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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  August 14, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is 5:00 a.m breaking news out of turkey, the turkish president calling for a boycott of some u.s. products. he's speaking in turkey now. also breaking news out of europe the eu gdp just crossing we'll run you through their economy. naming names tesla tapping top talent to help explore taking the company private. bitcoin dropping below 6,000 for the first time in a month. all the others are down big as well game over. tencent shares are tumbling in china after that country pulls
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the plug on a popular video game we'll tell you why on this tuesday august 14th as "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ ♪ good morning i'm brian sullivan so glad you're beginning your day with us. it looks like it could be a nice bounce back day for stocks and your money dow futures up under triple digits very different scene today than what we saw yesterday. a lot of green here. not so much for the cryptos. we'll get to more on that in a minute the focus remains on turkey. stocks may be helped by this a rebound in the turkish currency well, actually, no it is turning around everything i say is the opposite the currency is down 3.7% now. that changes everything. we'll have more on that coming
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up rip up the show. let's start it over again. the eurozone gdp is just crossing let's get to steve sedgwick who is live in london with the latest headlines rescue us. >> you're right. the currency is up 4%. look at the eurozone data as well euro is picking up versus the greenback. losing a bit of ground, 0.2% lower. we had strong german gdp data out moving into a higher gear despite concerns about trade wars, despite concerns about turkey we had the eurozone data as well i'm a little bit underwhelmed by some sub figures but the flash estimate up 0.1% the estimate was 1%. in terms of the individual figures. there's disappointing numbers on the june industrial output that's despite the euro has come back from the 1.20, 1.21 level
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eurozone june industrial output falling 0.7% month-on-month. still up 2.5% year on year, but that's not as much as many had expected back to you. >> steve, thank you very much. you are correct. we're seeing the lira up against the dollar i had the charts inverted in my brain. let's stay with news out of europe we are following a developing story out of the uk. a car crashed into barriers outside of london's parliament it happened during the rush hour british police are reporting a number of pedestrian injuries. none are life threatening. the man driving that car has been arrested. we'll follow that developing story and bring you new details as we get them back to markets. european stocks are not expressing concern they are up across the board not huge gains, but we're seeing more green on the screen the exception is the ibex. everything is up call it a couple tenths of a
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percent. in asia, it was a trifecta of weaker data out of china retail sales, industrial output and fixed asset growth below expectations chinese stocks are reflecting that the shanghai is down slightly. the other markets like the nikkei are up nicely the one big number to watch is bitcoin. bitcoin is tumbling now. it's down more than 4% to just over 6,000 earlier this morning it fell below that level bitcoin cash down 6% litecoin down 9% watch the cryptos today. you have oil up fractionally let's get to the breaking news out of turkey the turkish president called for a boycott of u.s. electronics. he's speaking in capital despite a slight rebound in the lira today, which is helping to lift the turkish stock market a
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bit, markets globally do remain on edge. president erdogan digging in his heels. let's get more on this from willem marx live in istanbul >> i just tore myself away from watching that extraordinary press conference from president erdogan. you mentioned a potential ban on u.s. electronic products he said in his speech this is a period of difficulty for turkey but also said there will be difficulties for those po responsible for this period. he blames coup plotters. he said nobody should have doubt they'll stand up to the dollar, the euro currencies like they stood up to the coup plotters in 2016 he said the best answer is to transfer dollars into lira and maintain the dignity of the turkish currency he said the biggest thing is to hold on to business and that
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companies here continue to expo, export, export rand produce, produce, and produce those items that turkey imports, they will produce them better and export them. he said they will try to do other things on their own. they asked for u.s. technology when it comes to drones, then they went and built their own. i'll get more for you as i get it from the press conference >> you have been able to spend time in istanbul you're hearing the local media and the commentary from the ground how much support are you sensing, especially from turkish state media for president erdogan? i have to imagine it's all in on him. you look at the stuff they've been writing, it's an extraordinary take from yesterday. >> they are not questioning president erdogan.
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he says turkey's economy is strong and stable. no words many outsiders would apply to the current situation in terms of people i've been speaking to on the ground, they're more cynical about some of his demands his supporters still very much in favor of this idea of maintaining the dignity of the currency by selling their dollars and euros, most people here in istanbul say that's not something they're willing to do. >> willem marx, thank you. let's bring in stephen friedman from bnp paribas. we will talk about eurozone gdp. we have to first start with turkey your bank is not only covering this but is also involved in this your stock has come down as well what has your team established as the possible contagion risk from turkey globally >> at this point it seems like a local event that should be contained to turkey. clearly when you have a
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situation like this, investors naturally look around to see if there's other countries that share characteristics that turkey has while that may be true with high levels of public debt, the fact that u.s. and turkey are engaged in a period of political tensions makes the situation with turkey worse. >> it's like the situation with greece when the situation was going down, people were like why do we care about greece? it's the high levels of debt ratio to gdp and the current account deficit. how confident are you this will be then contained? >> fairly confident. it's understandable why investors are taking a more cautious approach. that might contain until turkey engages in more traditional types of measures.
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>> gdp coming out from the eurozone 0.4% for the second quarter. 2.2% annualized. those are not great numbers. not terrible how do you read them >> having not seen the details on the surface that type of annualized number is quite good relative to trend growth just on the surface without seeing details, it puts to rest some concerns we've had about slowing growth >> do you think turkey, the eurozone, the trade spat with china, does that influence or change our federal reserve well, we don't know what will happen with this stuff, let's ratchet it back. >> it's always going to be thinking about where the balance of risks are in the world. they do tend to take a risk management approach. so there may be an event, but if the impact of that event is
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significant, it can lead to a change in policy i'm not convinced we've seen those risks. >> we not only have a brand-new federal reserve chairman we have a number of voting members who are new members. we have the china stuff, turkey, eurozone, the united states, which is almost feeling like we're in an economic bubble in a good way are you confident that this relatively untested fomc, like a rookie quarterback, will be able to manage the game >> i am overall. i think jay powell brings a different perspective than chair yellen i think for powell the fact that he's less models base, he wants to see evidence tells me he will be gradual in raising rates. he will not be raising rates significantly. >> still two more rate hikes this year? >> two more this year, and projections for 3% growth and 2%
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next year, we'll probably get four more next year. >> all right thank you very much. steven freeman, appreciate that. now to today's top corporate story. tesla tapping some top talent as it explores to go private. landon dowdy has more on this story. >> tesla top talent, say that three times. elon musk announced on twitter he's working with goldman sachs and a buyout firm, silver lake, for the buyout musk said i'm excited to work with silver lake and goldman sachs as finlt edancial advisero take tesla private sources say silver lake has not been hired in an official capacity and is not currently discussing taking part in a potential deal as an investor. early on monday musk wrote a blog post on how a take private deal would work.
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he said the head of saudi arabia's sovereign wealth fund voiced support several times, but talks are still ongoing with the fund and other investors this is the latest effort by elon musk to add credibility to his proposed deal to take tesla private to $420 a share. that news not only shocked markets last week but the "new york times" reports that musk's initial tweet had not been cleared by tesla's board shares are off by 6% in the past week they are up slightly in early morning trading. >> thank you we are just getting started on a tuesday still to come, paying the price. the financial fallout in turkey being felt around the globe. we're weighing the risk to your money. and carl icahn dropping his bid to kill a multibillion dollar healthcare deal full details when "worldwide exchange" rolls on lls fine, but his mom smells this...
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the cryptos could be the story today. we're seeing all the cryptos down, particularly on the coin base exchange. bitcoin has come back a little bit throughout the morning it is down 3.7%. earlier today back below 6,000 the eurozone banks are also rebounding this morning as turkey tries to bounce back. the banks with some of the biggest exposure to that nation have come under intense pressure over the last couple of days unicredit, bnp paribas and bvba all hitting six-week lows earlier this week which leads to the question about turkey. what is the bigger risk of contagion. let's bring in larry mcdonald from acg analytics, a cnbc cribber. what is the bigger risk of contagion? >> you laid it out in the last segment. it's important to realize gdp of greece versus turkey, turkey is
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three times bigger than grease three times bigger than greece back in 2010 so this is a much bigger corporate risk the corporate debt and government debt to gdp in turkey is 70% as you stated, a lot of that is denominated in euros and dollars. when the lira makes a 40%, 50%, 60% move lower, all these companies are wiped out. people have to understand there's a huge difference between greece and turkey. >> is. turkey is the 17th largest economy in the world, but we're trying to dig in and figure out the different connections. here's the difference. greece was a part of the eu fiscally, monetarily it got the backing of the german government how much do you believe that the
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eu has turkey's back >> the first point, you made is the most important one as we saw with lehman -- and this is not a lehman situation -- but there's a discovery period that's why you wanted to sell the rallies hard the next two, three weeks. it will take the marketplace to figure out where all the bodies are buried at least 30 days. the market will sell off every rally will fade for the next two, three, four weeks. in terms of bailout, i talked to my friends in washington, if you work around the hill you won't get an imf bailout for a country that's under u.s. sanctions. it has to come from russia or some mideastern country. so there's not that immediate
5:19 am
back stop there was for greece >> this reminds a lot of us of 19 1997 the thai bot started to slide, then that affected malaysia, indonesia, then japan. then we had an earthquake in 1998, everything went south. do you think this is an asian 1997/'98 type situation? >> yes it's because the fed and ecb kept interest rates so low for so long. there's so many companies and countries out there that have been borrowing, borrowing, borrowing for a decade if you think of chasing equity rallies, you made money in 2013 doing that you made money last year doing that for the most part viewers are
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better off sitting in the boat as we saw in 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016, you will get these 10, 20, 25% draw downs, which we've had multiple times that's when you want to put money to work. chasing rallies is foolish with systemic risk this high. >> thank you, larry. thank you for the compliments. flattery will get you everywhere >> good to see you on deck, if you own bitcoin, pour another cup of coffee and some bailey's in it, we have a number the bulls will not want to see. and more on that developing story out of the uk. several people injured after a car ran into barriers outside of parliament the latest next. but for cyber criminals it's plenty of time to launch thousands of attacks.
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welcome back switch shares slammed more than 20%. this is a cloud computing company. earnings and revenue missed forecast switch trimming its goins for the guidance for the year. fox com's latest profits coming in below expectations rising costs for components as well as unsold inventory weighed on the big apple supplier. shares of fox com falling about
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3% if you think that most mcdonald's restaurants look old, they agree mcdonald's and franchisees announcing plans to invest $6 million to modernize most of their restaurants in america by the year 2020. carl icahn dropping his bid to drop cigna's $52 billion deal for express scripts. icahn telling cnbc the crossover was too big. given what the advisory firm said, we realized there's no way we could win shares of cigna unchanged. express scripts up fractionally. now back to that developing story out of london where someone crashed a car into pedestrians outside of parliament >> good morning. we have a developing story out of london. a car has crashed into the barriers outside of parliament prompting a large police response police say the driver was
5:25 am
arrested eyewitnesss say the car hit several cyclists, but police reported no life threatening injuries authorities have now closed the westminster subway station. the largest wildfire in california history claimed another life a firefighter from utah has died so far that inferno composed of the ranch fire and the river fire scorched nearly 350,000 acres. family and friends of aretha franklin are rushing to her side after reports that she is gravely ill in detroit the 76-year-old is in hospice care at her home she has been battling failing health the last few years. >> phillip, thank you very much. on deck, the latest on turkey and the currency crisis
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with an exclusive look at the american companies who may be most exposed to big swings in the u.s. dollar. these are names you will not get anywhere else. and why china pulled the plug on onpolavie pur deo game and the stock sliding because of it
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global stocks rebound as turkey thaws a bit a tough tuesday for bitcoin
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and crypto investors as bitcoin bombs below another key level. and lefties rejoice. not politically. there's a new twist to milk's favorite cookie, but will it be a slam dunk? stick around, "worldwide exchange" continues right now. welcome back and good morning. i'm brian sullivan if you're just joining us, let's get the recap on the day's top stories. >> elon musk says he is working with goldman sachs and silver lake on taking tesla private he tweeted the two firms are acting as financial advisers and said he is working with several others as legal advisers he said his claim last week that the necessary funding to take tesla private is secured was based on repeated conversation with a saudi arabian sovereign wealth fund. and neo filing to go public
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on the new york stock exchange they are looking to raise 1$1.8 billion in the ipo they are backed by tencent holding. and shares of tencent falling back after chinese regulators stopped the tech giant from selling its video game called monster hunter world on its platform wii game they say the game is no longer available because contents don't meet regulatory requirements the move comes less than a week after the game was launched in china. >> that's a disappointing tuesday for them here's how your money looks right now as we are halfway through the 5:00 a.m. hour stock futures are in the green dow futures rebounding nicely. seeing a turn in the turkish situation. for now the dow futures up 121 points s&p and nasdaq are up as well. but we are still following a new
5:31 am
developing story out of turkey president erdogan calling for a boycott of u.s. electronics. he just got finished speaking in ankara we are seeing a thaw in the lira the lira rebounding against the dollar today, up about 4.5%. that's an inverted chart so that's actually a jump in the turkish lira let's bring in more on all of this ilia. erdogan is coming out hard and heavy against the united states moments ago. >> yes, it's more of the same. he's been quite tough. every time he's spoken the last few days he has accused the united states or shadowy foreign forces of launching an economic war on turkey. his speech today is in line with
5:32 am
what he's been saying. >> i've read some of the stuff i have written for "the financial times" and trying to access other media over there is it 100% from the media side in erdogan's camp or is there criticism at all about his administration >> very limited criticism. for one thing most of the press, estimates are up to 90%, are owned by companies that are quite close and supportive of the government there's a lack of robust criticism of the government whether it's on the political front or the economic front. but in this instance there seems to be a concerted effort to try and keep down the sort of criticism perhaps in part to try to stem any sense of panic it was compounded yesterday when authorities said they would prosecute people who were critical of economic policy, saying that they were part of
5:33 am
this conspiracy to under mine the turkish economy. and the interior ministry oversees security in turkey said they were opening investigations into social media users. that includes regular citizens >> the situation there continues. the reaction on the ground, you have 15% inflation per anum annualized you have a currency falling but erd wogan urging all turkish people to convert their holdings, debt, gold back into lira is there any sign that that is actually occurring >> i don't have data that would indicate that. people i'm speaking with are reluctant to do that this is not the first time erdogan urged them to convert their money into turkish lira, their savings. he's done this over the last
5:34 am
six, seven months. had they done that at his first beck, they would have been down 40%. i think people still consider foreign exchange as angry as they may be against foreign currency, they see it safer than the turkish lira at this time. >> thank you for joining us. thank you very much. >> you may not care about turkey per se, but if you own stocks in the united states this is why you need to care as the lira moves, it could impact not only the u.s. dollar, but exchange rates against many of the other currencies around the world. let's bring you a look at the non-tech s&p 500 companies in the united states that get the highest percentage of their revenue from outside the united
5:35 am
states these are the five biggest nontechnology companies that may be impacted by a currency swing. the reason we say non-tech is that there are a lot of semiconductor companies that get nearly 100% of revenue overseas the reality is they manufacture overseas, and then they bring it back to the u.s. here you go. philip morris international. it's international 100% of their sales are derived outside of the united states a lot of potential currency exposure there newmont mining, 99% of their revenue outside of the united states te technip fmc, 89%, call it 90%. also booking holdings, the former online travel sites that got aggregated together. heavily exposed overseas and fmc technologies, chemical
5:36 am
related to the oil companies, 77%. five of the big the non-tech companies that get the greatest percentage of their sales outside of the united states if you care about currencies, those five stocks, if you own them, watch what they have to say in their earnings regarding currency swings. let's bring in joe lavorgne. everybody is becoming a currency expert lately in the last couple of days and weeks. how much do you think these currency moves will impact global economies and our economy? >> very much so. thank you for having me. i say that because you need to put it and bring it back home in a more simple context. the federal reserve is the most important central bank in the world. they continue to raise rates they've taken rates up seven
5:37 am
times. relative to the rest of the global economy, global central banks, and the fed's intention to take rates up another 150 basis points by 2020, that's a lot of relative tightening what we've seen since the spring is a significant move in the trade weighted dollar against industrial countries when we look at the em complex, the dollar move has been larger. that matters because a lot of debt is priced in dollar if the fed continues to raise rates there's a risk for further currency dislocations. turk cey is mornt becausimporta sense is they're losing a sense of the bigger picture, which is the fed is hiking, the rest of the world isn't. if that continues, something will break in the market
5:38 am
>> the fed is cooking the global dinner, right? you have all the different ingredients laid out there in one dish, turkey may not be feeling so good. if one ingredient goes bad, it could spoil the dinner is turkey going to impact our federal reserve? is the fomc, jay powell and company, will they have to raise rates slower than they would like to because of what's happening over there >> not because of turkey, but what we've been seeing in currency markets has been happening for a while. certainly the devaluation of the yuan is a big issue. what's happening in latin america with those currencies being significantly weaker, that's the bigger story. i've been arguing you can't have one central bank move in one
5:39 am
direction and the rest of the world moving in another direction. because if that happens, will you have these dislocations. we don't know sometimes what happens until somebody doesn't meet a debt payment or some other event occurs >> does turkey lead the eurozone into recession >> i don't know. to me, the eurozone, the economies of the eurozone, the bigger companies are more important. i can't make that political call honestly i don't know >> people say turkey is not a member of the eurozone, who cares. 17th biggest economy the reason we care is that currency crisis can often be political crisis or credit crisis some of the biggest banks in europe, bnp, unicredit, they are exposed to the turkish lira in a big way.
5:40 am
those stocks have come down, i worry about the second tier reaction of a credit restriction from these banks >> i don't think this has to go to the worst extreme, which is effectively you ask. i will say no. you had negative interest rates since june of 2014 you've seen weak credit growth data in europe has not been robust who replaces draghi? what's the approach from the ecb when he leaves those are more basic issues. those concern me and have more direct effects on the global economy if those policies are not done correctly >> joe, i love it when a guest says he or she does not know honestly because we don't hear that a lot appreciate that. let's get an update on the developing story we've been following out of the uk where a car crashed into barry yoiers
5:41 am
outside of london's parliament the driver has been arrested no weapons have been recovered at the scene, but the situation is being treated as a terrorist incident at this stage there were a number of pedestrian injuries, but none of them are life threatening. still to come, more on the crypto collapse. bitcoin is tumbling. we'll dig in on that drop. and trending today, oreo upping its snack game in a big way. all of that ahead. before we leave, the premarket winners and losers
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welcome back looks like a good day for the stock market dow futures recovering a thaw in the turkish situation. that currency rebounding the stock market rebounding a bit. dow futures are up nicely. the big number of the day may not have to do with turkey but the cryptocurrencies this is an ugly screen bitcoin is down nearly 4%. earlier it was under 6,000 has not been under 6,000 in a couple months. ripple, litecoin down nearly 9%
5:45 am
on the coin base exchange. time for the top trending stories. as we say landon trending. >> you will love this. we work crazy hours on "worldwide exchange. we know a little something about being tired. no don't yawn no one was more tired than this new dad who made a viral blooper on the game show $100,000 pyrami pyramid. >> bin laden the contestant recovered and went on to win $8,500. he took to twitter to apologize. he talked about being a sleep deprived new dad i'm sure you have some amazing stories that can't be repeated >> this is the perfect story for twitter. people lose their minds.
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>> milk's favorite cookie is giving lefties a new twist there are now special left hand oreos. the box they come in opens on the right side instead of the left they are available online or if you live in left hand, west virginia the company will then send you a box for free why don't you just flip the box around is anybody here left-handed? the way they cut they write like this >> do you twist or dunk? >> i don't eat oreos i've had too many in my life here's what else is trending how much would you pay for a baseball signed by the first ever hall of fame class? the ball set a world record at auction going for over $623,000. the ball was signed by babe ruth, cy young, the rest of their hall of fame class on the day they were inducted
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good morning welcome back 5:49 on the east coast obviously turkey turmoil dominating the headlines it's weighing not only on our markets but markets around the world. the question we need answered is how much does it matter to other emerging economies you know who knows
5:50 am
dominic chu. >> at face value turkey does not make up much of the emerging markets index. the index is probably around three quarters of a percent weighted towards turkey. when we talk about turkey, it's about whether it could be ground zero, patient zero fora broade co contagion. if that were to happen, it would spread to other markets. let's set you up with the context for which emerging markets matter the most. these are the ones that if the contagion does spread, it could have roiling effects no surprise that china its ascendancy in terms of economic strength has gotten a one-third waiting in the msci index. south korea has a 15% waiting. taiwan 12% india, 9%. south africa, the rand, that's
5:51 am
7% these particular economies could be the ones that really have an issue if the turkey situation spreads. if we look at the charts, that turkey etf, the i-shares, the one we show here all the time, the tur, that one in particular, up 7% in extended hours trading. that move lower put it in rarefied trading areas for momentum we'll see if it bounces there again more today the eem, the etf that tracks that overall emerging markets complex, that is showing a bounce but a longer term down trend is it really the dollar that's the story or emerging markets turkey if capital controls start coming into place with turkey and others that could be the domino effect >> you talk a lot about currencies in your reporting, do you think it's the currency effect or do you think it's
5:52 am
something else out there that matters? we also have this trade fight, which was the top story pre-turkey >> yeah. the trade fight has put dollars in focus that dollar strength has come about because of that trade fight. the strength in the dollar has been a big part of that story. turkey has its own situation developing with erdogan and the sanctions and everything else. argentina, a local corruption scandal there. in and of themselves, any of those could be a contagion-like effect it comes if these banks put into place capital controls if that happens, it's all about if you can't sell what you want, you sell what you can. that's when that contagion takes effect >> well said dominic chu, thank you very much let's bring in anton
5:53 am
you focus on banks i know you have regional things, u.s. stocks to talk about welcome, by the way. you look at financials they're taking a hit because of turkey you are worried about this >> you never know the outcome. escalation can go long ways. having run money for 22 years, i've seen it all >> you not only walked through crisis, but numerous turkey crises you hope for reconciliation. none of the comments this morning lead to that dominic said dead cat bounce that's what it looks like. hopefully people calm down how do the turkish companies repay their debts to the banks, the bond markets they can't they're very levered they can't pay back those debts until the lira strengthens everybody has to play nice or we
5:54 am
do have contagion. >> your fund and your company focuses on banks and financials better or as well as anybody in the world. are you looking at some of these big international banks that have been beaten up? are you sniffing around them or will you focus more on the u.s. domestic story >> the answer is yes, we look around the world the mutual funds around the u.s. are domestic that's where we look we don't have exposure to the global guys. in terms of the small and mid cap banks, the m&a cycle is strong >> i remember a number of years ago you came on this network and you said there's a company out there called yandex or -- >> yes, adkin financial. >> yes they got bought. i'm sure you did well. now you're coming out saying i think i may have found another yadkin who is that >> veritext. >> doesn't sound like a great
5:55 am
bank >> at the end of the day, the interesting link there is the cfo to be of veritext is a former cfo of yadkin you have assets in dallas, houston, both economies are doing great. the resulting merger is an 8 billion dollar company i think the merger assumptions were conservative. they'll exceed on earnings estimates. >> they're in a hot market this is a ball alsodallas and houston-based bank >> one company offers capital markets. green bank does capital markets, they can do that in dallas now with veritext. and veritext does mortgages, so they can do work in houston. at the end of the day, if somebody offers them too much to refuse to sell the company, that's there, too. >> there are thousands of regional small and mid cap banks in the united states, you have said there's too many.
5:56 am
do you believe this will be the beginning or yadkin was the beginning of a bigger m&a cycle? >> the m&a cycle is bigger percentage wise. 4% to 6% of every bank every year sells in the last five years. you think about that volume, that's big we have not seen the smartest deals. the smaller banks are doing deals. fifth third did a deal, people didn't like that cenovus did a deal in florida. big headline, big deal all the shareholders hoping they would sell, so the stock got hit. >> we're watching vbtx, sounds like a semiconductor more than a bank let's wrap it up with the morning rbi. if you think we have political chaos here, tomorrow a court in brazil will rule whether the former president can run for the country's highest office he left eight years ago.
5:57 am
poll numbers show he's the leading candidate in brazil. there's one problem, he's currently in prisosen rving a 12-year term for corruption. see you tomorrow pr - anncr: prevagen is now the number-one-selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. - she outsmarts me every single time. - checkmate! you wanna play again? - anncr: prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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good morning the lira is bouncing back. global markets are in the green. a live report from istanbul straight ahead. and elon musk is naming names, disclosing the banks and the law firms advising him on his bid to take tesla private. and shares of ten kecent falling after china pulls the plug on a popular video game it's tuesday, august 14, 2018. "worldwide exchange" begins
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right now. ♪ live from new york where business never sleeps, this is "squawk box. good morning welcome back to "squawk box" on cnbc i'm andrew ross sorkin along with joe kernen, and michelle caruso-cabrera is hanging out with us again. becky is off a look at u.s. equity futures at this hour. dow looks like it would open about 106 points higher. nasdaq up about 40 points. the s&p 500 is looking to open 12 points higher let's show you what's happening in asia. the nikkei up over 2%. the hang seng down marginally. flying over to europe. show you what else is going on >> bleh. look at that >> bleh. that's your meh? >> meh >> remember meh? finally let's show you treasur


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