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tv   Squawk on the Street  CNBC  October 24, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> yes this was a day we saw a huge turn in the futures, futures were up 50 points and got beat after beat with earnings and now you see the dow is indicated to open by 151 points caterpillar, 3m, mcdonald's uxts tx helping things out. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> we'll see you later today right now it's time for squawk on the street. ♪ fly eagles fly >> jim cramer celebrating from last night's victory over the redski redskins. >> i'm sorry. >> call it turn around tuesday, we get a beat and raise from caterpillar, 3m, utx and lilly and more and cat and 3m at 100 points at the open the 10-year 2 ht.41 the highest
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since may. as we said, big beats from cat, 3m and utx zpl global same sales closing 6% for mcdonald's. >> and pipeline concerns before the ten orders again shipments may only be half of what was expected. stocks are poised for a strong open help the by results dow components and caterpillar and others, a significant increase in demand for construction equipment, 3m and utx beat on the top and bottom line and upbeat guidance for the full year those are going to be the stars today. >> some of pretty amazing, caterpillar appepared back the workforce. it's almost as if they pared exactly the right time when orders explode, you get that leverage and you're seeing earnings we've been waiting for caterpillar i would say since 1983 or '84, finally getting the
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breakout 3 m chugging forward greg haze, great organic growth. i don't want to overlook this stanley black and decker, tools up 9%. some numbers are rather extraordinary and catching attention because these are the same numbers that say gdp will be much better some of the numbers, united technologies, you break down, hvac -- up 25%. >> interestingly, utx is the only one of the names we've just looked at that is indicating a little bit of a decline at the open. >> cash flow funky on a pension contribution. >> and pressure from otis. >> china was bad. >> that's not unimportant for them. >> no, i think it is quite surprising china was bad because you're not seeing -- a lot of
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these earnings are not being driven by china, being driven by asia gm very strong, first quarter since last quarter 2014. every market up. i'm looking at 3m, looking at caterpillar. i'm kind of -- caterpillar is so good you almost have to laugh. there were people like my friend alex blanton saying it could earn 10 and $12, when, when, when now. >> even the company has had trouble keeping up this is the third revenue guide increase this year they just raised revenue guide in july and again today. >> where they raised is really interesting. it's insane growth, mining is good and china construction good and onshore oil and gas, we tend to think that business isn't that good. machinery, energy, transportation, all much better, firing on all cylinders. largest sale increases in north america. >> amazing. >> and asia pacific. >> i hope he had long term options he was able to keep on
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his departure. i kind of kid but they had a ceo change and it's always a question of how much this is actually his responsibility? >> as much his responsibility i would say it was the previous gentleman who ran ge i think it's that important, what doug did when he was at caterpillar. he recognized that there was a moment when the stock -- when the company was really in balance because they had far too much workforce and far too much inconvenieventor inventory, dollar went well too. >> a victim of the cycle, right, the timing -- >> that was such a bad -- >> and he got -- sometimes you just good had. >> and the doj investigation too, right >> it was a joe blake series of things that happened to him. >> it is interesting because the stock has more or less done nothing but go up since he departed. >> how much did mcnerny have to do with boeing
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i think darius is doing a great job at honeywell, but dave cody gave him a good hand and immelt gave flannery a hand. >> and we'll probably talk more about it given the reversal in ge after friday's very surprising reversal itself during the course -- >> your interview made it clear he's breaking with the past. the problem breaking with the past may be a cash flow that is dramatically lower than we thought. >> to another "g", gm -- you said it, every business up around the world there's a look at ge but there's gm looking up 3% new high. >> jim should be packing the dow and take ge out of the dow. >> cash flow was a billion dollars lower. that was a miss on cash flow at gm chuck stevens in morning with phil lebeau on "squawk".
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>> he was terrific when you look at the companies reporting, you realize why we've gone up so much. i don't know what the -- the treasury secretary said if you're not focused on tax reform, you may be focused on j powell versus whoever. >> the president going after bob corker again, i mention it not because of the back and forth but more because doesn't he know he needs these votes conceivably and attacking tax reform >> look, he could just talk about carson wentz and we could be like, the eagles quarterback and it would be a uniter. >> corker hit the morning shows first and said things like on national security i'd like to see the president leave it to the professionals for a while. he said the president's visits to capitol hill are not really about substance and said the governing model of this white house is positive purposefully divide and then you've got the president's tweets within
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minutes. >> kind of like faber, more of the university. >> faber college. >> i thought it was a f university. >> it was a college. college is good. >> could have been animal house. >> nice if those guys understood that too. >> i do find that washington cannot be the focus on a day like today where you see guys 3m, you see the people at stanley and black and decker and polaris, not sitting there waiting for tax reform they are saying, you know what this is the time the consumer wants product the consumer worldwide is a little stronger and growth is a little stronger. let's get out of the way congress people. get out of our way we'll take care of it. >> yeah. gm released another one of those funky releases where they got all sorts of weird stuff in here but always like to read about
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ought automated vehicles. >> phil said that's going to be the story. >> that's the lead in some ways. third generation test vehicle will meet the safety requirements necessary to operate without a driver and they are going to be driving this thing all over san francisco. or i should say it will be driving itself all over san francisco. >> waymo drives around parts of san francisco. if you look at the driver registration numbers they are way ahead. you know what's missing? that great question that phil lebeau asked about lyft. they are -- given the money from alphabet -- >> listen, i think a lot of people think about the future when it comes to autonomous vehicles because it will change so many things and how many years out it is, we have people come on all the time we get very different numbers in terms of how many years they believe it's something we're dealing with on a daily basis but it's going to change so many
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things and you get to things like the model of an uber and idea of fleets of vehicles out there that people will simply be a part of like paying your cable bill isn't gm in a better position than the lyfts or ubers? >> a lot of this is the chip set. a lot is the recognition -- i hate to default to nvidia, but the big issue, is it a pedestrian or is it a car and what do you do if it's a pedestrian, do you stop does it read it correctly. when i was in a driverless car, take me to the best pizza place and it cheats and knows when to go out and knows the blind spot. but all of the problems are how do you calculate the risk of you getting hurt versus the person ahead of you and that i think is kind of an
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ethereal issue. >> they'll figure it out and then it will be the fourth screen, all of the media companies fighting for attention. >> we didn't think computers could understand it when we spoke to them. >> absolutely. >> didn't think you could look at somebody on your phone and talk to them. >> shoe phone. they would never ever have driver cars had we started now we would never let -- given alcohol and how they get tired and how poorly they can -- >> given texting, we would never have it. the people talk about the idea, a 747 falling from the sky every hour if you look what happens with accidents around the world. if you just reverse history, we would say don't ever let a person behind a wheel, ever. that's how good these driverless cars are going to be. >> when we come back, andrew ross sorkin live from saudi arab arabia and steve has a new note it morning as well.
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following the news coming this morning out of saudi arabia's vision 2030 summit. andrew ross sorkin has been there and joins us this morning. hey, andrew. >> reporter: hey, carl, a big conference going on here with many of the biggest names in the world here one of whom is a long time guest here on cnbc, larry fink is here from black rock. we had an interesting conversation was going on in the rally taking place in the market his answer about what's driving it may surprise you. >> i think much of the market rally has been based on this global growth effort i'm talking about -- >> not based on policy. >> no, policy -- >> or even the idea of policy and what may come. >> i think policy has proven to be disappointing so far.
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i think if we get tax reform, which i think we're going to get, whether it's in the fourth quarter or first quarter, i think we're going to get it. i think the market will say another leg up >> mr. fink also made headlines and almost pause in the room during the panel this morning when he said over the next ten years the average investor should expect a return of only 4% we had that and a lot of other news, clause klein field former ceo of alcoa, hired to run a $500 billion economic zone in the southwest of saudi arabia. you heard you talking about self-driving cars and share riding earlier, kalanik also here and just speaking earlier he also involved a number of big ai projects. that's what's going on here in riyadh, carl. >> andrew, overall, i mean just
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looking at the list of players that are there with you, wlz it schwartzman or fink or teal or mnuchin, it says a lot about the appetite for investment both in and out of the country >> reporter: this country is going through perhaps what may be described as the reremarkable his toral transformation of its time embarking on something unique. the aramco ipo, talk of when it would happen and what the proceeds will mean to this country and where they get to invested to so many of the guests here really demonstrates and illustrates what's taking place. >> it's been eye opening coverage this morning, aej yesterday on on air and we hope to talk to you later today can you believe some of the conversations coming out of
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that >> we're in a strange time because i think we're very gripped by politics here, rest of the world kind of gripped by global expansion, putting a lot of people to work, we would be i think more upbeat if we were not mired in things like what's going on with repeal and replace and tax. because it is a moment where industry worldwide is seeing a big growth in orders, very reminiscent of the early '90s, not reminiscent of what we've seen in the last decade. >> yeah, we're all grappling with the idea, how can companies have four or five or six or seven percent organic growth i'm looking at industrials and thinking this was a lost decade for the united states. suddenly we're seeing numbers that in the aerospace, numbers in construction. obviously a terrible thing about the hurricanes but they put people to work the cleanup is very big. there's a lot of things that are really convoluted in washington but not when it comes to main
9:18 am
street main street is doing quite well. >> corker just now tweeting same untruths from an utterly untruthful president but as you said, jim, this morning the focus can't be on that. >> no, it can't. i think a lot of us grew up in an era where we are uncomfortable with the stuff. >> if secretary of the treasury's analysis was correct, this would potentially be having more of an impact on the market. we argue that it is not correct and there is a large premium, he said last week in the stock market with the expectation of tax reform because frankly, corker is an important vote. he's an important voice and not running for re-election, this will only continue, his continued criticism, whether or where he ends up when they do take the votes in the senate, if and when we get to it on tax reform, who knows. >> it's funny, a lot of companies -- i spoke to a bunch of ceos this morning and asked at the end, uch how about tax
9:19 am
reform i've been down there i hope we need repatriation. but the organic -- the growth in europe, they want to move on too. there isn't anyone who doesn't feel that the side show is hurting us so it's funny to see secretary mnuchin say the rally is because of the hope for tax reform i think it is happening despite washington and it's -- i'm not trying to create fake news, i'm -- i speak to a lot of ceos and ceos who are hopeful that washington -- >> we all hear the same thing when you talk to them. >> it's a little embarrassing. they are all kind of like cringe, they don't want to talk about it there's not -- still people are still very hopeful but for the most part they are saying, look, they'll just immediately go to europe and say, listen, jim, i understand how you feel about tax reform did you see the term in europe okay, i'm doing my job and
9:20 am
asking questions they are more comfortable talking about sports than they are talking about -- they would rather divert the conversation to sports. people are mortified i know senator corker is a distinguished man and worked as a judge on the apprentice, hopeful you can solve things and go for -- maybe a beer or sandwich nothing happens -- people want that too maybe they'll go for a sandwich. no one seems to go for anything. senator corker is reasonable how did it get to this. >> he's a reasonable guy, having some exposure through the years. >> food fight. >> we're going to get cramer's mad dash and we've still got to get to mcdonald's and apple and lilly. the nikkei now up 16 days in a row for a 7% gain. record is 19 going back to 1952. back in a minute
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little less than seven minutes before we get to an opening bell the market looks like it's going to open higher this morning in part on industrial earnings. but we didn't talk about mcdonald's. >> i've been a big fan of steveststeve est easterbrook what has he done here? he has simplified the menu around the world second, he reenergized all of the franchisees, you're getting global comps plus 6%
9:24 am
this is a big change u.s. comps plus 4.1. now one of the reasons why this matter is i have here in my hand a report by an outfit m science, the stock -- mcdonald's was at 161 and fell to 156 but they said that they felt the systemwide numbers would be much much lower in the u.s. talking about a check that basically was comps at 1.7 to 2.7. that caused the decline but more importantly caused a big short position. >> are you questioning the rigor of their analysis? >> they claim they have data. >> i remember on that day we were trying to understand why the stock was down and you found that report. >> i've spoken to them they have a receipts and huge amount of work. >> a lot of data. >> but the problem is when you get -- >> credit card data. >> i pay cash when i go to
9:25 am
mcdonald's, it's not as reliable more importantly, what i'm saying, steve easterbrook keeps being doubted. he's been doubted, doubted, doubted. those who like mcdonald's, we question whether anyone of these people going against it realize how much more stream lined and faster it is mistakes are fewer and the franchisees, every time i speak to him, give me one word about why it's good. and he says mojo it's mojo per share. >> austin powers. >> that's right. i think easterbrook has done a remarkable job he should be celebrated, he's jovial and bringing technology around the world and takes whatever is working in one place and brings it to another i love the egg mcmuffin and the coffee is hot and when you go to the one on long island, next
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you're watching cnbc "squawk on the street. the opening bell in about a minute's time. busy day for earnings, cat d., 3m, utx and lilly. hopefully it makes a turn on fang which had the longest downward streak since election day. >> people are coming out of fang and going into industrials and the banks, expect jp morgan to break out 100 today. the kind of notes you're seeing don't worry about alphabet -- i wasn't worried you've got the wrong tone going into these i like a situation like the 3m, where the globe is good. i don't like the situation where
9:30 am
the expectations are so high, they were low for a lot of these companies coming in. obviously more-- lilly, very low. very low >> there's the opening bell in the s&p, at the bottom of your screen it is blue star indexes celebrating the blue star technology etf at the nasdaq, casino entertainment provider, caesar's entertainment. mentioned whirlpool which not only misses on both the top and bot ol line, doesn't only cut the guide and get into a pricing dispute with sears, jim, which has a 20% market share in appliances and also downgraded at rbc. >> there's problems overseas and whirlpool is part of a thesis that you're going to be rebuilding homes looks like it didn't happen.
9:31 am
caterpillar could be involved with a redo but whirlpool, i question how it's run. i remember 1993, are they going to get out of brazil brazil is in a severe recession. whirlpool not that good, sherwin williams had an undercut and stanley black and decker and really good earnings 9% growth. it's hit or miss in home depot by the way, stanley black and decker didn't even have craftsman yet, that's next year. sears, do you remember when sears was teaming up with amazon >> well, kenmore, yeah. >> then -- >> which they are selling on amazon whirlpool makes kenmore, they will be in sears but the whirlpool brand itself will not. >> one of the things -- >> it's amazing to think not
9:32 am
that long ago, 10, 12 years ago, 40% of all appliances were sold at sears still. >> it's still a great share donor, that's what the great carol tomei says, it's a gift that keeps on giving and it will continue to give until it's done i had brian goldman on toys "r" us, hasbro, one day they got a call like, look, guys we'vegot a problem with paying you. you know what, you're never supposed to say that but there are bricks and mortar places where they have a problem and hasbro can come back because barclay's upgraded it. be aware this whole idea that bricks and mortar that you're fine and shipping stuff to sears, don't worry about it, i have nothing more to say >> those rumors will come around as they often do -- >> and they'll write a check >> they are continuing to try to cut costs at sears it's almost an afterthought from
9:33 am
a market cap perspective and by the way given his control and berk weits owns a lot -- >> they did knock home depot down when amazon announced that deal when craftsman is sold by stanley black and decker -- you can give away everything the problem with retail when i listen last night, you don't know sports authority boom, goes toys "r" us will try to stay open through the holiday but the balance sheet on some of these, the balance sheet when anybody loaded up in your world any retailer, they got to get liquid. >> they do you don't want to have a lot of leverage either. that's one reason for example nordstrom, that financing to go private, imagine why people would be reluctant to lend levering up a retailer in this environment -- >> maybe not the best idea. >> don't want to lever up oil and gas, not coming back yet.
9:34 am
>> no, not necessarily by the way on another day we would talk more and more about earnings but the president has yet another tweet about bob corker who earlier said he couldn't get elected dog catcher. this one now coming, isn't it sad that bob corker who couldn't get re-elected in the great state of tennessee will now fight tax cuts plus. i don't know what that means, plus. >> do we know that corker has said something publicly about fighting tax cuts? >> i don't think so. >> i'm not aware -- i didn't see the interviews this morning in terms of whether he came out and said something. >> his comments were more about national security, north korea, undermining tillerson, creating unnecessary binary outcomes when it comes to dealing with north koreans. >> i'm so glad you mentioned tillerson. i bring him up with all ceos, had such great respect at exxon. it's universal praise for this guy in what he's trying to do. rex tillerson is -- everyone
9:35 am
thinks he's a very serious guy i was critical of some of the things exxon has done but they take a 50-year view. he's trying to take a long term view like exxon. >> although long term is not a term to used what is his expected tenure at the state department and there are those critics who say the state department itself has not been filling jobs at the rate it should be and that we have a lot of vacancies that are of an important nature that his main focus has been slimming it down. there are certainly arguments on either i'd whether that is the case. >> ceoz often like one of their own. >> they do wilbur ross always said good things here's jp morgan through 100 it did happen. now that jeff dukas is retiring, is jamie dimon a great american? >> i don't know. i'm going to think long and hard about that just in general, maybe we should bestow the title on somebody else
9:36 am
maybe -- maybe jeff bezos. >> is ee lon musk a citizen? >> i'm not sure. >> ge, we prefaced this earlier, down 1.5%. in some ways making up for the bizarre gain on friday because it was bizarre, let's admit it the stock looked to be down 8% on the horrible earnings that's the word of the of the chairman and ceo, not my own reversed course on friday and ended up up on the day and today down oanother 1.5. >> the problem is the cash flow, not to talk out of school. but almost every ceo i speak to talks about the general electric and flannery is well respected, the ceo, the hand he got looks like a busted straight and everyone is feeling for the guy
9:37 am
when you're feeling for a guy, i know he likes other divisions, it was very clear from our conversation, from his comments on the conference call and other conversations i've had with people close to the company that everything is on the table we'll have to wait and see the market certainly seem to be focused on the near term november 13th is the big analyst day. we're going to get a lot that day. will they cult the dividend on that day, will they explain the thoughts on capital allocation on the day the market does seem to come around to the view elon musk is a u.s. citizen. >> he's a great american. >> on ge, it's downgraded, ubs and morgan stanley yesterday. >> i know pretty well, trying to figure out how much to raise the dividend do we do it 6%, 9%, 4%, do we do
9:38 am
it 12% and then you have ge only one company you have to think about cutting a dividend for and that's a tough situation. by the way -- the numbers, the way you nailed it and numbers ge reports and the way they account is like no other company that's going to end? when you do cash accounting, you'll see the cash flow drop dramatically it was amazing, there was a board there at ge. there was a board. >> there's a lot of board members, we did talk about that, 18 members, a lot of people wonder why you need such a large board. >> i think that a lot of them should resign? there time is coming on. >> i think there is a potential here for flannery to remake the board as well. >> i thnk he has to. there really -- there should be a level of embarrassment, like, guys, look, move on, move on board members. give flannery his own board. it's time.
9:39 am
be a little more rigorous. that company was run like -- it was run very much like in a nonrigorous way and board members checked off on everything when you look at the board and say even procter & gamble, filled with heavyweights general electric too but there's too much heavyweights. >> it's the biggest market cap loser on the s&p since election day. >> run like a college. >> college board of trustees. >> started in the top ten of market cap, now it's 18 or so. taken below 200 and you're somewhere out of the top 20 i think. >> we're at 191 right now, 192 billion market cap for ge is what i've got. >> he seemed bullish about the oir divisions. >> he did. >> health care -- >> he seemed confident he could make this thing work how long will it take? that was --
9:40 am
>> everybody is pulling for it not a single bad word. everybody wants him to win the people who got passed over to give jeff the job, some of them went on to do good things. >> let's talk a little apple nowhere near forecast, they say they are struggling to solve tech issues like the face awe thenty indication, the company says the x will be available in stores on the 3rd which some speculated would not be the case. >> katie uberty often disputes these different channel checks and she's saying it's going to be a big 2018 story. >> i think there's going to be demand for both? the system is strong.
9:41 am
>> lg and backup supplier is sharp and it's the camera module for the 3d sensing module, apparently they are having real issues >> some people say is it 'product that appears to be experimental the x, look it up. >> you innovate, things go wrong. you innovate and i think that they are trying to do something really, really important but look, just get katie uberty's note, a very unbiceu unbiased individual. if you look at different channel checks you sell low and buy high, sell low, buy high this is not an expensive stock you get more clarity, but tech is not the focus other than low multiple tech, we're seeing a lot of these sleep at night semiconductors do well
9:42 am
the interesting thing, we saw good forecast raise for microsoft. microsoft is down. tech is not it right now tech is not the place that people are buying. >> tied at the 10-year at 2.4? >> you get interest rates higher and people buy the banks and facebook will report great numbers, it can be something i don't know alphabet, hey, you know what, don't you worry about alphabet, you start seeing -- gee, wasn't that worried about, maybe i should have been worried i'm not worried about eli lilly because they are spinning off a division that people want so badly. animal health is amazing in terms of how much it's done well but at the same time, it didn't blow out the numbers
9:43 am
people don't want -- they want industrials. industrials. >> creeping into the conversation on facebook and alphabet is this idea the eu and a potential tax of some kind or just continued ramping up of regulation on internet companies. >> you mean just as a general -- >> that's started to at least -- i've had a number of conversations where that's been brought up by investors as at least a potential risk for first time >> so that would be amazon -- >> alphabet. well, that'sfacebook. >> are you talking good fang, not netflix? >> not netflix in europe the eu, a lot of questions. >> too dominant, the companies are too dominant facebook i think you're just seeing -- every day you pick up the paper, story on left side of the "new york times" about russia and youtube, it's like i read it and say, i dismiss it because it's not on the business section but that's probably wrong. youtube is a way to be able to
9:44 am
advertise and there's google down again. >> on amazon, by the way, there's a deloit survey that says for first time shoppers plan to spend more of the holiday budget online than in stores 51-42. >> that would be such a disaster for so many of these bricks and mortar players >> people really keep track. do you have any idea what percentage you're spending of your overall spending online versus in the store? >> probably 70, 80%, i don't know i got a drug store across the street, i haven't been there -- >> 2% online. >> and here's what you don't understand what david doesn't understand. i do a lot of shopping -- >> i'm aware of that. >> i do a lot of shopping. here's how i shop because i don't want to slep things around. >> not going through revolving doors anymore. >> that's for ties and -- see, this -- >> that's beautiful. >> super 200s. >> super 200 it's like butter amazon doesn't have it but i think that america -- this
9:45 am
is a very important statistic because what's happening, so you guys now, people who have leases, high leases in stores, expect cash flow and if you have that number for amazon, they are not going to get the cash flow. what's going to happen >> what's going to happen? >> to the stores. >> to the cash flow? >> the cash flow goes -- >> the stores are going to close. >> thank you. >> how hard was that to get out of you >> i didn't realize you really wanted me to answer that question >> let's get to bob pisani with cat and 3m leading the dow. >> what a lead it is good morning, carl, 3-1 to advancing stocks caterpillar, 3m and mcdonald's are 140 points of the 167 point gain in the dow. three stocks are almost 90% of the gain in the dow and the s&p is essentially flat up two points the dow is up 0.7% here.
9:46 am
that's a price weighted index versus market cap weighted index. look at the sectors, you know it know what the reflation trade looks like, banks up, industrials up and energy up and materials up discretionary is flat. consumer staples are lagging today. so all of the more defensive names but that is your reflation trade. i want to point out how really unusual the guidance has been today but particularly on caterpillar. it's not unusual for somebody to raise their guidance in the third quarter when things are getting better but you can see caterpillar, united tech and stanley black and decker on the upside today nicely, but the amount they have raised and percentage is what truly is unusual kalter pillar has raised the guidance 25%, $5, $6, 25%. that's a 25% raise that is extraordinary for a company of caterpillar's size to
9:47 am
do that with two quarters left in the year. the other companies, 3m, stanley and black and decker and lilly, they raised about 1% that is not unusual. it is fairly typical do it by 1%, 2%, 3% gets eyebrows and 25% is huh, what's that and that's what got people really talking and illustrates the power behind this particular rally. they have three divisions and talk positively about all of them they have a construction division and they talk about the strength in china. that was up 57 prsz. china construction was up 57%. they've got an oil and gas resource they call it and energy division was up 22% north america. they talked about how strong that was, then mining division, that was left for dead a couple of years ago and they talk about more capital expenditures there. the mining revenues were up 36% right across the board strength that you're seeing here the question is whether or not
9:48 am
the sales slump is actually over at caterpillar remember, they sort of fell apart when we saw the slowdown last year. there's the number, 44 billion, they raise it to for the revenues and you can see now they are getting close to where they were in 2015 after the big slump that happened for the last 18 months. that's the question now, is the slump over meantime, the hurricanes, you see what's still impacting, they do cabinets and plumbing, but the stock is down a little bit a slight disappointment on the guidance but don't worry, it's going to be a short term thing and everybody believes them. historic high yesterday. everyone believes the effects of the storm are temporary, same thing with stanley black and decker historic high. folks 7% organic growth. tools were up 9% again, nothing but growth here in the short term. finally, take a look at the earnings numbers right now and a lot of people saying it's only 4% for the third quarter but again, insurance companies, big whammies from the hurricane. that's knocking the numbers down
9:49 am
and oil companies also got a bit of a whammy from some of the hurricanes and bottom line is hey lot of people, you pull that out, i'm quite sure we're going to end up with 7 or 8% growth in the third quarter. even with the damage that we've been seeing from the insurance companies, right now the dow new high, 158 points to the upside carl, back to you. >> thank you very much when we come back, mcdonald's rising despite an earnings miss, first miss since q2 of '16 comps pretty good. we'll get reaction from ed rensi. look at the movement in treasuries this morning as the 10-year gets to the highest level since may.
9:50 am
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gglobal bonds, and high-dividend strategies. sure, these are investments. but they're not what people really invest in. what people really invest in, is what they hope to get out of life. but helping them get there takes a pure focus. because when you invest their money without distraction, hidden agenda or competing interests, something wonderful can happen. they might just get what they want out of life, and maybe even more. of cat and 3m. adding 100 points. another 15 from mcna'sdold
9:53 am
for a minute there, the dow had its biggest gain since september 11th we'll get "stop trading" with jim in a moment. sense of it al. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions. one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade.
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let's get to jim and "stop
9:56 am
trading. >> one guy we haven't heard about is the owner of arkoa. in the meantime, arconic reported and it was not a good number they picked a terrific man from ge who then moved on to hire, and there's a bunch of notes deutsche bank says overdone sell off. but the thing i want to point out is if they really want to make this an aerospace program that's where the action is that's been the strongest part of the worldwide scomae. you make arconic into more of a play on aerospace, then you get, a lot of this, by the way, elliott has done a great job in trying to get -- you're looking askance, you're nodding. >> elliott is in so many different situations >> elliott is in a lot of places they do quality work, come in, and i think that their work on
9:57 am
arconic has been extraordinary it's really rather remarkable. they want to make that company into an aerospace power. and i think they can do it a lot of people wanted him keep an eye on arconic i'm wishing clous luck >> what's on "mad" tonight >> we're going to kind of go over whether the s&p versus the dow, and this is, you know, the nasdaq versus the dow, but this guy, nick stone, has a coffee. a coffee company a lot of people think it's going to be the next starbucks >> the next starbucks. >> next starbucks. >> we'll see you tonight for "mad money." 6:00 p.m. eastern. when we come back, record day for the blue chips dow's up 149 don't go away. ♪ ♪ my ambition? helping people get what they want, understanding we're not in this alone, and teaching my kids that no ambition's out of reach.
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[ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >> good tuesday morning. welcome back to "squawk on the street." i'm carl with sara and david at
10:01 am
post nine of the new york stock exchange dow riding the wave of two big stocks cat and 3m cat has now overtaken boeing as the top performer over three months an earnings story today. >> our road map for the hour does begin with the earnings blitz. mcdonald's, gm, caterpillar, 3m, all leading a triple digit rally for the dow. >> big day on chill as the house is poised to pass a budget speaker ryan will take a set of questions shortly, and a war of words between bob corker and the president heating up finally, we're going to take a deeper dive into mcdonald's. former ceo ed renlsy is going to sit down with us next. first up, the busiest week of earnings season this week. caterpillar is surging this week, posting a big beat on earnings revenue mcdonald's saw comps rise globally and at home, and gm beat on both the top and bottom line for more, we're joined by our markets commentator, mark san
10:02 am
tolly who has been drinking out of a fire hose >> you got to not even all of the stocks there's going to be a quarter, the market is braced for some quarter when expectations get ahead of what companies can deliver. it's not really this one the major theme is the industrials. we know this rally has been about this very global rebound ism coming in at great levels and we're seeing that now in the numbers. up 3m, of caterpillar, of utx, to a lesser degree stanley black & decker another one. i think this idea of a capital goods rally is very much in force. you're not seeing the sell on the news response as much with these stocks because they were -- they beat on top line, beat on bottom line, and you got a raise in the outlook that's the triple play that i do think can support stocks of the companies that have reported so far, about a quarter of the way through the s&p, you have almost 8% growth. the estimates, if you blend those in, is 4%. clearly, companies are outdoing
10:03 am
what people were xpecting. i will say last earnings season, you did have a similar effect. numbers came in great. a little more of a sell on the news response, and the market topped around july 27th. you had a couple good weeks of response, and then people got the idea, okay, fine, earnings are good we got that in the bag, maybe we have them all priced in. >> if you add mcdonald's to the list, i know it's not an industrial, but u.s. comp store sales up 4%. traffic rising in its all important u.s. market. that paints a pretty good picture of the u.s. economy. >> that's the top line piece, not just the dollar, as you say. the u.s. market, not just about translation effect of weak dollar no real weak regions for any of these large broadbased companies this year. and it has really been a dow story. i know you guys have hit on it, but the dow outperformance is so pronounced because of the qui y quirkiness of its weighting. it's not to say the rest of the
10:04 am
market isn't doing well, but you're only up about a half a percent in the s&p since earnings season began a couple weeks ago. >> on financials, are they vulnerable because of the back and forth we see today let's say in this case, corker and the president, or is the world that industrials are describing mean things are in their favor? >> i think if the world that industrial is describing remains in force and the ten-year yield can kind of inch higher and we'll be pricing it, financials are fine financials can perform in that environment. i really don't think people are buying financials based on the fact they are high taxed and might get a tax cut. >> yields are up sending up to the top of the s&p. whirlpool worth hitting because that is an anomaly, versus all the big movers higher this morning. the partnership with sears that goes back more than a century. >> incredibly tough business >> even though sears wasn't doing all that well, the appliance, that was really an
10:05 am
appliance center >> it was. and i do think that's really a story of obviously overseas competition. it's been trade skirmishes about this i think it's not necessarily telling you much about the housing or home renovation market as much as it is about how hard it is to compete in that business for a u.s. company right now. >> stock is getting hammered mike, stay with us if you would because we want to also bring into the conversation about earnings and the markets jack, chief investment officer of bmo private bank talking earnings here, jack, but can't ignore the fact that the president of the united states is engaged in another twitter war. trading, i don't know, name calling back and forth with the prominent senator in his own party. does that give you pause when it comes to the optimism on tax reform >> it does i mean, the fact is, as you know, he shot at john mccain right after the inauguration, and of course, he was one vote shy on health care and it was john mccain
10:06 am
so you know, he's getting into twitter wars with representatives who aren't interested in re-election. neither mccain nor corker are interested in running again. so it really shows that at least politically, you know, trump can sometimes shoot himself in the foot >> and this particular feud, mike, is about tax cuts. and corker has sounded the alarm over increasing the deficit. >> exactly >> like we might be expecting over republicans to do >> yeah, that's really, i mean, if it kind of focuses on policy as opposed to personal sniping, that's where it comes to the rubber hits the road, which is that corker has basically said he's reluctant to vote on any tax package that would expand the deficit very much. so he's kind of in the senate, it represents deficit hawks, and that's kind of where this argument is going to play out when it comes to taxes you know, we're not really
10:07 am
talking about comprehensive reform, so do you have the $1.5 trillion market to expand the deficit over ten years in the proposed package do you go beyond that? you really can't when you just want to pass it with 50 votes. >> jack, what do you tell your clients? is it wise for them to be buying the domestic companies or other groups that might benefit specifically from corporate tax cuts >> i think it does make sense. russell 2000 certainly has outperformed the s&p in recent weeks. i think it started when president trump had his meetings with chuck and nancy and that started to get a little bit of lift to the upside. our estimation is that the market has priced in roughly a 50/50 chance of corporate tax reform based on just the relationship between small cap stocks and large cap stocks from the election until today >> jack, as mike and as we have been reporting this morning as well, noted, earnings are good
10:08 am
this morning certainly from the vast majority of the larger companies that have reported. particularly reflecting it would seem growth from the worldwide economy. in so many markets not just here in the u.s., but outside of the u.s. what does that do from your perspective in terms of i know you always like to look at the multiple and valuation >> i think that, you know, we are and we have been now for the last several months underweight u.s. with an overweight in international and emerging largely because of what you just described. that the international markets generally have been trailing our markets over the last, you know, by about two or three years. their economies, same thing. so now, what i'm doing is, you know, positioned overseas, we're benefitting there. and now i'm looking for financial indicators that would suggest, that would signal, perhaps, the end of this risk taking environment and really, the number one thing would be whatever would cause interest rates to rise faster
10:09 am
than earnings. so whether it's credit spreads, perhaps, right now they're great. but if credit spreads were to widen, that premium that lenders require to extend credit to lower quality borrowers, that's usually an early indicator we're not seeing that yet. or inflation to suggest that maybe we're toward the end of a business cycle and we're running out of capacity. we're not really seeing much of that either. so if i start to see those things start to shift, that will likely cause us to reassess our risk position overall. >> mike, this is your favorite topic. looking for warning signs that the rally is running out of steam. >> it's difficult to find immediate ones jack mentioned credit spreads. i mean, in terms of investment grade, corporate bond spreads are down below 1 percentage point as of today. they have tracked near lows for the cycle. that's not giving you the yellow flashing light i do think sentiment has the possibility of getting extended as the market kind of wears out the skeptics and bears, and you get the index stretched higher
10:10 am
even if it's just these small increments, maybe it's the reason for a gut check at some point. you run out of eager buyers just in the short term. >> it's not. the dow is up 170 points >> not today not today. >> not this month, not this year >> any obvious crazy excess, because this has not been a run-away market. it's been a walk-away rally. >> the thing is, credit spreads have done a good job as an early warning indicator. you know, remember that credit spreads actually went to negative to kind of a warning signal fourth quarter of 2007. four quarters before we saw that market slide that gave investors an adequate warning to say you know what, maybe this risk environment is rolling over we're not there yet. >> jack, it's certainly taken some bears as a victim we talk about high yield spreads. i'm thinking back to how they had to throw in the towel because they did see high yields giving them a clue earlier in
10:11 am
the year, didn't happen. we asked this question yesterday. year end target, getting late, but is it too late to revise them, and what do we start to see with targets for year end '18? >> well, i think year end target this year, if we do get tax reform, that adds about $10, $8 to $10 of s&p earnings so you figure, half of it's priced in. we could probably get, you know, 2%, 3%, 4% pop out of a tax reform package depending on how it's structured. i suspect, and i would be interested in mike's take on this, i suspect we are going to start seeing the ernie warning signs by the middle of next year we'll likely pull us back in risk and 2018 could be a flat year if we see those warning signs crop up in the first couple quarters. >> eight months is an eternity from now, jack the middle of next year. but i do think what's worth
10:12 am
remembering, if we get tax reform, and you say maybe it adds $10 in s&p this year. you know how much it adds in 2018 zero >> which means we're one big step closer toward a pay raise for middle-income families, for hard-working taxpayers that is who this thing is all about. it is about the people you have to remember, more than half the people in this country are living paycheck to paycheck, and a lot more people are living one paycheck away from living paycheck to paycheck that is what's happening in this country. so it's about these people who are struggling to get by it's about giving those families a real break on their taxes so that you get to keep more of your own money in the first place. it's about making this system simpler and fairer removing the hassles and the headaches to the point you can do your taxes on a form the size of a postcard, which steve showed you, because all that time and money that americans spend doing their taxes, that is time and money that could be better spent on other things that are important to families
10:13 am
in addition to all of that, we're going to help workers in a big way by leveling the playing field for american businesses big and small. what that's going to do, it's going to help bring back jobs and capital that have gone overseas so it is no surprise that we have already seen a number of estimates showing that this alone is going to mean more takehome pay for families, higher wages, bigger paychecks helping middle-income people isn't just a goal of this plan it's the whole purpose of this plan adopting this budget is another sign of real momentum for tax reform, for getting the train on the track and getting this moving so we can deliver real tax relief and a stronger, healthier economy for the american people. i want to thank president trump for his leadership, for expressing to our members just how urgent this is for our country and how needed it is for our workers. we're on the verge of doing something very historic, something that is going to make a big difference for so many families that's why we're excited about getting the budget moving and moving on to tax reform. questions?
10:14 am
>> so you're going to ask a question not related to tax reform >> the president is talking about tax reform, but much of this morning is a back and forth with senator corker. what does that do to your efforts for tax reform if the president can't stay focused >> i don't think it changes our efforts on tax reform. i know bob wants to get tax reform the president wants to get tax reform i'm glad the president is coming to lunch because i believe it's best to settle these things in person, and i hope they can get a chance to do that. [ inaudible question ]
10:15 am
>> and corker is calling him a liar what should voters think about this >> what they should think about are the results we achieve for the american people. so you know what we're focused on what within our control. what's within our control in congress is getting stuff done for the american people and getting a healthier economy, bigger paychecks, more take-home pay. that's to me is important. i know bob well. bob is going to vote for tennessee, for america, he's going to vote for tax reform because he knows it's in the best interest of americans so put this twitter dispute aside. the fact is, we have a historic chance of actually fixing this tax code, giving people pay raises, and getting the american economy growing at the rate where we can actually get bigger paychecks, more take-home pay, a healthier economy. that's what matters. so all this stuff you see on a daily basis, twitter this and twitter that forget about it. where let's focus on helping people, improving peoples lives and doing the things we said we would do
10:16 am
that's what we're focused on you going to ask about this? >> on tax reform >> good. fine >> how do you plan to lower rates without any -- >> i would love to answer that question because that's what the ways and means committee chairman does. but i'm going to have to defer you to kevin brady they're the ones who hold the pen, who are negotiating the bill, writing the bill so all these questions will be answered shortly when the ways and means committee puts out their mark if you have specific questions you want to ask, i would encourage you to ask the ways and means committee. [ inaudible question ] >> in the house, yes so there's different deer seasons. there's bow season, there's gun season there's -- so you see the beard, you'll know when the season is so yeah, if we get this done by thanksgiving, thanksgiving week is opening week of gun season. so our goal is to get it out of the house by then. the senate is going to be a
10:17 am
little slower on their track, because as you know, tax code is first in the house that's the constitution. by muzzle loader season, i can't remember exactly -- let me check with the wisconsin muzzle loader season our goal is to get it done by the end of this year >> i thought you were giving it up >> yeah, we'll give up christmas if we have to for tax reform that's what i said before. you're going to quote me on that i'm just joking. we're going to get this done look >> my mother will kill me. >> you're staying here with us too. that's what conference committees are all about thank you, everybody >> that is speaker ryan arguing that this feud this morning between senator corker and the president does not change the chances for tax reform even saying at one point he predicts corker will vote for tax reform while that's happening, the president tweets yet again about bob corker, calling him incompetent. let's bring in john harwood and talk about, john, how much of this actually matters.
10:18 am
>> i think it matters a lot, carl the president has an extremely narrow margin for error on tax reform not only in the senate, but also in the house i mean, the house has better odds of passing a tax bill, but there are a lot of complicated details. that's why they haven't put out the details. it's difficult for them to get the votes. and to have the president at this moment lash out at bob corker, say he's fighting tax cuts on the day that he's going to meet with senate republicans is incomprehensible and counterproductive for him. >> does it suggest to you that the president feels he has enough of a margin in the senate that he can afford to antagonize corker like this >> no, it suggests to me that the president cannot sublimate his ego to a larger goal this is the same thing we saw, carl, in the flap over the condolence call, when the president feels called out or on the defensive, as he was at that
10:19 am
news conference about you haven't spoken out on niger, then he is compelled to make some claim which turns out to be untrue, and then he clumsily tried to make a call was called out on that sent john kelly out to say some things that were untrue. that became a complete disaster. the same thing is true with bob corker bob corker is on television criticizing him. he's been criticizing him for some time, saying things that many other republicans believe but are reluctant to say out loud and the president cannot resist the temptation to strike back. same thing with john mccain the other day. john mccain gave a speech about nationalism and sort of trumpest nationalism, and the president said, well, you better watch out, john mccain i'm going to fight back and i won't be very nice this is not helping him achieve his goal and it's putting the entire tax reform enterprise in danger.
10:20 am
>> john, hang on for a second. we want to bring ylan into the conversation she was in the room with house speaker ryan what else can you tell us about what he said clearly, he hates going into the back and forth tweets, but he is forced to address it, ylan >> that's right. i mean, it's not just the president weighing in on politics and sort of this twitter beef between himself and senator corker, but it's also the president weighing in on policy as he did yesterday with that tweet saying there would be no change to the 401(k) plan so what the challenge is for house republicans is to try to craft this bill even as the president continues to constrain their options. ryan said today that they are on track to get this done before thanksgiving or deer hunting season, as he said that's going to require a very aggressive timeline and really a show of unity among the house in order to get this done, before you can even get into the politics of whether or not this will pass the senate >> ylan, it's funny listening to
10:21 am
the speaker and this narrative that seems to be seized on by the administration and those who are obviously trying to push this forward, which is middle class tax cuts, wages will go up there are a lot of reasonable arguments to be made why we need a lower corporate tax rate, and you could imagine workers might benefit from fewer companies leaving or moving their headquarters to other areas. so-called inversions we covered a number of years ago when they were happening very quickly, but do we have details on how they get to this very large wage number they keep talking about, as much as $4,000 a person >> yeah, what they're arguing was that wages and corporate profits used to be tightly linked that connection has since been broken because so much of corporate profits are held overseas so if you can restore that connection, you will see a corresponding increase in wages and in corporate profits at the same time. and you really see republicans,
10:22 am
you saw it today in this press conference, doubling down on that idea of this tax reform effort resulting in a wage increase for middle class americans. the reason why they have been so gung ho on that is because that's how they need to sell this politically really, this tax reform plan is a much bigger corporate tax cut than it is an individual tax cut. so in order to make this fly with the american people, you need to connect those two halves of the tax code, and this is how they're trying to do it. >> it's hard, john, to figure out whether you can actually say that without getting details on where the deductions are going to come from and how they're going to affect american households you put out a column in the last 24 hours looking at the $1.5 trillion problem and that it raises less revenue. what kind of math have you been looking at and what does it say about where the republicans go from here on the plan? >> first of all, sara, on your point about the details, that's exactly right. it's notable that for a tax
10:23 am
reform process that republicans initially said was going to be on the president's desk by august, mitch mcconnell over the weekend said it's way too early to say what the details will be. we're just beginning to craft it here's what we know from the senate budget resolution we have a 2017 deficit of $487 billion. we know from the cbo that by 2027, that's going to triple to $1.4 trillion, cumulative deficit, $9.4 trillion over that period of time to that -- what drives those deficits is the rising entitlement roles, you've got right now 45 million people on social security. that will go up to 60 million by 2027 77 million by 2033, and the senate budget allows for $1.5 trillion of additional borrowing to ncrease the deficit and federal debt to make the tax cut work now, republicans make the claim that they will generate so much
10:24 am
in additional growth that they will make the nation better off in the long run. but just as the point that ylan was discussing about who benefits from a corporate tax cut, that is highly debatable who benefits from a corporate tax cut. it's highly debatable how much revenue they can make up through tax cuts at a time when we know with certainty that we're going to need more money to fund those social security and medicare benefits >> yeah. i think washington post yesterday said we've since 1961, we have had deficit spending in all but five years in this country, can clearly more on the way. john, ylan, thank you guys >> dow gains continue to remain robust up 175, although ibm has now pled greace as the big lagger. down 2%. don't go away. , these are inves. but they're not what people really invest in. what people really invest in,
10:25 am
is what they hope to get out of life. but helping them get there takes a pure focus. because when you invest their money without distraction, hidden agenda or competing interests, something wonderful can happen. they might just get what they want out of life, and maybe even more.
10:26 am
10:27 am
covering all morning long. good morning, phil >> let's start with general motors i think barkley summarizes this earnings report by saying it's not a high quality beat, but it's not going to decline the momentum gm did beat the street by a wide margin, earning $1.32 a share, but the third quarter earnings were hurt by a 26% cut in production and that's why when you look at the business right now for the third quarter, it was okay not great. nothing to write home about. but the real momentum in this stock, and you see it today with the shares moving higher, it's
10:28 am
all about the possibilities when it comes to autonomous drive vehicles and ride-share platforms and how gm monetizes its investments in those businesses here's cfo chuck stevens talking with us on squawk box about that >> whether or not we partner,one, develop our own network over the time, a lot of people talking to a lot of people and a lot of potential outcomes, but the most important aspect of it is we want to make sure we control the customer relationship, the customer experience, in the vehicle on a go-forward basis >> and quickly, let's take a look at shares of fiat, chrysler, also moving higher it beat the street in terms of its earnings reporting a 17% increase in operating profit that conference call starting in about 45 minutes quickly, on the gm conference call, i just listened to it. ceo mary asked several times about how do you monetize this autonomous drive business, and
10:29 am
what she said is nothing to tell people right now we're keeping our options open that's enough to have momentum behind the staug right now >> phil, it's david. why is there this expectation they're going to monetize at all and not continue to invest and obviously be ready for this future that is fast approaching. >> well, they've already said that they plan to own whatever platform that they have. now, they may have some people invest in that platform. they may partner with other companies, but they do plan to own that investment, david, in some fashion and they have indicated in past conference calls, in press events, they do see a future where that is a profitable business, perhaps even more profitable than the business they have right now. that's what's fueling the stock and pushing it higher. the question is, when do we get those details? is it two quarters, three quarters, two years from now that's what people are waiting on >> and how long will investors remain optimistic, phil, thank you very much for the update from the gm conference call. >> caterpillar leading the way for the dow this morning
10:30 am
if you add up 3m and caterpillar, that's 126 dow points out of the 177-point rally we have going on more on the earning story, stay with us. with advanced safety. standard. lease the 2017 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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10:33 am
i'm contessa brewer. here's your news update. microsoft will drop a lawsuit against the u.s. government. after the justice department changed rules over data requests the company says the new policy limits the use of so-called secrecy orders >> sears has stopped selling whirlpool products, ending a more than 100-year partnership the decision comes amid a pricing dispute with the appliance maker. sears and kmart will sell the remaining inventory in their stores and they have stopped listing items on their websites. >> snapchat is having a tough time making its spectacles disappear. the company reportedly has hundreds of thousands of pairs of its spectacles sitting in chinese warehouses, and taco bell is thinking way outside the bun. the fast food chain is testing a chocoladilla, a quesadilla filled with pieces of melted
10:34 am
kitkat bars instead of cheese. it's available in wisconsin. through mid-november so if you're really hankering for that, hopefully you live in wisconsin or are planning a trip there soon that's our update at this hour back to you, carl. >> road trip to wisconsin, contessa thank you very much. >> i'm in. >> when we come back, mcdonald's earnings this morning. global comps up 6% revenue beat, stock currently up more than a percent. we'll talk to the former ceo ed rensi with us after the break. don't go away. [vo] when it comes to investing,
10:35 am
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stocks are higher across the board right now, but it is the dow jones industrial average that is the stand-out performer on a number of big blockbuster industrial earnings coming in better than expected, guys 3m adding now 85 points to the dow's basically 170-point rally. caterpillar also very strong with a nice picture of the north america and china. boeing is also doing it.
10:37 am
you're see agnumber of industrial shares. not just the weaker dollar helping out. it's actually better conditions for manufacturing and industrial america, and global industry as well >> yeah. all organic growth in all segments for 3m. big broad earnings report. watching shares of mcdonald's this morning the company is out with third quarter results, coming in just shy of estimates revenue beat with more than four global comps up six. ed rensi, always good to talk to you. >> good morning, glad to be here >> a lot to talk about in the report, whether it's traffic, the earnings themselves. what struck you? >> i think steve easterbrook's strategic leadership is paying off more and more every day. you see that he's increased the price of stock 60% since he came onboard. the thing that struck me the most is the core business is one that grows based on innovation
10:38 am
and progress and the menu development they're doing with the chef servings, their value menu on the bottom sign, the barbell approach, the continual innovation in the restaurants, the accelerated sale of company stores to the franchises mcdonald's franchisees are the best small businesses in the world, in my opinion, and they're close to the customer every day, belly to belly with them they know what they want and they perform every day, and they don't have divided loyalties the only businesses they have are mcdonald's so their focus is complete >> traffic for the quarter up 2.1%, but it's essentially flat for the year to date, ed i wonder how much of this can be done on pricing alone. >> well, i have been away from the company for a good while, so i don't have the intimate details, but talking to my friends who are franchisees, very few of them have raised prices in the united states. on the extreme coasts like new york, san francisco, l.a., their prices have gone up. seattle has gone up because of the minimum wage onsense
10:39 am
but overall, i think the prices have been pretty much just a little bit above inflation, and better products with better pricing is not a bad idea. good value >> so you were ceo in the '90s i believe you're credited with the game changing innovation known as chicken mcnuggets, correct? >> i wouldn't take credit for it at all that was fred turner and the chef who put that together i just happened to be running product development at the time. but product innovation is essential in restaurants if you look at subway sandwich shop, for example, they're paralyzed. they have done nothing in the last 20 years. and if you don't innovate the menu and don't look at chicken tenders in buttermilk, for example, and make those kinds of product improvements you're not going to grow the business >> right, and that's just what i was going to ask you now the chicken mcnuggets don't have antibiotics or artificial preservatives. how much do you think easterbrook's strategy is
10:40 am
centered on menu changes, changes in beef and the quality of the food, not just all-day breakfast? >> sure, i think his focus is exactly rights the world changes. consumers change about every five to seven years. it's a generational thing. if you don't improve your products and stay close to your customers, you're going to get left behind. and the world is concerned about sustainability, antibiotic free animals. i don't buy into it 100%, personally, but i'm 73 years old. but young people do buy into it. if you're going to have them as customers in the future, you better listen to what they're saying and easterbrook's got his ear on the consumer >> how important is this refranchising effort, ed 4,000 stores, that's ahead of schedule what's the benefit for having fewer of these restaurants being corporate owned? >> i think that, i have always thought that the great power of mcdonald's is to get rid of company operated restaurants and get down to a bare minimum that
10:41 am
you need to develop people to run the company. otherwise, there's no need for company stores the franchisees do an outstanding job. the company stores make a great laboratory to test things so the franchisees aren't out of pocket, but in the grand scheme of things, strategically, long term, franchisees do a better job than company stores. although the company stores do a good job, they're just not as good >> now, you're doing work for fad brands now and we've seen other small chains try to nibble at this larger piece of the pie that mcdonald's and its rivals own. why has that not bitten, or has it >> i tell you, all these small chains are trying to find niches they can fit into it, and andy at fad brands has done a great job of identifying niches. the international development is going to be fabulous he's buying legacy brands that have been neglected. he's rebuilding those like
10:42 am
ponderosa and bonanza, but nobody is ever going to triumph like mcdonald's does >> ed, last time you were on with us, we were in this stranjs period where ceos started stepping off the president's advisory council, led by ken frazer after the response to charlottesville. you were pretty stathing in your criticism for president trump. talked a lot about this idea of a social conscience that ceos need to face i wonder what you make of the president's efforts on tax reform now it's something that ceos and business people like yourself have been waiting for for a long time, but at the same time, it's coming with this morning twitter attacks on prominent republican senators like bob corker this morning. >> well, trump is not a political animal he's a business guy, and he doesn't like politics at all he doesn't really much care for democrats or republicans he's very interested in the american people because he understands that if the american
10:43 am
people aren't going forward and growing and progressing and having opportunities, this world is going to fail our democracy depends on a healthy populous, and he knows that a tax decrease will be good for jobs we have to get this corporate tax rate down. we're at a huge disadvantage our american citizens need more money. we need more disposable income for people to be able to buy things and he's got it. he's got it figured out. i don't like the fact that he's so inarticulate so often, but he's got the right strategic ideas. i think everybody ought to just shut up, settle down, listen to what he means and not exactly what he says and let's get this tax reform done let's get it done now. obamacare is an absolute disaster, eating up the household budget we have to get that fixed. our infrastructure, it took me two hours to get to this studio. 19 miles this morning. our infrastructure is a disaster in this country. he's got that right. we have to secure our borders.
10:44 am
listen to his strategy ignore his idiot tweets. >> ed, our thanks to you helping us at least look through the mcd quarter. hope to talk to you again soon ed rensi >> a big mac and a fat burger. >> as ed said, the president has been active on twitter this morning. about eight minutes ago tweets, stock market just hit another record high. jobs looking very good which is the first tweet this morning about the markets having tweeted about a bunch of other stuff so far >> first part of that is absolutely true. second part, jobs worth the same rate as we were the last couple years. >> although the unemployment rate does continue to go down to new lows that has been strong >> job growth, though, addition of jobs per month average is no more than it was over the last couple years >> one of the biggest questions economists have around the tax reform plan is putting a fiscal stimulus like tax cuts in place in this eighth year of the
10:45 am
economic cycle just how much more juice can you get in terms of job creation wages could stand to benefit a little bit this gets back to the whole point about the economic impact. >> when we return on the show, more from caterpillar's monster quarter as the company posts a beat on earnings and revenues after seeing increased demand for its construction equipment quk t seesoaring, up almost 6%. "sawonhetrt" will be right back hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? armless bowling. you got this, jimmy!
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energy stocks are big market laggards this year, but one fund manager is making a contrarian call on the space. find out why at more "squawk on the street" coming up.
10:48 am
caterpillar surging this morning after a big beat on earnings morgan brennan is back at hq with more and color from the call >> that's right. caterpillar crushing expectations by 68 cents this morning. revenue also better than expected the sales growing across all the
10:49 am
machinery maker's key businesses including construction in china, onshore oil and gas in north america, and more spending by mining companies now, cat saying it now expects revenue of $44 billion for 2017 and adjusted full-year earnings were also boosted to $6.25 per share. that's from an earlier forecast by the company of $5 per share so this is a big raise and it speaks to the accelerating global growth signs of recovery in the commodity complex, also the fact that industrials that have been making investments to streamline and make smarter the manufacturing process, not to mention the actual products they're selling themselves, are beginning to reap the rewards. those themes are playing out with caterpillar, but also blue chip industrials 3m and united technologies which also reported beats and raises this morning as well, but caterpillar's really the standout stocks up almost 6% today and quite a run this year.
10:50 am
it's second performer in the dow behind boeing. it's up 50% for the year the conference call started momentarily, 11:00 a.m. eastern. one of the things to keep in mind here, the company has been under federal investigation for taxes. that hasn't really that hasn't really dampened thfs tor enthusiasm so far, but it's certainly going to be something to watch for on the call, which starts in just about ten minutes. guys, back over to you >> carl just tweeted a list of all-time highs on the industrial complex, cat, gm, cummins, rockwell, and you know who is not on the list, ge, which is in that group and business, adding insult to injury of the kind of time it's having >> absolutely, and if you look at shares of ge today, they are at a fresh multiyear low and it brings into stark contrast the difference between that company and some of the other industrials. honeywell being the one that comes to mind most frequently
10:51 am
that the performance and growth that those companies are seeing. so certainly a very different dynamic between the broader industrials and that company but we'll see what happens, right? they've got a new ceo and looking to cut costs and there's a lot of potential for a makeover there, as well. >> you want to have some fun with charts, do a five-year ge versus 3m. it is striking >> opposite directions >> unbelievable. >> if you go back to 2000, max meyers back at hq went back, $400 billion in lost market value for ge $400 billion in lost market value. >> for a long time they were blaming the challenging macro environment, but with these earnings coming out, it's hard to do that >> they were blaming a lot of things for a long period of time obviously, it wasn't just buying high and selling low morgan, thank you. >> sure. >> morgan brennan. let's get over to john fortt and get a look at what's coming up on "squawk alley. john >> we're going to look at ups
10:52 am
and downs for amazon on the downside, another executive departure in the video department, but on the upside, survey shows in the u.s. amazon's expected to capture 40% of the e-commerce market what's that mean f torhe stock we'll dig in coming up on "squawk alley" i think it's terrific.
10:53 am
your kids go to college and you start trading. >>yeah, 5 years already. 5 years, hmm. you ever call your broker for help? >>once, when volatility spiked... and? >>by the time they got me an answer, it was too late. td ameritrade's elite service team can handle your toughest questions right away- with volatility, it's all about your risk distribution. good to know. >>thanks, mike. we got your back kate. >>does he do that all the time? oh yeah, sometimes he pops out of the couch. help from real traders. only with td ameritrade.
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i can tell you, we do have the capabilities and competencies within the united states to counter the north korean threat, and we just need to continue to fund that capability, so we have the systems in place that can counter the threats. >> also asked kennedy about the united states defense spending listen >> this is not a time to be cutting defense budgets. this is the time of significant turmoil around the world and if any time in the history of the united states where we need to support a strong defense, it's today. >> certainly, they are not talking about cutting defense spending in washington they are talking about ramping it back up, and you've seen that in the stocks, not just
10:56 am
raytheon, but the entire index has outperformed the entire s&p this year by double, up more than 30% these stocks have been on a tear >> the president talking about getting rid of limits to boost pentagon spending. by the way, defense is going to be 16% of the 2017 budget. back in the '50s and '60s, it was half before entitlement spending and social security and medicare and medicaid became such a large part. >> but coming back up a bit. >> and we still spend more than the next seven countries combined dollar for dollar. >> yes, yeah some amazing moves on the dow. session highs, we were up 192, so not very far away from that, but, obviously, cat, 3m, utx, all moving the blue chips in a big way. when we come back, why one analyst says demand for the iphone x is at the highest since the 6. first, a quick check where we stand in the markets dow close to session hhsig
10:57 am
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and by a considerable margin the sector is being dragged down by shares of bio gen other laggers include eli lilly, the health care sector overall up 1% this month and 20% so far this year. that does it for "squawk on the street." let's send it down to the start of "squawk alley." back over to you >> dom, thank you very much. good morning, it is 8:00 a.m. at facebook headquarters on menlo park, 11:00 a.m. on wall street, and "squawk alley" is live >> good tuesday morning, welcome to "squawk alley." i'


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