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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> you know what you should watch? that xom, that sucker sort of -- >> she'll be watching that >> i'm medical he is is a lee. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast. "mad money" with jim cramer begins now my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm trying to make you money. my job isn't just to entertain but to educate and teach you call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. how in the world did this market get so darn high yet another day where we hit new records. dow 114 points, s&p climbing and
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nasdaq what is driving the bus around here going to take a closer look at top ten contributors to the dow jones average, the rally last quarter is telling us about it atvictim of, where is the fang in this darn thing but can help us understand why the market has so much staying power. since i just mentioned f.a.n.g., my acronym for facebook, amazon, app and google -- discouraging news as f.a.n.g. out of nowhere become hostage to etfs that lump then together. doing nothing at all any we learned that netflix is raising
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price of its most popular plan it's one of the few services i would be willing to may more for and don't realize it amazon prime, spotify, i don't focus on i bet netflix gets no pushback but strength took up rest of f.a.n.g. no meaningful throw in other components all pulled up by netflix that's all she wrote it should be different from that but that's the world we have to accept get back to the main exercise, the ten dow stocks responsible for the recent leg of the rally. not doing this to talk about what they did but what they can teach us about market keeping going higher
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boaging. colossal, two reasons boeing soared in the stratosphere huge number of orders bah airlines are flush and analysts too negative about the cash flow and costs. especially dream liner, now in rapid production also a defense contractor so benefits from republican congress's love of buying military hardware and trump administration's policy of telling our allies to spend more to defend themselves turned into bullish believers last quarter and terrific fuel for rally. caterpillar responsible for 11.6% of the move. source the strength? blowout quarter thanks to pickup in orders, very lean inventory and very low table of employment it's a big winner. as china and europe return to growth, china, untalked about, copper up huge today and sell more equipment in
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rebuild effort in the wake of the recent hurricanes. like boeing, tremendous skepticism about cat but now replaced by rampant optimism a common theme for 2017. rarely think of the bank stocks as big movers but they've been roaring. some incredible. including goldman sachs, contributed 10.8% in the gain in the dow. by its own admission had a terrific quarter but regulatory regime is growing lesson rus and will help the investment bank boost its return on equity goldman stock benefitted from multiple expansion investors willing to pay more to same estimates because confident can meet or beat the estimates optimistic that's part of the advance fourth is oddity, chevron. with stock that accounted for 9%
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of the dow's advance oil has done nothing foryears but chevron can pay large dividend done a terrific job navigating a tough environment. throw in rebound of oil prices, even if likely to be ephemeral, they sell at 50. that's why always pinned there that's how you get a rally visa, 7.8% of the gain in the dow. stock generating great returns year in and out. large part because of the worldwide transition from paper to plastic, in other words, credit cards it's been riding that wave forever. what shocked people here is modern day visa is built by charlie scharf who recently leave but al kelly seems to be handling things well i was worried. told subscribers it was time to ring the register and move on at
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terrific gain. kelly is amazing, i was wrong. visa is humming. six. just kills me. been saying get in it. unitedhealth group responsible for jump in the dow. incumbent organizations became winners when republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare imploded and unh the most because pulled out of numerous exchanges where they were losing money. explosion in profits and it's still one of the cheapest stocks i follow if it comes down, add to the trust. follow that online few stocks as hated as retailers going into third quarter one of the most despised was home depot growth fabulous, buyback terrific held back by fears of amazon teaming up with pathetic sears
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to challenge the despot in lucrative household appliances business i usually have praise for everything amazon does but stupid sears? unfortunate way to play a terrible natural disaster. apple. 7.1% always get the apple out largely delivered a better than expected quarter with very strong service revenue stream and analysts started focusing on what can go right with the new iphones. like a lot of other winners, converted naysayers into believers. overrun with bulls american express this stock had been like -- just missing earnings estimates not this time. promised to get back to normalized profitability
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when '90s that's exactly what happened microsoft, 3.9% of the rally dominant cloud platform, accelerated growth like amazon web services, google and azure from microsoft it's must-own tech name for big-time portfolio managers who like growth but want to sleep at night. i don't really care for sleeping look at winners collectively, notice commonalities first skeptics circling around the stocks got converted into true believers this very quarter. rather amazing switch from skepticism to optimism second in a low interest rate environment solid dividend can give stock a leg up. third, many international in nature and benefitted from
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weaker dollar. dollar is getting stronger, going to be a bit of a downer. fourth, just a ton of optimistic money flooding into the market through indexing even f.a.n.g. is an index now. beneficiaries of the deluge of passive investments. not like individual vesters got to own visa, they're working the 500 and moving up the companies. boeing most movement because it was the most negative. bottom line, these names went higher because largely the only game in town cash heavy stocks and companies doing better than we thought could grow in slower era with gold, real estate and bonds not doing as much. that's what is driving the move. khalil in texas. >> caller: how is your day >> it's been good. thanks for asking.
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i liked today. trying to figure out why nothing special about it but telling mariane in makeup i like today. too much information >> caller: wanted to call and ask. called in before september 5th when dave and busters reported and you had recommended but since then it's been a free-fall. is now opportunity to buy more shares >> there was note out from research firm saying that what is the deal that people keep wanting to sell this company that's got to eat, play, drink and enjoy. we've spoken to nuft real estate investment trusts to know that this is a terrific new intro into malls get the smart ceo back in. aaron in hawaii. >> caller: aloha mr. cramer. >> love it. >> caller: just wanted to thank you for everything you do for
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every one of us that watch your show i watch it religiously i'm so very thankful for everything you do. >> see, telling my director, sometimes she says they're not thankful they're very thankful. >> caller: incredibly, most for any show in tv. >> guy outside of work put his arm around me. you just -- of course you can bother me. what's up? >> caller: if you come to hawaii you'll get a big aloha. >> i was marc benioff's there, doing a show in sales force hawaii what's up? >> caller: wanted to ask about a stock. with everything that happened this past week, my sincerest condolences to all the families, wanted to ask about osis systems with the increased need for
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security. >> i understand the reluctance to talk about how to profit off the tragedy but l3 is company with broad panply of defense, that's better, safer longer term way to invest in continual -- top ten contributors in order to teach you why it's happening rather than just say go buy them most of important, lot of money coming into the market through indexes. on "mad money," speaking with clorox how this 100-year-old household brand is keeping itself fresh and exclusive with ceo of the hottest stock in the market right now. not going to want to miss that stick with cramer.
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what do we make of clorox here big consumer packaged goods company, glad bags, charcoal, salad dressing, burt's bees and chlorox bleach held annual owners meeting today. we know the market is falling in and out of love with the stocks depending on the day today it fell. but clorox has more growth than its peers and favored way to invest in innovation in the company. chatted with ben odour the
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fascinating ceo of clorox. wife said we needvy fallout shelter, emergency response because of the terrible things happening. first choice is clorox why? >> we help decontaminate the water. american red cross says one of the first calls they make after natural disaster this is a time when unfortunately we have to deal with several of those. we help the red cross and communities stay safe. >> cdc says three drops and take contaminated water and drink it. precisely after gone through britta filter, what we can use it's remarkable thing. >> and this is the time when it's time for a company like ours to show up. we're proud at clorox to do so shipped thousands of cases of bleach but also glad trash bags
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and even cat litter to help with the pet shelters glad to make a difference. proud to do so this is unfortunately a time we take that call with pleasure s this a proxy fight going on with -- clorox for years, used to say what the heck are they doing in san francisco now i look at innovation and sustainability and how you get to people these days i'm thinking san francisco probably most decided advantage of a consumer package goods company. >> we think it's a source of competitive advantage. because the consumer and retail is shifting online we're able to build a lot of partnerships with bay area based companies that help us engage consumers online and sell online as result, for instance,
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e-commerce now accounted for 4% of our sales last fiscal year, up more than 40%. versus a year ago. sales with largest e-commerce customers almost doubled and we have brands where it's north of 10% of sales like burt's bees and brita. e-commerce is significant invest and companies in the bay area have a lot of knowledge of e-commerce and help us build capabilities to drive online >> it's interesting you mention online return investments for companies like you have to last for 30 years. my kids are uniquely millennials. look at labels and see no chemicals, look at this and don't want plastic you have tapped in is it because you see what people order online and look at twitter or it's in your dna now? >> clorox we dedicate ourself to
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good growth. it's not just profitable but sustainable and responsible. making improvements to products, sustainability based improvements is in our dna and strategic. taking plastic out of clorox bleach, launching line of natural beauty care with burt's bees or getting people to use brita water to stay healthier but also save on water bottles something we've been doing 104 years and on strategy, good for shareholders, good for communities and the company. >> virtuous circle there are a lot of people worried about private labels talked about a lot one of the most basic commodities is bleach. but private label doesn't sell well they want this name. >> we've been competing with private label in several
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categories, bleach is one of them, very well and effectively because we dedicate ourselves to driving brands with superior value to consumers, starts with delivering products at right price but also investing in your brands and products that are superior clorox bleach after 104 years launched new and improved product, call it clorox performance with chloromax technology patents, delivers whitening but also protection on hard surfaces for first time in 104 years. >> you mentioned the wipes if i get a cold i'm finish for a couple of days in my job there are a lot of jobs like that >> like to give consumers superior product for any
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and disinfecting wipes are doing extremely well on trend to consumers who like to clean and disinfect in the flow and wipes are a very preferred consumer product for that and again keeping the value sharp. better product at right price and investing behind it. growing double digits for many quarters and expect to to continue. >> mentioned value and price five times friend of mine mentions because of the storms polyethylene due to harvey. could see a softening has more new capacity comes on. we have to be worried about the storms and raw costs are you able to absorb them? >> still learning about the impact of storms on costs. it's fair to assume in the short-term there could be increase in cost
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polyethylene is about 15% to 20% of our cost. but in the long run if these hurricanes and natural disasters with behave like previous ones, it evens out still learning about this and will update the investment community on november 1 when we release quarter run results. >> you promised me last question, find this at my walgreens because it's buried or i don't see it this is the brand i use. cut back to two because executive producer says nothing says you need to have four but i need them at stores and at eye level. not the cure something i keep buying, i want this more >> emerging topic and passion of mine. >> you turned me on to it. >> looking to expand
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distribution selling in club channel. renew life, propottics and the prospect it will have for our company. >> costco once a month to get all i need benno dorer is taking it to another level. chairman/ceo of clorox company going strong "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, oil stock bounced back can crude prices keep this company barrelling ahead cramer has the ceo >> all about the fact that people can make money now with these energy for your heart...
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you want something to worry about after another terrific session? let me share one of my biggest fears, analysts who throw in the towel and recommend stocks because they've been so wrong so long or because they're simply running out of patience and fell compelled to issue buy raise why do these towel surrenderers scare me -- always be a downturn no upgrade cushions to stabilize things more likely to downgrade classic examples sherwin-williams, paint company had day to talk about the success it's having it acquisition of rival wall street had antipathy to
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this deal. but bank of america merrill lynch analysts sell to buy, didn't give a whole recommendation did it after the stocks already rallied 40%. fought this all the way up because of and i quote concerns about high valuation, risks from val spar acquisition -- and expectations of slowing volume growth admits it's elevated no kidding up huge where he told you to sell but turned on lighter items? it's not good, not peaking no slow in volume? that's right rest is refutation of himself. it's towel throw so benefit from the hurricane, no doubt about it. boosted demand but this deal was always going to be positive when you merge two of the largest paint companies together, better believe get massive synergies and step
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towards hypercompetitive oligarchic pricing that's the point total towel throw, capitulation of the i can't take it anymore variety. microsoft update beyond the obvious, the case for long-term acceleration to buy. i read the report, almost written by captain obvious azure cloud. only thing that was black t-shirt look how do i know towel throwing upgrade? because the analyst tells you so in this gem of a paragraph beginning with why now, here's the answer we had hoped for random correction and microsoft shares and overall stock market neither happened that's a catalyst. another guy who couldn't take it
6:30 pm
anymore and slapped buy on because market refuses to come down value subtractive pieces of research do i need to hear why to buy sherwin-williams when guy who hated it guy issue buy on microsoft because tired of waiting it for it go down not bearish on the overall market but you see this research no longer early move you're late. remember that. when we do go down, none of the towel throwers will make update. shame and ridiculous waste of paper. go to nate in washington nate >> caller: jim >> nate. >> caller: thanks so much for getting me excited about investing in the market. love the show and your books.
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>> i want people to be educated, learn to do it themselves. be there, come up with ideas and we do the work together. how can i help >> caller: just took up a small position in semiconductor business i know you mentioned on yesterday's show a little bit of warning that the sector might take a hit in the weeks ahead but looking long-term here and did research on the company and looks like good stock. love your thoughts. >> i love to say because of the internet of things and how well run vsh is when you have a stock up 24% in straight line, you have to expect this come in but vish a is great company and liking it ben in louisiana ben. >> caller: hey. thanks for taking my call. >> what's going on
6:32 pm
>> caller: vair tone bought at $11.45 and jumped up, then come down to about $40. should i hold on - >> sell half right now -- actually take the cost basis out and let the rest run highly contested lots of bulls and bears. lot don't like the company i've been telling my staff do a piece that talks about what happened to make it so the last time it spiked take that profit, let the rest run. edward in michigan >> caller: yes jim >> what do you got for me? >> caller: what's with the ford stock? four years ago at wayne assembly plant with malally on the way to 39 what's happening >> i got that rolling. at 18 the, the high. downturn in europe and hurt and spent a lot of money on things
6:33 pm
that didn't work out now got rid of mark fields i don't want to be in ford if i have to be in one, general motors but ford has got no mojo whatsoever least of any of the big cap stocks i follow. other than the retailers i hate towel throws, nothing but value subtracted throwers are late to the game, what a shame much more "mad money," including exclusion with constellation branch early on that 1. stocks heading higher on the news can they keep up momentum? what do you should with investments in energy. look at oil services company how it's surviving and thriving in uncertain market and lightning round. stick with cramer. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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how many times does a company need to blow away the numbers before investors and analysts stop underestimating it wondering about constellation
6:37 pm
brands wine business and hard liquor and high west whisky swed ka vodka. up 36% since the beginning of the year but somebody hasn't gotten the memo. constellation reported another amazing quarter. higher than expected sales including beer up nearly 13%, expanding growth margins, corona, more than 60% of the growth in the high end beer category insane and raised up to new high. if history is any guide, move could be far from over check in with rob sands, extraordinarily bankable
6:38 pm
president and ceo of constellation. welcome back to "mad money." >> how are you >> getting to be a habit monster quarter quote from release. testament to the fact that total beverage/alcohol strategy is paying off explain tba for our viewers for those still not in the stock >> jim, tba is a retail strategy, sell all the beverage/alcohol products, beer, wine and spirits at retail customers. and basically beverage/alcohol is the most important, fastest growing and most profitable category to retail today being the number one growth provider to retail customers, we're in a great position to capitalize on it that's our tba strategy. >> it's not always been like
6:39 pm
that consumer has changed and you've changed with them. >> consumer has changed. historically, very common that a person only drank one thing. scotch or single wine or brand of beer. now today 55% or majority of consumers drinking across all three categories being all three category player puts us in great position relative to the consumer. >> you keep picking up different brands sometimes i wonder because you have so many good ones didn't hear a lot this time about high west but is that because so much hidden that you talk about funky buddha this time, new acquisitions but many brands in portfolio are growing at really high rates, right? >> casa noeb lie, key west
6:40 pm
funky buddha is latest brand acquisition and talked about that but portfolio of newly acquired brands from the last couple of years is growing high, double digits and contributing a margin of 60%. that's contribution margin to the bottom line. high double digit growth and that kind of contribution margin, tuck in acquisition strategy is working really well. >> how did you get this improvement when most of the companies in consumer package goods have had decline this quarter? >> number of things, number one, strong volume growth and enables us to leverage fixed overheads in manufacturing and sg&a, which is driving margin increases. number two, operationally,
6:41 pm
especially in beer operations in mexico, we're really seeing tremendous efficiencies that have been created as we've expanded our production facilities in nava and expanded in -- mexico >> you're still unhappy. end of the call took me by surprise, still disappointed with the way we're sold. how much more can you ask for but i guess there is more to be asked for. >> that's really the point making distribution gains, tremendous growth in sales and volume but we are still -- we still don't have distribution in the shelf space we ought to have given our growth and profitability to the retailer. so i was really making the point
6:42 pm
that's a good news story given there's room to grow distribution and shelf space, growth is going to be sustainable well into the future. >> you mentioned 120 days of summer marketing campaign, huge. july 4th the biggest day for beer mentioned casually nfl how is it doing for you? >> well. we advertise on nfl. i know that the nfl ratings have been somewhat weak but it continues to be a very good vehicle for constellation and our products we're not one of the biggest sports advertisers, but it is a good advertising vehicle for some of our products, especially beer >> it was remarkable quarter one day everybody will realize like we do on "mad money" that you're the best consumer package
6:43 pm
good company in the world right now and have been consistently congratulations rob sands, good to see you sir. >> thanks jim. >> this is what it looks like to have best product portfolio and build and build on it each quarter. that's why i think this company is so terrific "mad money" is back after the break. [vo] the grille is distinctive. but it's usually seen from the rear. the 2018 audi q5 is here. what is this? it's the new iphone, it's for our anniversary. our anniversary? it's thirty-four days since we first met. i didn't... get you anything. oh it's, it's fine 'cuz... i got myself one too.
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i get to come out here every night and you think the show is jim cramer's show. it is not like that at all it's a fantastic group of people i have to tell you tonight is bitter sweet on "mad money," say goodbye to member of the team, been with us eight years tim duwall, one of the best producers and people i've ever known. love this guy. contributions are difficult to measure. going to miss him so much, impossible to measure. tim, thank you for all you've done and for all cramerica --
6:47 pm
yes wish amazing wife well i'm going to miss you partner. you're the best. good luck to you. >> thank you very much >> now it is time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money. play this out. this is dedicated to tim and now ski daddy take it with larry in california. larry. >> caller: hey jim >> how you doing >> caller: good. what do you think of whiting petroleum. >> no, its costs not that down low enough not going to recommend it. don in massachusetts >> caller: how you doing gym >> real well, you? >> caller: doing great love how the market is doing. >> very strong how can i help.
6:48 pm
>> caller: what are your thoughts on tsm. >> taiwan semiconductors, very good whole group is too hot buy some and let it come in. hank in home state of new jersey. >> caller: boo-yah to my friends. >> what's up >> caller: looking many years, done very well what is your gist on con ed these days >> recommending this stock since the show began 12 years ago. that's the end of the lightning round. >> announcer: sponsored by td ameritrade i was playing golf days ago...
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for the last six weeks or so, whole oil patch started to rebound. partly price of crude jumping in september. in part because of group so beaten down, due for a bounce. not just producers but drillers, patterson uti. one of the largest fleets in the u.s. and services for fracking been bullish about prospects in their part of the industry patterson announced buying ms drilling services. so is the worst over or has the stock gotten ahead of itself producers have aggressively sold futures and crude comes back down question for investors getting too optimistic, could this time
6:53 pm
be different talk to the executive chairman find out where the company is. >> thanks for having me. >> you've taken a company over a period of lots of ups and downs but been most consistent of many of the ones i follow you're now tallying your financial flexibility, is it because you didn't get overextended in the great boom >> would like to think so, consistently emphasized having a strong balance sheet fortress-like balance sheet. no business that's more important. >> clearly opportunities for people to buy other soil companies and almost no one has been able because went overboard. you just made an acquisition that to me sounds like bargain
6:54 pm
got the team and staying with you and looks like will be good for you. >> so excited about ms energy. directional drills has been part of the strategic plan for years. ms is number two ranked directional driller in united states >> people who don't know what it is >> when the well goes down vertically, makes a right or left turn and goes two miles one mile in one direction or another. now multiple directions off one pad. so the ability to manage that directional drilling is critically important there's directional drill that comes on the rig to do that. logical extension of our business sellers were private equity firms that had run out of time and needed to sell management wanted to go with us. it's logical extension for us.
6:55 pm
>> article i read said all the great shales have been found so not great demand out there but i see tremendous demand for your product. what is the disconnect >> everybody starts to think there's abundance when starting a new well frankly as you also note, reached highest u.s. export of oil we've ever seen. u.s. has become marginal producer in the world. we're excited about prospects. >> and plenty of oil for you to drill in. >> and natural gas. >> you're also in the northeast, everywhere there's good selection. our natural gas is incredibly cheap. how can they hire you and still make money >> lot of the natural gas is used for manufacturing and particular uses where it's already set in motion or logical generation quite a market for us. natural gas displaced coal this year that's a long-term trend we
6:56 pm
think in the united states environmentally sound and cheaper. >> and would be remiss if not to say people used to think this is commodity business you have technology that's differentiator and maybe made it so rig count is not accurate indicator because of how much you get out of a rig. >> each is drilled more efficiently and fewer can achieve more and more success. but quite frankly we think it's positive trend, allows for great efficiency on the part of our customers and allows them to be productive 50 is the new 80, and our rig count has stayed flat. that's all about fact that people can make money now with these energy prices. >> you're one of the few that thought you could be opportunistic. most didn't. why you have a greatcompany. terrific way to play what we're doing in this country. tremendous innovation, financial
6:57 pm
flexibility. congratulations to you marc siegel, the chairman of patterson uti, a real winner for us stick with cramer. ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, ♪ ♪ gany, gany, gany, gany ♪ watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested
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mr. cramer, absolutely love the show >> appreciate you out there. >> boo-yah >> boo-yah. >> i know you hear this all the time jim but thank you so much >> this has been my best year by far and away in the market. >> just want to thank you for looking out for the regular guys out there. >> trying to teach people to be better investors, doing my darned best. that's the goal here. >> great to hear your voice and know you're here for us. >> costco blows out numbers and sellers come in, when be repealed i don't know always a bull market somewhere i'm jim cramer, i will see you tomorrow
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>> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ i'm juliet boydstun. (australian accent) i'm lucinda gould. and we're from los angeles, california. (both) and we own the coop. ♪ the coop is los angeles' coolest indoor/outdoor play and party space. i love those colors. (lucinda) juliet and i have been friends for a really long time,


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