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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> no o.a. on friday >> that's unfortunate, but we'll get back next week without question you know what else will get back in my humble united? >> pete, say it. >> unh comes out see you tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast . my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. mad money starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to mad money welcome to cramer aamerica i just want to make you some money. my job is not to just entertain, teach, put it in context call me, 1-800-700-cnbc or tweet me you have to admire the resilience of this market. dow gained 68 points what stands out to me is the
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incredible resilience of so many stocks that you expected to get hammered over time nor today's session. stocks like boeing come on. this company has been hit with negativity most day in publicity seen in ages ever since the second 737 crashed in ethiopia. we hear about the airlines pulling orders and the stock barely gets dinged yet when i speak to inevestors, i'm not kidding, they're up 1% for the year they want to know how kit can b avoid being cut in half. this is the universe, people it's up another 26 today there is no reads. tell me you vice president been thinking what is boeing doing up here i know you v i think about it every day. boeing reports this week i think it will guide down substantially. this is 737 max eight was the most popular plane that's what i expect the buyers
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to finally pause not the buyers of the planes but the buyers of the stock. if you want to own boeing, i would wait for the p you willback how can the bears take down anything if they can't take down the resilient ranger that is boeing you want anotherexample? here is one that got targeted. nike how about this nike? nike reported last month, the stock got clocked. north american sales were down .5% too slow. it fell $6 so you had to hole your nose and buy the stock of nike. stock was at $88 before it laid an egg you missed nike is a sensational company. the strug until china, they're making it in the people's republic they came on so strong in europe i'm betting the u.s. rebound this couquarter.
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nike deserves the benefit of the doubt. the stock is getting it. it was a delayed reaction. all right. how about this one oh, my, all you can hear about for the whole day was that downgrade, no, they double downgrade of caterpillar that ubs hit it with. that's right, from buy to sell since then the stock actually rallied h it's up a couple bucks. i send it and analysts had to know about double dan and they collapse yet, we haven't been hit with anything in fact, the stock saving caterpillar and reported a good quarter next week. stocks turn out to be wrong all the time but i think cat is worth owning. buyers took the stock up almost $2 today talk about a resilient ranger. then there is one that i told you to buy that people thought i was complete idiot they think that all the time by the way, i'm responsible for everything that happened with lyft then there is home depot home depot which hit with -- so call disappointing
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so call because stocks can't go up if it's a real disappointing quarter at the end of february a couple of guidance at the time i argued the results would have been terrific if not for the horrendous weather didn't matter. stock fell from $188 to $180 since then though, home depot has been up in a straight line as every other indicator of retailer told us the same darn story about the weather f you're waiting for the company to give you all clear which many of you are, well, i think you'll get it when they report again because it it's lawn and garden season. the stock already rocketed to $204 give management the benefit of the doubt. thet deserved it for years we've seen something happen with an outfit that i really like, we talk with matt boss, five below. the company reported and it was down meter and the forecast. the stock fell from $129 in late march to $117. but now five below is roaring
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back aided by compelling upgrades from goldman sachs and j.p. morgan and the stock made an all time high just closing a shade under $139. talk about resilience. what else? for months the analyst that's follow western digital have cut their numbers and cut the numbers and cut the numbers. they have been saying there is way too much supply. there is a total glut. look out it's going to end bad. so what happened the stock refuses to go down see, it goes for micron. they make flash chips. it held up by downgrade after downgrade after downgrade. today we finally got the call i've been waiting for, an upgrade from deutsche bank the elusive second half recovery is almost here once again, the stock is proving doubters wrong there say reason for that. when you see micron and western digital rally, wake up, people it means investors believe that pricing will turn in a commodity.
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in other words, the analysts are behind the curve the current weakness is baked in and the stocks are now forecasting a comeback here's a wild one. dow dupont the them call company, before the spinoff, the company gave you the most down beat forecast of any industrial. the stock initially got it, it got hit. it turned around and it's been climbing ever since. since the spinoff, the new dow has been fantastic you had to buy at the ugliest moment because it's resilient. if you googled resilient, you'd see a picture of mark zuckerberg facebook today we learned that mark zuckerberg did something bad again. i don't know, something nefarious. i know he did something wrong. whatever according to the documents, he toyed with the idea of selling your information right here in his brain. sell your name to third party developers to get a sense of what it might be worth in the open market. but zuckerberg insists he didn't sell you out he wrote that really important o
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op-ed piece about the internet has to be regulated. the truth, is as we learned over the course of the past year, can we just put an end to this none of these stories matter it's about earnings per share. the people who should care about facebook and the privacy, they don't. instagram is the sing the best place to advertise on the web. rate are soaring rate are get took expensive. the biggest issue that facebook has. they don't want to ad rates to get out of control that is a high quality problem which is why the stock lost 78 cent on a killer article it was written to bury him these guys refuse to be buries finally, there is apple. the ultimate example of resilience they said the stocks were weaker but since then it's been straight up vaulting to $199 as of today uncredibly this move all happened on hype we haven't seen anything
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confirming the sales have very bounded. we don't have a trade deal with china. apple is saying the weak notice is china we have a bufrnl of nnch new ses we have data from march saying maybe the sales are better in china. yet the stock has been on fire you have to own apple, not trade it with today's announcement, my biggest worry had been that apple late with 5g is no longer an issue that's all people talked about is the benefit for qualcomm. i think apple shot more than two cents on this news even if the qualcomm stock was right to rally $15. i smell a downgrade of apple tomorrow morning what can i do? it shouldn't be down not everything can bounce. united health, thanks for nothing. it's in free fall. down $9 for reporting a fabulous quarter. they have the stock up $8 at up with point but they're in the dog house because so many democrats running for president want to replace private insurance with single pair saying it would be bad, didn't need to pick that
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fight. here is bottom line, invest in the market is incredibly resilient. resilient. hangs in there like ali it's rope-a-dope it's rope-a-dope it's opponents until it can knock them flat on the canvas. i need to start with paul in tennessee. paul >> jim, i just got finished reading get rich carefully a lot of great guidance in the book. >> nice. >> my questions are about starbucks with the recent rsi overbought status. and the recent shaky restructuring of the rewards program. but with its global outlook for potential groenl, how do you feel about starbucks as a long term investment and is it still a buy even at the current price? >> long term the right thing the this stock has been up for almost every single day. and i don't like to chase like that there is going to be a day where the stock is down two or thee and then i think you pull the trigger. all right. this is one gosh darn resilient
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market how do i know that there have been so many companies that have been hit with a cluster of bad news yet the stocks have managed to defy the odds. that's the definition of a bull market ibm just reported earnings at the close. i'm going to sit down with one of the top executives to see what is a very -- and then nasdaq tack all time highs, i'm going back to the biggest oners in tech. one of them i think is so ready to go higher and spain might be known for the flamingo music and bull fights, tapas, maybe you should pay attention to the banks and its brains ups and downs, see if it could be worth considering in this market so stay with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow us on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets se send jim an e-mail or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc
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ibm reported this evening, beat the bottom line the top line fail most of the street's estimates the stock up is 27% for the year you get back profit taking there is a lot to like including we're in the third yield and the yield by red hat, one of the favorite cloud kings check in with martin schroeder for ibm global markets to learn more about the quarter and where the business might be headed welcome back to mad money. >> the cash flow much better than i expected. but people are going to key on the revenue line what you have to say to people like, look, don't worry about the revenues we know technology we have to worry about this >> look, we want to grow revenue. we've been focused on making sure we get growth in the right places if you look just at the first quarter, really good growth in cloud software really good growth in gbs.
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the systems business improved from a trajectory standpoint but there is a product cycle in there that i'm not too worried b let's talk for a second about gts. that's a big services business this is where we always said we want to get growth in the right places so we didn't see it in revenue this time. we did see it in margin improvement in gts so overall, ibm margins were up. we like the margin story too overall margins were up. but we've been very selective about our global technology services business and where we're placing our bets we want to make sure that turns into high margin >> okay. i like you placing bets in strategic places and the vision that you v i was surprised i know some investors didn't seem to want anymore it got to 50%. like that. from the day i met you, i want know if it would be 60%. you justined talking about it. >> so we put that in place 2015, right, when the business was about 25% of that kind of a
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content. and at the time, the discussion we're having with our clients was, you know, give me productivity in this part of our business then help me reinvest. and that's what the strategic imperative represented now at the time in 2015, we said by 2018, this will be $40 billion and about 40% of our business we hit the 40% a long time ago we hit the $40 billion at the end of 2018. and now investors say what we really want to do is understand the cloud story. we want to understand the service story. strategic imperatives, we understood that and followed along with the progress. but right now it's really about cloud and about as a service so that's what we focused our disclosures on we run a set of segments we supplement that with the cloud story. >> i want to focus on that myself we were enamored of the masters app. i know sometimes you run a lot of ads to me the greatest ad i've ever seen is what you had is that a cloud drived that produced, i thought, maybe i
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watch all the apps >> i'm glad you appreciate it. i think there is a real lesson in here for what we can help our clients do both from a security standpoint so we monitored 150 million or so security events which were actually about a million real attacks during the masters, right? >> man, just during the masters? so we monitor 70 billion events a day across our networks. so there is a security element of this app which is i think important at scale more importantly though, i think what the masters app is a really good demonstration of how ai can be used to help drive an enterprise i'll give you an example we introduced already last year this idea of a round in three in 30 seconds around in three minutes. round in three minutes when we did it last year, they had -- we could follow ten golfers and it took hours, hours to put that together to get it
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on the website this year with the help of our a.i., we collected all this information on every golfer and everyone was done within an hour so about an hour after they finished their round, we could take their entire round, we could figure out with analytic what's is the real round so what it says is when you're trying to serve your clients, and there is nobody more focused on serving their patrons than augusta and the masters. you have to find new ways and use ai to do that. this is a good example of how you can do that in a productive way. >> so let's drill down other things i like the ibm that is growing you know i'm big fan of red hat. boy, i got to tell you, people laughed that price then you look at all the other cloud kings. red hat is the cheapest. i didn't see much other than it's going to close the second half and second, why are you still buying back stock? i want thebalance sheet to be good and invest in red hat >> a couple things, red hat is the gem in this space.
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so -- >> you know i liked it from the day that whitehufrt got there. >> red hat is a great acquisition. we're still going through the regulatory process hopefully in the second half we'll get that done and then part of us so if they make money, right, so while we haven't paid for it yet, so while we're in this position, we can still continue to return capital to shareholders but we also said once we close on that, then we'll pull back on sharer purchase. we'll keep paying the dividends but sharer purchase. and that model is the right way to -- the right thing to do. from what is next in red hat, i mean, we really did see, i think, the beginnings of some really positive things red hat reported after the announcement of the acquisition. they had a very good quarter and when you look at the parts of our business that did well, our hybrid cloud business grew it accelerated and gbs and the work they're doing to help our clients move on to the cloud in gbs is
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growing 25%. so it's a very good story. red hat is something that is in the dna. so this is going to be very, very synergistic >> right we think about the world of the world of enterprise technology in the future, it is hybrid. >> right >> we said that for a long time. i think other who's were competing are starting to say it's about hybrid as well. in the hybrid world, red hat is that open operating system it sits on all of the clouds red hat is the number one operating system now linux is number one in the data center they're number one in linux. >> this is not going to steer everything toward you. that is very clear and they are a bit of a smor switch than ibm is used to so will jim from switzerland stay with ibm? >> we already said jim already said that he's staying here. he's here. >> i want to be sure >> he's going to run red hat and report to our ceo.
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so there will be an entity within ibm. >> one last thing on the revenues, any area that is weaker, asia, far east i did expect the revenues to be better >> yes, there is geographic element to this. i would say it this way. our clients are, you know, they make big commitmentes to our platform when do you that, it doesn't suit a 90-day period it just doesn't. >> true. >> so for us, and our teams, you know, obviously our clients are thoughtful, trying to make sure they're doing the right thing, getting the right deal we're also -- there is an ability for us we can close deals faster. we give something away it doesn't make sense, right so again, i'm the sales person i'm in the middle of the deals, i know my sales teams. yes, some deals -- the phenomena i describe happens in different places it happened in asia this quarter. so with all the deals are in play, they're all being worked
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now. we'll get them done. >> all right thank you so much. that is mart unin schroeder if you focus just on the revenues, you'll be disappointed there are other things athe work including red hat, one of my favorite companies
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with the nasdaq now back with striking distance of the all time highs, even as manufacture the cloud stocks are taking a bit of a breather i think tit's worth checking ou some of the bigger winners we're going off the charts with the founder of explosive options and also the technician of the all star and trifecta stocks new letter and the author of know your options take a closer look at three of the newly hot stocks alphabet, used to be google, snap, and alibaba.
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let's start with the daily chart of alphabet. before we get into the nitty-gritty of the action here, lange is having a ton of success with a new momentum indicator. strictly speaking, it's not new. created way back in the 1960s by a japanese journalist to provide technicians with more data points than you get from a traditional candle stick chart see the red and green zones? they're what is known as the cloud, yeah, bare with me. put it simply, the cloud shows two moving averages. upper and lower. it can go up to 5 moving averages and two is enough the first one is known as a. and there is the green line. so this is the green line. and it represents the midpoint of the two day moving average. in other words, the green line measures the stocks to return trajectory then there is the red line that's the b line. can you see it's right here.
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which represents the average range of the stock other the past year. it's twep tbetween the two line forms a cloud. when the green line is above the red line as is the case right here, meaning the stock short term trajectory is better than the long term range, the trend turns green. when the red line goes above the green line, the cloud turns red. which tells you the trend is bearish. so it's straight forward not too much different than watching for the moving cost but there is a piece to the puzzle here. lange points out that the cloud is expanding when the distances between the two lines gets wider, they're predict being the stock is poised to rally. now you know how it works. let's get back to alphabet right now the cloud is green it is expanding. for a line, that is a very positive pullish tell. what else does alphabet have going for it the stock is now rebounded back to where it was trading before it got crushed by the market wide selloff
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this was just -- this was ones that got hurt that are f-a-a-n-g, i mean this thing didn't even know what hit them, okay they're going down by the double top. you see that here's why lange believes we can breakthrough the top ceiling it is making a series of small inverse head and shoalers formations there you see that okay it looks like an up side down person when i said get rich carefully, i thought it was the single most reliable pattern, reverse head and shoulders, more than any other pattern we talked about has likely proven to be right which means this lange thinks it can be smooth sailing up to 1280 take a look. imagine how exciting this will be now on top of that, ever since the christmas lows, the uptrend is a thing of beauty ugly and beautiful
6:28 pm
higher highs higher lows. exactly the kind of picture that makes technicians salivate each time it goes up it never takes down that low that's what it means the symptom gave you a goal encross. that's where it goes above the 200-day moving average this is a less sophisticated version. but the hedge fund managers love to watch it go across. then there is the money flow the cmf. we know that it measures the level of buying and selling pressure it's been in positive territory. this is just constantly being bought let's not forget the moving average convergence to verge ens, okay? and look at this just about to turn it's a momentum gauge that helps chart us detect changes and the trajectory before they happen.
6:29 pm
without alphabet, they're make ag bullish crossover i have to tell you, if this thing takes us out tomorrow, then you're going to start seeing this pattern and that cloud widen and then off to the races. alphabet is a $1,213 stock that with breakthrough to $1300 in short order. not that long after the company reports earnings in less than two weeks april 19th of course, we've been conditioned to be dispointed when alphabet reports and watch it crash through the floor earnings have been a house of pawn f pain for this company. but if it can break the pattern, it would shock me. it would just shock me it would be huge next take a gander at the daily chart of snap. another company i'm not that fond of. but after bottoming late last year, snap completely enfuego.
6:30 pm
the company reported a fabulous quarter in early february and the stock exploded higher on the news since then, it is climbing and climbing it is more than double for 2019. the money flow is strong all year snap is rallying >> remember, that's the 50, going over the 200-day now for the past week and a half, snap is trading side ways. but he thinks we're looking at a bullish pattern. the stock vaults higher. then he spends a bit of time consolidating before resuming the rally. it would be a second thing for this left for a dead stock that already had an amazing rally most importantly, he likes what he sees and the cloud, snap's cloud went from red to green expansion of the cloud is positive when the cloud guess wider, i have to till, that means higher prices the so how much more upside can
6:31 pm
snap have? it's snap concluded that he is thinking $20 by year end wow. there is alibaba and that is the chinese amazon this is a $185 stock it's brushing up against the ceiling resilience like so many other names, this one has just been a power house since bottoming in late december this is the bear market, okay? he likes that they're rallying on rising volume this is very solid here, right it is super strong for months. indicating powerful institutional buying remember, one of the theme here is the golden cross is going to work its magic and the moving average and a nice floor of support. okay not bad. best of all, lange points out
6:32 pm
alibaba has a good looking cloud. it is green and expanding. he can see them making their way back to all time highs 210. this is practically the only chinese stock i recommend. so i'm gratified to hear the statement. bottom line, alphabet, nap, an alibaba are screaming higher as much as we hate to chase on mad money, the charts is there by bob lange all three of the internet stocks have more room to run. i don't know if he's right it never hurts to have the charts on your side. two out of thee, i like alibaba very much. i like alphabet. snap, go along for the ride. katherine in texas >> thank you, jim. my question, drop box has beat the quarterly estimates for the last three quarters. but it is down 26% on the year it reports may 8th should i buy, sell, or ole sfwh well, it's very tough to figure this one out. the last quarter was good and the stock is down substantially from that quarter. so i would tell you that that's
6:33 pm
not a good idea of what is going to happen here the stock should have -- it's between box and drop box, it's just a couple houses of pain i would be careful all right. i like that company. i'm just saying that the chart and the stock are not what saying what the company is doing. all right. our chart says there is a number of indications flashing bullish for alphabet can you imagine if it finally broke out? snap and alibaba all three power houses i think it's a contrary call much more "mad money" ahe had. i'm talking to one of the top executives of euro-zone's largest bank don't miss my sitdown to talk brexit, earnings and company strategy then you think the fed needs to hike rates maybe think again. i'll show you how one single conference call can change your mind and all your calls rapid fire tonight's edition of "the lightning round" so stay with cramer.
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people are starting to get twitchy about europe, i want to check in one of the largest european banks, spain's bank my money is one of the best, least harolded financial institutions on earth. it is stable
6:37 pm
capitalized and making a big push to expand to the united states and doubling down in latin america. earlier today i got a chance to speak with the chairman of the bank about her vision for the company and ambitions here in the united states. and what bank yoe offers >> sure. yeah we have to go globally we need to be big in the markets where we operate we operate in ten markets. we have 144 million customers. very importantly, we have relevant market shares in place we operate >> if you ask americans, what is the largest bank in america. it's by value. yes. by market value. it is around 20% more than the necht one. >> when you go to latin america,
6:38 pm
you're the bank of latin america. i know you brought in the rest of your mexican business must offer a lot better returns than people realize. >> latin america has a huge bank population but more importantly for the bank, the middle class has grown over the last few years. the lows are always higher so you see stronger institutions and many countries like brazil, for instance and you're getting good growth very importantly, there are many businesses in payments, for example. so we make 50% of our profits in l latin america. but it's only 28% of our balance sheet. so that's a huge opportunity for growth going forward. >> i'm glad you brought up the balance sheet. you had both shareholder meeting and then a huge fabulous analyst day. you're very transparent. and what i saw is that there are people worried about your balance sheet. but you raised a huge amount of cash to me, it seems like a false
6:39 pm
worry. we had a three year plan we delivered on everything brazil had had 9% drop in gdp. argentina had had problems and we went from 827 to 1113 perfect ability. and we grew in the right way this is super important. we grew in the number of customers. we doubled to 32 million we really did everything we said we would do. >> you offer very attractive yield. they're always asking me, jim, isn't that too big is there something wrong i like to dispel that. you generate a lot of cash >> we do we generate over the last 25,000,000,013 billi25 billion and for our share holers >> it's an obscure but very
6:40 pm
important for people who follow the bank industry very closely. >> yes >> it really protects the debt holders. it comes to equity and the debt. it's in the middle so that's $13 billion went to shareholders of the 25 two billion net went to acquisitions, and $18 billion went to reinforce the balance sheets. >> market share. united states, 3%. you could be well within the range of what the fed is willing to have. are you going to >> our target in the u.s. and all over is organic growth when you have 144 million customers, that's big. that is double wells fargo customers have much more upside, right? so in the u.s., we want to do the same we want to leaverage our global scale. we're a community bank and europe and the americas and being very close to customers. we have 13,000 branches across the world. that's the biggest branch
6:41 pm
network of any bank in the united states. >> right. >> tell me, you also have a stock that is a consumer finance company. you got these different stocks that are related to you. how is it if someone buys the consumer finance company you own 70% of what is that a measure of? is that community? >> so this was a strategy that was in place before we arrived >> it's not your strategy. >> well, you said it so, you know, it is what it is we instend to keep it roughly as it is. we did just launch a takeover of minority shareholders in mexico. so, you know, being listed, it's fine it's not a problem s is not something we look to do more of. >> speaking of brexit. you have a handle on europe like no other i'm hearing very important business people saying there is not enough food in the uk. >> brexit is not the end of
6:42 pm
europe i always try -- >> does it bore you? >> it doesn't bore me. i have lots of customers in the uk we're one of the biggest banks in the uk and one of the biggest banks in the continent spain has a lot of brits living there. what we try to do is make sure we can deliver for our customers. europe needs more integration. and britain was never going to be parity of that. so if you see the positive of this, it's going to allow for faster integration in europe which we need and it's going to allow, i think all of us, you know, big boys or big girls, we need to find a great understanding. because we have much more things that, you know, bring us together so we need to find a good way of working together going forward >> you used a phrase big girls i want our viewers to know who you are. frankly, other than the key bank, there are not a lot of big girls. who are you? and how did you get to this position >> well, i started my life in
6:43 pm
the u.s. i actually worked on wall street for eight years. >> j.p. morgan >> yes i've been here since 1990. i've been around for 165 years i say this with a lot of caution. but we traded dividend for 50 years for every single year. i've been in banking all my life except for three years when i was asked to leave or fired by my father. and then i came back and -- >> we could have a special on that fired by your father. >> we could, yes i was an interpreter for three years. i learned what it was like to be on the other side of the table for the bank >> a little bit of a soap opera there. not important. you brought it up. i was not going there. global opportunity, you just put in mexico. is mexico the greatest place on earth to invest right now both because of interest rates and because you introduced mortgage. when i started buying mexico, everything was cash. >> look, every time politicians or government officials in europe start messing around with
6:44 pm
the mortgage market, i remind them of what happened in mexico in the '90s. nobody who was not -- who didn't, i mean, only people who didn't need it would get a mortgage and so, you know, very proud that we actually offered one of the best rates in mortgages in mexico right now they're around 9% for 15 years and there is a lot of them >> any country in south america really stand out as some place that people would think in this country is uninvestable but you know better. you are truly a global banker. >> look, i was with a competitor of yours three years ago saying brazil is a great place. they were saying that's going to be a problem for you we have doubled our profits in brazil over last four years. >> competitor is kpleerclearly l i was going say your greatest opportunity is the greatest banking environment in the world which is the united states >> 100% agree. >> okay. >> i think the united states -- i don't think, the united states is the third of the banking market in the world. there is a trillion of trade between united states and south america and europe and we are
6:45 pm
the best bank to service customers, mid market customers. we have customers in the midwest that do auto parts we help them in mexico and brazil and vice versa. customers we help in mexico and brazil that want to be in the u.s. we're very good in supply chain finance, for example this is a hunl opportunity for us we're really on both sides. >> when i think of a community bank, and i'm from philadelphia, you are the community bank you are the bank for the eagles. you are the bank when i go to any events you are the bank frankly for swag you no he swag >> yeah. >> is that a boston andful or another city coming next >> i was at school in philadelphia and boston. i went to harvard college for a year so i know -- >> they're hard to get into. >> yeah. i love the school. no, look, we're a community bank which is in many communities but the great thing about is our scale, we can bring our scale. so our bank in the u.s. is as efficient as the biggest banks in the united states so we invest in technology
6:46 pm
we would be number three in this country from all the banks in terms of how much we're investing in technology. this is very important because today you can leverage that scale >> right. >> without losing that -- those relationship with the customer zbhchlt ye zbhch >> if your bank was located in united states, it would be a ten not a five too connected with europe right now. >> that's right. >> she is the executive chairman of the bank. again, i urge you to look at the early april presentation they made if you're going to buy. because i need you to know that it's a $5 stock because europe is weak. but, wow, what an opportunity. so... you're driven, and you have a ton of goals... but you're stuck in the vicious cycle of credit card payments. it's time to get a personal loan from sofi.
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it is time it's time for the lightning round. >> buy, buy, buy, buy. >> sell, sell, sell, sell. >> then the lightning round is over are you ready? start with david in new york no, new hampshire. david? >> yes, mr. cramer my son connor would like to ask you a question >> sure. put him on
6:50 pm
>> cramer, i'm connor from new hampshire. my dad is looking at rockwell auto nation. they have earnings on april 27th and have gps of 1.8% higher than wall street. also in a setup -- >> what the heck i agree with it. i think that rock we will nation is a good stock to buy i think it's about to break out of here. and i also see a young lad a reverse head and shoulders just in case you might be a budding technician let geese to john in florida john >> hey, how are you, cramer? sfwh i'm doing all right how are you, partner >> good. question pacific gas & electric >> man, that one is too hard for me i never punt i'm punting on that one. that one involves courts and all sorts of other stuff i don't like larry in texas larry? >> hey, cramer
6:51 pm
how are you? >> i'm good. how about you? >> well, i bought at&t -- >> well, okay. at&t i like. i like verizon more. but at&t has a good yield and the cash to pay for it andy in florida. andy >> south beach boo-yah, jim. markets and investing, raytheon is hovering -- >> i'm tired of raytheon it didn't help my travel trust i do not recommend it. and that, ladies and gentlemen, lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees.
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if anyone is worried in a the economy is too strong and the fed needs to tighten, we can put the dernz to rest. listen to last night's down beat conference call from the second larnlest trucking company in the country, j.b. hunt you'll find yourself praying for the fed to cut rates, not raise them yet the cfo didn't mince words when he said that whats the company's hottest business, the big containers that with swop from trains and trucks had cooled he tells us that volume or lock thereof is obviously the main story. ouch certain not the story that csx told tonight trucking is important to this economy. january was outright weaker and february got hurt by the
6:55 pm
weather. but march, he said when the service began to improve, we did not see a snap back from customer demand in march which is our biggest surprise and frankly missed our expectations. how bad? get this for stephen, buyers are down 20% in january 6% in february and down 7% in march. when it comes to april, he says, we're still waiting for customer demand to accelerate not only that, the company's gotten aggressive on pricing to bring in more business in fact, he expects pricing to be negative for the full year. so what the heck happened? why is it doing poorly they pointed to the president's tariffs an china there was too much inventory in the system the head of inter modal says where houses are full. wow. he goes on to explain that the sales to inven tore qui ratio crept up a little bit. again, these are worries about the march 1 tariff increase that's never materialized.
6:56 pm
he continues, i think they need to bleed off some inventory before things can normalize. about the driver shortage that plagued the country. a lot of drivers in the nornl east, ohio, chicago, and california, j.b. hunt said this is not a problem in most of the country. in fact, the possibility of wanl reductions came up on the call with management saying they're not ready to take that step. but if they keep cutting prices, sooner or later, something's got to give. i think it will be driver salaries you're going to see uber freight kick n the truck drivers can go on cell phones and take them out. i'm betting ub zer the same thing to truck drufrz as they did to cab drivers putting further pressure on wages. why does this matter this slowed year over year this is the kind of conference call that i listen to but fed chairman powell didn't that's why he hit us with that rate hike too far in december. when you listen to consumer products companies, you're going
6:57 pm
to hear much about freight costs. freight prices are finally coming down which means margins for the companies can expand a lot of the stocks are down today. to me, freight is the wild card in the inflation picture during two years of healthy economic growth, freight costs soared that chapter of the inflation story is now over. still one more reason why the fed doesn't need to tighten. they should think about cutting rates if this comes up stick with cramer.
6:58 pm
one-millionth order. millionth order. ♪ there goes our first big order.
6:59 pm
♪ 44, 45, 46... how many of these did they order? ooh, that's hot. ♪ you know, we could sell these. nah. ♪ we don't bake. ♪ opportunity. what we deliver by delivering. tonight is finishing 2-2 netflix was a tad disappointing, ibm disain't positiving, no the that bad united continental and csx was extraordinary. compare that to jb hunt and you wonder, wait a second, this is a definitive mixed picture for this u.s. economy. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow
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