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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  April 17, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ing 5:00 a.m. here's your five at 5:00 china growth beats to the up side what it means for markets and trade negotiations that's coming up next. meanwhile, shares of qualcomm, they are soaring after a court settlement with apple. a massive corporate story. we'll dig into those details netflix has a u.s. problem when it comes to growth, but ceo reed hastings isn't looking in the rearview mirror. plus, a potential roadblock for the sprint and t mobile merger those stocks are moving sharply, and goldman sachs ceo david
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solomon speaks exclusively with cnbc why he is more bull ush on the u.s. economy it is wednesday, april 17th. worldwide exchange begins right now. ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here >> thank you viewers and listen erds for watching 30 more to come here's how your money and markets are shaping up right now. stock futures indicating the dow will open slightly higher. the major average averages all back within 2% of their all-time highs hit back in october of last year. you can see the dow would open up by about 20 points if these futures gains hold into the opening bell the s&p by about five points, and the nasdaq up by just around 22 now, a closer look at technology the nasdaq 100 half a% or less
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than that. 50 basis points. 50 points away from its all-time intraday high that we set back in october as well can you see there are sharp run higher since those lows that we saw back in the fourth quarter of last year on the treasury side of things, we are seeing a slight move higher again in the ten-year treasury note yield. 2.6% now pretty decent move earlier this week it was 2.56. remember, 2.35% late last month. two-year note yields 2.24% a new developing story as well apple and qualcomm settling their year's old dispute over royalties and patents according to both companies. shares rallied yesterday over 20% on that news. you can see they're up about 5% premarket today. that stock ready to add to those gains when the market opens.
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already getting bullish notes from the sell side analysts. we've got jp morgan, ever corps, stiefle on the news. we have an earnings alert. shares of netflix edging lower after reporting first quarter results after the close. the company beating on the top and bottom lines also adding more paid subscribers than the street was expecting. at a slower clip than last year. domestic paid subscriber ads in q1 this year just over 1.7 million compared to 2.27 million a year ago international continues to show some strength as well. in the outlook most investors are watching this morning. netflix says q2 earnings should come in closer to 55 cents compared with the 99 cents analysts were expecting in terms of new competition from apple and disney ceo reed hastings is not worried. >> there's a ton of competition
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out there, and disney and apple add a little bit more, but frankly, i doubt it will be material again, there's already so many competitors for entertainment time, which is great for consumers, and it's exciting for us >> let's bring in joel calina. he is here in toronto. let's talk about this netflix story because for years now it has come down to subscriber growth we've already looked beyond the top and bottom line numbers. what was it that stood out and why is wall street reacting the way that it is this morning? >> yeah, good morning. thanks for having me on. yeah, i'm a little bit surprised. i mean, you know, opgs were implying an 8% move wrrn netflix down to 90 to 110 basis points a muted reaction i think the guidance is disapintidisapint i pointing on the whole. investors in the street is giving hastings a little bit of a pass this quarter. a, because they are working through price increases that are upcoming they have a pretty lackluster
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slate here in q2 as well, and then with the upcoming disney plus launch, if there was ever a time for netflix and company to be conservative, they kind of just delivered that last night, and people are looking beyond it clearly, subscription fatigue is going to be something that people keep an eye on, but probably for the years to come not going to be one or two quarters in the near term, and if obviously subscriptions start to decline, you know, the multiples is at risk >> it seems to me, joel, that the one place netflix has a competitive advantage when it comes to on-line streaming is, first of all, the first mover advantage. second of all, they've already got years of experience doing original content how does that play into the thesis as we see disney plus trying to come under the market and also hulu with its strength recently as well >>. >> i mean, with netflix accident you can't underestimate. they are the leading platform. they've kind of led the global secular shift to streaming, and that's just kind of the way -- how the shifts of how content is
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consumed they're at the forefront it's definitely their war to lose >> i do believe other kind of offerings, whether it's disney plurks apple tv plus, more content coming from amazon, they're going to be the complimentary services to attach to netflix end of the day, as far as content goes, you know, netflix ended 2018 with 700 plus series. disney will start their platform with 25 series netflix has 55 planned movie releases this year disney is looking at 10 plus as far as content goes, they are so far ahead of the curve. it's pretty incredible and they're going to outspend disney by about 5x through 2025 as of now. they're well ahead of their competitors. >> can we talk demand elasticity at some point here, joel the thesis right now is this
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idea that as more of these platforms come on, they're charged more money consumers don't have an unlimited amount of resources. do the price increases at netflix bode better or worse for its prospects overall down the line given the competitive environment it faces >> i think -- i mean, i think we'll tell, and i kind of think a company like amazon could be the dark horse they are spending $6 billion to $7 billion a year. i think netflix, their pricing power after we saw what disney kind of unveiled last thursday, it just took a little bit of a hit. we know youtube recently youtube recently increased their prices as well. there's a lot of competition out there, and i think they have to be a little bit more careful the term "subscription fatigue" is starting to gain traction right now i think the u.s. -- the average u.s. household has about three subscription services how many can people have maybe four to five max anything beyond there is probably unrealistic
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i think like i said, their pricing power after the disney low price point introduction just got a little bit of -- they have to be able to keep an eye on it and have a limited up side from here. >> big issues for sure joel, thank you very much for joining us this morning for those thoughts on netflix. we appreciate it well, new this morning as well, stocks in shanghai raising and rising to a 13-month high as china reported its economy grew at a better than expected annual rate of 6.4% in the first quarter. that was roughly in line with beijing's official target for growth of 6% to 6.5% suggesting efforts to slow down may be working. it was the weakest growth in -- we're watching at least the raeksz there let's get more on the insights on today's numbers from julia wang at hsbc she joins us live from hong kong julia, the economy is slowing down, but it's still robust.
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is it enough to carry it and the emeshlging markets along with it? sta we are seeing a better sign that had the private business sector is spending more to upgrade by technology. we have seen them moving up the value chain to look at ek ports. that's also quite telling. it's more part from the headline numbers. how underlying drivers of growth have shifted i think that's for emerging markets. that means, first of all, good news because china is growing. secondly, the changing patterns of transmission as china's gdp composition shifts
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>> we will see some of the high frequency indicators on the broad bases improving for the past couple of months. i wouldn't read too much into the single monthly march ip numbers because i think that the statistic has been highlighting that there are some distortions. first to do with the seasonality of the chinese new year holiday. secondly, to do with the fact that the vac tax cut kicks in on the 1st of april, so there's a little bit of front loading before that. none the lerks if you smooth out these voluntarily tilts, the numbers are looking better for the industrial sector in the first quarter compared with the fourth quarter up last year. suggesting we definitely have troughed at least in china.
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central bank action zg more reserve ratio requirements and interest rate cuts of that sort. >> well, i think policymakers are definitely in a wait and see mode at the moment i do think that broadly speaking, the policy setup is still quite supported. for example, you think about the tax cut. in terms of monetary policy, we think one thing that's encouraging is that the deposit growth has been picking up since late last year especially corporate sector deposit. that might just be the beginning of a more self-sustained driver of loan growth and i think we do see the need for immediate and aggressive fund policy easing from the pboc. >> all right
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thanks to julia been appreciate the thoughts on the chinese economy this morning still to come, apple versus qualcomm >> the issue that we have at qualcomm is that they have a policy of no license, no chips this is in our view, illegal >> that was tim cook back in january, but today settling with qualcomm that full story coming up next plurks a multibillion dollar mobile deal in danger. the latest on the sprint and t mobile deal, and later on goldman sachs ceo david solomon sitting down in an exclusive interview with cnbc. why he has grown more bullish on the u.s. economy all that and more when worldwide exchange returns right after this so with xfinity mobile
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and still save hundreds of dollars... do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. >> dwo big tech stories. apple, qualcomm, and the approximate settlement they agreed to. frank holland knew reports that the merger could be in trouble let's start with elizabeth out in london in this big deal between apple and qualcomm elizabeth. >> apple and qualcomm celtsing in a long-running legal battle just as opening arguments were underway in a trial between the two companies yesterday. the surprise settlement sending qualcomm shares soaring more than 20% marking the company's sickle biggest day gain in nearly 20 years. investors welcoming the end of this huge legal overhang on
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qualcomm's core business which is patenting and licensing chip technology the settlement ends all worldwide litigation between the two companies and essentially paves the way for kwaul come -- the deal includes a one-time undisclosed payment from apple to qualcomm and a six-year license agreement effective april 1st with the option to ek tend for two more years. it also includes a multi-year chip set supply agreement. qualcomm saying the terms will boost its earnings per share by glars 2. shipments ramp up. this is a huge vindication of the qualcomm business model. it suggests apple had run out of options for 5g moat mode up where's. giving way to that idea was a chip make are after the settlement was disclosed intel saying it will no longer produce 5g modem productsfor smartphones which had planned to launch in 2020 i should mention apple shares
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were mostly flat in extended hours. investors waiting to see exactly what impact this will have on the iphone makers' bottom line still. back to you. >> you mentioned that the conflict that battle between intel and qualcomm with regard to chips this is also very much just about the smartphone hand sets as well. i know that yesterday you had your hands on that new samsung foldable, but this is very much about who is first in 5g, and right now it may not be apple, right? >> that's right. we've already seen some 5g phone announcements from samsung that galaxy fold is 5g enable and an s-10 5g phone a bunch of other players from chinese smartphone makers entering that 5g, and apple has been the laggard here and hasn't released a 5g product, and we've heard it won't be until 2020 this settlement kind of suggesting that apple says we can't simply ignore this we need to be on the side with qualcomm here brsh.
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>> new to frank holland. what can you tell us about the sprint and t-mobile deal is it? jeopardy >> shares much sprint and d mobile were down this morning on reports their proposed $26 billion merger has run into a new snag sources say want department of justice has some skernz about the current structure of this deal it has been criticized by consumer groups and some lawmakers because it will reduce the number of u.s. wireless carriers from four down to three. t mobile has defended the merger saying the combined company would be better at building a 5g network to compete with at&t and veriz verizon. don ledger responding to these reports on twitter saying, in part, the premise of this story is summarized in the first paragraph and it's simply untrue sources say ledger was in d.c. yesterday and has meetings with the fcc later this week.
5:19 am
sprint and t-mobile, they struck their deal about a year ago. they're hoping to close it in july it's already been approved by shareholders and received national security clearance. it's still needing the okay from the department of justice and the fcc. reports say no final decision has been made by the doj, while the fkc is expected to roll in this deal near the end of its review period which expires in june this morning shares of sprint and t-mobile, they're both down. t-mobile down 4% sprint down about 5% dom, back to you >> all right, frank. thank you for those details. when we come back with this show, a big miss for big blue. ibm blames weakness on the cloud. the stock move and that full for her coming up next union i'd climbing higher despite mixed q1 results investors can thank cost cutting. worldwide exchange is back in worldwide exchange is back in just two minutes it's time to get a personal loan from sofi.
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let's get a check of stock stories on the day so far. ibm's first quarter earnings beat forecasts, but the company reported a bigger than expected drop in revenue. big blue has been hurt by the stronger dollar and weaker demand for some of the mainframe computers. revenue in all of its businesses, except the cloud, missing some estimates the company standing by its earnings targets for the year, even as its boeing 737 max model
5:23 am
planes remain grounded united is trimming its capacity growth forecast and isn't saying whether that's due to the 737 max jet. let's get a check on the morning's other top headlines. nbc's francis riviera live in the new york newsroom with the latest good morning >> hi, dom good morning to you. she traveled from the miami area to colorado. armed herself way shotgun and was last seen near the foot hills. just hours ago a wave of depp ver metro area districts announced schools are closed, and all after school activities
5:24 am
are canceled for today the wait is nearly over. in just over 24 hours we'll have the mueller report in our hands. attorney general william barr is expected to publish the findings after spending weeks redacting sensitive information. the release is stoking concerns among current and former white house officials who cooperated with the investigation ner facing possible retribution and president trump. >> alex treb ek has been held speechless he was the first to eclipse 100,000 during a game, and now he has done it again the reigning champ of the trivia world that is no time for fun and games.
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zbloinchts still on deck for the show, one of the world's most recognizable technology ceos is a little less recognizable these days it's all about twitter's jack dorsey coming up next. later on, tech unicorns, they look to satisfy investors. pinterest, as it prices its ipo tonight. a busy 30 minutes when worldwide exchange returns after this. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation? (danny) of course you don't because you didn't! your job isn't understanding tax code... it's understanding why that... will get him a body like that... move! ...that. your job isn't doing hard work... here.'s making her do hard work...
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qualcomm shares sirjing to%. they're up another 5% this morning. a huge move. implications for the big trade negotiations, and an exclusive interview with goldman sachs ceo david solomon. gj sole as he is wrn known why he is more bullish on the u.s. outlook it is wednesday, hump dap, april 17th world wyld et cetera every exchange here on cnbc.
5:29 am
net dpriks claims it's not worried about competition in streaming saying it won't affect our growth because the transition from linear to ondemand entertainment is so massive. snoo intel announcing it will lead the 5g smartphone market. that coming just a few hours after appear and qualcomm agreed to a massive legal settlement and a new six-year licensing agreement. the ceo saying there is no clear path to profitable and positive returns. shards of intel and qualcomm both up sharply this morning.
5:30 am
it was live twitter feed ask jack @teb ted the user base took full use of that twitter shares just about flat those are your headlines over to you. >> thank you very much for those. here's how your money and investmented are looking right now as we're halfway through the 5:00 a.m. hour in new york stock futures pointed to modest gains at the open. the dow would open up by about 20 points if these futures gains hold into the opening bell for regular trading. the s&p up by five points. the nasdaq up by 22 brsh on the bond side of things, it is a 2.6 handle for the ten inform year u.s. treasury note right now we are hovering just about there for that ten-year note yield 2.42% as well. let's check on european markets. they are relatively stable, we'll call it. mixed across the board the german dax just fraction ehhally off.
5:31 am
we are seeing gains more or less across china and europe. the latest data shows that china's economy grew by 6.4% in the first three months of the year up from 6.3% in the previous quarter. the march data on industrial production and retail sales also came in better than expected a sign the consumer in china is spending more on discretionary goods. it comes after china's economy grew at tslowest annual rate in almost three decades what's changed basically it comes town to three
5:32 am
things it has put in place a number of stimulus measures, including $2 trillion of tax cuts to aid one of the cat less behind the mega ralgly the shanghai composite up 30% in 2019 what's also notable just going through the data is consumption. joe, more than 65% of first quarter gdp activity in china. remember, earnings season this past quarter from starbucks, procter & gamble, hilton, these big u.s. milt-nationals they sited strength we have procter & gamble reporting. we have so to see if the trend continues. >> joining us the conversation right now we have hat rick shafer, global investment strategist and executive director at jp morgan private
5:33 am
bank. >> things have stabilized without a doubt. fx reserves were better. pmi was better trade data was better, and sima mentioned the gdp number was better china has stabilized i think it's probably sooner than we anticipated, and, in fact, if you look at some of the em economic index, it's been better than people had anticipated. srnl at the end of last year, and a lot of the stimulus activity that china enacted last year is working. we're seeing china stabilization right now. >> so patrick, as we talk about the move that chinese markets have made ever since the bottoming out process that happened in retrospect and in the fourth quarter, what exactly does it mean does the economy there support
5:34 am
the numbers? do they support the move that the market is anticipating given what weave seen out of china >> i think a lot of this points to higher markets. i think what i take most comfort in is the fact that it's being driven by the consumer if it was coming from industrial activity, i would have less confidence if it is a sustainable trend. the fact that we're seeing actual consumers getting out there and are willing to open the wallet and willing to spend money, that means the growth that we are seeing is on a more solid footing. that's important. >> that's ultimately what we're looking for. we're not looking for a reacceleration it's stabilization
5:35 am
to the extent that we hit that more stable level, when we look at internal measures of activity, whether it's transportation of goods around the country with flat shipping or electricity usage internal message foints a stabilizing factor that's our base case if we do better than that, that's just extra. it is the rate of change that's catching people off guard. is that cause for concern? this idea we may be moving quicker towards a skupgs driven economy in kooin >> i think any time you have a major economy like china shift from one of manufacturing to one of consumption, this is going to be some issues in data, and some of that data shift will just take time for markets to adjust to no, i think it's a good thing. i think that chinese -- strong skienz e choonz consumer is good for the global economy, and we
5:36 am
need that for a bullish case on equities going forward >> so just stick around here because we also have had goldman sachs ceo david solomon sit down for an exclusive interview he expects the economic expansion overall to continue. >> i do think growth slowed around the world, and i do think the trajectory of growth slowed in the united states as we finished that 2018 elk pretty clear to me that it's chugging look pretty well, and certainly we're at trend, and i think this central banks around the world, including in the u.s. have become much more accommodative. you know, haets here in the new year pooh bodes well for continuing it is expansion. >> the thanksgiving turkey in the month of april we'll put it right there the global economic picture seems morrow bust to many folks like david solomon at goldman sachs. pat, we'll start with you. maybe a little this idea that is
5:37 am
he right should we be at least optimistic about the idea that china and the u.s. and the rest of the world are going to work constructively to add to the economy? >>. >> i think near-term, that's certainly feeling like it's in the cards. the u.s.-china trade negotiations that we expect to have resolution on probably within the next month or so certainly feels as though countries are beginning to work together on a more constructive way. >> now, patrick, what do you think? >> potentially, you mentioned the raft chapg earlier. >> you corps all have these different markets. where do you see that strength perculating?
5:38 am
>> it's interesting. i think these global central banks working in unison, that's provided a fuel to the fire when looking at emerging market assets, and a lot of stocks overseas on the international side i guess i wonder how long will this continue, and if this stabilizing china story continues, how long will it take to spread to other parts of asia, japan, philippines, and thailand that, you know, those countries are so reliant on china for trade? >> is there one developed or emerging market economy around the world that you think stands out as the real wild card in 2019 >> oh, it has to be china. absolutely seema mentioned earlier the stimulus that the chinese government enacted last year we're beginning to see it show up in data today china is absolutely the wild card as china goes, so will the rest of asia goes >> is there a pocket -- i think
5:39 am
the fact that the spral banks become less hawkish, and that has really brought down volatility that is really what is driving market success here, and we'll continue to say that's not true. thank you for all the updates. appreciate those coming up on the show, a check on the casino industry what has been a t uh-htumultuous another day, another terrifying video from boston dynamics robots and weird ones. worldwide exchange comes back after this unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you?
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a busy few weeks in the casino industry, and with las vegas sands reporting in just a few hours contessa brewer joining us now on set with more on that company and the overall sector there are so many different storylines it seems like it's a tv drama. >> you know what, one of them could be a mini-series, no doubt. first and potentially most importantly today, we're expecting earnings from las vegas sands. we're waiting to shear whether founder chairman and ceo sheldon adelson handles the earnings call last quarter he wasn't feeling well he missed a court hearing where he had been scheduled to testify and a board meeting, and, of course, his vision and leadership have been central to
5:43 am
the growth of las vegas sands. part of that vision is the expansion in singapore the company has recently announced a $3.3 billion pronl to add a tower to marina based sands as well as a 15,000 seat theater. the company tells me that it runs about 98% occupancy there there's a genuine need for more room, so we expect to hear more about how they're going to turn on this investment on the earnings call. what do they expect for a return here we'll be listening for that. >> we always talk about the domestic side because it's the one that we know we see the casinos and everything else in vegas kwa should we see or look for? >> there are several companies that have a lot of exposure there. las vegas sands. you have wynn, mgm, and melco and that's also traded on the nasdaq it doesn't get a lot of attention.
5:44 am
>> the april numbers expected to have a top climb the comps are difficult because last year they saw a 28% growth in april >> that's gone away, right what we're seeing is the growth of mass and premium mass that's where the money is being made, and that's where sheldon addelson has made his bed so to speak in macau and singapore as well we'll continue to see that grow. it looks like once we get into may, the comps will improve. things are on an upward trajectory in china overall.
5:45 am
>> is that going to be material for what's happening with the growth >> you have dozens of other states that are currently considering legislation to improve sports gambling. >> clearly it's top of mind even for companies like wynn where sports gambling is an afterthought >> there is an intersection between legalization of gam geling and in politics in this case here there's a political tie with las vegas casino owners as well because of a specific project that the trump administration is looking at right now >> listen, i saw the most interesting letter to congress that was signed by all the major casino ceos about yucca mountain, including sheldon, who is trump's biggest donor, who is a presidential campaign.
5:46 am
they had 2 million visitors. probably more this year. it's just too close. we don't need to reutilize yucca mountain for nuclear waste it was amazing to see the company coming together a united front, especially those that support president trump in whatever he endeavors. >> we need a mini-series at the very least snoo this past year has been the menny series >> thank you for that big update on the casino industry we appreciate it contessa, stick around we're going to find out what else we're going to be talking about today. it's time for the morning's trending stories guess who is back with those frank holland. >> contessa, dom, i don't know
5:47 am
if you have sci-fantasies or fears, but they're closer to reality now. the engineers from boston -- >> will i get it >> here it's terrifying. i know you are afraid of this, dom. >> i kind of cool. they rebotts that stack boxes and move boxes >> this is give them ai, and it's a whole different beast zl don't we have engines like that that have been around for 100 years? >> still, it's fascinating to see -- i just fear when they become sanctioned and somehow the robots kind of get conscious. >> that's totally different.
5:48 am
zoo first they have to learn to clean the whole house. >> you guys like coffee. godiva is opening up -- the company is opening 2,000 caves over the next fwo years with a much wider menu, and it's going to include croissant stuffed with cheese or chocolate the first cafe is now open in new york our courtney reagan will be there all day long for cnbc. >> i'm sure she's going to be enjoying some of the finer foods that they have there. >> this is called the -- it takes place on snapchat mostly lsh teenlers are eating bananas and oranges with the peels on. don't get it also, candy with the wrapper on, and this kid is actually eating
5:49 am
a package of carrots still wrapped in package >> that's safer than tide pods, eating plastic is that safer? >> i don't know. where did they even come up with it is what i want to know. >> what happened to when they were swinging from trees and going into a swimming pool when i was a kid, we walked up hill both ways >> in the snow barefoot. >> there's streaming and video games. the internet >> how did any grown-up find that because it was on snapchat. oh, i know, there was a gen z person that posted on twitter, and then it spreads around all the parents should be on twitter so they know what's going on snapchat. that's the way it works. frank, contessa, thank you for that in the sports world two sweeps in the first round of the nhl play jofrz the new york islanders the isle is swept the penguins in pittsburgh winning game four by a score of 3-1.
5:50 am
in ohio the columbus blue jackets swept the tampa bay lightning. a surprise end to the season for the lightning who had come into the play jofrz with the best regular season record in the league tarpa bay going down >> on deck, heads, u.n., tails i lose leslie picker is telling us what to look for. and why no one has ever been happy at an ipo. plus, an update on pinterest some now more after this. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up! - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain and improves memory. - dad's got all the answers. - anncr: prevagen is now the number-one-selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. - she outsmarts me every single time. - checkmate!
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(vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you. to come futures pointing -- the dow opening up by 25 points. if these futures gains hold into the opening bell the s&p up by five points, and the nasdaq up by 24.
5:53 am
joining me now from the nasdaq, the reporter who will be trying to chase down all of these pricings, trying to break them first here on cnbc. our own leslie picker and what can you tell us right now? we are seeing some headlines crossed about pinterest and demand and pricing for its big ipo. >> i am wearing tennis shoes to do all of that chasing today it's not going to happen in high heels. the journal is reporting that pinterest is likely to price above the range it had been marketing, which is notable because that would increase their valuation to be closer to that latest private round that they raised back in 2017 they were valued at $12 billion then that's an interesting part of pinterest's strategy throughout the whole thing. they came out with the somewhat conservative valuation according
5:54 am
to the investors i spoke with, and then you price bo have it. psychologically, that makes other investors think that it's a hot deal. >> we are going to have a slate of them. some data points ahead of the big monster of them all, and that's going to be uber expected next month pinterest and zoom, how much are they a brm meter for the true ipo market right now >> so i think the way we should look at these things is the performance. are investors making money on ipo's? if they are making money, they will be more apt to buy into future ipos. namely, uber, which has $10 billion in stock to sell
5:55 am
those investors are going to be much more hez has not to buy the next ipo because they're going to say, listen, you know, i'm under water on my previous ipo investment for the year for tech ipos what would encourage me to buy into anyone in the future. if pinterest and zoom does well, that could encourage more investors to come into the ipo market and generate alpha through ipos, and maybe more inclined to buy uber and some of the other ones that are coming out in the rest of the year. >> leslie, i mean, you speak to a lot of sources out there on multiple sides of the offering process for these companies. is there a general sense right now about how people want to, how bankers and underwriters especially want to price these issues i mean, arguably lyft is down now because it was very aggressively priced.
5:56 am
>> it doesn't matter when it comes to your long run performance as a company now, these days because of what happened with lyft, the sources i speak with talk about how everyone is just trying to be a lot more kwrk in terms of pricing. it's a delicate balance between giving investors a valuation and investors thinking it's fair fair is the keyword here.
5:57 am
>> quack backs e box will pick up market coverage the dow opening up s&p and ep iaq with slight gains ket here market coverage all day coming up so with xfinity mobile
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snoo shares of qualcomm soaring after a court settlement with apple. just hours later intel said it would pull out of the 5g business details straight ahead plus, we'll show you the big moves in netflix after that report the earnings report last night it will bring you new numbers from pepsi and morgan stanley. that's coming this hour.
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"squawk box" begins right now. >> we're life in sometimes square i'm andrew ross sorkin, along with joe kernan. melissa lee. becky kick off today also hanging out, ed lee with us for the next hour. lots to talk to him about. a lot of tech names. >> the s&p 3500 looking to open about six points higher. europe european equities green across the ground with the exception of the ftse 100 it's down just marginally. finally,


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