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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 15, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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enough with the political posturing already, let the watch dog do its job. that's it for me. thanks for joining the conversation this week on "your money." we're here every saturday at 1:00 p.m. and sunday at 3:00. you can catch christine romans on "your bottom line" at 9:30 a.m. stay connected 24/7 on facebook and twitter. have a great weekend. hello, we are in atlanta. we are following two big stories in the news room. mandatory evacuations as floodwaters pour through a spillway north of baton rouge. and a major figure jailed in new york on sex crime charges. first, the update on the flooding. thousands of people have a couple hours to pack up their
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things. floods from the mississippi river are heading their way. mandatory evacuations are in parishes. they are from the spillway. four flood gates are open to divert the mississippi floodwaters from baton rouge and new orleans. ed is joining us there. ed is at the scene for me. are a lot of people panic stricken? >> i think a lot of people knew it was coming, quite frankly. we are in the town cross springs, which is downstream from the spillway opened up yesterday afternoon. really, what's happening here is there's a massive levee system following the river down to morgan city. what happens is hundreds of tributaries and creeks that pour
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into the river. a lot of those creeks will be backed up. that is the reason why this flooding is a concern. it's why officials have been issuing evacuation orders. in a number of the small communities this afternoon, you don't really -- you know people were expecting this. still very devastating for them. we have been in several communities where they have been told to expect between five and 20 feet of water. a wide range there. people are anxious to see what exactly will play out here in the coming days. they have been told by 6:00 eastern, 5:00 central time to get out of their neighborhoods for the water to start trickling in. it's going to be a slow process, not a rush of water barrelling into the neighborhoods. it's water that will slowly, slowly start to rise over the next couple days and weeks. >> that you know very much.
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further upstream, people are anxiously awaiting a levee near vicksburg, mississippi. floodwaters are inching toward the top. if it goes, if the levee completely demolishes, it would be catastrophic. martin, tell me what the concerns are there. >> reporter: well, this may look like a simple gravel road in the middle of nowhere. this is at the top of the a levee. of all the hundreds of miles of levees in the state of mississippi holding back the historic flood, this is the most critical levee. this is the levee's most crucial moment. let me explain why. the water from the yazoo river backed up miles and miles. on this side, it's dry. the difference between the two is 125 feet.
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this levee is holding back 15 feet of water. here is the concern. there's one foot left of free space. the water will go over the levee and over top it. that's not the end of the world. levees are designed for some of that. if it erodes the levee, that is disastrous. how bad would that be? it's the question we put to peter. here is what he said. >> if the levee were to fail, what are the consequences, who is impacted and how far. >> the town is 30 to 35 miles from here. that town would be under water. all major highways under water. thousands of people would have to evacuate the area. thousands of homes would be under water. we would float 1.2 million acres. >> what do you think the chances
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of failure are? >> there's a remote chance. we are confidence it is going to hold as long as the forecast doesn't change. >> reporter: here is what they are trying to do. for four miles, which is army corps of engineers says is the most vulnerable. they laid down plastic sheeting. when the water goes over the levee, it runs off. it does not erode the soil and cause it to collapse. that is the theory. it has never been tried on this particular levee. this levee never faced the kind of stress it is under now. if it gives way, it would be catastrophic. it would be a warning, not a wall of water rushing. it would take days. the town 30 miles to the north would have four feet of water in it. that's how much water is here, trying to get here.
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>> thank you so much. martin, appreciate that. other stories we are following. this big story that we are keeping watch of. the head of the international money fund is charged with attempted to rape a housekeeper in new york. he was arrested after being pulled off a flight to paris. it's expected to enter a plea today. what more do we know about the case? >> reporter: well certainly very disturbing allegations to say the very least. we know this. it's to no one's surprise. the defense attorney tells us his client will plead not guilty when he makes a court appearance here in new york in manhattan court later this afternoon. everyone thought it would be earlier than this. it's taking longer than
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expected. he will hear the charges, then asked to enter a plea. he will. then there might be a discussion of bail. we have to see, but the proceeding is not expected to take very long. we are learning a bit more about the alleged victim in this case. we know from police she is 32 years old. they are not releasing other information beyond that. only that she was treated for minor injuries after the alleged assault occurred on saturday. we know this, however, from the general manager of the hotel chain, he tells us that this woman did work at the hotel for three years and in his words, he was -- he is fully satisfied with her behavior and her work. above and beyond that, we are learning more and more details about what allegedly happened at the hotel on saturday. the police tell us that this is the account they received from the alleged victim.
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when she went in to clean the luxury suite, she thought it was empty. however, she was confronted by the head of the international monetary fund. he approached her, police said naked. he tried to attack her. dragged her into a bedroom, into a bathroom and she was able to get away and ran for help. by the time police arrived at the hotel, he already left the hotel. police tell us he left in a big hurry and even left behind his cell phone. but they caught up with him, police say, at jfk airport. he already boarded a flight to paris. just before they closed the door, the police went on board and removed him from the flight. he did not offer resistance. they took him in for questioning. it lasted all night, he was not
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cooperative. >> was he sked yocheduled to goe flight or a last-minute decision? >> reporter: as to the timing and the decision he made about getting on the flight, we don't know whether he purchased a last minute ticket. in terms of where he was going after that or why he got on the flight, his attorney is not answering specific questions about what his client was doing yesterday. >> susan, thanks so much in new york. appreciate that. a little while ago, i talked to jeffrey and he says the road ahead will be tough for him. just listen. >> she is in a world of trouble. the issue of bail is the one that will come up first. certainly the longer term and greater problem is if he's convicted of sexual assault, he could be looking at multiple
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years in prison. obviously, we have to learn what the facts are and they have to be presented to a court. given these circumstances, he is looking at a lot of legal trouble for the forseeable future. >> his arrest comes at a time expectations were high in france that he would be a leading candidate for president in the next election. we have more from paris. >> it's difficult to say what a bombshell the arrest has been. as a director of the international monetary fund, he had dealings with heads of state. he had a meeting this afternoon, for example this coming week with the greek financial crisis in brussels. he was going to be at the table at the g-8 summit in may. from that point of view, it's a huge story. he was the leading candidate for
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president. he regularly outpolled all the other candidates. for political analysts here, this is huge news. >> it's amazing. the word would be astounding, amazing. i would use the word of the socialist party saying it's just a thunderstorm. i would say, if he is out of the political process of the elections, definitely we are starting a political tsunami. >> reporter: many people didn't want to talk about the case until more is known about it. one did, the leader of the far right party. she wasn't surprised because rumors circulated for years about his sexual indiscretions after a 2008 case where he was tried to sexual harassment. he was later cleared of those charges. he had to apologize and said he
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chose very bad judgment. we talked to people on the street today. there were in no hurry to pass judgment. >> translator: if he's proven innocent, it will stay for years to come. yes, it's over for him. >> translator: i think he's innocent until proven guilty. everyone has in mind. he's a french citizen. he must be judged like the others. we hastily await the outcome. >> translator: personally, it's a question of responsibility. the fact he fled speaks for itself. it's not the situation itself. a crisis situation should be managed. a man must be able to face the situation, not run away. it's obvious. >> reporter: the well-known television anchor woman and wife
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says she doesn't believe the charges that have been leveled against her husband. irrespective of whether they are proven to be true or false, a great deal of damage has been done to one of the highest flying political personalities. >> he won't be heading up the imf while facing the sexual assault charges. the number two will step in. here is a quick look at what the international monetary fund does. the imf. it's like the world savings and loan. it has around $360 billion to lend. the u.s. is the imfs biggest shareholder. it contributes $70 billion to the fund. could major league baseball be having a change of heart about banning pete rose from the sport he loved? >> pete broke an existing rule
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of 70 years. my office was created by the black sox scandal. >> i talked to baseball commissioner about rose's status as it pertains to the hall of fame. later, gifts for the graduate in your life. getting ready to plant?
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this weekend in atlanta, major league baseball is celebrating civil rights history. among those bud sealy. he talked about baseball's efforts to rid the game of steroids. he also had interesting things to say about pete rose, currently banned from the game for betting on baseball games. it's cleaner now than ever? >> no question about it. we banned amphetamines, a great problem in major league baseball for years. the incidents of steroids are almost down to nothing. we are the only american sport testing for human growth hormone. i'm proud of where we are. we have to be on the look out. this is the first time baseball had a drug testing program.
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there was never testing done. now, there's stringent testing. i'm proud of the progress we have made. >> how will it impact the eligibility of players in the hall of fame. when you hear sammy so sa, barry bonds. at the same time the cloud of drugs. >> that's up to the baseball association of america. that really is. they are going to have to make the judgment in years to come. >> will it be your judgment? >> no. that's strictly up to the baseball writer's association of america. they have to make their own individual judgments on players as they do now. >> when it comes to pete reose, your opinion weighs very, very heavily. pete broke a rule of 70 years. it's a matter still under
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review. >> you might change your mind on that? >> i didn't say that. i said it's under review. i understand the pros and cons. >> in your lifetime, do you think you would see a pete rose in the hall of fame? >> not a judgment i would like to say now. >> what he has to say about mlb taking over the dodgers. all right the democratic convention is more than a year away. the host city, charlotte, north carolina is preparing for the big event and building up the economy in the process. here is tom foreman. >> charlotte's hockey team is in the playoffs. the sign says the hottest game in the arena is the coming democratic convention. all over town, new places are opening. old ones are polishing up. from his office high above it all -- >> this is a stage unlike any
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other. >> the mayor hears opportunity knocking. >> it's a big move to go after it during a recession. >> you think it sends a signal? >> yes. they are saying charlotte is growing and getting ready to be bigger and better than it already is. >> they say the convention will draw 35,000 visitors spending $200 million on restaurants, hotels and attractions. they believe the real value goes far beyond that, beyond politics. >> part of what we are able to show is not only how well we do in hospitality, but how well we function as a community. >> the city is touting improvements to transit, education, business climate and quality of life. it's already working. old stalled projects started up again. new ones are appearing. siemens is expanding their
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turbine by 1,000 jobs. >> 80% of the people we hire are from the local community. >> there's a ripple effect that's going to go on for decades. >> building up this town long after they go home. >> now, to building up your career. the key to finding a new job is a phone call or e-mail away.
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perhaps you are looking for a new job or simply trying to advance in the position you have, trying to go the next step forward. there's one word to never forget. networking. valerie is here to tell us why your contacts are crucial and how to use them all the time. >> absolutely. especially the last couple years. some people have gone into overdrive with making new connections. >> sometimes you can wear out the welcome. >> do it as a part of your overall network and building
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connections. >> you have to figure out your purpose here. why are you doing this and what do you want out of it. >> exactly. understand your why. why is it i'm trying to build my network. it might be a career transition into a different field. they want to build connections. some it's they are looking for a job. others they would like to be doing something different. understand your why so you can narrow activities and focus. >> know you are a target audience. >> who are you trying to reach. who am i trying to connection with and where do they congrega congregate. don't do activities where you are not going to find people in your target audience. look at professional activities and sporting activities. ways to connect in a real way. >> don't go to places you can't benefit from. >> then you need to simply ask around. a lot of times, people when they
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are looking they want to keep it close and not reveal their cards and let anybody know they are looking for something else so they tend to be quiet about it. you say no. publicize it. >> everybody has a network. a lot of times when you have a small network, you feel you don't know anyone. the people you do know, i'm trying to meet new people and get new connections. what are you involved in? >> focus on connecting. how is that different than networking? >> focus on connecting, not just getting. when you get involved do a project and take on a project. let them know what you have to offer. >> these are things that are not going to cost you anything. >> that's right. >> when you think sharpening your tools, go get new courses
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or buy new hardware. you are saying it's there and accessible. get organized. >> you need to get organized. you are going out and doing new things. you are collecting business cards and names. they are scattered all over the place. you might use online tools like linked in to connect on a regular basis and you have everybody in one place so when you are red dou reach out, it's easy to do. >> is e-mail still considered informal? or is it okay? >> it's changed a lot. especially in the '90s, people thought everything needs to be handwritten. i think a handwritten note is a great idea. e-mail is so instant. >> phone calls? >> great, for some people. know how people want to be communicated with. e-mail is a great way to ask. some people prefer e-mail. others would love for you to pick up the phone and call them. >> thanks so much.
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you got the pink memo, too. we were thinking pink. thinking positive. >> thanks. they have less than two hours to grab their belongings and leave. thousands of people in louisiana are evacuating as the floodwaters rush their way. we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea, and that's where the discovery comes from. with one very simple philosophy: every client, every time, no exceptions, no excuses. maybe that's why j.d. power and associates ranked us "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." so, we thought we'd take a little time to celebrate.
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orders are under way in louisiana as the mississippi river surges through the spillway. 2000 people west of baton rouge are being told to pack up and get out. four floodways are open. the head of the international monetary fund is in new york city police custody charged with attempted rape. police pulled dominique strauss-kahn off a flight headed to paris. a housekeeper said he attacked her. his attorneys say he will plead not guilty. two spiritual leaders in charge of mosques in south florida are due in court. they are father and son. the charges related to alleged crimes committed between 2008 and 2010 and have nothing to do
1:32 pm
with the recent killing of al qaeda leader, osama bin laden. let's check in with jackie jeras. overall the flooding as a result of the mississippi. >> right. this is a work in progress. they opened a couple gates yesterday. think of a water hose on the slip 'n slide. it gets wet on top of it. it takes awhile to spread out and spills over the side and you get a puddle all over the place. i's what we have going on here in the spillway. i have a couple pictures i wanted to show you. this is an aerial view. this is where the water is gushing through the gates. it's starting to spill out into these areas and will make its way toward the gulf of mexico. we'll show you a closer view and
1:33 pm
talk about the gates. there's four of them that are open. don't they look like garage doors? each one is a gate. there are 125 of them. the plan is to open a quarter of them, maybe 30 some odd gates. it's about gaining control. how many gates they open determines how much pressure builds up as it gets into the areas. let's talk about how long it's going to take for where the water is going. this is the mississippi river. this is the basin we are talking about. we'll put this in motion. you can see as the water progresses down. the reason for the evacuations, the reason they are hoping to get them out of st. landry's parish is because it's where the deepest water is expected to be. this could be 25 feet of water as it pushes through there. a couple gauges, six feet above
1:34 pm
flood stage. that happens may 25th. morgan city, may 25th. that's when the rest will be. that's ten days from now. keep in mind, the water is going to move in in the next two days. by tuesday for morgan city, as much as five feet of water. we could see more of the evacuatio evacuations. it's all about control. the reason why the crests are happening now in places like new orleans is because the spill ways have been opened. they want to maintain the level where it's at now. where the river is naturally cresting at this time happens to be up here in arkansas city, arkansas. that's where the cresting of the natural river is occurring right now. vicksburg is a record level already. they are not expected to crest until thursday. there you can see it as it continues down the line. the last thing i want to show you, this is the river at new
1:35 pm
orleans. it's at 17 feet now. it's forecast to stay at 17 feet all the way through the 23rd. the amount of water released through the spillway will increase or decrease as necessary to keep that level in hopes that the entire left of the levee system holds intact and we don't get the sand boils to put kinks into the plans. so far, it's operating as planned. >> we are hoping for the best. thanks so much. meantime, it is graduation season. hundreds of thousands of students are getting diplomas. can you guess how much they paid for their caps and gowns? the answer when we come back.
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before the break, we asked if you knew how much a cap and gown cost. depending on your school requirements you can spend $45 to $185. that's without the tassels, honor cords. so now that it is graduation season, it's time to think about the gift ideas. yesterday, i talked to ken and daria. they said the key to good graduation gifts is to keep it simple. >> it sounds easy but when you think about it, the average
1:39 pm
college graduate unless you are close to them, you probably don't know that much about them. you are better off doing things where they can do it themselves. buy it themselves. so use gift cards. >> or a visa card with a limit on it. amex. if they are going to stay home and help with home improvements. maybe lows or one of the home improvement places. that was one of his ideas, not mine. >> put them to work. >> maybe a nice retail card to get a business suit if they are going to be working right away. >> that's a great idea. once someone graduates from college especially and high school, they are going to need a commute computer when they go off the college. it's a fantastic but high-end gift to give. >> it is high end, fred, but keep in mind there's really, really good deals on computers
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now. they know a lot of people are looking at computers as gifts. there's pretty good deals. daria got a deal on one, too. >> on my ipad, i bought the one as the twos were coming out and saves $100 on it. it's probably difficult to find the ipad one now, but give it a try. you never know. depending on your closeness to the graduate will depend on if you can fork over that kind of money or hey, mom and dad, if you have been helping subsidize the college education, this is the last big money you have to give away. >> obviously i can't live with my blackberry, which is a lot less. i play $99 with a calling plan. a blackberry or something similar is a wonderful, wonderful gift. whether they are going to work right away, it's nice to stay in touch with the kids. >> absolutely. >> another great gift idea you
1:41 pm
don't think about is to pay for resume writing service for that graduate who hasn't been able to find a job. >> exactly right. >> something like information maniacs, a nice gift of a magazine or newsletter on something they are interested in or will help their career would be very, very good, too. again, well within their budget is giving away magazines. >> a smart idea. keeping them informed and being equipped as they head on to the real world, right? >> yep. >> my favorite one, if i have a minute here, the one i think is very important. >> okay. >> you can get together with a lot of people. the average college graduate is leaving college with over $20,000 in student loan debt. it might be the best gift of all to pool a whole group of people's money and give them a payment to get rid of some of
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that student loan debt. >> yeah. talk about stress release. nothing is worse than graduating and you are saddled with giant debt. i have heard you say there's good debt and bad debt. a student loan can be considered good debt. that's another subject. >> as long as you are working to pay it off. >> that's right. >> when in doubt cash doesn't matter if it's student loan, apartment or first month's rent. some like that. >> they are is clever. we all knew it might take awhile for the housing market to bounce back, but it's taking longer than anyone expected. for homeowners drowning in debt, anxiety is slowly turning to anger. work all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience.
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in an effort to give you the best network possible. naomi pryce: i am. i'm in the name your own price division. i find empty hotel rooms and help people save - >> - up to 60% off. i am familiar. your name? > naomi pryce. >> what other "negotiating" skills do you have? > i'm a fifth-degree black belt. >> as am i. > i'm fluent in 37 languages. >> (indistinct clicking) > and i'm a master of disguise >> as am i. > as am i. >> as am i. > as am i. >> well played naomi pryce.
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a quick look at what's happening around the world now. israeli troops firing tear gas at protesters. this is the syrian border. similar clashes happened today. several people killed and many more hurt. this is a day set aside every year where palestinians protest the creation of israel. moammar gadhafi could have an arrest warrant on his head. they tell cnn the libyan leader is one of three people charged with crimes against humanity.
1:46 pm
the chief prosecutor is expected to announce the charges tomorrow. the wife of mubarak. she was questioned about her husband's corruption charges. back to the u.s. now. economists are seeing encouraging signs in the economy. but, the housing market isn't one of them. sandra endo tells us what homeowners face. >> reporter: a big backyard and room to read in with her daughter. a place they called home for 12 years. >> i owe more on the house than it's worth. that is my situation now. it's scary and stressful to have the financial pressure. >> her job is being eliminated and her mortgage is going up
1:47 pm
$1,000 a month after loan modification terms expire. three years ago, she had to be inventive to get her lender to hear her out. >> i sent a picture of my daughter and i in front of the house. i said we are not just a loan number. please help me because i wasn't getting response. >> reporter: this time around, she went to president obama asking him for help at a town hall forum. >> my question to you is do you have plans to help improve the housing market so hard working americans like us don't lose our homes. >> we have more work to do. we are trying to expand it to reach more people. >> reporter: millions of homeowners are under water in properties. a nationwide survey from shows first quarter home prices declined 3%. the sharpest drop since 2008. they say so far the administration helped grant
1:48 pm
nearly 4 million loan modifications for homeowners but admits the market remains fragile. >> there are encouraging signs and signs of caution. we have accelerating job growth. that should help the housing market lift. the issue is that there was so much damage done in the crisis. >> reporter: some housing experts are trying to look at the silver lining. >> the decline at the moment is in single digits. it's not a major decline. in some markets, based on the local economy, the prices are firming up. >> reporter: optimism logan is hanging on to. >> i'm a survivor. coming up, i talked to baseball commissioner bud selig about taking control of the los angeles dodgers.
1:49 pm
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1:51 pm
debate over the u.s. debt ceiling who recollects is in and who is out of the 2012 presidential race dominated the sunday talk shows today. take a listen. >> i'm ready to cut the deal today. we don't have to wait until the 11th hour. i am not going to walk away from this moment. we have a moment, a window of opportunity to act. because if we don't act, the
1:52 pm
market is going to act for us. our credit bureaus are going to act for us. we can see exorbitant interest rates. we could see the end of our economy if we don't act. >> to get my vote, i can only speak for myself, we need to do something significant, short term, medium term and long term. >> all before you raise the debt ceiling? >> yeah. absolutely. >> short medium and long term have to be done before you increase the debt ceiling? >> absolutely. my definition is significant. standard and poor is in the process of downgrading the u.s. credit rating. that's a serious problem. we need to impress the markets, impress foreign markets that we are going to get our act together and astonish the american people that the adults in charge in washington are going to deal with this issue. >> thank you for coming today. you are a man of great faith. are you saying you didn't have the fire in your belly to go
1:53 pm
this time? >> i think people distinguish the fire in their belly and too much pizza in their belly the night before. they run not bought they ought to but because there's a handful of people saying they are looking at the next president. does god speak to me in an audible voice. no, it's louder than that. >> how you doing? nice to see you. >> when are you going to announce? >> nobody is perfect. i don't know all the answers. i don't want to run people's lives and the world and the economy. my qualifications are different. compared to others, i am well equipped. >> i have done things that are wrong. i had to seek god's forgiveness. i have to believe whether or not what i have said and done is real. i think if people watch me and talk to me and get to know me,
1:54 pm
my hope is americans will decide i can help this country get on track in a way no one else can. >> talking baseball now and the los angeles dodgers. major league baseball took control of the team because of money problems and fighting between the owners who are getting a divorce. how are the fans reacting? i asked bud selig that during his trip this weekend. >> mlb managing the l.a. dodgers. attendance has been low at the dodgers games. are the fans saying we don't like major league baseball takitake ing ownership and managing the team. >> it's hard to comment on the contrary. us taking over has been positive. we are in the process of doing that. in the end, we care about the fans. we are in the process now of monitoring it and doing investigation by the law firm.
1:55 pm
i'm very comfortable in saying to you and i know the people in l.a. are that we will work all that out. >> perhaps you want to know what the commissioner thinks about instant replay. the answer in the 5:00 p.m. hour. next, chris bosh takes on a reality show. why he's suing his ex over it. down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ]
1:56 pm
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mother in court. chris bosh is suing his ex-girlfriend for appearing on basketball wives. listen to what the legal guys had to say about that yesterday. >> he made a free choice to be with this woman. they had a child together. she is recounting her experiences and her events with this guy. the best thing for her is that he's bringing that lawsuit. this brings her names up, gives her more publicity. he had no having for money. he's wasting money on legal fees. it's ridiculous. >> doesn't he make a point, private information should remain so, even if you are a public figure. >> i understand the argument. what are they going to do rename the show nba impregnated girls. a lot of them are not married.
1:59 pm
on one respect, i agree with richard. this is free choice. the other interesting thing that's not in the lawsuit are what are the rights of the baby? i mean he's the product of chris and allison. what about those rights? will have to be resolved by a probate court. we'll see what happens. >> always getting us thinking at noon eastern time here in the news room. hello, again. i'm in atlanta. we are following two big stories this hour. mandatory evacuations in louisiana as floodwaters from the mississippi river poured through a spillway north of baton rouge. jailed in new york on sex crime charges. first, we want to update you on the flooding. thousands of people have one hour to pack up and leave their homes in southern louisiana. floodwaters from the mississippi river heading their


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