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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the macro. >> wells fargo, downgrade, mel. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 5:00 for "fast money." don't go anywhere. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica, some people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain, but to educate you and teach you. if you think for one minute that this economy is easy to figure out, i'm telling you, you're a dreamer. i think we're at a moment where you can conceivably argue that
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the economy is going off the rails. or that it's about to roar. in fact, on a day where the dow gained 4 3 points, the s&p climbed 1.8%. this is the most glass half full, glass half empty moment we have seen in ages. first we have fabulous employment numbers. the jobless claims are at the lowest levels since 1988. that's a staggering figure. it's incredible. you simply can't have an economy at nearly full employment and honestly, be anywhere here a recession, does that define a strong economy? housing, wow, it is just red hot. you know housing represents only
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10%. i know some figures came out today that were not that strong, but believe me, this is the hottest area, toll brothers, the luxury home builders said it had been the best spring selling season ever. many factors are bringing buyer office the fence right now. interest rates rated by the rate of resale and personal homes. i have never heard them this bullish. i want to make something very clear. when the market was red hot before the housing crash. credit was too available to the wrong people. that's not what he's saying now, just a fantastic time to be in the home building business. and it will stay that way as longs as interest rates are low and jobs are plentiful.
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toll's stock broke down and finished down 25 cents despite that verbiage. we talk a lot about cloud computing, but when you think about number of people these firms need to hire, and their wealth in the stock market, you have to believe this is an economy that can't get enough body. the people who own stocks feel richer, so they do buy. what do they buy? we know they're buying iphones, the numbers are staggering there. we know they're being anything that comes into the home. we heard from home depot last week that everything inside the home is selling like hot cakes. every single cruise line boosted their earnings forecast, disney and universal theme parks reporteds s s s astounding num.
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feeling good? excited by the prospects i just outlined? let me give you the bear case. first the bond market. all my business life for 33 years, i have been told that no individual is as smart as the bond market, it is the sum, the repository of all the markets. it's also telling us that the fed better not raise short-term rates because there's absolutely no reason to do so, not with the 10-year treasury down to 2%. the bonds are saying the economy is as weak as the employment numbers say it is strong. i mean it's unbelievable. second while the housing market may be red hot, as i mentioned the auto market is ice cold. the former ceo of ford because
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of the company's weak first quarter results, much of that stemmed from the decline in sales numbers. third, this is something i watch, consumer products stocks ripping, that's pure lun nasty. some of the gains are from companies that are rumored to be takeover targets of kraft heinz, but a stock like coca-cola is not a hot stock. any inkling that the economy is actually gaining.
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>> the social mobile cloud and gaming. they have been juggernauts. the one thing they have in common, they don't need any help from washington to make their numbers. that's an important distinction. but the scandals and the health care usurped the agenda and the budget the trump people put together is philosophically different than anything the republicans or democrats have ever seen. there's some big cuts in taxes and entitlements like medicaid. it's so far removed from the way washington works. hey, you know, draining the swamp, there's a swamp out there. conclusion, if you were still hoping for tax reform or repatriati repatriation, i hope you don't hold your breath. then there's the biggest
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economic bear story of all. retail. we came through this retail earnings season with even the good ones being absolutely pumped. any retailer in the mall are annihilated, even foot locker and children's place getting crushed. when the only strong retail are walmart, costco and home depot, and do you know the stock has come down even though it was a great quarter? you can only assume that the consumers are not needing and not spending. so what are we supposed to make of this incredible mosaic? how can it be so contradict friday, and i wrap my head around this every day. look i think this situation is
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temporary, sooner or later one of these vision also triumph over another. personally i think the economy will improve. but the bottom line is the forces of weakness -- if it weren't for the power of international forces to -- as of now the contest hasn't been resolved. and until we get some clarify, i think we have a hard time breaking up or down from these legals. let's go to jonathan in illinois. jonath jonathan? >> caller: hi. i want to say first hi and my mom june, happy birthday. my call is about taser and the previous taser is now axon. i want to know your thoughts about this. i'm looking at a year chart here, and the year chart looks like desending highs and i'm not
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liking it. >> i think rick smith is doing a good job, i know it's a controversial stock and it hasn't done much. so you have to have events to really get going, and it doesn't have any right now. i don't want to leave it, i think it's got a good product. i want to go to alex in georgia. alex? >> caller: mr. cramer, boo-yah. i have on interest in the company called lending club and given last year's events and current market conditions with respect to online lenders, i would like to get your thoughts. >> i think it's too speculative for me. so far it's not bad. but it's not public. i think this group is too checkered. and we have enough problems on like a bank of america that we don't need to go down to this level. mark in maryland, marc? >> caller: i'm 30 years old, i have about a five to ten year
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outlook on what i'm looking for on my portfolio. i'm looking for one of the major growths in tech, like internet and mobile and stuff. and i was thinking about sky works. is there a better play? >> the only thing that could be better is broadcom. avgo. i would take that after the incredible run that broadcom had. how about going to jerry in north carolina. jerry? >> caller: hi, jim. i like stability and dividenddi. ge has been running well, but late i it's been dropping in price. >> i hate to say this, but it's a good yes, i would never have liked to have said that in this age it's a good question, but the cash flow was not good in the first quarter, they must
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show strong cash flow in the second quarter before i will say don't worry about it. my travel trust owns it and i do worry about it. because i need to see that cash flow, you can't have negative cash flow and have that kind of dividends. this is the most half full, half empty moment we have seen in ages. but i this this mosaic is temporary. i'll take it behind the coast of a 20 point swing between last night's close and this morning's bell. you know i love facebook, amazon, netflix and google. but there's a stock overseas that's been outperforming these winners. and the company has been hitting the road since 1985. i'm checking out one of the nation's biggest truckers.
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how do you tell the difference between a powerful long-term secular trend with real staying power and a short-term boom that's eventually going to go bust. this is a question we need to ask whenever a particular group really catches fire. like the video game stocks have ignited in most recent months. i have told you repeatedly that i think the game developers are riding a powerful wave, the rise of a stay at home economy. these days aside from going to work, you never need to leave the comfort of your couch, unless you want to, at least. you can order anything from the
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comfort of your couch. younger people spend their time messing around on facebook or instagram or playing insanely addictive video games that can have a social component of their own. coupled with increasingly fabulous games powered by, yes, nvidia, and graphics chips have made the gaming sector really the best in show, electronic arts, activision, has seen their stocks go up 47%, including a 5.5% gain today alone, thanks to the phenomenal numbers that the company reported just this morning. these are some colossal moves, the question is are they sustainable? the big reason behind the run in the gaming stocks is that all three companies have reported excellent results, all three
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companies are taking advantage of the connectivity revolution. they're cutting out the middle man by selling the games on the web through your xbox. and they're finding more and more ways to get your money via subscriptions and downloadable content. and there's the wild outbreak of sports where people play gamed in packed stadiums and i think buying a new sports team could be a home run. in short, business is good. a company like activision doesn't pole-vault up simply on the numbers alone. money managers have figured out the gaming theme, and they have been embracing this en masse. as long as mutual funds keep buying, they can keep climbing. and what's the best way to measure how these stocks are going to do?
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we are going off the charts with bob langua, who has a three-man all-star in stocks. why don't we start with the daily chart of electronic arts. the laggard of the group. given that it's up only 30% in six months, laggard is a relative term. flying from 96 to 108 in the same day. however lang thinks that ea could be the next to go higher, the relative strength index, or rsi, which we know is an importa important -- volume has been tremendous. when a stock roars in heavy volume, it means the move the
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telling the truth because the big institutions are buying hand over first. let me look at this chicken money flow. that's an oscillator down at the bottom, this is a tool that measures buying and selling pressure in a stock. and when it comes to ea, lang says it's been on fire since february. once this stock finishes digesting the recent gain right here, lang believes it could make its way from 109 to 120. les take a look at activision. the stock traded sideways for a few weeks before running it's magnificent move higher. there were people questioning whether it was actually any good or not. they were fools. once again, lang sees signs of buying from investors in particular, look at this, nice ramp, that oscillator has been smoking hot nearly all year.
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activision had a shallow pull back last wednesday, with the rest of the market. when i say you need a market wide selloff. this stock was not going to be brought down by anything involving washington. you had the jump on that buying opportunity, because the stock came roaring back in short order. lang believes that will embolden the big boys to take a dip. activision has a floor of support, at its 20-day, the green line, which is currently at about 54, nearly four bucks up from where the stock was trading, that level held during last week's heavy selloff. given activision's incredible strength, who knows if you're even going to get that level of pull back. this is a stock that you need to pray for more craziness in the white house, or from the market, whoever you think is crazy, that pulls do you know the whole market, that's where you're going to get a good entry point.
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let's go to taketwo interactive. this company announced it's most highly anticipated games will be delayed until next april, which many of my gaming friends are disappointed about because it would have been a great game. but then the company reported an excellent quarter this morning and the stock just took off and did not look back. look at this, this is special, had to like break form and put that up there because it was so amazing. what does lang think of taketwo's chart? it spent most of the spring going sideways, it bounced off it's 50-day moving average and since then it's rallied a quick 14 bucks. in the giant institution money managers can't get enough of.
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now when the market sold off over the whole comey-russia-trump thing, take two seemed to lose it's momentum. it set up a bullish flag pattern, which typically means it's got room to run. lang think this is one could easily make its way up to 85, up 12 bucks from where it's trading, i think this actually makes sense. i think take two's grant theft auto are worth the entire $7 billion market cap here. i'm thinking you get the lesser stuff for free. i have been dead right on this so don't give me trouble. the video game names are hot for very good reason. i like electronic arts like ea and activision. the strength of this stock depends on the willingness of the big boys to keep buying.
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all three of the pure playing video game companies have room to run. plenty more "mad money" ahead, including china five tech stocks that have outperformed the almightily fang. same time president donald trump was welcoming 18 wheelers on to the white house lawn. the political support translate to profit? and don't you love putting on that old pair of pants and findinging 5 bucks in the pocket. alphabet may have found a cool $70 billion in its pocket. i'll explain. stay with cramer.
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so far 2017 has been a good year for stocks in general, but it's been an especially good year for the tech titans, fang. the fang stocks are up anywhere from 21% to 29%, considering it's not even been five whole months. there's a separate group of similar stocks that have done even better. i'm talking about the major chinese internet companies that have been trading here in the u.s. that you have been asking me about all the time. allibaba up 40%. and webo up 90%. yep. china's fang, or maybe we should call them the red fanb.
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they have averaged 50% on average for 2017. how much do these fast growing american companies have in common with their american counterparts, and are any of them worthy of buying or are they too risky to invest in. we'll start with alibaba. which is the amazon of china. alibaba has a growing cloud business, this company is essentially the human face of china's digital cultural revolution, led by it's founder and chairman jack ma who is as humble as he is bill lant. all allibaba opened up at 98 and change. we're pulling back to just under 94 bucks. however it quickly fell out of favor, alibaba pulled out of the
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50s at the end of 2015. that was a fabulous buying opportunity. next up there's baidu, who is the unchallenged king of chinese search. in retrospect, that was not a great business decision for alphab alphabet, but there are more important things that profit and loss. china is the largest company in the world and it's got the largest population of internet companies. as the china expand their webbed infrastructure, all these companies should be able to keep growing pretty darn rapidly. just like here in the u.s., mobile has been exploding in china. it now makes up over 60% of the
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company's sales. now they're expanding beyond china. b ark baidu has been the worst performer. even if it would, it would be an uphill battle. because nobody wants to have to compete against those guys. how about it's the largest online retailer in the prc, whereas alibaba linked up buyers and sellers and takes a fee. from 2015 to 2016, the gmv increased by 40%. while jd's stock has been a wild trader since the nasdaq debut three years ago, it just reached
6:30 pm
a new all-time high before the stock pulled back to $40 and change. what about facebook? the best analog is probably 10 cent holdings. that's a web based conglomerate including social networks, payment and information among others. just on the social side, they have two messaging platforms that reach 800 million users. of course 10 cent is also the chinese pay-pal and is the distributor of all kinds of visual media. that's just scratching the surface. while 10 cent is a very big deal in china, it's not really listed here, these over the counter names are generally too risky to recommend on the show. finally, there e's webo.
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it's up 7% year over year. now think about webo if this stock had been a total jawinger not, down 4 bucks off the lows of last year, just $77 as of today, that's a six-fold increase. in fact the darn thing has nearly doubled just since the beginning of 2015. the company reported a completely blowout quarter, i mention all these chinese internet plays because last week my colleague at art johnson explained how some of these companies started behaving like our fang names. the market is periodically willing to forgive them for spending a fortune in order to grow. what johnson noted is that al y
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alibaba and 10 cent have been getting the fang treatment. as long as their revenue continues to grow really quickly. and i think that's the reason these stocks have been so hot. their numbers are simply astounding. alibaba delivered 60% sales growth in its first quarter. and it's cloud service more than doubled. 10 cent is killing it in gaming, they actually own legal legends, which is one of the most popular games here in the u.s. and it's invested heavily to take over the video space too. it's like a profitable version of amazon on steroids. weibo reported a gain on tuesday. so we think of communist fang
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analogy makes a lot of sense, even though try as we will, we could not come up with a clever acronym for these client behemoths. they carry a whole host of additional risks that we don't need to deal with in america. we have really strong securities regulation, china not so much. we have rigorous accounting standards, china's notoriously opaque, but they have treated accounting fraud as a capital crime, so at least that tends to deter some. what really makes me nervous about these red internet plays is that they run way too much. i wish i had recommended the chinese banks six months ago, but i didn't. and my experience tells me it's difficult to chase. even after it's remarkable month,s cheap.
6:34 pm
a stock that i have liked ever since interviewing the manager. which brings me to the bottom line, sure red fang,, alibaba. weibo, bidu and 10 cent, have all caught fire lightly. while these are some tremendous growth stories, the only one i feel comfortable recommending at this point is alibaba. the others have a lot going for them burks i don't know if they're worth the risk at these prices. lower, though, and i might just get behind them. j.j. in vermont. j.j.? >> caller: hi, thanks for taking my call. quick question, i have facebook and i also have a company called wide y socialsocial -- yy which
6:35 pm
like a good social media company. >> we chose not to buy yy but along the way, we realize it's a good one-two, if you want to take the risk. and only alibaba. only alibaba i feel is not speculative. let's go to ernie in illinois. >> caller: jim cramer, how are you? my question is in the tesla motors. tesla motors has been killing it with the land rover, jaguar and such a very diversified company. land other and jaguar are on fire, especially with their research on electric cars. i mean their dividend is not as good as, for example ford, but tesla motors has had some huge way to go on their stock.
6:36 pm
>> i'm not a fan of any of the auto stocks. this is be like fiat chrysler, i would take advantage of that dip today. but just so you know that the auto industry is challenged bier technology, not by sales. the chinese companies are all on fire, i can only bless alibaba as an investment. but and weibo have a lot goes for them. my sit down with trucker snyder international. and how alphabet may have just found the $70 billion company hiding within it's own operations. but first, i'm taking rapid fire in tonight's edition of "the lightning round." my business was built with passion...
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schnieder national has been on the market since 1985. this purveyorer of big rigs wants to find you clear skies and the open road. is there enough tread on their tires to navigate light in the
6:40 pm
stock market? >> most american company also keep on keeping on regardless of what happens in congress. but every now and then you'll find an industry that could be impacted either way positively or negatively by our politics. trump had some schnieder executives to the white house. while things have gotten prate crazy for donald trump in the last couple of weeks, but this is an industry that trump spent his whole campaign sup importantlying. although the prospect in the trade seems kind of unlikely. consider schnieder international, the transportation logistics company that just came into play last april. they expect some industry weakness near temprm, but they y
6:41 pm
there's going to be an improving market in the second half. so we welcome the president and ceo of schnieder national. i love companies that have been around for a while, as opposed to companies that were just created a few years ago. >> in the 82 years we have been private and we're going to see what we can do to flex our muscles in this market. >> i think this is an industry that has, well, i want to ask you, there have been a lot of rules and a lot of regulations about trucking. are some of them you think going too far and they can be rolled back without any issue about safety? >> i think what the industry is fighting through is this issue of hours of service. i think what's more important is to land someplace and live with it. because the change is highly
6:42 pm
disruptive in terms of what you have to do with your systems, how to get the drivers to understand how to manage their work life. so i would argue that we might have gotten to different ones in a different way, but i think we should stay what we got and learn to live with it. >> hopefully the white house understands what you mean? >> yeah, i think they do, i think there's some debate, there's some things that are being litigated, but it will get reso resolved. what's important is that it gets to the right place. >> i think what people don't realize is that the trucking business has become heavily digitized. and what you're doing is remarkable, just in terms of it's quest division. >> the challenge with the industry is that there aren't many barriers to entry. and scale, there isn't many advantages of scale.
6:43 pm
some insist we can take optimizization and squeeze out those advantages. that's what this quest platform did, so that we can essentially be the money ball of trucking. >> people that aren't familiar with money ball, describe what that means. >> when the oakland a's adopted this different way of thinking about putting a team on the field and then running that team on the field, it was still baseball, this is still trucking, but the challenge is at scale is to really take a system's view of what's going on, because there's so many things that happen. it's not just a pickup and delivery. it's what happens with the pickup and what happens with the delivery and a lot of things that happen in the middle. and these markets that we take into are very volatile.
6:44 pm
>> how have you been able to use data in e-commerce? >> we apply the same thing of things there. it's changing how product flows and whether you're a brick and mortar company who is now trying to respond to the people in seattle who have had a real disruptive effect, but it's changing how things flow. some of that final mile to the consumer is coming out of the back of the store, which doesn't affect us. but some of it is going through fulfillment centers which changes the flow of goods, and we'll see how that plays out over time. but it's also created this hard to handle area like furniture and carpet and flooring and some of these kinds of things, a real opportunity for a companilike ours, which we have done through acquisition to ensure we're able to play in that. >> i was quite hard, and i know that you said this first half was a little weakness, but you are saying there could be price
6:45 pm
improvements. >> we keep saying everyone ask hoping it will get better. we also say that hope doesn't fill our trailers. but what is going on is the industry's got a regulation which is mandated to come into play in december. and just the fact that that's out there is creating some concern, that concern translate to a little bit in the hardening in the pricing that we have seen because the supply-demand situation isn't radically different, but people always need too look forward. >> and theoretically, you don't need driverless trucks yet. >> we don't have driverless trucks yet and i'm not sure that people are ready to have a huge truck driving right beside them on the highway without a driver.
6:46 pm
>> i'm not sure of that either. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce.
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it is time, it's time for "the lightning round." [ buzzer ] and then "the lightning round" is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? we'll go to steve in florida. >> caller: hey, first time, long time, man, great to be on the show. i've got my girlfriend here, she's got a boo-yah from lima. i got a question for you, ebay, do we got room to run here? >> i think they'll correct course, i think it's a good situation. giani in california. >> caller: i'm looking at the fastest growing industry in the world which is defense and security. and i have been buying this company called leidos.
6:50 pm
>> it's a really good situation, i'm going to do a piece on it. i'm big on general dynamics right now, but that's a good company. >> aaron in hawaii. >> caller: i wanted to ask you a quick question about shopify, shop. >> we like it, we have been recommending it. mar maria in maryland. >> caller: yes, this is maria. >> what's your stock, maria? >> caller: epc. >> heepsilon is good. i like the growth, it's fine for people who want income. bob in indiana, bob? >> caller: greetings are cramer, from the northwest corner of
6:51 pm
indiana. my question today is on dsl, carlyle company. >> i did a lot of work on carlyle when it was in the 80s. the stock went up and then has come back down, that is a perfect industrial for this moment. let's go to dennis in florida. >> caller: boo-yah, from florida, jim. is it a good time to acquire some community health systems? >> too risky for this guy. i'm going to say no, i don't want you there, too risky. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of "the lightning round." what's with the dog-sized horse? m crazy stressed trying to figure out this complex trade so i brought in my comfort pony, warren, to help me deal. isn't that right warren? well, you could get support from thinkorswim's in-app chat. it lets you chat and share your screen directly with a live person right from the app, so you don't need a comfort pony.
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. are driverless cars and driverless trucks a world away? or are they just around the corner? all i can tell you is that if you read this morning's recommendation of alphabet, formerly known as google, on the strength of its waymo addition, you'll be on -- a 12% boost when it gets recognized for what it is. the best hope for driverless cars in the world. the approximate cause for this push, waymo gives the company more access to miles driven.
6:55 pm
which is the key metrics supporting waymo's case. the way you measure the strength of your autonomous driving initiative, is that the car vienne needs to be engaged by an actual hue man. the company's numbers are in evidence right on the company's website, you can google it. that means waymo can be the prototype for all manufacturers. what about the switzer land, a neutral arms dealer that deals with everybody. now i love this report from morgan stanley, but i also take issue with one element of it. it might spin waymo off into a separate company. the total market for autonomous vehicles is so much bigger than the search market is. search is way too dependent on
6:56 pm
fi advertising. on the other hand, autonomous cars have several powerful secular tail winds, one there's a shortage of drivers for all good right now, and you're much safer with a robot driver than a real one. now the big concern is that when autonomous cars have an accident, it sets back the whole industry, because people become so skeptical about the underlying technology. the skeptics have clearly never been in one of them as i v becau because -- i would be soliciting the ought on the mos -- even if it does develop it's own chip systems, having found that others were too expensive, which is the case, i point out the company with the best technology here is mobile line, which has
6:57 pm
big intel. mobile i h-- that could change now under intel's ownership. alphabet has not gotten the respect it deserves for waymo. and as people recognize how close we are to real driverless cars, i bet the stock goes even higher. stick with cramer. think of eveg intel's doing right now with artificial intelligence. and pretty soon ai is going to help executives like her see trends to stay ahead of her competition. no more sleepless nights. - we're going to be friends! - i'm sorry about this. don't be embarrassed of me, jim. i'm getting excited about this! we know the future. we're going to be friends! because we're building it.
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we're not talking about e sports and how incredible they are. people going to stadiums and just watching other people play. that is a theme in itself that is going to dekeep this going. i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow. >> welcome to the shark tank,
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where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ who believes she has a new and improved version of a ubiquitous product. ♪ hi, sharks. my name is ivori tennelle, from irvine, california,


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