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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> for -- >> 2%. >> nhl starts tonight, rites of passage, it all begins, mel. red hat! >> moments to nhl hockey i'm melia sslee. se . my mission is simple, to make youmoney. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. mr. always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey i'm cramer welcome to "mad money," welcome to cram america. other people want to make friends i'm just trying to make you money. my job to educate and teach you. call me 1-800-734-cnbc or tweet me @jim cramer enough with the darn positives
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already. i have enough people begging me for negatives. dow gaining 20 points, s&p rising 1.2%, nasdaq advances .0% i feel like i got to lay out some worries and woas. now -- told you how erin tweets dysfunction tax policy, the rocket man create a hideous back drop at any moment something yelling out of contractor like interest rates and rock step that will be a real blow to the bull cause. but those are all big think issues kind of thing that drives me a little crazy steams me because it's total thumb sucker journalist since we're casting it requires nothing that's out -- or even
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like homework, i'm letting the other's naval gaze i'm covering my with a tie my daughter got me, and a t-shirt underneath if there was one thing i learned at goldman sachs is you have to preserve your dress shirt with a t-shirt. now you've learned something from today little different than what you came for it's always worth considering things from the bearish point of view i want to play definitely's advocate that hits the real market so let me put on my grinch suit and give you ten of the negatives as we approach the earning season first area of concern, the banks. if we get a weak employment number friday, that's payroll report, even though it's messy because of the storms, we're going to start hearing feds may not rise interest rates. that's bad from the banks, that
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profit from higher rates and will be much more likely to falter as a rule nesh, bank of network, which has a huge deposit base. rate heights, jp morgan. ncu not a height for us. wells fargo, which is already well behind the rest but could come down a couple of points that said, i think that scandal's almost run its course. the people that keep it alive, congress, reporters, consumer groups has already taken stage -- second, there's the railroads. now, you foe that everyone is the railroad these stocks are so ahead of themselves it is dazzling. we've had no particular pick up in cargo other than maybe storm
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related. union pacific got hit with down grade that -- coal won't be making a come back no matter what president trump does. they had to think longer term. c s x stock is up 34% of the year it seems so over done that even i, a railroad fan have to say enough is enough the semigroup i'm a little worried here we heard about the possibility of flash, flash drives, the price in rolling over as a major reason to sell the stock to western digital. that will also be a reason to sell micron. also we'll now hear daily romings become how the iphone is -- but those chatter will
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send the stock some serious logic, texas instruments, cuervo, no religious to cuervo and now the dog eat dog nationalist. they're all going to go down if that's the chatter you've been warned last time intel and cisco were reporting quarters were received at wall street they were perceived at let's sell that could happen again. intel needs to get front and center, talking about mobile contract wins but that sell has to be better too cisco needs to make a case that the acquisitions will pay off faster than we thought i wouldn't hold your breath waiting for congress to get that done jaime ruben of goldman sacks and jp worth morgan recently
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slapped -- on johnson & john season i don't think either is going to disappoint whether you have a high-profile analyst like these two calling these stocks sell ahead of the quarters tend to put a negative spin on a negative line. boeing's been the highest stock in the dow united technology's been the biggest stock sin we -- i like these moves. how far these aerospace stocks suffer from high priced earnings multiple next up, i expect a reset of earnings down at starbucks which i believe will initially send the stock down more. identify said to club members of the action alerts plus group it's time that we had the trim, we trimmed higher.
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we bought more, maybe bought more lower seventh, you know i'm a huge believer in fang facebook -- what ever they got going there. stock active pull that is never a good sign for tomorrow same with alphabet, that's autonomous cars. gm grabbed the entire narrative which has been happening there have been be multitude of cell side surveys. the higher it goes the less atraffic the war becomes amazon's not set yet to talk about what they're going to do with whole foods remember, i'm saying what could drive stocks down. eighth, the completely companies are the companies that buy
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chemicals. price has been benign for a lot of building blocks chemicals until now. now for the first time in ages i have to talk about the principals for dupont and clorox there are some investors who haven't factored this stuff in who get hit because they haven't paid attention stocks going into earnings, we've seen this heavy machinery stocks like caterpillar. i don't think we can maintain that momentum. i thi more likely to trim. the -- meanwhile, i think we may have a make or break situation here with stock of ibm, the transformation need to kick in this quarter the stock's going to get slammed. finally, the cloud stocks haven't being well i think microsoft which has a fantastic cloud business
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as as sure a futile recommendation of the ceo coming on the show flurries, i do that every single time because i will wear him down and wear a black t-shirt when he comes on i think you may tell a great tale of adoption i seem to be not on their to do-list. after these ones if we don't have massive lists and guidance -- that doesn't mean the stocks can't sell off. for those of you who think i'm a poly ann, an aggressive che cheerleader all bull all the time guy, you know what i'm concerned about. the bottom line is the strong -- so many stocks has turned into a head win for the stocks. which means we'll need to get
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extra blow-out numbers if these names are going to continue to advance. we're starting the calls with edward in florida. edward. >> caller: hi jim, how are you >> senior florida state, go noels for heaven's sake. the favorite time in my lives when i lived on magnolia street. and because i had nothing, i had nothing to lose how can i help >> caller: that's par of being -- >> hey how's mil royce, is he still good >> caller: high schoo >> caller: he is he could be better >> we got a great kicker from summit high. >> caller: my question was regarding car max. the news about a week ago the president or ceo sold off
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100,000 shares it seemed like a good sign that they're up about a point and a half and i was considering the short position i wanted to get your take on that >> your younger fellow edward and i appreciate your idea if you want the short versus the other awe though nation is not as good as carnation i don't recommend shorts on the show but whiff a noel calling in i'm going to take advantage of it because my t s in democratic time was one of the favorite times of my life all right you negative nancys, there you have it. you rented my brain space and i gave it to you and it's kind of like oriental vermont. there are some things i am concerned about those, and not making light of. turn mean the stock can't go higher in the interim. on "mad money" tonight from
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high-profile investments on chipotle the manager adp. actor bill doesn't need a intersection tonight he joins me in study then how does chicken feed go from big bird in under a week 10% gain and medical device player we've highlighted in the past fell 30% this last week. i'm checking in for genuine opportunity or maybe a something of things to come. i would say stick with cramer.
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whentertaining us,es getting us back on track,hing? and finding us dates. phones really have changed. so why hasn't the way we pay for them? introducing xfinity mobile. you only pay for data and can easily switch between pay per gig and unlimited. no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to roughly six weeks ago we sat down with carlos rodriguez, the ceo of data proetsdsing to talk about his fight with square
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capital management and its leader a full presentation was released, took me a full day to read outline adp's shortcoming and i liked it adp shot back with a 69 pager of their own, they fought back. so, i thought maybe we could notch it down a bit, do a few more of the fundamentals, since we already heard from carlos rodriguez i want to check in with bill acton. here is his side of the story. hear about some of his other major holdings too if we have a chance mr. acton welcome to "mad money. god to see you we have a long representation, i know you're trying to make thing as substantive as possible >> okay, so our flu question for
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adp is why is it that adp has lower productive than all of their competitors. adp has an average generating $160 million review knew petitioner employer. when you think about adp it has enormous scale versus competitor so if anything they should have more efficiency. >> it was an issue back and forth whether you were saying expenses have overrun the revenue. they've come back and said that's in the a great necessarily true comparison. obviously you wouldn't answer this question unless you've done further. >> the reality is if you look over the last three years, paychex has, you had paychex on led. and asked them why is your margins higher and he said like we use technology effectively >> just given people a sense, i know paychex very quickly wen to emotional. marty runs the tightest ship in
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the world. you think what a lot of uc does can be applied >> actually to be clear, adp is -- 25% of adp competes directly with paychex. paychex is 41% margins, pretax profit margins in their business but largely an s & b company adp's s & b segment if it had the -- clearly there's a bigger opportunity. >> one of things i posted on twitter, a couple people ask a question, adp's done well why go after adp. why doesn't bill go after some companies he wen after historically, and really turn their company around >> it's all about the need for improvement. we think adp is a great company
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but has massively underachieved its potential. >> we knew once it was on its own it would have a laser like approach to its business >> that's what we need adp needs to pretend it's a spin off. when we looked at after of it they said maybe we get half the -- spun off, different team, different board of directors they've taken margins up stocks are up 100% why shouldn't adp shareholders have that opportunity. >> following this proctor and gamble situation one of thing they've been testing is well the board -- how's nelson versus the entire board of directors in term of performance. i looked at some of how mr. un
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rue has done the companies he's joined have not outbeforehand performeding -- outperformed adp should we care about that? >> no. if you look at adp's shareholders over the last years compared to its kpecompetitivese underlining. same thing is try with adp >> i thought about that. there's a question about the percentage shareholder you said your an 8.3% shareholder. you've used instruments like a lot of people to say your 8.3, which is true. but you really in reality made yourself a 2% holder did you not want to spend the additional $2 billion or is it irrelevant >> the answer is we're the third largest investment in the company.
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we own almost 9 million shares of stock in the company. one of the points we make about the current board, one of the benefits are bull brings to the table, look at all the directors on the board our candidates haven't joined it had board yet spent more money to join adp themselves >> i think that's very important. >> shareholder ownership is very available. i don't take director's fees, we waive them so i'm going to be dollar for in line with the rest of the company. >> let's back up for a second. you're being what i like, there's no ranker, and i like that too because we all got to notch things down. how does it get -- is it the advisers why did you wait until august 1st, first contact, why be so quick to launch a proxy contest. i know nelson pence spent a long time with proctor to get them
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convinced and due upon that was another way to do it was that a decision that did reach some rank dorks you regret it >> no. you look at nelson he spent six months talking to proctor & gamble and meetings and they're having a much rougher time -- >> i think that's true >> you don't want to show that you're even open to what they have in mind if you do a lot of new people will come into the stock and make it inevitably so part of this i think is more tactics. i met carlos, seems like a nice guy, don't know him well, private dialogue was all cordial but when he wen on t.v., you know, behaved otherwise. >> okay. >> we haven't heard from carlos in a long time the company clearly seem to have died down the temperature. shareholders care about is there an enormous opportunity to
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improve the company. i think the answer is yes. >> i know we're here to talk about automatic data, a examine i've liked for a very long time. i feel that its lost its way, could use someone like you to step in. any sense that it can bottom, that the things they're doing now are right? >> yes and let's take a look at what happened there we bought a stake in chipotle about almost a year. with a short time of meeting with the manager of the company, meeting with some -- >> good guys >> very good guys. they say we think you guys can help they gave us two seats on the board. put on new directors, a complete turn over on the board, they had a co-ceo situation which is often dysfunctional. they brought in a restaurant operator this is a company that had great food but wasn't has disciplined in operation some of these issues effected the company. obviously partly wide they had a
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safety food issue. >> take some time for people to forget >> take some time. they're on their way to recovery had a little bit of luck with a sick employee in one store there's almost no meant yew ennovation it is excellent. i like the product two, they're going to have margaritas and launch decembsses >> i'm so in favor of that >> sometimes when a company gets far ahead it becomes complacent. that's true for commitment le, they're no longer complacent the ceo becomes motivated. you're going to see menu and technology innovation. that's changing, they' hired an executives from starbucks. they got the right people, a
6:25 pm
concept and they'll recover from this >> joe papa was a good friend of the show, i think he's come and done some remarkable things with the balance sheet. i know you left that situation but aren't you impressed with joe attacking that balance sheet to give him breathing room to turn this company around >> yeah, i'm a big fan of joe papa we stepped in value after the stock collapsed. this was a lesson to us. you asked me why we wanted to join the board of adp, we want to be on a board making decisions. joe is doing an amazing job. >> i'm so happy you said that. >> started with a tough hand the only reason why we sold value yan was we were spending an enormous am of time on something that was a 2% position since we joined the board there's an 80% turn over i was able to recruit joe papa
6:26 pm
>> really strong i actually talked about was un-happy with zoe tus, you helped tremendously. >> if you look at what we were able to accomplish at 12 months in valiant i think joe's going to do an excellent job. >> last question, my friends sky walker i know he's writing a good book. one more thing that's a gold major activism and that's not bad. >> no. i know you have a lot of individuals that follow your slow a lot of board, you look at the history, when the founder is around and in the boardroom and got a major shareholder there, companies don't lose their way it's tirchly after the founder step off the board, pass away, and the board becomes more professionalized they get a little complacent
6:27 pm
what activism is about is putting major shareholders and board members. even though the founder is gone there's someone there watching the store. >> i could not agree more. that's bill act tim. about being a good shareholder and also chipotle which is a stock we're pulling for. "mad money's" back after the break. for your heart...
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♪ things are more impressive than watching companies in a troubled industry defy the gave tagsal pull of its sector. normally i'd tell you to stay away from good houses in a bad neighborhood however every now and then you'll see a company coming from
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an awful szip code and manager t make it work consider the case of tyson foods, t s n at a time food markets are being torn apart by a vicious competition. tyson has been doing a marvelous job of hanging in there. now, this stock, tyson got a big spike last week. you think it was a semiconductor stock selling chips, what makes this more impressive though, not too long ago tyson was viewed as one of the worst most vulnerable names in the group from last september through november, the darn thing lost 30% of its value now, tyson stock is roaring.
6:31 pm
it's gone from zero to hero. despite operating in the industry with a real dirt of heroism. how did it do it let's start with the first we, how did tyson go from zero to hero so quickly? super hero terms, i'd say tyson got its powers by mu tating. company changed in big ways and quickly resulted in better numbers. before we get into specifics let me set the scene at first glance there's nothing much that seem to be that remarkable about tyson they sell protein under high ton, hillshire, jimmy dean frankly a year ago this stock looked like road kill and so do these. after roaring higher for two
6:32 pm
years following an actvision in hillshire brands, tyson ran smack into routining late last year maple farms filed a lawsuit against tyson. they claim tyson is colluded to man plait chicken prices in addition to that tyson got hit with mumble suits. the stock shrugged it off. early october that became a piece of a devastating down pivotal research, these research firms that make sometimes an impact make matters worst, thanks to lawsuit tyson started drawing a ton of negative attention from the media, including news from the "new york times" and "the washington post" last november ceo donny smith announced resignation. company missed estimates by
6:33 pm
mile guidance was weak. we don't know if the ceo's retirement related to the lawsuits and bad public listy or hideous numbers but whatever the cause it discouraged investors which is why the stock lost 14% of its value if a single session. tyson's made a come back even though the lawsuits are still ongoing. the company's been rewarded for reporting a series of excellent quarters after those bad ones. stock barely budged because they also disclosed at the scc investigation. over the following weeks, new ceo tom haze, which i'd love to have him on the show, rolled out initialtives to improve the business he focused on new teams to improve. he announced chicken will be featured with no anti-biotics
6:34 pm
ever and he's actually committed to cleaning up the company's image. we're talking about healthier humanely treated animals healthier food, workplace and environment. these thing matter for the young consumer it's buying, advance pier food holdings for 3.2 holding in cash advance make ready to eat stuff. it gives tyson more exposure at c con veechbt stores then the real kicker tame august 7th, tyson rolled out a great quarter. then on top of that, last week tyson raised its guidancefor 2017, rolled out an excellent earnings forecast for next year.
6:35 pm
beef is in great shape the advance payer deals increasing than expected stock jumped more than 7% on the news, and of today it's nearly 72 this one's the one looks to me like tyson's just getting started. has the stock run too much no bottom line, a year ago tyson looked like it was in real trouble, now the company's talking the first step towards transforming itself, it seems to be in great shape. even though the stock has skyrocketed in recent pos i think it's got more room to run. david in texas >> caller: hey joint thanks for taking my call recently retired and my adviser allowed me to buy some stocks so i bought 93 shares of smucker's. i read where the stock is down 73% to date. i was wondering if i should hold on to it long-term >> the family runs the company they've got skin if the game,
6:36 pm
they have to figure it out i would be remised to sell it. i can't tell you to buy it i didn't like that quarter as much as i like the people that one the company. all right. on a wing and a prayer sure, i think tyson's transformation is for real and it's not done more "mad money" ahead, including the big decline in the shares of deks come. i'm digging into that 30% sell off. that equifax's public shame and slow in front of the senate but that are not getting off that easy i got a plan it's time for you to use your cell phone for the "lightening round. stay with cramer
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what the heck just happened to the stock in dexcom leading maker of continuing blood sugar monitors for diabetes that we've had often on the show we talked about the benefit of dexcom's technology before the last four years the stock ban to stall then last week it fell out of the sky. what went wrong? how did this once beloved stock
6:40 pm
loads its way? can it come back a week ago we learned that a gigantic company has received fda approval for a flash glucose monitoring system for people with type one and two diabetes this presented a threat to dexcom in the old days if you wanted to check your levels you had to prim yourself and draw blood you still needed to prim your finger twice a day to calibrate the machine. a new company doesn't require no primming at all. you can leave the sensor on on the alarm for ten days put it all together you can understand why so many analysts decided to abandon dexcom on mass all at once
6:41 pm
it got hit with a substantial price target from six different firms, that's how a stock goes from 67 to 45 in a single day. in case you're wondering yes, i feel like kicking myself for being such bull in dexcom back when it was a big stock. after bouncing from last week's lows it's cheaper. i wanted to dig into the details. first of all, why was it such a surprise simple wall street expected abbott would have a harter time getting fda approval or it will take longer than it did but with the approval abbott leapfrogged dexcom considering the decks conn glucose monitor which isn't out yet still requires that you prim your finger once a day
6:42 pm
there aren't many cases where a product works just fine in europe but the fda decides to reject it anyway this is the trump administration which means it's pro -- they decided to be far more aggressive than anyone thought abbott system cause $4 a day dexcom will set you back 8 to $10 per day including the cost of hardware. abbott told us they had already five of the largest pharmacies lined up to sell the thing in december before abbott system got approved dexcom was the only player whose system could be used by diabetics who need multiple insulin injections. if dexcom doesn't lose tons of share to abbott their going to have to get more promotion to
6:43 pm
keep the business. it's got to be really going for dexcom aside from costing the -- dexcom is better than abbotts dexcom's system for accurate and reliable these devices measure accuracy but looking at the measurements from the monitors versus the readings you get from the blood test abbott averages at 9.67 differentlies which would be a problem if you got diabetes. abbott system can lead to a lot of false positives where it tells you you've got low blood sugar when in fact you're fine the other important thing here is that dexcom's new system seems to be more accurate to the clinical trial with no sticks at
6:44 pm
all. still things aren't quite as grim for dexcom as it might seem one reason abbott is so much cheaper it takes more approach, pure bells and whistles. one thing about dexcom their device gives you a realtime alarm. if you fall asleep the blood sugar get too low it wakes you up it's huge for parents with diabetic kids in school. i think the company might have a chance to turn things around plus, that i have already patterned with google, that requires no finger stick calibrations, that's expected next year. if that can get through the process quickly that could fend off the competition. please let's not remember dexcom gets -- which is a major profit for profitability. most important there are still tons of diabetics out there that doesn't usefully glucose
6:45 pm
monitors they just prim their fingers over and over again. that's why i think there's enough room for both players a year ago dexcom got -- a glucose monitor dwiened with a pop. anyone whose owned this stock has been obliterated and that's terrible at these levels i believe dexcom won't be able to rebound it might take some time. m.a."mad money" is back after t break.
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♪ it is time it is time for the "lightening round. play the sound and then "lightening round's" over. if you ready michael in florida >> caller: how are you cramer, i'm calling about te von >> it's bad news, should have been in to be. i will tell you this if you want to buy allergan on 10% of the
6:49 pm
company i think they had to sell that stake that will be a good time to pull the trigger terry in washington. >> caller: hopefully we'll have a pennsylvania super bowl. >> what's going on >> caller: i'm calling about a local company called -- >> they came through we met with them four years ago and it turns out they spend time in the wilderness. own this stock ken in massachusetts >> caller: cramer a big massachusetts booyah to you. >> my father will tell you that's everybody we believer in. iowa going on. >> caller: i know amazon tip is -- so when i saw these cheap share of wba i was compelled to biwa do you think? >> i'm tempted we can't take the risk anymore amazon comes in today it's going to go lower. i think you got to wait. scott in connecticut
6:50 pm
>> caller: jimmy booyah to ya. benchmark electronic >> i've liked it for a long time it's got a lot of cool devices, manufacturing, designs, i like it it's not cheap. go ahead what's up >> caller: this is michael from tennessee. come tech telecommunications >> oh my god, this is one of first stocks i ever bought and it's still kicking around here let's go back and talk to this one and there was one in high position that -- it's been ages i got to gentlewomcome back to u boris in new york. >> caller: yes, jim boris. how are you? what are your thoughts on snapchat, buy or not >> i got to wait until all the sales clean up they're hot and heavy.
6:51 pm
stay away. i want to switch from twitter, he left from twitter to go to microsoft, i'll let you go from snap to twitter at this point. jeff in virginia >> caller: cramer how are you? >> i'm good how about you? thank you. >> caller: i have a question about at&t >> and here's the answer it's a buy. they're making a lot of changing that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the "lightening round. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions. one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade.
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here's something you got to ponder as you catch up on the equifax hearings in congress the moment a company finds out it possesses material nonpublic information it must immediately close the window on insider seller, otherwise the risk is too great other companies will take information and different stock. this is not something that's suggested people it's black and white. the commission always insisted on this kinds of procedures in order to prevent you from buying a stock from sm who knows where, in other words insider trading that's about a material piece of information it gets if you're dealing with comfortable materials. former ceo rick smith did nothing to close the media
6:55 pm
the general counsel should have closed when they heard about it. there's no gray area by the way, it's open and shut according to the government i can't believe a window was open given the breach for weeks and weeks. if they didn't think it was material that they recall bringing in specialist to deal with a data breach then what the heck is material if a major cyber intrusion isn't material then i think nothing's material look i -
6:56 pm
and 248,050, look that's in the wall --. the one with the company's in possession of public information he should call his people in front see if he can take the 5th. can the compromising of the information of more than 140 million people not be something that has flagged this material i think this is truly frightening. if equifax won't comply i think the matter should be referred to the justice department for insider trading criminal investigation. why is this so important there's no sign that there's been any damage to equifax's relationship with the customers, the banks, losses of isolated to
6:57 pm
the shareholder base and you because you happen to give out credit line. i'm sure the government has no idea how to get it and what happened here gurch how our country so often fails for wrong doing. if the scc can find equifax knowingly observed the trader rules it could go easily the way i see it the three insiders who sold either didn't know about the hack, in which case they should be fired for lack of basic knowledge about their own company, negligence. or they did know in which case they should be prosecuted to the full extent of law for selling one they did stick with cramer.
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no, i'm scheduling time to go to the bank to get a mortgage. ugh, you're using a vacation day to go to the bank? i know, right? just go to lendingtree dot com. get up to five loan offers to compare side by side for free. wow, that's great. wait, how did you get in my kitchen? oh, i followed a raccoon in through your doggie door. [gasps] get a better mortgage on your schedule. not the bank's. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. just think of 'em as a big cat. with rabies.
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no rhetoric, just facts. i got to tell you i thought it was pretty explore made some very good points there's always a bull market so sm where i promise i'll find it
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here for right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ with a money-saving idea to help parents entertain their kids. ♪ i'm nikki pope. i live in los angeles, california, and my company is toygaroo. (singsongy) look what i have. yay! i have 13 nieces and nephews, and they absolutely love playing with toys.


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