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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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earnings >> knocks me down. it hurts you know >> talk b about health care, look at what nuance does and you tell me. there's a stock that's about to break out. >> thanks for wahitcng see you at make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you and teach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. we need to talk for a second about permanent warfare. i don't mean the war on the
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terror i'm referring to the endless battle that defines the stock market the bitter struggle between growth and value one faction of investors wants to buy something cheap in the hope it will blossom or get a takeover bid but the other faction is willing to pay up, up, up, as long as it can grow rapidly right now, growth is crushing value! hence, why the dow declined 57 points, the s&p back slid today, and the nasdaq advanced 0.47%. and this becomes even more pronounced when you look at how the individual sectors are doing. i've always felt a mix of growth and value is the right thing being diversified is the best way to protect yourself from moments when growth gets too overheated, and the stocks come plummeting back to earth right now, though, that
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philosophy, that diversified philosophy, has fallen dramatically out of favor. >> the house of pain >> these days, the moment you step out of the classic growth so you can buy down and out stocks that seem like they have less risk, you're taking your financial life into your hands this market is as furiously bifurcated as i've ever seen it. that's leading to some serious gains for the underdiversified growth guys. and some incredible losses [ crying ] for those that own even a smattering of value. these how toxic these low risk stocks have become what's behind this i'll let the stocks tell the story. i want to start with growth. what's happening with growth is very exciting. i did a bit of a rant this morning on "squawk on the street" about how there's just too much attention being paid to few stocks, to just invidia and
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amd. i've given my dog the last name of invidia and it's deserving the recognition. you don't want everest eating or sleeping with you. but i gave my dog the moniker not to mock a great company, but because the growth rally has become so broad it needs to be addressed, because there's so much to this rally than a handful of stocks and we have to start treating it that way it's the creator of f.a.n.g. i think i have a good read on what's hot and not as hot as those stocks are, let me tell you something, other than amazon, they don't hold a kabld toll t-- candle to other growth names like what?
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how about biotech, have you seen it since it became cheer that president trump has appointed big pharma's best friends to price regulations, the biotech stocks, they have been nothing short of extraordinary >> buy buy buy buy buy buy >> with pleasure >> high quality biotechs have been zooming own as the news flows. meanwhile, just get this one, in the last two months, regeneron has gone from 370 to 522 i would argue that information wouldn't have done much at all to boost the stock without this new, more positive backdrop that comes from a slower economy. it's not just biotech.
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j and j went from 122 to 135 over that same time frame. i think the main driver here is the rotation into the stocks of companies that do well when the economy is weak, or when there's deflation. and boy, is there deflation. it doesn't hurt that j and j is the ultimate stock to buy. workday, service now, and red app have exceeded all expectations, producing winner after winner, including oracle, which crushed the numbers this very evening cloud adoptions is going main stream the growth has been from many different regions. we thought cloud was finished years ago when mark used to come
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on and say -- hey, let me tell you something, it's phil murray's second inning almost any semi conductor enter fete of things, iot, whatever you want to call it, company connected with the cloud has been a winner. any company that benefits from the stay at home economy has been incredibly strong in other words, it almost doesn't matter which growth stock you buy because they all seem to go higher. it i have a new one, it's called buy in may an go away. when i am on next year at this time, i will string up anybody who says it, unless they say buy in may that's the new phrase. while these growth stocks have been fantastic, value has been horrifying with oil at $42 and threatening to go to $36, it's a true bear market it's hard to find a oil stock that hasn't fallen more than 20%. some of them are down 30%, 40%
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>> sell, sell, sell. >> it doesn't matter if natural gas has held up fabulously or if you're in a pipeline stock with little or no exposure, you've been obliterated those part er er inshpartnershi waste. the drillers, service companies, it's all a nightmare and oil is just the tip of the iceberg. retail ahhh it has been so hideous, i find it hard to look at my charitable trust owns some tj max. but the stock opened lower, a new 352-week low.
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and autos, the automakers, the auto parts stores, those stocks get pounded every day. snap on, this thing is hideous the auto oriented tool maker, you would have thought it was a horrific quarter from the stock reacted. snap-on should be buying back shares left and right, but all i hear is crickets it's no country for old value. what do we mean? if you want to be in value, you need mergers without big mergers, there's nothing to take these value stocks out of their misery so what happens? >> merger, merger.
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so what happens? look, we're nearing the end of the quarter, so listen up, friends. the patterns that do best at the end of the quarter are imprinted right now on these days. not in the last two days i suspect you're going to continue to see this brutal bifurcation, as oil looks like it could be headed to the 30s, taking out my $43 target the retailers remain under the spell of amazon, and the growth stocks just keep levitating unchecked. valuation parameters are ignored, growth remains supreme and cheap stocks get cheaper and more painful to own every day. maybe we'll get -- >> merger. >> but right now this market worships at the altar of growth and growth alone as the late mark cain always called me in the old days, i'm reverend jim bob in the church
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of what's working now and the answer is growth in any denomination john in texas, john. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. thanks for taking my call. >> no problema >> caller: and thank you for all the good info you continue to provide us amateurs. really enjoyed you on the morning squawk >> i think favor is coming back tomorrow what's up? >> caller: my question is on exxonmobil given the current environment with the oversupply of crude, and the push for renewables, what is your long and short term outho outlook on the stock, buy, sell, hold >> mr. t came up with the answer when he said his forecast was "pain. exxon is a very good company and oil can bounce i believe but i've got to tell you, the problem is this, oil is so -- if you don't get a light rig count number on friday, it will be
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another leg down in these stocks so i have no conviction. long-term it's worse alternative energy has gotten so cheap, all these company also have to diversify. right now, it's just pain. how about joe in new jersey. joe? >> caller: hello, cramer thank you for having me on it's an honor. >> all right >> caller: my question is on craft heinz. i've owned it for about 2 1/2 years. with amazon buying whole foods, how will that affect the food producers? >> they have to get together there has to be mergers, but it takes two to tango someone has to capitulate. i'm sure craft heinz wants to buy anything but the problem is they need a seller because they will not go hostile because they're involved with warren buffett. there's constantly a battle brewing, and now just right out in the open between growth and
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value. and growth remains supreme, whereas value. you've got it. a picture is worth a thousand. is it possible for me to be more animated? i don't think so i'm wondering if the answer isn't yes. i'll show you what i mean. with amd and invidia moving higher today, are you eyeing them i'll tell you why it's not a bad idea to curb your enthuse am and hold on to your hats i suggest you stick with -- >> merger. >> cramer! >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer. or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc
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my life that i have a particular quality. the word i've heard over and over is, animated. i've also heard that i should not be any more animated that i already am well, we put it to the test earlier today. i want you to take a look at what the magicians at red hot adobe have been up to. >> i'm looking at what i regard as the eighth wonder of the world. this is some sort of device where it's looking at me and it's mimicking me. this is not -- oh, my god, really >> we thought we would do this especially for you, jim. and it's new product on character animator, using artificial intelligence. what we are trying to do is recognize your gestures. it will track you in real time we've only done this for homer simpson, the presidential candidates and now for you
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because you're passionate and animated >> it's mimicking my eyes, my lips it's making me into a walt disney i can create my own drawings and my own movies. fabulous come on, amazing, isn't it let's get down to business some stocks do not know when to quit or how to quit. just look at the juggernaut that is adobe systems it's gotten really aggressive about embracing yes, you guessed it, the cloud. today it made a brand new all-time high. watchers of the show know i've been a big fan for ages. i own it for my charitable trust. the stock is up 40% year to date and based on the quarter adobe reported last night, it's got much more room to run. higher than expected revenue of 27% year over year this is a big company.
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as you saw this morning, i caught up with the terrific chairman and ceo of adobe systems. that was him talking about the drawings now you can see him talk about the company. this quarter had stunning growth you're not a small company 27% revenue growth it's like everything kicked in at once. how do you do it >> it's great to be back on your show here in new york. i think it's the two tail winds we've been talking about people want to create and businesses want to transform we're mission critical to both of them. we're driving tremendous innovation and executing >> but you're also offering at an income level that is extraordinary. your model is so good. you give a great bargain to your customers. the recurring revenue here $60 billion on the call. >> the record revenue was 86% in the quarter, which is nice but we're focused on the future.
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cash flow is great i don't think that many times that are growing top and bottom line the way we are. >> given the rate you're at, i couldn't find anyone with that high of growth it's also important to point out that you were someone who saw mobility you understand that profitability can be enhanced. that's something other than everyone else but facebook has failed at. how have you done that >> we're helping businesses transform. all of the attraction is helping on mobile. mobile is now 50% of the transactions so we figured out first how to deliver the great experiences on mobile devices on the creative side, we said to ourselves, creativity on mobile, it's not just consumption but creation how can phones be used to capture color? how can tablets be used to draw?
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using the right lens on our product development, that's how we do it >> for one very small fee, i'm not advertising your company, but you talked about the number of stocks you have >> a lot of people are terrified about the plank page you're trying to create something and through stock photograph photography, getting people started is really important and they'll get the benefit of what we do. >> what it tells me if i were a student now, i would be so much more advanced. you talked about this with president trump when you met him on monday. >> design and aesthetics have never been more important. i think as it relates to modernizing government, all businesses are transforming, so that the customer experiences front and center, there's no reason why the government shouldn't do the same. so the two issues, namely modernizing government and enhancing skills
6:21 pm
everybody talks about stem, that's important we talk about steam, because the art is going to be just as important. >> this artificial intelligence issue, i don't think people recognize what you can do in terms of animation, in terms of understanding what i want, and for the first time, what i want is on my screen. there's no intermediary. >> you know, a.i., the volume of data that we are tracking and enabling people to understand, that will help us be a better creative a marketer will be a better marketer and taking all of that data and ensuring we have the right business outcome it's something that adobe is uniquely positioned to do. we processed more than 100 trillion transactions. >> now, it felt also in this quarter that maybe we're far earlier in cloud adoption than
6:22 pm
we thought >> well, the u.s. cloud adoption has always been pretty good. we talked about how we're now getting more significant cloud adoption in countries like germany, in japan. the other thing for us is we can offer differential pricing in different countries. we just released creative cloud in china so when you think about the emerging markets, we can make it affordable and put it in their hands. >> will video be port snaablpore >> video grew 14.9%. everybody has cameras able to capture video. so the fact that it's taking off, it was a great show for us. >> now, it's going higher, not lower. you've been in business for a long time. people may not understand, these are things that are not supposed to happen. >> one of the things that we
6:23 pm
told the street when we started this transition, jim, we have different offerings. so looking at a blended average user across the offerings is not as important as in each of these offerings, we're continuing to add value and increasing the average revenue. somebody who comes in or acrobat or photo shop individual product is different from somebody who uses all the creative cloud applications but to your point, they're focused on delivering value across each of those, which we believe will drive higher average revenue. >> i often think because of your pricing, i view it as being democratic and there's a verb, photo shop, there are few verbs created by technology we know kleenex is generic it's a generic verb. did you ever think that would happen >> adobe is fortunate in that pdf is also part of the
6:24 pm
vocabulary >> this is adobe >> we have a lot more in store for us >> that we don't know yet. >> that's right. >> let me ask you, can some of this be done with microsoft? >> i think both companies share this common vision of being able to help businesses transform they have invested in the cloud, and when you think about what we can do with the combination of what they've done with dynamics and what we have done with the experience cloud and marketing cloud, we can automate sales and marketing with artificial intelligence so both from a vision, as well as an execution. and unlike a lot of other press releases you read, the products are in market. >> i want to talk about job creation a person can become an
6:25 pm
entrepreneur armed with adobe, you agree? >> absolutely. on the enterprise side, when small and medium businesses want to create an online digital presence and want to have commerce as part of their future, they use us to have this online presence. >> is this something again, when you're in washington, can you explain it to the president? because i truly feel that sometimes i look at these pictures and the tone in the white house seems so glum. is it as dplglum as the pictures >> for us, having the ability to enable our governments to modernize and improving the skill set, that's what adobe is passionate about >> and that can be in any country. >> absolutely. and it affects the competitive of our country >> i couldn't agree more just a stunning quarter, stunning year and amazing term you've demockerytized the ideas
6:26 pm
in our heads thank you, chairman, president and ceo of adobe great work, sir. coming up, redhat reported a red hot quarter last night cramer speaks with the ceo to hear what's behind it. >> we are hitting on all ndrit now, as more companies move to the cloud, more are turning to us as a partner to do that >> when "mad money" returns. you always pay
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universe but most people that follow me on twitter hate my view, because they believe i'm way too negative on the two companies, or even that i'm encouraging short sellers to -- >> sell, sell, sell. >> to step up here and bet against these two great stocks however, and let's just make it plain so everybody hears, nothing could be further from the truth. i think for the moment, amd has a slight edge on intel and their chips are used to mine bitcoin or ether they have terrific gaming chips and gaming is a huge business. amd under the leadership of lisa sue, has fixed the balance sheet. that's allowed the stock to become more of a steady player, rather than a swing for the fences kind of name. in short, i am a big fan of amd and its stock.
6:30 pm
how about invidia? what can i say i don't know if i have ever seen a semi conductor company on fire as this one. it does feel a lot like intel in the '90s, that went from $72, that's right, you heard, $1 to $72 in ten years' time i don't want to hazard a guess where that would put invidia's stock. but they have the most efficient chips for data servers, it has by far the finest gaming chips and their technology has redesigned entire games. they power the artificial intelligence of so many of the great companies out there, because their chips make voice response so easy they are the a.i. power behind adobe that gives interactive dr.
6:31 pm
so why do i say be careful if i think they're going to go up substantially over the long-term? i understand psychology. amd is up 10% today, but it was red hot in late april before the stock plummeted from $13 to $10 overnight. they ran from the stock fearing there was something wrong. by the same token, invidia languished from november to may before rocketing to do 150s. during that period of underperformance, so many home gamers were shaken out, that i was pillered for still liking the company. both companies have moments where they can either get hammered and cool off. if you want to own them, you have my blessing to buy some now. all i can is you save cash for
6:32 pm
buying more later. with both names, your first buy is unlikely to be the both right now you're chasing amd if neither one ever comes back down, you own a small position then, i call a high quality problem. you just need to be patient. so here we go. here's my instructions listen, amd and invidia, by some now, by some later lucas in minnesota, lucas? >> caller: hello, mr. cramer thank you for taking my call >> of course >> caller: i've been watching and following your insights since the old kendall and cramer days >> wow >> caller: i'm sure larry is pulling his hair out from this administration but i would like to talk to you about hard drives. >> sure. >> caller: i see that they have found a buyer for their chip section, which may put a bit of
6:33 pm
a hole in western digital's supply chain so i was thinking perhaps that sea gate might be a good investment as they may be providing hard drive storage for the cloud. >> i'm going to disagree, sir, because the hot division is the flash division, which is what western digital want so much from toshiba so you'll be doubling down on the drive situation. what you really want is flash. i think western digital is going to get cut in, in the end, because i believe they can get an injunction to block anybody else, because of their relationship that precedes this whole fracus so stick with western digital. now they can earn that big money and still pay out and not have to worry about the balance sheet because, wow, they will just buy a little bit, i believe, and get everything they need let's go to alex in pennsylvania alex >> caller: hey, jim, thanks for everything you do.
6:34 pm
>> thank you >> caller: question for you. a few months ago, i think in march, you recommended a defense stock, and it's jumped 40% since that time. >> hold it soon after we recommended it, everybody did a secondary. stock dropped from 8 to 7 and right back up to 10, 11. here we go i think you stay on cratos is it my favorite? general dynamics is still my favorite, but kratos is tifk amd and inindividualia is going to go higher, i think. but buy some, and then wait and buy more now much more "mad money" ahead. a stock climbing, can red hat connect? i have the stop brass. and suntrust, one of the fastest growers out there, can we get some gains in your port foalia
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and tonight's edition of the lightning round. foalia and tonight's edition of the lightning round. lia? and tonight's edition of the lightning round. oa and tonight's edition of the lightning round. and tonight's edition of the lightning round.
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holy smokes, look at the stock at red hat
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red hat is the top provider of open sourced operating systems for the enterprise, for storage, and has gotten aggressive about embracing the cloud. i've been a huge fan of red hat for ages, but even i was blown away when they had a huge quarter sending the stock soaring 10%. revenue up 19% year over year. where they shot the lights out is the guidance. management raised the forecast for the full year. we'll give you some bullish commenta commentary all 25 of red hat's largest deals renewed this quarter at prices 20% higher. if you were worried this stock has run out of juice, consider that put to rest let's check in with gyceo of red
6:39 pm
hat, james whitehurst. great to see you, sir. great note today from deutsche bank saying this is the first time in years that red hat has posted 20% plus growth in consecutive quarters how is that possible >> well, we really are hitting on kind of all cylinders right now. as more companies move to the cloud, more are turning to us as a partner to do that we've always been strong offline in the traditional data center our model works equally well as they're working for a partner to move to amazon or google, we're a logical partner and that's propelled deal size to be larger expanding our relationships with key customers. >> jim, i have to tell you, we've talked to workday, to service now, to sales force, to adobe, to ibm, and they all have
6:40 pm
said that the cloud transition has now sped up, and there are a lot of verticals that have not been in there. are you seeing new kinds of companies going to the cloud that had not embraced it >> oh, absolutely. cloud adoption is meeting the main stream now. it's the most technically sophisticated customers, financial services playing around, certainly obviously tech media and teleconhave long been users. in the last year, you're starting to see retail moving in a much more dramatic way that's heavily because google is getting more mature and retailers now have options i think you're seeing industrials starting to move more workloads we're starting to see a lot of momentum, even in core production workloads, which works well for us, since we're a franchise player and production workloads. >> you've always been forward in getting government work. have you been to the white house? of the companies that we deal
6:41 pm
with that have had gigantic contracts, have you been advising are you part of any of these conferences? >> i've not gone to the white house as part of those conferences. they've been more focused than some of the traditional names. we had a nice couple of quarters with the government. we always had a large business in defense and intelligence because of the security and performance of our products. that's now spilling over in a very significant way to the civilian agencies. so we've had a nice quarter in government so that's happening more bottom up via the agencies. >> in the conference call, one thing that struck me, this 5g transformation, a $66 billion adjustable market. you said the transformation could be gigantic in itself. you said much, and then much, much larger. how big can it be for you? >> well, at this point, we're trying to mute expectations because it's new market for us
6:42 pm
we are very strong on the enterprise and have been but this 5g transformation, everyone is going to a technology called open stack we're the largest provider and contributor to that whole set of technology so we expect it could be quite large for us three of the four large teleco-s in us have relationships in place, and those are just scratching the surface at this point, i want to be guarded because we're in early days, but it could be a very large business, on par with our enterprise business over the next five years. >> that would be incredible. that would be multiyear, as far as i can see double digit rev. >> it has a large potential opportunity for us it's still early days, but the market opportunity is there, and our business model with a stable lone life support fits well. once it goes in place, it will stay there for a decade.
6:43 pm
that's our marquee model, which changes a lot, making it consumable for decades long kind of life. it's a perfect market for our business model now we have to execute into it >> i thought it was great that you talked about how you had always been speaking to the purchasing manager but the discussions are at a much higher level when red hat is involved. >> exactly so for a lot of years, open source was about offering lower cost alternatives to traditional software in that world, we were talking to purchasing people now so much of the net new technologies, whether it's around things like containers, almost anything to do with architectures that run on public cloud or 55 and teleco, are all happening first in open source so we're coming to customers saying how do you move to cloud, not use our software as you do it or how do you transition to more modular architectures as you're
6:44 pm
trying to compete and being uberized so in that transition, we're more strategic as soon as you have a seat at the table with the ceo, the opportunities get larger >> i've been watching you now, but this was the breakout quarter for certain for multiple years. that's me talking, not you that's james whitehurst, president and ceo of red hat, with a monster good quarter. "mad money" is back after the break.
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lightning round is sponsored by - it is time for the lightning round. >> buy buy buy, sell sell sell >> and the lightning round is over with you ready, ski daddy. shawn in new york. shawn. >> caller: jim, i was just wondering any upside in lockheed martin >> i think that's a terrific situation. and by the way, just so you know, one of the best dogs on twitter, i had to say it was mr. lockheed martin. max in new york, max
6:48 pm
>> caller: a big boo-yah from manhattan, new york, jim it's not just a young investor but a young professional i wanted to let you know how inspiring your work ethic is to my business partners >> yes, that's what i want >> caller: so i want to ask about tgtj >> mr. weiss' company. i like the company they have a lymphoma drug -- no, no i think it's positive. it's heavily shorted ray in georgia, please ray. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah >> caller: i'm in the house of pain with hd -- >> oh, my. there is no -- you can't leave the house of pain. you're stuck i'm sorry. it's like flay pay paper. and that is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by - oh. what's with the dog-sized horse? i'm crazy stressed trying to figure out this complex trade so i brought in my comfort pony, warren, to help me deal. isn't that right warren?
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in a world where the fed is tightening short term interest rates and the trump administration is loosening financial regulations, why have the financials been so tepid etf is still lower for the year. grant it, the financials shot up after the election last november but over the past four months, it's cooled down considerably. when the fed gave us a rate hike, the market yawned. what's going on here consider the case of suntrust, a bank based in the southeast for
6:52 pm
the stock that slightly outperformed the rest of the group. two months ago, they had a robust quarter, and the bank's net interest margin increased by a meaningful amount, a really meaningful amount, and their credit quality improved substantially. and the banking division had a record quarter the company got strong results off of a commercial real estate business they acquired but the stock hasn't done much so is suntrust ready to roll higher let's talk to bill rogers. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you >> you know, i've got to tell you, i look at all the things you're doing and i look at the environment where the president wants deregulation, and i start thinking, suspect it time that some banks that are really in growth regions that are growing
6:53 pm
kind of break out of the pack? it does seem like you're either constrained by the etf or people don't have the right mindset >> it depends on what the pack is over the last five years, we've broken out of the pack and outperformed some of our peer group over that period of time in the long rates, we think we're already breaking out of the pack >> very good point, and i think a lot of it is -- you made a lot of changes almost no bad loans. tell us about what's going on in that region that you got better loan growth. >> in the core southeast, our business is national by nature, but it has a bias towards the southeast. take just the southeast has a little bit of a beta attached to it, i think. we solved that in the financial crisis it's attacked to great tax base, weather, put that in play, the east coast ports 15 of the top 25 msas are in the southeast. >> and can you speak to what you think about say the stress test,
6:54 pm
the trump regulations, and whether things will loosen up so you can have more control of your own capital to reward shareholders >> the stress test was constructed to build capital now it needs to optimize capital. >> good point. >> we've gotten through the build phase and banks have been released from the qualitative part of the stress test. over the next few years, we'll be able to optimize our capital. >> now, you're doing some things that i think are different from other banks. we have often felt that people are not financially literate in this country you have a financial wellness program. i could differentiate you and drive a lot of business margin >> as you said, we have to set the stain, there's a lot of stress in america from a financial standpoint 75% of americans are in some
6:55 pm
type of financial stress 40% don't have $2,000 saved for an emergency one-third don't have anything saved for retirement so this is a fragile recovery, and we've got to play a real role in that >> how does it work? do you connect with your hr department do the firms initially corporate bankers of yours and then you go in >> we started with the company we know best, suntrust we did our own survey work and i made the assumption that our teammates might be different, and boy, i was wrong 40% of our teammates said they were in good financial shape, 60% were worried so we worked with a company and created a program, we put financial backing behind it, so if a teammate starts a savings plan, if they go through a
6:56 pm
program, they can get $1,000 in match. so over the course of the year, they will have taken a course and have $ 2,000 saved for an emergency. now 80% of our teammates feel like they're in good financial footing. and retention has improved with that group, and now we want to offer it to others >> what are you telling people not to take student loans? >> you have to start with that emergency savings plan first and then you've got to start working that debt down you have to start that first you have to pay debt down before you start all the other spending >> i salute you. i get discouraged. i had a seminar with my friend, and we were both saying, no one is saving for retirement no one seems to understand the drawbacks of not putting money back you're doing fantastic work. >> and we're doing this with other companies. we have about 30 companies now we have some great bellwether
6:57 pm
atlanta names like delta and home depot and they're seeing the same results that when people go through this program, 100% virtually have started an emergency savings account. and their increase and they're budgeting, double the amount of people are running for a budgeting problem. >> this is going to be great for the client thank you so much. phil rogers, ceo of suntrust stick with cramer. you always pay
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congratulations to oracle. they are doing well on the cloud. they have put it together, just exactly the way they said they would, and the stock is soaring in after hours as it should be. it was a beautiful quarter i would like to say there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow
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