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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  September 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. washington in focus. wall street set to digest lots of political news from a new travel ban to a revised health care bill. the nfl versus trump the president calls for a football boycott as more players take a knee during the national anthem. plus, global politics. germany votes to re-elect angela merkel while japan's shinzo abe calls for a snap election. we'll talk market reaction on monday, september 25th, 2017 and "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ ♪
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good morning, and welcome to "worldwide exchange" on cnn. i'm sara eisen. >> i'm dominic chu >> we are going to talk about the nfl but the entire last weekend so i'm glad you're here. let's check in on global markets this morning show you what's happening with the u.s. equity futures. the dow closed positively. the nasdaq finished lower with some weakness in apple stocks. dow futures down 2 points. s&p futures down 2.5 nasdaq futures are down 6 points that's the ten year treasury note after the federal reserve signals he's not on track. trimming the balance sheet, 2.24 yields did move a lot. the big move was from the low 2s, 202, 203 higher treasury yields that's been a little helpful to
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groups like financials. >> it's almost been like you could say the fact that we had a federal reserve meeting, we got more details with the balance sheet trimming and all of that going on interest rates have held pretty steady during that entire time maybe gives you a sense that the markets had been expecting or it was communicated well enough by the fed that this is not a shock at all. >> it's true they did, they set it up in terms of the communication pretty well, either that or the market does not believe the fed is going to be aggressive either with a shrinking of the balance sheet or raising of interest rates even though the probability did jump to december or the market is okay with that. >> that kind of shrug off mentality is happening as well japan's minister shinzo abe is talking about the snap election ordering his cabinet to pass a massive stimulus package worth roughly 2 trillion en. that's 18 trillion dollars you can see the nikkei is up by
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half a percent generally speaking down markets for the rest of the major markets in asia. the hang seng down by 1 1/2% the kospi in south korea off by 1/3 of a percent as well. >> germany's chancellor angela merkel was re-elected to a fourth term. the nationalist alternative for germany party afg picking up 12% of the vote which means they'll be the first right wing party to enter the german parliament since world war ii that seemed to be the big market reaction, that and the fact that merkel won by a much smaller margin than she has won in the past the center holds in germany, but the continued fracturing of the political parties there may be spooking the markets a little bit. the dax is doing okay.
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you see that selloff even with the merkel lead which is considered sort of the best outcome. >> you almost get a sense that the global stock markets are picking up what the u.s. stock markets have that's that whole kind of shrug it off mentality we talk about, right? you see all of this stuff coming out of japan and the nikkei is up half a percent. >> uncertainty around the snap >> right, exactly. everything else. with germans electing angela merkel but with a narrower margin and a far right group coming in the dax is up 1/4 of 1%. >> it's hard to see the policy implications from the sort of political shakeups we saw president donald trump, that was a huge surprise to the market. >> sure. >> a lot of people thought that was going to lead to uncertainty. we saw brexit. the stock markets have done relatively well. >> resilient. >> interestingly, the french market after the macron victory which surged after that has actually lagged behind since that election. so we'll see what germany does
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just hard to figure out. we're going to talk later in the hour, monetary policy implications and policy in general. yes, you have an anti-euro tinge. >> you saw it with the euro off by half a percent. let's check on the broader markets including the euro dollar which is weaker it did open weaker for trade just below 119 as dom mentioned. pretty strong. the dollar is stronger, a little bit for americans. the yen, 112 up .10 of a percent. the british point strengthens 135.31 oil prices coming off a third week of gains. wti crude sits above $50 a barrel 50.52. brent goes the other way up 1/3 of a percent. gold prices on the flip side,
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it's been quieter for gold. >> absolutely. >> we did have the north korean headlines to digest which we'll get to gold prices for now under $1300 an ounce, barely moving this morning. sarah, on our political side of things, president trump issuing travel from eight countries including north korea and venezuela. this after the administration's ban on six predominantly muslim majority countries expired yesterday. the new parameters apply to foreign nationals. those countries, not all predominantly muslim a lot of them african. in other news out of washington, republican leaders are making a late bid to win votes for their efforts to repeal and replace obamacare they're adding an additional $14 billion to states by senators sponsored by senator lindsey
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graham and bill casady senators rand paul and john mick kay said they are going against opposition those bills that give block grants to the states, it still leaves too much intact. >> i've always been yes for repeal the graham casady owe peel keeps almost all of the spending and reshuffles it and block grants it to the states so i don't think block granting oake doesn't make it go away, it means you're keeping all the money we've sbn spending throbe through oake abamacare and reshuffling it >> senator graham says they will press ahead with a vote on the bill this week. to tax reform. president trump is expected to
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give a speech outlining the big six. axios says the top tax rate will be cut from 39.6% to 35% corporate tax rate will be taken down to 20% from current 35. the yesterday president trump told reporters he hopes to see the corporate tax rate lowered to 15% but that's a target republican leaders, including house speaker paul ryan says is impossible to reach without adding too much money to the federal debt on the other political story that dominates headlines, president trump taking on the nfl in a big way over the weekend. in a series of tweets the president blasting the league for allowing players to protest the national anthem. even called for a boycott if the protests continued the dallas cowboys took on the
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arizona cardinals in glendale. we'll have a live report from the stadium. eamon jabbers will get into it this was the fascination over the weekend. a lot of peemg saying the story that came out yesterday about jared kushner using personal e-mails, maybe that was an effort to distract from that or maybe the president just has a problem. >> so much to talk about we'll hit it throughout the hour. now to corporate news. uber is reportedly ready to make concessions in london after being banned from operating in that city. landon dowdy joins us with the information. >> reporter: let's make a deal that's what ride sharing app uber is ready to do. reports say the concessions likely about passenger safety, possible limits on working hours, to improve road safety and holiday pay.
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one uber exec says it's not clear what is concerning london regulators uber is urging commuters to sign a petition 600,000 people had signed and 20,000 uber drivers had e-mailed the mayor to reject the decision losing a license presents another major challenge. in an e-mail to employees, the truth is there is a high cost and you have to lerch to live in every city landon, thank you. wall street journal is full of economic data that starts tomorrow with the case-schiller hpi. on wednesday look for durable goods orders and pending home sales.
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thursday, the final estimate on second quarter gdp the week wraps up on second quarter spending, chicago pmi and consumer sentiment. >> yes, from the fed. >> from the fed, from mayor crow draghi and more. coming up later on the show, the president sets the sports world ablaze you heard about it earlier what the escalating feud means for trump's agenda and for the future of the nfl. you're watching cnbc ♪ we're drowning in information. where, in all of this, is the stuff that matters? the stakes are so high, your finances, your future. how do you solve this? you don't. you partner with a firm that advises governments
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm dominic chu alongside sara eisen. sporting games became political battle grounds this after the president renewed his spat with players. nbc's jay gray joins us from glendale, arizona, with more jay? >> reporter: hey, good morning, dom. most monday mornings are reserved for talks about scores, standings, stats before kickoff here in arizona between the cowboys and cardinals many discussions will instead be centered on players, protests and the president ♪ ♪ >> reporter: a strong and direct message across the nfl dozens of players standing up by kneeling down or locking arms during the national anthem in a show of solidarity on some teams, coaches and
5:15 am
owners joining the silent protest. >> galvanized the league, players, coaches, owners, everybody. it's inadvertently created a new level of unity. >> reporter: some sat quietly during the national anthem, some raised a clenched fist colin kaepernick started it last year saying he was taking a knee to bring attention to racial inequality and police brutality against african-americans. but the movement gained momentum after comments by president trump last week. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now. >> reporter: the pittsburgh steelers staying in the locker room the former army ranger alejandro villa knew af voe did stand in the tunnel with hand over heart. >> the nfl has to work out their own problems their numbers are way down and i
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think this is a big reason why their numbers are way down. >> reporter: an all out blitz from the president with th players looking to score by showing their unity before the games begin. now for some perspective here, six players were involved in protests in the national anthem. more than 200 took part yesterday. >> nbc's jay gray. something we'll be talking about. it has been, sara, a unifying week, from roger goodell to robert kraft. >> a good friend of the president. >> the business story here, i guess is the one around the ratings which we have continued to talk about throughout. >> right. >> i've asked a lot of people whether the politics are interfering with the ratings >> what we will see is if those
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things play out. >> the ratings have already been down >> it was a good day for football, wasn't it? >> it was a great day for football. >> the bengals almost won. >> they almost did. >> it came down to aaron rodgers. >> congratulations, jim cramer i heard the eagles had an amazing game. the nba was over the president's cross hairs this weekend. president trump said he would be withdrawing steph curry's invitation to go to the white house. that was after steph curry said he wouldn't visit. lebron james said going to the white house was an honor many people took to twitter to support curry. >> so much sports and politics at a crossroads. >> you wonder if it's going to
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have an impact on the sports or just bring people together you know, there was a lot of locking arms yesterday. >> owners, players, zbloechs it was on the cover of the paepers, steelers didn't come out of the locker room. >> day of protests at the nfl. this was an trk weekend. coming up. angela merck one of the far right parties is surging. we're going to discuss the impact on the eu that's coming up straight ahead. a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network.
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very big news coming out of there. the elections, of course, and the package. >> not much market reaction because this one was saying this was pretty much expected that he was going to call the snap election. to germany where there is uncertainty. angela merkel secured her fourth term as a chancellor the headline was big support for germany's right wing party and fracturing of the party.
5:22 am
annette weisbach is with us. >> reporter: well, thank you so much indeed, we have a political earthquake here in germany with angela merkel's party losing a tremendous amount of voters but also the social democrat which was her coalition party losing a lot of voters who may lead the alternative for germany. the right wing party battles well in the eastern part of germany but also some parts of western germany with a claim to reinstall border control, to tackle immigration into the country. homeland security security is high angela merkel will stay on top of the government but the question of coalition building
5:23 am
is looming large that's the only alternative for her with the liberals and the green party will be difficult. analysts are saying that it could drag on until christmas to have a new government in place in germany also, if they don't agree, that will be very interesting because then the only possibility would be new elections but for now it looks that they might come to the table together and form a coalition between three parties. for that, i'm sending it back over to you. >> annette weisbach, thank you. let's get more to the reactions out of germany and japan. joining us is the golden head of exchange great day to have you on there is so much that could impact the macro market. what in your mind is having the most influence over the currency and rates markets today?
5:24 am
>> the german election is clearly the big event. in fact, the biggest mover in foreign markets with the new zealand government we're still not sure it's not a big move holding at 119. it is in my mind now or never for those looking for a correction the euro has not pulled back much from its highs. you would have thought that even if it's likely that we get a coalition, that there's coalition between the green, the fdp and cdcsu, that's likely to be formed. if it takes a long time, that would be a good reason for the euro to drift lower over the course of this week. it'll play lower that won't help get any deals done between the u.k. and european union. >> it is interesting to watch the reaction it's hard to extrapolate what
5:25 am
the policy implications, both fiscal and mon be tear ri policy are for this new unchartered territory, whether it's in germany, in the united states in places like france and what that's going to mean for the actual market. how do you figure that out >> yeah. i think that's right essentially paralyzes government a little bit the pass on this desire for some voters to want more control over borders, concern about immigration, more populism it doesn't affect monetary policy it doesn't affect fiscal policy. it fractures the order that we have and you said earlier, we've seen what the reaction was to president trump being elected. much of that reverses after a while. i think it's easier to see uncertainty and i think it's easier to worry about the implications f. we still have this landscape into the economic
5:26 am
downpour, but for now unease for markets as opposed to anything else. >> kid, there's another big refr dumb coming up as well are there risks around what's happening with catalonia >> as an utsider, it's not going well it's not going to be a comfortable ride but i think there will be a certain amount of civil disturbance whatever happens. unless you get high turnout with a strong majority in favor of cat at that lone yeah staying within spain, i think this is going to be difficult. i'm not sure, again, given that the government has imposed its will and says this is illegal and wants to stop it that they'll ignore it. what are we going to do in market spanish bonds sell off significantly probably given the support for the european central
5:27 am
bank bond market and the yields are around how much does that sell it off i'm not sure >> you don't see a sense of panic. calm kit jukes, thank you for joining us maybe that's the way, dom. so many people want to vote against the euro and the center holds and it's very different than 2016. coming up, a new travel bill, revised tax plan and more congp mi uon wall street we'll take you live to d.c. next stay tuned you're watching "worldwide exchange" next on cnbc
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washington watch obamacare and tax reform front and center as wall street kicks off a new trading week we're live in the nation's capital straight ahead. blasting the nfl president trump calls for a football boycott as more players take a knee during the national anthem that fallout coming up. going global big surprise in germany and japan calling for a massive spending package and a snap election look around at the big international headlines and market impact. it's monday, september 25th, 2017 you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. ♪ ♪ good morning and welcome to "worldwide exchange" on cnbc i'm sara eisen. >> i'm dominic chu sitting in
5:31 am
for wilfred frost this morning big news day global markets are moving a bit here take a look at the u.s. side of things we are holding steady. futures indicating a three point drop for the s&p 500 just about 20 points for the dow jones industrial average and the nasdaq down 9 points as for what's happening on the interest rate side of things, take a look at the ten year u.s. treasury note. holding steady around the 2.24 percentage area. 2.23 a lot of the headlines coming out around the fed still, very much holding steady again. >> little to down movement i would say in europe. >> right. >> that's what's happening in futures despite some big political headlines. for instance, in asia, japan's prime minister shinzo abe calling for a snap election ordering the cabinet to pass it. checking november on the sharon trade the nikkei rose and
5:32 am
shanghai comp lower than 1/3 of a percent. this was seen as a move calling for an election in japan and an tis -- anticipating another round in germany, angela merkel was reelected in germany to a fourth term. the nationalists alternative for germany party picked up 12.5% of the vote they will be the first right wing party to enter it and the fact that merkel won but on a smaller area the dax is flat but the rest of europe is weaker to the tune of a quarter percent. look at spain, down 1% you mentioned political riff
5:33 am
around catalonia >> as for the broader market, let's hit on what sara spoke about. the currency side is showing more volatility. the euro down 1.1893 that's half a percent down 112 gets us rising on the oil side of things, 50 bucks a barrel has been what we've been watching with the overall scheme for wti crude we're at 50.59 ice brent crude, 57.21 as for the gold trade, relatively flat right now. the safety trade certainly playing out recently in that but not today. >> now to u.s. politics, president trump slapping u.s. restrictions on who can travel into the united states the white house adding north korea, venezuela and chad.
5:34 am
they'll join five muslim nations that have been restricted from entering the united states president trump tweeting last night that making america safe is my number one priority. we will not admit those into our country. we cannot safely vet the president's travel ban was first enacted back in march. several federal courts have tried to block it before the supreme court allowed it to take effect back in june. president trump taking on the nfl in a very big way over the weekend. in the series of tweets the president blasted the league for allowing players to protest the national anthem. he even called for a boycott if those protests continue. eamon javers joins us. eamon, is this a distraction with what's going on >> the president thinks this is not a distraction. he thinks it's going to fire up his base and help him get some
5:35 am
stuff done in washington, d.c. he signaled that it was, you're right, a weekend of protests in the national football league responding to the president's comments, both in person and over twitter take a look at some of the images from around the league and you'll see there was a mixed reaction some players taking a knee during the national anthem a lot of teams were locked arm in arm some teams didn't come out of the locker room. dramatic scene there the president in the beginning of the weekend in alabama. he said, when they disrespect a flag, get that son of a bitch off the field right now, he's fired. that's the president's words talking about colin kaepernick the president said though last night that he was pleased about what he saw in the league over the weekend, the parts of the football games he did see.
5:36 am
here's the president speaking at andrews last night. >> i certainly think the owners should do something about it it was great solidarity. i watched a little bit i was not watching the games, believe me, i'm doing other things i watched a little bit i will say that there was tremendous solidarity for our flag and for our country >> the president prompted reactions from some of the biggest stars in sports including lebron james who responded to the president's tweet in which he disinvited stephen curry. lebron james saying you bum. stechb k stephen curry already said he ain't going so therefore no invite going to white house was a great honor until you showed up. the patriots owner put out this statement saying i am deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the president on friday. i support players' rights to peacefully effect social change and raise awareness in the
5:37 am
manner that they feel is most impact follow. dom, is this going to affect the president's decision it's clearly a distraction who benefits people in the nfl stadiums screaming at players, screaming at each other. players divided, owners divided. all of that the president making a political comment. >> we'll see what the ratings show, eamon. to the earlier question on taxes and health care, it's also a big week, right? president trump has a speech on taxes. what do we know about that >> reporter: we're expected to see the president unveil his tax plan this week some of the details have been leaking out other the weekend. they're going for the 20% corporate tax rate higher than the 15% the president has insisted that he wanted the other brackets may range
5:38 am
between 12 and 25% this is going to be a tough week remember, the president last week saw the apparent failure of the revised effort to pass health care reform when john mccain came out against it that was a legislative disappointment for the president. this week he's going to pivot to tax reform there may still be action on health care. we'll see whether they can modify the bill in order to bring some of those dissenting posts onto the president's side. that looks dead for now. i hesitate to predict anything. >> we have a couple of seconds here what's the most important thing on your radar? >> i think taxes whether the president can say do an entirely new effort, push the ball over the line the fallout from the social upheaval how does that impact lawmakers in washington who come back and to a deeply divided congress trying to get some stuff done. i think that's a question. the president clearly has
5:39 am
decided that he thinks this works for him. >> yeah. they're going to get questions those members of congress whether they want to wade into the issue or not i have a feeling. >> right. >> eamon javers, thank you >> you bet. uber is apparently willing to make concessions to remain in london the sunday times reporting that uber will likely make changes to passenger safety policy, for instance, and benefits for its drivers. one uber exec said the company is working with london police on better ways to deal with reporting serious incidents. early uber said he's learned things from the startup. >> be ready for reverse dog ears things are going to happen at things like spotify and uber and you have to go at that pace and it turned out all things went quickly. >> a big interview
5:40 am
if you want to hear the full context of it, it just was posted online. head to delivering time for some top trending stories now. jennifer lopez is donating a million dollars to relief efforts in puerto rico following hurricane maria. the actress making a surprise appearance on the island over the week end lopez said she and her boyfriend, alex go med, following a stroing of devastating hurricanes. >> celebrities are using star power to get that funded. >> a lot of people over the weekend disappointed that president trump did not tweet about puerto rico and all of the people that are still suffering without power and shelter and underwater they're going to need federal support. >> the fact that there were ten tweets on the nfl and noneon this was a little distracting. amazon might soon deliver chipotle to your door. they're partnering with online food ordering company olo.
5:41 am
that means restaurants that uses that could soon be available on amazon prime this could be a game changer for a lot of people. for me i crave the riblets. >> kiley jenner breaking the internet the makeup mogul said she's pregnant with her boyfriend travis scott's baby. jenner and her representatives have yet to comment. the post has 2.8 million likes it was only uploaded two hours ago. >> she looks pregnant in the post. >> this is how you break it, on instagram if you're a kardashian. now on to sports because there's so much to talk about. while the big focus over the weekend was on the national
5:42 am
anthem protest, there was some exciting action on the field last night the washington redskins playing the watchioakland raiders. washington rolled over the raiders. kirk cousins threw a long pass for a 52 yard touchdown to put them up 21-0 washington went on to beat oakland 24-7 improved their record. a lot of great football games including the one we talked about, the packers very, very late game. >> i thought the bengals were going to win >> i'm surprised at how rough it's been to start anyway. >> apparently the eagles are magical according to cramer. >> they were. >> maybe those exciting games led to bigger ratings. i think that will be interesting. >> mr. cramer's been pretty happy according to his twitter feed this morning. >> yes. coming up, today's must reads, ilungheerncdi wth one of
5:43 am
the players was justified. stay tuned you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." my pick in "the new york times", puerto rico is american. we can't ignore it now which was the other big issue over the weekend before they were reduced to a primal struggle for food, water and escape, referring to the
5:46 am
impact of hurricane maria, residents thought they had hit rock bottom when a financial control board took power last year under emergency federal law. the board has levied sweeping austerity measure to higher tax to infrastructure projects describing some of the pain. >> the austerity. >> which we've covered here numerous times the idea that the island was nearly bankrupt and they had to deal with some of the problems in the fiscal hold now they're going to need a lot of federal money it's a u.s. territory. can't vote for president but can't be represented >> i've spoken to a lot of folks of pure tow reek candice sent.
5:47 am
my pick today is in the u.s."ua toda today" good call on the nfl, mr. president. this is former nebraska congressman john christian son write, quote, when millionaire athletes fail to pay homage to the united states and use their field of occupation to make a statement, i can choose to turn the channel. i will not give my time and attention to spoiled brat athletes that brings a central point to something we have been talking about for quite some time which is whether or not ratings matter, whether or not the bottom lines of some of these leagues, companies and players will shape some of that policy we haven't seen any of impact. >> some people think we have some people think the ratings are down not just because of the collin kaepernicking of the worl
5:48 am
there have been some problems. the fact that espn has been embroiled in politics, who knows. if you talk to nfl fans, they say it's the red zone. >> do you watch the football >> i watch the sunday games. >> you don't watch the red zone. >> my cable package doesn't have it i can pay for it i like watching the games i want to watch. >> the whole fantasy explosion there have been a lot of changes in some of the streaming options for football. >> yes there is certainly secular head wind for the game of football and the meade yeah side of things if you have streaming on amazon prime, yahoo!, those things play into whether or not those ratings -- >> i bet the ratings will be good for yesterday and the games were exciting. >> they were good. >> still ahead, president trump expected to talk jobs at an event this afternoon we're going to talk about the
5:49 am
thewoyment and the economy widr mattis. that's coming up we'll discuss all of that when cnbc returns >> i bet the ratings will be we'll discuss all of that when
5:50 am
5:51 am
futures at this hour lower dow futures down and we've picked up steam in the last 45 minutes. s&p futures down and nasdaq down 12 this after another week where we saw record highs the russell 2000 index of small caps closing on friday drew mattis at metlife investment good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the stock market resilience set a record high in the face of continued rhetoric questions about coalition governments in places like germany, japan, new zealand and the markets remain mostly quiet and resilient. does that make sense to you?
5:52 am
>> it does if you look at the u.s. economy, there's nothing going wrong. it's very hard to see a bubble anywhere it's hard to see a dislocation that would lead to a downturn. it doesn't mean you can't get one. you had enough noise from overseas that it's turned back to what it is which is background noise against the strong u.s. economy. >> that background noise imemploys that we are maybe desensitized is there anything out there that isn't background noise and that could move into something bigger is there an economic issue we're not paying attention to because we're so fixated on president trump? >> if you saw a bank make a move, that would be something. the ecb will move towards papering the fed is obviously moving and shrinking its balance sheet. if you saw something disruptive
5:53 am
there, maybe something out of china could have worldwide repercussions domest domestic, all assets are rich. everything looks pretty much fully priced we don't see the disconnect. >> where's the inflation that usually accompanies the healthier economy? >>it's coming. >> we've been saying that for a while. >> at the same point, 1.5% versus 2% given how well we measure everything it's not inconceivable that we're at the right level and also we have to bear in mind that the general fund rate is below 4.5. >> shouldn't we see higher wages in the economy you've described? >> we've done research on this my group's done research on this where you look at the demographics part of what might be holding us back is there are a lot of older folks retiring, more highly paid the younger workers are coming
5:54 am
in you're still seeing strong consumption. that helps explain the disconnect millennials getting jobs spend more money that's what's kept the consumption side going. >> the spending more money is more than 2/3 of that is based on consumer spending retail companies have been shown a little bit more optimism in the markets over the course of the past couple of weeks there's still a big down trend. >> spending again. >> i never stopped. >> you never stopped is there something to be said for the u.s. consumer, can they expect pounding the economy the way they have been are we opening up our wallets generally speaking >> i think we can. what's the fear? we have a very low level claim so people aren't being a lid off. there are a lot of job openings out there. wages aren't necessarily moving but they're not going down wages are out pacing inflation
5:55 am
net worth we saw last week at a record high again. i think broadly speaking the u.s. consumer is in a great place. doesn't mean everyone is but the u.s. consumer at large is. >> where do you see evidence of that i cover some of the consumer staples companies and they're seeing absolutely no growth from packaged food to household products to beverages. a lot of the retailers are seeing drops in traffic. i know people are shopping online more. even last month's retail sales wasn't all that great. it's not like there was a big boom in online spending. >> no, but the overall consumption. any given month you'll have the disruptions. we had a lot of weather events will hold us back. either the broad aggregate numbers are wrong and everything is worse in which case we should see a pickup in initial claims because someone somewhere should get fired, but we're not seeing that. >> your favorite indicator.
5:56 am
>> my favorite indicator. >> high frequency as well. >> it's simple so i can understand it. >> you mentioned that all of the asset classes that you're kind of following are richly or fairly valued at this point. so when it comes to you and the way that you look at investing money, where exactly -- how do you deploy capital in an environment where people are valuing assets richly across the board. at metlife what we can do because of the size of the general account with the cash flows that we have, we can trade liquidity for yield. we can look for private assets, things that are harder for people to get into, offer credit liquidity. we don't need the money right away. >> like what, direct lending >> private credit.
5:57 am
if you on the other hand don't have constraints, i think you have to look towards more risky assets. >> drew matus, thank you dom, thank you that does it for us this morning. "squawk box" is coming next. evan and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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good morning busy week in washington as lawmakers work on plans to reform health care and taxes a full rundown straight ahead. president trump, this is like sports radio, wasn't it? takes on nfl the president calling for a football boycott as more players take a knee during the national anthem. plus, global politics. germany is voting -- did vote to re-elect angela merkel it wasn't a clear-cut victory
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and now they're calling for a snam election. it's monday, september 25th, 2017, and "squawk box" begins right now. live from new york where business never sleeps, this is "squawk box. good morning welcome to "squawk box" right here on cnbc we're live at the nasdaq market site here in new york. becky is off today take a look at the u.s. equity futures at this hour this morning after the weekend here dow looks like it would open up down about 18.5 points down. nasdaq would open off about 9 points down. the s&p 500 looking to open up about 3 points later i don't know if you saw that dow 1 million in 100 years from now. >> that doesn't say that much about the annual


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