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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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cleveland. go yanks emerging markets breaking out at 46 after five years, eem >> i'm melissa lee thanks for watching. see you back tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast money." don't go anywhere, "mad money" is jim cramer is up next . my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey i'm cramer, where can to "mad money," welcome to cram america. other people want to make friends i'm trying to make you money. my job --. it feels like an out marvel even after seeing the session with
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dow gain 42 points nasdaq climb 2.5 per, usual records highs. each day with get a stock that seems to ignite and then captures the fancy of investors and provide the leadership that make succession so exciting and yes, lucrative at least if you happen to own it in fact, you know what, i'm an angler and there's a tar pine festival in july next year this is like fishing, catching a 40 inch fish every day, each different than the day before. take today's catch, markecdonal. not that long ago this to be was knocked down, that created a panic, even as it seemed out of contractor with the slow and steady wins the race performance
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of ceo steven. now the stock has broken out unless you call that will veggie burg they released in europe something, the stock climbed to a 2.5 high the next thing you know the analysts will be inventing reasons why it went up so they can recommend the stock tomorrow having analysts pound the table doesn't hurt even if they are gemmed up. everyone loves a winner but the reputation of the house will do better for me. yesterday, walmart, still great. for now let's say the company's beating the numbers even though it's competing against amazon. something very few players in the brick and mortar retail
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space can say. of course the truth is, there isn't one catch of the day, i mean, we are completely inundated with fish, we're fishing magicians. also upgraded, johnson & johnson. this new buy recommend from jeffries urges people to consider j & j as an earning's growth and dividend story. clearly investors agree which is why on this recommendation alone the stock made $2.5 today. take paypal. an analyst saying he's no longer worried about some negotiations with ebay that most of us stopped caring about ages ago. i remember '49 i debated some kid on a stock show. call it a 40 pound striver
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caught surf casting. our how about the sushi served up by bill chappell who just updated cole gait this morning he believes the underperformance is about to end. i love this california role of a pole while california stocks have been basing flat year over year proctor & gamble moved high. in short, colgate deserves to play catch up. maybe the earnings are better, maybe they catch a take over bid from crash times maybe una lever decide to -- the space. then there's kroger. we know the competition is right for the supermarket space but the convenient stores are doing much better. i bet the stock catches i want
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upgrade tomorrow in response how about the pesky dollar stores now the stocks are running that sponsorship can't be too far behind i expect upgrades tomorrow we want winners but they don't pile in the same spot. what is going on here? what is this all about am i being to glib naw i'm just being too old why are all these situations working? how is it that you if you teach a man to fish he'll catch dinner every night in this market first, worth the time of the year where hedge funds need to start showing some performance or they're going to lose assets. you can't show performance in this market without buying stocks, it's that simple for money managers, you know what this period is, this is the buy or die period. >> buy buy buy.
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>> second, whatever you may think of president trump, there's no denying he's really pro stock market you can tell from his suites that he grades himself by the performance of the s&p 500, same way he graded himself with nelson ratings when he started the apprentice he can't seem to get much done in terms of pushing that economic agenda but he's already created a much more business friendly environment i know he expanded the economic counsels but he still has the contacts even though the stock market did very well under president obama, president obama never wanted to be associated with it, it's for rich people. trump rolls bag regulations as fast as -- that's the confidence business people feel great about and talks about all the time off line when i get together with them third, the answalyst recommends
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they want stocks to go up. i worked at one of these firms, if you work at one of those larger brokerage houses your research directors is in your face begging you to put out new names, knowing they'll pop given that huge sales force a reason to make a call and say listen, we're upgrating snap right here. fourth, i used to come in everyday and be confronted with some overseas horror must be greece had friends come back loved it italy, my wife bought a place there. ukraine, france, britain, this time you come in and japan's at an all-time high i'm not kidding. what was brexit? anyone remember? get this, this is for you george fans out there, we're paying homage to kataluma, not being
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scared by it finally, there's been no new -- in that vacuum we have visions of higher prices multiples for the banks dancing in our heads of course all this bullishness represents extreme levels of -- that's what's so amazing about my fishing annaalysis here. summer game fish like nvidia hitting an all-time high, the bottom fisher, intel, amd, kroger some of retail you value for a few days and toosz them back those are catch and release. and some are just delicious dinners like mcdonald's, visa, mastercard, walmart. visual from the surface. sure there's an inevitably crabs down there, the oils have to be thrown back endlessly they are a
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real pain in the butt. the goods that aren't a take over target they take over like sea weeds. the bomb line, the fish are jumping, cotton is high. if you don't grab a pole and buy some bait something's going to be lost on you as well as americans wrote don't know a rod from a reel. john from louisiana, sports and paradise john >> caller: jim, i -- i'm not seeing the action that i want to see, what's going on with it >> well i didn't really get that name did anyone catch that maybe somebody didn't throw it hello? what shall we do here as i turn to regina puzzle myself.
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oh how about we go -- it's hot out let's go to august in new york august >> caller: jim thank you for taking my call i'd like to thank you as well as all your fellow cncb co-workers and investment advice. >> thank you we have a lot of nice people here, everybody's really nice. >> caller: i try to be jim my question is on oracle orcl. i took a small position at the beginning of august, they announced earnings where they beat earnings but they gave sharp guidance for the second quarter. stock took a 20% hit since then. i was wondering should i buy more or just -- >> august, i want you -- yes, i do i think the team is doing much better than that stock at 48 bucks, i think it's worth 52 i liked the last quarter
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i think you've got a recently stock to invest in thank you for those kinds comments about cncb. why don't we go to mark in florida. >> caller: i'm -- i do own the stock but -- [inaudible] i want to know what do you think, do you think i should cut my losses now or keep it there >> ill tell you -- i'll tell you what happened to ultimate thulta beauty it ran into an 18 truck name z amazon i couldn't sell it we'll find a level where to buy more what i really love is a good catch. the ship has not sailed.
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"mad money's" hard to do but did bunts man make it look -- hunts man look easy. then it's all fun and games. i'll tell you sports authority closing and impacting. and seattle genetics put cancer in its sights will the break-through science propel the stock higher. stick with cramer.
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the spin off end up benefitting. instead of trying to cram two desperate businesses today same framework. back in august, huntsman the model chemical company spun off van tore materials was this a fabulous break up that deserves to be bought right here or should we be more skeptical about picking up a commodi km commodity chemical company in this environment huntsman is a producer of polyurethanes, advance materials, tex tag components and all sorts of pigments and additives. for years they have been trying to cut back on pigments. van tore is a latin translation
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for huntsman huntsman decided to give they are docks add tifr businesses. -- it's also the most basic commodities which meanst it's easy to make what was the motivate behind the spin off the tuesday takening docks finally started to improve last year and most experts believe it will get stronger through the rest of 2017 at the same time van tore expect it could boast its earnings for interest, taxes, decreation by $90 million. thanks to business improvements it'll be easier to undertake let's dig deeper this company is the third producer of tie tan yum dock that's pretty big. counts for 11% of bloeglobal capacity while regular tie tan yum
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dioxide may be the regular material it also makes high-value added specially docs side that's used for industrial coding, performance plastic and differentiated inks. this stuff accounts for half of division sales all -- chemicals designed for wood and water treatment after spending years down in the differents, the titanium die yok side industry is turning around. from 2009 to 2013 the company rose dramatically. company paint starts shopping around for alternative now the demand has began taking up again at the same time chinese producers are facing more and more businesses like i said before more than half of the sales come from a
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harder to make specialty verbal of the chemical. companies that want to use this stuff were performance plastics are differentiated ink need the titanium die sox side to produce to exacting standards. it's three times as lucrative as commodity containing dioxide at the same time, van tore's performance additives segment is more stable and less cyclical in containing dioxide company gets 30% of its sale from housing and construction in the u.s. and europe. in all the company gets 43% of the sales from europe, they're highly leveraged, the european economic rebound that rebound was serious and long lasting what about the negatives though. whether you grapple with the fact that the titanium dioxide
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industry is competitive, more than half sales come from less competitive and the other half come from clean ole commodity to t titanium dioxide these days the -- with the recent crystal stronices merger. still titanium dioxide is still a model. they may be a commodity chemical producer but this particular commodity producer happens to be in an upswing right now. chlorine the commodity and the prices are tighten look at oln and how great is it, that could happen here. there's a much higher risk that someone will tell in and boost the die yok side production. you can build a lot of plants quickly because it's so basic. that's what happened to me in the 1990s.
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my old hedge fund of 10% of the dioxide company and foreign except tors came up with the synthetic level that wrecked the business to a nasty hit. in the west it could take three or four years for new capacity to come on stream. we got years before we need to worry about this klein -- china's another story when the chinese government cracking down on pollution, the people's republican expected that much dioxide capacity over the next few years what makes more confident of the bulk dioxide business comes from the investment sides long qualification times, higher customerization, makings it harder for the stakes to crack
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in put it all together i like van tore the company right here. we always have to ask ourselves, we like the company how about towards the stock. this is where the story starts to get really interesting. van for's expected to earn $2.63 per share next year which means the stock is trading 9.5 for next year's earnings estimates that's incredibly cheap. i think this company might be better than chemmothers. van tore's i think maybe a lot better in my view that makes van tore a real bargain especially when its earnings are expected to score high next year van for materials may not be the -- company ever. i devoted a lot of time only it because i think the spin off came with the ideal moment right when the stock's core
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experience real r.e.i.n.naissans stock has so much going for it this is a cheap stock. this stock makes a ton of sense to buy in this wildly pro spin off market much more "mad money" ahead. sports authority torched into town then the cancer fighting bio tech firm seattle genetics tearing up the markets rising 7% can the therapies keep the bears at bay and something just happened at wamtd i'll tell you what it is but only if you stick with cramer.
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let's talk about what's not working. it's been a very rough time for the sport's apparel industry the whole group is down big from its highs in 2015. in fact just the beginning of the year colombia sportswears up 40%. nike inched up 1%. underarmor has lost a stagger 3% the f corp is a lotless diversified with a lot of exposure to athletic ware. every since the sports authority went bankrupt the sports authority pace has been struggling lots of stores got shut down, fewer places to buy the stuff, lots of excess inventory floating around. thing just keep getting worse. so what's causing the weakness is this something the industry
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can recover from or is it terminal this industry more butt. in 2015 apparel places alone -- business was booming stocks had given it the remarkable runs. then the industry smashed into a retaining wall called sports authority. authorities authority was a major player now in january of 2006 right near the height of a leverage buy out, boom, sports authority agreed to be taken private by a group of investors led by leonard green and partners the problem with the leverage buy out is the leverage. sports authority ended up taking on a lot of debt fast forward to january last year the whole thing came crashing down. sports authority started missing interest payments and the
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company declared bankruptcy there year the business wasn't going well so eventually sports authority end up turning thing around on bankruptcy and liquidated. very few people saw that coming. by late july last year all the stores had closed down dick's sporting good paid little for the -- let's start with what we can quant fie in late may of last year under armor cut its guidance because of sports authority liquidation. they told us they are going to lose $120 million in sales because of the the closure how about nike, the very next day nike got hit with a down grade from stanley sole who cut his price down
6:29 pm
while it was concern from adidas and under armor -- didn't take along for this week to filter down into the numbers. colombia sportswear sells had been growing in 2015 in 2016 the sales grew just by 2.2% sports authority nike saw sales growth treng from 10 to 5% under armor sales growth deserted from 28.5% down to 21.8%. the f court -- 2016. meanwhile the gross margins, what these companies make after making -- although colombia sports rack you saw a nice increase worst of all the closures of sports authority led to explosion, inventory at all four
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companies. v inventory is the bain of all projects whether you have too much product you'll need to bring in new -- you don't see these brand names and you'll say wow, they look cheap, well they are. things then got real ugly. a year ago many investors were still optimistic this will be a temporary disruption the decide was sports authority closure would benefit dicks, foot line or foot locker, that didn't play out at all in short the collapse of sports authority wasn't something positive for everybody down the road, it was the symptom some of a much larger disease. given what we've seen lately it's looking like sporting good retail has been permanently damaged. it used to be companies like any competent and under arm and colombia sportswear could force
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the sportswear on to consumers if you wanted shoes or jackets you had to pay up for it, brand name that's changed these days the power makers need to come up with new cays to sell their merchandise and sometimes compromise on pricing to get their stuff on the shelves last year right as sports authority was about to close, under armor sell its product in 1,100 kole's location. how about nike, this past year we learned -- sell amazon. you better believe amazon will do everything it can to push prices lower i want to understand what's happening look at the outwire of the group. fee f court. its seen its stocks skyrocket.
6:32 pm
why? they've been an incredible job building out their own consumer business last quarter it grew a 14%, digital was up 15% the f court seems to have seen this coming. you don't build a strong online business over night. its gross margins are bouncing back like so many other product categories people don't want to buy the stuff in the store if they can get it online today, aarerin murphy released e results of her teen survey, it turns out teens have sourered on athletic wear and embracing street wear. the stocks remain far from cheap despite the recent decline
6:33 pm
sportswear sill twice the times. bottom line the bankruptcy in sports authority was a water shed moment. it singled at the brick & mortar side of things was going as a decline. and ports authority will dr sports authority will no longer be able to impose its prices on the industry vf corp they saw it coming and i think it's still a good stock even right here. mark in nevada mark. >> caller: hi jim how are you doing? >> doing well mark >> caller: yes, i have the sears canada announced their closing their store today. >> saw that. >> caller: so what's going to lap with the company sears holding corp are they going to go bankrupt or not if they do what real estate
6:34 pm
investment trust may be affected >> sara taj is the one you do business with. i don't know how it stays in business, i've been in retail and my parents have been all their lives. i don't see how sears pull out of the sales trend if sara taj can transition over to other stores they'll do well. it's not for me. ashby in indiana. >> caller: my question is about bay zoom i've had the stock for a few months and it's been on a downward trend i'm wondering if you think i should hole it >> in this one ashby it's a wild trader and we have to accept that in the end i think it's an up stock. hold on to it. maybe buy more below 30. air ball, the sports apparel
6:35 pm
space is struggling. vf saw it coming much more "mad money" ahead including my exclusive within a major company seattle genetics a company studying cancer candidates the stock soared in the stocks walmart did the impossible i'll tell you what it is just ahead. all your calls, rapid fire in tonight's tradition of the the "lightening round. stick with cramer.
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♪ in the past few months, some stocks have begun to pick up steam again. seattle genetics a stock that's caught fire including a 7% move today.
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it specializes in fighting cancer they use anti-bodies, drug con ju gents with a canner killing drug it's like the biological equivalent of a guiding missile. seattle genetics is -- and relapse the stemmic and a plastic large cell sis stoma this is a real company with real sales. management think it can hit it to 390 to 10 million a share that i have got a cremate for acute mile low general necessary lieu keep may phase two and three. so can this stock keep roaring let's check in with the doctor, the cofounder, chairman and ceo
6:40 pm
of seattle genetics. learn more about his company's doing and trying to wipe out cancer d doctor welcome back to "mad money. you have been been doing unbelievable last time we seen you last, making real sales but really saving lives. this breakthrough designation sounds like something won't you tell us what it's about. >> sure so excess strip is on the mark for relapse lim hostage skins cancer patients. it's going really well but we want to get it to new patients of cancer so, we did a study that took 5.5 years and over 1300 patients to prove that we can do that.
6:41 pm
statement, what was also important was getting rid of one of the components of the standard therapy which caused lung scarring and was fatal in some small percentage of patients we wanted to get rid of one of the old drugs and add a new targeted therapy our data is strong and the fda ordered us break-through designation. we're planning to submit for approval later this year and hopefully in 2018. >> how big is that market? >> it's being 8,500 patient diagnosed in the u.s. with hostage kin lymphoma the advanced patients will certainly get this drug first. which is probe about 6,000 of them >> if you worked for 5.5 years this drug must have cost you a lot of money to develop. >> yes it is expensive to develop we are working with a partner, and we discovered and developed
6:42 pm
the drug and we partnered with de-katie that. we sell and market it in the usa and canada, they market it outside of the usa and canada and now approved in 67 countries. >> now you've got something going on for bladder cancer, again these are difficult cancers and apparently you're having some success. >> yeah in bladder cancer we had a drug targeted to something called neck tin four we're doing this in collaboration with atell lus we each own half in this one we're developing a drug we call it ev. ev has a very highresponse rat over 50% in patients with relapsed bladder cancer. that is higher than the alternatives for patients to chose. so, we have a register ration
6:43 pm
trial that we announced that started yesterday in patients. >> just yesterday? >> it started yesterday, so we announced it we worked with the fda to design it it's 120 patients that was relapsed and seen check point inhibitors >> you're talking about a bristol meyers and a merck partnership in those drugs >> those drugs were approved in a relapse setting but only 20% of patient respond our drug was over 50% response rate after patients have seen the check point inhibitors they'd come after this drug and that's going to be our first approval we're working on -- >> okay last one, cervical cancer, terrible cancer, early right, you're doing early work but it looks like you might have some success
6:44 pm
>> we're doing work with cervical cancer. once again we have a partnership with a company called general map. they're a european company, fantastic company, and we have a drug that's targeted to something called tissue factor and its expressed highly on cervical cancer patients we wen into patients that have relapse cervical cancer and its had a great responsive rate. we're doing a registration trial that should start early next year we announce that as well, we've met with the fda and have a good plan here. we're going toward approval. seattle genetics is changing from a one-drug point to a multi oncologist company addressing needs. >> will this happen quickly though we saw you out in seattle and you're going great work.
6:45 pm
this is the kind of company you can put in your portfolio and it may turn out to be very big for you. "mad money's" back after the break. dynamic performance, so you can own the road. aggressive styling, so you can break away from everyone else. the bold lexus is. experience amazing.
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it is time it's time for "lightening round. and then the lightning round's over have you ready we'll start with dan in north carolina dan. >> caller: evening jim about two weeks ago you did a piece on p ls beauty and right after that it shot up and now it's been on a downward slope. i'm still 5% up i don't know zsh. >> i think it's an expensive stock. do i like else stay lauder more, yes, indeed. is that whole segment of the market going don, look at ulta i'm not backing away from ellf zane in nebraska >> caller: jim atriple booyah to you my stock is pcti -- >> i like this it is a housing
6:49 pm
play it could be a florida business home depup is the classic but i think there is a good situation. steve in florida >> caller: jimmy macy's >> i think it's doing a good job. i see the stock at 20, i see the stock at 7.3 i like them very much. joe in new jersey. >> caller: hi jim, i max i got in at 27 do you see it getting back up? >> i'm not quite sure where that is going to. the theater business is very very difficult don't buy. jan in florida >> caller: booyah jim i'm so excited to talk to you >> same. >> caller: i'm calling you. >> okay i'm listening to you.
6:50 pm
>> caller: energy transfer part. >> jen this relationship started out well and it's ending badly that is a horrible stock i want you to sell it tomorrow morning and i mean it. bill in new york >> caller: booyah jims c. >> booyah. >> caller: i'm calling because i have a company i purchased, i made a lot of money and it's called national beverage company. >> can we please do a take out on this thing to see what it's on this thing to see what it's worth before we say a wanymore. th that is the collection of "lightening round. how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people.
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do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you. looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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walmart's being rerated. this is an important trauma i want everyone to understand it what's happened here is monumental this company is doing something that's supposed to be impossible it's betting on ecommerce. its increasing its buy back by $20 billion. paying people more while improving the store experience its increasing earnings, plus possibly even beating amazon yeah you heard me. beating amazon and you're getting ole she bang
6:54 pm
from miserable 19 times earnings i repeat this wasn't supposed to happen my only regret with walmart is i haven't been pounding the table harder it's down 6 bucks in three days. $250 billion market cap that's an amazing amount of buying power to do that why am i so shocked? first, no one takes on amazon and survives right no one's gotten into the ring and managed to go a couple rounds, walmart remains on its feet it's understood if you're taken on amazon it's going to cost you every penny you have yet here's walmart with enough cash generation to fight amazon and buy back $20 billion worth of stock third, the mild manner ceo june
6:55 pm
lateral decision to give his workers a raise is now paying tremendous dividends have you seen your walmart lately, have you gone, have you checked it out my worse -- great university, recently went to parents' weekend, a walmart locater across from the hotel. this experience was different. people were friendlier, helpful, store was immaculate halloween decorations were funny. we bought everything there i couldn't believe how little it cost, i kept throwing stuff in the cart my wife wouldn't stop me because my party was so low. walmart went off without a hitch. i'd like to thank walmart that makes it so inexpensive. this is a company with the kind of scale where it can suggest to
6:56 pm
suppliers that working with amazon web services is like trading with the enemy you can yew use the web services of microsoft and google. i will say this, by virtue of its huge networks, walmart with do plenty of damage to amazon's retail business. listen, $400 in the whole foods electi location versus wait a minutlma. it lost its way a few years ago now it's found its way even if walmart is knocked down i don't see how anybody at bricks & mortar can compete with these guys yet, it's a two-man race, one stock sells for 225 year's earnings, the other sells for 19 times earnings no one's going to sell amazon it's too high and too good
6:57 pm
i think the stock of walmart even after this miraculous run is not finished going higher stick with cramer. thing we all t as we head into retirement. it's why brighthouse financial is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial established by metlife.
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get the amazing new iphone 8. and with all at&t unlimited plans, get hbo for life. less than $40 per line for four lines. only from at&t. last time we did an off-the chart segment on broad come. that was with bob lange and i saw the stock breaking out today exactly what he said it could do 2.50 he says if it goes through to 2.50 it could go higher. could we have a whole show where we didn't mention nvidia once again all-time high, artificial intelligence, machine learning, nintendo switch which keep selling so well i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow
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>> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ who believes she has a new and improved version of a ubiquitous product. ♪ hi, sharks. my name is ivori tennelle, from irvine, california,


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