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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  January 31, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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here. >> it's nice to see we got a rise out of brian. >> what's your final trade, pal. >> let's talk about facebook, at 24 times adjusted p/e. that's the best value in mega tech cap my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. okay we're back we have returned to a world of volatility where stocks can be
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up huge in the morning only to nose dive in the afternoon and recover as we approach the close. after what i regard as a crazy session. what do you do in the market goes haywire well i will tell you what i have been doing, you fall back on long-term themes many so you can use these gyrations to your advantage. like two of them we are going to feature later on in the show many of you are scared of buying on the way down. i understand that. you fear something is happening. something bigger and badder that you don't know about that is almost never the case. given the fabulous rank in the economy both here and around the globe, i think we can handle it.
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no systemic risk right now i want to look at this risk the same thing you approach a flash sale selloffs may not last long enough to make it to the mall before they vanish so you need to have a list like the kind of list i put together for club members where you say that's it, time to pull the trigger. this way your decision market is bloodless and unemotional. you have already made a call during a calmer nonbatt nonbattle-orient nonbattle-oriented moment. a company that may have been overvalued earlier now is under
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valued i mean why not buy any stock with good earnings i will tell you why, the reason we have -- they trigger action for example, take this two-day selloff we just plowed out through. pick up to 2.7% rising from 2% back in september. when interest rates reach a new milestone, there are tons of index money that flees the market this was exacerbating yesterday as health care -- bringing down the cost the main thrust in the selloffs
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that to do with the belief that if interest rates goes up too far too fast even though the none cyclicdal health care stocks were the most performers yesterday, the real concern is the industrial leaders. and i say theoretically because in my time, i have seen people make fortunes in the industrials. it is risky to try to find stocks right in the blast radius of the decline now the thing about secular growth is every manager and her brother wants it i was debating with my friend marc chaikin about semiconductors our chips that go into the
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internet of things or cell phones are part of a cycle or looking for a consistent growth for years to come. you may think you are in the secular growth business but you could be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised if you are making them for cell phones like qualcomm does, judging by the strong quarter they reported tonight that is something that is lasting. where are the secular growth themes let's start with the most obvious one and my favorite. let's start with aerospace the demand has to do with rising global around the world. the premiere example boeing. now you know we like this stock
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for ages less than two months ago we had ceo on the show. i conclude it goes up. really went down a lot what happened next is a classic example of the rigorous nature of thematic nature boeing reported today and it was an astounding quart, and the stock rose up $17. in response the whole aerospace took flight second theme is electron electronic in-house gaming so last night, electronic arts blows away the numbers
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thanks to the strength of franchise, and also stock war is up seven% today. as does nvidia because it makes the best graphic chips and meanwhile, dazzled by the numbers last night by amd. unbelievable term. last night president trump talked about the need to bolsster defense spending. if these stocks rising interest rate, that is a terrific buying opportunity. we can't overlook the cloud, the companies that benefit switching from on software to data
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centers. who is the obvious sales and i mention workday. saving their customers fortunes. i like the tools of the cloud, adobe, vm care all sorts of rumors on how it might be dilute diluted down. we can find issues we can spot problems people are panicking out of the stock of facebook. despite the fact the revenues numbers are extraordinary. i get the selloff. and it is pulling down tech stocks tonight to what could be bargain levels for you tomorrow. we buy gradually in stages on the way down
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the bottom line is that nothing is risk free, you will do a lot better if you embrace my shopping method so you prepare next time you have a flash sale or during the late selloff we saw today until we got a rally into the close let's go to luke in pennsylvania >> caller: booyah, cramer. i just had a question on the stock of under armour, do you think this is a good time to have. >> what happened is under armour woke up a sleeping giant nike is remarkable and the turn in nike has left little room for a competitor like under armour. we go to shindig in california.
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>> caller: booyah. shindig from california. good news my portfolio is up and i thank you. i am a multiple time caller. and my question today, unfortunately i sold my lockheed martin yesterday, but picked up ktos and i am in a quarter position and took a beating today. >> i want you to add a quarter position and do a pyramid style buy. remember, you sold highest quality for one of the lowest quality in terms of brand names and i am not in favor of that. thank you for your third time call mike in florida. >> caller: booyah, jim question is on entertainment
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prompt the ceo on your show last may and had positive comments about it down about 15% since last year >> two issues here, one grade is that engrade silvers are terrific there is a remod deel business it is good and reinvestment trust is down they are all going down. i say keep epr and give it time and a higher yield like 8% b before you buy it more time to fall back on themes like secular growth themes like aerospace, like gaming, like dev, and like the cloud.
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i am breaking down last night's state of the union in rhetoric and share. i and sit down with one of the largest casualty insurance in the world. do not miss my exclusive with the best there is. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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. for the most unpredictable president in modernhistory, what did we get in the state of the union speech if you were expecting donald trump to dazzle, soar, surprise, with incredible ideas. that is not what he did.
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instead he gave the investors exactly what they wanted a mention on 500 billion to his undefined $1.5 million infrastructure plan. it is ironic but this president does know what the stock market wants. nothing earth shattering, just some good old fashion rhetoric per share. the primo group in this market is the defense group makes a ton of sense as trump made sure everyone knew his continuing bolstering of america. harris, lockheed martin,
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raytheon now count for 32% of its shares. will anything be done on infrastructure the president explained why there is no such thing as shovel ready progress if trump can get around this, well, that would be huge for caterpillar, united reynolds the strength in the stock has more to do with commodity rallies and the strength in construction in private sector i trust state budgets and private sector plans if you think i am being too cynical go look at the list of u.s. concrete. relocations to texas
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even if it is unlikely with the idea of an infrastructure package in the air, it is worth listening to john ferrioa. not tilling his production in steel. steel, long, long girds for the narrow bridge. but is building $250 million mill for rebar near kansas city. stocks cheaper even if you assume nothing happens on the infrastructure front buy, buy, buy. if you want something less obvious think health care. president is done trying to dismantle obamacare for the moment if you believe this new initiative from buffet, bassos,
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turn out to be much less than a threat as it seems then you might want to buy cramer fav centene state of the union no surprise as for as you will the other issues, i am glad to say it is not my department. much more on "mad money. bio tech i am eyeing some high quality names. how can last year's disasters impact a company like chubb. i am talking to the ceo. with u.s. ploichemployment on t rise, i am going to talk to the ceo. and find out what the company has ahead. stick with cramer.
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>> even when the averages were seesawing today, the pharm and bio continuing to get slammed. here is the thing, this pull back can give you nice buying opportunities. as long as you are patient enough to buy gradually on the way down and you know what you are looking for. parts of the health care business that i am worried about. some of the drug and bio techs are not among them some have reported stellar quarters but also some stinkers i am excited about abbvie and biogen
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i am going to start with abbvie. abbvie has been a terrific performer. stock is up more than 83% over the past 12 months but in the past two days, the stocks plunged from 122 to 112 bingo, that is the dip i have been looking for the company reported a stunning quarter sent the stock surging from $128 to 123 this pull back could be heavenly if it goes back four more points you will be getting the latest quarter for free for those of you who don't know, abbvie makes a host of major drugs. including the best selling drugs in the entire year r rummira. the company expects this one
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drug to do 21 billion in sales and that isn't the most exciting start of the story four cents earnings beat up 14% year after year they went from midpoint of 647 up to $7.38. fabulous sales forecast. that translated into 32% earning growth the stocks going down, look it did rally up 14% in the wake of the number this is not some cyclical smokestack play that is expected to raise numbers when economy is booming. pharma outfits almost never pull extra dollar per share a lot of it comes from the fact
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that business is very strong cfo bill chase explained on the conference call, rummira is growing. -- that is up 28% from just last year and abbvie sees hepatitis c business doubling. and mega ret is there new hep c cure abbvie is the kind of drug stock that is worth buying as it goes lower. it is an opportunity even if the new initiative from jeff bassos seems to be a serious threat companies like abbvie should be
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fine stocks being pulled down because of etfs. etfs created to mimic all of the drug stocks and get away with single stock risk. biotech focuses on neurological conditions autoimmune diseases the guidance was so good it sent the stock surging. biogen rallied. you are almost getting the latest numbers for free. biogen's headlines results were much on to write home about.
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still posted a 19 cent earnings miss management guidance was excellent. in these context of these quarter quarterly reports. bio gen indicated it would earn $24. so what is drooifing this credible strength? it is multiple sclerosis business which is a variety of drugs. their nutrient for spinal muscle to t atrophy. analyze that and you know it has a blockbuster on your hands. only drug on the market that can
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treat this awful condition plus ceo michael vannatsos is very smart two potential alzheimer's treatments in phase three trials and another multiple sclerosis drug i expect it to be positive for the stock. if bio gen's stock keeps falling, you will get for nothing. i gave you my blessing to speculate on this. 88% gain we now have a market where larger drug and bio tech company
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see their stocks rally on positive earnings. that is a benign backdrop. the tnews some of these drugs i bio tech stocks are worth buying in weakness. as we saw today legacy big pharma like eli lillys, even when headline was pretty good, i talked about the good ones, how about the bad ones, we sold some higher but it stung. yesterday i cautioned you not to soon this health care selloff was a buying opportunity but the ones that reported these numbers buy into this empire
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strikes back i love that you are getting a chance to buy my two favorites so far in 2018 which are abbvie and bio gen. ann in new york. >> caller: hi, jim, i am new to the stock market i have been learning a lot do you think nov artis >> among the i have not focused on it. let's go to umberto from new jersey.
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>> caller: i am looking to buy bristol mayers is it a good time to invest? >> i am not going to bless broad base drive my focus is on abbvie and bio gen. let's go to raymond in where my daughter is, oregon. >> caller: i want to find out if sell gene is taking it over. and i want to know if anything over -- or to wait until after the sale >> you have got cha-ching, cha-ching. the problem with -- abbvie and
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bio jen delivered fabulous numbers. i think you are getting a terrific opportunity that i did not expect much more "mad money" and how hurricanes and wildfires have had an impact. how is a company like chubb having the reaction? i am going to talk to the ceo. and then my exclusive with adp how is the handling the aftermath. i am talking to the ceo. in today's addition of the "lightning round" stick with cramer
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a lot of people got worried
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about the insurance base when met life reported. met life is not the whole industry chubb limited, the giant insurer created by the old chubb last night chubb reported and it told a story of excellent under writing. despite california wildlife losses sounded bullish hence the strong gain today all time high. can this stock, one of the absolute best in the run let's check in with evan greenberg. this is not an easy quarter to be in the insurance business at the same time you weathered it
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with terrific balance sheet. sorry about the pun. and things getting better and better throughout the quarter. >> in terms, look, we are not going to overb play it, but the pricing environment has begun to improve. some rates are beginning to respond to deficient pricing and other areas not yet. but i am optimistic. some people are getting returned, big income tax gain. some companies are willing to give away the store for busin s business. >> yeah, that's always true. if you want, this is a risk business and if you want to chase
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revenue, rather than chase a good risk adjusted return ultimately, that is at your p peril. you have to have superior product, great service and it is all about execution and you will win in the marketplace that way. >> the merger has been unbelievable and people talk about cost take. it is the cross sell what you are good at, what's was good at, chubb may not have been that good at together the cross sell is amazing. and this merger really worked. >> it really has worked and we exceeded our initial expectations by a mile on efficiencies and cost take out it is about one plus one equals three. the complimentary strengths of the two organizations in terms of product capability and
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service strengths and geographic reach and distribution we are growing faster today than i do the two companies left on their own wood a -- would. the compelling nature is in front of us. >> a lot of mergers in the industry and not a lot of them have worked out. and few with discipline and growth you mentioned twice now, superior service, now i am, let's talk about brand because we don't usually think about it i wanted to be sure i maintained my chubb vip status and i did that because as i grew up, my father said one day you will become a chubb customer and they will give you service and they will pay you have got the brand and how is that maintained and why do
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people like me know it how did this happen. >> honest to god, that is such a fundamental ethos and north star of this company. in the personal insurance base you can find cheaper insurance >> absolutely. >> you will not find coverage as is rich and not find customers as delighted when they have had the loss with the service that chubb provides and our customerretention is off the charts and if you have had a claim with us, you are with us for life. >> are there areas where you don't want to write anymore? florida flooding, from changing global warning are there things that you say listen, i don't want to take that risk? >> no. no you can only take risk to the wherewithal and extent of your
6:41 pm
balance sheet as you spread the risk to global balance sheet at the same time as long as we can be paid properly and we can understand the risk and structure the risk, we will assume that risk we can't get paid properly for all lines at all times and that is when you see us give up market share and we will shrink. but when we can, that is our job. and as climate change becomes a greater reality and we have more volatility through society, urbanizes more, then greater n concentration. >> these guys are the most relevant anybo relevant in the industry it just keeps winning. evan greenberg, chairman ceo of chubb. (siren wailing)
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if you recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor if brilinta is right for you. my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade it is time it is time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money."
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i tell you to buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell -- and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." >> caller: should i hang on to j & j? >> buy, buy. carlos in new york. >> caller: thanks for taking the call, good luck on the eagles this coming sunday spm. >> not my favorite right now we tell club members we like broad com. yeah, that is a very good. john in michigan. >> caller: love the show
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what do you think of frontier communications preferred >> cesell, sell, sell. >> caller: energy transfer partners. >> i knno longer hate the stock >> caller: i recently purchased square quebec and thinking about holding it. >> i would say i would hold it if i was willing to lose 10% or
6:47 pm
15% capital. not my cup of tea. >> dave in massachusetts. >> caller: my question today is about specialty minerals. >> i recommended this stock when it spun off. let's go to darrell in new york. >> caller: how are you i am good. i want to give you a call about blackberry. >> goes up over time i don't mind let's go to alex in california. >> caller: how are you doing booyah i am calling in regards so evans of snap chat said he would not sell any stock just to show confidence but they sold stock in november.
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is that considered illegal >> look, i do know this. i would not want to own that stock. including facebook that is the conclusion of the "lightning round >> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade 24 hours a day, five days a week. that's amazing. it's a pretty big deal. so i can trade all night long? ♪ ♪ all night long... is that lionel richie? let's reopen the market. mr. richie, would you ring the 24/5 bell? sure can, jim. ♪ trade 24/5, only with td ameritrade.
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sometimes a challenge from a
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big name activist investor could turn the spotlight take adp nation's largest payroll processer. came under attack from bill ackman's square. the stock dipped in response just this month adp delivered a strong quarter higher than expected revenues 8% year after year. even better management raised its sales and earnings private sector added 240,000 jobs this year when your employer wires -- until you cash the paycheck. can it keep climbing
6:52 pm
let's take a closer look with carlos rodriguez welcome back to "mad money." >> good to see you. >> congratulations on a great quarter. and i am trying to figure out the -- i mean is this not the perfect environment for adp. >> practically perfect >> rates going up. the job creation in this country is rather amazing. >> the tax cuts are going to be a stimulus to the economy. so prolong the recovery. it is going to go longer now we are excited because as you mentioned not only do we benefit from employment and good economic activity but a little bit of inflation and higher interest rates helps adp as well. >> let's talk about the aftermath of the proxy you were doing a lot of things that ackman was agitating for.
6:53 pm
and where are those things and are they helping >> we listen to our investors. we have been in touch with them. >> certainly better than you have had during the terminal period. >> water under the bridge. we felt like we had a good strategy bill had ideas of things we should be doing differently. comes down to pace you can always move faster, so nothing wrong with someone pushing us to move quicker and having a sense of urgency. we took that and of the mind of never let a good crisis go to waste. so off to the races. and the performance speaks for themselves. >> did he call you and congratulate you >> as a matter of fact he did call me. we had dinner.
6:54 pm
>> he is a shareholder. >> and we appreciate him being a shareholder. >> you have done things that are pretty radical about the old adp. you talked about the gig worker, global cash cards. >> like you said, the nature of the workforce is changing and gig workers are one of the factors and so the most popular image of that is uber. and people working on the side but really across the whole economy. 35 million people who work as independent contractors or get a 1099 and they need help in terms of compliance and help with managing their finances. and the employers who use them as independent contractors need that help as well. it opens up a new market for us. >> some of these analysts sited the fact that bimo note said the margins were below the consensus
6:55 pm
18.9 this was something that bill complained about did bill say listen, the margins aren't still where i want them. >> he thinks there is opportunity and up side. >> you have too. >> that is why i don't think there is disagreement about the potential, it is about pace. we did have pressure this quarter. the acquisitions will add to the top line and growth to the business i think we exceeded our expectations so we from the underlying health of the business, what we see, we did well, and had a good quarter. >> you also benefits, if the just the american worker, but have a good tax rate now. >> a company that has a relatively effective tax rate so adds a nice chunk of change to our bottom line. subject to be the board approval. >> can you speak to the strength of the economy
6:56 pm
a will the of ceos try to politicize this. they say, listen, it is not a real recovery. if it was real, you would see wage growth, a lot of jobs you have been around the strengths of the economy right now? >> it is strong. these things, you look at the month to month what has happened is so much under employment that people probably under anticipated how long it would take for the wage pressure to be building up government numbers are starting to show wage inflation is picking up which is a positive sign and that is what we want. >> one last question there are many of us out there trying to figure out the tax code specifically about the employment professional. may accountant is saying still
6:57 pm
not even clear. >> still a lot of things that need to be cleared up. the irs itself needs to spend time clarifying things we happen to be a fiscal year company that has july 1st as our fiscal year start so questions about what things apply as to the date of the law or retro active or take advantage through the end of fiscal year so a lot of questions up in the air. full time employment for tax professionals >> yes congratulations again. and i think thathas worked out i like it is water under bridge. carlos rodriguez stick with cramer.
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>> i always say don't trust headlines and listen to calls. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow
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