonoscopy. >> you are dead wrong about that. >> you'll see. go read it. you'll see it. >> gentlemen, we're going to leave it there.
12:31 pm
kevin sh appreciate your calling in. andrew, appreciate your time as well. >> good-bye. sounds like they'd like to give each one one. >> so, 18 years ago, my father passed away. he never went for a colonoscopy. unfortunately, the first one he went for told him it was too late. the prep is not hard. people should do it. it's a struggle. your question b about pop ip ips is important. the reason you go is if you have the polyp, it will be taken out surgely at the. that's the benefit to take the polyp. >> if it detects it, you would still -- the invasive procedure now to have polyp remove and you want that removed.
12:32 pm
listen, it could take ten to 15 years for it to grow, but if a doctor tells people or steve or josh you've got a polyp that needs to come out, i'm going to get these three guys are going to be there within the next week. >> seemed like he had a good argument. the two f are battling back and forth. a lot being said by each one. negative positive. yet the stock rallied about a dollar off the lows. >> they raised their guidance in late april. the street, i told you a couple of reports. and the commentary after the earnings and the raise of guidance was a blow out beat and raise by one firm. tremendous results, by another. 28% of the flow is short. is another dynamic here worth bringing up, so it's not like this case is not already fairly well spread, right? >> yeah, i don't know enough about it. >> have you ever owned the stock? >> i haven't. but you have to be careful, some of the surveys. one did have an historic banking
12:33 pm
relationship. i don't know if they still do. so you have to watch those. we've talk b at it with any firm, so not suggest there's anything there. >> here's what cramer has aid. what can i say, it's for real. obviously real. just moved up $5. refer tog a move the stock had on another day. any bull puelback i like it because it's a game charng. >> i know. i've gone for them. this has never come up. and if it does, then i'd have to go any way. so why don't i just go straight to that. >> you can't avoid, presents a perfect representation of anything. but you do have those in the medical community who are preskriping it and those on wall street who continue bb bullish about this company. >> there are also incentives. pete is tracking unusual activity when we come back.
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new hie heiss and the massive cyber attack working its
12:38 pm
way around the world. more than 200,000 computers affected. why this may just be the beginning and 640 horsepower. more than 200 miles an hour. lamborghiniy unveiling its new superpower. sue? >> thanks so much, melissa and here's what's happening at the hour, everybody. president trump surrounded by law enforcement officers and their families signing a patriotical la information marking peace memorial week and peace week. he is also directing the justice department to develop a better strategy to prevent crimes of violence. they've had it with what's going on and we're going to get it taken care of. we're going to get it taken care of quickly and i want to thank you all for being here today. this is a great honor to have you. great honor to have you. thank you. >> thank you. >> some of you have suffered
12:39 pm
greatly. and we're going take care of it. >> the supreme court let stand a lower court opinion which struck down north carolina's strict voter id law. the law was enacted by the state's republican controlled legislature in 2013. lyft and waymo teaming up. the profit owned by google's parent, alphabet. the two will road test autonomous cars in a potential challenge to uber. you're up to date. that's the news update. back to you. >> thanks so much. pete, is at the telestrator for unusual activity. >> coca-cola is interesting. this isn't a name that comes up a lot. i own the stock itself and got into it quite a few months ago because of the fact there was unusual activity. i've stayed in the name ever since. it's interesting, you can see a deseptember path when you look at this thing.
12:40 pm
blue chip stock. everybody b knows about coca e coca-cola and one of the things they've done really, really well over the years has been look, they got to get away from carbonation drinks. get themselves towards other things. milk, the dichbt types of different shake, everything else they put themselves into. so, what are they doing now? buying the november 44 calls over 10,000 of those were bought today. about a dollar and a quarter. that's well after earnings. this is not an earnings play, which is july the 26th. this is somebody b looging for the stock to continue the move to the upside. >> thank you. starbucks homebuilders and oil stocks are on the move today. we'll detail the trades ahead in the blitz.
12:41 pm
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let's do o the blitz. we were talking about idea of the mosh pit created was because mobile is so strong.
12:44 pm
it's something we'they're going fix rapidly. the expansion project through 2021. keep an eye on this name. it's going higher. >> josh, home birld confidence up. >> yes, there's a reason. if you haed "the wall street journal" this weekend, you saw sales of home to first time buy ers outpaced sales of home to people who were already homeowners by i think 2-1 in the most recent period they read. something new is happening. ma len yals are forming households and not renting automatically. they are buying homes and this is a big development. >> joe, talking about devin and marathonal burton. crude is rallying today. >> many have talked about a rotation, some of the energy names for the second and third quarter, back half of the year. you knew this was going to come out soon. obviously, it's lift crude oit. do i trust the price of oil? i don't. i like the play here of going long the ioh.
12:45 pm
i'm not sure i trust energy here. i still think it needs to be out. >> weiss, aig has a new ceo. carl icon is happcan is happy. >> he used the work with hank greenberg. >> the most interesting new ss that everybody's heard of ensans, they decided to do with -- which is another fund out there. so figure out how to apply that trading to the policy issue. this company is quoigoing to mo ahead. it's a much bigger, lower cost production. as an swresing story. this is a change that should come in. >> up next, the missing link. stephanie with our post earnings play book. stick around. halftime report is back right after this. anthe urinary sympto. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock. welcome back. stephanie link joins us from new york with her post earnings play book. good to see you u again. >> hi, sh scott, how are quou? >> good, thank you. what's the first name on your list today? >> so, the first one is mondo e mondoleez. this one was one of the better consumer staple is to bes to report and the whole group had a tough go of it skrus because of the consumer in general. these guys beat earnings,
12:49 pm
reiterates for the full year. talked about improving margins going forward, so this story sets up well this year. because they could see substantial operating leverage. should the developing markets -- i think the story sets up pretty well. >> i thought we were having a problem with your mike there. if we do again, i'm going to have to jump. starbucks is another one. >> yeah, you dpis talked about this earlier, but what was missed on the call was that the company talked about missed single digit comps. they saw in april. that was a substantial increase from the first quarter, so ipg with easy compares, 15% earnings growth going forward and a very underlevered sheet, this makes a lot of sense. >> how about uri? >> and you know i've like d thi one over time. but i had trimmed it around 130 and the it's stock when they reported it, it fell actually 20% following the quarter
12:50 pm
because people were concerned about rental rates. they were weak in the quarter. it's the weak period for rental rates. i think they're going to improve throughout the year. i like this story a lot and i think you're going the see a better set up as we get through the year with better revenues going as we get through the year with better rental revenues going forward. >> let's talk some of the things you're selling or trimming from the port fofolio. >> parker is a pmi play. i think globally they've peaked. it's up. i still own it. the margin story has been played out. i think the setup into this year isn't as good for schlumberger. rig counts are only up 2% year to date. i think they will struggle relative to the other service companies. >> we're looking at the one-year chart and it's done nothing. whe wherever it got it to. >> yeah, i mean, i like baker hughes because i like the ge/baker hughes combination.
12:51 pm
i think halliburton, their business mix, is even bigger than schlumberger, that business is not going to come back. that's lagging north america. i don't think it will change anytime soon. great company, great technology. i'll revisit it. >> great stuff. we will see you back here soon, i hope. >> thanks. all right, stephanie link. the earning trades for the rest of the week on our list. home depot, dick's sporting goods, target, walmart and more. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams. they're handing us more than mail. they're handing us their business. and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country we never forget... that your business is our business. the united states postal service. priority: you
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we're back on "the halftime report." a busy earnings calendar when it comes to retail. you have some tech, consumer related companies. steve, what are you watching this week? >> i'm watching home depot. they've been able to stay above the fray. i think it will put up another good quarter because of everything going on with home building. somebody has a private company in windows and doors exploding. you have to pay attention throughout the week. >> dick's sporting goods tomorrow. josh, what about you? >> i want to talk about walmart. i feel there's a huge appetite for people to play in a much cheaper way than amazon affords you right now. i wouldn't be surprised if walmart spends time on its call talking about the stuff they're doing in e-logistics and
12:55 pm
e-commerce. if they do that and can make the case. the recent rally in walmart might not only be justified but given another leg higher. the stock is up $10 largely on people getting excited again about what they could do online. >> pete? >> you have the discounter and then somebody who has been so far amazon proof, right? the big box guys, particularly lowe's, home depot. home depot's millenniums, somebody last week went to neutral. they've been right for a long time. understandably it could pause for a while, scott. maybe that's the case and time to lighten up a little bit. look at sales force thursday. >> we said that was at an all-time interday high. what about you? >> best to worst let's start thursday, alibaba, the acceleration in ali pay. you'll hear a fan ttastic story from alibaba.
12:56 pm
on wednesday you'll get target. what the heck is going on with target? it is struggling, having a really tough, tough year. significantly underperforming relative to its peers. tomorrow the interesting one for me is staples which trying to re-create itself stock's trading around $9. i just don't know. >> keeps being mentioned as an lbo target and an online presence. when you talk about cisco -- >> quickly. >> we'll find out if cisco deserves to be with the other stocks like microsoft. >> up next why snap is up 7.5% right now.
12:57 pm
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always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. final trades. i mentioned what's going on with snap. the stock up 6% on friday. it's up 7.5% today. investors, i guess, reacting to news about big name money managers getting in including i think we see according to twitter 20 million shares. >> 13 fs were filed. >> you never know what's current. we always say that when we do that. >> 45 days ago. i don't think they flip them around like that. that's a lot of stock. >> the stock got obliterated. it got obliterated. up 13%. >> there's so little stock out there that can change hands. >> you can call in the shorts also. squeeze them higher.
1:00 pm
>> we have 20 seconds. finals. >> home depot. i've been there a lot this year. i think it's going higher. >> part-time jobs are great. >> ctl downgraded, i've been buying it. i still like it. >> josh? >> mastercard. happy new all-time high. >> okay. joey? >> ftnt. >> good stuff, guys. thanks for watching. "power" starts now. and new records for your money to start the week top your "power" menu. nothing seems to get this market down. not north korea, not d.c. drama, not even that global cyber attack. we're going to find out why. plus, speaking of that cyber chaos, a hack attack in more than 150 countries, over 200,000 infected computers, could this just be the start of a crippling worldwide problem and who might see their sales boom because of it? and 640 horsepower, 0 to 60 in less than three second and a price tag to match. lamborghini may be ready to unveil its new super car. we'll take you for a spin. fasten your seat belts. "power lunch"


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