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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  June 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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direction. >> exactly. maybe it's one of these opposites, the u.s. dollar, i'm looking at the index, it's under 97. how much lower can it get? >> on a lower side, we have seen the everything, in terms of corporate bond level the demand for paper, maybe that is something that wobbles. >> a great point. we will see what happens tomorrow. i will be here tomorrow. >> you will see me at 5:00 a.m. >> have a good one. thank you, everybody, for watching "closing bell" with santoli. "fast money" begins right now. >> fast money starts right now! live from the nasdaq markets overlooking new york city's time's square. i'm mellissa lee, the traders are pete najerian, karen feinerman, guy adami. oil is getting crushed. take the energy stocks down with it. there is one name some traders see as a bargain. plus, more tradings are soaring in both the nba finals and the stanley cup. we'll give you the names. later, stop strategists at barclays say it's time to make a
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major change with your portfolio. firlgs, we start off with what is captivated wall street, walk, pretty much all of america. james comey, gearing up to testify in front of the senate intelligence committee tomorrow. eamon javers has the latest. >> reporter: we have the written testimony james comey will deliver before that much anticipated hearing. all the broadcast networks will carry this live. it will be the focus point of the political attention. tomorrow some of his testimony is being compared to a tom clancy level in the terms of detail and narrative about his version of his interactions with the president of the united states, saying he had nine specific interactions with the president either in person or on the phone, one moment standing out, though, is the face-to-face meeting between trump and comey that comey describes this way. he said the president said i need loyalty, i expect loyalty. i didn't move, speak or change
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my facial expression in anyway during the awkward silence that followed. a stare down there between the director of the fbi and the president of the united states inside the white house. the president is asking for loyalty from the fbi director. the fbi director simply refusing to give it. ultimately, the president said honest loyalty is what i want. comey said you can expect that from me. so clearly, this is an fbi director who felt the president was engaging in concerning behavior, took stems to memorialize that behavior in dramatic detail. at one point he writes he left trump tower, went directly to his fbi vehicle sat in the back typing on a laptop to memorialize all those details immediately when his memory was clear of what the president said. all of this leading up to tomorrow's hearing, we will expect the senators will ask him whether all his actions amount to obstruction of justice, his
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answer to that would be revealing if he does answer the question. >> in terms of the market reaction, we saw slight bits of the markets higher, we saw highs off the back of this. when i sort of looked at the testimony, the seven pages released today, it seems as to me the answer was in comey's answer to, as to why he did not release those notes earlier. >> reporter: yeah, that's an important point t. white house has said time and time again, look, if comey was so upset about what the president was doing, why didn't he resign? why didn't he come forward? why did he tuck it away for no one to see. what comey says in his testimony today is he talked about to senior fbi staff about how they should handle this. they decided they didn't want to taint the fbi investigation, itself, by revealing what had happened. >> that is he doesn't p didn't want the investigators to know that tho the president was sayig these things.
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>> aymwhen comey speaks, the market moves. check out this trade chart. he had a big impact in october day before the election he announced the fbi was reopening the e-mails into hillary clinton, two weeks ago, the dow dropped 300 points, he had a series of notes detailing as pressure from trump to drop his investigation of former national security advisers michael flynn and his ties to russia. the market basically paused today as we await the testimony. so is this the calm before the comey? could this event bring volatility back to the markets? >> i don't think so. if you look at that chart closely, you will see within a day or two the mark recovered to all new highs. right. i think what the mark is saying is, president trump is a political neophyte. whatever xhaents comments he made bass due to his lack of expertise, i think that's what
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the market is saying. if the market was concerned, the vix would be 15. financials would be under pressure. >> the point being is, if it were going to bring volatility the market would have done so already. >> i agree with that. this market has been almost bullet proof. i agree with kind of the eagerness or actions of the neophyte. whatever you want to call it. what's very clear is the market cares a lot about this guy being in office. this is without any political sentiment attached to my own views. it's very clear the market wants donald trump in office. donald trump so far has offered no green light on tax reform. no green light on how to get fiscal policy through. tomorrow based upon this testimony, this testimony was benign. it's the qq & a to open up, is there going to be a bipartisan issue. there is no question there is
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rancor that will push this to the hill. >> it's the q & a. eamon said earlier, donald trump will probably tweet. if that happens, sit back, get some popcorn, a part of me hopes for that for the entertainment value. then you wake up and ragize it's real life. >> plenty of pause, volatility to the down side, could it be volatility to the upside? to tim's point the testimony didn't reveal any bomb shell t. market versus is this slightly higher here. and if it is true the markets want trump in office, then i think there could be volatility. >> i tell you, the interesting thing is the true volatility in the mark the vix, itself, there is actually a premium build i built into this. regardless of the fact as low as it is, it is probably three point lower in terms of real volatility in the market right
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now. we are probably closer to a 6 or 7 we are getting day in, day out. i have been looking at this. i continue do think this is one of the biggest catalysts since we get through the earning season. i think we will get a dramatic move one way or another. people are looking at this. this will be a sign of the trump agenda. >> up or down? >> i am incredibly bullish right now. i have a tremendous amount that need it to be bullish hand the bearish. >> aren't you concerned put ratios? >> the reason i say that is, everybody always says --? c'mon. >> i want to extoll this once and for all. what if they're buying the puts and selling the calls? what if it's 2:1? so far you can tell by the volatility. we seen pressure coming down, vol estimate has come down. even though i say it's inflated
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and other catalysts out there, including europe an north korea and everything else. >> we have talked about the stockmarket being eerily calm. on the back of the testimony tomorrow the q & a sex, what are some of the other active classes you think could be action. >> think about the movement energy you saw today. think about what we talked about the last five minutes. if you said energy will be down 5 morris. we have this comey testimony. handles were up three handles on the day. if the market can rally, it leads me to believe to pete's point, we're still going higher, what do i think we move tomorrow? the financials, i said it against $23 is an interesting trade. i do think there is still some upside in health care. we have talked about names that have been pretty incredible over the next couple months, netflix. tesla, mcdonald's. there is a list right there. >> look at bonds, i know they've moved a fair amount, interest rates, ten-year rates or tlt.
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still it's a six-month trading range. so it's creeping a little bit higher. if you get benign testimony, no comments from the white house t. markets start flipping higher. i would look for bonds, bond yields to be going much higher. >> i'll tell you real quick, i added xlf, the reason, there was a monster trade, 100,000 calls, that's somebody that thinks this market is headed in the direction you are talking about. >> as wall street waits with baited breath ahead of james comey's testimony. one says it is time to make a strategic change in your portfolio. keith, it's always good to see you. >> thank you. >> what is is this tremendous change you recommend investors make. >> so as we have been discussing, there has been a tremendous rotation within the s&p where the top ten stocks have contributed almost 50% to the move year-to-date. we haven't seen that since 1999. and so the spreads that you are
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seeing, relative valuation between value and growth went from value, very expensive to start the year. >> that growth is pretty expensive. so we have been recommending to rotate selectively out of growth into value, where i think comey's testimony today -- tomorrow is a key catalyst for that rotation in rates in the tax trade that has really driven a lot within the market. >> so when you say value, does that necessarily mean you are remming to move into the cyclical areas of the stockmarket that have not necessarily been working. you can take industrials, for instance, ones more levered to the economy. >> we have seen a three-phase rally where post-election those value stocks, like industrials, financials, really moch. they have been flat to modestly lower year-to-date. i think investors are asking, do you buy the catch-up trade or argue that you go back to 1999 to get that. >> i would agree a lot of this has been about positioning. i can also make an argue the
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comey trade the catalyst tomorrow. comey wasn't an issue until may 10th. in terms of what's been stalling this mark. we didn't have comey in the way for six weeks and we did nothing. >> i think it's one step in the change of a narrative. so if you rewind to the beginning of the year, it was very much an economy that's in recovery and a potential for pro cyclical tax cut. >> that narrative has turned into tax cuts maybe next year, pushing out fiscal expectations. i think that's really impacted both the rates trade and the underlying cyclical trade. why? because value stocks have higher tax rates. >> so is that the only reason, though? it seems to me, everybody can look at this and say, okay, great this massive spread, there seems to be value in value. what else is holding it down? if we get the political out of the way, anything else out there is a conundrum to me. >> i think one is the political. physical expectations two, is we
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have seen moderation in the data of pricing out of fedex picturations a little further out a. reset in fedex picturations, i think if you get the narrative being the economy is okay, we still have that chance for fiscal and the fomc meeting next week, i think that starts to clang the narrative a bit at the reiterates at the bottom of the scan? keith parker, what did you think? >> well spoep. i think pete's on board, tim is as well. i think untils out of all the value stocks were sectors, i think financials have to be at the top of that lest. i think you have a fine risk reward, close at 23.5. >> can i ask you this? >> are we setting up gary, would you rather? >> oh, no, interpretive tomorrow's events. >> an interpretive arm. >> kind of, in a way. i will give you an ink blot.
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>> that rorschack. >> if they're in this bombshells, does that mean the financials and trump-related trades go higher if the inverse were to happen, too? it seems like there is mounting evidence an obstruction of justice charge that could be drummed up, those trades will go lower? >> that's simple. i think there is maybe a 5% chance of the latter happening. if that were to happen tomorrow, we would have -- i this i the surprise fade is continuing to the upside. >> keith brings up a really good point. first of all, value needs growth. ultimately the world needs a better place. these are things that are well positioned. i mean fedex, cyclicals, airlines, they're trading cheap to the s&p. those are trades that make a lot of sense in this environment. >> i think the best is value with growth. when i say value with growth. what does that mean? it means technology, microsoft, oracle. >> how is that valued? >> do you think it's realized
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right now? >> i don't think it's a cheap stock, they got growth. if you look at what they're doing in the rotation of where they're coming going into the software and into the cloud, i think you look at that time growth and say, you know what, this thing shouldn't be valued where it is now, it's like apple, eb says, yes, a lot of the revenue is coming from the phone. where is the growth aspect. when you look at valuation, these technology stocks, how about a western digital? it's single digits. >> i agree with what you are saying. what you are saying is on the supply side economic theory of tech stocks. we think they are growing into these sectors. microsoft is executed. no question. it's a stock i own. to say the value here is a tough -- >> i still think it's value. i think you have to understand at what value? are you looking at it on the present value of the way everybody is looking at it or ahead. you always want to look at the market ahead, learn from behind and look ahead.
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>> so i do think the untils are the pivot point here, because we have bond yield at the bottom of the channel, there is spring in those. i would look at the regional banks, kre. think of the other side, if you talk multinationals, they're apple. you get higher yield, you likely will get a higher dollar. >> that can be a storm tracker 2000 on some of these bicker tech stocks, that's why i want to look external to the u.s. >> coming up, the worst day in three months, the traders are digging around for opportunities to buy. they'll give you the name. shake shack shares down 61% from their highs. they'll take a bite. later, bitcoin surging. it is taking one stock along with it. we will tell did you name and how can you get in on this rally later this hour. much more "fast money" still ahead.
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>> how did that ever happen? >> talk about people that were fired up and acting like they're at the stanley cup finals. i didn't feel the excitement. i get where it's going. the growth is unbelievable t. margin is why they are trading in multiples. there are places you buy these like a game stop. what do you want to do? i think act vision ultimately the place, you are getting a multiple. this is what it gets into. what do you want to pay for these games? i think they go higher. >> we saw best buy, gaming. >> that nintendo. >> yeah, exactly, that thing. >> you are scared i knew that, right? >> electronic arts is where i would go, 2 times forward earningsish. maybe that's expensive. i don't think it is, so i think tim is probably right, act vision, can you tell you something, go back a couple years ago, which one -- >> they'll bottom like this one.
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>> i don't think it's stopping any time soon. >> what are you doing with your money? >> would bk vector sector at all? >> that chart looks okay. but the bitcoin looks -- >> oh. >> i could pull the charts. >> it looks intense. >> you can pull off a chart. >> the copy is used in this. you'd find you have a lot of money to be made. >> you have to look. >> in competitive gailing. we joke about it on our desk, it's not the but the reality is. this is a fast and accelerating growth industry that we might not want to accept it, $91 billion. i think the activisions of the world, when you look at the franchises, pretty dam expressive. >> you can make the argue, there is no question, and by the way,
5:21 pm
the major networks are picking up on this and showing it. they're getting it. >> for fast gaming to fast food. shake shack balancing back. now up 23% from its match lows. the ceo explains why his company sold growth stock despite flat same store sales predictions for the year in many of it locations. >> few look at it, our growth last year wars over 40% revenue growth. >> that would not be characterized as slow, certainly seeking another number about 350 plus million this year it las truly just gotten started. if ever there was a company with a lot of legs out there. we think we can be 50 in this country alone. >> specifically the question, how are you priced at a 79 current p.e.? when you have stores that are opened at least two years showing flat sales. in other words, do they have to keep. >> is it negative traffic? >> do they have to keep opening stores no order to prop up
5:22 pm
growth? does that warrant the price? >> i do not think so. i think there are so many other opportunities out there whether you want to look at yum or as high priced as mcdonald's would be, i think there are james i names you'd want to be in, the only reason that revenue growth is so strong, they keep opening stores. at one point in time do they finally say, traffic is declining, what kind of renew do we have? >> everybody and his brother is opening another burger shop. they have unbelievable amount of competition. usually in the restaurant space you can count on this store growth to big the big trends. here everybody else is opening shop. you look at shack shake 30 to $40 for basically the last year. i think this is traffic. >> i think names like mcdonald's and starbucks are getting to all time highs. their platforms are almost getting the benefit of what wal-mart is doing, actually, it's disrupting amazon. in other words, mcdonald as is
5:23 pm
going high-tech. they're getting into pressure foods. you seen the same thing for starbucks. they have multiplg consumer channels to draw from. i would much better be in that place. >> carter braxton was there yesterday. wasn't he there yesterday? he said he'd sell mcdonald's. >> he is wrong on that one. >> i think it goes there, it's 152 an change. to his point, shake shack has been trading between 30 and $40 since the beginning. >> two years. >> of 2016, the upper end of the range. they can build all the shake shacks they want. if you build it, they might not necessarily show up. it works in the mall of america and in time's square, noen i don't know if it's work income des moines. >> that almost was a bit of a tongue twister. >> still ahead, one stock
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a used car,
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welcome back to "fast money". we are live at the nasdaq market. here's what's coming up in the second half of the show t. bitcoin boom sending shares of one bitcoin surging 15% this week. we will give you the flame
5:30 pm
around how to play it. sports games are through the roof. we'll tell you which media stocks could be the big winners an losers. we start off with crude oil falling to 5% the lowest levels in a month. >> reporter: well, crude having its worst day in three months, finishing the session at $45 point 72, closer to the low -- $45.72. closer to the lower end. a report showing the gasoline demand is not as strong as its usually is there time of year. meantime, deeper inside that report, u.s. production fell slightly weak on week but for the year, still up half a million barrels a day. so consider all these things towing, domestic production, demand. they're just a piece of the story. the other aspect is opec. new estimates from the eia showing the cartel's output rose in may. a small gap, they're supposed to be cutting, right? of course, this is what some of
5:31 pm
the experts have feared, this opec cheating factor. longer term it can be an issue. where do we go from here? traders think 42 is even its stop. >> thank you, jackie deangelis at the commodity desk. let's look at how oil slid past stocks t. oil refiners ended the day unchanged. it was around a percent or. so the integrated oil dipped around 1%. so with oil well below 50 and as she saidson some traders anticipating a drop to 42. >> the play all year has been to buy oil down at these levels the die namic you have, buy oil, they haven't done as well. but have you this dynamic where saudi arabia still has the saudi aramco ipo, that will be coming next year. they still have an incentive to keep things let's call it above $40. every time we get down that level, maybe it breaks this
5:32 pm
time. maybe what's going on in the middle east is difficult. i still think until proven otherwise, you buy these things. >> i think in the large cap integrated names, you go for the best balance sheets and the guys letting you know where and giving you projections, that's eog and pioneer. they're doing it with cash flow commensurate with $45 to $55 low. which is what these guys are doing. i agree, this is a move up or down over the last year. these are tradeable ranges, you should staid trade this to the upside. >> you are looking, we see a lift, this is a basing area right now in the price of oil. i like the beta mix, for instance in the services area, a smaller name like weatherford as opposed to the big boys, i think you will get a little more bang for your buck. >> obx, pete can speak to this, $35 is where it broke down from 18th months ago, we're right there now. a up canle weeks ago we said
5:33 pm
slum berge maybe slower, it's $65 bucks, that actually tests the level we saw at the beginning of 2016. so slumberge is not as expensive as it was, obviously, if it holds 65. >> i like it. >> well, it could be hot side. >> speaking of energy, marathon is making a low. one trader is makesing a bet. mike ko is over at the flaz za to break it all down. >> reporter: if you are looking to the leverage on the upside potentially for a bounce, the e & p space may be a place to look. marathon oil, has had a tough year so far. we saw it average the double call volume by mid-day. that was a result of a july 7th 13 call, that's a bet that this there go up by about 10% in 30 days. you know, 33% of the stock price to make a bet of that size normally wouldn't be that wise, this one was down 57 krepts
5:34 pm
today. so it could recover that quickly. >> i know you saw that action, pete. >> i did. i think the interesting thing is wrong the derivative market is the way to play these. without having to put up as much capital and getting a lot more leverage, if they're right, they have a lot better chances going to the upside and they really will profit from that, a lot different than being the stockmarket, itself. the options market is the place to be. >> thanks for that, mike ko, for more "options action," check out the full show eastern time here on cnbc. still ahead, it is the one stock that surged 15% in the last three days, thanks to none other than bitcoin. plus, text guru says the next frontier for investing is upon us. he will be here to tell us what that is and how to invest your money when fast money return"fa.
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welcome back to "fast money". advanced micro, is soaring this week alone. bk is our residents bitcoin expert, so we have to go to him. is this another way to cash in? >> disanother way to cash in.
5:38 pm
so you can cash in one way by money. people i talk to can't get their hands on these chips. last year this time about a million dollars a day was being made in bitcoin mining. now it's up to almost $7 million a day, a seven-fold increase since last year. i do think it's a bitcoin proxy from a sense right now. >> that will likely continue. >> those are the only guys making this clip? >> for the particular by 100 series. it launched in april. it sold out. that's crazy, launched in april, sold out. andy is making a new like of macs, sort of getting a double dip. >> the whole consolidation in the mna space, you look at valuations across the board, yes, there are a couple that are extreme. most trading in a pleasant valuation left it's got growth. >> valuation level. >> it's not one. bitcoin is soaring, look at paypal, look at old faxed
5:39 pm
electronic payments our all time ride, that's the name to look at. >> you got to give kudos to leiutenant dan on paypal. we income him all the time, say he's debbie downer but he has been spot on on that one. digital currency is one way to invest in the future. we are joined by the xprize foundation. bob, take it away. >> reporter: mellissa, a well-known figure here, peter diamon, human longevity, ininc., planettary resources, a good friend of elon musk, thank you very much for joining me. >> thank you very much. >> >> reporter: there are two things you keep talking to me about every time from an investment point of view that excites you, up vesting in space and investing in human longevity. how do we do it? what's it about? >> ply belief is those are trillion dollar markets, think
5:40 pm
of everything that held a value on earth, metals, real estate, you see spacex doing amazing work, jeff bezos, my company planetary earth going tout to asteroids, that i are trillion dollar aztecs in fuel, metals, building materials used in space to fuel our economy. >> reporter: how far advanced is that? where is this technology? mining asteroids? >> we have built three sprais spacecraft this year t. government of luxembourg came in as our largest investor. they put aside $250 million to fund this area and support it. i think our first asteroid mission is a 2021 mission for a 2021 rendezvous. >> reporter: with an asteroid? >> with an asteroid, under obama if 2015, they passed a law to allow companies to own these resources. they are million dollar
5:41 pm
industries. the other side is longevity. you can't take it with you still. there are trillions of dollars locked up in people who, if you said i can give you an extra 30 or 40 healthy years of life, would pay that. so i have two companies in an area, human longevity i co-founded with the largest genome secrecy in the world. and we are starting out in the stem kel area cellulari. >> that came out of celgene. >> an amazing cancer company. it was spinning that out to focus on stem cells for regenerative medicine. another are using stem cells to regrow part of the lungs and kidneys. in the future, if you have a heart attack or a lungs or liver, you will regrow a set of organ, i'm talking about you are not this year, in 20 years, that's decades, these technologies are coming online.
5:42 pm
>> an amazing person knife therapeutics. >> reporter: people get excited within they har you talk. one of the problems is they say how do we invest alongside with you in the future, some of this of course is not publicly traded. is there a way to do that? >> i started a bold partner capitals, we are investing in exponential technology that impacts billions of problems. a lot of opportunities, if people are interested i talk about where i am investing my capitals and where they are. >> reporter: you are an investor, what are you putting your money in right now publicly traded? >> it's interesting, there are a few giants that will remain giants, google, google is going to continue to grow extraordinarily. amazon, both these companies are not turning back. i don't think they're disruptive. they have network effects, they're 56ary leaders, they're
5:43 pm
data driven companies, they're rapidly expanding. tesla is an amazing energy company, 8,000 times more energy hitting the surface from the earth from the sun as a species. we will be transforming our energy economy as well as economist cars, transport the transportation economy. and nvidia is amazing. we know all about them. it's a bread and butter on this show. you said something interesting, google and amazon are so big you don't think they can be disrupted? that's an extraordinary statement from a man that developed disruptive technologies. >> i think these companies are growing at a rate and experimenting on the margin so rapidly, there is so much data they are able to mine an learn, they are doing quantity umm computing and neural networks, it's hard for me to believe someone can ever catch up. >> reporter: we got to go.
5:44 pm
we have elon musk sounding the warning of ai, being an issue, he's a good friend of yours. >> he is, i think ai is the most important takenology created. the tool that will allow to us solve our biggest problem. a problem this week is called ai for goodment -- good. ai is something i blog about every week, for me it will help solve our problems. >> reporter: peter diamandis. we're at the singularity conference with peter diamandis. >> thanks to you, thanks to peter as well. a number of publicly traded companies to choose from here. in terms of amazon and alphabet, what he said was very interesting, they're so far ahead, such the resources, exactly, it will be difficult to catch up with him. >> you look at both those companies, specifically for me, i look at google. when you look at the dominance
5:45 pm
that they have right now, it's absolutely incredible in the search space. then you add on on the of that youtube and you add on top of that the google play and on top of that cloud. google a massive behemoth that i would be -- >> well, there you go. >> i'm talking long term. >> me too. >> rat pack google visit. digital currencies, web 3.0 which is a decentralized web is not being built with goingle server. >> that is their entire business. if you distribute what google is doing right now, they are missing it. so i disagree with you on the long term. it can't be disrupted. it already is. >> i can't understand what you said. google trades at 18th times with all these growth factors with all these levers, there is no question that google. we brought celgene for the human longevity guys. >> you look at me? >> i lost my train of thought for a second.
5:46 pm
ultimately, this stock has done nothing for two years for a company that really openly is seen in the multi-myeloma or the core leaders, this stock has been dead money for the last two yearsful i don't think people are putting a lot of faith in that future. >> i saw that movie where we landed on a asteroid. it didn't work out for bruce will lit. maybe it will work out for mr. diamandis. you did a great interview two years ago, with marteen. >> back there. >> throwing that out there. you look at this stock having a rough year, it's a $170 stock. uthr is a symbol. not a big valuation against $120 risk reward for me. >> coming up, sports ratings soaring in the last week take center stage. it could mean big things for disney which hovered at 2017 lows. we'll explain. new data shows app downloads are on the decline. we will tell you how worried investors should be.
5:47 pm
we are watching "fast money" on cnbc first in business world wide.
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>> welcome back to fast point. check out shares of snap signifiesing after new da to shows downloads are plummeting
5:50 pm
22% in the first two months, so should investors be worried? guy adami? >> nay should be worried. we fancied it about a number of times. it bounced in a enmeaningful way. now you've seen some downgrades by under writers, doesn't bode well for the stock. this lockup he is talking ability coming up. i don't know what will happen there, there is a chance a lot of stock is hold, it won't hold 17 the next time around, now is a no touch in snapchat. >> 80% of the shares are standing eligible in july. >> that means all the shares will be sold. >> absolutely not. you would imagine a lot of people will cash out. then you lose that intellectual property when they do go sell out. they are competing against facebook in every different way that comes about and zuckerberg has a vendetta, it seems like. >> and add into that, now the
5:51 pm
largest initial investors who just after the ipo said we'll step back in at 19 valuation level, those type of things, completely change games, i don't think those buyers will be there at these levels. but it will ultimately, once those shares come out, bk will be looking to fix them. >> people talk about a valuation on this. people talk about a level of stock. i get where you are coming from, guys. we we heard a lot of high profile investors say at 19 bucks i'm coming back in, it means nothing to me. ultimately when people struggle with growth, it's not living up to peers that are behind them. >> so these guys, if an under writer is going to come out and downgrade the stock, you question what the valuation was to gin with. from snap to sports, forget about concerns over costs in the fl ratings dip last fall, sports ratings are on fire now. julia boorstin is in los angeles with the story. >> so the nba and nhl finals have drawn massive numbers, which means a big win for abc
5:52 pm
and nbc, now despite the first two games in the nba finals, readings run on average 4% from last year, making them the most watched games since michael jordan's final championship in 19iation. abc has seen a ratings effect, "jim my kimmel" live, it's following the first game in the series. abc and espn which streams the game on its apps, streams them with incremental revenue, the finals continue beyond that. fdr analyst tells us the tv network companies are always happy when they get a premier sporting events and the ratings are strong. but crockett points out, though, disney is up against some tough comparisons to last year when the series stretched to seven games. the total digital and tv audience for the stanley cup finals is up about 24% from a year ago, with i is a big win
5:53 pm
for nba and its cable nbc sports network and streaming of game for alone on monday was up 66% over last year. now this rating surge comes after a decline in viewership for the regular season nfl games last fall, which raises concerns that interest in live sports could be in decline. just last week, we heard from via com and cbs vice chair sherry red zone, she said the nfl got too confusing last year being spread out on too many networks. nfl has talked about making changes to the gym to make them more appealing. you will see what is in stores this fall and how viewers react. >> you mentioned some are choosing to watch by streaming. so are those viewers less profitable, therefore you see more people watching sports, maybe it doesn't really translate for the companies? >> well, it's interesting, because those and nbc and nbc
5:54 pm
sports were a combination of digital and traditional viewing. it's very common for a company like nbc's parent company to sell in a package. there is a cross pack with both digital and traditional. so i think that they're definitely monetizing those initial viewers. they're making sure there are ads in there. in the case of people who want nba on espn, those are authenticated viewers, they're logging in to access that espn app. so they're making sure they're generating revenue for them. whether or not it's as much revenue in term of the ad dollars, for espn, they are making sure they have that prescription. >> julia, thank you. zbierks i will go to you, you pointed out disney is close to lows today. >> it hasn't been trading well since last earnings period. people talk about valuation. the espn thing is probably overblown t. question is do you step in here or wait for it to move in more. let me point this out quickly,
5:55 pm
nba finals, i'm sure these two games did great. the nba players were an ab jek disaster. oh, it was the games were awful. uncompetitive. every seroris was basically a blowout. everybody has been waiting for the finals. >> stanley cup is compelling hockey, mel. >> they've doubled their viewer viewers. >> i think sometimes you overread this whole thing in terms of espn on the disney factor. >> that is fantastic. if this thing can extend out to at least past just four games, right now, it looks like it's four games, then it's not going to prepare last year where they were able to get those games in. but i think it is overplane to say the people are not watching sports anylonger. if they are, they're doing it in so many different ways.
5:56 pm
digitally. >> i think that's the key, though, there is a number in there that said something about 66% growth on the streaming part of it. that's where the growth is. so what stocks out there are platforms you can stream on. can you get a lot of information on it, twitter, they're finally getting it. they're streaming this thing, you can watch tv on em. that's what i like. >> also this thing that i they're not going to be there, major league baseball. these guys, espn over the top, they're going to be just fine. >> up next, tim and guy are doubling down on the transports the final trades when we come right back. ♪ ♪ here's to breaking more glass ceilings. in golf and everywhere else. ♪
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if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. final trade tile, pete. >> you know the solar zrirk everybody seems overblown, nobody seems as to want to touch the various names. first solar will get you done. >> we have a phrase value growth, absolutely, fedex is one of those names, 16 times the sector, the real thing. >> bk. >> all right. sometimes bk is wrong, he likes to have two reasons to buy a stock, amd, a regular stock with a bitcoin kick. >> a lot of leverage there. >> what are you talking about, all this comey stuff, we haven't
6:00 pm
we heard that in a while. who is that good for? >> i don't know. >> anybody? >> mexico. who has -- kansas city southern. choo-choo. >> i'm melissa lee, thank you for watching, for more 5:00 for more mad money. meanwhile mad money with jim cramer starts right now. >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer, welcome to mad money, welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain you but educate you and teach you so call me at 12-800-743-cnbc or tweet m me @jimcramer. after a nice day dow gained and nasdaq advanced


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