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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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i should say bitcoin but on the bank tray. kre. >> boy, great. >> we had a good group. >> i've never seen better. >> guy had some issues i hope he is okay. some car issues we got to go that doeit fs or on "fast. see you back here tomorrow "mad money" with jim my mission is simple -- to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job isn't just to entertain but to put it in context s call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. what if the center holds what if the republic is in better shape than we think and our leaders in washington can find a way to compromise and
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maybe actually get something done ♪ hallelujah >> i got to tell you that's how i felt when i interviewed nancy pelosi, leader of the democrat party about how she looks at things for now you should know she's hoping for constructive dialogue between democrats, republicans, including the president which is something i pretty much had written off as impossible. [ buzzer ] >> now before i go into what i heard remember that despite today's sedate action, dow inching up 34 point, s&p advancing 2.6, nasdaq gaining 0.40% we are on the cusp of an incredibly important fed meeting. the guys that keep buying on tech news like we got today. i'm concerned about the fed
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meeting. if i were jay powell i might want to stick it to the president by saying, there's no need to cut interest rates we have plenty of job growth and the only possible slowdown is being caused by the trade war which is very much by design so why should the fed lift a finger to ameliorate the pain? >> the house of pain >> president trump is out there calling powell a bonehead day after day. and even an enemy of the united states, why would powell do the president any favors at all? i think you go either way. there is enough evidence to justify easing or doing nothing. if i were powell i would cut and discuss the comments federal express made after their quarterly report as the chairman acknowledged our performance is negatively impacted by a weakened global environment driven by trade tensions and policy uncertainty.
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>> boo >> the market isxing a quarter point cut. powell took rates too high too fast last year the bond market was low long-term rates and practically screaming for cuts irjust don't know if powell hears those screams. >> they know nothing. >> given the stock market remains overbought there is a case we could get hammered by anything less than a rate cut. with the statement that more cuts could be in the offing if business slows further we got to have that too regardless, of course, for the reason for the slowdown including the trade war. powell could hang it on trump that everything would be just fine without the president's tariffs, pay no attention no the overly aggressive rate hikes behind the curtain powell is human. stop trading it's got to be tempting to refuse to cut rates purely out of spite but at the end of the day powell takes his job seriously. and i don't think he would do that no matter how miserably the president treats him that doesn't mean he'll give us
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what we want but decide on a more measured pace he thinks it's a good idea which brings me to speaker pelosi. i know the trade war is front and center for many of you given the jarring nature of the tariffs and struggle to make chinese government change their unfair practices but to me the more sal cent trade initiative is the prospect of the new trade pact among the u.s., mexico and canada, the usmca that so many are worried about because they think it might not be able to pay us, congress imagine that the prevailing wisdom things are so rancorous and ugly that the chances of it passing seem to be diminishing by the day i think a failure would be disastrous for many international businesses based here however that's not the impression i got after talking to the speaker of the house. even though pelosi isn't buddies with trump by any stretch she knows american workers and especially american farmers want the steel and she believes it
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should get done. if she can get something concrete i think she'll shepherd it through the house last thursday "the washington post" ran a terrific editorial arguing that congress shouldn't play politics with the usmca deal even if it means they end up giving trump a win. after speaking to pelosi i get a sense the deal will be made regardless of the presidential political fallout. we talked about a host of other issues but think it's important to consider the two side, democrats and republicans aren't as far apart as you might expect on a crucial issue, all that said, i sure wish the market hadn't gone up even if it only went up a little the probability of powell making a misstep even if he gives us a rate cut is too great. unfortunately, he's chosen to have press conference, a decision i think has turned out to be ill-advised given the tension between the white house and the gentlemanly fed chief. once we get through the big bad event we'll have a respite washington may be able to fill
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with meaningful legislation and practicality i think you need to stand pat. even if the bulls don't get what they want from the fed tomorrow it's just not worth trying to game this market when you know that eventually we're likely to get lower interest rates and maybe an updated trade deal that replaces nafta. two things that would be very good for stock prices. let's go to biery in georgia >> caller: my son has a question for you. >> this is bear from savannah, georgia. i would love to buy my first stock ever what do you think about shell? rgs shell. i love oil stocks. >> all right, first of all the kid has horse sense because he's got good yield a younger person should not be in interested in yield i want you to go for growth, bear royal dutch shell also by the way the fossil fuel stocks don't
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trade hot. bick up adobe at a discount. that's my gift to you. hey, young kids, please keep calling especially children. >> his name is bear. he likes bulls. >> the kid's name is bear. i want the next kid to be bull or dan in ohio dan. >> caller: hey, jim. how are you doing? >> dan, i'm doing well how about you? >> caller: i'm pretty good hey, my question is about roku i'm up about 130%. is it time to take my money or do you think it's still got some room to run? >> listen, chief, you got to take a little schnitzel here take out your cost basis what you can do, you're up that much then forget about it and let roku run and congratulations. oh, how much have you made in a russell index fund how much in the s&p, no, we ought to be brainwashed. we're not allowed to pick stocks because we don't know what we're doing. not. stand pat, people. it's not worth trying to game
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the market on a day-to-day basis. eventually we'll get a respite on "mad money" if the dow breaks out which two stocks could lead the way? i'll reveal the names and the bulls will like it then i sat down with nancy pelosi to talk everything from china to north american trade deal. do not miss my exclusive and talking to the ceo of adobe fresh off its report what does the market rotation out of cloud software stocks mean for the company going forward and is the stock a buy or a sell? i say stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question, tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something, head to - stand up if you are first generation college student.
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hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can know who's on your network and control who shouldn't be, only with xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. after a roller coaster, averages are back within spinning distance of their all time highs we've had rotation after
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rotation different groups rapidly go in and out of style on our favorite the wall street fashion show but we need serious longer term leadership from companies with outsize influence in the dow jones industrial average you know what, we just might get it that's why tonight we're going off the charts with the help of dan fitzpatrick, that terrific technician, founder of stock market mentor as well as being my colleague at real and sees promising patterns in two of the biggest stocks around, two i know two you i own. after looking at the charts, he likes the odds of a breakout see for yourself let's start with the daily trader of microsoft. for the last few months it's been con some dated. trading sideways after a monster run. at the moment there aren't many signs of life. just kind of, fitzpatrick points out that microsoft's 52-day moving average has been drifting
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sideways the moving average convergence to vergennes or the mac-d is resting on the midline meaning there's no trend whatsoever however when you dig deeper into this chart you can feel a pulse. while microsoft traded sideways in august it did so on lower than average volume. this is exactly what fitzpatrick wants to see why? because when the stock is in consolidation, low volume means the big institutions aren't selling the stock in any sort of quantity they're just doing a bit of profit-taking. that's what we want. meanwhile look at these black lines that are called bolinger -- i used to be on when -- when we first started he was on all the time. i love him they measure the level of volatility in a stock at a given time right now the width between them is very tight. about 4% which makes this what's known as a volatility squeeze for technician, volatility is cyclical so when the bands get
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this narrow that suggests they're due to expand sometime soon hey, maybe meaning we are about to have a big move how big? how big. based on the rest of the chart fitzpatrick is betting it will be higher and could be substantial. microsoft has a ceiling of resistance at 140 up roughly 3 bucks from where it was trading today. if it can burst through fitzpatrick thinks it could have a lot more upside that would be so bullish for the market. just want to tell you about the daily chart of apple which we all know, everybody's focused on constantly in many ways it's similar to microsoft's. a stock trading in a tight range, raising floor of support. it is the same, right? but there's a key difference here apple has already broken out above its ceiling of resistance at 217 the 200 leyva day moving average just started to turn up, the blue line. you see that inflection right here. the 52-day moving average is trending higher. all good, stocks made a pattern of higher highs and higher lows. exactly what the technicians
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look for fitzpatrick's favorite part when apple blew the ceiling of resistance on higher volume. volume is like a polygraph and high volume means the move is telling the truth. when it pulled back a bit on friday and monday, well, what happened it did so on lower volume. that's precisely what you want to see plus, even during yesterday's decline apple held above 217 which suggested the ceiling has now become the floor fitzpatrick recommends sticking with this one as long as the stock remains move its 52-day moving average down 6% from here as for me, own apple, don't trade it bottom line, the charge is interpreted by dan fitzpatrick apple and microsoft could be ready to roar potentially giving this market the leadership it deserves stay with cramer imagine a world where
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ever since the new congress was sworn in at the beginning of the year, we've had divided government with the republicans controlling the presidency and the senate while the democrats hold the house of representatives under divided government nothing big gets done unless both sides are willing to compromise meaning president trump needs to come to an agreement with his arch rival nancy pelosi, the democratic speaker of the house. but is compromise even possible in this ultra polarized political climate? how about we go straight to the source earlier i had a chance to sit down with nancy pelosi who as the speaker of the house is arguably the second most powerful person in america i heard someone who instills much needed hope into the process even as i know hope should not be a part of the stock market equation. take a look. first, madam speaker, thank you
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so much for your graciousness for appearing on "mad money. it means the world to me >> my pleasure to be here at "mad money." >> thank you there are lots of people hoping in the business community that we'll get an agreement with canada and mexico and that you'll go forward, even paup pa "washington post" said you got to get involved with this. it involves giving your opponent a big win, president trump where are we >> first of all, when the others are saying bring it to the floor, there is nothing to bring to the floor yet but we hope that we're on a path to yes the most important issue outstanding is enforceability. if you don't have enforcement in a trade agreement, you just have a nice conversation. the idea that we would give a victory to the president is irrelevant it's a victory for the american people >> i think that is a breakthrough in itself, madam speaker because i know that a
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lot of corporate -- a lot of ceos think this could really spur a lot of business if it's just enforcement so to speak, then sounds like a likelihood we could get a deal. >> i hope so here's the thing, i myself voted for the first 1nafta. i took a lot of heat and admit i had some disappointment about its endorsability. so now we've made progress on the issues in the provisions in the agreement. but we have to have -- it doesn't even count if it isn't endorsable. >> right. >> enforceable for america's working families and in terms of the environment and issues relate to pharmaceutical drugs, issues like that but i'm optimistic we've been working very diligently to get to yes in a timely way but until we do, there is nothing to bring to the floor. >> are you the democrat leading democrat that has the best relationship with the president because you're practical >> oh, i don't know if anybody
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has a good relationship with the president but he is the president of the united states and i do respect the office that he holds and where we can find common ground we have an obligation to do so. where we can't we stand our ground. >> at the same time, he makes fun of the democratic leader of the senate, he makes fun of the federal reserve chair whom he picked he doesn't make that fun of you. >> well, i'm a big advocate for independence of the fed. so i don't like when he goes down that path and i didn't like when other democrats would go down that path in the congress in the past so forgetting what he may or may not say about me from one day to the next, what's important is what he stands for and we have massive disagreement there. on the other hand where we can find it we have a responsibility to do it so i'm optimistic we can be on a path to yes. we're not there yet. >> do you believe china is a threat to the u.s. hegemony and
6:22 pm
because of sub si dags of inventories that it wiped out some of our industries that tariffs might help >> well, let me say on the china question, i've been involved in this since tiananmen square but at the same time thinking, well, in terms of -- 30 years ago the trade deficit with china was $5 billion. i thought, oh, my goodness, for $5 billion we could use our leverage, stop their violation of our intellectual property stop the -- get market access, stop proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and free prisoners arrested in tiananmen square $5 billion a year. corporate america, they fought that i could win every vote in the congress i could override a presidential veto, no you have it all wrong peaceful evolution you know what trade deficit is now, over $5 billion a week. >> a week. >> a week.
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it went from 5 billion a year to -- so we have, the american consumer has subsidized the both of the middle class and china. they cannot be ignored but they cannot continue to violate our trade relationship i think the president had to do something about it i'm not sure he went the right way. i think we should have done it multilaterally with the eu and the rest and what i would say is whatever path you want to take to improve a trade relationship, do not empower the other side to hurt your farmers and your consumers. >> now, again, what i hear is we do have to not take it for granted that the deficit with china is an okay thing you want that changed. >> of course and it shouldn't be that way not only is it large, it's the percentage of imports from china to exports to china from us, it's just too big. >> i wish there were an easier
6:24 pm
way. you think multinational attempt rather -- build a coalition would be better than what's going on with the presidential tweets >> well, what are we doing but right now we're having a debate in our national defense bill about do we include an increasing amount of money we give to farmers because they're at a disadvantage? but why should our farmers have uncertainty because of the tactic that the president used rather than the president having an approach that shows our strength, uses our leverage but doesn't make our farmers pay the price. >> at the same time, just to push back a bit, the chinese have been unrelenting in taking american jobs. it's been going on for years you've been a speaker about that is this a way to stop it >> well, it has to be. i mean the at that time tus quo cannot continue. but i will say that, you know, there are many other ways we can
6:25 pm
work with china, whether it's on climate change, issues -- it's not a question of saying i hereby declare that all businesses should come home from china. i mean, really >> very fair let me switch topics for a second single payer national health care versus health care insurance for all. you seem to want to take a breath and say, we can't break the budget you seem to be the only person who is thinking about breaking the budget what's the right path here >> well, we think the right path is affordable care act and that is a path to health care for all americans. i always say to people, when we win, we can put everything on the table and see what it means in terms of benefits for the consumer, cost to them and cost to business, to corporate america which is paying a lot of the price as well as cost to the federal government and local government so i believe that the path is to
6:26 pm
health care for all is a path that is following the lead of the affordable care act. >> when i listen to the candidates in the debate, it seems like the majority do not necessarily favor that path. is there a way to rein people in >> well, when we win and i anticipate that we will win the house and hopefully win the senate and certainly win the white house, but in the course of all of that, let's use our energy to have health care for all americans and that involves over 100 million families have health care through the private sector, through the insurance companies and do not want to empower insurance companies. what it did was expand health care to 20 more million americans but increased the benefits, no longer having a pre-existing condition prevented you from getting health care to animal caps on the health
6:27 pm
coverage that you can have it empowered -- it was actually called patient protection affordable care act and that i think is the path we should go on i think that what is being put forth, i said if that's what you believe, god bless you, but know what it entails and what that debate would be like but it isn't about national health care. it's about a single payer. >> okay. now i always say at the top of "mad money," it's not about friend, it's about money but we do have i mutual friend in mark bennie, founder of salesforce. he believe -- has a great new book out business has become the best platform an agent for social change do you believe. >> it could be and in marc benioff's case it is but i do think there is much more room for all of us to work together for social change. the poet shelly said the
6:28 pm
greatest force for moral good is imagination so let's combine imagination with all aspects of our economy because we really do have to address the issue of disparity of income in our country. as we do so we can use our work that we're going to do to address the climate crisis in a green way, create new jobs, be number one in the world in green technologies and the rest but bring everyone along with that as we go down that new path. >> right now we're number one in the world when it comes to dimming tall facebook, amazon, apple, google. there are some people in the party who believe that these companies have both violated the trust and also are quasi-monopolies that need to be brought up by antitrust law. how do you feel? are these companies different? you know all of them especially where you're from. you've had a lock background in technology what do we do? >> first of all, i think that
6:29 pm
when you say democrats, there are many of these initiatives are bipartisan in the congress whether it comes to antitrust or whether it comes to privacy and the rest and anything that big should be subjected to scrutiny to see if the public interest is served and also if the digital interests are served how does this -- hoss does this serve all the benefit that is could come with that without having the consumer pay the price or the new world of technology that we're in not be advanced in a way that is the best possible way and i think everything should be subjected to a standard that says that we have issues that relate to children and their exposure and privacy issues, these are complicated issues and they have to be dealt with in a very sensitive and knowledgeable way. i don't think they're partisan, though. >> do you think they displace
6:30 pm
jobs or create jobs. >> i haveto hope that -- i'm a big believer in technology in tasking for what we need and i believe that because one of the fears that is out there as you know -- that president trump played upon is the uncertainty and security that america dark some of america's workers felt from innovation, from globalization and from immigration. fewer jobs are lost through immigration. globalization is a real thing, it is a reality. it is going to happen so let's see how we play in that in a very positive way and the innovation has to be -- it has to play positively but it is a decision that we have to make that as we task for how we go forward that we bring everyone so that people see a place for themselves and their families in the future >> okay, so do you say to people who think the democratic party and the leaders have gone
6:31 pm
socialist versus capitalist. >> that the democratic party -- leaders -- >> well, politicians who are running for president. i know where you stand you are a capitalist, not a socialist. >> yeah, i do think that as with everything, capitalism -- i always used to say adam smith actually wrote two books, one "wealth of nations" and another is our responsibilities to the community as a practical matter, as a practical matter. so i don't know -- i don't -- how can i say this, with all the respect in the world for all of our presidential candidates and i think any one of them would be a better president of the united states than nvidia terms of integrity, et cetera, i do not support how some of the policies that are being advocated and i think it's a discussion. it's a beautiful discussion and that's what we should have but we have to come together
6:32 pm
that's what our founders advocated from many. they didn't know how many or different but knew we always had to try for oneness let's try to unite the country, not divide it and that's what elections are about. >> when i went on twitter to ask for questions for you, people, the overwhelming theme is that you are practical and you want to get something done and that you can be the leader to do that too much pressure or is that something you view yourself as >> well, i do -- i do think that we have -- nothing is too much pressure for me but i do think our founders, today is the anniversary of the constitution on september 17th, it was approved and benjamin franklin coming out of the room asked what is it he said it's a republic if we can save it. if we can keep it and i think it is at risk, the constitution is at risk in terms of checks and balance, freedom of the press, et cetera. so we have to -- i think that is a unifying thing, the
6:33 pm
constitution at the time our founders thomas payne said the times have found us and in the darkest days of the revolution, the times have found us make the fight. we think the times have found us not all of us, not any one -- not to put ourselves in a category of greatness of our founders but in the sense of urgency that we have to act in the way that unifies the country. >> well, if you go behind doors and negotiate, is it different from what we see in the front pages and the rhetoric >> republicans in congress are fully subscribe to the president's agenda so actually i believe that the best forum for discussion is the public -- is in the public. abraham lincoln said public sentiment is everything. with it you can accomplish anything without it practically nothing so the public has to weigh in on
6:34 pm
some of these things. >> but you have been adamant, look, the way you should approach the presidency is by election, not by impeachment it seems that there are people in the party who would prefer impeachment but that i keep hearing you want to get something done. >> well, we are legislating. we pass many bills that are including gun violence protection which we're hoping the president will support many pieces of legislation to lower the cost of health care, to grow our economy, create jobs, protect women, et cetera net neutrality over to the senate they won't bring up anything. they say -- mitch mcconnell says he's the grim reaper we say, no, these are alive and well in the public and the public will weigh in but -- so we're legislating. we're also investigating because we take an oath to protect and defend the constitution and we have to do that and where necessary we are litigating and sending it to the courts we'll follow the facts where
6:35 pm
they take us but i do think that how we do it has to be respectful and unifying. >> one last question, you seem as tireless as ever. having the ice cream in the morning, barely sleeping >> chocolate >> you keeping that schedule are there nights you don't sleep? >> it helps being italian-american i always say. dark chocolate that's my method wonderful family wonderful husband who helps with all of it. >> want you thank you so much. speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, thanks for being on "mad money. >> my pleasure my pleasure. ♪ this is the family who wanted to connect... to go where they could explore and experience adventure in unexpected places...
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after spending time lost in the wilderness the cloud stocks have started to make a come back but is it standable? consider adobe it's one of our cloud kings. after the close adobe reported a terrific top and solid linebea but guidance was viewed as weak and got slammed in after-hours trading. do we need to be more cautious let's check in with shantanu narayen. the chair and president and ceo
6:39 pm
of adobe to get a better sense of the quarter and his company's prospects. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks for having me, jim always great to be on your show. >> thank you, and once again, fantastic quarter. marketing on fire. much better than expected. are these the customers that are the $33.99 cent, the 79.9 aor big cuss mores or small and medium what's doing it. >> jim, we actually experience growth across all three of our segments when you looked at creative cloud and the net new arr that we got in that segment of the business, that was a record for q3 many years after the introduction of the product. document cloud had an exceedingly strong quarter and we're seeing tremendous adoption of our people to digital initiatives. and on the expedience cloud, 34% revenue growth every single enterprise needs to understand
6:40 pm
how you can engage digitally with customers and what's unique about adobe, this is every customer from a k through 12 student to an individual freelancer, all the way to the largest enterprises in the world. the breadth of our offerings and our customers is truly fueling this success >> i'm now getting a feeling if you're involved in anything creative at any university or high school, you have become the standard that's in america. is that also becoming worldwide? >> we've always talked about the fact that instead of focus on s.t.e.m., we love steam because the world without arts would be boring what we did this quarter, we have a new ambassador network in educational institutions to your point and we're targeting over 100 colleges where these students are actually being the evangelists for explaining why creative needs to be part of the
6:41 pm
curricula so getting that younger generation excited about expressing themselves we certainly believe that that is going to fuel our growth but in addition to that as we come up on max which is the largest creative conference of the world in november what you will see from our innovation road map across immersive content, what's happening with gaming, what's happening across devices that now have styluses, we announced fresco for art and illustration so the breadth of our products is amazing but you're absolutely right. it is about getting these customers young and enabling them to tell their story >> i don't know if people realize when you talk about a mid-30% growth the average growth for a lot of the retailers i use because you guys are in every bit of commerce is not as strong as your growth which means that you're both, i believe, taking share and also expanding the market
6:42 pm
>> you're right, jim what is really unique right now about our digital expedient solutions is that we have the first mile and the first mile is content management it's the web infrastructure, it's mobile applications that people use to engage with enterprises and we have the last mile in commerce that's the ma genergenta acquis which makes every experience shopable magenta had a great quarter and grew that bookings 40% year over year in q3 so you talk a lot about your rule of 40, jim we're blowing that away when you think of our growth rates as well as our margin. >> that's true the other night we said you were the least expensive high -- large cap growth stock now, i want people to understand how important the adobe max conference is in november. that is often where you lay out the guidance for your coming fiscal year. there are a lot of people after the close today who is selling your stock because they're looking at the guidance you're giving us.
6:43 pm
i have always felt that the guidance i care about is the november guidance and if you're trading off this guidance, you may be missing an opportunity. i'm not saying you're doing anything that is being too conservative but it has been -- this has been the quarter you and i have been together where there are people who trade the stock instead of own it. that has been an unwise way to own adobe, correct >> well, we do look forward to the meeting as you point out when we lay out the growth opportunities ahead of us. we talk last year about how we had a greater than $100 billion addressable market opportunity you know, we're growing the top line 20%, our q4 targets show that revenue growth will be north of 20% with eps growth accelerating even above that so we're in rarefied atmosphere and focused on delivering an incredible innovation road map across all three of our clouds and we look forward to sharing more of our
6:44 pm
forward-looking strategy at the analyst meeting you allude to at max. >> one thing we have to do, our last question, the artificial intelligence component you showed us it it blew our minds away how ingrained is it into your commerce package >> well, our artificial intelligence framework is called adobe sensay and embedded across every one of our products. when you look at a piece of content and say how did they do that that's probably an aspect of adobe sensay in that the fact we have hundreds of trillions of transactions we're processing on behalf of our enterprise customers and we can predict in realtime you've talked about the adobe digital index which talks about shopping patterns internally coming from adobe sensei and it's a part and fabric of all of our innovation and we're excited to unveil new innovation soon. >> well, look, congratulations
6:45 pm
i think the people who trade the stock and not own it have been gravely mistaken and will do so once again shantanu narayen, thank you, once again good to see you, sir >> great to be on your show. >> another great quarter you want to dump it, i mean, come on. there's a huge november meeting. this was a terrific quarter. there's so much good ahead and as we did the other night showed you, it's the least expensive high growth stock that we follow it was sophie's big day.
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>> announcer: "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. it is time time for "the lightning round. >> buy, buy, buy. >> sell, sell, sell. [ buzzer ] >> then "the lightning round" is over are you ready, skee-daddy. robert in illinois robert >> caller: good afternoon, mr. cramer long time listener, first time caller. >> long time, first time. >> caller: first of all, thank you for all you do for teaching us the home gamer about investing, the importance of doing our own research and for making us better investors >> yes >> caller: my question is in
6:49 pm
regards to the ceo of this corporation on your show many times and i believe it their story centene. the stock is taking a little bit of a dip lately. is this a good buying opportunity? >> i'm beginning to believe the worries about them are overdone and you have to do buying. jeff in california jeff >> caller: jim jeff from san diego. >> what's happening? >> caller: listen, i want to thank you for the insight keeping us informed. i just bought a bunch of lynette, lti and it had a great run, but late more last week you think i got too greedy >> i think this is a short squeeze and you're part because i don't like the core business model. to me i would not buy anymore.
6:50 pm
i think you have enough. if anything, i would be off the table of the let's go to paul in california paul >> caller: boo-yah, dr. cramer >> what's going on >> caller: thank you for all of your information and knowledge >> thank you >> want to share a stock with you that i want to get your opinion whether it passes the rule of 40, fastly, fsly. >> it's computing content delivery its computing is really, really hard had a good run i actually want to buy throw a little swish-a-roo if inindividuwe talk to adam -- >> caller: hi, jim >> i've been watching the stock korn ferry international >> sure. >> caller: down over 40% over the past year as you probably know i know you've had the ceo on your show a new times.
6:51 pm
so what is happening with that company. >> let me look into it that is shocking to me that stock is down. endeavor just filed to go public, my agent, full disclosure and i think that will be a great buy and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of "the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade what do you look for when you trade? i want free access to research. yep, td ameritrade's got that. free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price.
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good traders are like therapists you're always trying to measure the mood of the market you need to foe if it's feeling jubilant or depressed or just plain goofy. back when i used to trade at my hedge fund it was easier when i had a good read on wall street's emotions i got a lot of practice. believe me when i say today's market is a forgiving market so forgiving i guess you could call it naive examples last week one of the top performers in the s&p 500 chipotle got clocked because new york city sued the chain for violating some work rules involving scheduling stock plunged 6% part of a broader run. today it's back. 26 points. why? because they're adding a new steak dish the first in three years, sure,
6:55 pm
the carne asada may be limited time but it has buyers going wild from when it was in the 300s i'm thrilled the whole restaurant group charged higher because cracker barrel put up higher numbers it's got so many locations on the interstate highway situation but it delivered a strong quarter and the price of crude came back down so the stock surged 3 bucks it's like we never had an oil shock taking yum up with it. ulta beauty, a breathtakingly bad quarter and lost 30% of its value in a single session but today it's showing signs of life i know the cockroach story where if you see one missed quarter you're likely to see many more if buyers seem to take advantage of a floor in the stock, could the punishment be over
6:56 pm
you know, it wouldn't surprise me it is a well run company and earnings missed -- was not a continuum. a few examples of the forgiving nature a little over a week ago tyson foods slashed guidance mostly due to commodity market volatility the stock got slammed from $93 all the way down to 80 bucks a week later but now tyson is working its way back up, in fact, it's already rebounded to 89 take corning last night the company slashed its full year forecast thanks to display glass issue, telecom, television yet the stock only lost less than two bucks, about 6% i expected far worse that's the market's mercy in action final finally nucor preannounced ugly numbers talking about earnings 75 to 80 cents a their wall street looking for a buck 03 and what happened the stock barely got dinged. it makes a certain amount of sense. nucor is the best steel company in america, perhaps the world.
6:57 pm
fantastic balance sheet. history of dividend boosts, always profitable. still in a rough tape, the stock would have been down 2 bucks minimum. put it together and it reminds me of "pie girl" by the temptations. it's got sunshine on a cloudy day. take advantage of this and look for the dips like the ones you will get tomorrow when cramer fave adobe as well as fedex open for trading. stick with cramer. last time.he 300 miles per hour, that's where i feel normal. i might be crazy but i'm not stupid. having an annuity tells me retirement is protected. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at
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>> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ first up are dave petrillo and dave jackson with an innovation aimed at coffee lovers. ♪ hey, sharks. i'm dave jackson. and i'm dave petrillo. we invented coffee joulies. and i'm confident that before we leave here today,
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