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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  February 25, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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♪ it is 5:00 a.m. here at cnbc, 6:00 p.m. in beijing and your week begins with breaking trade news and likely good news for your money president trump pushing back this week's trade deadline with china and the markets love the news chinese stocks are rallying with shanghai composite soaring also happening now, major developing story out of venezuela. violence beginning to escalate we'll bring you the latest. it's a merger monday with more than $4 billion pharma deal to tell you about. we'll tell you whom is buying whoom. in case you missed the
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oscars last night a we have a full recap on this monday, february 25th as "worldwide exchange" begins right now ♪ good morning, good afternoon and good evening and welcome from wherever in the world that you may be watching. i'm brian sullivan well, it's morning here but in california no doubt many people are still awake as celebrations continuing in hollywood. this after universal's green book took home the top prize at the oscar. more on the big winners and snubs coming up. first, we begin with the news that will move markets and your money today president trump delaying this week's trade deadline with china. that deadline was set for this coming friday. but the president saying last night, quote, i am pleased to report the u.s. has made substantial progress in our trade talks with china on important structural issues, including intellectual property
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protection, technology transfer, agriculture, currency and many other issues he continues, as a result of these very productive talks, i will be delaying the u.s. increase in tariffs now scheduled for march 1st. assuming both sides make additional progress, we will be planning for a summit with president xi and myself at mar-a-lago to conclude an agreement, a very good weekend for the u.s. and china that news pushing futures higher today. the dow is now pointing to a triple digit pop at the open, 107 on the futures remember, we're coming off a nine-week win streak for the dow. the best start to a market since all the way back in the late 80s, so this is on top of what has already been a hot market. speaking of hot, check out the chinese market overnight the main indexes shanghai composite and the shenzhen index both soaring more than 5%. these are some of the biggest one-night gains we have seen in a long, long time. the chinese currency also moving higher remember, that's inverted, so that means the chinese currency
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is also going up on the news also, let's now get analysis on all of this and find out what gina sanchez thinks. cnbc contributor the markets love the news. one day doth not a rally make but what do you make of the china/u.s. trade talks mean? >> well, look, i think the sooner we get to something the markets just don't like uncertainty. and i think just simply knowing what's going to happen will be enormously beneficial for the markets if that is a positive, i think that's a bonus in fact, we've had actually pretty reasonable returns over the last month as we've seen the markets kind of trying to find reasons to rally but the outflows have been extraordinary. people have been taking these bounces as reasons to sell and so i think it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to this in terms of flows we actually need to see the money flow reverse in order to
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feel really confident about these rally. >> are you confident are you optimistic given the president's tweet last night >> look, i think it's a good thing. i actually think we're moving in the right direction, but you just have a big problem with the whole story and that's we're in a slow-down. even though we have really strong earnings and they have slowing, they're still quite strong the fact of the matter is you have more negative news than positive news continuing to come out of earnings and that continues to be a problem. more slowing, more negative guidance, cyclical downturns and we're going to continue to slow for the rest of the year so, to some degree i think this could buoy the markets i don't think it's going to change what's going to happen in the second half, which is that we're going to start pricing in lower expected earnings. that is going to continue to hit multiples in the markets. >> so it sounds like you think that this news coming out of about the trade talk deadline being pushed on may just be a short-term adrenaline shot, if you will
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>> you know, i think it will continue to buoy the markets for a period of time, but i just don't see how it's going to last more than six months at some point, you know, the impacts of last year's trade tax cut will be over and we won't have anything else to sort of help buoy the markets. while this will be positive news, you know, you need something more than that >> what about buybacks something we don't talk about a lot. they're not sexy i get it the tax deal that you talked about did help companies raise little more capitol using it to buy more stocks. that has put a little bit of a floor on this market isn't that maybe, gina, the wild card in all this >> well, buybacks have actually been a huge benefit for the markets for the last decade. this is a story companies have continued to go to that. they have continued to put a floor on the market. so i'm not saying we're going to see the markets fall out but that multiples have to soften
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and multiples have to price in slightly lower expected returns, then you could see as much as 5% come off the markets just from multiples repricing. you could probably see more than that, but that's the optimistic outlook. >> do you believe we'll end the year lower than we are now for the major u.s. averages? >> i think we could actually, brian. i think that this news -- don't get me wrong, it's good news and i think that it will help -- it will help investors reposition, but i think actually the markets, if you look at what has been rallying, it's been pretty defensive stuff, which tells you that market participants are looking for -- using these opportunities to shift out of growthier stocks into more defensive stocks i think that shift is going to continue. >> what would be, i guess then, the big variable in the second half of the year we know your views what could be the most optimistic -- listen, it's monday why not? let's be a little optimistic
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what could be the most optimistic scenario in the second half of the year, gina? >> well, look, i think the optimistic scenario is that if we have a continued fed pause, is that you sort of ride that out, which is to say that we don't have to reprice dramatically and you could actually -- we actually even though we're slowing, we're slowing from 25% earnings growth to 10% earning growth, that's still pretty strong so we theoretically could have a good year this year just off of that and so, kind of assuming that we don't have to experience the kind of natural slow-down that's happening in the economy for at least six to 12 months, then you could have a decent market for the year >> gina sanchez, overseas in london we appreciate you joining us here on "worldwide exchange. as always, gina, talk to you soon also new this morning, a major deal in the drug sector. roche is buying spark therapeutics for $4.3 billion.
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if you own spark shars, roche is paying $114 a share for spark, that is not a misprint and that is a 122% premium to friday's close a more than double on the deal spark is working on treatments for both hemophilia and huntington's disease and has one drug on the market to treat a rare genetic condition causes blindness in 1 and 200,000 people spark therapeutics once the ticker and look at that, up 120% one deal to get bigger may be another deal to get smaller kraft hines reportedly hired to review options for maxwell house brand of coffee, including a possible sale. sources telling cnbc maxwell house could fetch upwards of $3 billion. if this happens, one of a string of asset sells kraft hines declined comment other than to say it's focussed
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on building around brands in a groeg and profitable area where it has a competitive average kraft hines fell to a record low after it announced 15 billion write-down, slashed dividend and disclosed that the s.e.c. is now investing its accounting that stock up 2% but cold comfort. also topping your headline on this monday morning, awards show last night called the oscars big win for our parent company universal. frank holland has all the big highlights frank? >> good morning, brian the big surprise was green book winning the oscar for best film. that film produced by universal beat out two favorites, black panther and the black and white foreign language film roma have netflix. still a major milestone night for the streaming giants as roma captured three awards, best director, foreign film and sin ming tofy and roma one for
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period end of sentence this is the first oscars since 1989 with opening monologue or host the bio pick about queen and front man freddy mercury rami malek taking home best actor. and olivia won for her role in queen ann and the favorite spike lee won. overall this night was considered a win for diversity in film and managed to avoid any major controversies. it also may have been a win for abc, the show moved pretty quickly clocking in at just about three hours. brian, back over to you. >> frank, see you in a few minutes. thank you very much. we are just getting started on "worldwide exchange" on what you can tell is a busy monday. up next, buffett's big bets and may be making more of them the oracle of omaha says he wants to make an elephant-sized acquisition. first, the crisis in caracas violent protests boiling over in venezuela this weekend eparl find out what the next
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crossing over. juan guaido is in the colombian capitol right now to meet with vice president mike pence later on today joining us now to talk more about this is the managing partner at caracas capital markets. listen, it's a tough situation that's getting tougher because maduro is doing what many illegitimate leaders have done over the years which is not give up, they dig in. they're cutting off ties with other countries. they're causing violence at the border they are shooting at their own people where does this go from here >> you're right, brian it is a mess and continues to heat up. you guys have been on the forefront of keeping an eye on it because it does affect everything from the oil markets to the gold markets and everything else. it's very close to the united states venezuela broke relations with colombia and gave their diplomats 24 hours to leave the country over the weekend
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as you mentioned, guaido showed up at a huge live aid concert rich and branson organized to raise $100 million for the refugees on friday night on friday was a huge concert and very reminiscent of live aid in the '80s guido is going to meet with vice president pence who is also flying down to colombia to meet with the opposition leader of interim president in venezuela who is in colombia and decide what's next. in addition, the group of lima is also going to be meeting the 15-nation meeting group supporting venezuela and they're going to decide whether -- what's next if there are more sanctions or if there's going to be an armed intervention or
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humanitarian intervention to get this aid to venezuelans. >> this is a dire but also bizarre crisis we were showing video of guaido getting off a plane and what would effectively being greeted like the president of venezuela in colombia but yet there is another man, nicolas maduro sitting in the capitol directing the troops is this a nation with two governments or is this a nation with no government >> it's a little bit of both, i'm afraid the united states has recognized guaido, most of latin america and lima 50 nations in the world have recognized guaido as the legitimate president of venezuela. unfortunately he does not control the army in venezuela and that's the key although there were defections over the weekend, 60 to 100 military defected, some running across the border into colombia, into the arms of waiting people.
5:17 am
so, guaido is getting an army of defectors that are coming over to the colombian side, but no, he's not in control of the territory. >> the dam usually breaks from slow leaks, so we're seeing some defections do you believe, russ, that the more defections we see from the military the more defections that we will see -- that it will become easier for many of the rank and file and the middle level leaders to move to guaido's side? >> a lot of the venezuelan army and military people, national guard, they're all starving as well they make $5 not an hour, $5 a month. that's not enough for them to buy food they were forced to set those aid convoys that crossed over, hunt them down, killed 25 people, wounded 500 and burned the food that was in those trucks, 20 tons of food in each of those trucks and they set them afire some they stole.
5:18 am
some the opposition got to get in while it was burning to rescue the rice, the medicine. and venezuela, they have money not for food but they have money for bullets and tear gas that's the situation. >> money is worthless and bullets have value now they're burning food rather than giving to their own people. guaido is in colombia. what's the risk of him not being able to get back into venezuela? i've got to manage this is a move that maduro is liking that guaido is out of the country. >> they were trying to block him for -- he's actually forbidden from leaving the country even though he has immunity -- >> will he be got in >> it's a porous border as the fark and eln have been using it for years. now the eln is in venezuela very strongly now so, he'll be able to sneak back across, but we actually have film of him and seeing the film because they released it on
5:19 am
twitter of them running across the border with his team as they snuck across, victoriously and showed up at the concert to adoring crowds who are pulling for him and pulling for what they're doing to try to get venezuela free without a lot of death. >> yeah. >> on the other hand, the government sk looing at what happened in the dominican republic in 11965 when the unitd states invaded and forced them to have elections within a few months. >> when i was at the opec meeting in december and looked at the venezuelan minister and said where is your production, 1.6 million barrels a day. the opec numbers were lower than that the numbers may be hard to believe. it's hard to believe also we're going to get accurate reporting. who can think about that given what's going on. but, russ, that said, what is your best guess of where venezuelan oil production might be today i'm hearing it could be as low
5:20 am
as 7 or 800,000 barrels a day? >> it could fall to there. actually they've been shutting some of the wells and producers, for example, eni, the italians, have been asked to shut in some of their wells and productions so, because they don't have any space now to take the oil. they're running out of space to store it and haven't been able to sell it because they lost sitgo and the lost the united states as a market they're finding other markets, but it takes time. they're really pinched as far as finances right now and that is actually hurting them as well because they don't have the delieutenant to mix with their heavy oil, like the paint thinner to make it flow through the pipes. so they have real problems but we're estimating it will probably be about just under a million barrels a day for february >> wow down from 3.7 million barrels 20 years ago. russ, you've been leading this coverage, we appreciate you
5:21 am
getting up early for us. thank you very much, russ. still ahead, a high stakes sitdown. president trump headed to vietnam today for a big meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. we'll break down the key things that you need to watch from a market's perspective straight ahead. and a major travel alert whether it's rain, whether it's snow, whether it's high winds, nasty weather blanketing a big part of this country tas engive you full deilwh "worldwide exchange" returns right after this for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials
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welcome back and good monday morning, 5:23 on the east coast. today sa big day for berkshire hathaway, warren buffett and maybe you. first, we talked about the crushing of kraft hines stock friday and berth shire hath away taking a big hit in that company. they swung to a 25 billion loss in the fourth quarter mostly because of the kraft hines write-down berkshire hathaway and buffett own 27% of kraft hines perhaps due to when that news broke on friday, buffett did not mention kraft hines or that news in his annual letter to shareholders, which was released on saturday. he likely wrote it earlier now buffett also did not give specifics on how he would spend berkshire's growing cash pile, simply worried about how much he would have to pay to do any kind of a deal. buffett say that he and the chairman continue nevertheless to hope for an elephant-sized acquisition. ages of 88 and 95, that prospect
5:25 am
is what causes my heart and charlie's heart to beat faster, end quote. now berkshire hathaway has not done any kind of a major deal in three years, coming up on "squawk box" today we'll hear from mr. buffett and he'll answer some of your questions. you can submit them on social media platforms or the hashtag ask warren and tune in today from 6 to 9:00 a.m. for three straight hours with q and a with warren buffett in political news, president trump is headed to vietnam today for a high stakes meeting with north korea's kim jong-un. now with susan mcginnis is live in d.c. >> good morning, brian it will be headline overload for washington, d.c. topping the very busy week, the president's trip to vietnam for round two with kim jong-un. >> 59 governors. >> reporter: president trump leaving today for hanoi vietnam for round two meetings with
5:26 am
north korean leader kim jong-un. >> we have a chance for total denuclearization of an area of the world that was very dangerous. >> he promised he would denuclearize. >> optimism despite no progress in denuclearization since the first summit last june. >> nothing is clear, and i think as a result, we could run the risk that kim is given concessions. >> reporter: intelligence officials said they don't believe north korea will surrender its nuclear arsenal seen as key to its survival. the president's trip comes a day before his former attorney michael cohen begins testimony before several congressional committees with lawmakers anxious for him to clear up many questions. >> why the false statements before our committee when he first appeared what other light can he shed now that he's cooperating on issues of obstruction of justice or collusion. we think he has a lot to offer >> it's serious well beyond whatever cohen might have said
5:27 am
in that you misdirect the investigation. that's why it's so important that those kinds of charges be taken very seriously >> reporter: cohen's testimony wednesday will be public meanwhile, washington is fixated on special counsel's robert mueller russia report expected out in coming days democrats are pushing to make that report public as for this second summit with kim jong-un, democrats, brian, are saying they were never briefed on the first one last june. >> susan mcginnis, thank you on deck here on "worldwide exchange," call it a shanghai surprise chinese stocks soaring on trade talk optimism, but how much is that really going to help our markets here craig johnson is on set with that plus, a can't miss interview with intel's new ceo bob swan. he will join us exclusively from mobile world conference in barcela. icarnd"wlddeon exchange" will be right back 300 miles an hour,
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president trump delaying higher tariffs and markets love the news futures here are higher and dhie these stocks are soaring intel on the record, the tech giants new ceo bob swan sitting down with cnbc he'll join us live from barcelona ahead. our parent company nbc universal scoring a huge win last night as green book took the top prize at last night's oscar. a full recap of the big winners and some of the snubs as "worldwide exchange" rolls on right now.
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♪ welcome back, and good monday morning, 5:30 on the east coast. thank you so much for being with us i'm brian sullivan great to be back with you your executive recap, all the news you need to know in 60 seconds. frank holland is back with that. china's stock markets soaring today after president trump announced he's delaying increase in tariffs on chinese goods set to take effect at the end of the week. the president siting substantial progress made in weekend trade talks in washington. mr. trump says if there is additional progress he will plan a summit with chinese president xi jinping at his mar-a-lago resort to wrap up that deal. roche is buying spark therapeutics for $4.3 billion. the deal will help build roche's lineup that treat hemophilia roche is paying 144 a share for spark more than 120% premium to friday's closing price
5:32 am
shares of spark, well, they're spiking on the deal. kraft hines may be brewing up deal for maxwell house. sources tell cnbc the company is reviewing its options for the coffee business that includes a possible sale. maxwell house could reportedly fetch upwards of $3 billion. craft hines has declined to comment so far brian, back over to you. >> frank, thank you very much. now a check at the other top headlines outside of the world of money and business. francis rivera in new york with those. good morning. >> good morning to you, brian. heavy rain has led to severe flooding in the southeast and a state of emergency in tennessee. police in knoxville say a man died after driving into flood waters the rain has caused multiple mud slides further south, in columbus, mississippi, a tornado killed 41-year-old woman and left a path of destruction. the twister smashed into a commercial district causing extensive damage to a church and multiple businesses.
5:33 am
this snow shut down part of interstate 41 in wisconsin one person was killed and 71 people were hurt in the collision. now the final day of his four-day clergy sex abuse summit, pope francis promised to review the guidelines to prevent abuse and punish perpetrators. the vatican says the pope will issue a new law to protect children and create a task force and handbook to help bishops with less experience deal with abuse claims but some survivors say theactions aren't strong enough. gas prices are on the rise, according to the latest lundberg survey it has gone up 10 cents a gallon to 2. $4 however the price at the pump is still 15 cents lower than a year ago. brian, back to you. >> got to be careful driving to work there's stuff everywhere because the wind, metal signs, trash cans be careful if you're driving out there today. francis, thank you very much. well, let's get back to the markets because stocks look to be in rally mode again on the
5:34 am
back of the big trade news, president trump pushing back that march 1st deadline for higher tariffs and futures are up 127 points right now. we are, by the way, in the middle of a nine-week win streak pretty good start to week as well could we make it ten the real action was in asia overnight, that's not a misprint the chinese markets, shenzhen as the shanghai composite both up more than 5% some of the best one-day gains we have seen in years. now, as for the broader markets, out there, europe is reacting as well we've got green on the screen, crude oil up just a bit. the euro dollar at 1.15 and bitcoin is higher today 37.78, even bitcoin let's get more on these markets and your money and bring in a guy we're very pleased to have on set, craig johnson, chief market technician at piper jafry and you and your team -- i just want -- can i hold this up? you want to look at this you publish this how often >> ten times a year, brian. >> look at this.
5:35 am
ten times a year, it's 250 pages of charts and graphs and your title here is, when doves fly. how much of this nine-week rally is because of jerome powell getting soft >> brian, we think a lot of this rally is due to jerome powell's moves here from our perspective, not a lot has really changed when geno was on talking about the economy, talking about the market, i think she is spot on what we really got here was the fed easing, turning more dovish and we still think for this entire year, brian, we'll be range bound throughout 2019 for a couple reasons first, we need to see earnings start to pick up we haven't started to see that happen earnings for 2019 have been starting to get cut and are coming down. the second thing is, what's really changed with the yield curve? still remains very flat at this point in time. and so from my perspective, are we really going to make new highs with earning investments coming down and simply assigning a new multiple to this market? i don't think so then also right now, seasonality
5:36 am
wise, in the third year of a presidential election, typically very strong from january to july and then you sort of fade from july to december so, from my perspective, a lot of easy money is getting made now. a lot of the portfolio managers we talked to recognize this and right now they're thinking, hey, tech is up 17 plus percent for the year. >> best start to a year since 1987, i believe. >> 19 87 they're thinking let's bank some of this. are we pushing to new highs right now. let's take some profits and rotate. >> if our viewers sold in december, don't do that, by the way, if they sold in december or if they weren't in the market to begin with, is now the time to put new money to work? >> i don't think now is the time to put new money to work again, when we were -- we did the show from san francisco, it was a late night that night, but we did -- >> or early morning depending on we appreciate it. >> it was great.
5:37 am
that was when you wanted to put money to work. now, i think you're at a point in time you want to selectively taking profits, pulling more defense and play offense. >> your year end 2725. if my simple math that's lower than we are right now. >> that is correct and hence why we think we'll be range bound this year until a lot of these issues get resolved with certainly the geopolitical front and on the earnings front. there's a lot of issues that need to get addressed. >> the trade stuff looks like it's getting addressed some optimism, president trump tweets, president xi and he will meet at mar-a-lago there you go brexit will come to some kind of a head soon. how much does that matter to our equity markets >> i think the bigger question is how much is priced in already? there's been a lot of enthusiasm that we're going to get a trade deal we're going to get brexit. everything is going to be great. everything is wonderful. the doves have been let out by the fed. and at this point in time, i
5:38 am
think that's been reflected in the market what's next is the bigger question we need to ask ourselves with the market as strong. >> i have a very important question for you, craig. >> sure. >> what's next >> what's next is ultimately need -- >> you said the big question is what's next. i said what's snex. >> absolutely. we need to see earnings pick up? an acceleration in earnings. we need to see the tax cuts really start to flow through too early for the tax season right now to really see that fall out to the consumer quite yet, but we need to see in the charts further breakouts, further accelerations and again a lot of good news is priced in. >> what i love about your work, by the way, if you weren't following craig's work last year he was spot on you were spot on we're glad to have you on set here some of your charts have happy faces on them. >> correct. >> look, you can't tell it's a happy face this is pre-emoji happy face i know you are finding opportunity somewhere. >> correct. >> the macro markets you think may be flat the rest of the year to slightly down, but there's --
5:39 am
as jim cramer says, there's always a bull market somewhere. >> correct. >> give us one or two quick places you're finding opportunity right now. >> yep jim is spot on correct we're finding opportunities in restaurants, stocks like chipotle are breaking out. >> been a hot stock already. one of the best performers s&p 500 this year if my brain is correct. >> looks like there's more room to go and lot of challenges are getting put away. >> we look the semiconductor stocks intel looks constructive broadcom looks constructive. those are names we're continuing to buy. >> chipotle, intel, broadcom, informed investor when doves fly. >> correct. >> we appreciate it. intel ceo will be on tv here in five minutes exclusively we'll get you couffecoffee, lis in the green room. >> let's go to live to los
5:40 am
angeles where the parties are still raging, no doubt, jennifer >> reporter: oh, they are, brian. we can hear them from the roosevelt hotel which is just about a football field's length away from us they're wrapping up on hollywood boulevard, picking up the red carpet and rolling it up for another year but green book, yep, it was the big winner it was a movie that when i saw the trailers, i was like, i don't really want to see, throwing chicken wings out the window, i don't get it what a great movie it was and it won best picture also won for best original screen play. really cleaning up after their red carpet appearances last night. another big winner, of course, rami malek for queen front man eddy mercury in bohemian rhapsody, he won best actor. best actress, i think, was the most fun moment of the night when olivia coleman's name was
5:41 am
announced, her face was just priceless. she won for her role in the favorite when the favorite to win the oscar was glenn close. she had been nominated seven times. was so close but again no win for her and then regina king winning best supporting actress for if beale street could talk very exciting night. lady gaga and bradley cooper doing their song shallow from a star is born a lot of fun last night and it is still going on along hollywood boulevard this morning. brian? >> was the big winner potentially also, jennifer, those looking to get sleep the no-host model things moved more rapidly than in years past. >> reporter: yeah. you would think so i mean, it seemed to move along quickly, but it still ran over so, i don't know what the solution is to that. >> well, jennifer, we appreciate it out there where the parties are still raging in los angeles. thank you very much.
5:42 am
have a great day coming up, not one but two major interviews coming your way. first, becky quick is about to sit down with this young up and comer named warren buffett live to omaha, nebraska, where he set up a little investment company he's hoping will take off. warren buffett is coming up on cnbc. plus, intel ceo going on the record, new ceo bob swan sitting down with john fort at the mobile world commerce in barcelona. we'll go live there in moments stick around gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry. fixodent and forget it. his family. his steinway, which met a burst pipe. so grant met his insurance: you are caller number 12. which didn't quite cover the steinway. but what if he'd met pure insurance?
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♪ welcome back 5:44 and futures are up triple digits remember, we're coming off a nine-week win streak for the dow jones industrial average, the best start to a year already since all the way back in 1987, small caps up 16% and now dow futures on the back of that trump tweet about trade deadlines and the tariffs being pushed off past friday, sending dow futures up 126 points. well, warren buffett says he would like to make an elephant-sized purchase. that's what he told investors in his annual letter released over the weekend. now, mr. buffett is about ready to sit down with our own becky quick who joins us now live from omaha with a big day becky, buffett wants to do a deal but he doesn't want to pay up. >> yeah, he doesn't want to overpay we should say. i don't think he minds paying up if he thinks it's a fair price he told us that, look, he thinks
5:46 am
it seems incredibly expensive right now if you're trying to buy an entire company because you're competing with private equity, a lot of money that's been raised and i think he thinks prices have just gotten out of whack that's not to say they're not putting money to work. when you look at the money they spent when it comes to buying equities over $20 billion they deployed into equities on top of what they had sold $43 billion they spent on equities only cashing on $19 million worth. only when they think the price is right for these situations. we'll sit down with him to talk about the annual letter he put out to shareholders this weekend. it's a must-read for investors you saw all kinds of twitter feeds and social media and media that had written up what he had to say about these things. today he'll explain those things to ourselves and you can ask your own questions you can write into any of the social media platforms with the hashtag ask warren we have a ton of questions that have come in
5:47 am
brian, i say it's better to be lucky than to be good. and in terms of timing, boy, did we hit it after that kraft hines announcement that came out last week we'll sit down with him and hear what he thinks about what's going on with kraft hines, all the news that came out thursday with their earnings report, missing earnings, revealing s.e.c. investigation into accounting, talking about how they don't think things are going to be improving in 2019. a lot of concerns out there. then also the big write-down of $15 billion to their brands. on friday you saw the market activity for hines, that's a day when berkshire hathaway lost about $4 billion in its stake in kraft hines on top of the $3 billion for their part of the write-down i'll ask him what it feels like to lose 7 billion in a day he's overhere listening right now. >> i'm sure he is. he's always on time. i know the show starts in 12 minutes. i'm sure he's there. but i made the assumption earlier which is always dangerous i understand that because i know how much time he puts into these shareholder
5:48 am
letters that kraft hines was not addressed only because the news came out too close to the publishing date of that letter he simply didn't have time to put that in, i would imagine. >> i think your right. i think you're right i think the letter was written before all of that happened because it had to be published and things, too. i don't know for sure but i'll ask him that i assume you're absolutely correct. >> when did you get there? >> i got here last night there was a big snowstorm on sunday that came through, a blizzard on saturday that came through and was worried about making it, but our flight made it in no problems last night. >> i was going to say. i flew in -- >> better to be lucky than be good. >> i flew in from wyoming last night and i know how windy it was. i was thinking of you getting to omaha. we're doing this coming into newark i hope becky gets out because it's a big show. glad you made it. >> is it still going to be like that today i get sick with the slightest bit of turbulence. >> no, it's going to be great, becky. no wind at all everything is fine it's extremely windy.
5:49 am
>> lie to me, brian. by the way, you're right warren is here he's on the sidelines ready to go maybe we'll show you a quick shot we're at the nebraska furniture mart, which is this huge furniture mart that's here they're very hosting us for all of this and he's standing by you see him by the floor care section. >> looking good. we cannot wait it's a big show. send in the questions to #askwarren we'll see you in ten minutes with mr. buffett thank you. on deck, another cnbc exclusive, we'll sit down with the new ceo of intel we'll exclusively take you live to barcelona with john fort next to full-blown production. ♪ ♪ let's go from being on-call... ♪ ♪ to being on-line. american express can help move your business forward with loans, vendor payments and buying power. chat with one of our 4000 specialists and let's make it happen.
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welcome back shares of intel are moving high r in the pre-market, up just under 1%, but they've been rallying this year, up more than 12% and they have a new ceo. let's get to john ford live at mobile world congress in barcelona with an exclusive interview with bob swan. john, take it away >> reporter: thank you, brian. bob swan, ceo of intel
5:52 am
officially >> officially. >>. >> reporter: thanks for being with me. first broadcast interview as official noninterim ceo. you guys have made quite a few 5g announcements here, even this morning. mostly in the base station infrastructure category. let me ask you, five years from now, is intel's bigger 5g business going to be in modems or infrastructure? >> well, it's an exciting time for the industry for our partners and for our customers, john what we see is really a convergence of communications and computes with that convergence, we think there's all sorts of applications and spaces that will open up not just at the network but the edge as well so at this stage, it's relatively early at this stage of the technology. so the long-term opportunity we think is much bigger and the near term we'll see how the new spaces play out over time.
5:53 am
>> okay. ericson ceo told me this morning that the controversy with china and huawei actually isn't helping his business it might be hurting in that customers aren't necessarily that much more eager to buy with the uncertainty. are you seeing anything unsimilar? is that a danger with this dispute? >> well, i think we're all excited by the progress that seems to be made in the discussions between the u.s. and china because we think global trade is good for the industry in particular. so we think over time as the thawing out of the dynamics play out that it's going to open up opportunities. in the meantime, we see real interests in technologies being developed but a little of the hesitation about how those are purchased and how those technologies are deployed. we're encouraged by the recent
5:54 am
dialogues. >> fed chair j. powell is on capitol hill tomorrow and the day after. what would you tell him about how the first couple of months of this year have looked from a global demand perspective to you. >> yeah. well, we just finished our record year for the company back in 2018, so we had a record year in 2016, a record year in 2017, a record year in 2018 and our expectations for 2019 is yet another record year. so so far we're almost two months in and we're excited about where we are as a company and where the global economies are sitting today. >> the p.c. market, does that continue to be steady the way you expect to see it play out and have seen it play out so far? >> as you know it's a huge part of our business, roughly 50% of our revenues last year we saw really good growth for the first time in a
5:55 am
long time. we think the p.c. market this year will be relatively stable, plus or minus half a point, which for our business is very good because the explosive growth of our business is in the data centric arena. if we can have a stable p.c. business while we get explosive growth from our collection of data center businesses, that plays out well for us. >> good environment for you potentially m&a wise or how do you feel >> well, we're really focussed on integrating the two relatively big and important acquisitions we've done in the last couple years between altera expands our role into the products that we sell into the data center and network environment. >> like some of the pgas you've announce heerd this morning? >> i hope you'll hear a lot about intels in your talks so psg is very important for us in this network game and as well mobile i which we completed almost a year and a half ago now
5:56 am
is demonstrating explosive growth and we're really focussed on integrating relatively large teals that we've done. >> all right bob swan, thank you for joining us here in barcelona. >> john, thanks. nice to see you. >> john, thank you very much great interview. given how much we packed into less than an hour, let's call our 5 at 5:55, right first, breaking trade news president trump pushing back trade deadline and tariffs with chinese. the shanghai composite up more than 5% over the night it's best day in more than three years. our futures up triple digits also happening right now, vice president mike pence will meet with juan guaido in colombia as nichololas maduro's military set fire to food over the weekend and blocked aide roche buying spark therapeutics for 4.3 billion and big win for
5:57 am
our parent company, green book takes top prize. warren buffett and "squawk box" up next. we'll see you tomorrow so with xfinity mobile
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>> announcer: good morning and welcome to a special edition of "worldwide exchange. becky quick is live in omaha with the world's best-known investor warren buffett. we'll talk about the big drop in kraft hines shares the quick u-turn on oracle and all the news from the letter shareholder over the weekend three hours with warren buffett starts right now ♪ >> announcer: live from new york, where business never sleeps, this is "worldwide
6:00 am
exchange." good morning and welcome to "worldwide exchange" here in cnbc, live from the nasdaq market size in times square. i'm joe kernen becky quick is live in omaha asking your questions, our questions, everybody's questions to warren buffett. good morning, becky. i thought long and hard about, you know, i watched a little bit of the oscars last night i thought about a hostless "worldwide exchange. i wasn't going to show today does it matter they didn't need one last night. >> yes, we do need you there >> i thought about a hostless "worldwide exchange" this morning, right it worked pretty well last night. >> the a.i., the artificial intelligence anchors that they've been showing the updated version of max headroom it's a good thing. >> i'm here. >> we don't want to advocate for these things let's zip it. >> you'll do the heavy lifting today. although i did watch "60 minutes" last night about the electric cars in china and that will be someth


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