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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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one. >> after earnings, continued, i week long leer >> it continues to work. eye melissa lee. thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow don't go anywhere, "mad money" with jimrar ar rht w. cmesttsig . my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here tolevel the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starlgts now hey i'm cramer, welcome to "mad money. welcome to cram america. other people want to make friends i'm trying to make you money. my job not to entertain but educate and teach. call me or tweet me @jim cramer. this is a really tale of two cities style market.
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is it once the best of times the banks, tax and industrials and it's the worse of times if you own the drug stocks or anything retail. this stock economy plays out every single day the dow loss 85 points s&p clime 2.3% and nasdaq 3.0% a sale on j.c. penny, a sale there was nothing rev latory about either call. there was an element of sorts -- well s-a-r-t-r-e you have to wonder if the retailers are condemned worse than death city says j.c. penny is
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whithering, that they cut expenses to the bone there seems to be no way out macy's, one word, one word got us going it's worried about the dividend. stock of macy's been hanging on because its 8% yield the balance sheet not so bad, but city says macy's not the option outing to cut its dividend just the few years ago the stock was in 70 bucks, the talk about macy's selling off the real stake. now at $18.34 it almost feels like it's too late i thought the report was too down beat, the ceo jeff start a honeymoon in this. with this downgrade, it made me feel like time is running out.
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notice the have notes, how about the haves? there's amazon, reporting an amazing if you remember last week with an accelerated revenue growth it's almost as amazon is the -- i mean ceo jeff bezos he may have the best space program. sure some companies can go head to head with amazon and survive, but have you seen the destruction that drugstores pays, oh my god in anticipation of amazon. maybe, just maybe going in it's the drugstores. c haves is scrambling with aetna in order to get any kind of hedge. wall greens is down 20% this year and then there's merck merck. we used to call this company
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saint merck because it could do no wrong these days though, it seems merck can do not right as the company pull the combination for therapy keytruda, no one thought it would beat out bris stol meyers as a treatment for all sorts of cancer, but this is a real body blow merck doesn't have enough rebust pipeline to off set the appointment. from the stock plum petted from 119 to 199, it's been a drop this market is a total change in how people perceive markets. no longer a -- unlike macy's merck's dividend's not in question doesn't matter what kind of question would 3% in change yield will give you
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these days it sells for 14 times earnings as low as that may seem, gilead trades gilead was a market for so long now it's regarded as the ultimate value trap. i want you to contrast all that with the talk of the alphabet, formally known as google we heard it and saw an acceleration in its course surging advertising business maybe wall street's beginning to forget what advertisers realized ages ago when you go to google and along something up you're also searching for something to buy, that's also when google makes money. this is the quarter where it game clear this company is serious about making machine off all these moon shots and drive rless cars and drones. one of these is going to hit big.
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how about the apple complex today, did you see that? last week we heard its struggling with weak sales then this weekend we found out it's not struggling, its big problem is demand. it's got too much. the fact that the stock is hitting a new all-time high today, not crazy about that. watch for the service. i know samsung is giving away what apple charges for you could be talking about $38 billion in sales with some of the highest profit margins on earth in the future. if good thing about apple it bolstered its suppliers sending broad travellers and has been herding to an all-time high. don't forget nvidia, another resident of all-time high list
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out in the dog house, thanks to the news that nintendo switch which they make the graphic chips for is selling insanely strong, they've had to ramp production of the switch, what does that mean for nvidia, ka ching ka ching four months ago, kimberly clark traded it's beat estimates but no revenue of what people want. caterpillar, that's got the growth people want as does boeing which is why those two stocks are doing so well. remember the consumer package to those companies can manufacturer through the quarters and expense cut andthat kind of thing. supply change management the simple faktd someone is going to need something to blow their nose with.
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when i was in goldman they say you always have to have a handky anyway, in this market it's not enough money manager's want companies with explosive sales growth. that's what cater pillar and boeing give you. so does the banks. i think the president goes mainstream with with jayapal a terrific nonideal, opal. who can 'a real steady hand. no matter who ever takes over at the feds will raise rates and the the banks will keep doing better and better. i like every bank stock other than wells fargo the appointment line is -- bottom line is if you stroll down the wrong aisle of the
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stock supermarket you could get eaten by the bear. you get the right one like the banks and industrials, then you're riding the bull as it tram pers through the skplur product aisles you need to charge a lot less and get more fresh if they ever hope to grow again fwluk with that. ross in new hampshire. >> caller: big booyah from new hampshire. major fan. >> what's going on >> caller: carson wentz for president. i want to know about -- >> i have his jersey go ahead >> caller: hey, i need to know about the -- i saw the interview, i saw the ceo talking on your show and i loved every pit of it, i fell in love with it and all of a sudden i'm down 20%. >> no, we don't ever want to fall in love, we don't ever ever
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want to fall in love these are pieces of paper, but i do like the copier, we're going to hole it, don't panic stay in it how about we go to richard in california richard. >> caller: mr. cramer, sir >> yes. >> caller: i really need your help on this one and by the way i know you hear this modern off by not enough. great show, great staff. thank you kindly i'm strictly -- play along i have i robot on my watch list for sometime now but that stock -- >> this is my bad, this weekend i had a teaching from the street where we had terrific people and someone came up to to me and said, jim could you do work on i robot. i promised to do it and instead i went to game, fantasy i
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watch -- i have to do more work on that. let me come back staff make a note. i robot. jim in illinois. >> caller: this is jim in illinois, also home of sam buffet and his foundation and he's our sheriff i've had kellogg for a while it's been up seven years now it's in the low 60s. >> well the report tomorrow i don't think anything's good i think the company's managed to pull something out of the hat. i think the stock is going lower and not higher, unless it's a take over bid don't expect one this is entail two city style market you pick the wrong sector and get eaten by a bear but chose right and you'll be riding the bull "mad money" tonight, colombia sports ware is tested
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tough but could unusually warm weather be bad news for the company. i'll sit down with the ceo then is snap inc. snapping back and -- is down 20% so far, but can the company bounce forward since that last quarter? i like what i saw, might be a come back. i've got the exclusive so stick with cramer
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what do you do when the stock of a company make fortune size winter coats. tomorrow's halloween yet the temperatures still the 50s in
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new york it's wonderful out but that's not the kind of weather that leads people to buy snow boots colombia, sorrell, mountain hardware, among the host of other brands, the biggest business is coats that can keep you warm without make you sweaty and winter boots that can keep your feet warm while it's freezing outside every since sports authority went under last year, stocks up a bit where it was trading when sports authority collapsed can -- should be concerned about the warm weather the weakst among distributors and the high price in digital. mr. boyle welcome back to "mad money. >> thanks jim it's great to be
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with you >> as i go through the notes you've been able to dewinter rise the company and become less immune to the problems of the brick and mortar sporting goods chain. how have you been able to do that >> we've been very focused on making our business dewinter rised. that's not to say it's terrific for us when it's cold and snowy but it's been a keen focus for us as it relates to the business of losing customers due to industry impact, et cetera, that's whether you really need to have a balance sheet. we've been very fortunate to mass a very strong balance sleet and we have a strong business around the world the u.s. is still about 67% of our business the u.s. frankly is one of the areas where trs been much more significant impact by the internet the u.s., as you remember has about six times as many retail
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stores per square foot per capita than europe so its navigating all these parts of the world and all these various economic impacts which are going to be important. again, it's important to have a balance sheet to navigate this stuff. >> now, i also think -- because my kids are big users of your product, they say, listen if this is more spernt y'all than it is just clothes, in the same way they love to go to rei they love to buy colombia stuff, because it means that are not just walking to school or work, it means they're climbing and hiking and you're part of that >> well, you know it's -- nobody needs another brand of foot ware or apparel, regardless of how impactful our products are, it's about being different and differentiating yourselves from others and we've done that in many ways, obviously the product is
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key. but it's about using personalities like my mother who stars in our t.v. commercials. it's being being connected with mc-le more my mom just did a really interesting collaboration with the efron brothers, zack and dillon we did a collaboration with disney and star wars last year which was successful for us. and we're doing another one that will debut soon. it's about differentiating yourself and making great products, but it's about being different. >> you also had to do something that other companies had to do it's about product connect in order to make the margins go higher >> we need to tell our story more we don't think we need to spend that much but we need to find more capital to spend or
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marketing and frankly we need to be more profitable we've been in business for a long time, we have legacy activities which are not moving the business forward we need to uncover those, allow our employees to really talk about these areas of the business, which are not helping and play be holding us back. and allow for the business to grow, become more profitable and throw off more money for marketing. we want to tell our story better >> is that the reason why franco is coming from europe, because the turn around from europe is pretty historic. >> we've talked in the past about our european challenges. its difficult to run a business thousands of miles away without good people. and franco joined our company about 4 years ago, saw the issues that were impacting our business in europe and we said franco we need your help, and he gave tus path which is basically do more business with our big customers and be
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more important to them he did such a similar job, we said plead come to north america help us take care of the same issues we have with our large customers, which is all terroristic but we need to do -- terrific but we need to do more business with those folks. >> is this the kind of thing where it shines a light on the special things that you do it's not a gimmick but i think it is something people need to know about you guys. >> well, the clowy thaing was interesting. the sherrell product has about more fashionable but it's really a utility product. it's great to recognize there's something about sorrell. and that's been a fun project together i wish i could take credit for it but it's hard work by our team in portland >> well you guys have done a
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great job, even down to get the credit right there's guys really left turning if your industry and trour not one, tim boyle stay with cramer [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this
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kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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how long does it take for an overheight tech ipo to get his groove back? that's the question i keep asking myself about snap here's a stock that came public, incredible fanfare at the beginning of march '17 everybody wanted a piece of this next big thing in social networking the hype was about -- as identify seen. i'm glad i warned you to get cautious on there one.
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snap piqued on its second day and spent the next five months getting hammered snap first two quarters out of gate was incredibly disappointed highly unusual given most companies won't come public if they don't have something good to say from the get go it tumbled all the way down to $11 and change in mid-august that's well below the price where it became public now the situation's getting different. all the hype around snap is dissipating. even though the share has been working its way higher it's gotten very little attention i think many investors are taking the fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me approach the stock -- everybody wishes they'd call --
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the truth is snap seems so stabilized which begs the question, has this thing become a good investment. with a company earning next week i think it's important sorting out where snap stands ahead of time so you foe what to do with its stock. for those of you who are technological challenged or too old to care about social media more than 173 million people use it every day so this is not some sort of joke most of them are kpulsive users who check the app constantly i love using it. and also my dog bug. look at him in snapchat with a pillow on his head nvidia refuses to pose, he's got no time for this nonsense. why did the stock collapse shortly after the stock became public investors realize it was
6:27 pm
too expensive. it was very smart and it called it redid louse -- redick lusly over valued. the wheels came off though when snap imported its first terrible, horrible, no good, very good quarter in may the company missed nearly every single -- from earnings to user growth snap is still growing at a daily pace rev few up by 207% those numbers fell short and when you're dealing with expensive stock those numbers are deadly this thing just gassed people. lost 20% of its value if a single session early june, many that have been initially been positive on the name they started -- on the
6:28 pm
thing. your zban stanley -- morgan stanley downgraded snap. they had the closest relationship in company. i got to say, mar began stanley's timing was good. when snap reported in august, the company once again disappointed and in a major way. another quarter temporary major cash burn. next day the stock loss 14% of its value, that's when it sank to $11.28. snap bounced off those and closed at $12.60 a goat reversal. -- a good reversal while there was too much enthusiasm for snap out if gate, many bulls exitlated and suddenly there was too much negativity once the weekend got flushed out
6:29 pm
more investors found the level where the stock was tracked. at the same time, we started hearing rumors, and they are just rumors that google's interested in buying snap for $30 billion. that translates to $25 a share snap was cheaper in the low teens when the surged in the mid or high 20s. often that causes a waver but when the lock-up ended the stock didn't get hurt. so where do we go from here? last year snap grew its revenue at 589% clip those numbers are always going to have to decelerate. they slowed faster than v investor's hoped while that's terrific in absolute terms it was weaker than what wall street expected
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wen snap became public there is what killed it, i have never seen a more consensus $2 billion figure everybody i talked to -- $2 billion if sales. now look at consensus for them to bring in $1.6 billion meanwhile the losses of exploded, the company put 2.a billion dollars in the company and 40 to $50 million in the second quarter when you back that out the company's still burning cash but less stock nobody with any idea at snap will be profitable how about the user base. 173 million daily active quarter but they only grew the user base clip year over year. at the same time, snap's average revenue per user is leveled than it was the fourth quarter last year, its supposed to be
6:31 pm
growing, bad i still have two major concerns that won't be banished by a good number first $15 and change the stock remains expensive. it's very expensive, especially compared to facebook and amazon. these estimates might still be too high second, lock up, normally the ipo's get risky if the lock up sale it seems like many of the big shareholders are still holding on to the stock. it was bullish that we didn't see a huge amount of selling even if management knows they control all the votes. bottom line, snap stock may have stabilized but i think it's still too soon to give this one as our blessing as an investment i'm not wild about the risk reward until we get more sign the
6:32 pm
manager knows what they feed to do to turn the company around. i remain open minded and i want to believer, my discipline tells me it's too soon to recommend the stock of snap. david in my home stated new jersey >> caller: hey jim, booyah from new jersey i know you invest if good management should we expect more from zen ga? >> yes, we should. and i don't understand the two they were really meddlesome was zig that. whether you look at this z-g-n-g-a this thing still haven't moved it's 82. and the other thing is grew upon, it's 63. zig zba is just so cheap i
6:33 pm
always want to tell people to guy it and it's been the wrong thing to do. let's go to phil in virginia >> caller: i brought qd. it came up but its dropped point. should i buy more? >> it's an unseasoned stock it's been trading all over the place. it's a chinese stock the only chinese stock i'm recommending is ally bob baa ron in connecticut please. >> caller: yes, i'm calling about sirius xm. they estimated earnings per share at 4 cent. they came in at 7. they got 119,000 more subscribers, they raised the dividend my question to you cramer, why is this stock going down >> it's so many shares, it is a
6:34 pm
mo monitor rusly -- monster rusly large company. i want you to stay in but it's not going to have that explosive 5.7. it's going to reap up that's the way it trade snap, i think it's too early to call it a buy until i see management it around you can put it to the side much more "mad money" ahead. i'm sitting down with the ceo of tractor supply then is it time to throw out the market play book i'll tell you why the average could be here scratching your head and all your calls rapid fire in the edition of "lightning round." stick with cramer.
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it's been a rough year for much retail. some chains seem to be doing a ber job getting their house in order than others. here's a stock that's had a rough time in 2017 down over 20% for the year, thanks to the weakening margin and difficult sales atmosphere, that everybody's had to deal with last wednesday, trackter supply came out for a good company. higher than expected revenues, and strong sales, 6.6%, that's highly unusual most retailers would kill for that number. plus magic robust guidance over the company. since then the stock has surged from 55 to 60 while every other retail stock has been going
6:39 pm
down let's check in with greg samford. he's the ceo of tractor supply mr. sanford welcome back to "mad money. >> we were talking in the green room, your store was packed yesterday, 9:30 on a sunday morning, whose going >> people that need things,jim that's why we're packed. if you need something and need it now we're the place to be >> the experience i've been to many tractor supplies. one over the things that you guys do that i want people to understand, you're involved if the community. people know people who work there, it's a very different touch from most retailers. >> it is the key to that is we hire our customers. so, that people in the market who know one another, who best the serve the customers than the customers themselves that's how we do it. >> there's a farmer next door to us works at tractor supply you have a unique and
6:40 pm
fast-growing online strategy th that i think work terrifically for your online products >> you put it correct, if you got large bulk items difficult to bring home, but you can locate it and know it's at the store close to you you can make that purchase, bef the product there and make the trip to the store. and by the way, while you're there you typically find more things to buy. >> that's true i bought a blue overall short and zbrof -- gloves. you also have generators that has been trending since the problems in florida and texas. >> they have and i'd tell you it's more for a customer's service standpoint than it has for margin
6:41 pm
we had the hurricane come to florida, very tough time, loss of power was the biggest problem. so the generator business was very robust and still continues today. >> and you've also been, as a gardner you've really been intune we know there's not enough bees, unless you're a real gardner you know there's a bee problem in this country and your doing something about that >> yeah, you can purchase some of the products online and have them shipped to your home or pick them up at the store. >> i have always found that when you're trying to figure out and trying to be a natural and organic farmer or try to become a farmer because you've tried to change your life style, tractor supply's always the place go >> that's correct. we have seasoned advice. once again hiring your customers who know the products and that
6:42 pm
region of the company, that's the key. the knowledge base in our stores are unmatched. >> now what's the percentage of clothing versus other. >> it's real small >> i would have though it was more than that because everybody buys clothes when they're at tractor supply >> yeah. i think you find the right side of the store t food and business very very large. and the left side tends to be the other things specifically. >> where are we in terms there were a couple of years where it wasn't really rictract supply why is it coming back now and sustainable? >> well two things, our focus on our business is what's important. the bottle and pick up in store we talked about. mobility in our store, giving the ability to make it a fast transaction in and outside of
6:43 pm
the store. the fact we've got neighbors' club, this is a crn program we just launched, rolled out this past april it has over 5 million members and it's growing rapidly you find all these kinds of components the last piece is what we call stockyard. 18,000 skews in the box, roughly, but with stockyard which is the extend over the long tail i could have hundreds of thousands of skews with you so the store goes to thousands of feet of store online. >> that's the ceo of tractor supply c s to is coming back. "mad money's" back of the break -- after the break
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it is time it's time for the "lightning round. play the sound, and then the
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"lightning round's" over are you ready? time for "lightning round. kathy in new york. >> caller: hey jim how are you tonight? >> i'm good how about you? >> caller: i couldn't be better. and you're going to make me even better than that >> really? >> caller: yeah i hope so. i've got a two-part yes, on regenron, what's causing the slippage like shooting ladders with these guys and what can i look for for a massive rebound? >> here's the problem, this company is one of the great bio tech companies of all time the problem is everybody has decided the drug business is not the drug business that we're used to and it's a lot of competition, lot of companies going at it, that includes regenron versus ang. i'm not crazy about the industry teechb in colorado -- steven in
6:48 pm
colorado >> caller: booyah jim calling from colorado. >> nice to have you. >> caller: a while back i brought the stock right after the ipo. acacia i held on and sold it much later and tripled the profit i otherwise would have made so thank you very much jim. what is your views today of acacia >> it's a very competitive view now. they had the chinese contracts that didn't work out since then i've had to walk away from it. ronda in kansas. >> caller: booyah mr. cramer your perspective, liberty interactive? >> i like it very much it's a terrific terrific stock yes, just own that one margaret in california
6:49 pm
margaret >> caller: jim cramer your voice is music to my ears. >> what a "lightning round." what's up? >> caller: i called your show before when my stock had a bad quarter. and looking back with your advice with such words of wisdom you reassured me and i quote you, [inaudible] >> jeesh, i get no kick out of -- what alcohol does -- all right. we get a big piece on acquisitions and it's been nothing but net. but thank you for that piano
6:50 pm
rendition. it was quite amazing how about jeff in pennsylvania jeff >> caller: hey jim thank you for taking my call my question is on southwest airlines i held it for a long time. why did the stock get hit when it reported last week and number wh two what are your thoughts on this long-term >> the there were issues, hedging issues, competition issues we almost decided to get rid of it we're owning it for now because it's too cheap but it's not been a great run. and that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the "lightning round. i think it's terrific. your kids go to college and you start trading. >>yeah, 5 years already. 5 years, hmm. you ever call your broker for help? >>once, when volatility spiked... and? >>by the time they got me an answer, it was too late.
6:51 pm
td ameritrade's elite service team can handle your toughest questions right away- with volatility, it's all about your risk distribution. good to know. >>thanks, mike. we got your back kate. >>does he do that all the time? oh yeah, sometimes he pops out of the couch. help from real traders. only with td ameritrade. ray's always been different. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and.
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this is a market that seems to have suspended nearly all the ordinary rules that we go by things that aren't supposed to be happening has been happening at a faster pace so many stocks behaving incorrectly. at least compared to the the long hedge fund play book. i don't know where to begin. as i scan my charts this weekend i always try to figure out what's working and what isn't. i noticed there are tons of things that are supposed to be happening that aren't supposed to be happening but they are
6:54 pm
happen let's start with housing, this one's absolutely crazy when we know interest rates are going harder, when we know we're facing multiple fed rate hikes this next year you should be selling the stocks housing should be the single worse performing group out there because people buy fewer homes or mortgages get more expensive. whether you look over the charts, mortgage owners are the best groups. the mortgage -- they're all flying you also have housing related companies that versus radiant and lending tree well beyond what you expect. there's that etf in housing. it's about cold brothers if you still want in i suggest you buy -- of another company, same ministry, smart the play book says we should be shorting these stocks at this
6:55 pm
point and cycle. i believe the play book will be right eventually you don't get this kind of rally unless something good could be happening. first rates still low by historical standards, we have to wait 100 basis points before we think about them earning home builders it's difficult to get enough land to build. and third, homes are so scarce the price of housing is advancing faster than the cost to build if that's the case, home builders can be bought into the teeth. although i wait to see who the chairman is before you pull the trigger. i thinkfully candidates under yellen would make faster rate heights. second thing that make no sense at all, utilities. this group should be getting crushed. utility rolled out david dent
6:56 pm
yields -- david end deals. they're doing quite well how is that possible i think it might be the strength of the u.s. committee. we interviewed the ceo of electric power so, what's possible that they could be reacting to mergers the ones on the ropes energy this morning speaks volume about the group. some say the banks, we know the feds keep tightening, not supposed to signify a spike is upon us. what are the biggest challenging for money managerers is that this market's no longer following the pattern
6:57 pm
established by history but in a real market like there one we make expectations to the play book and rally to the occasion in the yntd it's happening, it's making a mockery of the bears, these stocks should not be going up right here and right now. that's exactly what they're doing and that's all that matters. stick with cramer. for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain.
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okay, you know i always say to own apple, not trade it today we got the all-time high if you have not bought it yet, i now want you to wait to see what the quarter is just in case you get a sell off and a better opportunity. it won't be the first time that's happened. i advised that last time, it was good advice, i'm sticking with it again even though i think apple's a fabulous stock i'd like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise i'd find it for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow.
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