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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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trade. sell emm and buy gbt i'm with tom leon that >> i'm going to keep it simple google is keeping it simple. those earnings i think will be beating the bar. i'm melissa lee. see you back tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast." "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now . my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey i'm cramer, welcome to "mad money. welcome to cram america. other people want to make friends i'm trying to make you some money my job's to entertain educate and teach you so call me at
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1-800-734-cnbc or tweet me @jim cramer the market will never go down enough to impress you, stocks will pull back for certain but only damaged merchandise look like opportunity the dow lost 112 point, s&p sank 97%. nasdaq down 2%. you're looking for cheaper stocks of solid companies, not broken stocks of broke businesses so, when you have a really punishing day, but only a few good stocks have actually fallen far enough to become attractive, what the heck are you supposed to do? i've got a set of disciplines i'm about to share with you that forces you to confront the nothing's down enough, lame excuse for not taking action yes, i think it's a lame excuse.
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that's a probability on any different day you're going to get a full repeal based on earnings so there'd be suddenly bargain ga look, you got really lucky. so let me give you cramer's rules for selloffs during earning seasons. earning season's fault with a general list and it's quite different than every day selloffs one of the calls i like to hear, i'm like, i just want to catch a dodger's game, listen to call. an analyst pops on and says, that before he ask a question he warchts to apologize because the question might have been asked, but hi has to jump on and off calls because there's to many calls going on at once therefore let's stipulate this selloff is happening just about the time the fourth quarter is
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giving a sheer number of -- making these analysts too tired. please done take your cue from the action stocks. those taking action may be uninformed, hopping on and off calls, not understanding thesis, or the fact. i say take your cue from what you call the craft the craft. the notion that you listened to the call, seen the analyst's reaction and seeing the bargain may be in the offering because you've done work about what the company's worth. the stocks are often rome romoing price during the -- second in earning season i all the like to figure out what the proximate cause of the selloff might be for example, was there a large company or companies that disappointed and just colored the tape in a hideous way?
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was there a dodgers invented something in washington ks something in bomb work disappointed, let's see. there were those who felt that at&t tlidelivered subpar results however i didn't think the subscriber losses were so awful. the merger with time warner that's going to increase the company's cash flow. get a big cost take out, get some growth. once this is done you maybe kicking yourself for not buying at&t here. chipotle reported a number that showed there was not much growth in what's going to high-growth company. stock's down 47%, 14.5%. a company's still not big enough to impact the entire data.
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andy's chips are all over the data center gaming, crypto currency, bitcoin, and these are red hot areas so it's a big read through. when you hear about red hot areas you need to be thinking of bowling ally, the pin action many of the areas have been strong so we're going to have to do some work in that area. so i write down, amd, check that out. still, i can't count that taat& chipotle and amd is responsible for selloffs, that wouldn't make sense. washington maybe, who knew lately the dollar's gotten a little bounce and that's excellent for the european countries trying to sell into our market so their stock markets are going up
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it's bad for our companies to try to sell over there, especially since the fantastic things we have seen are coming from countries with the weaker dollar i think the european stock market that we saw when i got up this morning played a role here. i find that encouraging, it's a prop to do some buy. if the market's going down because the dollar's too weak, we have the potential for a positive rethrow over here we shouldn't be both going down on the same piece of information. gad for us, bad for them next up, this one has been largely built on the backs of industrial stocks. fuelled by global expansion, a weak dollar, it's been on the back of the backs which have done well, the administration has been going higher. at one point higher rates were looking good today the other rates were down,
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stocks first, the other rates with it. i'm conscious last night we looked at karley garner's charge members off the charts, she's done such a good job she made the case that we've come up too far too fast she talked about the potential for a a very big decline, that can't be ruled out i don't think you need to prepare for a huge correction but you should respect how much, how far, and how quickly we've run. that's why i always say, even if you think you're going to be dead right, don't buy anything all at once, or buy anything that's in the blast center making us go down. i don't recommend buying a bad stock until rates start rising now, you've got to ask yourself, and i've done this so many times, do you want to go after stocks, if you're doing some buying that have moved up big after reporting great numbers where you can now take advantage of this unrelated decline to get
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them at a discount or, do you want to buy the stocks of companies that are about to report? extrapolating positives from those that have told us how things are going i got a cut and dried an, i always say you got to go with what you know. so, first what we do is research for which stocks are so strong that not only did they not go down a little, but they actually went up on a big day that is a sign of strength that is unasell bl. and with that i have my first idea visa extraordinary quarter, fantastic growth, terrific conference call, well run, probably would have went up 5 or $6, maybe more i like that idea more than the merchandise that's done. visa will take off again you're going to hear reit buy. that's reiteration of a buy.
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second idea, i see anthem health insurer up over ten points that's krard fair isn't it the health insurance has amazing numbers. i condition buy up 10, that's not me my discipline's to say i missed that i can argue that united health department, is down better today was down a bit from it's all-time high, that's okay you buy little knowing tomorrow's going to raise estimates on the whole group next stock, i told you if you wanted a semiconductor stop that let's you sleep at night, not amd, pick up texas instruments because it reports consistent numbers sure enough it delivered a good quarter last night lots of growth and i buy a little of it, especially since the stock ended up down a buck today one point was down around 2
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bucks. amd had this nasty impact on all the semis. texas mipicks up ibm now giving back its entire gain from when it inflected. it gave you the last quarter or so of good ones and started in the fourth quarter 4% gain. gift caterpillar and santanley ad decker, let's say i like one of those, more on that in the show. there's no need to do more of that all we know it'll be -- this is 2010 what goes on in my head, aside from the migraine that i have you don't want to buy all at once but bet on your own fallibility. the bottom line, you could sigh
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why do i have have to do anything on down days, the an's of course you don't. let's start from fundamental supposition that we want to buy when merchandise is on sale or being given away not when it's going up in price. we want it to be disciplined, consistent with what's worked before this method i just described has worked for me for more than 30 years, no reason it won't work for you and for me now jonathan from north carolina jonathan >> caller: hey jim, i'm with the diamond dustin group how are you doing? >> yes >> caller: i have a question about william sonoma i know their brick and mortar, what are your thoughts on them >> they do have a significant ecommerce presence it's a buy, so yes, they're good at justify line, really good online, but when you have so many companies shooting at it it
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just doesn't make me comfortable. you now know cramer's rules for sell off during earning season, stay discipline and be consistent with what's worked before on m.a.d. tonight, a company works with the likes of adobe, ebay and citigroup its looking to take an ibm and micro softd. is it worth considering newly meanted monogoes db. i'll investigate then the pour stops that get out the crew to produce -- shares dropping after earnings is it time to hit the pause button or could this be a chance to get in the game stick with cramer. is this a phone?
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the ipo market has been heating up recently, specifically into tech tex tech. last week they got another new tech, initial public offering. it's called a mongo db, mdb for your home. monogo db is a data platform with a service business model. this company's number 27 on cnbc's disrupter list. mongo db help companies do a great job of managing their databases. from the get go wall seemed excited about this one
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the company became public with 20 buck as share closing around $32 and change on its first day of trading since this its drifted back down to 30. what can we expect from mongo, is this tech stock we're surfacing on will be another snag, roku, switch let's find out by playing one of my favorite games. we're going to play, know your ipo. first let me explain mongo db's database business. you hear a lot about big data, data center and all those stocks go up if you even get near them. we live in a world where companies are expected to hard nest the power of data, either come up with great products and figure out what you want before you know it. at the heart of every software application there's a database
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you need to have a system to organize, store and process your files or none of this stuff works. so, for self-developers a lot of thought goes into picking the right database, with the rise of mobile, cloud, data center and the intern of thing, a lot hinges on getting that choice right. you had relational databases that have basically unchanged since the '70s they simply were not designed for the nands of modern software nor designed fort cloud since the turn of the century we've seen -- so much runs on old school relational databases these new none relational ones are only worth using in a small number of cases. then you have non-relational databases that have been become popular more recently and widely used for big data applications
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as much as i like to think i am, i'm not qualified to get into commuter science but more flexible than traditional model. mongo db does something different. the guys who created this company got frustrated by the database option on the mark, so they built their own platform, designed for and by developers they believe it combines the best of both relational and non-relational database. giving developers the ability to manager their data in a better way. it works in any environment, the cloud or even some kind of hybrid, which we know is so popular. you can use it for a broadrange of applications. to get the word out, mongo db offers a free striped down version of their platform, you can just monitor it off the website.
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i love that business model the free version's been downgraded more than 10 million times just in the last year so you know this thing is popular they sign you up for a subscription and you start paying for innovative version or the cloud version. so far it has customers across the country. they got barclays, adp, automatic data, morgan stanley, anthem, was an amazing quarter today. general and tech and a bunch of agencies parts of the defense department, homeland security and the new york department of sanitation. how's it work? let's use the example barclays, barclays invested a ton of money in the recent years. the recent database of technology made it harder for them to add features that customers can use. as more customers embrace
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banking -- so barclays brought in mongo db in twelve and it give them significant performance improvement. the company's in-house software developers have a knew feature for creating banking the stock's revenue growth has slowed so far since 2017 but still rapid. up 51% year over year and there's not much deceleration in 2015 at the end of july they had 23 customers, 700 beginning of 2016 the total number of these users come from the cloud offer even though it only came out in the summer of last year. company has 71% plus gross margins, what they make after the department of good sell.
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mongo db is not yet profitable as the company pours its money into developing the business we don't mind that if you have extra money and can grow the business, grow the business the key is annual recovering revi revenue. they use a software as a service business model and a contribution model should the annual recovery lawsuit -- this is how much they calculate how much they make in '15 they -- racked up $23.4 milli $23.4 million in associated cost by 2016 that same group of customer that is signed up in 2015 generated 12.8 million but the cost only came at 5.2 million. the guys already signed up given
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mongo mongo distribution margin. there's really just one thing that concerns me here other lack of probability, monogo competes with ibm, microsoft, oracle, google cloud compared to mongo you can say these companies are dinosaurs. in the sense these companies are outdated i get concerned about this little company. but not so concerned that i don't like it. here's the bottom line, it looks to me like mongo db does have disruptive technology on its hands. given the competition, i'm going to recommend this, but i'm going to recommend it for speculation only good for younger people in a long-term frame. you can own upon goes d -- mongo
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db but only with money that you can afford to loose if things heat up for the company. stanley block and decker put together earnings for yesterday and the stocks soared higher could today's decline make it the right time to get in lodge tech dropped reporting earnings week. what's the major theme of this earning season i'll tell you how mcdonald's and chipotle clue off for clues. stick with cramer.
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new. get paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. ♪ it's not just a car, it's your daily treat. ♪ go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. experience amazing. ♪ all right with the market getting slammed today, worst than september, i want to circle back to a company that reported a spectacular quarter, and the stock is stanley block and
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decker made up of all sorts of tools, electronic security solutions and bunch of other odds and ends sanly blocker's pulling back today and i think it's a great buying opportunity you barely get a chance to buy this stock into weakness stanley black & decker spent years and years -- it's rallied more than 42% since 2017 began the move is extraordinary for a company like this one, it's an old company. the report they reported yesterday it wasst astonishing the company has been maded some shrewd moves first of all, for years the company was an underperformer,
6:28 pm
would rally but still lag behind the s&p 500 and most of the industrials. there was nothing wrong, but there wasn't enough to get excited about. that all changed with joims laurie took over last year the truth is, he put a lot of value during most of his tenure. he presided over period of our performance but in recent years the company slowed down. first lauri and his new team did not get the benefit of the doubt. every other industrial was roaring after the investment this one gained back pretty quickly. a heeyear ago the tool businesss snapped up picking up irwin and lennox those are terrific names in trail cutting hand tools and power tools. he bought it for $4.9 billion.
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it's a business that -- but laurie and his team realized these bands could broadened the company's reach. then last december, the company sold its mechanical security division to a swiss firm for $27 million in cash. laurie decided to keep the electronic side of the things but got rid of locks ive immediately after that we learned that stanley brach & decker was buying tool brands from sears craftsmans is the greatest brands, you can return it years later. when the deal was announced only 10% of his products were sold
6:30 pm
outside of the footprint that is sears. not many people go to sears these days the terms, the company had to pay sears $525 million up front. another $253 million at the end of year three, along with 2.5 to 3.5% royalty for the first 15 years. this is one fabulous deal for these guys, it makes sense sears needed the money stanley was told it will boost its earnings as they ramp up sells via the other non-sears channels james explained, quote we intend to invest in the brands and include rapid growth and invest online, end quote. bla black & decker sold its security in order to pay for craftsman,
6:31 pm
that's a iconic brand with tremendous growth now that its owned by someone competent the deal closed in march they talk about it as the 2222 vision the goal hitting $22 billion from heavy knew nearly doubled than it did by 2022. after this was spelled out in detail in company investor day in may then the analyst started taking it more seriously the real breaker came yesterday, while stanley black & decker has been reporting strong results all year, repeatedly beating the numbers, yesterday morning it took my breath away. it just blew away the expectations as some of these acquisitions finally kicked in they delivered earnings beat off -- up 14.5% and only expecting less than 9% even better management raised their full year earnings guidance stanley talking about a
6:32 pm
6% earnings growth rate. guys this is old fashion tools 6% growth. laurie gave us the update on how craftsman and new tool dealsive playing out, quote, we remain at or ahead of our expectations both from a financial and integratisbe integration. which will give the brand a huge boost when they start selling in lowes. craftsman will be coming back to life in the middle of last year. remember this used to be the number one brand name in the space. listen, whether every i talk about how companies can transform themselves with a little self-help this kind of transaction is what i'm referring to around this time last year stanley black & decker was the stock that put people to sleep
6:33 pm
then the new ceo makes a series of bull moves. and suddenly the stock turns into one of the best performers of the year. let me give you the best of best, even after its 42% month, with 9% tool growth, this stock sells for just 19 times next year's earning investments that's recently. let me get to the bottom line on what i they is a sensational story. james lori deal maker, stanley blach and decker has accelerated revenue growth i like it more if the current sell you' selloff continues. either way the stock of black & decker is a buy. danny in pennsylvania. >> caller: hi professor cramer i've been listening to your show
6:34 pm
for two years now i was wondering about barns symbol b >> the old trail barns i haven't looked at it in a long time, let me do some work on it. it's been ages since we done anything with it i've been watching this stock go up, it's another bristol company. we're beginning to do work on it will in texas. >> caller: jim >> will. >> caller: i want to thank you and your staff for everything they do i appreciate it. >> oh, my staff is so good we're a great team i say you'll every ever work at another company like there one what's going on? >> caller: a few weeks ago i bought some whirlpool thinking after the earnings came in that i'd buy myself some more as i didn't buy at all like they recommended. i was trying to figure out whether i bought a broken stock
6:35 pm
or company >> you're going to have to hold it for a long time, don't want you to trade out of it or take the loss because the stock got a severe beat down they did no execute well, they claim they had a lot of rising cost i guess so all i can tell you is it was disappointing. the stock deserved to go down because a lot of people felt, how could you miss with both the hurricane damage and in texas. how could a big appliance company miss, but they missed bad. hold on to it. but on a bounce -- looking for the sharpest tool in the shed. i think stanley black & decker is terrific. i think it's a buy including my thoughts on logitech is it a game worth playing forget revenge of the flerds, i'll tell you why it's also about the revenge over the incumbent bence in this market
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and all your calls, rapid fight the edition of "lightning round. stick with cramer. for your heart...
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♪ what the healthcare just happen -- heck just happened to the stock of hog tech logitech it's essential for the fast growing east sports base long-term the stock has been fantastic. up around 45% sense the first time the ceo came on the show. the stock got stomped after the
6:40 pm
company reporting seemingly a good quarter when the company reported monday night it posted a terrific 5% earning speed with inline revenue of 10% the guidance going forward didn't blow people away. logitech reiterated their full year's growth and that disappointed people on wall street i feel the reaction may have been excessive i like when companies overpromises later wen they deliver. could this be a buying opportunity. let's take a closer look with brock and darrell, the ceo brach i'm going to go right to where on the conference call the cfo said there were two problems, higher level promotion transition now cycle and implementation cause from the distribution center. weren't those the two calls that
6:41 pm
made it so the rest of america would be stronger and would you invest -- >> jim i think we had a great quarter anyway our gross margin was up 35% and our profits were up 12%. we had a great quarter if you look across the board we had strong growth and video collaboration up 60%, gaming up 42%. we had a very very strong quarter overall. i'm not a short-term stock trader nor do i leave the company that way, i'm a long-term player item excited about where we're going. >> i looked at the rest of the world it was really strong they kept asking about there distribution center. you have to grow, if you don't know distribution center your can't grow your business is growing north america right? >> that's exactly right. i think we're up 20% over the last couple of years
6:42 pm
>> you got this wifi blue tooth alexa device that you claim may be the best in the industry. >> i love our blue tooth speaker business under ultimate ears we just announced last week this range of price, i think you ever one in the studio too. this one's called mega blast, the other one called blast totally wart roof, mobile, you can use it in blue tooth, your wifi network and its got alexa inside so one thing does it all, and the sound is amazing >> where does that come in, in terms of price point roughly >> you're going to come in about $349 you can also come in at $199 or $229 for the smaller verge, which is blast -- version which is blast it's a terrific product, i think it's a great value it's a higher price point for us
6:43 pm
but given what's inside it's amazing. >> why are you so crazy about your craft keyboard? >> i love this keyboard. first of all it's the most premium thing we've got. and it has this dial at the top where you can use that with lots of different programs. you can saturate an image with color, it rate through chart types, expand font size by rotating it's a different way to work it's great for people worth creative or productivity people. >> okay. so, i'm with some guys this weekend and they keep saying, jim, you can time bug west points, you are late it has piqued brach is there any way this has piqued in this country >> next time sometime tell you that you give me a phone call. absolutely it is not even close to piquing a weekend from saturday i'll be in beijing at the legend's final
6:44 pm
where there will be 110,000 people in the stadium in beijing and that thing's going to be watched by more people than any sporting event it's not close to piquing. >> and i understand there's brand name money has come in and brought teams including big hedge fund guys, guys who own professional teams, these thing are for sale and snapped up at higher and higher prices right >> yeah, and that's also at the beginning. i've got a team in brazil this week, and they're saying e sports is starting to take off now in latin america it's already big in the americas it's getting big in europe, big in china it's a global fool. >> now i said a report that came out of the three, ea, take two, a activist and brird, activist
6:45 pm
and blizzard is going to win my take is there's not necessarily going to be one winner there's enoughbusiness to go around if you decide to anoint one, that's a big mistake. >> yeah i agree. we love to play with everybody we're exciting about all these different sports and companies creating leagues i think there'll be more leagues too and there'll be more sports that will be esports driving for example. it's no way to lose in this space unless you're not in it. >> that's very good, because i thought this was a great opportunity. usually your stock doesn't come in, when it laps i like to tell people to buy it that's break endarrell, a -- brach endarrell, a forward thinking fellow. thanks >> good to see you thank you "mad money's" back after the break.
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round" play the sound and "lightning round's" over are you ready? time for lightning round john in california john. >> caller: booyah jim, we love you in the sacramento area >> john i always love your calls, what's up >> caller: you know what jim, i retired from a grocery industry here in the west coast kroger is moving to the west coast buying our chain, have you heard anything about that? >> my problem with kroger, amazon is deciding to take over this industry in a way that may her everybody. i have no up side story right now for that one let's go to gee la lee in new york >> that is correct thank you for taking my call >> of course >> caller: thank you i'm calling for venue cure materials. >> we like this stock, we think it's a terrific story. it's still moving up and
6:50 pm
inexpensive. it's a good one. michael in texas >> caller: hi jim. if you are time caller, i'm looking boo getting into glw for the long haul. >> it was good but here's my issue, when i see a stock like glw that's spike big i like to wait until it comes down a tad after the quarter. 40 cent's not enough shawn in florida >> caller: hi jim, i bought dozen buy a couple years back and it hadn't done much. should i hold it >> yeah i would. a lot of people felt like this was a weaker quarter, i'm not nearly as negative i think biogen is fine eric in california >> caller: ajim, array pharmaceuticals? >> we got to look at there one,
6:51 pm
let me go my homework rather than just do it. it's no sense in just cupping it leo in california. >> caller: jim, booyah >> booyah. >> caller: yeah i just want to ask you, i've been holding nokia a couple years >> that's one i've done the homework on. sell sell sell that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the "lightning round" how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you. whuuuuuat?rtgage offer from the bank today. you never just get one offer.
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when we look back at the quarter, will rerealize this is the one where incumbent ambulance took it all. mcdonald's spawned the reported. chipotle's report was lackluster right now you're thinking about 2% sales growth, potentially cheaper food cost, maybe they bring in a bottle with new dishes like this queso, maybe it will be worth more, maybe maybe maybe. mcdonald's was about blowing the numbers out, new technology. it's almost as if check chipotle
6:55 pm
was the high bound trouble, while mcdonald's was all about competition and value between pillar of stock prices mcdonald's put on a clinic about how energized the team are worldwide. all the -- it's playing offense. chipotle's almost 100% defense i thought the same way back advance micro devices last night. amd has been making strides in all the data centers, but strides is not the same as making money one analyst un impressed with amd's results last night and expected the company to be much further along. it's just not making a lot of money. we don't hear from intel until tomorrow night but when we do, we'll get a sense of the incumbent here has its act
6:56 pm
together a lot more than amd nvidia got whacked on the news they use to make mine crypt toe currency but it's a small part of the business. they have chips for gaming and xbox station nvidia's red hot than nintendo switch because it's a company that always seems to be on the verge of a tern around the speck later keep paying up for amd and get their heads cut off on a day like today we don't know how much is data center and intel, or crypto-currency for nvidia any take away from amd that hurts those two companies pay be poorly mistake i believe amd is being beaten by them finally there's amd versus ibm,
6:57 pm
amd made comments about the call about moderating the secular growth trends. ibm says a block change technology is one of the principle areas of growth, whose right? if it's anything like the rest of what we've seen in this quarter the incumbent's right. ibm's right. even not that long ago it was considered to be old, classified and ready to be put out to pasture. stick with cramer. is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial established by metlife.
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tomorrow >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ my name is ryan carpenter. i live in portland, oregon, with my turtle, mo, and i'm the owner of moberi. i love living in portland. portland is the place where weird ideas thrive, and what i do is definitely a little weird, and people really like that here. leading a healthy lifestyle is something i've done for a long time. i frequently ride my bike around to the farmers market,


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