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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> monsanto can only bode well. >> look at that. boeing will get you done, mel. tc i'm mellissa lee, thanks for wahing, see r my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. look, i get it, you want to stay away from tech i hear you, i get it you don't want to be part of the mob that owns nothing but the
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facebook, the amazon, the netflix and google, now alphabet i get that, too. they're what's called a crowded trade meaning anyone who's anyone seems to own them, right? on a day where the averages meander with the dow dipping 15 points, s&p backsliding 1.2% and the tech domain that is the nasdaq declining for 4.7%, you know what, it might be worth remembering why we used to like tech in the first place and why despite what you see and hear maybe you shouldn't give up on it so easily as so many are doing right now. let me give you some context despite the fact that so many people are worried about the valuations of technology stocks -- >> the house of pain -- >> you need to look at what else is out there to see why tech is maybe a little more special than you think. why don't we start with nike
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i love the company that's nike i shot clock shoe dog, the autobiography of the person who founded nike is unbelievable it's an unbelievable story how a little company from the great state of oregon took on all the big guys and through sheer grit and ingenuity won, it vanquished everyone in its path along the way a new competitor came up to compete on price, a price of endorsements, under armour that seemed to spend like amazon and take a share. somehow adidas came roaring back to life reincarnated with a stan smith shoe most people probably don't know smith was a legendary tennis player and the sneaker business became crowded and cutthroat nike was so well run it didn't matter its expansion in china was so flawless it kept chugging along. you know me i preach buying home
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work the home work in the last few quarters showed nike lost its edge in the united states. today, nike announced layoffs, something shocking when i saw the news on "squawk on the street" here what's the story the lean and mean nike was now neither? entire possible. the 2% reduction of staff of 70,000 isn't much but a recognition even the best in air payroll are now stumbling. nike stocks so great for so long has now become a sad chronic under-performer. how about kroger here's the best in supermarkets, best by far. today, reported the company slashed its forecast gigantically announcing the competition will force them to do anything they can which says on price, that means the razor thin margins got that much thinner. there was a time these guys were
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about as reliable as a company could be you could set your watch now, kroger stock is too prone to downside shocks to understand kroger, kroger, down 18.8% today. then there's new corps -- nucor. when we speak of two companies we speak of nucor and everyone else it is the best managed the company has been the best on the show for years and hope it stays that way i even have an nucor shirt i wore this weekend but my wife said it made me look like i shrunk a couple sizes. probably true. today, they pre-announced a weaker than expected quarter from the sounds it just started. i know them as a true under-promise and over-deliver
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company. i hope when it talks about the hot environment it's from the trading partners, chinese and koreans and who maybe our embattled president will do something about it nucor could become a big winner if president trump could become more like candidate trump for more than just coal and it could be a new infrastructure if we could see our way for a belief like that. seems unlikely now, it's so cheap it's ridiculous it can go down again tomorrow. it was a shortfall from the best of the best and it stung on any given day we will have short falls in this market we have stories that resonate negatively and like falling off a cliff. stories of brutal price cut ing the malls and lower numbers in the department stores. we have a shortfall on the almost always reliable cheesecake factory the other day. i know it seems like a place you need to book a cool sculpt
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sessions immediately after, it's doing better than reported the staying home eater seems to be going there less and less and i don't think things will be any better with a shortened nba final. you know what? you know where those short stalls don't seem to be coming from at least not yet, tech, the underlying tide of innovation is lifting all tech boats we know the stocks have gotten a bad name of late, i don't mean fang which i'm sick of hearing even though i invented it or other acronyms others have tried to create not as good as fang he said in a moment of pure conceit. i have to say the one thing tech is delivering on, the thing that matters the most, the numbers. today, there was a pee-wee downgrade of alphabet.
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i call it a pee-wee downgrade because i thought it was a little bush league sure, it has questions whether the margin could come up i would say it comes to stretched valuations however, a company growing at 18%, is it expensive for a small premium if you say clorox or coca-cola. if you run a hedge fund you must be able to make some money short the stock at the opening mid-atlantic day maybe bring some in and play it again the next day maybe someone else does a pee-wee downgrade tomorrow and gives you a chance for quick trade. if stock market sentiment continues, nike and kroger used to give us at a very inexpensive price. is alphabet a bargain? yes. if it can deliver on the numbers in 2018 and 2019 i feel the same way about facebook and apple i spent time with d.j. on the
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floor of the exchange, one of the best times i ever had in years down there we discussed the major keys to success and happiness. d.j., two of them involve broadcasting the word out via not his cell phone in some method, it was apple and instagram. he does like snap. a lot coming due in august 900 shares be careful apple and instagram, we're talking about two companies riding so many different trends they're rivalled in their own right. and there's competition for one of nvidia's business lines ooh, scary no kidding mighty intel and competition during its heyday. it happens no matter, say what you think about them leaving the entire rest of the market in dust, it's at the heart of so many different hot trends bottom line, remember this, while tech has become a curse word of late, there's a reason
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why so many clamor for it and come back to it in the end earnings solid, raw, organic earnings, the type you don't get short falls from, the type you get upside surprises from. that's why unlike what seems to be the majority of my compadre, i'm not abandoning tech stocks the tech sector may not be the only game in town, heaven forbid at least i know how to play it why don't we go to charles in florida. >> caller: hey, cramer, charles from miami, florida. >> how are you doing >> caller: not too bad i have a question about ferrari, race, i'm thinking of holding it long term. >> i even got a red jacket my wife told me i look ridiculous in it but it was a couple sizes too small we did the research in the 50s and said this is a great story
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let's stick with florida go to jorge or george in florida. george >> caller: hey, jim, jorge from beautiful miami. boo-ya, me and my dad are fans of you and the show. >> yes, yes! >> caller: i bought mgm at 26 a few months ago, stock still looks cheap to me at $32, should i find more shares >> was it mgm or mgm properties that boosted today nice boost i think you're great no need to buy more. it's at 32 we wanted you to buy it when it broke down with the harvard at the casino $32, like when someone in china has a cold or sneeze, get it at $31, pick some up. tech, one, two, one, two there's a reason these stocks are owned and a reason everybody
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else shouldn't abandon them. they know how to play the game "mad money" tonight. what the heck is happening with rent ascenter? is it just renting profits i will give it my take then, cleanup on aisle 6 you just heard me talk about kroger's fall today. what other could be the victim of the stock market surge. i suggest you stick with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to whoooo.
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a used car, hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. when a small cap stork that has been punished for ages finally starts to rebound, we have to ask ourselves if we're dealing with an again turn around you know we love at "mad
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money" or if it's merely a dead cat bounce which is it? one could be fabulous. the other could be terrible. take rent ascenter jraci they sell people durable goods and furniture and accessories on a rent to own basis. if you don't have cash to pay up front and don't have good enough credit to get a loan, you can buy rent a center's merchandise and pay overtime if you start missing payments they can repossess it. but if you're in dire straits and need a pc or laundry machine you can see the appeal it is down 70% from its all time high right now it's up 8% and rallied
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from its 52-week low back in january. could this be a sustainable investable move or are we still dealing with a company whose stock came down too far too fast they have 70 locations across north america and they have given us reason to believe things could be on the 34e7bd. the founder recently returned to his role as ceo and actors pushing for changes and they're shaking up the board of director and plus the company has made operational changes. first, you need to get your head around what went wrong after generating pretty steady revenue growth for years, it was one of the great growth stocks it saw a major growth from 2013 to 2015. it reported lousy growth at christmas time when the others make the most money.
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one day they reported a decline by nearly 10%, same-store sales by 6.2%. the earnings per share fell apart, down 62%, ouch! however, rent a center's chronic performance attracted the attention of active investors who think it's undervalued and taking a more hands on approach meaning the execution was terrible a firm called engage capital perfect name, don't you think, came in and took a 4% stake in rent a center and they did even more buying taking a position of up to 17% of the company what are the guys that engage trying to accomplish starting in september the firm contacted the founder to talk about value and strategic options which is code for putting the company up for sale.
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about a month ago they announced its ceomarc davis would resign immediately with spiece taking back the top job as part of the campaign the firm turned out a blistering letter to the shareholders. i got it, are you kidding me they let out the performance and accused management of dragging their feet they said they think the outright sale is the best option while gage argues it could turn around, they argue it would be better if it was taken private 1st. kind of like nordstrom given how much value they lost under the old regime they said they would nominate five new board candidates at the annual meeting because they believed the board had gotten steal. in late march rent a center hit
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back and got the poison pill plan to limit any shareholder from owning more than 15% of the company. in april they announced a strategic plan and things got quiet until the annual meeting last week. that's when another activist, marcotte capitol took a stake and reported and engaged sale if rent a center didn't get on board. they delivered ugly numbers from the company and declined by double digits. when the company reported in may the earnings were slightly better than feared and the stock rallied on the news and even as same-store sales declined. in short, business is not that great. for the most part the stock is rallying on the hope the activists can accomplish something. what about the strategic plan in april? it will entice in more customers
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while giving people better early payment options if they want to skip right from renting to owning however, the company still didn't provide guidance from 2017 and while they have longer term guidance from 2017 to 18, too many parts and risk management will drop the ball, which brings us to this annual meeting a week ago rent a center held its vote and engaged capital nominees all won elections including mark spiece's seat, which means he's no longer the chairman it would be very hard for rent a center to not consider a sale. here's what i always tell you, you hear something for sale, is that reason enough to buy a stock? the problem with rent a center is it fundamentals are still in
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decline. if you buy the stock here you're really doing is betting engaged and mercado can sell out this business i have a rule that i will never let you speculate on a sales situation when the fundamentals are deteriorating. i think that's this situation. they announced same-store sales 9.5% and far from what anyone considered good. granted the company has plan to turn things around given the activists, hard to have much confidence if you're thinking of piggybacking off the activists, keep in mind both stocks were at lower prices it's possible rent a center could turn itself around stock's been roaring also because of engaged capital and mer caddo is pushing for a sale. i think this is way too risky to buy the stock of a retailer with
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plummeting same-store sales based on the hope someone may take it private. i get why you speculate. to me, it's way too risky, don't own it, don't even rent it, there are better fish to fry much more "mad money" ahead, including a food fight could kroger's drop be the kiss of death to the rest of the industry sizing up the growsry biz. a new seven point low today, told you, see how it's surviving in an uncertain market do you stocks have what it takes to manage the unknowns in this market i'll be the judge, we haven't played diversified in weeks. we will do it tonight. so, how are things career-wise? they- you're fired! [ screaming ] it's time to get back on top. we're going back to villainy. ♪ so bad ♪ so good that i'm so bad...
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nucor. let it be dully noted after
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today, the grocery business has become no better than department stores as place to invest. that's right after the horrendous forecast cut by the largest supermarket chain in the country, kroger, one that drove the stock down almost 19% we have now officially come to one more uninvestable space in the retail business. now, i don't want to blame krog information its ills it's a fantastic company, the best at what it does i love shopping at their fried meyer stores they're clean and bright and offer fantastic values, particularly with their private label brands after listening to today's conference call, one can only conclude supermarkets are one gigantic race to the bottom and no one will come out unscathed, perhaps least of all kroger.
6:26 pm
there was a time kroger delivered consistent same-store sales that would lead the industry i got spoiled thinking it was impossible for them to do less than 4% comps. it fell by 2.2%. even that sounded like a bit of a victory given analysts were forecasting a 7% decline after that, the news was all bad. there was labor inflation and food deflation never good and investing shares going forward. and they used to be kwekt the dollar tree for the cincinnati masters, congratulations this was almost like a rebellion. over and over they were peppered with questions how they would defend walmart or amazon, not a single answer seemed to satisfy them at the end of the day we always assume this industry will get
6:27 pm
more competitive, quarter in year in and out. telling the unhappy group of analysts, i guess we're rarely disappointed with the result i think that's an understatement this supermarket -- the business has always had razor in the markets and then costco decided it would lose money at it and make it back on the membership fees and whole foods went after the higher market and walmart decided it would offer food and when both seemed off their games they rapidly realized there was only one way to compete, price and then the dollar stores taking advantage of customers with food stamps moved all swoob this segment and the two biggest drugstore chains, cvs and others
6:28 pm
decided they would lose out if they didn't get in the food game and now making inroads in food, too. last straw, two german outfits, audi and lidl have just declared open season on american grocery chains moving in to take on all comers and they, too, will compete on price how fitting congratulatory reported this when litl hit the beach in virginia and south carolina kroger will compete aggressively and exactly why even down here this stock is a tough one to own. sadly, i think kroger knows it there was a resigned nature to this conference call at the end, makes me feel like, you know what, guys, call me back when somebody blinks. right now, everyone is approaching groceries with eyes wide open. in the end the only winner is
6:29 pm
you the consumer to mark in nevada. mark >> caller: hi, jim sounds like you were just talking about kroger from what i could hear >> indeed, a bit of analysis of the kroger situation absolutely what's up? >> caller: i'm in michigan right now and a gallon of milk is 85 cents. >> that's all? >> caller: i'm calling on a retail stock i don't own afraid of the pain and curious what will happen to it, whether it go bankrupt or just disappear, sears holding corporation. >> the management is fighting for its life they have a lot of press releases they would say things are fabulous, basically, things are great, getting bet jer, don't worry about it, it's good, we're doing this, doing that they protest too much, i think, sir. stay away from it. >> to ryan >> caller: you say boo yah, we
6:30 pm
say ball, yeah shout-out to all the moneyballs on tigers lsu tigers on the way to omaha i bought 25 shares in this stock today and want to ask you if i should buy more. the ceo recently bought $300,000 worth and payout at 80%. i know it's retail but i want to know if macy's has hit a bottom. >> i puzzle over this everyday, sir, because kohl's has a better balance sheet. i know for a trade macy's is probably okay. my wife and i went to a bunch of them, said how could this be down to 22 and came away saying, i cannot stand those cheap plastic hangers, red signs every where, disorganization, dowdiness, no, i'm not going to macy's and i'm not going to recommend the stock. the mighty have fallen
6:31 pm
it seems the super markets are at a race to the bottom. kroger has the signs it's uninvestable out there and could an oil glut and services survive an uncertain market and i like it with the fed decisions to raise the second time in 2017, does your portfolio have the ability to thrive in this market or make it tonight's edition of the "lightening round," stick with cramer
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♪ we're drowning in information. where, in all of this, is the stuff that matters? the stakes are so high, your finances, your future. how do you solve this?
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. has the price of oil finally come down enough down enough today we can start picking at it? or is it too soon. they're in a tough spot. on one hand they benefit from the increase in production and the other time the world is awash in oil and servicers getting squeezed because many can't pay for the expertise at these levels we either need a dramatic unlikely surge in worldwide
6:36 pm
production it could be good for business. how do you handle the situation. an oil services company operates one of the largest fleets of land-based in the u.s. as well as having pressure pumping equipment. its stocks is down 30% for its highs, not unusual however the company hasn't been sitting on its hands in april patterson closed on the acquisition of its competitor of energy and they predicted up 13.5%. what do we make of this business going forward? let's talk to the chairman mr. segal, welcome to "mad money. good to see you, sir have a seat. >> thanks for having us on >> you're not sitting identically, doing what my friend, rusty brazil suggests. you're buying a competitor and therefore making your company
6:37 pm
better >> that's exactly right. we've done a number of transactions when the oil industry is pretty soft. >> the technology here, 77 energy, you had more super spec rigs everyone knows what super spec is, so tell us about the new drilling and why it's important. >> the super spec rigs we're proud to have a lot of them are capable of drilling the most complicated deepest wells, a mile deep and 2 miles wide hornetal that kind of well requires a special rig with all kinds of special capabilities we're one of the few companies that have a significant amount of them. they're pretty much spoken for 429 of these in the country and
6:38 pm
100% utilization currently people have to understand the baker rig count comes out and it's up and people say, wait a second, oil is not going anywhere >> tell us how many rigs you're using in the fourth quarter versus now >> we had 12 consecutive month of increases in rig count despite oil prices you say being a little bit soft. the people who produce oil in the mid-continent and basin figured out how to be economic in the new prices. for us, 50 is the new 80 we're kind of in a goldilocks position, between 45 and $55 for oil prices not so good for offshore, international but darned good for team in the on shore business >> we should talk about the
6:39 pm
other business, too, pressure pumping. we know if you put more sand in, things are better, you're in good shape in that business, too. >> that business is real good. the 77 acquisition allowed united states to go from a million horsepower to a million.5 horsepower and ranked us - >> that's important because you're drilling deep and wide? >> exactly why you need that horsepower to drive the sand through those 2 mile long laterals we have it and not everybody does >> people should no 77 energy was once affiliated with chesapeake that was going to be a big spin-off you managed to get it for a very low price. >> thank you for that. we do, too chesapeake decided to have their own service company. >> right >> they did that and spun it out as a separate company and put a significant amount of debt on
6:40 pm
it went into a curve and unable to handle its debt went into bankruptcy and we bought it just as it came out of bankruptcy >> despite the fact that your balance sheet is almost better than everybody else's in the business >> we think having a good balance sheet really counts, gives us to grow our business when there are opportunities when there are downturns >> your ceo said at the comps call you think the margins are bottoming. how is that possible >> we put more rigs to work typically prices go up we think that's a long term trend that will help us increase the prices at the new level. >> if 50 is the new 80, 50 is what we have to get used to. the forward curve in five years is to see 50
6:41 pm
it wouldn't surprise you to see 50 for some time >> no. if it's between 45 and 45 we will do just fine. >> that's what we're looking for, companies that do that and a lot of companies your clients andthere are some buys there i wish some people would recognize it mark is the chairman of pten made a lot of money in this downturn
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade it is time it is time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." >> and then the "lightening round" is ready. are you over, skee-daddy john >> caller: jim, booyah, thank you for all you do >> no problem. >> caller: i recently read a very positive article in barrons about goodyear tire and rubber >> i didn't really care for the quarter to be honest i think you're at the peak quarter. i think you should take profits,
6:45 pm
and shouldn't be a buyer eric in texas. how are you? >> caller: not bad, not bad. my question i have for you, i have invested in cresswood equity partners. >> from the looks of it -- this is another one that yields 11%, natural gas liquid gathering i would love to recommend it because of all the pain in the oil patch i will tell you, you can't because i think it could go down another three or four points hi, raj. >> reporter:ance ocean >> transocean, no, not a lot of deep water drilling, i can't have you in that stock transocean >> caller: i would like to have your opinion of the 3d systems
6:46 pm
operations >> no. i like another to jonathan. >> caller: hi, bubba, i'd like to know what it is on michael kors i think the combination of coach and kate spade is a total winner and makes me think kors is a total loser. to tarn in new jersey. >> caller: hi, this is tarn in new jersey, how are you? >> great how are you? >> caller: great thank you for taking my call i had a question on cloudera >> i have to tell you, i didn't think the quarter wasn't that bad. a lot of people were stunned at the guidance i thought they were being conservative and already at a 52-week low. i'm tempted. a lot of negative involved reminds me of '12 and '13 we
6:47 pm
stuck our hand in the oven and we made a souffle. to chuck >> caller: hello, cramer, i have it on authority this company will have much stronger margins when they report out tuesday but over the last two weeks they rallied a bit. what do you think about fedex call options >> i like it but i, too, am worried. i thought we're going right into the quarter and won't quit i like your strategy rob in connecticut rob. rob? >> caller: hey, jim, how's it going? >> going well. hour about you >> caller: doing really well i absolutely love your show. you give great investment advice to us. >> thank you >> caller: thank you i want to get your insight on vmware, mr. jim? >> i thought it was okay people didn't really like the quarter. i'd like to invite those guys
6:48 pm
back maybe i'm being too optimistic put it on hold for now to roy in california. >> caller: hi, jim i'm thinking about buying micron technologies >> they had a good quarter, the last good quarter. i think western digital with the practice where they just amazingly went for a restraining order. if they get it i think toshiba has no choice but to flip that huge flash business to western dig and the stock will go to 100. dominic in maryland, dominic >> caller: cramer, thanks, i started investing last week and got into pandora -- or sirius. >> good. pandora is a sell and sirius is a buy. sirius took advantage of its unbelievable balance sheet i think sirius is very good. it goes up and stalls, goes up
6:49 pm
and it stalls. that's where it is right now, i like it. to thomas in pennsylvania. >> caller: hi, jim one whiz booyah to you >> whiz whit boo yah >> caller: you bet my stock is lo gist sticgistics. >> it is a good company but i wish it would come down. that is the end of the "lightening round" hey gary, what are you doing? oh hey john, i'm connecting our brains so we can share our amazing trading knowledge. that's a great idea, but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades
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at the top of the show i talked about how even old standbys, nike, kroger can change the best way to protect against any kind of market shake-up is have a well diversified portfolio, not stuck in one stock great for a long time. that's why we always have and always will play in am i
6:53 pm
diversified in "mad money," where you tweet me or call send me a facebook message or instagram me tell me your top five holdings, i'll let you know if your portfolio is diversified enough or if you need to go back to the drawing board like snap does because it's at 17 let's start with the aforementioned tweet, trimming positions for dry powder i love everything i own. i love that. i have amazon, apple, cisco, epr properties trust and disney. what to do #m -- #am i diversified. disney we're taking a long term view not looking at the espn driftoff amazon we have a little fang action we think the world -- this is going to be very difficult my travel trust owns apple and cisco. we cannot trade apple because
6:54 pm
that's one of our core tenants what we have to do as much as we like amazon and cisco, we have to sell those and add unitedhealthcare and we will add on this side we are going to add illinois tool works, itw we get industrial, a healthcare, we get a tech, get an entertainment. those changes have to be made. some people say wait a second, cisco stayed more with a dividend but they still trade together in increments to nicholas in california. >> caller: jimbo, how are you? >> good, how are you >> caller: i got engaged today >> you got engaged >> caller: yes, sir. >> man, you've got horse sense >> caller: am i diversified. chipotle, oapl, go eat it while i watch netflix.
6:55 pm
-- and my wild card, gaiy. >> what do you do with intel you go to chipotle okay all right. let's look at this i like the personal use angle of things here. first, viewray is a cancer treatment -- cancer respective play i think that's an excellent spec, good to have one spec. intel semiconductors, brian sanders doing a good job we have netflix, entertainment chipotle is restaurant and the same thing with apple and intel. don't take this personally, intel has to go. you need an industrial that's what's doing well and instead of illinois tool works i will give you 3 m, because i want people to stay diversified. congratulations to you and best wishes to her. i'm polite my mom taught me that's the way to say it. mike in ohio, michael.
6:56 pm
>> caller: this is mike in ohio. my five stocks are b, g, c, p, oran, o-h-i, tep, wpz. am i diversified >> we have a ticker symbol guy there. bgc partners, okay we looked at those guys in real estate we have orange, oran, a really interesting company that's foreign and we have buzz omega investors, ohi wow, this is really interesting. these are complicated ones okay omega health -- this is the problem. i want this to be swapped for ventos than omega, the same area phone company. a real estate play, not bad,
6:57 pm
pepsi-co, doing a great job. williams, these companies are so down on their luck right now i want to buy all of them. that's a nice diversified portfolio. i want to swap out of omega. this natural gas gathering system, this will be a very hot business people are acting as if it's not, i think that's a mistake. i want to own it stick with cramer and congratulations to nick in california
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
i know nobody wants to hear anything positive about apple. but a company that does about 26% of its business with apple had a good quarter apple's in the doghouse along with the rest of them. it's an investment i call rational in the midst of irri s irrational i like to say there's always
7:00 pm
a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ whee! whee! my name is david mealy, and this is my wife dominique. "nique" for short. look at me! we live in tampa, florida, with our son austin, and we are expecting our little girl caroline in about two weeks. nique and i have been married for five years. i met her my very first weekend here in florida. i landed a job with actually two of the largest golf companies


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