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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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jethro's -- tim knew obviously >> that was the reference. >> anyway, do you have a trade, guy? >> i do. i think snap is destined for nail year. i think in the short we'temple we' term we'll see a significant bounce. ielsa lee.ching "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. it's really hard to stay positive about this market in the face of conventional wisdom that is so darn negative
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the pessimism, it's palpable, especially for me over the weekend. when the bears always seem to come out of the woodwork and start attacking me, makes you wonder how the market can hang in there with the dow gaining 61 points today, another all-time high, the s&p closing down, the has dak ncaa declining the linkage between a dysfunctional washington -- >> they know nothing >> and what amounts to a roaring, rotating bull market. this weekend i found myself in a complicated position after the senate's health care debacle, i've been bearish on washington all that scaramucci, the mooch drama, it hasn't helped. friday was the last straw for me we interviewed the manager of the office of manage and budget. given this administration's track record when it comes to
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passing legislation, i'm skeptical that anything can get done i found myself begging him to go for an easy win and focus on repatriation of capital overseas, which would be easy to pass at first, i think mulvaney misunderstood me and thought i was against the entire package no, i said, i just think you've got to get something done, anything and repatriation is more straightforward and easier to do than wholesale tax reform. i am so exacerbated with washington oh, come on, you are, too. like everyone who speaks for trump, he said something will get done, no problem don't worry about it well, i am plenty worried about it, frankie. i'm worried that this republicans can't even pass a debt ceiling bill. i can't imagine so
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comprehensive, so huge in its ambitions as the president's tax plan has any chance of getting through, any hope. i'm not even talking about 2017, i'm starting to think 20 ever. so when the negatives bore down on washington this weekend, i surrendered. i didn't argue but i did say that given the strong earnings we've seen so far this quarter, which nobody pays attention to, and the lower interest rates, i have no choice but to overlook the shenanigans of the white house and congress. next, there's north korea. it's a tough one what do i tell someone who asks how can you own stocks with north korean missiles pointed at us we did it during the world war, but the soviets were rational. i struggled to answer. i get the sense that president trump will have to take action, although the endless attempts to make china solve the problem for us seemed kind of pointless to me if the chinese wanted to north
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korea to behave itself, we wouldn't have this issue in the first place. it's worth having some cash on hand here, based on a world is a dangerous place scenario that makes sense to me however, i don't want to leave the market because of north korea, i just want a little cash if the unthinkable happens and they launch first, money will be the least of our problems. what else? there's a pervasive sense that the market has gotten overpriced i hear that endlessly. like you can give the market a speeding ticket on the jersey turnpike here. this one's a constant -- some of the people who follow me on twitter, they chide me for renaming my rescued dog, nvidia, they really -- this is one they don't like at all. people don't get so glib about dog names at the bottom. but when you start naming your dog after real hot stocks like
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nvidia, to many people that seems like a top the flaw in their thinking i've been naming pets after stocks since 1986. it doesn't signal anything other than i'm obsessed with stocks. so here's one i plead guilty, i acknowledge that some stocks, the f.a.n.g. stocks can be considered overvalued at these levels it's true that the stocks of amazon and alphabet are well below they were when they reported, and facebook threatens to take out the prices stood at before that magnificent quarter. the key to this bull is its rotational nature. today, we got a bull market thanks to the chatter about softbank buying charter. we got money being poured into drugs. we got cash flowing to texas
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instruments, intel, microsoft and qualcomm after a total annihilation, we have money rushing towards retail stocks since amazon's quarter. the subtle reasoning here? what do i get when i ask questions? amazon failed to wipe out the brick and mortar competition like that was supposed to happen and some are questioning whether amazon has the firepower to pressure the group more than it has, and that's why walmart stock could be closing in from its yearly high and costco is breaking out home depot stock seems to be on the rebound. the suppliers and the nikes, they broke out a long time ago what else makes he sanguine despite these big-picture worries? i think we underestimate the power of some of the people who run some of these countries. i need you to go on the boeing conference call. you'll be flabbergasted to hear analysts point blank ask if the fabulous results were real and
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spectacular. it was almost like a seinfeld episode. and there's still cheap stocks here like citigroup, dow chemical, proctor and gamble as far as the aging and allegedly senile nature of the bull, i think that's the top down talking i analyze the actual stocks from the bottom up and things look okay yet all these arguments fall on deaf ears. people's minds are made up just to be sure, it's an all walks of life view, not just the people from the john haren novels i hang out with let me give you one more tidbit of evidence. every book about the great crash of 1929 mentions how the shoe shine boys around the new york stock exchange were playing stocks with borrowed money until the crash, margin to the hilt. that kind of thing is the sure sign of a top. so today i was getting my shoes
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shined, rockports, $109 from amazon i worn them into my beloved garden on saturday, and it was wet. so what does the shoe shine man want to talk about with me how he sold almost all of his stocks ages ago, because they were too risky after a big run he left a ton on the table what does he own now gm, ford, verizon. why? dividends. did he care that there's no real upside not one bit. in '29, it was safety last now it's safety first. are they going to write about that guy because of a top, the shoe shine man who sold his stocks because it seemed dangerous' ons ago look, nobody ever got hurt taking a profit, but it's stunning how too people believe in this rally. and maybe in the end, maybe that's what is really keeping stocks up. maybe that'spelling
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us higher. the skepticism has been so thick that until we get people naming their stocks after cloud plays, i'm going to remain constructive on the future. the future of the best performing asset class, the future of equities bill in alabama, bill. >> caller: boo-yah, jim-bo i'm just trying to make some money. so what is your take on the defense and security solutions >> we nailed this one after getting a lot of heat. hey, jim, it's not going up. and then it went up big and now it's come down again i am so tired taking heat with kratos but i didn't care for the general dynamics quarter
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i think northrup grum monld was good let's do to shannon in virginia. shannon? >> caller: hi. i'm interested in wayfair stock and whether it's good buy. >> wayfair is what i call a genuine, homespun short squeeze. there's 20% of that stock sold short. the bears and bulls go at that one every single day i avoid battle grounds i look for clean stores. every day is a challenge every day we hear the naysayers. but you know what? i'm constructive the bull continues to rage on. on "mad money" tonight, the president has been fond of referring to a certain paper as failing. so how has the stock of "the new york times" done lately?
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plus, domino's has been hot since it cooked up a new recipe for pizza and digital delivery this is an opportunity to grab a slice. and health care may be taking a large amount of congressional attention, but i have three stocks in this base that you need to pay attention to i'm going to fill you in and tell you about the killer bs so stick with cramer >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer at twitter have a question? tweet cramer at #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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psyche by the commander in chief, you could be forgiven for assuming the 166-year-old newspaper is in fact failing print is supposed to be a dying industry after all but here's the thing, "the new york times" suspect just the paper of record, it's also a publicly traded company, which means we can actually track its progress and see for ourselves how it's doing away from the president. and bizarrely enough, when you look at "the new york times" as a company and as a stock, it's not failing. it's thriving. in fact, just last week the company delivered a terrific quarter, even as no one is talking about it perhaps because people think the big earnings beat is fake news but the biggest irony is trump is a major reason the "times" is doing so well. since the election, the stock is up 70%
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so what is driving the strength at the not so failing "new york times" and can it continue we need to put the gray lady's resurgence in context. for years, the stock has been getting slammed. it's hard to sell subscriptions when news has become a commodity that anyone can consume for free over the internet. the stock of "the new york times" company went into freefall, tumbling from nearly $50 in 2002 down to the lows of $3.44 during the great recession. back then, near the height of the financial crisis in 2009, "the times" seemed to be in genuine peril. that's when the company received a six-year, $250 million loan with an astronomical 14% interest rate from carlos slim they mansiaged to pay back that loan in 2011
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they made that happen by selling a bunch of assets. over time, the stock bounced back from the recession year lows and did its best to fend off web-based competition, and better monetizing their content. however, in the last -- in the five years after they introduced the payroll, the company's revenue was flat they could stop the digital bleeding but couldn't get healthy again. you know how much we love growth newspapers make their ways from circulation fees and from selling advertising. believe it or not, contrary to president trump's take on "the new york times," the company's circulation revenue has been growing steadily year after year it's the advertising where they've been getting killed. in 2011, they wracked up in $720
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million in ad revenue. what advertiser wants to pay for print when there's so many other effective ways to target consumers? even online, "the new york times" just doesn't have the appeal of a google or a facebook as an ad medium. look at last year, in 2016, the company's circulation revenue grew by 3.4%, okay that was led by a 16% increase in digital only news subscriptions. that's very solid growth, representing nice acceleration versus the year before unfortunately in 2016, the "new york times" also saw its advertising revenue decline by 9.1% and you consider the advertising made up half of the businesses five years ago, that's a real problem. if you want to know why president trump bash "times" i side from the fact it likes to insult his buds there, it's because the company's
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advertising revenue stream seemed to be drying up so how the heck has the stock managed to make such a remarkable comeback? shares of "the new york times" hit a fresh multiyear low just days before the election last november after the company reported a less than stellar quarter. however, when the guy who coined the failing "new york times" moniker got elected for president, everything changed. the stock rallied nearly 10% after the vote it's been off to the races since. the reason investors assume that for whatever reason, the trump white house would send a lot of eyeballs to "the new york times," and they nailed it say what you will about the trump administration, it knows how to make headlines. just in the seven days following the election, "the times" saw a net increase of 41,000 new subscriptions. that was the largest one-week gain since the digital payroll in 2011. since then, we have gotten three
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strong quarters in a low and advertising losses still offsets subscription gains, but the company is closing the gap in may, we to the another out and out beat but the subscriptions finally outpaced the losses from advertising. circulation revenue increased by 11.2%. plus, circulation is a much larger piece of the pie, accounting for 61% of the company's sales, versus 33% for advertising. "the times" is actually growing again. and the company reported its latest quarter last week, and there's no two ways about it that quarter was a pure blowout. "the times" earned 18 cents a share, wall street was only looking for 14 cents circulation revenues surged up
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13 13.9%, and ad revenue increased for the first time in ages grant it, it was only 0.8%, but that's a major mprovement. how did "the times" do it? one word -- digital. digital advertising grew by 22.5%. what's really going on here? last year, we had one of the most polarizing elections in modern american history. and for half of the country that feels like they lost, reading the "new york times" is kind of a therapy. you can understand why many people night consider "the new york times" essential reading these days so where do i come from? sorry, mr. president, but the new york times is thriving here, not failing. however, that doesn't mean the stock is alive i don't know how long they can sustain this momentum, but the voting power is in the hands of thesalesberger family. and while the company seems to
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be out of the woods for the moment, there's no denying that print is a troubled industry the not so failing "new york times" is doing surprisingly well here. but while the company has made a remarkable turn around, it might be too late to buy the stock here easy money has been made but on a decline, it sure is tempting after all, how many of us went to the cite when it broke the mooch news if the times is failing, it's failing upwards. will in new jersey, will >> caller: jim, a big boo-yah from jersey. >> loving jersey what's going on? >> caller: i want to get your overall take on barns and noble, the $12 per share valuation letter has -- it's against amazon i want to see if that's the debt orb -- >> here's the problem. i root for barnes and noble as a writer and a place to go, but i don't root for the stock, because i like to be in winning
6:23 pm
stocks and that hose not proven to be the case doug in maryland, doug >> caller: a rocking, rockville, maryland boo-yah to ya, jim. >> that's where a branch of the cramer family is what's going on? >> caller: good question about disney i've been a long-time investor i worked 30 years for the company that was bought out by disney in the mid '90s, one of the networks and it's a big portion of my 401(k), and it was a great 401(k) ride. disney has been slowing down and not doing much over a year you've been advising people to hang in there, hang in there do we still hang in there? >> yes, you do i like your long-term analysis, it's right i do get concerned when i hear someone may have too much of one stock, any stock, no matter how good, including disney
6:24 pm
i know the stock has been a struggle here. but i also know the assets are good management is good and i'm encouraging people to hold it for the long-term, not for the quarter. sorry, president trump, "the new york times" is not so failing. it's actually doing pretty well. but it might be a little late to buy the stock. much more "mad money" ahead, including the stock of domino's pizza. and i'll introducing you tothe killer bs. and the fate of these stocks rkat crush or catapult the maet i'm taking a look at the rough month for the transports so stay with cramer.
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. i like to say there's always in a strong year of making lots of dough, domino's pizza suddenly went cold is this enough to burn a hot
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stock or are more profits already back in the offen? >> what do you do when the stock of a high quality company gets eviscerated in a quarter that's widely perceived as disappointing? that's the question when it comes to domino's pizza, dpc regular viewers know that i've been a huge fan of this company and its stock, and it's been a terrific long-term performer, rallying from $10 up to $186 as of today domino's pizza is a tech company that happens to sell tasty pizzas last tuesday, they reported a solid company that has some hair on it that caused the stock to plunge 10% in a single session this stock had been climbing for years. it had momentum and it doesn't take much to derail a momentum nam name domino's pizza had higher than expected revenue, 9.5% same
6:28 pm
store sales growth but the international same store sales increased by 2.6%, much weaker than expected so is this a rare buying opportunity in a fabulous stock or do we need to be more worried about the international prospects? let's take a look with patrick doyle, the president and ceo of domino's pizza, to find out more about the company. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim, appreciate it. >> pat, i've got to tell you, we can talk about domestic, but i was thrilled for you to come on because of a particular word you used about international you said that this is a fixable problem. so can you tell us what countries that you're fixing it in and how confident that you are that it is indeed fixable? >> yeah, it is there was some weakness. all of our four international regions were all up. but there was a little bit of weakness, particularly in europe
6:29 pm
the uk is our largest business outside of the u.s. by retail sales. india has a few more stores, but higher sales per store in the uk it was a little bit weak it was kind of flattish for the quarter. so there are things to work on it's still a terrific business they're building lots of stores. but we think the value equation there, there are a few things that were working on them. but we'll get it moving again. but ultimately, we've got a lot of best practices around the world that we can share with them obviously, the u.s. still put up a terrific quarter so we know what to do with the business you know, we'll get it moving again. this can take a little bit of time, but we know how to get it moving >> are we speaking within quarters or years?
6:30 pm
>> no,i mean, it certainly shouldn't be years but we'll work through it and see how quickly we can get it moving again but these are fixable problems there is nothing going on in the economies, anything external this is about us executing, getting this right, and we know how to get this done >> so i was speaking with the ceo of mcdonald's. he was saying we had our strongest -- comparisons are erroneous, but we had our strongest quarter in 43 years in the ushg could there be a mind share shift, pizza to burger we always felt these are not zero sum at all. but did that resonate that mcdonald's is doing so well. >> mcdonald's had a terrific quarter overall. and i don't think it has anything to do with what was going on with us in the uk there's some other things we have to get i dressed there.
6:31 pm
but i don't think that was it. congratulations to steve and the team at mcdonald's they had a very, very nice quarter. but we know what we've got to get taken care of. there is nothing from a competitive stand point that we're not dealing with anywhere else, and we'll work through this >> you have been a very aggressive international expansion plan >> the uk store growth is stronger than it's ever been right now. the return on investment on the store there is phenomenal. franchise's are still building stores some of that plays into the c.o.p.s. a little bit, but store growth, our long-term guidance on comps is 3% to 6% domestically and international
6:32 pm
we had 2.6 it was under the range, we're not happy with that, but it's the first time we've been under that in a long time. >> you did not buy any stock back from last quarter, but you do have a buyback. is this the kind of thing that the buyback is for >> last quarter we were closed for most of that window because we were going through a refinancing. that is just wrapping up within the next week or two, we're going to go up and talk to the market about what we're doing, refinancing is done and so that was refinancing about $900 million in debt we got an extra billion that we added to our total debt. and we'll talk to the shareholders about what we're going to do to that cash, how we'll return it to them to best generate returns for them. >> and the huge number domestically, how much is new technology and advertising
6:33 pm
i know it's gotten lost in the international shovel, but it was a remarkable quarter and needs to be talked about >> thank you the franchisees, the system, they're doing a great job, and it's really a continuation of everything you said. loyalty continues to do well for us technology is working well the food quality, drif elivery. we've been doing delivery 357 years, so we're really good at ate. so everything continued to come together very well for us. so domestic story continues to be absolutely fantastic. >> i know the franchisees must want to have it so that drivers never have a problem finding the guy. how about g.p.s., making sure you don't have to have just the light on tell us when you're 30 seconds away and i can open the door so that they know it's my place
6:34 pm
>> we're testing that as we speak. is we've got that in some international markets and a market in the u.s. so that's part of where we're investing. we're testing that, tweaking things like that but still a lot to come on the technology front, and part of that is around the delivery experience >> terrific. to me, look, you're money in the bank with us i believe if you say it's fixable, it's fixable. patrick doyle, president and ceo of domino's. thanks for coming on if show you heard he's going to speak with shareholders. maybe he puts that cash horde that they have, because remember they have a very good model to buy, to work buying the stock down here. if pat doyle says it's fixable, it's fixable "mad money" is back after the break.
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all summer i've been trying to highlight what i call the unsung heroes of this market the boring, slow, and steady company, but stocks just keep roaring higher even if they don't get any attention. just look at the medical device space.
6:38 pm
we've got exciting medical technology plays intuitive surgical but there are plenty of prosaic medical technology companies with red hot stocks and i want to tell you about the killer bs of the medical technology space. baxter, beckton and boston science. these guys simply review to stop going higher the stocks almost never go down. in short, they deserve a nickname becton dickinson has rallied 22%, but get this, over the past five years, bax ebaxer the -- b has nearly doubled and boston
6:39 pm
science corps up 300%. they're the names that are driving so much of this recent rally in the averages. what they're typical of the kinds of stocks i bring up when i'm challenged over the weekend by the parade of bears that i seem to draw like honey. so what do the three killer bs baxter makes medical equipment, including dialysis machines and a lot more perhaps the most memorable thing is the company spun off its drug business in 2015 and then shire bought that business for a big premium. if you're running a hospital or research lab, you're probably a customer boston science is a bird of a different feather. makes pacemakers, drug eluding
6:40 pm
stints and other cardiovasular related products all three companies are riding the same secular growth. the most important demographics. if you wonder why health care costs have been climbing for years, a big part is americans are living longer. the population is getting older and older, and the older you get, the more you spend on health care. from 2000 through 2011, the u.s. population over the age of 65, increased by 18%, and it's expected to keep rising at that pace for at least the next 20 years. talk about a long-term theme, right? do you think you have to worry about that every other day, bonds going down whether we're talking about baxter's dialysis machines or boston scientific's pacemakers,
6:41 pm
this is all the stuff that we use more of as we get older. second, another big part of the story has to do with innovation. these companies keep coming up with new products, and in health care, anything that improves outcomes or extends life spans or contains costs, that's going to find a buyer. but what's driving the three killer bs of health care baxter international has been roaring higher for the past couple of years. as baxter has been able to focus research and development spending on creating new products it's really focused now. and the company's recent acquisition of clairis becton dickinson, i really like this company it's down the block from where i
6:42 pm
live then this past april we learned the company is buying a main competitor, c.r. bard for $24 billion. the bard deal will help them bulk out medical management business and give them exposure for more chronic diseases like cancer, hernias, and bard will give the company a much larger international presence, especially in china, turning it into a global power house. this is such a smart deal. i bet it buys years of growth. boston scientific, this is much more of a technology play driven by the rollout of exciting new products boston scientific has gotten aggressive about shipping into higher growth markets, like spinal cord stimulaters. for the numbers here for all three of the killer bs have been so strong, yet they don't alway
6:43 pm
get the credit they deserve. they have no sponsors and considered boring. last week, baxter reported and no one talked about it gave a long-term forecast to 2020, didn't get any ink i don't have any special inside about the company quarter, but when we heard from them in may, the numbers were fantastic they got some room here. they did a $2.25 billion secondary offering, less than three months ago to pay for the bard, get this, $176.50, secondary offering since then, the stock has vaulted up to $201 anyone who got in on that deal has made a fortune
6:44 pm
as for boston scientific, they gave us a modest sales and earning beat sales up 6%. so the companies are all in good shape. what about the stocks? even after their epic runs, the killer bs of health care aren't that expensive the consistency of baxter and the growth 23 times earnings boston scientific, 19 times. given the underlying growth rates, these are some reasonable valuations and i get all three can go higher. what a great place to be when you're about all the turmoil none of it is going to affect the businesses here's the bottom line, the three killer bs are some of the market's strongest unsung heroes they just keep roaring and you know what? i don't think they're done i think all three have more room to run stay with cramer for your heart...
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your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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it is time it's time for the lightning
6:48 pm
round. [ indiscernible >> buy buy buy, sell sell sell [ buzzer ] >> and then the lightning round is of. are you ready, skedaddy. time for the lightning round jody in georgia, jody. >> caller: hey, cramer, how are you? >> good, how about you >> caller: pretty good i've done my homework on ulta. is it still a buy buy buy? >> we are not that aggressive on that there were some negative things last week. ulta did go up today on a downgrade. that's a very positive sign. i'm not jumping up and down for any retail, that's the problem dave in california, dave >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah >> caller: hi. i've had a position for quite a while are rdn. should i hold it si >> it's a very good company. i looked at elly may over the
6:49 pm
weekend and it made me feel nervous about the housing contracts. it's just not enough volume. let's go to luis in texas, luis. >> caller: hey, cramer, how are you doing? >> good, how about you >> caller: i'm all right, i'm all right. i'm looking to diversify my portfolio. i was looking into pattern energy and seeing what you think about them >> i don't know them that's an interesting company. holy cow interesting. i love high yield. let me do some work on it. let's go to dave in pennsylvania, dave >> caller: hey, jim, a great big boo-yah from pennsylvania for you. >> yes, keystoner, what's going on >> caller: hey, listen, i have a stock here, i want to know if the dividend will sustain. >> alliance is an inexpensive stock, even though it's had a big run. i can't speak for the dividend,
6:50 pm
because they're so variable. but that's a very good company and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> the lightning round is sponsored by - oy is a mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade
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♪ can the transports bruise the bull i'm a huge believer you do need the stocks that are involved in transportation, because that's a
6:53 pm
commerce, to go higher in order to verify the true bon feeds of any rally. you've got to move with genuine staying power. the financial stock going up after they reported their quarter, but they've held their ground however, the stocks in the transports representatived by the dow jones transportation average, they've been a disaster peaking july 14, 9,743, plunging to 9,183 today that is a breathtaking, breathtaking decline this group can be fairly emotional, meaning the truckers, the airlines, the rails, the straight, and a barge company can really jump around right now, though, they're jumping into an abyss. this weekend, between trips to my garden, i read the conference calls of every single transport in the index that reported and all i can say is while there
6:54 pm
are reasons for declines, they not to me necessarily signal a dire economic forecast nothing like a recession, not even a slowdown. but let's break it down. so first, and most visible perhaps right now, the rails csx, kansas city, union pacific, they all had pretty good earnings csx had a huge run going into the quarter because of the excitement surrounding its new ceo hunter harrison. i don't think there was much he could do to get the stock to continue to levitate in fact, while the quarter was fine, service issues caused him to lose some business to norfolk southern who would think that rails compete? so why has the group been pummelled so badly simple autos were weak, and autos are a very important cargo
6:55 pm
no one could be surprised by this that means probably the second half is not going to be any different than the first half. let's call it a push, because there are other cargos doing well the freight forward is fedex and united parcel, they've been victims of bullish circumstances. they ran as ancillary plays on e-commerce, but there wasn't enough upside to steep the stocks in the air. truckers all over the map, but the market perceived weakness in the group. i found myself thinking if only xpo logistics, a company we've had on a bunch of times, which has been a scorcher in the transportation index, it would have emil rated the declines i had kirby the barge company, management called the period the worst in 30 years. avis has started to come back up as a stock, but i don't know why. i didn't think much of the quarter. and then there are the airlines.
6:56 pm
the airline stocks have been horrendous, because the market has decided that the days when there were no price wars, just fare increases, just lots of fees are now over. we've seen strong domestic numbers thisyear this quarter, though, there was a ton of domestic competition, causing the group, including the always reliable southwest to just get pulverized. as spirit airways, a real bruise we a er with a terrible stock still, these are totally self-inflicted wounds. the airlines aren't suffering from lack of demand, the problem is lack of discipline. they generate a lot of cash but they get into the price cars many of the transports have been awful, but i believe the expectations got too high going
6:57 pm
into earnings season so my conclusion is a positive one. the transports all have their reasons for being weak, but the only real concern is the decline in autos they are indeed important for the u.s. company you have to watch that group now, if they do layoffs, which seems ripe from all this fretting because the autos have been troubled, maybe there will be more pain to come in the transports in the interim, while we can't be thrilled how these stocks are performing, it would be a mistake to claim we're finished or the transports can't bounce back hard from what are now much less than lofty levels stick with cramer. me, mr. parke. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most.
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tonight, an all new "american greed," a nightmare on the grammy red carpet. make sure you're watching at 10:00 p.m. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see tomorrow
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