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tv   Closing Bell  CNBC  September 8, 2017 3:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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half the s&p 500 companies which raises another question. are there other vulnerabilities at other companies out there >> i'm so obsessed with why didn't such a senior member of the board snow until afterwards. the cfo. thanks for watching "power lunch." >> "closing bell" starts right. >> good luck if you're in the storm's path this weekend. good friday afternoon, everybody, and welcome to the "closing bell. i'm kelly evans at the new york stock exchange. >> and i'm bill griffeth right now hurrican irma is hitting cuba and the bahamas as it takes aim at florida in what could produce devastating damage throughout that state as has been warned by various officials. we'll hear from the mayor of miami beach in just a moment on how well prepared that city may be to deal with this massive storm. >> and florida attorney general pam bondi will join to us explain what steps the state is making to crack down on price gouging.
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remember those $100 delivery fees for water we're already seeing she'll tell us more about that. >> i heard much higher gasoline prices as well, but i don't know if that was an urban edge end. we'll talk about that and the other big story we're following is the mass you have data breach at equifax which may have seen data stolen from nearly half of the u.s. population. we'll talk about what could happen to the stock, how you can protect your personal data from future hack attacks as well. >> yeah, with the stock down 13% and the worst performer in the s&p 500 today which is down a point and a half right now let start our full coverage of hurrican irma it is a does near landfall in florida. wmaq meteorologist kaylee dieion is tracking the storm's path and jackie deangelis with a look at final preparations being made and morgan brennan with a look at how difficult it is to get out of florida and how the theme parks are bracing. >> had an update over the last hour the national hurricane center has upped the wind speeds after
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the hurricane hunters went into the storm. 155 miles per hour 5 miles per hour and two away from a category 5. yes, it's still considered a category 4, but it's pretty much a category 5 it's a strong hurricane. it's a huge hurricane that continues to move to the west as we go through the rest evening, and it will turn to the west northwest as we go into saturday and then saturday night is when we expect it to turn to the northwest. the exact timing of that is still in question, but as this moves through it's going right into between the bahamas and going right in between cuba in the warm water so it should stay a very strong hurricane. close to category 5 until it gets closer to florida let's talk timing for those of you in florida and georgia we'll cover it all today and saturday bahamas and cuba seeing effects. getting video from bahamas today and it's not look pretty at this point. sunday morning we're talking even before dawn
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in many locations in the south florida keys and sunday night into monday for central florida. monday night into tuesday for south georgia, and then it's going to continue to make its way north and west up into ten see, and then it's going to completely fall apart. but, it's going to be something we have to watch, and, again, east coast, west coast no matter what in florida, it looks like it's going make a direct path up the center of the state and that means all of you will be dealing with hurricane force wind even if this track is just slightly to the west, everyone needs to prepare. >> kaylee, before you go, for a time it looked like it was going to make landfall again at savannah that's moved now further west, and i guess the people in central georgia, like atlanta and so forth, need to prepare a little more than they thought earlier, is that the idea? >> at this point we're starting to see the models come together and it's sliding more to the well still, savannah needs to make sure they are keeping an eye on this because we're still a couple of days out, but it is
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looking more like it will go into the center of the state at this point and once it makes it inland, it's mainly a tornado threat you get the spinup tornadoes as the storm moves inland as well as heavy rainfall causing flash flooding. >> we'll check back with you next hour. final preparations under way in south florida, but are there any supplies left? jackie dang police in that region for us right now, jackie d. >> good afternoon to you, bill the bottom line here in fort lauderdale is if you haven't made preparations or you were planning to leave, time is running out. most folks that we've spoken to already that have stopped at this gas station as up of their final preparations have told us they are going to hunker down and they are going to weather through this storm it appears like most people who wanted to leave have left already. we've been talking to people about why they chose to stay >> i would like to stay. i would like to help the people
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after the storm, so we stay ready to help. >> that was a very unique response from that gentleman, but certainly his heart is in the right place. at the hotel that we were staying at last night, the manager told me that certainly the elderly and special needs do need and will need help. a lot of these folks have not been able to leave town and they will need help to make it through the storm and afterwards as well. meantime, as the hours start to dwindle on today, you can see the mom and pop retailers. they started closing yesterday the bigger retailers, they are all closing into the evening even home depot which saw earlier big lines and heavy volume said that its stores in south florida are now closed so if you haven't gotten those supplies, it certainly is time to get out and scramble and do so, but most of the people that we spoke to said they have already done that, and at this point they are hoping for the best guys >> and jackie, so i assume
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there's still fuel where you are. there's been wide reporting of shortages and, you know, price hikes even if you can find the stuff. >> absolutely. a lot of the gas stations that we have passed have been boarded up there's a mobil across the street i've been at this chevron station. it still does have supplies, and what's interesting is the lines are dwindling down that's because people have what they need already. if anything, they are stopping to top off supplies. the manager here told me he had about 10,000 gallons this morning, that went down to about 5,000 midday and he'll stay open until either he runs out of supplies or the bad weather shuts him down we've had a couple of bouts of rain come in here, but now it's pretty sunny the wind is certainly kick up a little bit, by imagine tomorrow as we head into this, most people are going to want to stay home. >> yeah. the technology is amazing. standing there on a beautiful sunny day, and, you know, everybody knows what's coming. >> been through this before.
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the temptation then is to want to stay because it's so nice ahead of time. >> stay safe, jackie. >> thank you. >> and we'll check in with you shortly. jackie deangelis there in fort lauderdale let's head up to central florida for a look at how the tourist hot spot preparing for the storm. we just heard that dissly land -- is it land or world? >> disney world will close for a couple of days morgan. >> hey, that's absolutely right. so orlando is the tourist capital of the country and what is arguably its biggest anchor attraction world has just announced it will close down that will happen early tomorrow and won't reopen until tuesday at the earliest. dice disney joins a growing lives theme parks and attractions in the area that are close down due to hurrican irma includes, as you can see behind me, seaworld which will shot down tomorrow and comcast universal which is cnbc's parent company. that is big deal because as i mentioned orlando is the tourist capital. it welcomes 68 million visitors
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last year and they stayed in 450 hotels, but while business is winked down, those hotels are winked up. they are all full, largely full. booked through monday, and they are not only thing that's full the airlines, it's impossible to get a flight here right now. they are boorksd and if you are one of the lucky ones who did get a flight out before the orlando airports closed tomorrow evening, you're looking at full parking garages at the airports as well. guys >> morgue answer, real quickly we've seen a few cars behind you. but is your sense from there that the area has largely evacuated and is empty are people able to kind of keep going about their day-to-day work unlike what we just saw in fort lauderdale? >> yeah, i mean, there's -- there's still a fair amount of traffic here in the orlando area, but, you know, jackie was just talking about the gas stations we drove up from fort lauderdale this morning and our entire route, we were seeing gas stations that were out of gags or that were taking only cash at the gas stations, so it is an
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issue. i think, i suspect what has shapd that many folks, especially folks who lived through hurricane andrew have heedled official warnings and have evacuated early, and there's probably more hitting the roads as we speak now that they have winded down from work and gotten all their stuff together >> all right, morgan thank you. you, too, stay safe, you and your crew. thanks. >> thank you >> to the known now. the mayor of miami beach is with us, philip levine. mr. mayor, thank you for joining us and spending a few moments with us here do you have a sense at all of the number of people who have stayed behind in in evacuation process in your area >> don't have exact numbers, but i can tell you this. five days ago i started telling our residents to please leave. i advised you to get out of mime beat today after we've had the mandatory evacuations, the streets are quiet. there's not many people really
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walking around, but, of course, there are still holdouts, and as i tell our resident and visitors leave miami beat you do not want to be here whether it's a direct hit or it's off to the west or off to the east, it doesn't make a difference the size of this storm, it is massive. it is a nuclear hurricane. it has devastating effects you don't want to be in your home or apartment in miami beach. go to one of our shelters. we have buses, and we'll take there you. >> what other kinds of preparations are you guys making to deal with the brunt of the storm and then with trying to get the city back up and running as quickly and as safely as you can? >> well, the preparations we've made, of course, is to have our protocols in place we've been giving sandbags to residents and have been putting in portable pumps all over and portable generators and the fact of the matter is even that will not be able to mitigate much, the effects of a tidal surge, of a storm surge across the beat. our first responders will be ready to go in immediately after
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the storm starts to quiet. we need to open up our roads and get our streets clear. i will bunkered in on miami beach with a skeletal team of our command staff, and we'll do everything in our power. the name of the gaming is getting our residents out. and there are those who don't want to leave. >> it happens every time i was going ask where you're going spend it, but you just mentioned, right now as i understand it you're at mt. sinai hospital, the only hospital that is still open there. what happens there what are the plans for medical personnel in that area >> well, this is the situation during the storm itself when the hurricane comes ashore, our first responders will not be going out there. that's an important message. we're not going to risk their lives. people have been told and man date and ordered to leave the beach. of course, right afterwards, medical services will -- as soon as it's cleared will be able to go in and do what they need. i sat and went to some of our senior homes today and spoke to
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a 92-year-old seen york and i said to her, an narks you need to leave please, i told her in spanish and she said, mayor, i'm staying here i'm comfortable. i've got my water. i said i want you to least she said i won't i said, well, here's my cell phone number, anna call me if you need me and she turned to me and said mayor, here's my cell phone call me if you need me and that gives you an example of the spirit of miami beach. we have tough people, but we want them alive and want them to vacate. >> all right we certainly wish you and anna and the rest folks of miami beach there well thank you, mr. mayor, for joining us appreciate it. >> thank you. >> phil le vifnlt mayor of miami beach. >> i don't know whether to be just totally amazed or scared about that. >> that anecdote. >> yeah, but that is -- it happens every storm. there are those who just -- either they felt they have been through before and don't want to leave, but this is a huge storm. there's no doubt about it. >> i was intrigued --
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>> don't be a hero. >> that's what i was interested to hear from a hero earlier who spoke to jackie and wanted to stay to help and it's unclear how he'll be able to do that. >> let's get to the markets here as we head to the close. we've got about 48 minutes left in the trading session the dow is up 25 this is interesting. the leading gainer for the dow today travelers. >> big move. >> that's up huge as it recovers from those declines we saw earlier this week, and it's accounting for much of the gain that we've seen so far. >> coming up, how much impact hurrican irma could have on the state of florida and the big costs families are paying to board up and to evacuate their homes. >> and the other big story, shares of equifax plunging half that mavis data breach was revealed it could affect up to half of all americans. we'll see what it a looks for the future of the stock, and we want to hear from you as well as
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the dow is up 20 points and home depot, too, another gainer for the dow, the s&p and nasdaq lower and the russ sell up a little bit let's get to our "closing bell" exchange for this friday on what has been a volatile week with a lot of safety trades ian winer is with us, brink singer from william blair and steve bliss is with us here at post nine and rick santelli checks in from chicago as well i mean, it's been pretty clear a lot of on markets played few things have been removed but still the safety trade very strong right here. >> you called it perfectly that's exactly what we're seeing, not only when you see the treasury yield curve go down and the price of gold go up and you look at individual sectors, consumer staples as well as health care are the big gainers this week, even though the market is down and you feel a tentativeness about the market with investor and trog be having this conversation on friday because investors are starting
3:18 pm
to learn going home long on friday can be hazardous to your help you can see the trimming around the edges, and that's the trade we got today. >> i thought that was interesting. you have basically a couple of major hurricanes to worry about, the awful hurricane in mexico. you have a 1. -- you have the 9/9 founders holiday and we haven't been talking about the missile launch today and i'm surprised that the mood isn't worse on wall street what do you think? >> yeah, i mean, first thing i would say is disneyland is open for business this weekend so if you want to come out here. the other thing is, yeah, i mean with north korea it's amazing to me that people are attaching zero probability that this guy is just plain nuts, and i think there's a real shot that we veal to bring team america out of retirement to fix this guy the other thing, i agree please are completely complacent if you look at the wild speculation going on in bitcoin and some of the other areas of
3:19 pm
the market, to me i feel like investors are pretty laissez-faire about things. >> it's not just the u.s. markets but the european markets are seen a lot of safety trades as they see what's going on with theette cb. >> it's hard to figure out what rp hot spot you're going look at and at this point you look at european equities and they seem like oneched more bright spots in the world as ecbs are slowing down and populism is waning. growth around the world is relatively strong so it's not a bad backdrop for them right now in their equity markets. >> meanwhile,ry, i meaning the u.s. dollar, i think i saw it was it 91 and just a little bit today. you have the ten-year yield. i think it went to 2.0 and it dropped that low not only is the euro -- people talking about the euro going up to is.25, china's currency has been surging 7% this year and moving up as of late so what do
3:20 pm
you think is going on? >> well, on that grouping it's pretty easy. the dollar seem -- it can't win for losing which is very interesting because a lot of what's going on in the euro, and i'm spec late because there's so many channels in all markets and all the channels are corrupted because central bakes have discourse torted the signal and considering what we have to look at is certainly locks as though investors are getting in front as one guest mention the the ecb is getting ready to address accommodation. if you believe that the euro trade somewhat makes sense i don't know that i do believe it which means there could be a euro trade on the euro trade when they don't deliver as promised, whether it's october or december, so markets have a lot on their player, not the least of when i is the odd conversations on this floor this week this equifax story has captured the imagination of a lot of traders i work with. as a matter of fact, they were talking right before camera of how it could potentially affect
3:21 pm
credit markets, and scratched my head, but they had a logical reason credit freezes 140 million people a lot of people will put credit freezes. it lasts three months. granted it's not a big ripple in the credit world but it might be something that the market ping on and all these thing, i think north korea is something to worry about, but i think it's an event that you can't trade markets, but yet every person on this trading floor who thinks the same way is saying the following. man, i want to be short treasuries but i can't go home short on the weekend given all the news of the day in addition to north korea, so that's how some of these issues affect the market even though it isn't the primary reason that people are trading it's the primary reason why they tonight like to go home with big positions. >> which goes to your point up there, keith but in the meantime, what do you do i mean, where do you see opportunity in this market presenting it self right now >> stay strong in equities listen, i've come tonight conclusion that u.s. equities and european equities, we have
3:22 pm
some of the european markets overbought at this time, germany being one of them that's substantially overbought it's still the best house in a bad neighborhood when you take a look at yield and where people need to put their money. they need to be vigilant and keep their powder try to move in the opposite direction i agree with rick and what you were talking about the big story is the dollar. not moving down necessarily for economic reasons but for geopolitical risks and all the chaos that goes on inside of washington when that gets straightened out we'll see the dollars firm up and come back a little bit as it has for some of the businesses here. >> will you say the dollar get a lot weaker and borrowing rates go way down because of all of this and a fundamental part of the u.s. economy is okay in their own way is that massive stimulus being delivered to an economy that may or may not need it >> it could be it's a much more complicated story than that based on how much dry powder. individual consumer has right
3:23 pm
now, how much price ability or purchasing ability they have right now, but i will say this the dollar is getting very close to being oversold in our work while euro is overbought that's typically a very strong and bullish signal for u.s. equities so keep an eye on that. the dxy trade down to 9050 you step in and buy equities in the right spot. >> kelly, they have been doing that the last three or four years, the central banks, when the economy probably didn't need it whether the dollar is moving up or down, et cetera, it's not the way it used to be and look at treasury yields and say oh, my lord, the economy is collapsingings what's more important to me, if you're really looking for an indicator on the economy is this divergence that occurs between the transportation and the strimpts i mean, i haven't seen a divergence like this since my eighth grade dance when the boys and girls diverged from each other. >> wait a minute both up today. transports up 30 and dow up 13. >> up today, but overall when the dow made a new high the
3:24 pm
industrials and transportation stocks did not >> they have been strong recently though. but your point is well taken though we forget -- we'd spend more time on this but we've got too, ian, brian, keerkts rick feel like i just introduced the rolling stone, i don't know. have a good weekend. >> you, too. >> see you later >> 36 minutes to go until the close. dow is up 12. russell up a point and a half by the way, thep is lower by three points and look at nasdaq, it's down 37, a half percent drop for that index. eke faction is the biggest decliner in the s&p today and it's revealing a data breach that could have exposed personal date avrks up to 143 million americans. we'll look at the potential longer lasting damage this hack could do to the stock when we come right back. >> plus, hurrican irma sending orange juice futures soaring up this week, up 12% just this week coming up, we'll hear from the florida fruit and vegetable association on just how devastating this storm could be for what is an incredibly poancr a iusy for
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as you no doubt have heard shares of credit reporting firm equifax down it's the worst performer in the s&p today, down 13% after the company reported that massive data breech that couple pact nearly half the u.s. population.
3:28 pm
aditi roy has the very late for us now aditi. >> reporter: a lot of trouble for this company the house financial services committee has announced it will hold a hearing into the matter the new york attorney general's office has launched a formal investigation and first of what's likely to be many class action lawsuits have been filed. the incident couple pact up to 143 million americans or nearly half the country the information accessed includes names, social security numbers, birth dates, adress and in some cases driver's licenses. 209,000 credit card numbers were also breached. adding to the outrage news that three of the company's executives sold nearly $2 million of equifax shares days after the cyber attack was discovered the company says that those executives didn't know about the breach when they sold the sharing, so how can you protect yourself lock up your credit so you will be alerted if anyone wants to open credit in your name
3:29 pm
and change your password and one warning, the company has set up a website for customers who might be impacted. one source tells me that the site itself also might have secure issued because be careful if you enter your information there. >> i just entered my information there. what -- you know what i was wondering about this. that's six digits and my name and i've turned it over. can i go back in time like 90 seconds >> one of the issues like this is you captain put it back like pandora's box once that information south there it's out there and if it has been krucorrupted it's out there for the highest possible bird on the dark web. >> people at cnbc told them they had been affected. >> is this a legitimate website?
3:30 pm
or people say it's not -- it's not like this some sort of trojan website itself. >> right >> not at all. it's the company's website which they have created specifically for the purpose of helping customers who might be impacted by this. >> okay. >> want to give them address adeath, thank you. see you later. >> i think you're okay i think you're okay. well, let's talk about it as equifax deals with the fallout from the data breech who other ways can companies avoid the same fate? joining us is brett hanson thanks for joining us today. >> thank you >> i'm signature next to somebody who is a little upset because she believesthat she i now exposed. what does that mean? if you're among the 113 million whose personal information was compromised in this. >> well, i'm glad that she is concerned because she should be concerned. too many americans just think about their digital persona and
3:31 pm
just push past it. this is very important, how you get credit scores and how you buy a house so you have to be responsible for it and thoughtful of it this breech is serious we mentioned the breech. >> go asglaed what does it aal all mean -- quite frustrationing as a consumer because it's not clear how you can protect yourself especially equifax you have to give your information to this credit agency because they control your life and i wish there was no reason to deal with them and there were other ways for companies to determine our credit worthiness. what should i do now >> protecting yourself in the digital world is not protect yourself in the physical world you need to know what's happening with your scores and going on with your bank account. the second is it be diligent this isn't the first time there's a breach staying focused on yourself is absolutely essential and the third is taking action whether it's freezing your credit or taking action with your bank to
3:32 pm
make it heard for people to log in or use two factor authentication all of those things can help reduce your risk an that's your goal it's not that you'll ever be completely safe, but how do you reduce your risk of being compromised and having your identity stolen? >> i will say, i haven't even told you this when we were on vacation, we had a weird charge on our credit card, and the bank immediately closed the account and we got two new cards at that time, so, i mean, i will say that even -- i mean, i don't want to make everybody feel better about it, but the -- the banks are more diligent in how they deal with some of these credit card fraud situations rate now, right? >> absolutely. the banks have come a ronning way and credit card organizations have come a long way and looking at your purchase history. more thoughtful when they see an exception and taking action. going after your bank accounts
3:33 pm
and the creating a persona and taking loongs and it's your entire digit-at-history that could be affected. >> even when the companies -- have you to reissue all your automatic payments. >> that's a pain and i can deal with that given the alternative. >> that's sort of like the nuisance when there isn't a big problem. what brett is describing and i appreciate the education aspect you're talking about and two-factor authentication and i'm left with no practical understanding of what i should and shunting doing at this sgloint with digital security there's a lot of things you should and shouldn't be doing. first of all, not just the equifax breach it's everything you do online could affect you it's making sure that you regularly change your passwords, you don't have your same password for your bank account and four other websites and you
3:34 pm
don't click on links from people that are sending is you information. all these different actions can you take is to reduce your risk and that's your goal reduce your risk >> you can't eliminate it. just reduce t.brett, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> brett hansen from dell. >> time now for a cnbc news update and let get back to sue herera at headquarters sue? >> here's what's happening at this hour. hurrican irma expected to hit southern florida as a category 4 storm sunday morning the navy says it is moving the aircraft carrier "abraham lincoln" in position to provide humanitarian relief from irma, if needed. it's being joined by the amphibious assault ship "iwo jima" and the dock ship "new york." earlier brock long had this warning. >> it's not had a question of if florida is going to be impact. it's a question of how bad florida will be impacted and where the storm ends up over the next four or five days as it passes inland.
3:35 pm
>> secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with the kuwaiti diplomatic delegation at state department the two countries agreeing to enhance kuwait's military capabilities the two also signed a counterterrorism agreement mexico has expelled its north korean ambassador in response to north korea's latest nuclear tests. it gave the ambassador 72 hours to leave the country, calling pyongyang's recent nuclear activity a serious risk to global peace tlaets newspaper update. i'll be back in an hour with an update onnisma and much more on you guys. >> thanks, sue see you then 25 minutes to go and up next pam bondi will join us as hurrican irma gets set to make landfall stay with us the bold lexus is. experience amazing.
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welcome back now georgia's governor is issuing a mandatory evacuation for all coastal areas in his state in anticipation of hurrican irma and diana olic is in some of the ports. >> reporter: if it looks like i'm the last one at the party it is because i kind of it. -ins the second largest port on the east coast, and they are shutting this down by midnight tonight, 1,200 workers have to be out of here they have to load the last of
3:39 pm
4,000 shipping containers on to that ship. it's got to go out and be out of this channel which will close by tomorrow night now the governor has just ordered 64 more counties upped that mandatory evacuation bringing the total to 94 that's well over a million people having to get out of coastal georgia. the commerce this is affecting around here, billions of dollars. what comes through here,ering? everything from amazon, from walmart and home depot just to name a few of their clients. caterpillar also coming through here hurricane matthew came through here a year ago and shut down the port they got back up running within a week, but it took nearly two months to catch up with the commerce that comes through this area kelly? >>ia that's just one of the many headaches, and as we just heard that governor now expanding the state of emergency to 94 counties diana, thank you diana oibl diana olick. >> just like harvey and houston
3:40 pm
there's reports of price gaunling including a $100 delivery fee just for bottled water. >> joining us right now is pam bondi, the attorney general for the state of florida good to see you. thank you -- i didn't know there was an actual definition of price gauging. it's the gross disparity between the current price and the average for the previous 30 days >> that's right. i can only activate it during a state of emergency which we're clearly in now. >> all the authorities in florida, you're worried certainly primarily of the safety of your people but you as the attorney general you have to watch out for the -- the scammers as well, right? >> bill and kelly, it's been unbelievable let me start off by saying for the most part folks are incredible, and what your reporter just said about amazon, about home depot, about walmart, they have all called me and said what can we do to help but, you know, you're always going to have bad people to take
3:41 pm
advantage of people in a situation like this, and we're going after you if you had here in florida our main complaints, just to put it in perspective, i've had probably now almost 7,000 complaints to mayp moy hotline. >> 7,000 complaints pertaining to irma as you get ready for it. >> just as we've declared a state of emergency, over is hundred an sglour wow. >> what we're asking people if you don't mind, people are getting scamlmed, if they can screen shot them and hold them for us for later and what i need for people to save lives are the hotels that are trying to gouge people, the -- if fuel -- if you're trying to gauge people for fuel take it a screen shot of the station's name, the price of the gas and fill out form on my or call
3:42 pm
866-9-noscam, and i have my investigators -- we're closed but we're working out in the field all over this state, so people can have the fuel that they need. essential commodities such as water, et cetera >> so we also heard reports kind of the opposite of surge price is or gouging happening with jetblue when it was saying it would drop all of its flights to 99 bucks for people to get out of irma's paths, for example you mentioned the social media aspect of this, kind of the big businesses behaving on this front. is it a lot of smaller shops is it indiscriminal nant what are you hearing >> it is, it is, and you know, i was real el rough on chevron this week if you haven't heard it was like one bad franchise owner in one part of the state and chevron corp raft. they ha they have been an incredible partner trying to stop this for us they have been great chevron has been great and amazon has been great. initially they were third-party sellers. amazon is making that right.
3:43 pm
i have them on speed dial. their entire team doing everything they can. home depot called me, and they are doing everything they can, and jetblue, american, delta, united, they are unbelievable. they have waived pet fees and change fees and capped the prize of their flight so we're really seeing a lot of good of people working together, along with the bad people who i will put out of business. >> all right pam, i don't know where you're going to hunker down but stay staff. >> thank you. >> good luck with all of this. appreciate you joining us. >> pam bond irk the attorney general for the state of florida joining us. >> hurrican irma wreak a lot of havoc already. orange juice futures spiking on worries about that crop. how they are preparing for a storm so stay with us.
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
orange juice futures as we've highlighted up more than 5%, more than 12% for the week biggest one-week gain since october 2015 as we get red for irma. >> i was going to say you might think that's good news for the industry but not when it happens pause of a storm like this when it could decimate supply
3:47 pm
lisa lochridge joins us from the florida fruit orphanage vegetable association. how much your crop sunday threat >> the sheer size of the storm means it is going to cover the state coast to coast and the heart of the storm could take it right through the center of citrus production area and given that the entire industry could be at risk. >> and citrus, it goes without saying, is a huge industry in florida. what is it, oranges by themselves are almost $9 billion in that state, right >> just a little over $10 billion. we're number one in the united states in production ofon, for fresh -- for juice and for fresh grape fruit. >> you quite have so much of the crop. >> and grapefruit, too
3:48 pm
>> what are some of the other types of produce affected and where do you think farmers will get hit the most here? >> well, we're -- we're the main source of fresh fruits and vegetables for consumers during the winter, and -- and those are the crops that have either just been planted in south florida or are due to go into the ground soon a significant concentration of farming operations are in south florida where you've seen evacuations taking place you know, our top fall and winter crops are tomatoes, bell peppers wheat corn, snap beans, cucumbers, squash, all of the fresh produce folks are used to seeing on their plates in the wintertime. >> and you were saying -- just to repeat that, that they are getting ready to put them in the ground so this is the early stages of that is there a -- a leave -- a period of time where they could wait to do it an things might work out otherwise >> well, if there's any silver
3:49 pm
lining to this at all, it's that it's coming early in the season, and so -- and so, you know, they would have time to replant that would certainly be a business decision that they would have to make. >> right, right. >> and what kind of financial shape are people in broadly, lisa, to take this hate? >> well, you know, florida farmers are a very resilient bunch, and they are used to having to deal with whatever mother nature hand out to them, so, you know, they take it as it comes. this is never a good swear, but they are as red as they can be >> we wish you well. >> thank you. >> about ten minutes to go until the close. art cashin saying we're pretty much pared off going into the bell it's a mixed day dow up 19 in large part because travelers, which has been hard hit in past sessions, is having a bit of a rebound there helping to keep blue chips in positive territory
3:50 pm
the s&p is down three and the russell is down half had a point and the nasdaq is down 3 a lot of big f.a.n.g. names are down 1.5%. >> goldman sachs lower into the stock for the year and could it rebound by year's snend one analyst's call on how to play that stock when we come back toe on the caribbean seas ♪ ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, ♪ ♪ gany, gany, gany, gany ♪ watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested for tech advice. dell small business advisor with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪
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welcome back focussing in on goldman sachs which is down 10% year to date and the financials up 5% so 15 percentage points of underperformance, and in his biannual spotlight analyst david conrad says it's time to buy this dip. >> he says the stock is underappreciated it's investing is a-- and its investing and business is undervalued and he's upping his price target at 258 to 255, trading at 217 right now, up a fraction today what he's highlighting is goldman has taken steps to move into areas that were pretty ungoldman like because some of the areas that ver very famous for. >> fixed income. >> private equity and so forth have suffered in part because of the monetary policy issues and the downturn cycle that came after the financial crisis
3:54 pm
they are doing what they have to do. >> yeah, look, whether that is cyclical issue is one piece of it, but we've also been covering lately some of the competitive landscape shifting morgan stanley is on track this year depending on how the utx deal plays out to maybe be number one in m & a. haven't had that since 1995. it's been goldman and jpmorgan, so yes, you know, goldman has transitioned to a less volatile business that he argues should have a 12 times multiple and trade higher from where it is now, but they have a lot of competitive threats to fend off in the years ahead. >> we did a minute after all. >> there's goldman up half had a percent today, by the way. >> we'll come back with the closing countdown for this friday in just a moment. >> and then after the bell, we'll take a look at the economic impact that hurrican irma could have across the state of florida remember, it's a huge part of the u.s. economy stay with us you're watching cnbc, first in business worldwide they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance.
3:55 pm
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♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, ♪ ♪ gany, gany, gany, gany ♪ watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested about two and a half minutes, a little over that left in the trading session here with the dow up 14 points as we head towards close. we're going to review the week here, and i'm not even going to look at the equity markets because it didn't tell the story of what's going on let's start with the dollar index. dollar hitting a 20-month low as far as the dollar index goes this week it hit 9101, lowest level we've seen on that index since january of '15
3:58 pm
part of the safety trade had a we've been talking about the ten-year yield hit the lowest level going back to november of last year hitting 2.01%, earlier today, as a matter of fact gold hit a high for the year, going back almost a full year now where it hit 1,355 for the week and what else was i going to do? did i mention oil? i don't think i did. what else was i going to do? i had so many things i was going do here, seema moldy oil did -- >> came back today, 3%. >> collapsed late in the day. >> but still up for the week. >> as we've talked about we're going to see volatility in that for a few weeks now as market tries to assess any damage that may have could you know, 8% of the u.s. oil production was taken out by harvey and now the additional pain that will come from the two other natural disasters. credit suisse just put out a note anticipating $125 billion
3:59 pm
in damage from himma >> insurance the big story, insurance stocks take a look at travelers it's actually closing flat for the week it's actually higher on the day as irma is downgraded to category 4 also, we talked about it yesterday, but evrest groups, one of the re--insurers, down 10% for the week the re-insurers absorb some of the pain that the insurance companies take on. lastly real estate, the vacation rentals, i lg, vacation resorts down 10% and the market is keeping a very close eye on hurrican irma. other talk as you were talking about the disparity between bond yields and equities and the pain, we've been seeing the financial sector a lot of big banks and jpmorgan down 5% thinking financials would be one of the best performing sectors with trump in the white house. >> can't forget about north korea, tomorrow is an anniversary for that nation, an they often will use -- exhibit
4:00 pm
their military might, and the fear is that we might get another test of their nuclear capabilities tomorrow. >> once again that geopolitical risk on the table. >> seema, thank you. >> you bet. >> the dow up 12 points on the close. stay tuned a lot to get to. the latest on irma coming up on the second hour of "closing bell" with kelly evans and company. have a good weekend, kell. >> thank you, bill welcome to "closing bell," everybody. i'm kelly evans. a relatively solid day for dow on wall street, but a lot of declines here as well. let's take a quick look at nasdaq which dropped half had a percent. not a good day for the big-cap technology f.a.n.g. names as we like to call them, amazon, facebook down 1.5% today, but look at dow which was up about 15 points to close right on the nose at 21,800, and ironically enough travelers, one of the best performers there.
4:01 pm
home depot as well, a little bit of the hurricane effect, travelers rebounding from big declines the s&p could not get into the green though closing down about 3.5 points hat 2461 and the russell 2000 managed to hang on to just under a one-point gain there, closing just under 1,400. a lot going on this afternoon. we're tracking hurrican irma as it does head for florida wmaq meteorologist kaylee dionne has the late details and jackie dang police in fort lauderdale with the late on the ground and morgan brennan is monitoring things over in orlando kaylee, what's the latest? >> reporter: a kategory 4 storm, a very strong storm. is t has increased this afternoon even, and we talked about that earlier let's look at the track. if you look here, you can see it's a category four and it looks to maintain that intensity as we go through the rest of the next few days.
4:02 pm
sunday morning making landfall on south florida and then making its way to the north once it gets to the land you'll see a drop in intensity as it goes through the entire state of florida. by the time it gets to the florida panhandle and georgia, category 1 storm still packing a punch with 75-mile-per-hour winds. there's been a lot of talk about floridians wanting to stay put because they went through andrew i wanted to talk about andrew and imark. you can't really compare the two. check this out andrew on the right and irma on the left we have 165-mile-per-hour winds when it made landful or at parker, 115-mile-per-hour at the peak for ima. the one part that i really want to stress here is going to be the radius of winds. 45 miles for the radius of those winds, 75 for irma irma is huge, and it's almost 50% larger in regard to where the wind is going to be than
4:03 pm
where irma was i want everybody to take this seriously, eat, west coast at this point with the direction that this is going to make landfall everyone will be impacted by hurricane force winds. >> kalee, that's a remarkable chart, thanks for putting that all together as i was reading, because i didn't experience it, but with andrew my understanding is that it crossed east to west so it moved very quickly that's your four hufr thing other state of florida whereas this is very different irma will move from the bottom all the way to the top. >> from the tip into georgia which would mean potentially more than 24 hours in the state and with how wide the winds are, everyone is going to deal with hurricane force winds, the orlando area, which a lot of the parks will close, an incredibly good idea and up towards atlanta you'll see wind speeds up towards hurricane strength. >> 650 miles in diameter, like the distance from here to
4:04 pm
washington kalee, thank you meantime, jackie deangelis in fort lauderdale. jackie, what are you seeing there? >> hi, kelly, as the clock is ticking here, i'm seeing a lot of the retail businesses around me close both the smaller operations and the bigger name operations and some of the chains this is as we're getting into the evening hours. if people are staying on the ground and they haven't made final preparations yet, it's going to be tough to get supplies tomorrow. i'm not sure that much around here is going to be open the latest update from this chevron gasoline station that does still have supplies he has a couple thousand gals left and thinks he heel make it through until about 8:00 tonight and will keep his convenience shop open in case people need last-minute food supplies but that's one of the last places open around here i'm surrounded by a couple of big chain hotels and the folks staying there, a lot of elderly people that i mentioned before, some people with special needs, some people who haven't
4:05 pm
evacuated the city and have coastal parties and don't want to necessarily be on the coast so they want to be in the shelter of a hotel a lot of people stayed and those, of course, who made the preparations to least. we spoke to an aviation services worker today who gave us a little bit of an update of what he's been seeing at airport. >> no one is coming in, so got a lot of passengers going out, so that's what it is for today. >> and that's the theme, of course, from the governor of the state, from the mayor of fort lauderdale, from the president heed the vists authorities follow instructions and get out of danger zones if you possibly seems like most people have been trying to do that, but the meteorologist brought up a great point. you don't know how many people i've spoken to today who said we made it through andrew so we think we can get through this. if the predictions are correct, this is a far more severe storm. kelly? >> yeah, that's what kalee was just showing us. jackie, thank you.
4:06 pm
a moment ago 650 miles in diameter, like from here to washington here to washington is 300 miles. >> or here to charlotte. i mean, new york to charlotte is 650 miles driving distance that's how wide this storm is. let's get to morgan brennan in orlando. >> reporter: major attractions and theme parks are getting ready to close down as hurrican irma makes its way closer to florida. walt disney world resorts and universal studio, the sister company of cnbc, seaworld and lego land are a few of more than 1 shun atraksz here in the orlando area making contingency plans and many of them beginning the preparations of closing down early ahead of this storm. so many tourists, not to mention many residents, are trying to get out ahead of this, and they are having a tough time
4:07 pm
especially when it comes to air travel it's pretty difficult to get yourself on an airplane right now, and it's a real race against the clock. orlando international airport has already announced it will close down tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m. eastern. it also has seen at least 17 flight canslations today alone, and if you are headed to the airport don't bring a because its park garages are full. this is a scenario playing out in many parts of the state right now as miami, palm deitch and many other airports begin to wind down and get ready for the storm. >> people are hoping that they can slow it down there and maybe spare people for the damage. morgan thank you morgan brennan in central florida for us here on set with me, michael santoli and contributor evan newmark and joe duran checks in as well.
4:08 pm
mike, some thoughts. this is not a market story, but we've seen gdp forecasts come down for the third quarter even "journal" was floating the idea that would put off fed hikes and whether that's true or not, look what's happening in the markets. ten-years down to 2% and dollar down to 91 it's like the people think the fed will never hike again. >> not primarily an economic or financial event but definitely part of the whole mix creating this subdued tone, just like in the markets, dollar weak, really fed action being pushed off way into the future. the two-year note yield was down to about 1.25. it was down while other yields run. that basically tells you the market is thinking the ned is going to sit around the for a while. i don't think it's a whole story, but it's one of the unquantifiable things out there that's potentially going to retrain economic performance and make a lot of data noisy and will have a lot of companies coming out and saying, you know, this is one reason maybe we didn't make our numbers. >> certainly going to be noise and every time that happens, basically flying through clouds
4:09 pm
for a while. you aren't quite sure what's happening on the ground. meantime, seemed like it might be a silver lining from harvey because it had a good deal from washington and tying that to the three-month hike by partisan deal >> that's very hard to be bullish right now because -- besides the meteorological issues the politics right now is pretty uncertain. i think if you ask many people about the prospects of tax reform is some kind of tax reform light, super light and it's not -- it's not -- a lot of the trump trade triggers which included tax reform, infrastructure spending, all that kind of stuff seems like, you know, we're moving into the last quarter of the year. >> yeah. >> and where is all that stuff there's no there there. >> joe, let me ask you throughout the day a lot of reports and speculation about the future of gary cohn in the white house. what would it mean for you if he
4:10 pm
were to leave all together >> i think that's a bad sign, and validation of what we've seen a lot of which is a lot of promise and hope and very little coming through and i think you're seeing that in not just the behavior of the financial markets but also when you look at russell compared to large caps a low regulation business-friendly environment should help small caps more than any other subgroup, and yet they are underperforming a lot, so i think what you're pricing in is had a lack of confidence that the government is going to get a lot done, not that the taxes will be talked light hand infrastructure not even discussed for month hand those things that would porter economy are not on the table right now andalusian cohn who is a serious benefactor and cares a lot about economic growth, i think it would be a blow honestly >> hand michael -- and michael,
4:11 pm
we've talked about this hand that was partly because of the idea trump was pushing him out and the whole of what he represent, that kind of globalist pro-trade message was out of the white house if it's more because they are butting heads, the president was displeased how he' rkted a charlottesville. >> and essentially kind of a loyalty test that he nailed. it's a little bit different saying he didn't want to us do punitive tariffs and didn't want us to necessarily go out there and fight this nationalistic warfare which come in the showers tet were putting it would be more of a reflection of what the market recognizes, that there's not a lot of momentum behind the tax cut agenda and job if he was the favorite choice for the fed. could have clifd with him there. >> the severance going on, talk
4:12 pm
about, insured losses are the damage and credit suisse says 125 billion and barclays 130 billion. another interesting fact from all of there is where are the construction workers shortages of workers and supplies, especially since this is going to go through the southeast. maybe you could argue there's some good there, but, you know, the -- there's not a lot of capacity. >> i would say that -- and we don't know you don't know how these storms are going to turn out. you don't know what the damage is going to be, but if you don't get wage growth on the back of reconstruction funding, then you know that the problems in the economy really are structural. i mean, they really are major major structural issues in the economy that, you know, we're -- >> you also face immigration constraints. >> yeah. >> if you can't find the people to pay more. >> right. >> no, i understand it. >> but you want that -- the
4:13 pm
quicker the rebuilding happen, not only bet ter will be obviously for everybody's livelihood but better it will be as well for people trying to keep economy overall absorbing the blow from the storm. >> you should see economics 101 tells you there should be wage growth in areas where there's dearth we're not talking about superskilled machinists. we're talking about construction workers. not trying to diminish the value of construction workers but that's a more fungible talent than -- >> i couldn't funge into anything cality bonds, for a while everything was correlated and there were no major storms, and now if you're investing in these things and you're not getting your interest and maybe not some of your principal, do you think that will have more of a principal effect >> i'm not overly concerned. very much like the storm you go through the storm and it has an impact now and then you
4:14 pm
adjust the premiums in the future in this case gdp will drop for a little while and then, of course, 500,000 cars have to be replaced in houston. who knows what happens very little in miami, and the same is true with insurance premiums and paying for the costs, so, yes, it will have an impact yes, it will aneck the some price of insurance companies and the -- and the value of the funds as well. typically again if we're not a secular change where we have a lot more of this, but, again, it gets priced in, so we really all pray that it's a very low impact event and economically the economy typically recovers quite quickly. >> we saw a little bit of that as you saw travelers doing probably the best out of the dow. you have even the insurance names that have been hit hard come back a little sglit one of the deals where at the end of the week the market was kind of looking for where things were taken too far and the banks came
4:15 pm
back a little bit even though the bond market didn't help them. >> the national association of home builders has suggested a temporary visa program for people to rebuild homes. >> they will certainly need help. >> it's interesting how that will collide with the political winds in washington. >> but when there's a need, there's a way. >> joe, thank you for joining us joe duran. florida has more than 300 hospitals which contributed more than 320 billion to the state's economy last year. irma is putting them and their patients at ring up next, a hospital ceo on their preparation for the storm. still ahead, new york fed president bill dudley weighed in on hurrican irma today he'll have the economic impact of tropical storms on the country. you're watching cnbc, first in business worldwide
4:16 pm
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4:18 pm
florida residents are bracing for hurrican irma's landfall and how are area hospitals preparing for the storm. joining us now is david strong, ceo of orlando health. mr. strong, with you i understand you say you're one. largest private networks in florida. you guys have a tough job obviously. they tell everyone to leave and you kind of have to stay what preparations are you making >> thanks a lot for having me, kelly. as you can imagine there's a
4:19 pm
number of preparations occurring across the system, everything from preparing buildings as a large organization we have over 200 buildings, everything from 800-bed hospitals to single physician offices, so we're going around trying to button those facilities up and make shower that they are prepared, but then also in the hospitals making sure we have appropriate staffing, supplies, equipment, everything that you can imagine that you would do at your home, also needs to occur around the hospital, but then also making sure we're prepared to take care of the patients. >> well, right, because you have existing patients, and when we were following harvey there were a lot of stories i remember hearing about one doctor who walked a mile from his house through a foot of water to make sure he could tend to a cancer patient and goat surgery and that's one side of it and then the other side how you might have to deal with people harmed by the storm can you speak to what your staff is doing and then how you'll be able to meet the need, if necessary. >> sure, one of the things that we do is we actually have teams
4:20 pm
of clinicians that come into the hospital, and they work on essentially 12-hour shift, so there's two full teams that staff every one of our hospitals. you know, one team will work for 12 hours while the other team sleeps, and then the other team will start working, and in that process, we'll continue until the storm is gone. that also includes key clinicians that if anything happens inside the facility and a physician is need for a neurosurgical issue or a -- or any type of other cardiac event, then those physicians are already on site to take care of those patients. >> david, talk a little bit about the challenging demographic that you have down in florida i mean, there are a lot -- it skews much older than i would imagine the rest united states it skews so people have a much more difficult time getting around do you have to take extra precautions or is there some kind of extra manpower that you
4:21 pm
can employ in those circumstances? >> typically hospitals in general, the patients that we see are medicare patients or patients that are over 65. of interest, orlando in central florida is actually a younger demographic than the rest of the -- the rest of florida as well as the united states, and so -- but, again, for hospitals, it -- it is certainly our target market and the people that we serve are the medicare patient, so it's really what we do every day. it's not vig specific recording what we'd have to do for the elderly population there. >> curious what you and your family are doing to prepare? >>ia same thing that everyone else is doing which is trying to make sure the house is prepared take things in from outside and take care of the windows and make sure the neighbors are taken care of, the pets are red and get the products that you need. >> so what does it look like when you guys are going to the stores and trying to get gas loin are you potentially stocking up when you have to stay there when
4:22 pm
you look at comps between the size of irma and andrew. there's no comparison, this is much bigger. what happens if you're all of a sudden out of power and need place for more than a week. >> one of the things we've seen lines at the thunderstorms however, most of the stores, at least the ones that i've heard our team members and my family talk about is there have been replinishments so there is access to the supplies from a hospital perspective we've been able to stock up on multiple day supplies, and from that perspective we're prepared. >> all right we wish you the best thank you for joining us >> our pleasure. thank you. >> david strong from orlando health. more than 140 million people are also concerned about their data today a gigantic hack at credit company equifax has sparked the concern. ahead, a cyber expert on what you can do to help yourself. still ahead, florida governor scott telling floridaians to evacuate we'll talk to the ceo of a company who that helps people rranisa of a dodge when huice aproving. stay with us
4:23 pm
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looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor. with us. with us. welcome back credit reporting agency equifax is one of the worst performers in the s&p since revelations that hackers have gained access to 143 million people's personal information. we heard that news first around this tymeer. shares down 13.5% in the session today. anything we can do to protect ourselves from identity thieves?
4:26 pm
joining me is a lawyer and a cyber security expert with hot shield ryan, i'll start with you. it's tricky here basically an agency whose job it is to know everything about us gets hacked. this doesn't feel like i need to worry about whether i'm changing my passwords enough. how would i proi tetect myself m something like this? >> i'm actually a victim of this crime as well. i research my information on the equifax security address and there it popped up that they want me to invest in their credit monitoring service which, you know, is kind of funny that they are offering credit monitoring where they got breached the best thing to do here is to engage in what's called a credit freeze, a credit freeze locks down your social on your credit report prevent anyone from opening up any new lines of credit via your social or credit
4:27 pm
report a credit freeze is where it goes. >> a credit freeze, if i do a credit freeze, what do i do? i go to a bank, who do i initiate that with >> per fej, great question so if you go to all of the three major credit bureaus and search the term credit freeze on the site, and that way you'll get to the page in which you add minister a credit freeze, so on their website you go on, you plug in your information, along with your social which is okay to do and once you do that they will provide you a user name and password so your cress it is frozen across the board and when you want to get credit, let's say you're going to do to an usual dealership and you want to thaw your credit prior to the dealership for a day or two and refreeze and does not negatively affect your credit scores. >> what if you're in the process of buying a house, for example. >> no problem. >> marks let me just bring new for a moment because one of the interesting wrinkles i'm read begun on cnbc's website right
4:28 pm
now is if you entered your information into this equifax website to try to help you figure out if you were affected you could potentially be signing away your right to litigation. >> absolutely true there's an inherent ambiguity in the online terms and conditions that equifax has in connection with the service they are offering for free. you click i accept, and it is conceivable that you've given away remedies including the class action it's outrageous is this clear from the language. >> reporter: no, it isn't. if i were negotiating this agreement on behalf of a large company in a deal with equifax i'd ask them to clarify. i would call upon the ceo of equifax to make the ambiguity go away change the language and if his lawyers can't do it. call me, i'll be happy to do it. >> i think they were also trying to push the company to not restrict this for consumers. >> i've been wondering, just as a broader legal matter, mark,
4:29 pm
what is the companies's responsibility in terms of putting up defenses in order to prevent something like this? seems to be no standard on that? >> there's no standard best practices, best of breed, use words like that. here's the problem this is like the fire house burned down. they are the credit reporting agency they have all this data. there's already a class action filed in connection with this thing and basically the -- the simplistic argument of this complaint is the more concerned with their profits than spending money on proper cyber security, but here's the problem it's a reality no matter how much they spent on cyber security there are no guarantees this is like burglary. we don't like it it hurts, but it's not going away it's a part of life. >> report, you mentioned a moment ago, that you know, credit freeze is one thing that people can do. do you think the biggest risk from this hack would be something like that? we know obviously how to deal if someone takes your credit card everybody has been through that.
4:30 pm
what are some of the other things you need to be watchful for? >> so, always be aware of activity on your credit cards which a couple hundred credit cards were compromised in this particular breech as well. what i do is sign up for alert and notifications via my card companies and bank's website which means every time there's a charge every time there's a withdrawal i get a text message or e-mail alerting me to that fact i know all of my charges in realtime that keeps me fully -- >> every time. >> no problem. >> this way i know -- if my wife has just made a large charge i'm aware of it when it happens and i can contact her to make sure that it was her if she did it. >> you want to say i don't think so, that looks like a pretty big charge. >> all right >> guys, thank you robert siciliano and mark grossman, very much appreciate it. >> thank you. >> would you do anything or would you just be like
4:31 pm
laissez-faire? >> the credit card companies are good about notifying you when fraud is going on. a lot of checks and billions in the system and for the average person out thereto key headline should be -- make the assumption that somebody at some point in time is going to get access to your information and conduct yourself that way and assume -- >> by the way, the basis -- we do one of these stories once a month. >> every day. >> i know, i know. >> all right. >> that's it that's my assumption. >> words of wisdom time now for a cnbc news update and back to sue herera. >> the death toll now rising to 58 after a massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck off mexico's southern coast that quake toppedled buildings and sent panicked people into the streets. nearly 2 million people lost power, and authorities closed schools in at least 11 states. it's the biggest earthquake in that country's history. with hurrican irma looming,
4:32 pm
georgia governor nathan deal holding a news conference in atlanta wornlg georgians not to be fooled by today's sunny and warm weather >> i want to caution all georgians that just because the weather now may appear to be calm, do not take that for granted. this is a rapidly moving hurricane, and the weather and the consequences of that have hurricane can change dramatically >> hand in the wake of irma, you are looking at video of what is left of the bitter end yacht club in the british virgin islands, just south of richard branson's necker island. he rode out the storm on his private island he released a statement that he and his crew are safe but he's never seen anything like this hurricane, end quote that's the news update this hour kelly, back to you. >> sue, thank you very much. sue herera florida's now bracing for the catastrophic storm
4:33 pm
what about the rest nation up next, a look at economic impact of hurricanes on the u.s. economy and companies are pitching in to help the people of florida, texas and the caribbean. ahead. we'll get to a lowe's distribution center in north carolina which is preparing for irma and already helping wit harvey "closing bell" will be right back ♪ ♪ integrate any part of your business, and have your systems work as one. the ibm cloud. the cloud for enterprise. yours.
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4:36 pm
welcome back texas congress non-kevin brady is pushing for tax cuts. ylan mui joins us with more on that plan. disaster relief is not just about the basics like food and water and shelter. it can also come in the form of the tax code and that's why brady is floating a couple of special breaks for victims of hurricane harvey and now likely hurrican irma as well. one of those breaks would provide greater access to retirement funds the irs has already relaxed some of the rules that govern taking out a loan from your 4014 k or making a hardship withdrawal you could still face a 10% penalty on that money so congress would have to take action to change that. brady is looking for ways to encourage charitable efforts and increased write-offs for expenses and raise the limits on deductions for casualty losses there's no formal bill yet, but
4:37 pm
brady says this week he expects it will be bipartisan and that it would be focused on relief and not waste, but as you said, kelly, brady is from texas, and, of course, wanting to help the victims of these hurricanes because republicans' goal is to simplify the tax code and groups like the american action forum and the tax foundation say that carveouts like this is why it's become so complicated in a minute back over to you. >> i don't think it's getting simpler. thanks very much new york fed president bill dudley was on "squawk on the street" talking about the storm's impact listen. >> the first consequences it actually pushes down economic activity because it disrupts commerce and the ability of people to do their business. also it will tend to push up prize initially. we saw hurricane harvey, a big increase in gas prices and those effects tend to be pretty transitory the longer run effect of
4:38 pm
disasters, unfortunately, it actually lists economic activity because have you to rebuild all of the things that have been damaged by these storms. >> and joining us now to discuss more of the impact is chase chief economist anthony chan thanks for being with us. >> great to be here. >> is it typically all the bad happens in one quarter and then it balances back over the next several? in other words, does it even out, or depending on the storm do we see a hit or positive long term effect on gdp >> the hit is initially much brater the more severe the storm and one thing i found when i look at the data, if you look at hurricane -- the first one, katrina, we had an unemployment rate of 5% so you lost a lot of jobs that's the negative impact, but then in the recovery side you didn't really generate as many jobs, even though you need a lot of workers basically to rebuild, the unemployment rate is 5%, you don't get much, so what you saw
4:39 pm
was almost a 240,000 non-farm payroll deceleration of jobs from the initial month that went before the hurricane took place when payrolls were going up 111. hurricane sandy, on the other hand, right before the unemployment -- before the hurricane hit, the unemployment rate was 7.8%, so guess what we creed a lot more jobs so bottom line answer to your question, kelly, you tend to see a much more positive impact because you get more resources going, more workers going and more income swlu a higher unemployment rate than in you have a lower unemployment rate when you can't find workers. >> does that mean it's just going to be kind of a more difficult recovery back to even. it's never come out ahead. >> when you have a loy unemployment rate the transition
4:40 pm
rate is the a little bit longer and you'll see the economies are very resilient and we'll bounce back we'll talk short-term effects. >> we talked earlier about wage growth do you see any impact in terms of actual wage growth because of the kind of raul employment numbers. i'm thinking, you know, if you have to do a lottery rebuilding in houston or in florida, are we going to break out of this no wage growth kind of pattern on the basis of this, or is that totally irrelevant >> well, actually, evan, i heard your comments earlier in the show and you projected wages would be going higher. >> i didn't know that. >> i don't disagree. >> over the near term they will go a little higher, but long everyone term, as these things normalize, those effects will go away i recently did a study looking at what's the number one determinant of wages, and the number one determinant is productivity, and if you look at every single decade all the way back to the 1960s, every time you have a decade where productivity is low, wages are
4:41 pm
lower. i looked at real average hourly earnings and it's almost 2-1 productivity is 2% real average hourly earnings go up by 1% and since 2010, productivity is averaging about 1% and guess what, real average hourly earnings, one-half of 1%. >> let me just focus on what this will mean and the numbers we'll start to get when we get -- we've had the back-to-back storms, too that is big, big number that we're talking about, relative to even katrina in the last one so it's going to do what to the payrolls report? if we were going to add 150, we might add 75 could it be a zero >> i think this potential storm could subtract 100,000 off that that occurs no matter what. >> the gdp numbers. >> you see gdp going down and that's spread out over time and then as the rebuilding fakes place you get offsets to that
4:42 pm
effect. >> it's interesting that the rebuilding offsets won't be as great if the economy is worse and you needed the help. okay, that's a good thing and at the same time i'm wondering -- you look at south florida and how hard it miami and are we going to assume whatever is hit could be end of the story and the economic costs to do so. who is going to ensure now it took them a decade after, you know, the last efforts to kind of come in and get people a lot of the regional players to insure these homes what happens now >> it's a real problem and then in florida the state has an unemployment rate of 1.4% and finding the workers to do it, but i don't want to give the impression that you don't get the same offset, but it just takes a lot longer because you really have to struggle to find labor or workers as opposed to if you have a ready pool of workers with an unemployment rate of 8%, 9% or 10%. it's much more spread out.
4:43 pm
>> the tourism effect is a little piece of t.rebuilding people. >> and same for the caribbean. i don't know if they actually need to come out and say that they have started the rebuilding effort everybody go to the caribbean and in some way to encourage the spend to ham celebrities are stepping up to say they will try to help. >> that's the right thing to do. >> anthony chan, thanks for joining us. >> a lot of florida and georgia residents are leaving their homes as hurrican irma is set to hit this weekend and home improvement stores like home depot and lowe's seeing a surge after people prepare for the aftermath. a look at how they are dealing with the demand. you're watching cnbc, first in business worldwide
4:44 pm
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jo florida residents are finishing up last minute residence before hurrican irma hits this weekend. joining us is dan odess, ceo of global pro recovery. dan, you focus mostly on like if you have to leave all of a sudden or more, you know, people have a long lead time? >> well, we focus on is actually the recovery of their insurance claims and assisting our clients prepare for the event of a storm and also in the recovery thereafter >> okay. global recovery. got it. >> it can be an invisibly
4:47 pm
difficult process and we've been reading about people with harvey making call after call and filing their claims and getting relief on the flooding front we're talking about a wind storm in florida, what kind of advice do you have to home owners in. >> for homeowners, if you haven't already, now is the time to take pictures, videos of your property, make sure you have your critical documentation and waterproof bags and make sure you have emergency contact information to your family members and also it might help to have contact information for local contractors and have your supplies handy, and have a contingency plan for what you're going do there after the storm and what will you do the next couple of weeks if you did not evacuate >> you mentioned, dan, taking pictures and spoke to florida's ag who was talking about gouging and making sure you took pictures it reminds me thata lot of people lost access to their phone, the batteries and water damage and otherwise
4:48 pm
i know it sounds simplistic, but it's one thing to do obviously to make sure you send those around to those who recover them and get them where they need to go. >> absolutely. so many services out there that offer some free space, whether it's through different vendors or just using social media to upload them or send them to, you know, relatives or family and friends that may not be in your marketplace. >> yeah. brandon, michael. >> dan, i guess, it's sort of a simplistic question and how is business in other words, are people's minds in this place that say let me have a structured organized proactive way of figuring out how to deal with this or is it typically kind of a scramble. >> see it on both sides, usually a lot of people who talk about it, for this storm, i definitely saw in my local market there was a stronger response to the warnings, and you did see a lot of community effort and pooling resources. there are those that don't plan
4:49 pm
and who are haphazardly trying to get out unfortunately, not only does that cost them more money up front but will cost them more money in the long run because they didn't document their property or their contents properly >> and i'm just looking at the cost here, dan for businesses it can cost them $5,000 to protect their data and critical information 2,200 to $20,000 for larger storefronts and large retailers. you help them with that. is that how that works this is a pretty big number. i can understand there's people who feel like it's not worth it because they can't see the damage yet. >> as the slogan says, ready, recover, rebuild the ready part is putting things in place, and most people don't realize that a lot of cost that you talked about can be recoverable. anything you did to mitigate damages could be recoverable if you properly document it and your policy allows for it,
4:50 pm
especially on the business side of things, there's coverages in there for income coverage and extra expense and professional fees to do damage and loss assessments. whatever it takes to get to you that recovery or to mitigate those damages, a lot of times can be recoverable, but you've got to be familiar with your palsy. got to be b familiar with your policy look at the declaration pages and the limits and you have to class each of those efforts and co.s you spent up front. >> all right thanks for joining us. hopefully helps people get a jump on things appreciate it. >> b absolutely. thank you guys, stay safe. >> one retailer is working overtime to help texas rebuild after harvey while also getting people ready for irma kate joins us from statesville, north carolina kate >> well, if you've ever wondered how u major retailers like lowe's get prepare e ed major
4:51 pm
disaster, we'll take you for a ride behind scenes on "closing bell." ♪ ♪ i'm living that yacht life, life, life ♪ ♪ top speed fifty knots life on the caribbean seas ♪ ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, ♪ ♪ gany, gany, gany, gany ♪ watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested
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4:53 pm
texas is rebuilding and one retailers is working overtime to help in all those states kate has the efforts in north carolina >> hey, there, that's right. we're at one of lowe's 15 region distribution centers here in north carolina where they've been prepping hurricane irma for about a week this place is so massive it is 1. million square feet they told us you can fit 31 fields inside of here and annually, they ship out about 40,000 truckloads worth of
4:54 pm
supplies to 168 stores in north and south carolina as well as virginia and west virginia now u so far, they've sent out about ta 25 00 truckloads worth of crucially needed supplies like generators, gas can, plywood, trash bag, water and more for those in florida, south carolina and georgia they're also getting new shipments of those supplies on a daily basis, but what's unique about this store, they're still really recovering and working on the recovery efforts from harvey last week. >> when hurricane harvey comes and now irma is here, what we're doing is basically having to respond to the needs of the community. selling the products such as general r generator, water, prior to the disaster, also looking to make sure that we're ready to handle post recovery. >> so, they've already sent out about 20,000 buckets worth of
4:55 pm
relief supplies to those impacted in houston by harvey. if you look at these belt, these are what load all of those supplies on to the trucks. it can take hours or days to get the trucks loaded because they're just so massive. back to you. >> that distribution center is massive, kate. >> unbelievable. >> it really is. gl to see how few people there are. >> that's good >> well, i don't know if it's good if you're a worker who wants a higher paying job. >> of course, but you heard how much amazon is hireing. every day, there's a profile of somebody going there the factories are productive if they can get the supplies they need to go in a situation like that, i think that's a good thing. >> thank you >> thank you >> key inflation data is out next week. we'll give a preview and coming up on "fast money", there's an arms race in the media space and
4:56 pm
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4:59 pm
above 2%, we'll get readings out next week, guys. a couple of other things, the banking conference convention, i was going to say lehman barclays one. there's also the risk something happens with north korea over the weekend. >> seemed like it's one thing that's weighing on people's minds. i think inflation data that the bond market is price out a lot of inflation so maybe the surprise and direction is to the upside so cpi has not been a big market mover. i think the corporate stuff could be launching a big -- >> really hard to get bullish about financials >> are you still in the tbt? >> last year no, no i'm basically taking, it's write off time by the end, i'll wait to the end of the year, but i was right i wrote off the end of last year some i'll write off more. i've come around just in time for the bond market return
5:00 pm
i really do think that's why i'm very negative on financials. very negative. >> ten years ago would have been perfect timing we'll see how that all impacts the banks. wait for the inflation numbers thank you very much. evan, mike, "fast money" begins now. >> live from the nasdaq market side, i'm melissa lee. your trard rs -- tonight, irma causing destruction in the kai rir yan and now heading for florida. plus, energy coming back to life one trader says he seeing something nas got him hit iting the sell button. first, we start off with what we are calling america's pricing war. it is being fought on two major fronts in the media space as a landscape evolves an the big box


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