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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  March 8, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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zpliencht here's your top five at 5:00. it could be five down days in a row for stocks chinese stocks plunging overnight. shanghai down more than 4% we are live on the ground in asia with more futures here are down as well. markets on edge ahead of this morning's jobs number. will the payroll report save wall street from its worst week of the year? meantime, the brexit clock is ticking. here now just three weeks away for the u.k. leaving the e.u if you own shares of costco, you are likely to have a great day today. we're going to let you know why, and you're never going to believe what one well known seltzer maker just blamed for its earnings miss.
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honestly, you have never heard anything like this it is friday, march 8th, and worldwide exchange begins right now. i'm brian sullivan i apologize in advance if i start coughing listen, the markets may need a parachute because the questions everyone has right now is whether this week is going to be a straight flush for stocks. not in a good way. the major indexes are down every single day this week futures off another 1 00 points. the boogie man of a slowing global economy really smacking stocks this week new worries about how much and how fast europe is going to slow down remain the big reason for this dow futures off 101 points right now. another index that you need to
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watch very closely the one that many consider the most important forward indicator is the dow transport index that index is down ten sessions in a row that is the longest losing streak in a decade airline stocks have been particularly weak. if we fall again today, it will be 11 sessions in a row for transports to fall something we have not seen since the late 1990s by the way, the ten-year kbreeld has also been backing up a little more buyers into bonds. remember our interview with kyle bass a couple of months ago. he indicated he is buying treasuries he is not the only one ten-year at -- we saw some major selling pressure overnight we have got full team coverage of the global sell-off we have juliana tand standing by in london. let's begin with matt taylor who is live in singapore with a lot of red on the screen and a lot of damage being done in asia matt >> hi, brian i can't hear you there, but i think you have started out for the asian market wrap.
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decidedly an end to the trading session here in asia to end off the trading week those concerns about global growth really hitting the asian markets. now, we are already negative today. of course, on the back of what transpiefrd out of theeth cb overnight and the downgrade to growth there, but then we got these much weaker than expected trade numbers out of china exports for the month of february dropping by a whopping 20.7% in the month versus the expected decline of about 4.8% imports were also lower dragged down by about 5.2% against the forecast drop of 1.4%. now, it's the biggest decline that we've seen in exports in china in a month or month basis in around about three years since february 2016. it is important to remember, though, that these numbers in february can be distorted by holidays of course, we have the chinese or the lunar new year holiday that takes place in february, but the china market, the shang high composite, the worst one-day decline that weave seen in around about five months since october. it was down by 4.4% at the end
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of the trading session aussie dollar, of course, a big proxy for what transfires in china. also, pulling back towards that 70 u.s. cent level it's under pressure this we're interestingly, the japanese markets also sharply weaker as well today down by around about 2%. we did actually get some positive growth numbers out of japan for the final quarter of 2018 those expectations are coming in higher than what was forecast. 0.5% versus 0.3% the market there, as you can see, still down by 2%. brian, back over to you. >> thank you very much, matt sticking with asia, we have a big update on the trade front. the u.s. ambassador to china speaking overnight he says the u.s. and china have not set a date yet for the next trump-xi meeting because neither side feels that a trade deal is imminent china and the u.s. have floated the idea of holding talks at the end of the month in mar-a-lago, florida. let's switch gears now to europe and see how the global markets are doing over there juliana live in london with more
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on those markets juliana. >> european markets are firmly in risk-off mode this morning. the ecb meeting yesterday sharply in focus, and as you can see beside me, every major region here in europe is trading lower. now, yesterday's ecb meeting was quite interesting because they delivered more than the market was expecting on forward guidance, but also more importantly, on the tltro front. launching another round of easy lending for european banks the moves we saw yesterday were quite telling early on when the statement was initially released, we saw equities actually rally on the news of this more dovish stance from the ecb, but then when they came out with their new lower growth and inflation forecasts and really drove home that message of rates being lower for longer, we saw a downturn in the markets, and that selling is continuing today. i want to give you a quick look at the sectors it is firmly a case of selling the cyclicals and buying the defensive this morning at the bottom of the board, you
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have autos, basic resources rs, industrials, banks, travel, and leisure. the cyclical sectors really selling off today as investors shift into those more defensive names. as we look to an ecb that's going to stay lower for longer brian. >> juliana, thank you much staying with europe in a rather bizarre story out of finland. companies prime minister resigning after failing to pass sweeping social and health care reforms. there was the government there into chaos finland's president has asked the government to continue as a caretaker cabinet until a new government is appointed. we'll continue to watch finland. let's now turn back to the u.s. and get insight and analysis into what has been the worst week of the year for stocks. joining us now is timothy horzberg, investment strategist at oppenheimer funds tim, don't look so serious i'm not going to ask you about finland. you're fine. i will ask you with about europe writ large they're slowing down some new concerns about china.
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are markets likely to fall five days in a row. how worried are you at oppenheimer? >> i this i when you look at what is going on right now, this to us is more of a healthy pause in markets after a really strong start to -- >> one of the best ever. >> one of the best ever, exactly. >> is better policy code word for dofish and looser on rates >> yes i think when we look at the policy stance and really what happened last fall in markets, a lot of that had to do with fears that the fed was going to be too tight or too aggressive with raising rates farther than what the market could handle, and i think that when we look at the this year and this dofish policy stance like you correctly point out, that to us is much more supportive of long-term gains and markets than anything
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near-term. >> you know, ten-year getting bought we have transports, as i noted down ten days in a row, though there seemed to be a few leading indicators that are cause for worry, no? >> well, i think growth is certainly slowing, to your point, and that is what these indicators are telling us now is we are on a more, let's say, modest growth trajectory looking forward into the rest of the year, and you are hearing that from earnings reports, when you are listening to companies and elsewhere. this is going to be a slower growth environment as opposed to even 2018 where you had that tax cut fueled growth here in the u.s. really boosting gdp i think you are going to see a slower growth stance, and that's what markets >> but there's slow growth, which is still growth, and then there's contraction. we're not contracting. you don't see a recession. >> no. actually, our call is five more years of the cycle we think that this expansion can continue for a significant amount of time given a lot of the trends that we're seeing underlying both better policy stance from central bank policymakers and also the underlying strength of the u.s.
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and the global -- >> stock prices at their core, theoretically. some of the viewers might have a beef with this given everything else that's going on, whatever stock prices are ultimately simply the collection of the future value of earnings given your view on growth, five-year cycle, are stocks underpriced, overpriced, or fairly priced? >> well, i think when you look around the world, here in the united states you're probably at a fair multiple at this point when we're looking at valuation metrics as we saw a resetting as earnings grew significantly last year as a result of tax reform outside of the u.s., i think you're seeing significantly cheaper valuations even today. especially in light of this recent sell-off. places like the euro zone international equities, and also emerging market equities they're still not trading at even fair value relative to their long-term. >> we like to make fridays new idea friday. going into the weekend, give us something to think about from an investment perspective what looks good to you at oppenheimer funds? >> i think given this continued weaker growth stance that you are seeing both here in the
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united states and also internationally, we're still most bullish on emerging market equities even with some of the flegtive news coming out of china, even with the decline in trade figures that we saw today, these numbers to us are -- >> is china one of those emerging markets, tim? >> absolutely. yeah and these numbers are to us less so an indicator of a change in the overall story, but more so reinforcement of what we think is a tremendous long-term opportunity. >> timothy, oppenheimer funds. great stuff. have a good weekend. see you soon >> thanks for having me. >> let's get a check on the other big money movers, including some much needed good news on one big name retailer. frank holland joining us with that frank. >> hey, good morning, brian. we have a mixed bag on this friday we're talking retail chips and concert tickets. let's start off with retail. costco shares, while they're up about 4 m 5% after a strong beat on profits, as margins were really helped by a droste drop in gas prices as well as a decrease in the pricing pressure on groceries costco suls araising the minimum
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wage for store workers to $15 an hour the second such increase in the past year. now over to chips. marvel technology posting fourth quarter results that were in line with forecasts, but the chip maker really expects to struggle in the next few months issuing some weak guidance for the first quarter. the company blaming macroconditions, but expects his growth to pick up again in q2. also announcing a partnership with samsung those shares down about 1.25%. shares of event brite losing nearly one-quarter of their value today. the event management and ticketing website reporting a wider than expected fourth quarter loss on profit, although revenue forecast strong growth in ticket sales. the company is also providing a weak outlook for the first quarter. brian, again, their shares down more than one-quarter this this morning. >> wow that is a tough day for stocks all right. frank holland, thank you very much all right, on deck, more on weather this week and give you five days of drop for a stock. plus, you will not believe what one popular drink plan is
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>> the worst -- down 11.5% we also are seeing walgreens, boots, alliance. one of the biggest retailers of the world off 10%. that is just, folks, in four
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sessions. >> let's get a check on the early action in you were yoo, and we're seeing more on the screen today u.k. down .8%. weak trade datesa there. concern now that the u.s. and china may be growing apart in any kind of a trade deal the shanghai market, the best performing major market in the world this year down over 4% tonight. all right. let's get more now on the big china sell-off eunice joining us from beijing eunice >> thanks, brian well, chinese brokerages downgraded a couple of stocks. also, the regulators here appear to be clamping down on some behavior, which they think is risky, such as gray market
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margin lending and then in addition to that, the markets sentiment took a hit because of the shockingly bad trade data for february. let me run you through the numbers. exports plummeted by 20.7% from a year ago this is the worst in three years. imports also fell after a decline of 1.4%. the february numbers were terrible in part because of seasonal factors since the lunar new year holiday fell in february this year looch economists belief that the slowdown also took their toll. the numbers came at a time when chinese lawmakers are looking towards the rest of the year and having a rot of debate at the national people's congress today the foreign minister spoke to the audience and said that u.s. and china trade negotiations have made
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substantial progress and he also said that both countries should not and will not descend into confrontation. now, speaking to a source of mine who is familiar with the chinese side of the negotiators and who is also taking a look around the national people's congress, and he said that what's striking is that among the broader group of policymakers there is no real clear idea as to where the trade deal should go it's still very unclear because he said there's one large group that believes that china should just get a deal done with the united states because for the good of the economy, but there's still, brian, another large group that believes that the chinese are giving up too much to the americans, and i think it really highlights difficulties that the vice premier who is leading the negotiations could face if he does make more concessions to the americans plainly and clearly as always,
5:19 am
have a great weekend thank you very much. let's switch our focus to europe you are now just three weeks away from a so-called hard brexit is there any way that theresa may is closer to a compromise or a delay than an event that many thought would never come.
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family-owned firm that dates back just 1697 business is booming despite brexit uncertainty >> the steel sector here in the united kingdom has a long and proud history as a global powerhouse experts say that its european union membership that in recent years has provided bigger benefits to steel makers in terms of propped up prices and increased employment than to any other u.k. industry.
5:21 am
the exe percentage, including tariffs could swing from 15% to 97% by the end of this month higher shipping and add men costs could total $92 million a year for steel exporters tammy english is the fd at summers. she admits u.s. steel tariffs have hurt her firm's finances recently but says a hard brexit could mean much harder times for many peers. >> steel prices i think would fall the steel friday would suffer. somers forge i don't think would suffer >> do you feel you've had a partner in the government to help you plan. >> i don't think we've had the visibility that business needs the way that somers operates we haven't felt the adverse impact of that. we've still invested we've still recruited.
5:22 am
>> that firm is the oldest steel manufacturer in the u.k., and they say they're lucky because they have long-term against contracts and maritime contracts. they can weather the potential storm of no deal better than some of the competitors. just to run you through very briefly, brian what this could mean for steel manufacturers in the u. kfrmt, the idea that the e.u. would impose tariffs on products in the e.u. we see the loss of trade with dozens of countries elsewhere. steel producers potentially facing trade remedy differences in terms of safeguards the e.u. has instituted that have helped protect the steel industry and the european union the u.k. might not be able to match those. there's a lot of big questions facing these manufacturers in the next few weeks >> well, willem marks with a wild every real world look at brexit thank you. up next, blasting off. space ex's crew dragon capsule unlatching from the international space station overnight. manager on the historic test flight ahead first, the gold wars the ceo barrett gold responding to our interview with the ceo of newmont mining
5:23 am
what he had to say aabout a potential deal check
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instead pneumonia ontario wants the two companies to enter into a joint venture for the nevada meaning assets we spoke with new mot ceo gary goldberg here's what he told us >> we've got an operating model that's up 65% in total shareholder return barrick is down 22%. we've got the experience management team off our existing asset base, but to be able t deliver the same sort of results with the gold corp. assets when you look at where barrick is, mark has come in and he has a great record of running rangold in africa, but that was five assets on one continent, and as you just said, the complexity of running a global business we will continue to
5:27 am
follow into a gold war of words. right now shares of both stocks are higher probably because gold is getting a bid because the market is going down still ahead, fire up the old-time machine it's been ten years since the market bottom. up neck, we're going to take a look back to see how far we've come and, later, jobs, jobs, jobs the clock ticking towards today's big employment report. what to watch when that number hits the tape. stick around servicenow put our workflows in the cloud. this changes everything. you're right sir... everything. well not everything, i mean you're still blatantly sucking up to me gary. ahhh... stop it. servicenow. works for you. tremfya® is for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. with tremfya®, you can get clearer. and stay clearer. in fact, most patients who saw 90% clearer skin at 28 weeks
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>> market alert. a sea of red across the globe following a big sell-off in a a asia futures lower here as well could we have five straight down days also, we are coming up on a major market milestone do you remember what happened ten years ago? we'll show you and you will not believe what the maker of seltzer maker lecreax just blamed its big earnings miss. it is an explanation unlike anything you have ever heard in business get the coffee brewing because worldwide exchange rolls on right now. >> welcome back. i'm brian sole van here's how your money and investments look right now as we are about halfway through the 5:00 a.m. hour in new york
5:31 am
we're down every day this week and if futures hold, we're going to be down again today stock futures off 120 points do keep in mind you have the monthly payroll number coming out of 8:30 a.m. eastern time today. that could change everything the fed thinking, markets dynamics we are down 120 on the futures worse situation in asia overnight. the shanghai market, the best performing major market in the world this year. japan lost 2% as we just showed you. european markets in the red as well well, we are coming up on a major market milestone tomorrow marks the ten-year anniversary since the market hit its lowest levels of the financial crisis the late great cnbc anchor, our friend, mark haynes, was on air that day, and made, of course, this now famous call >> however, i'm going to step out on a limb here >> this is the big -- hold on, everyone i'm waiting for this >> i really do
5:32 am
>> good to see mark in any form. he is missed since the market bottom, the s&p has been on a wild ride, and mark called it he nailed it we hit 666, probably an ominous number that is a gain of 312% since the famous hanes bottom. let's bring in joel shulman and drew matis, chief market strategist management, obviously, mark still missed great guy. amazing anchor a great call as well. we had the top three stocks,
5:33 am
ibm, 20% of the dow jones. we had exxon and chevron we had 25% of the stocks and three -- 25% of the weight with dow jones and three stocks primarily in this energy of industrial space when we look at today, today's markets appreciatably different, and when we think about going back to 1992 and even going back historically, you know, 10%, we -- we're up 15%, 16% since the bottom of the crash, but if you go back prior, we're only about 10%, and that's historical average. >> i'm going to ask drew an even easier question. you ready for a softball >> i would like some >> what's the next ten years >> well, i tell you, you know, it could look pretty good. when we think about the last ten years and what it's looked like from a fundamental perspective, we have not developed the same excesses we saw heading into 2008, for example, and i think one of the reasons why you see the market behaving sometimes in
5:34 am
a concerning way right now, it's because a lot of people remember 2008 as what a recession looks like, and, of course, that's not what a recession looks like. that's what something much worse than a recession looks like. >> we were bruised, battered millions unemployed. the markets had collapsed. banks were shuttering. the federal reserve came in. the world came in. you don't see any scenario like that on that horizon >> if you could tell me one number, i could tell you what the income ten years looks like. you tell me what productivity looks like over the next ten years, and i'll tell you what growth and the economy are gloog going to look like >> can you tell us >> i actually think it could look pretty good i think the productivity numbers we got yesterday were quite encouraging. they are a sign that if you get growth back up to a higher pace like we've seen because of the tax cut, the productivity can follow that.
5:35 am
>> we've got a lot of room to fall the same problems we had in the fourth quarter of last year can happen right again we have a lot baked in to 2019 so far assuming a china deal goes through. now, as you just pointed out, china is down 4% for last night and they were the strongest market, as you also pointed out, year-to-date a lot is being baked into their markets too, and last year they got clobbered. when we think forward this year, next year, we're back to 2018
5:36 am
levels we're still about 6% to 8% off of the highs of 2018 the china deal goes through, i think we go through that the profits that we have underlined with the big companies and small companies. >> i'll take it easier on you this time just because i've known you for 15 years >> what's the next century look like >> what do you see for the mi mill millenia >> is a bad jobs number today the best scenario for the market, only because then it maybe removes some of the fed uncertainty? >> i have a hard time with the idea that bad news is good news. >> you don't like that fed put idea >> what i think you want to see happening in the bond market is you want to see the yield curve steepening if it's steepening, that allows the if ed to keep hiking rates, but hiking rates in a way that the market is happy with >> so you would rather see a good number that poportends, evt puts the says discussion back in play >> even if we're not talking about the worst thing for the market is if the fed has to play catch-up you want the fed always slightly
5:37 am
on par with what the market is hoping for >> drew, joel, guys, thank you very much. have a great weekend see you soon all right. up next, two twitter -- a pair of top tech executives switching up their social media profiles it's all thanks to president trump. we'll explain first. the unbelievable excuse one beveragemaker is using to explain its big earnings bomb. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. make it simple. make it ship sticks. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation? saves you time and money. (danny) of course you don't because you didn't! your job isn't understanding tax code...
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so the bank ceo masa son sitting down with cnbc and follows the company's $5 billion investment in latin america. can't miss a rare interview of masa son, 9:00 a.m. eastern time today. also new this morning, the spacex crew dragon capsule is on its way back home after an historic test mission to the international space station. the capsule designed to carry astronauts to and from space undocked from the iss just after 2:30 eastern time this morning the capsule and its lone crewmember ripley, the test dummy, were on schedule to splash down in the atlantic ocean right around 7:30 a.m. this morning let's find out what else you are going to be talking about today. it is time for the morning's trending stories frank holland is back. >> i'm here. >> you are here. >> i'm glad you're back. i'm glad you're feeling better >> oddly enough, two guys doing the show, but it is international women's day, and we have a big update to a story we brought you a few weeks ago remember riley morrison, the girl that wrote to steph curry
5:41 am
asking why his basketball shoes were only offered in the boys section. great question it prompted under armour and curry to start designing a girls version. the new sneaker called the curry 6, united we win drops today it was designed in part by riley. a cute little girl also, very serious it was a genuine question. request can't i get the sneaker in a girls size? >> it's just good business, by the way. hoff the population is female. >> 4% of bodybuilding sneakers are designed for women most of them actually wear men's shoes, just in a smaller size. >> i know my daughter does >> apple ceo tim cook is trending this morning. you probably already heard about what happened earlier this week at the white house >> we appreciate it very much, tim apple. >> president trump mistakenly calling tim cook tim apple tim cook having a little bit of fun with that mistake. he changed his display name to
5:42 am
tim apple emoji. the ceo of box tweeted in solid air with tim cook, i have changed my name so we're seeing the emoji fun there. nobody is changing their handle. just their name. >> you have yours. the dutch flag >> i know. it's an easy transition. >> if you don't do that -- >> i need to do it >> the dutch flag. >> i know. it makes sense >> i wish hi something >> frank holland makes perfect sense. >> shamrock. pink hearts, yellow moons, green clovers. >> it's a little different >> this is weird >> shares of la croix really tumbling this morning. they're down, jieks, almost 14%. the dew point reporting a huge earnings miss. you will not believe what the company's ceo is blaming on the -- for the poor results. national beverage ceo tim c caporella telling investors "we are truly sorry for these results. negligence, nor mismanagement, nor the woeful acts of god were not the reasons. much of this was the result of
5:43 am
injustice. he goes on to say, "managing a brand is not so different from caring for someone who becomes handicapped. brands do not see or hear, so they are at the mercy of their owners or care providers who must preserve the dignity and special character that the brand exetch fews. >> talking about flavored water. a little over the top there with that >> seltzer water >> i've been doing this a long time i have never -- he doesn't describe what the injustice is >> no, no. >> what's the injustice? that the pine apple-apple flavor rate is not that good. >> key lime. >> i'm not sure what's bubbling up here. what made him come out with this statement, but injustice for seltzer water. >> triple negative in his first sentence >> a little bit. >> a little bit. i think when you are going this far on a limb, grammar is not the biggest issue. >> true that there you go frank holland. frank netherlands, thank you zplierjts still ahead, it is a jobs day paluzza
5:44 am
help wanted, the one surprising job being met with booming dend wel llouhat it is and why it is. stick around
5:45 am
5:46 am
the countdown is on. we're less than three hours away, two hours and 43 minutes from today's jobs numbers. we have full coverage of the po teshlgly market moving numbers kate rogers looking at where the jobs are let's begin with a key number to watch in today's report. joe, chief economist at rsm. great to see you, joe. >> there's the headline number, which we're going to ring and then there's all the stuff in the middle what's key to you? is it the headline number? >> not really. what i'm looking at is wages i'm expecting to see a 0.3% increase in average hourly earnings, which should bring the three-month moving anchd around
5:47 am
0.3% >> wages are starting to rise. it's largely at the lower end. beleaguered lower two incomes quintiles. i like to look at ag gat hours look it looks at where spending is going to go, and because we had a huge decline of retail sales in december, we want to see those hours increase, which will give us a sense that perhaps consumers have rebounded >> you want to see not only people are making more, but they are working more, which is a double push for the economy. >> that's right. we also want to see a reversal of some of the horrible numbers we saw inside that report last time >> spskecifically what? >> people working part-time. it increased 130,000 those were government workers and contract workers who were driving for uber or lyft rather than doing their normal day job. hopefully that reverses and we get back to what we see as a declining trend in that important gauge. >> is the hangover from the shutdown finally over, or is it still going to infect this number in some way
5:48 am
>> it's going to impact the number >> if we -- okay you know how the game is played. if we get a bad number, you're going to have people say, well, there's still the government shutdown let's ignore this number if we get a really good number, then what? what if it's much bigger than expected >> if we get another big number, then people are going to start worrying about the fed moving in june that's sort of the key here. this is if we get a second straight blow-out number investors are going to start pricing in more action from the fed, which could cause a sell-off in the market especially after what we saw in china overnight and mario draghi's performance yesterday >> thank you now, let's turn our focus staying with the jobs story. your next guest says today's number could have an impact on the housing market joining us now president and ceo
5:49 am
of marcus. tighten it up together like bring the two together. jobs and housing i get it you got to work together to pay for a home, but how closely are they related >> they're very closely related, brian. good morning great to be with you we've seen the underpinning of this entire cycle. 21 million jobs added since the expansion began. be the main reason why commercial real estate, residential real estate, all form of real estate have performed very well. the more important part of the jobs number isn't just what this month is going to show it's the fact that we've added those 21 million jobs, brian, with very little inflation as worried as everybody is about fed action, have you to remember that pce is still well below 2%, 1.p% we've had a lot of interest rate hikes already that's working the way through the economy, so we expect some slowdown in jobs going forward, but even if we go from 2.8 million in the last 12 months to something like 2.2 million, 2.3 million in the next 12 months or even lower, the demand for housing both for sale
5:50 am
housing and rental housing is at a record level, and supply has been pretty constrained too. the two are working very well together >> and how are you seeing housing right now, has am? a lot of mixed data points out there. >> there are for sure on the for sale housing trend side of it, it's been a slowing trend over the past few months for sure we've seen prices rise so much that in a lot of the metros, you have seen sales pull back. the real story on housing continues to be the rental market because consumers prefer to rent. the burn-out from the last -- the financial kries in the last recession never really went away plus, have a lot of young people coming into the economy. the 30-somethings. even the 40-somethings that are capturing a lot of professional and business service jobs in urban areas who prefer to rent on top of that, we've seen lifestyle choices, know, older folks selling their homes and opting to rent versus buy to stay flexible. that all spells a lot of strength for the rental market
5:51 am
>> yeah, but the odd thing is this if we get a bad jobs number, then maybe the fed stays on hold you just heard us fauk about it. nothing more important to housing. aside from jobs than interest rates. we also want interest rates to stay low, do we not? >> we absolutely do. increases in interest rates last year really did put a hole in the momentum of the for sale housing market the demographics and the consumer preferences are so strong towards rentals that even if we get a break on the interest rate side of the equation and the fed continues to stay on a pause, i just don't see the balance shifting back towards people preferring to buy suddenly versus rent it's much more of a societial and lifestyle issue and factor than it is, you know, short-term interest rates >> kate rogers taking a look at
5:52 am
one of the industries that is driving that trend >> reporter: there are more cars on the road than ever, and drivers are hanging to their cars even longer that means skilled auto repair technicians like michael gerhart are in demand. some 46,000 will be needed in the next few years gerhart has been on the job for decades constantly work to stay on top of advances in technology >> it definitely doesn't get boring it's always changing, and as long as you can keep up with -- just keep up with the technology that's out there and you are given a chance to use, it can be a very rewarding career. >> reporter: icon automotive with brands like pep boys and aamco is leading the charge to fill the trade gap at a time when blue collar workers are in low supply check executives say this isn't the blue collar work of days past >> i think there's a stigma around the type of work and it's still this old get your hands dirty greasy job today's job has really been more
5:53 am
of, you know, a house of technology where we really think that students today should be thinking about that role as really a stem career >> median pay for taxes about $40,000 a year according to the bureau of labor statistics those who are highly skilled and experienced can actually wind up making six figures throughout the course of their career, brian, so yet another blue collar job that does have the opportunity for a higher salary. >> by the way, hello >> hi. good morning >> just popped up. >> here i am >> kate rogers, a ray of sunshine one thing i love about you, aside from your nice personality, is that you are out and about. you get on a plane you get in a car you go meet the people that are making these jobs. what's your sense? how do people feel the political dialogue is, ah! >> i think there are a lot of opportunities. especially in the trades and also doing these blue collar jobs we've been highlighting this throughout the year. we did this in trucking. we did this in lonlistics. weave done it in manufacturing like we said, the median pay around $40,000 a year. you can have the opportunity to
5:54 am
wind up making more money. the conference board, though, did put out a report towards the end of last year basically saying the blue collar labor shortage will continue this year because the work force has become more educated and as a result, less likely to be interested in these types of jobs, which can actually wind up being a good thing for workers they've got more negotiatesing power. they've got a lot of opportunities to choose from, which it could wientd be pushing their pay higher >> can you do me a favor >> anything for you. >> well, hold that thought >> actually, yeah. >> hold -- because on a -- you saw the news on gm closing that massive ohio factory, okay i have been to that area many times for car racing up in warren and youngstown, ohio. tough industry tough place. people have suffered >> i would lot of for you to go back and see how they're doing there's not a lot else out there. what i would love to see is this country do a better job about bringing the kind of jobs and optimism that you bring every day to those types of areas. >> certainly because those are the types of areas that wind up being so hard
5:55 am
hit when the one plant in town does go out of business. >> how great would it be if, like, a facebook moved a bunch of -- or a goldman sachs >> a lot of opportunity. >> to a youngstown >> yeah. that's a great point you know >> what would that mean for the small businesses that you cover? >> and the businesses around that area, too it winds up being a big win for everybody. >> it would do great you do a great job getting out there among the people because you have to. >> i love talking to them. it's a great opportunity >> they love talking to you, and so do we thank you very much. >> thank you, brian. time for the morning rbi today it's not that random, but i guess it is interesting. at least for us. at least for me. today is the one-year anniversary of this it rags of worldwide exchange i think it's been a pretty fun ride, and i love kicking the day off with you there's more to come next week we've got huge coverage. one of the biggest oil conferences in the world with lots of exclusive guests all day monday and tuesday on cnbc then for me, anyway, a little time away with the family. looking forward to kicking off the second year of the show with you in two weeks now, you are in good hands, and
5:56 am
i want to say thank you personally to ann, to kevin, to carissa, to kayla, to kate a little work on the show and hopes to have a name that begins with a k swlsz an adam there is no particular order there. they come in early, earlier than i do, and bust their butts every single day to make sure you can start off your day with all the information you need, and i couldn't do what i do without all of you guys, up there in the room, thank you very much. well, wish there wasa little more optimistic note in the markets today. stock futures are down triple digits right now we're down four days in a row. it's been the weakest week for stocks so far in what has been a great year to begin 2019 not so much this week. 410 of the s&p 50000 stocks are lower coming intotoday dow futures are off 98 s&p and nasdaq futures down as well keep this in mind. at 8:30 a.m. eastern time, roughly two and a half hours from now, that big monthly jobs number comes out it could change the way the fed thinks it could chain the way the market thinks about stocks valuations as rates as well.
5:57 am
"squawk box" and have great coverage, as always. i will see you back on this desk in a couple of weeks ekd.d grt esome day ana ea ween bye-bye. so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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plummeting showed a 20% drop in exports we'll talk about the ripple effects of slowing trade and what it means for negotiations with the u.s. and the big lead story in the journal about central bankers around the world worrying about slowing growth. there's a new warning out this morning about china potentially spying using power cords we'll tell you how, and it's jobs friday. economists are expecting a slowdown, ask there's a whisper number on wall street that's even further below forecast. that's all we need predictions straight ahead
6:00 am
it's march 8th, 2019, and "squawk box" begins right now. ♪ >> live from new york where business never sleeps. this is "squawk box." good morning welcome to "squawk box" leer on cnbc we are live from the nasdaq market site in times square. i'm becky quick along with joe kernan and andrew ross sorkin, and let's take a look at the u.s. equity futures. they are indicated in the red on this friday morning. right now indicated down by about 112 points for the dow s&p down by 13 the nasdaq off by 48 this comes after declines yesterday where the dow was down 200 points yesterday s&p was down by about .8%, and then the nasdaq was the biggest loser in terms of percentage base yesterday it was down by more than 1.1%. major averages are on track for a decline. the biggest declines in a month. all three major averages closed at three-week lows we'll see what happens


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