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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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15%. >> target traded well today. >> that's it i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. right now. my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica it's my job to not just entertain you but to educate and teach you. call me or tweet me. on a day, a magnificent day where the dow gained 7 0 points, s&p advanced 2.3%.
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nasdaq up 0.11%. there's something important we need to know right here and right now. we have to think about, do activist investors help create wealth or do they destroy it are they a force for good for you or force for bad these are the questions we need to grapple with given that just this morning procter & gamble narrowly defeated an attempt by nelson peltz to get a board seat putting an end to a bitter proxy fight that we've all been involved with and talked about here now, look. this is very much case by case thing. there are some scorch earth activists who specialize in creating ill will. nothing else i think those days are largely behind us. at least when it comes to smart activists who know what they're doing. let me lay out some individual examples to show you what i mean about this important group of investors and what they mean for
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your pocketbook. let's start with procter & gamble, the gigantic consumer products company make no mistake, this is a great american enterprise. procter raised its dividend for 58 straight years. that's one of the reasons it was one of the first stocks i recommended when i worked at goldman in the '80s. had has a host of categories, household. you use them for much of the last decade procter lost its way for years it seemed like the company was resting on its laurels. if nelson peltz and trian had raised this hachallenge at any time from 2010 to 2015, i had no doubt he would have won handily. i even think the board may have welcomed him since dave taylor took over as ceo two years ago he's done a pretty good job of cutting costs and regaining the company's
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moment momentum the plan he put in place is already bearing some fruit, but it's not perfect peltz doesn't think taylor goes far enough as he sees it, prokt ser a top-heavy company where the executives don't have enough accountability whatever you think of the merits of the particular argument, there's no denying peltz is not just another money manager, he's a keen business person i've known him for a long time he knows what it takes to run a successful enterprise. he's been successful in food and any industry procter's management disagreed when david taylor came on the show not long ago. he was vehement that peltz would be dangerous he used the word twice, dangerous short-term and dangerous long-term. he also questioned the track record of peltz's hedge fund, trian.
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procter, the company, was more vocal, more harsh about the damage that peltz could do than anything peltz said. by the way, peltz' record is darn good. let's put that out there normally it's the activist who gets more bellicose. it's odd in this case, because i talked to enough executives who have done work with peltz and members of boards he's been involved with. he does terrific homework and has a keen sense of what can make a company better. that's not enough. my take, look, if it weren't for peltz, i bet the stock of procter & gamble would be lower, maybe substantially lower. the whole consumer products base sold off except for this one i like the idea of more accountability for each division i like peltz' notion of buying smaller brands and selling them for bigger ones.
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procter has too much insular, too much local the stock got i had todhit toda. i think would have gone up if peltz had gotten elected many believe it needs more outsiders, but clearly not enough investors felt that way doesn't surprise me the stock went down a bit. it would shock me if management doesn't take some of peltz' suggestions of hard, especially when it comes to the purchase of smaller brands the biggest winner here, you, the shareholders anything that creates more accountability is always a good thing. in the end i think procter was doing too well under taylor for peltz to win this proxy fight. even had his ideas made sense. i didn't regard peltz as dangerous. he's only one man. he could have played a valuable role as a questioner in chief of strategic moves. i like that kind of challenge. i feel comfortable enough in my skin to have one
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obviously the board of direct rts didn ers didn't let's move on and admit he has done good things for the company. that's one of the reasons i'm thrilled that general electric invited peltz's partner at trian, his hedge fund or investment fund ed garden to its board of directors ge is a far more troubled company than procter many investors believe that david taylor has already started to turn things around. i agree with that. i didn't think it was fast enough but ge, it's pretty clear they need trian's help now more than ever new ceo john flannery is cleaning house and could benefit from a fresh set of eyes i think getting trian involved could be a godsend for ge. however, i also recognize that the company's earnings estimates likely remain way too high, and, yes, i, too, think that the dividend is in jeopardy. what a tragedy that this iconic american company made so many
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blunders in the last few years, like buying into oil at the high, selling finance at the low, among a host of other mistakes it's another situation where activism could have done more than good if management had just listened in the first place. trian was in the stock a lot earlier with a really good plan to cut costs more aggressively than previous ceos wanted to do i think the stock would be a heck of a lot higher if trian had been heated here now, my trust owns ge. i have to admit i got this one dead wrong i will say so in our club conference call tomorrow that i do i thought the company would be doing much better with all of its terrific exposure to aerospace, healthcare, power maybe under flannery it can. i made a big mistake buying this for the trust. those things are on me i sense that despite the activism things could still get ugly before they get better. a third situation made better by activism that we heard about today, honeywell the big industrial has a better
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record than ge and procter it has one of the best in the world. when the new ceo came in replacing one of my favorite ceos of all time, dave cody, several activists clamored for a breakup of the company he agreed to split honeywell into a climate control and safety company and a transportation company i think the split will create a ton of value given if some express disaappointment. i think they're wrong. the break up will create two best in class companies that don't belong under one roof. it made a lot of sense it took a lot of guts to undue something that cody built, too finally we found out that paul singer's elliott management took a stake in smith and nephew. this is good for share holders as elliott can put pressure on management to conduct more
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vigorous investments my charitable trust owns arconic, the company spun off with alcoa, they got hived off, arconic is the core. xp semiconductor in part because of the pressure elliott is putting on both businesses to unlock more value. arconic has no ceo due to being forced out by elliott. that's a sign it could be taken over nxp is a target of qualcomm, which made a $110 bid so far the bid hasn't attracted enough sellers. elliott is pushing the stock higher that's why the stock is at 115 5 dollars more than qualcomm is willing to pay that's good activists helping you. i think walmart has an activist. he just happens to be the ceo, doug mcml illan who is putting
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into place an e-strategy company and announcing a buy back today of $20 billion worth of shares. that sernt the stock up sending the dow jones to an all-time high here's the bottom line, some of these activists are better than others generally speaking when a smart activist gets involved it's a good thing forev you at home even when they fail to get everything they want, you should be grateful for their work believe me, these stocks, many of these, would be even lower, maybe much lower without the pressure these funds put on management get would have been a heck of a lot higher had they only listened to trian when they had the chance that time has now passed but let's hope they can still put something together to save that great american company. let's go to gilbert in texas gilbert. >> jim, thank you for having me. >> i'm thrilled you're on the
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show what's up? >> caller: wanted your thoughts on caesars entertainment they announced they're getting out of the bankruptcy. they had a recent new ceo who is doing a phenomenal job succeeding gary loveland who also did a great job wanted to see what your thoughts were from seize ercaesars recovy coming out of this huge bankruptcy, how do they compare to mgm, resorts and las vegas sands who had a similar story. >> gilbert, i like macau and caesars no go. that means i like wynn number one, steve wynn terrific mgm, a hedge position. terrible tragedy on his watch, had nothing to do with him there's nothing you can do about something like that. and then las vegas sands only then would i include caesars. i don't like their balance sheet. steve wynn is a remarkable
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businessman. he has been one of my idle 'dolr than 40 years. i go with wynn >> abigail in maryland >> caller: hey, cramer >> y abigail, what's up? >> caller: i'm a student at university of maryland i literally just started watching your show last month. >> okay. >> caller: i do not regret it. >> all right thank you. how can i help >> caller: my question is about flor corporation, their stock has risen over the last month, they had a contract with eco petrol in columbia until 2020, i was wondering what you thought about the future of their company. >> i'm concerned about fluor, they do a lot in the energy industry, i will not recommend
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it i'm thrilled a university of maryland student called in one of your great alums, frank wright, is doing remarkable job as an offensive coordinator of the philadelphia eagles and is a great and keen mind. thank you very much for that question yes. i do like it when you get activist pressure. pressure can make diamonds when an active i giist gets inv in a company, a high quality acti activist, you are the winner many of these stocks would be low werout ter without the pres. one of them, the management of ge should have listened when they had the chance. coming up, workday, up year to date. could the move continue? we have the ceo of workday see where the stock is headed. then technology has been a juggernaut in 2017 helping to lead the market to higher ground i'm going off the charts to see
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if it can continue to have a hold on the market. and what's the ultimate tell for the natural gas industry i'm talking wiabout what's ahead for the energy sector. stick with cramer.
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. we had something to puzzle through. here tow do you tell the difference between a red hod stock. consider the case of workday, wday, the cloud base provider of software that help businesses from everything with human capital management, to payroll, to employee expense. we've been behind this stock for ages it's up 64% since the beginning
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of 2017. workday analyst day is part of workday rivalry. took place all week in chicago, kind of a festival of the cloud. company announced a bunch of new products including data and service and an littic office what do we make of all this? should we be concerned in the stock with huge participation in these adocuments the cofounder and ceo of workday. mr. bushman. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks for having me jim. >> okay, you made a couple of exciting announcements but i want you to put them in the context of our viewers who might own the stock and say what does it mean to have this second chapter of workday cloud platform that enables customers to do all new things >> well, so, since we started the company we're focused on building our platform for our
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own use, for human resources and financial nmt software our customers and partners kept asking for access to it to build their applications on top of it. we felt it have ready to open that up. what it means is that, customers and partners can now build applications on top of the workday platform use our rich set of api's, security services, data services and for workday over time it will become a another substantiate revenue screen, much like we've seen from other companies. the important meeus of workday weave evolve to a platform morning as time has gone on. >> wol you be competing against in this new world? we know that for instance you're doing workday benchmarking, companies can do better to understand your company performance. we have companies that say they're doing the same thing, so this is not greenfield for you you got to take business again from others, right >> well, the way we're doing
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data and services is interesting. because we took a clean sheet of paper and we have that one true system, every customer's running the same version what we're doing is if a customer opts in and lets us use our data in a way it's anonymous, we'll priefld the bench mark results to them for free for just letting us be apart of work data customers that can only be done by a true cloud provider the other people who talk about it, our typical and legacy competitors. no one can date of birth in a way that we can because we have everyone on the same version of the software >> can you reveal some of the names of the companies that said, listen we really want to be involved? >> well, we're up to about 100 customers that have signed on and we just started this effort of our 1800, 100 have already
6:21 pm
signed on. at this point we'd like to keep the names private until they feel more comfortable letting us publicly disclose it by signing up for these agreements they let us use their data in a d i den tied way they can now not just look at their own analysis of the business they can also compare it to their peers. which is a the west by the way to let everyone know how you're doing on a global front. >> five years ago what's this like, what's it like now are people signing up contracts behind you are there customers like a german company deal being the s ap give us a little bit of the flavor for this year >> we're 8500 people at the
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conference this year another 5,000 are watching it on live stream. so, it's probably ten x from where it was five or six years ago. we've come a long way. our contracts really are about customers. it's about sharing with them all the new product updates. having them work together as a community. we now have over 30% on the fortunate 500 including companies like semens. that have -- to use the workday platform one of the things that i'm proudest of is this net work effect that's being created by customers. we're very very focused on happy customers and, jim, you know we've been that way from the start. these customers are recruiting other customers and becoming this fly will where there's negative affect of customers reaching out to other customers.
6:23 pm
and it's at that skill where we're paying off >> i know we're not at a level to talk about customers but we're talking about it on tonight's show boy comhas been an inquistive company. what does workday do wen they come in and how quickly can you do it versus the other guy >> so, for a company like broad come or any other companies doing mergers, we got companies like pfizer that wen live in the middle of a merger within the span depending on a project of three to four months they can move that acquired company on to a workday platform or in the case of ebay and paypal when they split, that are able to split it within two companies on a workday within a matter of two months >> i sure wish i could tell people how long it takes to do the other guys but we'll let them find out.
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ceo of workday, thank you for making the time from workday to speak to our viewers, appreciate it sir >> thank you, jim. >> okay. that company's been remarkable "mad money" will be right back your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory.
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so much technology has been on fire this year, that goes double for the semiconductor space. artificial intelligence, mobile gaming, the data center, all possible because of chips. check has been a jauger naut i'm not talking about fang here or the company formally known as google i'm weary of any really led only
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by fang. i think these are zero to some names. when they win it usually mean somebody's losing but the semiconductor that's a different story. this group can be a terrific leader especially during the economic expansion we have around the gloep we're going off the charts with my friend bob lange. he's a brilliant technician, part of the three-man all-star team behind the news letter he's going to be joining me in a sponsor seminar. in broad strokes this group has been rocking higher for years. you can't tell until you take a look at this chart it shows the generational bottom from march 2009 until now of the van vehicleter semiconductor
6:28 pm
this is up 1,200%. that is a monster move over the same period, seems trifle, this is really a chart of commerce industry progress in the future it makes me feel pretty darn good it's not just red hot stocks like nvidia that's powering this there are plenty others going strong here. so can the semiconductor stocks keep roaring let's take a look at the daily charts of intel. nine points after intel now up at the highest levels since class in 2000. intel has been insanely impressive this one stock driven a lot of the analysis lately. take a look at this check and mind flow, that's the cnf. in intel's case, the shake and
6:29 pm
money flow went from negative to positive three weeks ago since then this has gone through the roof in lange's view this is a classic on the big institutional manager managers are piling into the stock. we love institutional sponsorship here on "mad money." when these hedge funds and mutual funds buy stocks hand over fist you better believe it's going to get a higher price. institutional buyer is what's maki make driving stock's higher. the last quarter wasn't even that great and people didn't like the mobile acquisition when they made it lange also notes the turn over has been very robust with the stock up 20% seasons the company's last report three weeks ago. that's a ridiculously big move from $183 billion company. you never see a mega capitalization stock rallying
6:30 pm
this quickly intel's on report next week and given how much the stock has run since the last quarter, a lot of things pull back on the news remember, the intel of today is not the intel of old under the excellent leadership of ceo brian, a man i really like, company's making more chips for mobile devices acquisition mobilize that i mentioned before giving intel excellent exposure to autonomous driving. these are hot themes i'm an intel fan, if not an intel alcoholic like i was in the '90s so i can only hope you get the sell off so you can get in today's climb, nothing you got real weakness that goes here, i think lange would say snap it up not every stock connected to the semiconductor stakes haven't been working of late it's the stock of qualcomm
6:31 pm
they make chips as well as software behind the cellular phone technology in his view the charts may have turned the corner. qualcomm should be ready to fly higher why? nine points after qualcomm made a classic inverse head and shoulders pattern. this one looks like someone's hanging up side down it's an inverse head and shoulders and one of the reliable patterns in the book. now qualcomm comes broken out of the neckline of this formangs, lange submits it could be smooth selling up to 2.6. now, just as important, qualcomm's broken out above its sealing and resistance at 53 bucks. and lange likes the strength index, the r s i, that's right here at the bottom
6:32 pm
that's an important momentum indicator. notice it's going up he also notes the moving average convergence convergence or what we call the mac d is very bullish here then he reverts to that chicken money flow os later. that's this green circle lange points out we're seeing heavy flow out in 55 and 57 calls. we know how important that is since lots of buyers bet qualcomm will go to at least $60 by the end of the year could the call buyers be right you might remember i was very happy when this company decided to by nxp semi european regulators right now holding the deal up a bit but we're hearing qualcomm's ready to make some concessions and if we hear encouraging things about the nxp deal, qualcomm has more room to run.
6:33 pm
qualcomm will have to pay for upn xp finally, take a look at one that has been the bain of my existence of late, broad com, the long time fav that use to be knowned as aadvantage goes here's a company that's turned its into a semiconductive powerhouse lange likes that broad comhas made a series of higher highs and higher lows. stocks moving average acting as a support, okay, you see that's in red on top of that he points out that broad come had made a bullish flag pattern tip of this kor mags leads --
6:34 pm
formation leads to a nice break out forecast lange says not to worry, he thinks if it can rally above 2.50 it will be 4 bucks and change from where it's currently trading. he expects the stock will start rallying to 300. obviously there are a lot of investors who agree with him, hence the strong option flow in the december of january calls. i like the stock here, by travel trust you can follow us we'll be talking about i tomorrow on our conference call. i think langston's going to be right but i think the stock buy needs time in the interim, this particular move has been quite painful for many people. now, here's the bottom line, nvidia clu know is my favorite is far from the only semiconductor name that's working here the charts is interpretered by bob lange, suggest intel's got more upside or will be even
6:35 pm
better after pull back i think he's got a point, i agree with him on intel, i'm hopeful about broadcom, qualcomm's got a tougher way to hope perhaps the call buying's indicating that patent dispute will be settled, if that's the case, nxp deal comes to fru wigs the stock's going to become more higher let's go to don in massachusetts. >> caller: hi jim how are you doing today? >> i'm having a good day don, how about you? >> caller: great a report i read recently, roughly 60 million tons of produce gets discarted in this country every year americans spend over $1 trillion on food and beverages in a year, $160 billion of that gets tossed, 11% of our money being
6:36 pm
wasted >> all right >> caller: there is a company whose senses are at the forefront of a breakthrough technology that can tell you the quality of the food at any different point. these senses will be used by farmers, grocery stores and household. >> okay. >> caller: that company is ang log device >> analog device has been on our show don, i've always welcomed them they are great guys. that stock, don, you got a winner in analog devices the semiconductor stocks have been on fire this year. the charts suggest that there is more up side ahead much more "mad money" ahead including charisse sue competent. what does he have to say about the sector these days? is this week the stocks get valued like regular stocks
6:37 pm
i'll tell you what my take is ahead of earnings. and your calls, lightning fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round. stick with cramer. when this bell rings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and.
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time to circle back to a major long-term theme that we haven't spent much time talking about lately natural gas. we have a vast quantity of gags in this country so much it's come down in price pretty hard the thing is natural gas is much more expensive overseas especially in europe and east asia you can't just load the stuff on to a boat and shift it overseas. many companies are billing liquified natural gas, it can take many years for it to come to fruition. which brings us to teler yan early last year the stock came public by acquiring the gel and petroleum. hoover the real business is
6:41 pm
spending more natural gas export terminals along the golf coast their project is known as driftwood lnc. although it won't be operational to 2022. the stock has snapping up other liquified gases here and new york i can tell you the team understand the business better than anyone in the world let's check in with the ceo. welcome back to "mad money." have a seat. you're doing it again. it was a remarkable thing, we'v gone over what happened, no longer interested. interested in tell lieu yan and its new business model because it's different than the one that you pioneered. >> yes, i think we've changed and it's been ten years that we
6:42 pm
started the ole business model two things have happened that's different. the u.s. is now unquestionably provider of low coast of gas the mark has groan so much that it has designed to a commodities, there is 18 cargoes for sale every day they're floating around different ships around the world and you no longer have to enter into a long-term contract. you can pick up the phone and say i feed gas on tuesday and you'll get it. >> the thing that concerns me is the huge number of companies that want to be in this industry why is your company, which is not large, and a new company that you have with driftwood, why can you compete against these companies? >> two reasons, we're good at building the liquid faction ourselves. >> which you did it in record
6:43 pm
time and pretty much in budget >> and we did it -- in coming up with a product but we brought in our trains on average at 500 to $550 a ton and we now have our full scan that's surviving this week i would take credit -- >> right i think you deserve it. >> and no one was able to do it closer than what we do >> if i go down to where the project is, is there anybody working right now? >> no, it's steel piece of lands that we put together >> so there's a conceptall company right. >> at the moment yes we've put in countless hours of engineer time both ourselves and backter. we've been working on this for
6:44 pm
two years, we spent a couple million dollars to put the designs together we finalized the cost we're about to finalize the contract with backter as we did last time >> okay you came on this show when the stock was at 8 bucks and people pretty much didn't believe. it was a concept then. you can do it again? >> okay, so the challenge this time that we throw in last week, we told the world we can build the project from production, pipeline and liquid faction facility for $1,500 a ton and deliver the gas on the water for customers that's $8 to you >> and you own and produce it what about a buck? >> somewhere around a buck 50. >> that's not a bad return right? >> yes the operating of the cost of 75 cents so it'll be delivered to asia a little bit less than $5
6:45 pm
>> that's a nice return. >> that's a very nice return >> okay one last question. you said it wasn't going to go down and not come back any time soon still the case >> i am fairly comfortable with $15 but i have bias because around the world its increasing. and i don't think the u.s. will be able to keep up i don't know the timing but i'm starting to get nervous and we might see prices go up >> okay. you've been very very good and accurate at everything i have to wish you the best of luck you build sha near and didn't get enough credit but you made our viewers a lot of money and that's what matters to me. the chairman and cofounder of te lur yan. from the earth, that's latin "mad money's" back after the break.
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play the sound and then "lightening round's" over. are you ready. bob in oklahoma. >> caller: thanks for taking my call i wanted to know your opinion on kt ls. >> it's been one of our favorites. ron in ohio. >> caller: mr. cramer thanks for taking my call i'm calling about fie bro general. >> that is extremely speculate tifr as long as you're doing it with a little money that you know you can lose because the company itself has no earnings mike in rhode island mike >> caller: hey jim thanks for good work you do >> how can i help? >> caller: i am looking at what seems to be a really interesting price for a buy home purchase of nike >> as long as you butt put it l
6:50 pm
that there's going to be multiple quarters before they can break out again. scott in virginia. >> caller: we're looking at oil scrips -- >> i want to hold off all scrips we like cardinals. that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the "lightening round. i was having a good round, and then my friend, sheila, right as i was stepping into the tee box mentioned a tip a pro gave her. no. yep. did it help? it completely ruined my game. well, the truth is, that advice was never meant for you. i like you. you want to show me your swing? it's too soon. get advice that's right for you. investment management services from td ameritrade.
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is this the week that banks finally get valued like regular stocks is this the moment we start thinking it's ridiculous for stocks like those of jp morgan and bank of america. training and earnings giving the huge deposits and basic earnings power. maybe citigroup stock deserves to sell for 14 times earnings. given the company's $7 in earnings power it should be $98 stock. one of the reasons the bank has been so hot of late the group has been lagging behind the market the cross structure got out of whack during the obama years they made riskier bank impossible now i don't want to go back to the bad ole days before the great recession when the ab sorted lack of -- it will be ridiculous we all know even the bankers
6:54 pm
themselves the chief and force of those old rules is now gone. he was the fed's vice chairman for supervision. he ran rough shot over all bankers as tough as tony west was when he served as the justice department me goesnator for the fines you heard about. he made a point of repudiating everything his predecessors did. this guy may be the most important person in the banking business w while you can argue about the american one thing's clear, it's beginning to be fabulous for you who own bank stocks. let's start with dodd frank. as he said in front of senate, quote -- practices and adopted since the finance crisis has improved the settlement with finance system with the benefit of experience and reflection, some refinements will be in order, end quote.
6:55 pm
translation, he may gut the whole darn thing some would say way too subjective, all that matters is how you enforce rules, the rules themselves don't have to change. if you enforce them lightly it's a big difference you might say that's the points, the banks aren't supposed to know the answers to the question in advance but making the test to stringent, too arbitrary, i think it forced the banks to be far more conservator than need to be. after that he worked for the carlisle group that private equity firm and then his own firm his firm invested in prior businesses, on the website they mentioned they owned 420 burger
6:56 pm
kings. these are the types of businesses that needs financing and they've instruct ltd to get it -- struggled to get it. why does all this matter if the banks no longer have to guess what the examiners want from them in the stress test, if they're allowed to increase their difrd did he understand, and dif the normal sense of rate hikes it'll make the --. they'll want to talk about the possible yield curve which would happen that's what they control too aggressively i'd say wait a second. what you need to be thinking about are dividends, buy backs and per share that go up every rate hike. remember the bank stocks are cheaper. with the economy coming i bet there'll become major holdings for -- all they need to do is
6:57 pm
start getting slightly higher evaluations. if the banks get another leg up i bet we'll see a nice price in the market if jp morgan and trust bank city behave well to report on thursday there'll be magnets for money and a new group ready to roar stick with cramer. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out,
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visit quickbooks-dot-com. well here's a big test for the bullish semiconductor -- if it's priced enough until hole i think it will work remember this is bank stock earnings week and we're keen on jp morgan. if that stock can breakthrough 100 we got a new group of leaders and new leaders are needed badly because we can't just be led by fang. that doesn't work. there's always a bull market somewhere promise aisle find it for you. i'm jim cramer and i'll see you
7:00 pm
tomorrow mothers b.k. >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ my name is jackie courtney, and i live in brooklyn, new york. when i got married a year ago, i had a hard time finding a dress that i loved and that i could afford. i, like most brides, want that dream dress that i've seen in magazines. those dresses, however, cost upwards of $10,000, which is a price, in today's economy, that most girls can't afford. my business, nearly newlywed,


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