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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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puts in s.p.y. >> guy >> isn't it fun being with the "oa" guys with mcc big week for financials. >> looks like our time has expired. i'm michelle my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey i'm cramer, welcome to "mad money," welcome to cram america. other people want to make friends i'm trying to make you money. call me -- payroll number harder to interpreter than the one we got
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this morning at 8:30 payroll fell hard. average hourly earnings rose .5% month over month strongest game numbers caused a lot of he scratching, made me want to buy the higher stocks as if the payroll indicated a slow down which we know is not the case because of the hurricanes. the averages got digged before bouncing bag s&p decline, nasdaq closing up point 07%. am nim for facebook, amazon and apple company formally known as google i'm trying to attach this, i got to attach this, i'm blaming etf's again. last night costco reported a number that looked terrific on
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the surface, stock wen after afterwards the competition of amazon chls just too more for costco the take that led to amazon stock roaring hir hire higher and it along with net felixs led this whole co-hurt up ward. it's now including other cloud based name like service now and workday. does this make any sense you know what, i don't even know any. here's why i asked, the highest value stock now making the big loops. so, i'm begging you to do something for me, if you're going to own a stock, a service now, please know what you're buying, please don't be afraid to take some profits don't worry they might go up all these people blindly piling
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into the momentum socks that gets me worried. the market's taking up a load of bad stuff along with the good. that is always been at a level where i get more concerned when that sell off comes you need to be prepared to buy into weakness rather than freaking out and dumping everything, that's why i'm talking about this, that's why i'm knowing what you own's so important. if you're not willing to do enough homework to understand the campus of your portfolio you probably shouldn't own any individual stocks. but you know what you own, you like and it and you have some cash you can buy it and get a better basis the odds do favor a pull back, it could give you a better chance to buy, notice i'm not saying, sell sell sell, i'm just saying i want you to be ready. that's my job after we've been
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up for so many days, to get you ready. with that note of caution, and it is caution, not bearishness but caution let's get to next week's game plan monday's columbus day, that's a day that not much happens here, but europe doesn't care about columbus why is this important and why does it matter, a few weeks ago we had gotten a weaker dollar. that's going to bolster the numbers, the earnings of our international companies when they start reporting this month. europe got strong and decided to hold down its rates and hung in there. if we get a reacceleration of german economic growth i think the dollar can turn to its ways and won't be so worried with the report tuesday's got some high-profile analysts first is tech data, that laid an
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egg on reporter last time. the supermarket tech will tell us if that's a one off mistake that's going to help the cause for the tech investors still in. next the walmart after dale and costco stocks got obliterated with the competition, you know walmart's going to want to help, it's going to take on with, j it's order online pick up in store initiatives, costco didn't have one by the way. finally, workday mentioned earliest the star. the stock is up 67% for years, workday's been a cloud mainstay for its union capital. so for -- you know we have had them on numerous times i've been a huge believer in the value competition they bring in the enterprise along with other cloud plays including service now, adobe, red hat and yes, big
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daddy finally tuesday marks the battle between proctor & gamble's management shareholders will vote yay or nay to get a seat at the table i think the company's made a good case that it's already turning the ship around. and i like the last quarter but i think the stock will go down the shareholders i've talked to regard them as an agent of change who will reinvigorate the business by cutting out layers of management. very difficult issue, you've got to make up your minds yourselfism i've got to tell you the strategy that nelson pelts advocates is the same one that ingeneral nudity as you so successfully at pepsico. that's one of my favorite companies. kroger and western digital strutted their stuff kroger stock's have been beaten
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beyond rock in addition. costco -- just like cost koe, kroger need to articulate something to put kroger in check. i don't know if they did i thought by this time western digital would be able to talk about how it bought out partner toshiba business, which wanted them to do so badly. toshiba want to sell it the big capital. i'm sure western digital will continue to try to block the deal there's a lot of talk of price weakness of late in both businesses maybe there's a lot of flash coming online in 2018. i've only seen weakness on the-drive side but that alone could be a killer. given there's so much hot money
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in the stock we left for trade for club members, too much money has been made and no one ever got hurt taking a profit that's a continual theme for me. now i've been saying the latters become the key to this mark, talk about this with squawk on the street if jp morgan can breakthrough $100 we got some leadership that can go through another level it's likely the stock will get there on any positive commentary by ceo jaime diamond be ware jp morgan trades at 14 times earnings i think it's too cheap given the fact it's consistent recovery mode i think that quarterback the ceo has brought back a lot of stock, it's cheap we also hear from dominos.
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there's a lot of stock controversy around dominos remember whpatty came on the shw he says he expects a pick up patty dole delivers and i don't think you want to fight the trend of dominos given that it's inexpensive. finally on friday we get reports from bank of america, wells fargo. i expect the former to give you -- they can start participating in any sort of bank rally after sitting out the whole deal so far, bank of america has the biggest deposit rates so if you think that -- bank of america's probably for you in a stock of wells has been hobbled by the cross selling scandal -- put that behind it even though the hearings were devastated
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i don't want to overdramatize my concerns here but i have to tell you this mark's been so strong that it's natural to believe that there will be some profit taking if the earnings aren't perfect when they start next week remember we're at the cusp of a very important season for my travel trust which with follow along, i'm going to be looking for places to trend, to raise cash because i want to come into earning season lighter than i am, so to speak. i'm be telling club members at our monthly call, you feed to have cash on hand for decline. decline is what you shall expect after we become as over bull as we are tip start with questions by going to sheryl in maryland. >> caller: booyah jim i enjoy your show. >> thank you very much what's going on >> caller: my question is about north tlop
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i'm 70 years old and retired i've had shares in my proeflt but had to sell them in june i want to get back in stocks but i'm he has stating because it's expecting to reach new highs should i or shouldn't i? what are your thoughts on this >> first of all i've taken a real great company, sometimes discipline hurts us sheryl this is one of those times where i foe dismachine says you can't come in at 293, and say you know what, i got to get back in you got to wait until 3 to 5% decline to take a swing at it. whether you come in and start buying that's exactly when we get the sell offs. i do want you to wait to come back in. that sere in pennsylvania. >> caller: hi jim thank you for taking my call
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with the growth of ecommerce i -- a few weeks ago thinking this company allows -- to go align especially with their social media partnerships. they came out with a report that was negative followed by a report about -- i wanted to get your input regarding what i should do with my shares >> well, i knandrew and i know he's been doing -- he's been right on you got to read the report, it is very critical of a portion of sacrifice business, i don't think it's all shop online business because they do a good job on some companies. you can see it on twitter and it raise enough questions on the expense of stock that i say it mares further attention before committing more money. in the stock of shop fie i'm
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being candidate and careful. i think there are concerns that there were brought to my attention that really do make my frown. all right. cash is king we're in the profit burning and i expect some profit to take place. i need you to have cash i am not being a bear i'm saying it starts here and i need you to be ready for a sell off. on "mad money" tond, the year's third biggest tech just hit the tape i'll tell you switch, which is profitable by the way. in sharing of cell g tumbled yesterday and went down today. in the wake of hurricanes harvey and irma, how is one of our favorite stocks single back holding up why don't we talk to the ceo i suggest you stick with cramer.
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for years, at&t has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪
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♪ i'm always telling you to be on the look out for powerful themes that can give you major multiple year gains. themes like the bull market and everyone related to the data center forms where companying store their software in vast information. sites rally 43%, djtigital trust up and ex next up 50%. i'm talking about the initial public offering of switch, s wch. in the company there are more than 800 clients including names
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like amazon and paypal i'm not alone in believing & stock serves for $17 game public up to $42. is switch worth owning even for today's monster move lets me give you background on the industry so you can understand why i fine it business inintriguing. aztecnology gets better we find it -- keep track of tons of data there are going to be $200 billion smart deviced connected to the web by 2020 even now the average person uses 21 gigabytes a day your typical center is packed with network servers and air concerners because you get v to
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keep the e victim cool the kind of service you feed to run is not the same as the kind of data center that works best for data scores or highly complex work loads switch is patent their data center design. their lay out and cooling systems allows kmers to run more power through their machines clients can deploy or replace technology infrastructure. they have 350 issued or pending pat tens in short this is a real technology company switch's rev few grew at 17% clip in 2017 while that's a bit of deceleration from last year's growth at 20% it's still good. these numbers can jump around when switch open data center but the key is 95% revenue is not worth hiring
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switch's growth margin when they keep in sell came in at a rock solid in the first half. switch is actually, yes, profitable here, and while its operating margin jokes because of one time faes it's a lucrative business switch is intriguing, also some issues we got to address for starters it's got a complicated structure. the ipo's operates on a partnership owned by a small group of investors the partnership has now established corporation including a hold company switch limited to partnership as know the sole asset of switch, inc. the founder rod roy has 66% of the voting power of switch
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incorporated it's never a good thing when you have a multiple tiered instructor as much as i like rob war, i must -- about rob roy the guy who gones all of switch's class c stocks and can call all the stops here suffice to say it's rarely a good thing when people are cone the asset are different from people who control it. typically the shareholders get the short end of the stick so, switch is helping to pay those taxes for them gale for the insiders, maybe not so great for the shareholders. the vast bulk which is sales more than 95% can run a single detail center campus in las vegas. that probably won't be a problem
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but if there's a disaster that knocks out the power it's not going to be anygood. switch gets 38% of the sales from companies ebay alone generates 20% the good thing about switch, the stock though is that we can value on a price journey basis rather than have it fall back with close to sales. in the first half of this year, switch generated 35.4 million in that income. let's double that say for full fiscal 2017 year 70.6 switch will be growing at a 29.9% clip let's assume that growth desell rates to 50% leaving switch with $81.1 million. divide this by the share
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accounts and switch could -- its selling for 76 times next year's earnings and 66 times next year's numbers obviously that's give. switch had become public at the midpoint of its range it will be valued 53 times next year's numbers and that's still pricey. next year the company's going to start selling detail center pace in than aatlantic and aefr time they've opened a new center it's become high. even if switch has earnings explosion next year it might be too expensive for me nvidia, which i think is one of coolest stocks trades at 15 next earnings but nvidia's earnings are growing at a 41% clip.
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switch you're paying for a much lower growth sure i did mention kor site, ex nix and ditch, but those are investment trust they can't invessel heavily in growth that means switch has scarcely values and that's one reason it's so expensive. i like switch the company, even with the convoluted structure. the stock is too rich for me right now to recommend call me a believer in the concept, cru just not the price. much more "mad money" ahead. i'm giving you may take. then it's time to take the travel stocks in your portfolio, rebuilding after hurricanes harvey and irma.
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and costco just reported numbers, so what's the stock declining for? stick around and find out. stay with cramer
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our average customer could lower their monthly bills by over three hundred dollars. go to right now. ♪ i am always telling you to wait temporafor your favorite st come down and get you a better point before you pull the trigger. when that happens there are far too many people end up getting scared off or losing interest because they'd rather own something that's moving up that's a classic mistake we try to break you of on "mad money. we like to buy low and sell high, it's the oldest rule in the game i consider my job to point out when we're getting a nice buying opportunity in the stock of a high-quality company if they ever occurred because we had for
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people trying to get few sell offs the last few weeks. let's take the stock of sell g, that's up 20% of year and up 34% of the last year last month, cell gene pulled back today it's come down 139 a lot of stock -- i think you need to view this sell off as a gift at a time when so many other stocks have been roaring higher, cell gene represent value after the decline. every time it's pulled back in recent years it's always managed a stage of fabulous rebank not buy it all once on money but you can get started here for those of you who aren't far with this stock, it's in bio tech industry, if summit which is where i live so i was familiar with it for a long time i use to call it one of four
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horse men of bio took tech. but it's been the best performer out of the bunch there's a brock -- that's for sol solso sol solid tumors there's worry that is always cause the stock to go down morgan stanley downgraded the stock to under perform and down right sell underappreciated on negative risk and overuse i'm not buying it. the truth is people have been fretting about the risk of losing pat ten protection for ages when i started calling it the four horsemen people worried
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about that patent. in twooi2015, a drug company trd to -- and it can start selling generics without a prescription if 2026. the patent clip here that i think is out nine years. morgan & stanley points out other companies are trying to get this generic drug approved in the past revenues been protected by wall patents that cover different aspects. the come six patent that entired. that last one has to do with different solid shapes cell gene's pa tended eight of them according to mirror gone &
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stanley -- if they can beat the dosing patent in court, these guys can be selling generic in april of 2020. that is close. given this t struggle will count for half of the sell in three years, whack be a real blow. cell gene also covered -- many of the -- and that's why the stock got completely obliterated yesterday. so why am i telling you to buy it why not just ring the register and go home, shouldn't we be freaking out well, look according to the very smart guy from ever core i s a, the morgan stanley analysts may will be blowing this out of proportion what about the dosing patent that expires in 2023
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could doctors really beat that in front of a patent trial on appeal board there's nothing stopping them for filing it bah it's going to be about the merits in the patent and it's thought the dosing pa ten is legitimate. it's unlikely this will be overturned the first generic filers didn't beat cell gene in court, they settled. it makes it more difficult for every other generic player want to take a shot before the patent expire i think cell gene's got more going for it here. i expect rev few will stay protected till at least 2023 the company's going to make a fortunate. in recent quarters revenue growth has accelerated
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the reason new clinical data has helped the drug gain approvement -- doctors feel more comfortable prescribing for more longer periods of time on top of that, cell gene's been working on a replacement strategy for years not like they don't know the drug will go generic they're smart guys otesla's scale scored more in the recent quarter and of course there's pipe la. n yesterday afternoon the response to the drug -- which they picked up when they acquired one of our absolute favorite companies it's a treatment for ulcer, colitis, kroenz. this could be a multiple billion
6:34 pm
dollars drug when you put oh san may together with the drugs and other pipeline, a different drug, then a treatment for a type of rare blood disorder known as beta, this could work and produce maybe up to 13 to $14 billion in peak sells, that's huge. the company has got a trial coming up over the next 13 months which is another reason why i think this company's worth buying whatever piece of positive data i think there one can surge higher you can get slammed but the underlined thesis is still intact i think you can do some buying don't let this morgan & sanly analyst scare you out of a good story especially when that analyst had out the whole run
6:35 pm
with a hole on the stock which is not what i call value added. tom in arizona please. tom. >> caller: booyah jim thanks for having me on >> of course thank you for calling in >> caller: i own mankind, ticker symbol, mlkd they got an approval for label change how viable do you think that is for mankind, do you see it moving higher? >> a lot of people suddenly gotten behind it it's a very speculative stock. people told me to believe in it. i've got to tell you i got to do more work on it. it's a little $5 stock, let me do more homework and i'll come back let's go to marsha in new york please. >> caller: hi mr. cramer thank you for all you attach >> thank you very much >> caller: i have a question about owe yoga cure. after you had -- 2015 i go to
6:36 pm
$100 at $21 a share. now it's falling i want to know if i should hold or sell? >> i would hold on, it's got novel. i've seen it work in novel brain cancer device there's been some success for. i'd prefer for you not to sell it down here all of these stocks are all over the map and i understand you -- let's just hold on to it here. if it goes down $10 from below where you bought it i think you should buy a little bit more when a stock comes down it's not always a red flag sometime it's a great opportunity that's what i'm saying about cell gene stock. much more "mad money" ahead. costco just crushed earnings
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some stolks just don't seem to know when to quit look at vacation worldwide simply vac i've liked this stockfor a lon time we just had the ceo on the show at the end of february and since then mar yet vacations have giving you a lot of gain we've also been hearing whether i say when i say experts that mar yet vacations may have partnered with another stock i think the deal makes a ton of sense but doesn't make sense to get our hopes up about it. let's check in with steve weis
6:41 pm
with marriott vacations. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks jim. >> you do have a lot of properties that are in storm damaged areas. i want to know how you come through it and what marriott vacations worldwide has done to make the situation better as it can be >> well, you're exactly right. we had 25 of our resorts and 10 of our sale centers that were in the midst of both hurricane irma and maria and i'm happy to report with two properties exceptions on st. thomas, all of our resorts have reopened and our sale centered have reopened except for st. thomas. it was quite a bit of work and effort to make sure that a, we did the very best job we could do in taking care of our guests and associates and making sure if there was any damage done to any of the resorts reassess that damage and did our best to try
6:42 pm
to repair and restore operations >> i was going to ask you about st. thomas, even seems to think that has been the hardest hit, do you know when that will get back online. >> the simple answers is there's two pieces of this we have two resorts. one our marriott vacation club at french. men's cove and a club down on red hook the frenchmen's cove property will probably be able to take guests back, call it end of november early december, however there is no permanent power to the resorts yet. that's the biggest problem we're currently operating on temporary generators at red hook at the ritz carlton club i think that's going to be long e it's a little farther away so we're uncertain about the opening date there
6:43 pm
>> all right i don't think people realize, they forget the devastation there's so many bad thing happening but that is pretty terrible your stock itself has been terrific, the group has been great, we get these new reports about ilg, which i think because you're such a good manager would be a great fit do we have any definitive comment about where a possible bid might be >> clearly, jim we have a policy and practice not to comment on speculation so i'm afraid i can't give you any color one way or the other on that but, stay tuned. >> all right let me just ask you. if the faith keep raising rates, marriott vacations worldwide something we have to worry about if i'm starting to think what can go wrong, people want these properties, maybe it's financing. >> clearly our sales so, through the second quarter of this year,
6:44 pm
na notwithstanding some of the hurricanes in the third quarter, this is our third executive quarter of contract sales increases greater than 15% some of that is the fact our existing sale centers are up about 7%, our new sell centers which we added six last year are starting to get their stride so, we're very bullish about what we they of the future to be, and we believe that the demand for vacationing, particular in quality property such as ours is as good as its ever been. >> now, when you are looking at where the demand is coming from, everyone's asking, on the costco -- i feel like i have to ask there stuff now, are millennials interesting if timeshares or is this an angling co-hurt that like to buy them? >> no in fact, some interesting statistics not only we see but also through the timeshare
6:45 pm
association and the american development association the number of jen x, jen y millennials are continuing to grow so, while i think the traditional belief is that this is somewhat of a bloomer product, i believe the stiches are proving that not be true at all. >> i think that's got to be one of the reasons the stocks keep being discovered as great investment i want to thank you so much steve weis for being candidate with us. we've liked this thing for almost 70 points it's a great company stick with cramer.
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♪ it is time, it's time for "lightening round. play the sound, and then the "lightening round" is over are you ready if time for the "lightening round. start with anthony in connecticut. antho >> caller: yes, looid like to
6:49 pm
know about monitoster buy or sel >> i think you should hold it. monster might be tough why am i not saying sell coca-cola should buy them. paul in texas. >> caller: booyah. government properties. >> it's got a good yield i think it's a save yield. i think the answer is yes. let's go to brian in texas >> caller: hi jim. thanks thanks for getting me out of ford and into general motors you spoke highly of the dominican resources, i'd like to be in con ed but i'm in duke >> con ed is better. those are -- actually even america wants your power to be on peter in massachusetts >> caller: okay.
6:50 pm
[inaudible]. >> general electric? i am shocked the ceo is out there. new c -- ceo coming in it's been a disaster maybe this is a shake up that's necessary. george in florida. >> caller: booyah jim. your opinion on light -- >> this thing is -- it's just fantastic today. i'm going to do more work on lumen tum, because the thing is all over the map and it's up 50%. i'm getting a lot of homework assignments but that's a lot better saying i like or dislike and don't know the answer. joyce in new york. >> caller: happy new year jim. >> same to you >> caller: can i buy gardner denver >> no i'm going to ask you not to do that i'm a believer if oil stocks and you're not going to be in -- it's a better sell than a buy.
6:51 pm
that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the "lightening round.
6:52 pm
well, it's earnings season once again. >>yeah. lot of tech companies are reporting today. and, how's it looking? >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions. one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade. you myour joints...thing for your heart... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement
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in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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♪ how could the stock of costco get punishment md --
6:55 pm
pummelled so badly could it be worth buying after full ten points? if i had a nickel for how many times i was asked that question to do i'd be able to buy everyone at lincoln field a hot dog for sunday evening's game. there's the current earnings, future earnings and growth rate and of course there are other issues but let's stick with the matter at hand is costco drivering better than expected sales number, that's the best important metro we're trying to buy at retail. apparently, not this stock as we saw from today's action, why first of 26 times earnings costco's an expensive stock, so expensive the company needed to all right a perfect quarter. the results were excellent but they weren't perfect the second cause of the sell
6:56 pm
off, you probably guested now, evil empire, amazon. the last good quarter before amazon crushes the whole foods acquisition, where did this disease come from, i always tell you to listen to conference calls before you invest. if you were on costco's listening call last night, you foe that people are thinking the days whether y d days when you can pay a premium for the stokes will be over. the people with the reports not only care about when costco will -- gross margins. isn't amazon going to roll right over you and wraps up whole foods, i found the question dismissive of everything costco does it's dominance of fresh food or lowest prices for any hard goods. no matter what the ceo, which is
6:57 pm
a fine man said -- to let it go. millennials don't like to go to costco they'd rather go to amazon in the end mean the costco stock is no longer a bargain no matter what should you buy costco, down nearly 10 bucks today? the answer not yet once amazon locks on you nothing's ever going to be the same look at the drug stocks, they got crushed because amazon's eyeing the business. down 10 is not enough to further from costco's decline. amazon's putting a lid on costco's stock and taking down the floor. stick with cramer. ities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities.
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cme group: how the world advances. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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record but i just want some profit taken there's always a mark somewhere promise i'd find it for you.
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i'm jim cramer see you monday. >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ with a product she believes will help cat lovers everywhere. ♪ i'm rebecca rescate. i live in yardley, pennsylvania, with my family and my loving cat samantha. a few years ago, we were living in a tiny apartment in manhattan. problem soon as you walked in our front door,


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