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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  October 5, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the s&p 500 on its longest winning streak sits mance may. are there threats on the horizon? >> police releasing new details on the las vegas massacre. and a bitter proxy fight between bill ackman and adp. we'll find out more just ahead good morning a warm welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm wilfred frost. >> i'm courtney reagan in for sara eisen
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thanks for joining us. >> thank you for joining us. let's look at the market picture it comes off a day of fractional gains. essentially markets were flat. for the week, the dow is up 1% the s&p and nasdaq 0.6 p%, 0.7 % we're set to open 11.3 points higher for the dow yields above 2.3% for the ten-year, that nice rise in yields we saw over the course of last week, up to highs of 2.34, 2.35, just down a bit. 2.32 the yield on the ten-year. another quiet session in asia with markets in main lan china, hong kong and south korea closed today the nikkei up just a hair. 0.01%. i guess it counts as a gain. hardly at all. let's look at europe a marginally mixed day on wednesday. if we look where we are now, we
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are mixed here we see markets totally flat in france the xetra dax down 0.2%. spain rallying again here, 0.6%. >> spain closed down 2.8% yesterday. that was after the king made a speech the prior evening, did not go particularly well sort of elevated fears of more clashes or catalonia calling for independence last night the catalonian leader said i still expect to call for independence, but said he's open to dialogue. so softened things around the edges. let's look at oil prices, they slipped a bit yesterday. down nearly 1% dipped below 50 for a part of the day. back above that, 50.2. dollar board for you, essentially flat yesterday we have got a little bit of
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dollar weak tons taness to talkt today. the pound down 0.4%. more pressure on theresa may following a roller coaster speech yesterday >> yes >> whether you sort of give her sympathy for struggling through it or criticize her for failing to nail it, the main issue for her is her florence speech a week or so ago, her conference speech yesterday on domestic issues was supposed to be her relaunch, she didn't nail either the pound is off 0.4%. gold prices gained slightly yesterday. and doing the same again today, which yesterday ended a three-day losing streak, 1,281 the price of gold. moving on to wall street's agenda for today weekly jobless claims and international trade data are out at 8:30 a.m. eastern factory orders at 10 jerome powell, john williams,
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esther george and patrick harker are all speaking today a programming note, steve liesman has an exclusive interview with patrick harker at 8:30 constellation brands reports before the opening bell. after the close we hear from costco and yum china, so a read on the consumer. tax reform remains front and center on wall street and in washington a house vote on the 2018 budget will be held and a senate committee debate on the version of next year's budget. wall street following both to see how they move forward on tax reform. the senate will vote on randall quarrels nomination for vice chair he was nominated to the post in july to news at the intersection of tech and politics
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mark zuckerberg and cheryl sandberg are likely to testify before congress next month the social media giant is expected to face a grilling on how russia-based groups used the ad buying technology to influence the u.s. election. the hearing is scheduled for december 1st, that's the same day the company is expected to hold quarterly results and a conference call for investors. >> quite a busy day. bill ackman says adp shareholders are on his side as he pushes for seats on the company's board in a heated proxy fight. he sat down with jim cramer on "mad money" last night he explained why he's seeking changes at the firm. >> why is it that adp ha lower productive than all of their competitors. adp has an average generating
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160 million revenue per employer when you think about adp it has enormous scale versus competitor so if anything they should have more efficiency. it's about potential >> that fight is far from over shares unchanged in the early going. >> i been drt's been dragging oa long time. one wonder if this was five years ago, whether mr. ackman would have got what he wanted much quicker >> now he's had a mixed perform man. >> much harder to get the points across different to the way it worked for nelson peltz and the other big clash. >> with p&g. >> mr. ackman struggling to get his way across, even if he has the right ammunition, he doengts have the same authority. peter thiel and sean parker are financing a secretive cancer fighting startup a source tells cnbc the company called 3t bio sciences raised
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more than $12 million in a massive seed round the firm is looking at ways to use the body's own immune system to fight off company we don't know much about the company but it is being run by a group of academics from stanford. google announcing a bunch of new products the company doubling down to its commitment to the hardware business as it competes with devices from amazon and apple. some of the devices were the google home mini and max a high-end pixel book laptop that runs the chrome operating software, two new phones the pixel 2 at at $600, and the pixel 2 xl that is 850 bucks and ear buds that can translate any language into english at the
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same time. >> the headphones sound cool >> how does it work? >> does realtime mean literally re realtime or -- >> is there somebody translating to you >> it's an impress serve edive n android never quite had that ka cache of getting people into the ecosystem, google launched their phones before but they have never taken off. but now they have that investment into htc. five years ago, htc was the leader in terms of hardware. it was better than samsung and slightly ahead of the curve than iphone, but they didn't have ios. but i think it comes down to whether they can make android a
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uniquer system for what it does with the google phones when they outsource their software, it won't become so unique for their hardware. we'll see if they can start to carve out niches on the software that they only apply to their own phones >> it's interesting how they have the google photos for unlimited storage on different devices, that's compelling folks love their phones for the photos, i'm surprised that hasn't helped them more. >> the margins for phones have come down so much because of competition. iphone still has a huge margin, but not as profitable and not as crucial to them to get into it in a way it might have benefited five years ago. cigna will stop covering oxycontin prescriptions in january. the company says it will instead cover an equivalent with a
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formula less vulnerable to addiction. shares of seaworld rising. reports say uk-based theme park operator mer lyimerlin entertait approached the company about a deal they run leg o parks in the u.s sonic says a cyberattack at some drive-in restaurants may have allowed hackers to steal credit and debit card information. the fast food chain has not said how many locations may have been affected it's offering free i'd think theft protection >> how many identity theft protect shups i do need from how many companies do i need to keep signing up for it >> the hacks keep increasing. the head of verizon's media business is leaving to pursue other opportunities. they say it has nothing to do with the bigger hack at yahoo!
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acadia pharmaceuticals says the fda issued a break through therapy des zignation for its du to treat dementia psychosis. the fda will expedite drugs for serious conditions where there are few or no treatment options. shares of zumiez are up today. the clothing same-store sales rose 9% and raising the outlook for third quarter earnings, revenue and same-store sales shares up 8% is gold starting to lose ets shin its shine? and later, piling on just when you think theresa may's speech yesterday couldn't get worse, it just did wel llou'lte y how when "worldwide exchange" returns ins, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain
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and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. . good morning welcome back to "worldwide exchange." let's look at the market picture. we are pointed higher this morning by 8 or 9 points for the dow. comes off a day of fractional gains yesterday. the performance week to date is up over a percent for the dow. another record set of closes for the s&p yesterday. let's look at gold prices. yesterday they managed to break a three-day losing streak, but only with slight gains slight gains again today, 0.3%
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1,280 the price of gold. "the financial times" reporting today there are two big threats on the horizon for the pressures metal. let's bring in henry sanderson, ft reporter. two big threats why you think gold prices could go down. what's the first >> gold is at a turning point. there's great expectations now that the fed will raise rates and other central banks around the world such as bank of england. gold does badly when interest rates are higher, it provides no yield for investors. it makes other assets more attractive that's one threat. also the dollar has been strengthening, which is also a threat gold is priced in dollars t makes it more expensive for other buyers around the world. these threats loom on the horizon. >> the correlation with the dollar holding stroke, nng, not something you expect to break
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down >> gold has closely tracked the dollar and real rates and interest rates after taking into account inflation. so what is critical is whether the fed raises rates despite inflation still being low. that could be harmful for gold >> what about the kind of aspect that gold is used as a safe haven in times of worry, geopolitical concerns. it seems of late it hasn't worked in that way it's more things like the yen that have been purchased, even if it's regions like japan threatened by geopolitical concerns >> gold does have this reputation i think gold has done well this year because of north korea, brexit, a full menu of geopolitical tensions. also some people say if equity prices wobble, or if there's a collapse in equity prices, gold could benefit. when you look at what gold does over past crises or periods of tension, gold initially sells off because to me people often
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sell gold to meet margin goals of equities. gold does hold its role against certain geopolitical events or financial crises >> thank you very much for joining us from the ft in london >> thanks. still ahead on "worldwide exchange," new details emerging into sunday's deadly massacre on the las vegas strip. a live rorept from the scene when "worldwide exchange" returns. most american homeowners would be shocked if they knew just how rich they were. the average american home value has increased $40,000
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." let's get you up to speed on the market action. futures are marginally higher. another record day on wall street even though we logged the slightest of gains we saw intraday highs. let's look at the price of oil higher today, getting headlines overseas about the saudi arabian king making some comments with russian prime minister vladimir putin, both say they may be looking in to upholding those production cuts into the end of 2018, as opposed to ending them in march wti holding above $50 a barrel >> new details emerging on the mass shooting in las vegas we have insight from the gunman's girlfriend and more details from police as to how the massacre unravelled. jay gray joins us now with more from las vegas
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good morning to you. >> good morning. look, as investigators work to piece together a time line of the gunman's life before the attack, for the first time police are now suggesting at some point he may have had some help >> keep your head down go >> reporter: four days after the massacre in las vegas, the investigation is growing >> more than 100 investigators have spent the last 72 hours combing through the life of of 64-year-old stephen paddock to produce a profile as someone i will call disturbed and dangerous. >> reporter: there is new information this morning including this stunning revolution from sheriff joe lombardo >> do you think this was all accomplished on his own? self value, face value, you have to make the assumption he to have help at some point. >> reporter: while police don't know where that help may have come from, revealed a significant amount of
5:22 am
explosions in paddock's car, thousands of rounds of ammunition in his hotel room and some of his guns apparently jammed during the attack and investigators say there's evidence that paddock expected to survive and escape after the attack federal agents spend hours talking with his girlfriend, marilou danley she shared a statement through her attorney >> i'm devastated by the deaths and injuries that have occurred. my prayers go out to the victims and their families >> reporter: victims and families that like investigators continue to search for answers here >> now, investigators say in the days leading up to the attack, that paddock was seen with another woman. they would like to speak with her. we know he gambled for hours
5:23 am
before locking his hotel room and turning his weapons on the crowd below. >> it's an amazing story still what's the resilience like on the ground there in las vegas? we've seen lots of clips of the sheriff. he's clearly doing so well is that a similar tone of what people are like in las vegas >> i think you see it every day that they're trying to get back to the way life is supposed to be in vegas. more each day. also realizing it won't be that way ever again you're starting to see more people out on the strip, seeing more people in the casinos, restaurants, bars. some of that is slowly starting to come back here. it will take a long time >> finally, you mentioned in your package the girlfriend of mr. paddock, very much seen as
5:24 am
helping this investigation as opposed to being a suspect of any form >> you're right. she told the fbi she had no indication at all that anything like this could happen she was surprised with airline tickets for a two-week trip to spend time in the philippines with her family. and once there, was wired $100,000 to to buy her family a home she was concerned he was breaking up with her and that was his way to do it she also said she suffered and was praying with the families and victims here >> jay gray, thank you very much for that baffling search for a motive news out of puerto rico. the island's governor is seeking to reassure bondholders after president trump said puerto rico's $72 billion debt load
5:25 am
should be wiped away following the devastation of hurricane mari maria. >> what is your one message to bondholders? >> my one message to bondholders, we're all one we need to go to congress, ask for a real aid package for puerto rico and make sure we can have the initial conditions, so we can get out of the emergency phase. but start rebuilding, that's better for the bopd holdndholde, stake holders and everyone in puerto rico. >> the prices of puerto rican bonds which did fall sharply, recovered a fraction on that interview yesterday. but largely, as you can see, at the edge of that chart, still down in the last few days. coming up next, a round up
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another day in the green the s&p on its longest winning streak since may we'll dig in the fundamentals behind that rally. if at first you don't
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succeed, google is making another push into hardware products to watch just ahead. what did justin bieber, a tech company and the bulgarian national anthem all have in common that answer coming up. it's thursday, october 5, 2017, you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. ♪ ♪ despacito welcome to "worldwide exchange" on i'm wilfred frost >> i'm courtney reagan >> we are both here, there's a slight issue with our fourth camera, we are both here this morning. let's get you on to the market picture. markets were higher yesterday. but only fractionally. but that was enough as we said in the headlines for the s&p to have the seventh straight day of fwan gains in a row and some record
5:30 am
closes as well the dow up just 1%, the nasdaq and s&p up around 0.7% futures this morning pointing higher set for an eighth straight day of gains but less than a point. ten-year treasury note, we have seen a bit of yield slippage, still above 2.3% 2.325 at the moment. another quiet session in asia with some markets closed today. the nikkei up fractionally, 0.1% still counts as a gain if you look at europe, mixed picture today. mixed yesterday as well. we pointed out recovery in the spanish index, up 0.6% after the big drop yesterday the ftse 100 also logging marginal gains >> as for broader markets, oil prices slipped almost a percent yesterday and dropped below $50
5:31 am
a barrel briefly up 0.4%. dollar board for you essentially flat yesterday today it's seeing a bit of strength against the pound, which is down about 0.4% against the dollar the euro and the yen are both essentially flat against the dollar gold prices for you, which did break a three-day losing streak yesterday, slight gains, they're doing something similar today, 0.3% up. moving on to wall street's agenda for today weekly jobless claims and international trade data are out at 8:30 a.m. eastern factory orders at 10 jerome powell, john williams, esther george and patrick harker are all speaking today a programming note, steve liesman has an exclusive interview with patrick harker at 8:30 constellation brands reports before the opening bell. after the close we hear from
5:32 am
costco and yum china. traders today will be closely watching two key events. a house vote on the 2018 budget, and second a senat committee debate on the version of next year's budget. wall street following both to see how they move forward on tax reform. also in washington today, the senate will vote o randall quarrels nomination for vice chair for the federal reserve. he was nominated to the post in july if approved he will hold the most powerful position in financial regulation. google unveiling a host of new gadgets. let's get to arjun kharpal with some of the highlights >> lots of products, but i want to start with the smartphones. they unveiled the google pixel 2 and the google pixel 2 xl.
5:33 am
this is the competitor to the apple iphone x and the samsung 1 s8 plus. it has no head phone jack, but it did unveil wireless headphones which can translate on the fly they have the augmented reality capability, something apple talked up. and the artificial intelligence. it retails at about $849 if we move on to samsung's top end offering, the galaxy s8 plus, this has similar specs under the hood, the screen is larger than the pixel xl so close competition between those two. the final competitor is the iphone x, their high-end phone this has an oled screen.
5:34 am
slightly smaller, 5.8 inches, but has some of its chips under the hood >> where do you want to start? lots of products from google >> we'll come to the ear buds in a second sticking with the smartphones, clearly the google pixel and the samsung phone rely on the same google powered operating system in android how does google differentiate hardware to suggest people should buy that, which has got less of a track record than the samsung version? >> the problem with google, it's an underdog. it's not often we describe google as an underdog. the problem is as well they priced it at the same price point as samsung that's not a good strategy when looking to draw customers away from the likes of apple and samsung. google has to be aggressive on marketing. it try dodd thied to do that if
5:35 am
our phones, you will get some exclusive google specs, like the google lens, which can identify anything when you point your phone at it. the strategy is to focus on android and boosting that and showing off the best of what its phone can do versus the competition. >> tell us about those ear buds. they can translate all languages instantly? >> interesting product they're powered by google's ai you tap your ear and you say help me speak french you say a phrase, the ear buds will give the translation back to you in the language you desire it's an interesting technology the ceo of google talked about the potential of translation
5:36 am
technology that's an area of focus for the company, as is artificial intelligence it's interesting to see how many people use it and how often it's used it's still early days. those ear phones are not on sale yet. >> arjun, thank you very much. >> thank you >> stocks to watch today, cigna will stop filling oxycontin prescriptions. they will instead cover an equivalent with a formula less vulnerable to addiction. seaworld in s. reportedly being approached by theme park operator merlin about a
5:37 am
potential merger seaworld is said to be discussing a sale with advisers. merlin is not the only potential buyer. shares of seaworld rising. reports say uk-based theme park operator merlin entertainment approached the company about a deal they run lego parks in the u.s. arcadia pharmaceuticals says the fda granted a special break through therapy designation for its drug to treat dementia related psychosis. the fda will expedite drugs for serious conditions where there are few or no treatment options. that's up 5% shares of zumiez are up today. the clothing retailer says same-store sales rose 9% and raising the outlook for third quarter earnings, revenue and same-store sales shares up 8% time for our top trending stories. yesterday was just not prime minister theresa may's day the british pm making a speech
5:38 am
that has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. first a prankster interrupted her speech then she was plagued by a cough prompting someone to bring her a cough drop then the letters on the sign behind her building a country that works for everyone literally began falling off the wall and calvin harris just called out the prime minister for using one of his songs as her entrance music. the superstar taking to twitter saying conservative party conference playing my song was not approved i do not support nor condone happy songs being played at such a sad event. a bit tongue and cheek there didn't go well for the prime minister in terms of the reaction, after the speech it was mixed. because some people have said in the past she's too robotic and this showed a human side of her. she struggled through the speech >> we all had a moment like that >> some nice moments between her and her husband, for example
5:39 am
in essence, getting sympathy, which she didn't have over the last year when she seemed robotic and not opening up her cabinet and letting people do kind of -- advise her on what to do on the flip side t showed the difficulties she has in terms of kind of having anything go her way at the moment. >> yes >> the bottom line, florence speech ten days ago was meant to be the reset on brexit the conference speech yesterday was meant to be a reset on domestic policy altogether, not a great relaunch siri is confused about the bulgarian anthem when you ask siri what is the bulgarian national anthem? she responds with justin bieber's version of "despacito." i never ask siri much, when i
5:40 am
have, she has a hard time understanding me >> let's play the bulgarian national anthem. >> sorry, i can't -- >> sorry, i can't do that. >> it didn't work. >> british siri. >> are they not all the same >> no mine is a female siri voice. >> do you think that's automatic? it can sense my accent it's better than the google ear buds >> that's funny. >> i will try that later i want to hear what the bulgarian national anthem is like. applebee's latest pro message is getting buzz. they are selling $1 marg rives every d margaritas every day for the entire month it's part of the neighborhood appreciation month >> i have a small beef with this one. i used to be a server at
5:41 am
applebee's when people get happy hour specials, and their whole bill is $1, how much tip do you thin you get? tip your weight staff appropriately. they make like $2 an hour. >> i agree >> just my psa for all the servers and friends at applebee's >> i was a barman back in the day myself when i was 9. 19. fun job. >> teaches you about working with people. the national league wildcard game last night. the rockies facing the diamondbacks archie bradley, the pitch every for the diamondbacks, hit a triple that scored two runs. the diamondbacks held on to beat the rockies 11-8 arizona will take on the dodgers tomorrow night in the national league division series still to come, reviving the space race
5:42 am
vice president pence making his case for investing in the final frontier today's must reads are straight ahead. as we head to break, here is the national weather forecast from bill karins good thursday morning to you. all eyes on tropical depression 16 so far not showing signs of great organization that's good news all the storms we've had this season, they seem to form, be big yuj beahuge beasts. the models are tar getting t ss over louisiana it looks like a strong tropical storm, low end category 1. wouldn't do too much damage, but has a couple days to intensify we are continuing to watch what's happening in south florida. tropical wave moving through a lot of rainy weather from tampa, orlando down to miami more "worldwide exchange" when we come back
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♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone welcome back to "worldwide exchange." let's get you up to speed on market action. called higher by 5 points on the dow. yesterday we had gains, just slight gains enough for a seventh straight day in a row of gains for the s&p. up about a percent this week coming into the session for the dow, less than that for the nasdaq time for our must-reads. my pick is in the "wall street
5:46 am
journal. "america will return to the moon and go beyond. this is penned by the vice president, mike pence. he writes president trump has revived the national space council to assist him in developing and implementing long-range strategic goals for our space policy on thursday, the council will hold its first meeting in nearly 25 years, and as chairman i will deliver a simple message -- america will lead in space again. it's about future space policy, and the way they focus on it the reason i picked that particular line, i would say america almost unquestionably is the leader in space still, but now partly private companies instead of the state and nasa. either way, clearly refocusing efforts that way >> i was thinking why is he writing that when there's so
5:47 am
many other things happening in washington was torn between that and one from ivanka trump and one from jimmy carter about north korea. those all worth reading. as is -- >> my pick in the "wall street journal," why i'm not bidding for amazon's headquarter it comes as amazon looks for a second city for its headquarters subsidies to attract single companies end up costing taxpayers. it's better to enact business friendly policies, focus on building the work force in order to become an attractive city for companies to consider. a talent challenged city might land a call center or an assembly plant, but neither company will invest in a research and development center in hopes that computer science
5:48 am
and engineering expertise will suddenly fall from the sky >> it's fascinating how long that debate has gone on. one of the famously successful growth stories recently, and how they attracted so much discussion around where they should or shouldn't go approaching the top of the hour. the team is getting ready for "squawk box. joe has a look at what's coming up that came out completely wrong that was neither >> he's improving. he's saying it like -- >> i can do better than that >> squaux b"squawk box." >> and i can do you -- [ mumbles >> what happened to theresa may? >> i tried to pitch this all of yesterday. now people are following it. >> you're early. >> she got sympathy from some sides, criticism from other because it showed she's not reigniting her fortunes again. had a terrible cough the letters on the sign behind
5:49 am
her started falling down, didn't realize. everyone was laughing at her she didn't know why. >> i feel bad. >> and a prankster got dangerously close and handed her a p45, that's what you are given when you are fired by your employers, so you have all the details of your tax. it was a comedy of errors. >> i'm afraid to do anything everything is on video >> particularly when you work in television >> i'm a courteous driver now. i'm getting there. i'm not kidding. i'm afraid every once in a while i'm doing something really bad the person goes -- i go, oh, my god. it's rare. it's like one out of a million for someone to wrerecognize me >> i know you're a reds fan, courtney, but this is a great postseason >> it is >> have you seen yankees, red sox, indians with the long streak.
5:50 am
dodgers. cubs it's just really big houston. >> i root for the tribe, too i'm not just reds. reds is my home team as it is yours, the tribe, too. it's all ohio. >> i'm not contrasting this. i still love the nfl but baseball sort of recently has been not quite as much -- not quite as popular or followed closely. with these teams in, it might be good >> the world series last year was incredible those are some of the best games i've seen. >> we have that and the jobs report tomorrow. this may not ab clean report, obviously. it won't be. >> the hurricanes. >> it won't be a clean report. it will dictate what's happening. we'll see if it does anything to the winning streak, which -- i don't know i'm used to new records every day. i think now -- i don't know -- >> again, joe, i wonder how many
5:51 am
days in a row we could get of gains if we had a communist president. >> i know you think that with the president we do have, since the election, since november 9th, 24%. which was predicted by all these clowns that we listen to >> right >> nobody -- >> did you tease anything on the show >> who do we have. >> jack caffrey coming up. i like max crumel. >> and ben silverman >> a big media genius. he's young happening. >> send him my best. we look forward to the full lineup coming up in nine minutes time >> coming up next, the green light for the fed. why one market strategist says the december rate hike is in the bag. "worldwide exchange" will be right back what started as a passion...
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my friend susie cracks and hello sensitive bladder. ring a bell? then you have to try always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. for incredible protection... ...that's surprisingly thin. so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks. also in liners. welcome back let's look at thecurrencies
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board this morning fairly quiet the pound weakness the dollar not doing too much. let's bring in boris schlossberg from bx asset management good morning to you. thank you very much for joining us you had great weakness in the dollar for most of the year. a bit of a rebound on the dollar side of the bargain, where do you stand now? just a short rebound or the start of a bigger trend of upside >> it's hard to tell what longer term trend is. when you look at fundamentals, everything is lining up for the dollar numbers yesterday were excellent on the ism side and adp side the market anticipated a much worse than expected labor data the only open question now for the fed or for the market at all is the lack of inflation and tomorrow the market is going to focus on the average hourly earnings much more so than the
5:55 am
jobs data. everybody knows jobs data will be depressed because of hurricanes if you see average hourly earnings go up, the market will be convinced, y all systems are go fed is hiking rates, andflation taking shape the missing piece is growth to higher wages maybe that will take shape >> we remember janet yellen saying the lack of inflation is a mystery. she may no longer be sitting in that seat come the next several months do you have picks or thoughts on how the different fed chair potential nominees may be impacting your outlook for the dollar >> that's one of the reasons why i think the dollar rally has been so muted. fundamentals have been pro dollar for the last several
5:56 am
weeks. the reason why the dollar rally has been muted is because of uncertainty around the fed chair and in washington, d.c it's been more of a political risk trade as you said, it's very much unknown at this point how the next fed chair will shape up it appears if it's kevin warsh, it's somebody more hawkish some people think that neel kashkari could be a potential candidate because he's an easy money candidate. a lot of things are unknown. that's why the dollar has been at a standstill. the markets hate uncertainty the fact they communicated to the market that yellen is unlikely to maintain their post, i think that will create a bit of turbulence for the dollar >> ten seconds, euro, yen or pound which will be weakest against the dollar >> pound seems to be the weakest. it dropped today because of rumors that may would resign, bounced back, but kneecaped by
5:57 am
the problems in brexit >> thank you very much for joining us that is it for "worldwide exchange." thanks for joining us. "squawk box" is next helping keep shoppers safe. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data and ai to help thousands get to work safely and efficiently. this is not the cloud you know. this is the ibm cloud. the ibm cloud is the cloud for business. yours. ♪ ♪
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good morning the s&p 500 is on its longest winning streak since may, and up 24% since the election 24%. on today's agenda, a house budget vote. jobs data ahead of the big number tomorrow. and plenty of fed speak. a new twist in the bitter proxy fight between bill ackman and adp. ackman tells cnbc he has the support of adp investors google out with a new product lineup taking on apple and amazon and there's a new device that could make language barriers a
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thing of the past. it will help between wilfred frost and myself it's thursday, october 5, 2017, "squawk box" begins right now. ♪ >> live from new york where business never sleeps, this is "squawk box. ♪ good morning welcome to "squawk box" on cnbc. we are live from the nasdaq market site in times square. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen andrew is off today. time for the global markets report look at the u.s. equity futures, looking at major positive runs for all of these indices all three of the major indexes closing at record levels again yesterday. green arrows again this morning. you have to remember what we've seen here. if the s&p 500


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