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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 1, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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dividend at 6.5 times as best. >> grasso. >> the bright shining moment in retail, ross stars. >> you already picked that. >> thanks for being here, scott. great show tonight mckesson coming off a monster quarter. >> all right that does it for us, "mad money" my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm trying save you some money my job isn't just to entertain, but put this one into context. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me at jim cramer boom that's the sound of a 10% tariff hitting the 300 billion in chinese goods that were still
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duty-free. sounds a lot like falling stock prices, doesn't it the averages started strong. but after the news broke the dow ended up plunging 281 points s&p plummeted .90%, the nasdaq fell 1%. one fell swoop, president trump has given the hard liners exactly what they want if you import goods from china, he's making you pay, no exceptions that includes the iphone no wonder apple's stock reversed it went from up big to just, well, ugly because it's the most visible importer suddenly everything either they need to eat the tariffs or they need to make their phones even more expensive relative to samsung, which does its manufacturing in south korea can you imagine, the outcome of this is that samsung is the winner but apple is one example out of many i used it because it's so in your face. the president figures he's given
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american companies enough time to get out of china, roughly a year and a half sins aluminum and steel and change sourcing. that's up to them. the reaction was so negative the yield on the benchmark ten year treasury broke down below 2% that is a sign bond investors fear we're heading into a recession. no ifs, ands or buts the president made it clear he's had enough of china and our economy is strong enough and our stock markt is high enough we can handle the escalation to what is definitely -- you can't say anything otherwise it's not a's trade tiff, it is a full blown tariff war. and i get where they're coming from tariffs are bad for the consumer and obviously the chinese need to retaliate we have to wait and see what they do. if you're a high-ranking member of the communist party, you can't just give trump what he wants here, some big agricultural purchases and crackdown on illegal fentanyl. no, you would make them look weak they dee spies looking weak. it's a paramount concern i told you all along this trade
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war would keep escalating. while there are two camps in the white house, the hawks and the doves, after last year's failed tet a tet in buenos aires, when the chinese walked away from what looked like a done deal, the hard liners made it clear they weren't going to tolerate any more back sliding on the part of the chinese. >> boo >> sure, trump gave the doves a real chance here there was a cease-fire when he met with president xi at the g20 conference, but that was a delayed reaction the treasury secretary mnuchin had one last window to come back with something, anything, that would show china is willing to deal in good faith when mnuchin came back empty-handed, president trump made his move and slammed the window shut. now, the thing i was most concerned about for the reason to sell stocks, a blanket tariff on all chinese goods with no
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exceptions including apple the sock was soaring before it hit. i have to tell you, it's the real deal, people. it's the real deal i was surprised the averages weren't down even more again, from the very beginning, despite the endless mainstream press commentary that's been wrong otherwise, i've told you the hard liners would win out. i figured the free traders in the white house would give one more stab at a deal. when that failed, there would be more tariffs it's why i've been warning you endlessly about the last 300 billion of chinese imports for months the only thing i got wrong was the timing and even there i was pretty close. i thought it was going to happen this weekend that's why i repeatedly told you the trade war was the major obstacle to higher stock prices and why i felt that, just say fed chief powell was right when he made that cut yesterday he had an inkling. he had a feel like i had the feel i want to give my perspective because i'm up to my eyes on
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this stuff i absolutely favor anything that can help level the playing field with china they have been breaking the rules for decades. they are pernicious. i've told you over and over again that the hard liners would win. the free trade faction simply didn't understand how angry the president felt when china came through with purchases they promised or fentanyl crackdown which the president knows is killing many, many americans i think the administration is betting china will blink they may be tempted to hold out until after the election, but that's a crap shoot now. president biden will probably give them a better deal. the president will crackdown even harder than trump, they see that he's not going to be thrilled the chinese made him wait. look, these new tariffs are just the tip of the iceberg, people if china doesn't deal, then i have a pretty good feel trump used the 10% duty as nothing more than an opening volley in
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the next round of the trade wars he's itching to take all the tariffs to 25 -- he is doing that, at which point he thinks the chinese will realize their economy can't take this kind of pain they'll need to play ball. remember, trump smells blood he believes the chinese economy is weaker than ours. he's right and right and he doesn't mind pushing their economy and stock market over the edge what i am hearing over and over again, it's better to take tariffs high and bring them down than to not have tariffs at all. what does it mean for you? if you have stocks with some huge gains, i am giving you my blessing because the market wasn't down that badly, to take a little off the table not a lot. this is not that call, the giant sell call. if i see that in twitter i will come after you with everything i have we are barely down we haven't seen the chinese response yet i have to believe it will be swift. the stocks will go lower and you'll be glad you sold a little there's no reason to be hurt here you have to wait and see what happens. that's why i think it's too soon to sell domestic stocks with zero exposure to china
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after the smoke clears, companies with medium size business could be worth buying look at the sell -- you have a lot of gains i'm not going to give you a list not going to give you a list because this is' a lot in the s&p 500 that's too high after this second, the ten year going below 2% is your green light to buy safe dividends my same three have been the same for years and years. it's still not too late to own those. once you take profits -- again, once you take profits and i sanction taking profits, there's no reason to start buying immediately. these tariffs are game changing. they make it year president trump is not going to stop he'll press and press and press because he is furious at china and he thinks the trade war is a winning campaign strategy. see, he wants the trade war going into the election. these tariffs will hurt you and me, we can take the pain we need to but you must recognize that the pain is going to extend your portfolio. unfortunately, this makes it hard to justify buying the usual suspects that would new york l circle the wagons around in an
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economic downturn in a recession. that means magnificent procter & gamble reported a great quarter. normally i would say buy, buy, buy. they do too much business in the prc. might be a natural target for retaliation. j. powell, our clever fed chief, had great intuition about these tariffs. can you imagine how bad today would have been if powell hadn't can you tell us that quarter point break? plus he's got a lot more ammo. don't listen to people who say he doesn't they're wrong. i think after an initial stumble powell is doing a great job. the president and others say he's not a great communicator, give him a break the time to hit him is when he was wrong, not when he's right i believe the president was right to crackdown on china. i've been making the argument for decades. i used to say the same thing when i worked with larry kudlow who was a great free trader back then he's now the president's chief economic advisor on a show we had kudlow and cramer. i recognized how china targeted and destroyed so many american
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industries i've been passionate about it for decades. however, i have always accepted this kind of move would hurt the stock market at least in the short run. i'm not for higher stock markets. i'm not that craven. there's no hurry to start picking among the rubble here. we're in a world where international companies will be forced to cut their forecast here's the thing as interest rates go down the alternatives for the stock market get less and lessen ticing i'll have two gold stocks i think you should buy later in the show without much chinese exposure will be the winners once the smoke clears as they were the last two rounds of tariffs that's one first bottom line, we just have to wait until the dust settles, please, then you can start buying some high-quality companies at a discount that don't have chinese exposure and you will definitely get a discount, i believe, because it's too hard for individual stocks to escape the downward pull of the s&p 500 when estimates have to come down for so many different industrials. carmen in connecticut, carmen >> caller: hi, jim thank you so much for taking my
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call >> thank you >> caller: i really am in trouble with the stock i bought 5 below, and in doing my research, it said that they were opening 4500 new brick and mortar stores in the u.s. and the earnings seemed good earlier this year, and i bought it now it's been going down really big time the last month or so. i don't know if it's a question of the tariff. it seems to me it might be something more that i've missed, so if you could help me, i don't know if i should sell it -- >> certainly well, we sold it for action alerts plus we told members this is going to be hurt by tariffs if there are more tariffs it will get hurt. the next wing of tariffs, the next round do hurt them. they're going to have i think a lot of merchandise that is going to have to be charged more than 5 bucks, wigs their m.o. so my take is it's not too late to sell. you can revisit it lower
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it is a great region national. brian in new york, brian >> caller: booyah, jim, sunny long island. i'm doing well today >> i'm doing well, how about you? >> caller: awesome, uawesome. i appreciate what you do for us little guys. i have a two-part question for you on bank of america >> okay. >> caller: where do you feel the price of this stock is going to be, let's say in the next three months we all know about the fed dropping the, you know, the interest rate a quarter of a percent. we don't know if they're going to drop more or not, you know, the stock has been like in this 29 range and it's not going anywhere it was about to go 31. my second part is why in the world did bank of america drop so much today after trump's announcement of adding 10% additional tariffs on china, meanwhile bank of america is here in the -- >> here we go, i'm going to tell you what's going on here when people think that a recession is coming, they sell
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banks that have credit issues. that's what they do. they look at the bond market the hedge funds look at the bond market then they sell the international banks, which bank of america is, and you know what they do, they buy the financial technology stocks i have a couple later on i'm going to recommend that is a.m. ti that's time honored, what they do, they follow the play book. dave in kansas, dave >> caller: jim cramer, booyah. i've been a fan for a long time. >> you're very kind. thank you. >> caller: i wanted your take on fico, i picked it up for 91 bucks and it's beat since then, up 300%. everyone knows their fico credit score, i haven't heard you mention it they had a blow up quarter 300% now it's north of 10 billion >> dave, you're right. i have not done enough on fair isaac. it is a quintessential tech
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company. it's a company i like very much. that's why it's bad. if i didn't like it, then it's beyond a saleable that i'd be bad. i like this company very much. you can't get them all, you can't. all right. okay, it's been a brutal couple of days. for now i want you to wait until the dust settles if you want to, you can raise some cash with some of the high flyers we did some for action alerts club members i can't tell you otherwise on "mad money" tonight, it was a tough day for the average, but one stock that can offer your portfolio some stability in an unstable market. it works in this environment the c.e.o. of american tower, wow, that's a good business. then are interest rates signalling a recession is around the corner i'm going to give you my take. a company for protection and treatment of breast cancer and ovarian and many others. don't miss my exclusive with the c.e.o. of whole logic. i want you to stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money."
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i'm justin rose. we are morgan stanley.
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you know me. as i say all the time after these little days, i fall back to the sector growth story doesn't end with a trade war i'm talking about the sell tower stocks, the group that's getting a fabulous boost from tell coe carriers worldwide roll out 5g wireless requires a lot more infrastructure take american tower, amt, the largest player in the space. they're all organized as real estate investment trusts or reits with nice dividends. this one yields 1.7% it doesn't pay out a lot it's been such a winner. i love this industry because once you put up a tower you can sell antenna space it brings in funds from operations, a buck 90. higher than expected revenue, up
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6% the margins are so great that translates to a 38% increase in profits. the stock rallied 4% since i recommended it in may, i recommend it over and over again, up 34% year to date can it keep climbing let's talk to the chair, president and c.e.o. of american tower. we've been behind him the whole way. find out more about the quarter. welcome back to "mad money." great to see you, sir. >> great to see you, jim >> when your stock was more than 10 where it is, you came on and doled us about the great story people need to know. a lot of doubters, but you beat every syringe l one of theingle. even though it says american tower, it's really international tower. unbelievable growth overseas >> it's a global business. there's two things that are truly global in nature one is the technology. the physics for radio frequency spectrum, its transmission are the same all around the world. and people is the other thing that's the same all around the world. they want to do three things as much as they can communicate with each other,
6:19 pm
send data back and forth, book airline tickets, send emails, et cetera, and finally get entertained if they can. tv, social media, et cetera. and the mobile industry is enabling that all around the world. >> one of the things that -- when people say, jim, africa is a growth continent i wouldn't buy this african stock or that -- i always say buy american tower because they also, when they do a deal, it's backed up immediately -- there's no real risk associated with it. >> even some of our countries we get dollar denominated contracts along the way. we also demand high internal rate of return so we'll, you know, really bargain hard on the asset pricing to get the right basis so we can get the return we need >> you told us, people who haven't heard you, a lot of these countries skipped over wire line and they're wireless countries. >> absolutely. india is well on its way to doing this you've probably heard of prime minister modi's digital
6:20 pm
initiative where he really wants to bypass the entire wired phase of those three things, communication, data transmission, and entertainment. and there are four very competitive companies in that market now big enough to do that with a capital to do it and we're working with them right now. >> the internal rate of return, again, you really researched this over a long period of time. united states, we start saying something you have said the whole time, which is consolidation is not only bad, but in this particular case, the advancement of dish into this where they have to build out big, i know it's influx, you didn't spend too much time talking about it, but united states with this new regime could be very good for you >> it could be very, very good for our company. but i think it's very, very good for the country also potentially because what this agreement between the justice department, sprint t-mobile and dish has done, we think, is to position the united states for true leadership and accelerate that leadership for 5g. at the same time, they brought
6:21 pm
in a disruptive new player in dish who is going to benefit the consumer all along the way so i think it's really a great combination for the country. it's going to be excellent for our company as well. but it's a good initiative all around, we think >> i would imagine one of the first calls dish has to make is to you because they don't have any of the space that they need >> well, we have been well in touch with charlie and his team for years because they've owned and operated wireless spectrum they had to have their licenses preserved. they deployed for that they're in the middle of internet things deployment they're actually going to segue into a full 5g deployment. we're already in touch with that team and have been for years, and we expect to work with them closely. >> so talk to me about 5g and what it means for american tower. >> so, what it means for us is that while 4g is still here to take up the 30% per year growth in the data that's being used today by americans, 5g is going to be able to give you more through put, better signal, much
6:22 pm
faster latency or signalling time which enables automated automotive vehicles, automated drones and things at scale so it's going to be a gay chang game changer for society really. it will be 4g technology to 5g technology, generally takes 7 to 10 years to do the sites are going to be need to be closer together. there's going to be more equipment out there transmitting so again, it should be something that lengthens and strengthens our growth rate. not in the u.s. only, but in the world eventually >> one last question through the whole time that we recommended your stock, the yield looks low for real estate investment trust that's because it's been such a great stock. you keep raising the dividend. >> our board has been comfortable, our cfo is advocating still does, 20% annual increase in dividend or above. >> if interest rates start going lower, american tower is a
6:23 pm
terrific play. >> we like to think so that's what our strategy is designed to do >> that's the chairman & ceo of american tower first year of this show we recommended amt. we've been behind it the whole way. thank you. >> you're welcome.
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right now the bond market is telling us that we're headed into a recession that's what it means when the yield on the benchmark ten year treasury drops below 1.9%. it's a warning the answer is complicated. like i told you at the top of the show, you need to accept the trade war will keep escalating which will hurt the chinese economy and do collateral damage here it doesn't mean you need to sell everything when the dust settles, i believe you'll be able to buy the stocks of companies that won't be hurt by the new tariffs at great discounts. let me give you some specifics
6:26 pm
when wall street finishes adjusting to the new normal, meaning after decent pull back, what should you buy? first there's tech or at least non-cell phone related tech the kind of tech companies that keep making the numbers even when the economy slows down. and that's why even into the sell of -- i like alphabet i like facebook. i can even endorse netflix here because they don't do business in china the tariffs arguably make amazon even more valuable because it's cheaper, more alternative to the brick and mortar chains. there will be plenty of time to buy the sell-related semis let the down rates happen first, then i'll give you a list. i don't want to be premature seconds, companies that scale well without china exexposure, yum brands, kfc, taco bell and pizza hut. it spun off years ago. reported a spectacular quarter today. don't be a hero. you can afford to be patient but when you're ready, buy this
6:27 pm
into weakness. you should add costco into your shopping list. it's not in china. as we've seen for the last year, the previous tariffs had no real impact on their numbers. don't shoot every retailer, please rh parent company had virtually no impact when the stock was down almost ten bucks from its high today baby and the bath water, people banging down pinterest explode higher on a fantastic earnings report after the bell what else? drug companies with good dividends are a decent place to go even with nearly every democrat running for president talking about the industry like it's public enemy number one. merck. novartis had terrific numbers today. as i mentioned at the top of the show, utilities work we had nick ackins it hasn't stopped his company from delivering superior results. att and verizon, they have strong numbers how about growth stocks that
6:28 pm
work in this environment think cyber security cyber ark which protects administrator accounts that are basically keys to the digital kingdom. thwart net reported a great quarter after the close or buy my favorite sysco with no chinese exposure some may want to pick up the cloud kings. they had great growth no matter what during the recession. strange enough, you can circle right back to financial technology because the large banks are always considered to be vulnerable in a slow down they swap into thin tech, mastercard and visa have zero credit risk so they're magnets for money. by the way, mastercard has time with apple card. what else? you can buy defense contractors, knee jerk trade. it works, though 3 harris had a nice move up. it's my favorite in the group. i still think it's cheaperment finally some gold exposure if you don't have some already. i prefer agnico eagle mines or
6:29 pm
barrett gold people buy precious metals as insurance against economic chaos. it's terrific for gold buyer we just spoke to the company i like everything they say gold miners, no hurry. i think the broader market could go lower if you're patient you'll be able to pick up most of these names, maybe not the gold stocks, at a discount for now you need to keep your head down. maybe raise a little cash with high flyers if you don't have enough already then get ready to do some buying as we will get through even this after some painful adjustment. let's go to evan in new york, please, evan >> caller: booyah, how are we doing, jim >> i'm doing well, how about you, evan? >> caller: good. had a question for you as mcdonald's as a founder of a trading group it's been a real money maker for us it's about in an up turn long trend -- long term trend for as long as i can remember now with analysts saying it's due for a pull back, what are your thoughts?
6:30 pm
>> i don't think it's due for a pull back. it's a stock i'd buy in this environment. they're doing a great job. you don't need a rip roaring economy for mcdonald's to do well i think it fits my profile i'd be a buyer i mentioned earlier yum. i should have put in mcdonald's, too. let's go to dane in florida. dane >> caller: booyah, mr. cramer. >> booyah, dane. >> caller: from the great city and state of gulf, florida >> go ahead. >> caller: i first want to you it for consistently providing us investors, especially our youth the guidance and insight needed to diversify our portfolios. >> young people are buying stocks again and they're watching the show and i love it. what's up? >> caller: yes, sir, you got it. my question to you is in regards to the recent pfizer spin-off. as you are well aware, over the weekend pfizer announced that they will spin-off its off-patent branded drugs business >> right >> caller: and combine it with
6:31 pm
generic drug maker mylan >> right >> caller: since obviously this will impact their financial reporting metric, how would you advise us young and old investors investing in pfizer, sir? >> i don't think pfizer has earnings momentum that i like. i prefer to see you in novartis. i think that they are a better place to be right now. pfizer, that deal was not that great frankly, and it also revealed it didn't have a lot of earnings power let's go to john in new jersey, please, john >> caller: hey, mr. cramer, my name is john from asbury park, new jersey >> you know i love asbury park what's up? >> caller: my stock is crato's defense, ticker number ktos. they reported yesterday. they beat on upper and lower numbers. their fuller guidance was great, but yet the stock sold off i'm confused >> you should be confused because this happened time and
6:32 pm
again to kratos. every time the bears have come in and they trash it, i do not blame short sellers. i'm saying kratos, i recommended the stock -- it went up to 12, then went back to 9. that's the pattern so you wait a little bit kratos is in the sweet spot. i like defense here, i like defense. i do like l-3 harris more. dolan in rhode island. dolan. >> caller: hey, jim, my son is watching your show for a year and he's got a question for you. here he is >> caller: hi, mr. cramer. my question for you is about wells fargo, the stock i invest in it now, wait a little or invest in something else >> kid's got horse sense he's looking at the market these days everyone tells you you have to be in index funds. listen to this boy, how smart he is the answer is the large regional banks -- large banks, wells fargo, a tough one, doesn't have a c.e.o. so i'm going to have to tell dolan in rhode island who is 9
6:33 pm
years old that i'd rather see him in a different bank, but the banks aren't in favor right now. what i do want to say is i hear it all the time now. there's a c-change going on. young people, all ages, they want to be in stocks they're not brain washed, just be in s&p. they like index funds, but they also want individual stocks. please stop fighting them. it's a good thing. all right. after they go negative and strategists shave the targets, use the opportunity to buy high-quality i'm pouncing if there's no hurry. it's a company that helps improve detection of breast cancer 60% don't miss when i sit down with one of my favorite companies, hologic. the company ce takes on live nation head on can it come out victorious i'm talking to them, and the fan could be the winner. the rapid fire in lightning round. so stay with cramer.
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this latest escalation of the trade war, a lot of investors worry about the economy. normally you buy the health care stocks when you're afraid of a
6:37 pm
slow down, right as we see in the democratic debates, the pharmaceutical industry and insurers are persona non grata. we can't pay more for health care on oonch, some people say we get worse outcomes. the plans are going to hurt. there is one part of the health care that doesn't seem to have a target on its back, though the medical equipment space, especially advance diagnostic equipment. consider something like hologic. it makes surgical products mostly focus on women's health and a lot of this i regard as preventive or attack early the company had a terrific strong quarter but the stock wasn't getting credit for it it rallied hard on major fda approval same darn thing, they put in another good quarter nice top beat, raising full year guidance the stock pulled back modestly today. this could be the buyable dip. very little in china here. don't take it from me. steve mcmillan is the president and c.e.o. of hologic.
6:38 pm
welcome back to "mad money." good to see you, sir >> thank you, jim. good to see you. >> i love those cuff links thank you for wearing them >> just for you. >> this is an exciting time to be at your company a number of approvals, miking acquisition. they seem to be things if you ask me, make it so that the health care system actually saves money. you are not additive to the process. >> completely right. you look, for example, our 3-d mammography, it's all about detecting cancers earlier. the same in cervical cancer screening. you find cervical cancers earlier. so everything we do is actually trying to take money out of the system it's improving care. and as you know more than anything, when we find cancers really early, the cost to treat and the impact on the patient is so much better >> where is awareness? you do so much for awareness, but i still think there are a lot of people left out of the system >> there are and particularly still in the case of minorities, you know, you still have particularly
6:39 pm
women of color not getting nearly a lot of the tests that, you know, more mainstream women are, particularly around the world, tremendous opportunities ahead. it's why as we get bigger and stronger as a company, getting our messaging out as the leaders in women's health so that everybody can share in frankly better ander diagnosis >> these machines cost money are hospitals flush enough now it looks like their capital spending budgets are going up. >> the capital spending cycle within hospitals has been pretty good my experience through almost two decades in health care right now is if you have a meaningfully differentiated product, and particularly in our case things like 3-d mammography, you can buy a machine, it's going to last many, many years, it really comes down to, you know, not even a thousand dollars a day for a hospital or anything like that and frankly, really more hundreds of dollars a day to provide state of the art, you know mammograms or other products as well >> that's great. now, before i get to the recent
6:40 pm
acquisition, also something involving double chin, so i'm not going to mix words china exposure about 5%. anything we worry there or is it kind of the system -- they want your stuff is the way i look at it >> they do the high-end hospitals particularly in china, you know, want the state of the art stuff. >> 500,000 people, three different hospitals -- >> in the main hospital, main cities, we have a nice business there. we're not necessarily out in all of the communities, and there are still some questions around patent infringement, you know, some of those things but in general, you know, we still have -- our business is still predominantly in the united states. outside is still a great growth opportunity. >> i'm glad you mentioned outside, because today, just today youtalked about buying 46% of shares supersonic image of french innovator ultrasound medical -- don't we already have good ultrasound or is there something better out there >> it's better for breast, particularly in the indications
6:41 pm
of breast. if you think about what makes our company special in the grand scheme, we try to get the best scientists andengineers to build the best products that are clinically differentiated. and then you get the best sales and service people to surround the customer relationship. and what's been magical for us is as you put those two together, you get this wonderful virtuous circle where we're selling and talking to the key opinion leaders in the field they're using our state of the art equipment and they're sitting there saying, hey, you know what else you can do with this from, our 3-d g, this is helping us detect cancers in dense breast better. and you go there and then they'll also sit there and say, hey, by the way, there's this technology that we saw over in france, this small company that's got an incredible, probably the best imaging in ultrasound for breast so they bring us those ideas, too. so it's all about that relationship we have with the leading physicians and the best products our customers actually sometimes help even direct us to then
6:42 pm
finding other great products, and that's exactly what we just found in this product called supersonic, imagine, where it's really big in europe and asia, and frankly hasn't been much in the united states where we have a lot of strength. so it's a great match. >> one last question baby boomers get double chins. i looked at myself on tv i hate it. what can i do, do you have anything for me? >> that's our sign assure division we just got approved effectually, it's called the submental mask for our warm sculpting product which brooke shields is one of our key spokes people for, what we have is a small mask that you can have a quick treatment and it will take the double chin away >> for how long? >> you know, generally for six, 12, 24 months, depending >> that long >> it's not permanent, but it's indicated in temporary, but it can have a meaningful difference
6:43 pm
it's a very quick treatment, very easy to do. it's essentially a 15 to 30-minute treatment. and, you know, effectively pain free >> we'll do that in the green room if you have time, you'll demonstrate? >> we'll do that >> this is the kind of stock you buy right here right now that's steve mcmillan, president, c.e.o. of hologic if it's like the last quarter, today is the day you buy "mad money" is back after the break. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade >> it is time! >> buy, buy, buy >> sell, sell, sell. >> then the lightning round is over are you ready, ski daddy christina in california, christina. >> caller: hello, mr. cramer, how are you? i need your advice on my stock chipotle, it has run up a lot. should i still hold -- >> i want you to hold chipotle you don't have to worry about china. the stock is up a lot. profit taking, they have it under control. kevin. kevin. >> caller: jim, you're awesome,
6:47 pm
buddy. question for you -- you touched on marijuana yesterday >> right >> caller: hexo, what's your -- >> too early we have to wait. you have to watch kranos and canopy let's go to sherbin in california shervin. >> caller: thanks for everything you do i want to know about the model, the company and the stock and when the bleeding will stop on mtmx has the story changed? >> look, they're competing against vm wear which is one of my favorite companies. stock is down 50%. it has to have some floor somewhere. i have not been able to find it. people say it's not analogous. reported a bad number tonight. i'm struggling, struggling, struggling where the bottom is let's go to giron jerry in michigan jerry. >> caller: thanks, mr. cramer.
6:48 pm
i watch your show, thanks for taking my call i admire your endurance. my stock is anaplan. what's your opinion? >> i often talk about high-flying stocks that have a great market strategy and land and expand doing business cloud software. what i'm talking about is anaplan. i like anaplan a lot let's understand each other, they have profit taking. they're up a lot it's up 112% don't expect it to rot here. let's go to chad in massachusetts. chad >> caller: baba baba booyah, jim. i tried my best. the stocky got for you is sah. >> i'll see you with that and raise you with lithuania i can't. medford oregon could sell. let's go to betsy in california betsy. >> caller: hey, jim, i cashed out 90% of boot barn this morning when it was up another
6:49 pm
25% over 100% for the year but i kept 10% because it's domestic and they're still expanding. is that all right? >> that was genius i saw the stock up today it's one of my favorite companies. fantastic quarter. you know what's amazing? that you sold it at the high that was great stock came all the way back, u-turn regional story is still good i do like it congratulations. and now, ladies and gentlemen, the lightning round >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪
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has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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i made my annual pilgrimage to the eagles summer training camp because i can the summer season is officially over in short, we're entering the best time of year for a sports fan. as anyone who likes to watch games in person, the way we buy tickets has changed a lot in recent years the whole system is being disrupted by companies helping you avoid extortion in fees and making the process more transparent. you know i've recommended live nation forever no denying the fees are stiff. that's why tonight we're going off the tape with seat geek. that's a privately held company that aggregates listings from largest ticket sites that help you find the best value right from your phone. they're basically doing it for
6:53 pm
live entertainment did for airlines a decade ago the execution has been fantastic. even though the company is not yet public, we wanted to take a closer look. the co-founder of seat geek, learn more about the company and how it is shaking up the entire ticket industry. welco welcome to "mad money. good to see you, sir >> thanks for having me. >> the first thing people are going to ask is i use stub hub, why should i use seat geek other than when i looked at it and said this is so much more intuitive than stub hub? >> you said t. we started seat geek ten years ago because we wanted to advocate for the fans, build a great product that made it easy for fans to discover and buy tickets. we focus a lot on ui you talked about how intuitive it is to use and we focus on transparency we have a product called deal scorer that rates tickets 0 to 10 telling you where the best prices are in the stadium. >> the authentication for nfl tickets is important to me because i go to other places, in
6:54 pm
the eagles are on the road and i'm always afraid it's phony. there are phony tickets out there people should be worried about. >> the nfl did something really smart and progressive and where we think all leagues and teams are going to go. they said why don't we make ticketing verified as many places possible and cut deals with sites like seat geek so any time you buy any nfl ticket for this year, you know you're going to get a verified ticket delivered instantly to your phone, scan in and have a great experience >> if i want a great experience, i also would love to be able to pull up in front of the stadium like i'm a big shot. you did something smart with lyft tell me about that >> one of the things we focus on is taking the data we have and making it open we believe if we do so we can create great experiences so we know where you're sitting and we can expose that data to lyft so they can drop you off at exactly the right gate >> andpeople are taking you up on t. >> they love t. >> that's something on a go away game, i don't know where i am. talk to me about seat geek
6:55 pm
enterprise >> we realize that there's a bit of a fundamental miss alignment that exists between the ticketing companies historically and their clients. one of those ways is through -- they have forced these fans to go through only one channel which is their own >> right >> we believe in open distribution if you're nike you should put your shoes as many places as possible whether it's amazon or walmart. you see that in almost any business you follow. >> sure. >> it doesn't exist in ticketing until we came along. we said why don't we open things up we signed deals with ticketing companies and expanded inventory to merchandise places like, speedex pedia >> you did something interesting. young people are addicted to snapchat 17 to 34 they're crazed about it what does it mean? >> it goes back to what i was saying before about open distribution, putting tickets where the fans are how do you reach the younger demographic if you're major league baseball or nfl you partner with broader companies like snapchat that
6:56 pm
have that young audience >> it seems like deal score reminds me of when yelp first started out. there's a subjectivity to seats. how can we be sure -- obviously if i'm on the 50 it's great. how about the others, how do we know >> this is the most beloved feature we have at seat geek we hear time and time again fans love it because we're willing to tell them, here are the best deals in the stadium, but also here are places you probably shouldn't shop no matter what your budget s we know we have a deal for you. >> that's terrific i also hear that's something, obstructed view. last thing, live nation is a fabulous company we've had them on, genius. what's it like to compete with them >> a lot of fun. we look at the way their business has grown we see that the live entertainment business is growing as a whole live entertainment is this irreplaceable fun thing to go do that the whole industry has just exploded over time and we see ourselves really having a chance to become over the next ten years the company within the live entertainment
6:57 pm
space. >> we loved live nation since it was at 20. for ebay, we've been playing please spin on stub hub. david faber thinks it's a ridiculous valuation i want a part of seat geek the co-founder, go look at their site you'll understand why it's so easy to use. i really like it stick with cramer. >> thanks so much.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
i'm like everybody else. i praise j. powell not to -- is he a great communicator? here's what he is. he's a guy that has his ear to the ground he cut it a quarter point and left you more room he will be there at your back as we deal with the trade tensions. that makes it so you don't have to ski dad l, but there's nothing wrong with taking a little profit. so you have the money ready when it goes down i always like to i sa there's a bull market somewhere. i'll find it just for you. i'm jim cramer i will see you tomorrow! gonna kn guys in three seconds.
7:00 pm
i'm gonna drop kick him. him, and him. no, no, no that's my guy. that's my guy. the fate of the world is in your hands and you can't even get along. your momma. [ screaming ] >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ oh, my god, i can't believe we're doing this. walk in the park. this is crazy. high five. narrator: first into the tank is a business hoping to make life with a new little one easier. [ dramatic music plays ] hey, sharks, we're excited to be here.


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