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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 21, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> i'm going to put on that tiger cub thing and watch me some netflix there, mel. >> that carole baskin. the whole thing is unbelievable. >> terrible. awful. >> thank you for my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain you, but to educate, teach context. call me 1-800-743-cnbc tweet me @jimcramer. today we have one of those periodic recognition days, one where we realize stocks are just pieces of paper and they can easily go to ski row, although
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formally that's where they stop, unlike the oil futures >> hallelujah. >> and that's why we got hammered dow plunging 632 points. s&p plummeting 8.37% nasdaq nose diving 3.48% >> the house of pain >> yesterday's futures in negative territory terrified people if you have to pay to get rid of a barrel of oil or a bank that lent to a bunch of oil companies, even though futures rebounded, oil is above zero the more representative june futures plunged to zero digits before rebounding to the teens in the afternoon it's not a good sign in other words, today the real physical world of commodities interfered with the paper world of stocks. my cyclical side says we rally hard from the bottom for not much reason. since the paends the dow crashed
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to 18,000, and back to 24,000. dramatically oversold to dramatically overbought quickly. maybe we got ahead of ourselves. sure, it looks like we slowed the coronavirus. more on that tonight you're going to like it i think. we're still seeing thousands of deaths per day and the economy is still on hiatus look at it this way. business is expecting things to get better any time soon don't us think somebody would have stepped in yesterday and taken delivery of all that oil for free that suggests things may have gotten incredibly weak, weaker than even the pessimists thought. while the averages flew up it doesn't help ibm and coca-cola told us things got bad in the first quarter solid numbers from snap. from netflix, texas instruments and especially chipotle this very evening might change the down beat narrative. the governor of georgia is coming out and lifting the lockdown even though his state has some of the worst hot spots in the country he's talking about opening
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bowling alleys, hair saw sons. clearly we're past the graveyard. maybe not. were we due for a pull back this week absolutely we were overbought i've been telling everybody that don't read too much negativity into the stuff you can't take your que from the oil market it's insang. the futures collapsed after rookies who didn't know what they were doing got fleeced. storage for crude, whether tanks in cushing, oklahoma, or giant tankers on the ocean, they're pretty much fool and the rookies didn't know that more importantly, they are disconnected from reality and this is what really matters. i've been telling you we're pumping way too much in this country. the oil market has been saying the same thing producers have not been listening. traditional buyers have been setback by the pandemic. we spoke to rusty brazil, better than anyone bar none he got it right. he told us this decline is 85%%
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because of the virus any other industry, literally any industry, you need to cut back production. they keep sewing jeans, people stop buying them nucor wouldn't make tons of steel if nobody would buy it micron has repeatedly shutdown production lines for chips rakter than take prices below the cost of production but not the u.s. oil producers as oil prices collapsed earlier this year, did they pull the plug did they cutback did they look at the pandemic and shutdown did they agrees to cut production so as not to overwhelm the commodity markets and cause dislocation like we had yesterday? not a chance they just kept pumping and pumping pretty much the same record amounts they were pumping last year, roughly 13 million barrels a day. that's astounding and it's ridiculous when your product is in glut you stop producing or at least cutback regardless of the near term damage it might do to some
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wells, especially when it costs so much money to store the stuff. you can't dump it in the ocean or ship it somewhere if it isn't needed unfortunately our oil industry doesn't know how to turn the spigot off it needs to be turned off for them and it will probably be in bankruptcy the fact that oil out three years is trading at $40 a barrel shows you the short term insanity of it all everything is complicated by the uso, an exchange traded fund that takes your money and buys oil futures contract it owns 23% of the may contract that crashed it probably drove a lot of the decline. every time the price of crude oil gets hit, drops, the uso has to rebalance and sell. it's a vicious circle. it could be a wash out which is why the darn thing plummeted to $2 and change. it got caught in the cross fire of production. it won't stop going lower until the producers are brought in no one wants to interfere with trading. not when it generates too much money. it traded almost a billion
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shares today we've seen this kind of reckless feckless overpricing in a different commodity during the great depression it happened with food. they created the agricultural adjustment act which justified the destruction of crops and livestock. i mentioned oil prices could get boosted if the president simpl paid the companies to stop producing which is what the industry wants i took a lot of heat for that on twitter but it's the same as the agricultural adjustment act. that worked. that said, politically bailing out small farmers is easier than bailing out rich oil investors i think it's complicated and scarey the high price for the out years shows once you beat the virus, demand will come back. how about the rest of the market the collapse is coloring everything when ibm said the market was weaker, coca-cola big soft drink sales because of lack of demand from restaurants, you can extrapolate. here we go computers will join the oil descent. when we heard apple is pushing
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out iphone sales, there goes that ball game things are only going to get worse because here comes governor brian kemp of georgia who is set to open his state despite a horrible outbreak in atlanta. i think it's too soon to reopen some of these small businesses, but i get where he's coming from we're on a collision course for sky high unemployment. you can call it reckless, but i think it's desperate without a lot more money from the federal government to help people get through this, the states are in a very tough situation. that said it's probably too soon to end the lork down i am hopeful georgia has success. we need to balance work and health or they will end up being one and the same we won't have either instead we will have civil unrest, ununlike the european 1930s. the bottom line, the oil collapse isn't the end of the world, but, man, this market got ahead of itself after the $2.3 trillion bailout. now we're rolling back some of the gains. not all of them. i say stay tuned and watch later in the show. you won't believe it michael in new york. michael.
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>> caller: booyah, jim thank you for taking my call and thanks for helping us get through this trying time with your reliable knowledge and wisdom >> excellent >> caller: i'm a long-term investor looking to add to mize position a stock that reports tomorrow considering the historic oil drop what do you think of -- >> it's a great growth utility i have liked nextera for ages and ages the pull back is a god send for you. let's go to steve in arizona. steven >> caller: jim, good afternoon first time caller, long-time listener jim, i'm a diabetic. i've been a fan of dexcom. you're the only analyst that talks about dexcom >> 300, the stock was down today. i'd buy it i'd buy it we've had two c.e.o.s on i think it's a remarkable
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product and remarkable products and an unfortunate epidemic of diabetes makes it so you should be a buyer of dexcom brad in nevada, brad >> caller: hey, jim, how are you from the great battle worn state of nevada. >> see, it's pronounced nevada, regina she's always fighting with me on that >> i know it >> caller: i wanted your opinion on the -- what the update is on the merger acquisition between el dorado resorts and cesar's. i know the deal was supposed to close march 25th now there are rumors it's going to close possibly in june. the deal was valued at $17 billion and i wanted to know if you thought that the deal is, a, going to go through? what effect do you think carl icahn has on the final deal? and ceasar's seems to trade four to five times the value of el dorado
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>> i'm going to wipe the slate clean and say there is a man, a man in las vegas who has a vision that man's name is matt maddox and he runs wynn wynn is the one to buy people are skeptical, but mr. maddox has thought a lot more about it. i'd wait for him to come on the show and talk about the reopening of wynn. the oil collapse is coloring everything it is not the end of the world you understand there is a lot of insanity and shenanigan to it. but rolling back some of the gains. that's all "mad money" tonight, the white house just ordered puritan to make swabs needed for coronavirus testing under the defense production act i'll find out what it means for the company and whether it can keep up with demand. these are not q-tips, people and i'm turning to the charts to find out when the data can actually signal when the economy can go up again. you're going to love it. a mobile wi-fi company seen a huge demand surge as millions work from home it may not be on your radar, but
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it should be i'll reveal the name when i sit down with the c.e.o. so stay with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc ado dmeyething he sometimes the challenges of today's world make it tough to take care of yourself, that's why you can rely on nature's bounty... to give you the support you need... to stay motivated keep active and sleep well. add a little more health to your day... with nature's bounty.
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reminds you of this, right one's a swab, one's a q-tip. it's actually different. it's very sophisticated actually, but it's a little bit like -- so, this is the swab >> two days ago president trump announced that he would invoke the defense production act to compel companies to make more of the specialized synthetic swabs that we need to test people for the coronavirus. swabs like the long one he held up at sunday's show. he didn't mention the name of any, but he was talking about puritan medical products it's a privately held company that's a major player in the swab space yesterday the president's trade advisor peter navarro argued this help puritan because it would allow the government to give them financial support. either way, puritan medicals is expected to ramp up production with the goal of making 20 million swabs per month, up from 3 to 4 million right now i keep telling you we need more testing which means we need a lot more swabs so are they up for the challenge? let's a check in again with
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timothy, puritan's medical products executive vice president of global sales to get a better sense of situation. mr. temple, welcome back to "mad money. >> good afternoon, jim >> all right, so timothy, where are we with the government how many more are you able to produce? is the defense production act helpful to your activities >> it is a partnership between puritan and the government it's really a very nice thing, actually it will allow us to build a great amount of capacity within hopefully five to six weeks to supply a minimum of 20 million swabs per month and up to almost 50 million swabs per month >> how are you going to be able to do it in a few weeks like that >> a lot of main ingenuity, jim. we are working with a large construction company who is very familiar with construction they have a building that's 40 miles south of our facility. they are going to put a lot of time and people at it. and we have two outside builders to build the machine parts for us to do the assembly here in
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maine. and if they want it in five to six weeks, we're up for the challenge. >> now, currently when you're designated defense production, does that mean everything stays in our country if someone wanted your swabs, you'd have to say no to them from overseas? >> i'm not familiar with that particular part of it. what will happen, jim, this is a whole 'nother plan that will make one swab only we continue to make all the swabs here we make currently and we have been shipping to the government for the last couple of weeks, spending millions of swabs. this is an adjunct, not only for the government, but our standard customers. >> let's talk about the workers you can get. there are so many people unemployed in this country are some people getting jobs at puritan? >> yes, they are we hired almost 50 people in the last three weeks the new plant will take 130 people and then we go into full bore
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automation scheme once we're up and running to adjust the employees downward a little bit so we can be much more efficient and do things much quicker >> at one point we heard governor cuomo talking about how he didn't want states bidding against each other for ventilators. will all of yours be given to fema which will then distributor is it governor to governor and a governor can call you and say, listen, we're in a jamb and we'd like this much allocation? >> no, i mean, i believe what's happening is the government is assuring that there's enough capacity of swabs to be shipped around the united states, but also support some of the other companies that use swabs in their point-of-care diagnostic test kits as well as independent laboratories >> do you foresee a world where i could drive to my local parking lot of a mall that is usually empty these days and there will be some tents there and someone can give me a
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puritan swab i can insert it, get back, and maybe find out quickly whether i've got it so i can go about my way? >> i believe the technology is there. there is a rapid care that uses a foam tip swab. we sent 70,000 swabs to rite aid for testing on their site. there is activity going on with the government and puritan and the numbers are moving out every week this week we will have sold -- shipped 1.5 million swabs, flack swabs and foam swabs from puritan to not only the government, but all individual states in the united states. >> so, this sounds like in a short period of time, when we hear we need testing, testing, testing, puritan has risen to the call even though you're not a large public company, you're able to deliver when called upon >> well, we're nimble. we're family owned we're nimble we're in maine the support we have from the large construction company is
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going to help us build the facility, build out the facility they're all about it they love challenges it's all about let's get going >> were you surprised to see on sunday that the president held up two q-tips and there proudly was a puritan right in the middle >> i saw it after the fact i didn't see it the day he did it yeah, we are proud of that puritan is an american-made company in maine and we're proud of our employees and the hard work that's been going on since the last time we spoke we're just pumping swabs out and living the dream >> i know friend peter navarro, i've known him many, many years. he was tough on 3m he had to be i imagine the conversations with him and you are private, but they're productive in the sense that he wants you to have as much capacity as possible. >> right and, you know, this era now, it will put many millions of swabs in the market place over the next few months, and we're not going to stop. we have the wherefore all to
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make many hundreds of millions of swabs like i said, we're living the dream. we're going to make it happen for the united states. >> is the supply chain better now than it was when we saw you last we were concerned you couldn't get everything together. >> it is much better now it is a little bit more organized. we know the many millions are going -- each month, our customers, it's a well oiled machine. they need more and we're going to provide more for them >> look, i want to thank you from everybody for getting us back to work and putting people to work in a's terrific situation. that is' timothy template, executive vice president of sales. thank you. >> thank you, jim. have a nice evening. >> see, good things happen "mad money" is back after the break.
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all right. after another weekday for the averages, i want to take a step
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back you know i've been vocal about the virus. i started talking about it in february i've been adamant that we really can't be open for business until we do a lot more testing mainly because there won't be enough customers until people feel safe no demand. you know i'm taking this thing very seriously many people think i'm taking it too seriously. tonight, though, i want to consider a contrarian view i've been worried maybe the rest of the country is lagging a few weeks behind new york with the virus. and if that's the case, reopening right now is a bad idea but what if georgia and south carolina are right is that possible i said someone needs to go first, but not as aggressive as the governor of georgia. while i remain skeptical, there might be reason to be more optimistic see, this weekend i checked in with larry williams. the legendary technician trading futures, commodities, stocks since i was little we featured his work on off the charts before. williams has written more than a dozen books. he has his own website, i really
6:24 pm he has a slew of technical indicators they are named after him, we think about them all the time. most importantly he has an incredible track record when it comes to forecasting including with "mad money. williams said he had something on the coronavirus that would surprise me. based on his chart work, he thinks we could be able to reopen for business as a nation in about three weeks that's right he's predicting the pandemic under control by mid may this is one of the most contrarian calls i've heard. i don't know a soul who comes on tv and says this shocking coming from anyone else i'd dismiss it as wishful thinking he's not wishful thinking. he's one of the heaviest hitters we have. what makes him believe we'll have the virus under control in weeks rather than months the charts yep, williams is taking his cue from the technicals. the technicals from the rest of the world. specifically the countries that had outbreaks before we did. when you look at italy, germany,
6:25 pm
south korea, even iran, he sees a pattern. broad strokes. first there is a huge ramp up then a number of new cases which tend to peak after 32 days, give or take a couple weerks. then over the next 32 days, give or take, you tend to see a major decline in those numbers let's start with the daily new -- i told you this is a little different -- coronavirus cases in south korea big caveat here. south korea did a magnificent job containing this thing. they rapidly set up testing everywhere they were ready from sars. when someone tested positively they tested, quarantine. including separating peen from their families south korea is the top of the class. considering this one data point. we'll get to the bottom of the class, iran. i bring this up because williams points out stunning similarities between countries with the best and worst responses including the ones in the middle south korea had their first case in late january. we're using the hopkins numbers everybody respects took 32 days for the virus to
6:26 pm
peak in early march. from there the number of new cases declined dramatically, okay took about 12 days for the spread to plummet to extremely low levels how are things in south korea now? do you know last week they held an election with the highest turnout in decades the new normal is not the old normal everyone has to wear masks and gloves and have their temperature taken. they have special polling stations for anyone who shows up what a fever i'll take this regimen according to williams, this inter lewd lasted two months these are actual charts of this. what about countries where the outbreak got really bad? i'd argue the united states is following the path of italy. yeah, difficult trajectory check out the new case count in italy. it took 42 days for new cases to peak according to the hopkins numbers. then new cases started to climb more slowly than south korea based on this bell curve
6:27 pm
projection, williams could see the spread flowing to much lower levels by april 27 they started the lockdown on may 4. williams did a trend line analysis of italy. take a look at this. if new cases keep declining at the same pace, italy could be in the clear by may 12th. the charts, no motion, charts with no motion what about germany where they've done a much better job of slowing the spread since the peak on april 2nd, new cases have declined dramatically the same general up and down slope. based on his forecast williams thinks they'll be in the clear by may 5th germany has already stuarted to gradually reopen its economy let's look at iran take a look at the daily case count in iran. williams points out the same basic trajectory the numbers last weekend show. what does it mean for the united states here we go
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take a look at our daily new case chart where are we getting hopkins. apples to apples our new cases accelerated starting march 11. we seem to have peaked april 10. since then we've seen a gradual decline in new cases although some of that may be because we haven't been able to scale up testing as rapidly as we liked still using the 30-day averages of countries that have already peaked, williams suggests cases will fall to a manageable level by may 11th to 12th. that's right as he sees it, our country should be able to reopen in just a few weeks' time. now, if that sounds too good toto be true, believe me, i get it. i told you this was a shocking prediction maybe too optimistic williams has a strong track record i thought it was worth putting it out there i'm not as worried as when i came back from the superbowl which i didn't go to because i wanted to tell you about this thing.
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i'm worried every day. i'm scared like you. the chart by larry williams suggests the future might be brighter than we expect. i hope he's right. it seems like a real long shot who knows, though. sometimes long shots payoff. richey in ohio, richey >> caller: mr. cramer, how are you doing, snir >> richey, every day is tuesday. what's up with you >> caller: i know it's every tuesday, i'm ready to get back to work. >> um-hmm. >> caller: my question is about norton lifelock. i was wondering if you saw it with everyone staying at home, it might benefit from the stay-at-home economy >> i think the company itself is very cheap the spin-off and symantec business, my friend was involved in the split off i think norton lifelock is a stock worth owning i need to go to maz in
6:30 pm
california maz. >> caller: hey, jim, it's maz from sunny california. >> let's go to work. >> caller: i want to pick your brain about uber obviously their core business is down, but i'm thinking they're well positioned to repurpose the business and with uber eats and potential runways with potentially teaming up with an amazon to help with their delivery constraints i know they're already doing some -- with the government and helping out. what do you think about the valuation -- >> all those things need to occur. i think that uber -- you know, it's funny there are these stocks i liked then you had the pandemic. you can't like them as much. it's harder to like uber after the pandemic because there are so many things that have delayed wlaflt could have moved the stock up substantially i think that's a good long-term situation. nothing is short-term. >> let's go to drew in texas
6:31 pm
drew >> caller: jimmy chill i've been loving the show. thank you for everything >> thank you >> caller: i'm 25, i'm just getting into serious investing and i've been building a little position in hilton which is relatively low right now my question to you is keep building or sell, sell, sell >> well, i'll tell you, i don't see the same trajectory to the hotel business that you may see. some of that is because of arnie sorensen who is a great man who ran marriott he made me feel like the changes going on in the economy, i have to tell you, the stay-at-home economy, made me less likely think that is a good long-term buy. there's better tools in the shed all right, now, look, guys, i am worried about this pandemic i did speak positively about what george is trying to do even though i wouldn't approach it that way but these charts say there are bright days ahead. and i want to hope that larry williams is right. he's been right before for us big time
6:32 pm
much more "mad money" ahead. yes. who said this isn't the most interactive show in television couple months ago we covered a 5g play, inseego the c.e.o. joins me tonight to talk about demand in a work from home world and of course we'll look at names robinhood tells us to buy. rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round so stay with cramer. ♪
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this virus is testing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need. and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit.
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because they never quit. an ugly day where wall street seemed to give up all hope again we're circling back to stocks in a tough period and can do so again. three months ago we covered a very volatile little-known telco infrastructure company inseego it was a homework item at the time i told you the story looked intriguing as a play on 5g clearly i should have been more positive initially as the coronavirus took the world by storm, inseego's stock tumbled from 6 bucks and change to 3 bucks and change in march lows two weeks ago the c.e.o. announced some terrific first
6:36 pm
quarter numbers, incredibly bullish guidance for the second quarter, too turns out the quarantine has driven the major surge in demand for mobile hot spot products like the 5 g. hot spot they launched last summer with verizon. company is still not profitable and doesn't have a great balance sheet. certainly it's gotten better if we get a few more days like today i think it will be very enticing don't take it from me. let's hear from the chairman & c.e.o. of inseego and learn more about the company's profits. welcome to "mad money. >> jim, thanks for having me on. >> i'm thrilled you're on. it was a great viewer who gets a lot of our ideas from our viewers. if you truly don't mind putting in your own words, are in the hot spot for technology right now. >> well, we sure are high demand for products, lots of mobile operators coming to inseego for products during this work from home area, school from home, et cetera. it's been a real surge in demand >> so, talk about the evolution
6:37 pm
in strategy since you started your tenure because this is actually an old company with a new name >> that's right. it's been around for actually 25 years. prior name was nova tell wireless the company reformed i joined in the middle of 2017, really a turn around effort frankly. it's all about creating a direction, a strategy for the company. we launched that in early '18 and been skuexecuting it since it's focused on 5g, industrial iot, and cloud that was really the north star that we put in place for the company. >> now, when i went over your conference call recently, this was the march one, before the preannouncement better there are a huge number of trials going on with wireless carriers how does a trial convert to become a full partnership? >> yeah, so, it clearly starts with engagement.
6:38 pm
you have to have the right technology that they want to procure. so it really starts with a review of your product you get a design win, meaning that they like what you've got you have to prove it out it goes to a testing trial period, then it goes to commercial launch. so it's reel i a chain of events you go through this is pretty standard for mobile operators around the world. >> can you give us one of the successful ones? >> my goodness verizon is one certainly vodafone in the middle east. telstra in australia another one going on, at&t was launched, mobile many in the hopper can't name names there are 20 in stages advancing through the test and trial period >> how dozen sdoes inseego help?
6:39 pm
you can fill in for poor neighborhoods that don't have the technology everyone should have in our country. >> well, yeah. i mean, it's an untethered society, and so wireless is key. to have a product that's plug and play, literally hold it in the palm of your hand, your counter, your table top, your desktop. you have instant broadband internet access. it's highly secure in the rural areas, i think there's something like 20-plus million homes that have no broadband at all but they have cellular wireless coverage it's kind of an instanlt broadband connection >> all right so, how do i i get comfortable with the balance sheet you have an investor you've done a lot of good here when you have a stock that goes from 3 to 11, a lot of people are going to be very excited they're not going to watch the show they're not going to look at the
6:40 pm
balance sheet. they are exciting. i need some comfort on the credit side. >> yeah, sure. let's just take a step back. in the structure of the turn around, you kind of have to separate the operational side from the financial, the balance sheet side first things first so we really have executed strongly on the operations getting 5g launched, certainly broadening our customer base, new products, new customers, new geographies attracts new investors. we've revamped the management team, marquee investors have come to the company. it's sort of the first and second inning of the financial restructure. last earnings call we did announce a substantial reduction in debt. restructuring to eliminate $8 million in cash expense we're going to advance in the innings, i should say, of the financial restructuring as we have done in the operational side launching new product
6:41 pm
so, it is a plan it's a program, we're working through it and we'll get there >> last week we had ibm on people weren't happy with the quarter. so be it they have close to everyone working at home. jpmorgan save thing. citi, same thing bank of america. are they part of the reason why inseego stock is so strong >> in fact, a nubl of those you just mentioned are existing customers, so why would they come to inseego? the design of our products super fast speeds, 5g giga bits. that's the delivered high ofly secure we have multi layers of security in our products. anti-hacking, endescription layers so we have goldman, citi, chase, we also have department of defense, homeland security, justice.
6:42 pm
those are our customers. so we really build a product for the high-end enterprise applications that provides the internet connectivity that you need >> wow, well, that is a terrific story. and i feel bad, i did not know it, but many of our viewers came to me. i'm so glad you came on our show, the chairman & c.e.o. of inseego. an exciting story. great to meet you, sir >> likewise, jim thanks for having me on. >> there's no secret to it our viewers are the smartest people in the world and this is who we learn from, inseego "mad money" is back after the break. including netflix, prime video, youtube and hulu. and the most 4k content. the best entertainment experience all in one place. i know that every time that i suit up, there is a chance that that's the last time. 300 miles an hour, thats where i feel normal.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade >> i want to start off this lightning round by thanking all the incredible american businesses who pivoted their business to help fight the covid-19 fight they make 1,000 of these face shields per week thank you, cody for this, and thank you for all the businesses in our country who stepped up when our country most needs you. >> hallelujah. >> and now it is time, it's time for the lightning round. rapid fire >> buy, buy, buy >> sell, sell, sell. >> and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, ski daddy we're going to start with will in new york. will >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? >> could be better, will, could feel very safe what's going on? >> caller: my question is with -- the only kind of sports
6:46 pm
entertainment around is wwe a good-bye rig good buy right now >> no, let's stick with video games. that's the best way to play it let's go to sharon in new york sharon sharon >> caller: hi, jim, how are you? >> fine, how are you >> caller: fine. i love listening to your show, listened for years i love dow chemical. it spun into deponte >> a lot of that stuff >> caller: do you think dow, inc., is a buy >> it worries me so i think you have to hold off buying it i think jim is doing an excellent job at dow chemical. how about joe in washington. joe. >> caller: hi, professor chill, how are you today? >> chill is doing okay how are you? >> caller: fine. i have a proposition for you what do you think about dover,
6:47 pm
dov? >> it's an excellent industrial. if the economy comes back you're going to be sitting pretty if it does, i like dover let's go to melanie in california melanie. >> caller: hi, hey, you have great energy, great guests >> sure try my best. what's going on? >> caller: new mountain financial, will it be able to meet its objective generating income with capital appreciation >> this thing yeeltields 19%. if it yields 19%, that is a definitive red flag and i don't want to touch it let's go to greg in virginia greg >> caller: hey, jim, booyah to you and thank you for taking my call tonight >> of course >> caller: in addition to apple, i'd like to add a tech stock to my portfolio i'd like it to have a dividend what do you think of broad com >> i love it
6:48 pm
i own it on my charitable trust. i think it's an inexpensive stock. brian in tennessee brian! >> caller: booyah, jim, how's it going? >> very well how about you? >> caller: i'm good. i'm a second-time caller, long time viewer. i watch your show every day. keeping my fingers crossed we can get to the football season on time, jim we can't have the bucs win they just got gronk apparently >> i didn't like that either >> caller: i'm curious with the s&p, but i'm calling to get your thoughts on something that's run up more than 40% in the last month and just got fda approval for a stay-at-home coronavirus test buy, sell or hold, i'd love to get your thoughts on lab corp. >> lab corp., no matter what you do, i'm not fans of either company. they've been good investments so i just have to say, yeah, i know, stay at home, it's fine. what can i say i prefer abbott labs that's a real great company.
6:49 pm
how about kevin in massachusetts. kevin. >> caller: jim, absolutely love the energy the last two weeks. i'm calling about beta -- >> everyone else is -- we drain it i like data talk it's funny it's such a funny name i never would have called it data dog fabulous situation let's go to luis in kansas luis >> caller: hi, jim, how are you? thanks for taking the call >> of course >> caller: hey, i actually needed a little guidance on bed, bath and beyond. i know the last earnings dropped, but the outcome -- >> the quarter was okay. remember, any retailer pre-covid and post-covid are very different with the exceptions of the ones with the biggest balance sheets she did make it so they can survive a little bit longer. look at kohl's'. look at nordstrom.
6:50 pm
these are great american companies, and they are having a real hard time let's go to jim in new hampshire. jim. >> caller: booyah, jim >> booyah. >> caller: hey, last week dave and buster had a market offering >> right >> caller: i wonder what your play is on play. >> you know, being in the restaurant business myself, it is just too hard right now to try to figure out whether the profitability isn't going to be crimped big time by both stay at home and also social distancing. so i'm going to say no and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ that's it, cramer. keep sending lambs to the slaughter. i got that tweet right after i interviewed vlad, co-founder and co-c.e.o. of robinhood, the brokerage house that serves mostly younger investors on some big days, something i addressed before the interview, when i invoked biggie smalls, mo money, mo problems after confirming robinhood's trades and account openings were stronger than ever, what were
6:54 pm
the supposed lambs on average, 31 years old buying? that's what i care about turns out they actually like some pretty intriguing stocks. let's go over the top ten. microsoft popular a novinger i can't anovia pharmaceuticals we've had anovia on the show the other moderna, up 150% for the year anovia is up 250%. i have to believe this is all about bargain hunters taking stocks down 50% for the year sure, for the enterprise will make it through the period, with you the stock might be worthless if the company runs out of money. next is a penny cannabis stock i don't like penny stocks. they're penny stocks for a reason the blue chip canopy play is canopy growth which is run by constellation brands if you want to bet on a democratic sweep in november
6:55 pm
followed by legal, canopy. no theme parks, no movies, no cruises. we'll get through this time and disney will bounce back. a good buy if you have a long time horizon 5 is microsoft what's not to like 6, american airlines this is another one where i get the temptation stock is down close to 70% from its highs. big bounce back candidate if the government bails out the industry we always bail out the industry. united had to do a gigantic equity deal. will american do the same? that could move it down. i like number 7 boeing again, you have to believe we'll be saved by uncle sam. the question is can you get demand for planes going again? will the faa certify the 737-max? i think it's 50 down 100 up situation. perfect risk/reward for young investor 8, carnival. it has a tattered balance sheet.
6:56 pm
it has incredibly reduced rates for next year. you can get a refund if the cruise is canceled i wouldn't own carnival if you're my age. if you're 30, it might be worth the speculation. people might forget what just happened could happen number 9 is general electric i own it for my charitable trust. i think it's a better play on the air travel than boeing finally there's tesla. you bet, tesla i'm surprised it's number 10 and not 2 or 3 if you're a younger investor makes a ton of sense to bet on the only car company that doesn't have to advertise. it's a tech company on wheels. very good for speculation. i prefer fractional shares of wildly popular companies with quadruple digit stock prices to a penny stock. otherwise, if this is a slaughter, call me a lamb. stick with cramer. these days, it's anything but business as usual.
6:57 pm
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♪ ♪ netflix good quarter always cautious. people then sell it down and then the voracious buyers of the stock come right back. snap that's one i've liked. they're finally starting to deliver on their potential texas instruments has been just a's terrific semiconductor stock the whole time but the best in the lot tonight is chipotle. once again they deliver. brian nick all is so good. great balance sheet, fabulous food, it's what people want. and the stock, remember i told you the stock is going to $1,000 and i am not backing away one bit. thank you to our viewer for sending me that great unbelievable mask which i will now wear on halloween, too i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it for you here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer "markets in turmoil" hosted by my friend scott wapner starts now. there's tv, and then there's
7:00 pm
the best entertainment experience. xfinity x1. good evening on day 114 of the kroes crisis, the number of cases now in this country tops 800,000 as the dow suffers another major drop all right, welcome good to have you with us tonight. first look at futures there. green across the board, but it followed a tough day on wall street the dow, 600 point drop. the index losing 1,2


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