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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 17, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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but it was not invested in the right direction. and in the right areas. >> reporter: china, now making its own investments, and some say increasing its influence. unionis ooun, cnn, beijing. if your choice did not win or you want to check out the runners up, i'll have them on my page at cnn "newsroom" continues right now with randi kaye in los angeles in for al ali velshi. >> hi i'm in los angeles as maria shriver speaks out on news of a secret child. moments ago, shriver released this statement. this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother, my concern is for the children. i ask for compassion, respect and privacy my children and i try to rebuild our lives and heal. i will have no further comment. we'll have much more on this developing story in just about ten minutes. meanwhile, the head of the international monetary fund is spending his first full day on
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an exclusive island unlike anywhere he has ever been. rikers island. until friday at the earliest, dominic strauss kahn will be a guest in an east river compound reserve for criminal defendants and convicts. it's a world away from the swanky manhattan hotel where he allegedly forced himself on a maid saturday and brought himself an array of sex crime charges. reichers houses 14,000 inmates, give or take, and employs some 10,000 guards. it's made up of ten separate jails, most of them barracks. but some regular cell blocks, as well. strauss-kahn has an 11 by 13 cell himself, but he is separated from other prisoners, phones, tvs and the internet also. cnn's deborah feyerick has done some digging on the forensics. what did you find? >> reporter: that's right.
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everybody is waiting for the result of the forensic to see, in fact, what was found at this hotel, whether, in fact, there is a direct connection to mr. strauss-kahn and the young lady who made these allegations against him. remember, she made the allegations very, very quickly, within moments of the alleged assault happening. and that's one of the reasons that police and special victims are taking this so seriously. seriously enough to pull this man off the plane within hours of these allegations. we spoke to a -- an investigator, somebody who used to work with the sex crimes unit, and here's what they're looking at. you have a hotel worker going up against one of the most powerful men, the head of the international monetary fund. what sort of evidence needed to be met for police to believe that something, in fact, did occur? >> that's a great question. obviously, body fluids. and where it is. if it's on the bed of the alleged offender, may not be
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terrifically significant. if it's on the clothing of the victim, and i don't know where it is, that's going to be awfully significant. most hotels in this day and age have cameras in corridors. is there tape of this woman leaving the room? what condition was she in, both in clothing disarray and emotional distress? what condition was he in when he left the room, if these things are filmed? >> reporter: to the airport to get him off the plane. is that an extraordinary measure? >> if the special victims unit detectives had probable cause, meaning a witness who they believed who told the truth, made an immediate outcry, found evidence to support it, which is not needed, but icing on the cake, then they did the only thing that they could do, which was to stop this man before he left the country. >> and all that evidence that you heard described, all that would go before a grand jury. new york city has three sitting grand juries, so this could happen at any time. they will decide whether, in fact, the allegations are sufficient enough to actually
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take this case to trial. remember, mr. strauss-kahn, he is going to plead not guilty. these are only allegations. there's no indictment that's been issued just yet. his lawyer says the forensics will show this was not a forcible encounter. he did not get anymore specific than that. only to say that, in fact, he could be exonerated. so a lot still happening here, randi. >> and deb, what's the latest on the other potential victims in this? not in this case, but other potential victims? >> well, that's one of the things investigators are looking at. they're trying to go back and see who else may have experienced something similar, whether they stepped forward. whether they did not step forward. you know, that is one of the things they do in these cases, where they just sort of, you know, kind of beat the rug and see how much dust comes out. what there is, what's hidden. and that will all be used, obviously, to make their case. all this evidence going to a grand jury. and mr. strauss-kahn expected to
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be back in court on friday. he could, by the way, randi -- his lawyers could present a new bail package wishes a different judge would consider as to whether he should be released from rikers island. you have to remember, this is a man who has been at the center of the world. he was supposed to be negotiating on behalf of europe to try to get out of the fiscal crisis they're suffering right now with the euro. and instead he's sitting alone in a jail cell in isolation. so very, very different scenario. >> oh, yes, it certainly is. deb feyerick following for us out of new york city, thank you. meanwhile, stunning allegations today. gadhafi forces using gang rape as a weapon of war. libyan police being given sexual enhancement drugs to use as, quote, machetes against innocent women. the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court at the haig says reports indicate these are not isolated incidents. and appear to be institutionalized. the face of these attacks, i am man el obedi, charged into a
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hotel full of journalists announcing she had been raped by security forces. will the icc's investigation expose a darker, twisted side to moammar gadhafi's regime? let's get straight to nick robertson who joins us now from london with more on this. nick, how were these so-called enhancement drugs first discovered? >> reporter: well, when rebels went into military bases to tape gadhafi's forces away from them and use them for themselves against his army, they discovered, they say what they describe as viagra, a sexual performance enhancing drugs, inside some of these compounds. and they put that together with the fact that many women they think are being sort of systematically taken, at gadhafi forces check points and raped. and this is why the chief prosecutor is going to investigate it. >> these details are so disturbing. but, of course, there's the question of who organized them. how close does this come to
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gadhafi? is there any indication? >> reporter: well, the chief prosecutor has already said and decided and put on the record that moammar gadhafi has absolute power in the country. so he is criminally responsible for crimes that are committed by his forces in suppressing and repressing the people of the country. this is what he has already determined. so it's a matter of determining, was this coordinated by military commanders on the ground, was it something that was issued from -- from senior levels like gadhafi himself? but ultimate criminal responsibility, the chief prosecutor says in other cases of crimes against the civilian population, the responsibility is going to rest with gadhafi, whether or not he specifically said you should go out and do this. >> all right, nic robertson following that story for us today from london. nic, thank you. to louisiana now and the high cost of preventing catastrophe. the army corps of engineers
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estimates 25,000 homes could be lost or damaged by spillage of the mississippi river by way of the morganza spillway. as we have been reporting, the spillway is gradually be opened to lower the flood downstream. in the farm lands and bayous that would have stayed dry had the spillway stayed closed, most folks are getting out. but a few see a different solution. if the water gets high, well, make the house even higher. contractors can jack up a house and put it on stilts for roughly the price of building a house from scratch. state officials and army engineers insist, the price of not opening the floodgates would have been much higher for many more people. and cnn's david mattingly has that side of the story for us in new orleans. >> reporter: open floodgates, inundated floodways. thousands hit by floodwaters, so new orleans stays dry. the alternative, city officials say, would have been worse than katrina. >> we do live in a bowl, so there's going to be quite a bit of water, maybe 20 feet, 25 feet
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of water throughout the city. could easily happen. >> reporter: without the diversion of massive amounts of water by the army corps of engineers, this flood would soon be pushing water over the new orleans levees. with the morganza spillway opening, the rising mississippi is abruptly cresting here a week early. at 17 feet, it is still just 3 feet from going over the top. just 3 feet from the top. that still sounds like a near miss to me. >> well, again, it is -- we're watching this very careful. we are not out of the woods yet. >> reporter: and that, in part, is because of what the flood could do to commerce at this major port. if this water comes up just one more foot, then the coast guard could have to make the decision to shut down river traffic. if that happens, city officials say it would bring an economic impact of $295 million a day. these levees on the mississippi river get tested by seasonal
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floods every couple of years. the levees that failed during katrina were on waterways, not directly connected to the river. is there something that the people and the rest of the country should learn from new orleans as they experience the flood of 2011? >> yes. and what people along the mississippi need to know is that levees are only as good as their weakest mound of mud or mound of sand or whatever is in them. >> reporter: and the people hit by these floods, like the people of new orleans, will find out what they are made. as they try to put their lives back together after being caught in nature's wake. david mattingly, cnn, new orleans. last week we maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger were separating. now we know why. more details about the secret love child.
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liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? reactions are pouring in now that former california governor arnold schwarzenegger admits to fathering a child with another woman. here's what we know and can tell you. schwarzenegger says the affair happened more than a decade ago, before his first run for office. the "l.a. times" first reported the news, saying the mother of the child is a household staffer, and schwarzenegger has provided support for the child since birth. the newspaper says it's not
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publishing the former staffer's name to protect her privacy. but the staffer recently retired on good terms with the couple after working with them for 20 years. moments ago, maria shriver released this statement. this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother, my concern is for the children. i ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and i try to rebuild our lives and heal. i will have no further comment. tmz harvey levin joins he in now. and harvey, you knew about this child five days ago, apparently, but you didn't report it. i'm curious as to why. >> well, his people were just, you know, impervious on this, and just -- not true, not true, not true. and some of them absolutely knew. there's absolutely no doubt. this is one of those things where i felt it was important to get some kind of confirmation from them before reporting it. but maria has talked about it some. she was devastated by this.
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i'm told literally inconsolable when she found out. and she has taken steps, you know, to get a business manager, to kind of create a plan. and this has been months ago to kind of end this marriage. though she has not pulled the trigger. but we absolutely heard about this, and his people -- >> and what -- >> -- just trying to stonewall it. >> what are you hearing in terms of specifics about the child? he or she has to be about 10 years old now. >> it would seem the child is about 10 years old. the way -- the way we are hearing it, arnold didn't just decide one day to tell maria. it started to unravel, and he was forced to tell maria. but that's kind of the way this thing went down. and they were doing everything they could to hide this thing. so, you know, on two levels, this remained a mystery for a lot longer than you would expect. >> and if my math is correct, this staffer worked for schwarzenegger and shriver for quite some time after this child was born.
10:16 am
any idea how he managed to keep this under wraps? >> well, i -- all i can say, randi, is there is more to this story. we're going to be publishing information on the website shortly. but arnold was able to compartmentalize his life. one of the reasons maria separated. although this was a huge event, maria has been miserable in this marriage for several years. and made that very clear to people who knew her. and part of the reason was the womanizing. so it's not this one incident that set maria off, by any means. and it was also arnold's ego. she felt ignored by him. so this is not just, again, one person. arnold was abe to kind of deal with his family in one area and deal with the rest of his life in a different area. but there's more to the story we're going to be putting some things up shortly. >> and they have obviously separated. any idea on where they're headed now? what are you hearing?
10:17 am
>> well, i am told that maria has been seriously talking about divorce. that her religious views have created conflict for her. and also, arnold's power over here has created conflict over here. that with all that went on, he has tremendous emotional power over here. he has -- and he has used that, wants desperately to get back with her. so she feels conflicted. and it looked as if it was going to happen, apparently a while ago. and then just didn't. so maria has chosen, for whatever reason, not to pull the trigger. and formally try and end the marriage. but that certainly is a possibility. >> i want to just remind our viewers of arnold schwarzenegger's statement. after leaving the governor's office, i told my wife about this event, which occurred over a decade ago. i understand and deserve the feelings of anger ask disappointment among my friends and family. there are no excuses, and i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. i have apologized to maria, my children and my family. i am truly sorry.
10:18 am
harvey, what do you make of the timing of all of this coming out after he's left office? >> well, you know, i think it came out because the wagon started to close in. you know, we were making phone calls, you know, over the last week. clearly the "l.a. times" was making phone calls, as well. and i think they realized that this was seeping out, and they wanted to control it. and i think that's why they did it. but they were certainly willing to not tell the truth, you know, until they absolutely had to. >> and i know that schwarzenegger has talked about returning to acting. i'm sure you're well aware of that. of how do you think this is going to impact his future acting career? if at all? >> well, you know, randi, i have to tell you something. i think that's something where everybody tries to take a snapshot and say he'll never act again. he'll never do a movie again. i have seen so many cases where, you know, things subside, things change, and i don't think that this is going to ruin arnold schwarzenegger's acting career. he doesn't do romantic comedies. you know, he does action movies.
10:19 am
and, you know, you can't look at today and say this will define arnold schwarzenegger. it never happens that way in hollywood. never, ever, ever. >> all right, harvey levin all over this story. we'll, of course, check tmz's website throughout the day and see what you turn out. thanks for your time. >> sure, randi. all right. so admit it. you're a little curious about how much other people make, right? well, in two minutes, we tell you what other people earn, and what they did to get those jobs and that money. don't go anywhere. for me cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, take care of your heart with cheerios. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. love your heart so you can do what you love.
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two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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now it's time for this week's in depth look at the job market. whether you're looking for your first job, a new career or a pay raise, you probably want to know what other people make, and what they did to get their jobs. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange with more on this. so alson, tell us. how are our salaries determined? >> reporter: well, they're taken out of the clear blue sky, randi, aren't they? i'm kidding, actually. because there are really three main factors that go into what your salary is. we talked with an analyst at and he tells us the most important things are your education and your experience or your skills. there's also location that factors into that equation. think about it. the highest salaries you'll find are in california and new york. and that's because of the higher cost of living. now, those things are important to know so when you go in for salary negotiations, you can go in with realistic expectations.
10:23 am
so with all that being said, we did go ahead and pick a few industries. and we're starting with the legal sector. now, when most people hear that, they often think about lawyers making six figures. and that's because of the education you need to go into that field. you need four years of college, three more -- three or more in law school. and some do make the six-figure salaries. but the median salary is really not that high. but the pay for that sector runs the gamut. you can look at it here. entry-level law clerk who makes $30,000 and the parallel who makes $55,000. and no, you don't have to go to law school for those areas, because most clerks and paralegals have a bachelor's degree. something to keep in mind, randi. >> alson, what about jobs that don't require education? how do those jobs fare as in terms of pay? >> reporter: sure, in any industry you find, these salarieses are really in a range and there's a lot of room to move up. you look at the retail industry, for instance. souly a six-figure salary there,
10:24 am
too. but again we picked out a retail pharmacist, one at your local drugstore. that requires more schooling but you can make a decent living without having an advanced degree. there are buyers, those are the people who pick the stuff sold in stores where you buy clothing, for instance, and they make in the $50,000 range. another area where you don't need as much education to break in are with hotels and restaurants. a waiter or line cook with a high school diploma makes only around $20,000 but if you work your way up to executive chef or a hotel manager, the median pay jumps to about $50,000. and you can actually get upwards of $65,000, and with this industry, you know, a lot of people wind up going to a trade school or get a two-year associates degree, so there is some education in there, but not a huge amount. bottom line with this, the big theme, randi, is really education and time. if you have education, you start out at a higher salary. and that can wind up affecting your career earnings. if you don't, you can still get in at that lower level and
10:25 am
really slowly work your way up, prove yourself, and maybe work your way up the ladder. randi? >> all right. alison kosik, thank you. appreciate it. time right now, about 25 minutes past the hour and time for a check of our top stories. we now know why arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver split. he admits he fathered a child outside his marriage more than ten years ago. the mother was a long-time member of his household staff. schwarzenegger says he told his wife after he left the governor's office in january. the flood of historic proportions still on the move. engineers plan to open more floodgates along the mississippi river soon to divert high water away from new orleans. water from the upstream spillway is already overrunning some homes. as many as 25,000 could go under water over the next few weeks. we are looking at the space shuttle "atlantis" being moved from its processing hangar to the vehicle assembly building, as it's called, to be prepped for its last flight.
10:26 am
it will be rolled to the launch pad at the end of the month in anticipation of the final mission in the space shuttle program's 30-year history. launch is set for mid july, and, of course, we will cover it live, right here for you on cnn. a region in revolt. president obama talking about middle east upheaval this afternoon with one of the region's major players. we'll ask our ed henry about this -- how this might influence the president's upcoming major middle east address. that is next. [ male announcer ] nature is unique... pure... and also delicious. like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats
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president obama welcomed jordan's king abdullah to the white house today. the two had a lot to discuss with the ungrowing rest across the middle east and protests along the borders. it comes two days before the express due to give an important speech on the middle east. cnn's senior white house correspondent ed henry joins me at this time every day. and ed, what was at the top of the agenda for today's oval office meeting? >> well, you know, it's funny, randi. as you lay it out, it's hard to pick one topic that is really at the top. you have the israeli border situation. you have libya, which the president talked to the king about. and just the broader israeli/political peace process. and then also the broader arab spring. you know a you will of the hope right now in the arab world about tunisia, about maybe libya down the road, as well as egypt. but i think clearly coming out of this oval office meeting, one of the things the president and the king wanted to stress in their statements was that it really -- all of this needs to be followed up with economic
10:30 am
reform. so that the people in the arab world actually feel there is some change beyond all of the rhetoric we have heard, randi. >> and what do we expect the message to be? anymore details as far as the message thursday in the middle east speech? >> reporter: well, white house aides are saying they believe the president will use the killing of osama bin laden to sort of show that people around the world have a real -- you know, a whole another option beyond al qaeda. and that this will show people, particularly in the muslim world, that bin laden is gone, and that it's time to choose a whole new option, a whole new approach here. i think the other thing that we're going to be looking at is how concrete does the president get about the israeli/palestinian process. diplomats close to the king were saying before this meeting that king abdullah really wanted to stress that president obama needs to get specific. lay out some real details to some sort of an obama plan, perhaps, on mid east peace. and the white house has been
10:31 am
resistant to that before. and especially now, george mitchell, the president's special envoy to the mid east, specifically stepping down. that was another sign this peace process is really stalled right now. and a lot of people are watching and waiting for the president's speech thursday, because that's the day before the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu comes to the white house. everyone is going to be reading the body language, and figuring out, coming out of that speech, is there any hope, any concrete steps coming out of the speech. and then the visiting israeli prime minister to get this peace process going again, randi. >> and then, of course, we also have the resignation of the middle east point man, george mitchell. i mean, that's sort of a game-changer at this time, isn't it? >> reporter: yeah, look if you go back to the very first week of this administration, president obama named george mitchell to that position, not just as a former senate majority leader, but somebody who helped bring peace to northern ireland.
10:32 am
and many people had predicted that would never happen. and he was able to do it. and there was a lot of hope here inside the white house that george mitchell could then bring that to the israeli/palestinian peace process. and after two-and-a-half years, he seems to be frustrated about all of the travel back and forth with very few results. and so if you want a clear sign this process right now is going nowhere fast, look no further than the fact that george mitchell stepped aside. it's a really poor sign right now, randi. >> that doesn't sound good. ed henry staking out the white house for us, as always. thank you, ed. well, a lot of people love that "like" button on facebook. but one mom takes her love to a whole new level. you are not going to believe this. that story is coming in 90 seconds. alcium c t adththod easy-to-swallow petes.
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let's check on the latest headlines and stories you may have missed. the flooding from the mississippi river is snaking its way towards the gulf of mexico, leaving behind a trail of devastated communities. the river neared record levels at greenville, mississippi. and floodwaters are expected to peak at record levels this weekend farther south. more residents in louisiana's low country are scrambling to build makeshift levees and evacuating their homes. for the first time in its history, the army corps of engineers has hoped three floodways, one in missouri and two in louisiana. dozens of communities in nine states up and down the mississippi river are being affected. millions of acres of farmland flooded. louisiana governor bobby jindal says the damage to agriculture
10:35 am
in louisiana alone will be $300 million. rap fans are mourning the death of m-bone as police search for his killer. the rapper was killed sunday night in a drive-by shooting. the group is known for the song teach me how to duggy. police say the rapper was sitting in a car in englewood when another car pulled up and fired two rounds. he later died at the hospital from gunshot wounds to his head. his rep says he was the victim of a random act of violence. apparently we now know why arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver split up. a source tells cnn schwarzenegger fathered a child ten years ago with a household staffer. the source says he has provided support for his child since birth. the shocking news comes a week after schwarzenegger and shriver made public that they were separating after 25 years of marriage. schwarzenegger admits to the affair. in a statement, he says, after leaving the governor's office, i told my wife about this event. i understand and deserve the feelings of anger and
10:36 am
disappointment. in a written statement, shriver calls it a painful and heartbreaking time. she says, "as a mother, my concern is for the children. she also asks for privacy for her family. bill gates is calling for stronger immunization programs while urging drug companies to make vaccines more affordable for poor countries. the goal, to save 10 million lives by 2020. addressing the world health organization, the microsoft founder says five or six new vaccines could be available by the end of the decade. gates says it is critical to make this, quote, the decade of vaccines. first, there was baby facebook in egypt. now an israeli couple has named their baby "like" as in the like button on facebook. yes, i am not kidding you. an israeli news source says the parents were looking for a unique name for their daughter, and they don't just like facebook, but like the meaning behind the word, i guess, by definition. i guess we could say we already like "like," right?
10:37 am
i think so. for two brothers, the dream of college and a military career are not possible. unless they get some help from congress. their story, in 60 seconds.
10:38 am
paying for college education can be a huge burden. and financial aid and scholarships help ease that strain. but for undocumented immigrant youths, receiving federal assistance for college is illegal for the time being. supporters of a bill called the dream act say it would provide them affordable access to college, military service, and eventually an opportunity for citizenship.
10:39 am
the dream stands for development, relieve and education of alien minors. it failed to pass the last congress. the act was reintroduced by senator dick durbin, and for two in arizona, it may be their only hope. we sat with the boys and discovered they too still dream the american dream. >> reporter: somewhere in phoenix is a tiny trailer park. people who know this place total us, it's where the dreamers live. dreamers are kids who want to go on to college, or serve in the u.s. military, but can't. because they're undo you wanted. undocumented. we came here to meet two students. we can't identify them, because they're in the country illegally. alex is 17. he says he came to the u.s. from mexico about four years ago, on his own, to chase a dream. >> i had always dreamed of being a doctor. well, when i came here and i started to study, i decided to become a neurosurgeon. >> reporter: a lofty ambition, but alex is determined.
10:40 am
he is also a top student at his school. >> i'm kind of an -- a straight-a student. >> reporter: alex lives in this trailer with three other teenagers who are also dreamers. they work cash jobs, construction and yard cleaning, to pay for food, rent, and utilities while they attend high school. you left mexico city to come here for a better life, and yet you're living in this trailer park. and you know, really struggling. is this kind of what you were dreaming, where you would end up? >> not even close. >> reporter: a few doors away, jason and his brothers live with their mother in a small trailer. he's also 17. he came from mexico when he was a baby. he says his only allegiance is to the united states. and he has dreamed of serving in the military ever since he was a boy. >> i just really wanted to go in there when -- like, i had plans and everything already. >> reporter: it was all mapped out. jason is an rotc, an officer
10:41 am
training program for young students. he's also an honors student who hoped to enlist on his 18th birthday. when the dream act was shot down last year, he said it was a blow that is indescribable. >> i was planning on joining the military with the dream act. but since they didn't pass it, that kind of cancelled out my dream of going in there. >> reporter: how did that make you feel? >> it's just frustrating, not being able to follow your dream. >> reporter: now that the dream act has been introduced once again, jason holds on to hope he'll be able to wear an army uniform, and alex hopes someday he'll be able to go on to medical school. thelma gutierrez, cnn, phoenix, arizona. unit current federal laws, undocumented immigrants are ineligible to receive financial aid or loans, and most states are charged out of state tuition rates. the legislation came close to passage in the previous congress, falling just five votes short of the 60 required to move forward in the senate.
10:42 am
the revised bill includes a critical provision that would allow states to charge in-state tuition rates to all res department students, regardless of immigration status. this provision was removed from the bill voted on by the last congress. charged with sexual assault, now held on new york's notorious rikers island in jail. pressure builds for the imf chief to resign. the latest, next. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. time is running out to be one of the 10 people to win the chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac of your choice.
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10:45 am
not even bomb threats are stopping queen elizabeth ii's historic visit to the republic of ireland. ♪ the queen, wearing a symbolic emerald green coat and hat reviewed an irish military guard shortly after arriving today. she is the first british monarch to visit ireland since the company gained independence from the u.k. back in 1921. the queen also honored irish nationalists who were killed in the fight for independence, laying a wreath at the garden of remembrance, the country's monument to its fallen heroes. just hours before her arrival, the irish army carried out a controlled explosion of a pipe bomb discovered offer a bus. nationalists opposed are suspected of planting the device. bricks and bottles were thrown
10:46 am
at police. officials described the visit as an opportunity for reconciliation and much better relations. turning now to the scandal that's rocked both france and the financial world, the head of the international monetary fund, dominic strauss-kahn now behind bars on new york's infamous rikers island. the 400-acre jail complex that's home to some of the country's most violent criminals. he was placed there after being charged with trying to rape a maid at a new york hotel. and a judge denied him bail. in a statement, the imf today said strauss-kahn does not have diplomatic immunity. he was viewed by many as a leading contender to become france's next president. now many within the imf and in france say his only recourse is to resign. this sentiment developing as more women come forward with their own allegations of unwanted sexual advances by him. this woman, french journalist, tryst taken bannin said kahn
10:47 am
tried to rape her during an interview nine years ago. her mother says she persuaded her at the time not to press charges, because strauss-kahn was a family friend and close to their politics. now her lawyer says she plans to file a legal complaint against him. strauss-kahn, of course, isn't without supporters, including his wife who says she doesn't believe the charges. and in france, some describe his treatment in new york to that of a, quote, lynching. others say he might be the target of a political set-up. we'll continue to follow that. 47 minutes past the hour. checking developments in our top stories right now. the international criminal court accuses moammar gadhafi's security forces of gang raping women stopped at check points. the icc's chief prosecutor says they're investigating reports that the security forces are using sexual enhancement drugs, which he called a tool of massive rape. in pakistan, nato says two of its helicopters were fired on from the pakistani side of the border with afghanistan. the spokesman says the choppers
10:48 am
returned fire. pakistan says two of its soldiers were wounded, and has lodged a strong protest. pakistanis are also calling for a meeting with nato. president obama discussed mid east peace today with jordan's king abdullah at the white house. mr. obama says it's more vital than ever for the israelis and palestinians to restart peace talks. he also says the u.s. will stay engaged in the process to help the two sides find an exable and just solution. those were his words. mr. obama plans to deliver a speech on thursday on u.s. policy in the middle east, and meets friday with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. have you ever tried to park in a big city? yes, you probably have. it's horrible, isn't it? well, all of the pain and struggle may be a thing in the past. we will tell why after the break.
10:49 am
down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals.
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10:51 am
parking in any big city can be brutal. we all know that and driving in circles and getting lost and missing the appointment is not fun. now the worst part of the ride is turning into a high-tech adventure actually. cnn silicon valley correspondent dan simon explains a little bit. hi, dan. >> hi, randi. the key to making this technology work begins with what
10:52 am
you are seeing right here. this is a sensor embedded in the street which can tell whether or not a parking space is free and that information ultimately is uploaded to a smartphone app. and finding a place to park in san francisco can be a futile effort. >> in this neighborhood it is cut throat, and anywhere in the city, it is pretty tough. >> reporter: so it figures that the bay area, home to the world greatest technology companies would offer an innovative solution, but it does not come from industry, but city hall. the city of san francisco is offering a free iphone p aapp h in realtime to land a parking spot. the sensors can determine if the spot is free, and then the information is uploaded and relayed to the app. fire it up, and you can see the map around you. dark blue, plenty of spots and light blue, tight, and red, forget it. all right. let's see if we can find ourselves a parking spot. how well does it work?
10:53 am
sometimes perfectly. >> the app says on this block there should be two spots available and guess what, there is one of them right there. and other times, not so much. still, the city claims its internal testing showed a high level of accuracy. how accurate is it? >> 90% accurate. >> reporter: nathaniel ford runs the city's transportation system, and he says that the sp$20 million federally-funded project is efficient. >> reporter: the app has been downlo downloaded 10 million times, and driving behind the wheel is not safe to use the app while driving. >> we do not encourage people to constantly look down at the device looking for a parking spot. >> reporter: still consider eed pilot project, the city installed a sensor in 20,000 of
10:54 am
the city's parking spaces and 20,000 more in the city's garages. if it work, look for it to expand here and other big cities. well, it is estimated near san francisco that people circling around for a parking spot accounts for 30% of the congestion here in the city, so officials are hoping that technology can provide a solution. randi? >> so, dan, where else might we see it soon? you mentioned it might be heading to other cities. >> well, right now, san francisco, it is a pilot project here, and they have the most vast system, if you will, but ft. worth, texas, and north hollywood are experimenting with the technology to a limited degree, and if it is successful there and here in san francisco, then, of course, it will greatly expand, but the key is to not use it while you are drive, because of course it can be dangerous. >> yes, no texting or looking
10:55 am
for a parking spot while you are behind the wheel. thank you, dan. cool stuff. for more on the innovative parking spot, you can go to and see videos about the past big i's and we like to say it is the same big i time at the same big i channel. and with donald trump out of the way, you would think that it would be good news for newt gingrich. [ male announcer ] if you've been to the hospital
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10:58 am
-- captions by vitac -- ...a 7 day plan to get going on your summer weight loss. time now for the a cnn republican update. newt gingrich is having issues with his own party over comments of medical reform. paul steinhauser is joining me from washington. what is this controversy all about? >> well, randy, six days after gingrich formally announces for president, the honeymoon is over. and this is what happened on sunday talk shows the former house speaker was asked about paul ryan the budget chairman in the hour, and his medicare plan which the republicans overwhelmingly approve of, and he called it radical change and somewhat critical of it and talking about health care, he said he supported a concept of the individual mandate, and another big no-no with the republicans. since then in the last 48 hours, gingrich has been slammed by a lot of the conservatives and
10:59 am
republicans, so you could definitely say he is a little bit in the doghouse. gingrich talked to our jim acosta in iowa, and that is where gingrich is which is a great place to be if you are running for president. and he had come plilt plimentar to say about ryan, which is what you could call damage control, and he also had this comment about the repeal of the president's health care bill last year. keep your eyes on this, because it is far from over, randi. >> and what about the buzz of the senate race in wisconsin. what is happening there? >> well, back to paul ryan, the budget chairman, a republican from wisconsin. he told candy crowley that he would announce whether he would or would not run for the open seat. and he said no. he would stay in the house, because he can do better work for the country in the house. but a guy who may run for the seat is tommy thompson who has been the health and human
11:00 am
services secretary under president bush and ran for house republican four years ago, and he is likely to go for the seat which is held by herb cole who announce shed not running. and so the republicans will try to hold on that seat for the next election, randi. >> they will try to hold on tight, paul. thank you. >> yes, they are. we continue live from los angeles, and this hour, we are learning more about arnold schwarzenegger's affair and news of a secret child. a short time ago, maria shriver released this statement. this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother, my concern is for the children. i ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and i will try to rebuild our lives and heal. i will have no further comment. we will have more on this story in ten minutes from now. meanwhile the head of the international monetary fund is spending his first day on a island unlike he has ever been,
11:01 am
rei rikers. he will be in a compound that is reserved for criminals. it is a world away from the posh hotel he allegedly forced himself on and a maid and bought himself an array of sex charges and one count of unlawful imprisonment. rei rye k reiker's is made up of 14,000 inmates and 10,000 officers. he holds a cell by himself. he is separated from other prisoners and phones and tvs and the internet. cnn's deborah feyerick is following this drama in new york. deb, i understand that you have new information about the victim in this case. what do you know? >> well, we do. as a matter of fact, randi, while we are not releasing her name, we are speaking to a lawyer who is now representing her. keep in mind that she is obviously represented by
11:02 am
prosecutors who are bringing the case, and with retold she is cooperating fully and doing what needs to do for them. she is a west african immigrant from new guinea, and her lawyer says that her world has been turned upside down. she hoz beas been working at th hotel for three or three and a half year, legally, and she has a 14-year-old daughter, and she is unable to go home. her life is uncertain. she said she was afraid for her life, and the whole idea was to get out of the room and get away from this man. of course, she is referring to the imf head, and the potential presidential candidate of france dominic strauss-kahn, and the lawyer tells us that this woman is an exemplary employee and got along very well with her superiors and also with other employees. he tells us that she was told to go clean this room never expecting that this man would be there and do what he did. the lawyer telling us, quote,
11:03 am
that right now this woman is frightened. this is a person who assaulted and raped her. he is on every single television set. this nightmare keeps recycling in her mind. she has no point of refuge. he says that thas that this iso encountered extraordinary odds to get to the united states, and now she is going through this, and again, he says that the future is uncertain, because she does not know what she will do next. randi. >> i'm sure if this did indeed happen, deb, it was incredibly frightenbing for her. i understand that you have done dicking on the forensics, and what have you learned there? >> well, the forensics now, all of that is under investigation. for example, investigators and prosecutors and nypd are looking at things like dna. and remember, mr. strauss-kahn did give a dna sample likely just a saliva swab. he was made to stand and photographs taken so that they could see if there were any scratch marks on the body. the woman also presented dna
11:04 am
evidence as well. and the lawyer would not tell us specifically what it is that she gave though we are led to believe it may have been things under her fingernails for example if she tried to fight back or any bruises. we spoke to the head of the sex crimes unit and she had an interesting take on what the investigators are looking for now. >> well, you have a hotel worker going up against one of the most powerful men, the head of the international monetary fund and what sort of evidence needed to be met for police to believe that something did in fact occur? >> well, it is a great question. obviously body fluids and where it is. if it is on the bed of the alleged offender may not be terrifically significant. if it is on the clothing of the victim and i don't know where it is, that is going to be awfully significant. most hotels in this day and age have cameras in corridors. is there tape of this woman leaving the room. what condition was she in both in clothing disarray and
11:05 am
emotional distress. what condition was he in when he left the room, if these things are filmed. >> reporter: investigators and police went immediately to the airport to get him off of the plane. is that an extraordinary measure? >> if the special units detectives had a probable cause meaning a witness who they believed told the truth and made an immediate outcry and found evidence to support it, which is not needed, but icing on the cake, they did the only thing that they could do which is to stop this man before he left the country. >> now, randi, we do want you to keep in mind that again, mr. strauss-kahn's lawyer has said that the forensic evidence will show that there was no forceable encounter, and those are his words and he says that his client plans to plead not guilty. i asked this prosecutor linda fairstein, a famous prosecutor, whether there was an aggressive move to get this man or rush to judgment give ten time that thele aigations were made to
11:06 am
time he was taken in custody, and she said, no, this is the only thing that the sex crimes unit could do, and what they are trained to do. you listen to the witness, and if the witness is credible, you go out to try to at least track down the case. right now, it is getting ready to go to the grand jury. randi. >> and deb, quickly before we let you go, what is the latest on the other potential victims? >> well, they are look. looking to see if there is anybody else who may step forward and either corroborate this woman's story or if not, tell a similar story. one woman has already stepped forward, a french journalist, and again, we will see if there are others. randi. >> all right. deb feyerick, thank you for getting that information from the lawyer as well. appreciate it. to louisiana now and the high cost of preventing catastrophe. the army corps of engineers says that 25,000 homes could be lost or damaged by spillage from the morganza spillway.
11:07 am
we are reporting that the spillway is gradually opened to lower the river downstream and lessen the flooding in new orleans and baton rouge. if the spillway had stayed closed, most folks are now getting out of town, but a few sees a different solution. if the water is high, they say to get the house higher. contractors can jack up a house and put it on stilts for roughly the price of building a house from scratch. from the other side of the spillway, the damage is done, and it is still being done and won't be over for weeks and maybe longer. the river has never been higher in the mississippi towns of natchez and vicksburg, and it is still on the rise. a farnler near vi farmer near v is like a slow death. martin, i understand that it is hard to get around there. >> it is, randi, indeed. we are standing in what is known as the kings community area and north of vicksburg and an area we have been at before, but the water is higher here than
11:08 am
before, and it continues to rise here in vicksburg with the levels of 57 and they hope to crest out thursday at at 57.5, but you can see that the whole community here, and there are hundreds of homes spread throughout this area. i am standing on rail road tracks not that you would know that, but home after home on this street, and the farther down the street, the deeper the water gets, and it is 11 feet here and 15 feet in the back street, and you have bizarre scenes. you know, you have the railroad crossing there sticking out of the water and the dead end sign and you would only know that you were at pittman and railroad by the signage there. and the locals say that when the army corps of engineers was here a couple of weeks ago trying to warn people about how deep the water would get and they drew a line on the street saying this is where it is going to go. you need to get out. well, that line, actually -- it was here. so they missed it by about six feet from shore there. so actually, even the army corps of engineers as they tried to warn people, it is beyond that, and that is the sort of flooding it has been here in the state of
11:09 am
mississippi and 4,800 people forced to flee. here in this particular town 1,700 people have been forced to flee, but the good news of course, no deaths or injuries reported, but the worst is coming this way. in fact, a number of neighborhoods here, people are gathering their thing, and still trying to move out of the way even though they have had weeks. many of them, perhaps hoped against hope that the water would not rise. it has actually gone farther than some had apparently predicted. randi. >> and martin, i understand that you went to visit this other community eagle lake which is not under water, but you had trouble getting in and out of there? >> well, this is a community that is the opposite of what you see here. in other words, no water whatsoever, but what is similar, no people whatsoever. this is an area that has been completely isolated and cut off because of the rising floodwaters and they evacuated everybody ahead of time, and they evacuated people on the main line levees, and the reason because there are about 100,000
11:10 am
homes out there is because they are stuck between two major levees the yazoo and the morganza spillway, and so it is a ghost town and eerie to be out there and it is sis serene and difficult to find anybody except for the sheriff's department who is out there to make sure nobody tries to take advantage of a bad situation. >> thank you, martin. and there was news of maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger splitting up, and now we know why. it seems, arnold has a secret love child. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide.
11:11 am
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11:13 am
after ten years of keeping it under raps, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger admits to fathering a child with one of his employees. here is what we know right now. schwarzenegger says that the affair happened a decade ago before his first run for office. the "l.a. times" says that the mother is a household staffer and schwarzenegger has provided support for the child since birth. they are not publishing the name of the staffer to protect privacy, but she did retire on good terms after working for the couple for 20 years. and then maria shriver released this statement. this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as mother, my concern is for the children. i ask for compassion, respect
11:14 am
and privacy as my children and i will try to rebuild our lives and heal. i will have no further comment. and harvey lechvin, you said yo knew about the child days ago, but you were getting pushback from the schwarzenegger camp. >> well, i started to reconstruct this sunday, and started to make calls and maria was unconsolable over it and angry. and we got just flat no, it is not true, and we don't know what you are talking about and never heard anything like this. so i think that what happened is that the walls started to close in that we were making calls and clearly the "l.a. times" were making calls and ultimately they realized that the information was coming out, and they wanted to get ahead of it. >> what do we know if anything more about this child? does schwarzenegger see this child? it is a boy or girl or have we been able to learn anything? >> no, we haven't. i mean, we are kind of -- we, i
11:15 am
think that we know something, but we are not ready to publish it yet, but it looks like something happened around the time that maria found out which was shortly after arnold left the governor's mansion, and something happened and the marriage was already in deep trouble. i mean, she was miserable, and had talked about wanting out of the marriage for several years, but something happened to force arnold to tell her, and, and, you know, i think that it is all kind of connecting. there is a lot of gossip on the west side of l.a., and maria has talked to people about it, but, you know, it is sounding like there was a trigger earlier in the year. >> so that the staffer worked for schwarzenegger and shriver for several years after the child had been born and how did they keep it under wraps or at least schwarzenegger? >> i am told that arnold can compartmentalize his life. he has a office building in
11:16 am
santa monica not too far from the home, and i am told in that office building, and we got this from people who are familiar with the office, that he would sometimes have women come in there and there were two in particular five to seven years ago where they would come in and it was odd, because they both had legal sized manila envelopes and come in the middle of the night and until 1:00 in the morning and stay there for hours behind closed doors. so i think that arnold was able to compartmentalize things a lot, and to some extent they did have separate lives. obviously, they intersected a lot, but arnold was able to do what he did. >> you know, few are as close to celebrity gossip as you are, harvey. so try to take us inside of the schwarzenegger/shriver camp right now, and what is going on? >> well, he, you know, personally, we are told that he really wants back with her, and he has a lot of emotional power over her still, and she is conflicted. she is absolutely talked about
11:17 am
getting divorced, but she has not pulled that trigger yet. she has a financial adviserer s she is talking to in order to help create a plan for her. but nothing has been done. and she is ambivalent, and arnold wants her back. arnold wants to do movies, so this is obviously impacting that effort. on her side, she feels lost, and wants a career, and i can tell you that syndicators and news organizations have been aggressively courting maria to get her back on the air including oprah winfrey who met with her last week and wants to give her a talk show on o.w.n. so maria is conflicted over the situation, and arnold just wants her back. >> yeah, i'm sure. harvey levin, thank you and appreciate your insight on a
11:18 am
story like this one. and keeped on any details you might get later today. >> okay. randi. and we know how much the devastation was to the city of detroit and the auto workers, but i bet you didn't know the efgts of the city's forgotten residents. i will explain next. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. hey, dad, think i could drive? i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪
11:19 am
♪ [ son ] you realize, it's gotta run out sometime. ♪
11:20 am
♪ that's where i was born snowed
11:21 am
and that is the way ♪ >> the rapper the dog is dedicating his life to the dogs on the streets because of high unemployment and foreclosures and dog owners are facing the tough decisions to give up their pets to survive. they cannot afford to keep them or care for them any longer, but two people are working to save them. they formed a group and making it a business to find homes for the pets. margaret martino and doug are the co-founders of the rescue detroit. you are a rapper and how did you get started rescuing dogs in detroit? >> well, my partner, monica, created a dog show. we were friends before she came to detroit, and she had an idea to do a show on the stray dogs
11:22 am
in detroit with an estimated 50,000 stray dogs. and monica wanted to document that. i became the location manager for the show that she had created. the show kind of fell through. and after that, monica and i could not leave the dogs. we thought we needed to do something. >> i bet. monica is here with us in studio here in los angeles. you are enan executi aa aa aan producer, and you are now involved in this. we should introduce the dog, because he wants to make an appearance. this is is noodles. >> yes, this is noodles. >> how did you find him? >> well, hush and i were out rescuing dogs and -- oops, sit down. we were on the way to get some soup, and it was freezing cold and we saw this guy on the side of the road eating a frozen chicken bone, and winter is a tough time for dogs in detroit. people have to make a choice between buying dog food and paying the heating bills, so
11:23 am
they turn them loose. we knew we could not let this guy go, so we picked him up and gave him a warm home and he came back to los angeles with me. >> and you took him and, hush, what about the dog with you? is that your dog or does he need a home? >> well, this is roscoe who is eventually going to need a em ho. he was a owner surrender, what we call. >> and can you hold him up so we can see him? >> sure. this is roscoe. i love this dog. i don't want to let him go to be honest with you. he is 10 months old, and the owner was moving, and she didn't want to let him go, and to anybody that she thought would actually put him down. so she saw me and said, hey, can i leave my dog with you. i said, absolutely. this is roscoe, and he's a amazing dog. >> he is adorable, and how many dogs like roscoe and noodles have you all rescued from the streets? >> i would say probably close to 30 right now in the amount of
11:24 am
time that we've been up and running. we have only been up and going for 130 days now. and you know, what we have been able to tackle this issue headon and be able to do a lot of things a lot faster and get a lot of dogs off of the street. it is really a sad situation that is going on here right now with the dogs. >> i am sure. i have seen some of the video na we are looking at right now, and it breaks my heart to see the dogs wandering around with no food, no shelter, and living in just, you know, in the cold there. it is terrible to see. monica, what happens to these dogs? i mean, once you pick them up, not all of them are as lucky as noodles here. >> no, they can't all be as lucky as noodles here or i would take them back to l.a. with me. but the ultimate goal is to open up a shelter, and we are a ways from that. >> and is there room for the dogs you pick up? >> well, we rely on friends and family, and hush has a great network in the city. he is from detroit, and born and raised, and he has a celebrity
11:25 am
following there, and so we call up the people we know and people who are interested in what we are doing, and we are getting more and more attention and more and more options. but the goal is to open up the shelter in the meantime, we rely on fosters and people who can take them in until we can get them out of of detroit or find them homes there. >> and hush, a lot of the dogs end up being euthanized or what is the answer for them? >> yeah. i mean, when it comes to what is going on before monica and i got involved, probably 80% of these dogs would be euthanized, and that was heartbreaking to us. we got close to a lot of the dogs that we were actually filming. a lot of the dogs, i mean, they are just amazing animals. you know, their tails wag and the ears go down and they come right up to you. it is just, i mean, look at this face! you know, you can't let these dogs go. it is, you know, it is a sad situation. and we are trying to do
11:26 am
something about it. and i think that the way -- >> and your goal is to open up a no-kill shelter. >> absolutely. there is no such thing as a no-kill shelter in detroit right now, and it is monica and i's goal to make it happen. i think that we are well on the way. >> well, if they are like roscoe and noodles, all of them would be wonderful pets, and i certainly have sort of disappears off of the screen. they have been unpredictable in terms of guests on the show. but we appreciate the hard work that you are doing, and it is so nice to see noodles here who wants to get out of the studio, but it is really great to see all of the hard work you are doing, and clearly, roscoe, hush, you may have to hold on to ros koeshgs because he is not going anywhere. >> yeah, i think that roscoe wants to stay. >> thank you both for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> and monica and hush, thank you for the work you are doing. i am sure that a lot of folks at home are touched by this and if
11:27 am
you want to know how to help go the detroit dog i will say it again, because it is that important. detroit dog, and try to help the pets on the streets of detroit. ♪ let's see you fly now! [ laughs ] look, more frequent flyer red tape. not on my watch. let that family fly! [ tires screech ] i just wanted to use miles to take my family on vacation, but -- let me guess -- restrictions through the roof. that's right. not anymore. rapid rewards has your back.
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♪ one team. one planet. bridgestone. we now know why arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver split. the former california governor admits he fathered a child outside of his marriage more than ten years ago. the more this was a long time member of the household staff, it turns out.
11:30 am
it seems that we are hearing more and more of these stories in politics. suzanne malveaux takes a look back at some of the scandals. >> reporter: it has become one of the oldest cliches in politics, whether it is the rumored affairs of president john f. kennedy or the painful story of john and elizabeth edwards. infidelity and lies and the inevitable apologies are almost a given in the world of high-power politics, and it is the politicians wives who endure the deepest agony, and forced to face the cameras when a sex scandalle hits. >> the bottom line is this, i have been unfaithful to my wife. >> am i okay? well, i have great faith and great friends and fally. >> reporter: with all of the news swirling around the schwarzenegger and shriver family, we know it is not the only time that the first lady has had to endure the limelight for her husband.
11:31 am
>> and if you met him 30 seconds five years ago or you are listen to me. >> reporter: and those who try to help their husbands' fall from grace like calista gingrich. he fell from the height of politics and calling for the president's impeachment in the monica lewinski scandal. he gears up for his run for the white house with his wife at the side. and then at the podium, there are those who are forced out of politics. >> i am not sitting here some little woman standing by my man. >> reporter: so why are all of these storying still relevant? some argue, if you lie to the
11:32 am
ones you love, then you would lie to others, namely, the ones that you would serve. suzanne malveaux, cnn, atlanta. a lot of people love that like button on facebook, but one mom takes her love to a whole new level. that is an understatement. you are not going the believe this one next. what's this option? that's new.
11:33 am
personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. it is half past the hour, and here are some of to stories that you may have missed. the mississippi river nears a record crest in greenville, mississippi. and in louisiana, lowlands are being intentionally flooded to spare new orleans and baton rouge. residents are scrambling to save belongings in the atchafalaya basin.
11:34 am
and the bloated river continues to make the relentless approach to the gulf. in the coming days floodwaters expected to peak at record levels in vicksburg and natchez, mississippi, and red river landing and baton rouge, louisiana. police are looking for the killer of rapper montae talbert. he was gunned down in a driveby shooting in ingelwood, california. you may know the song "the dougie." he was only home one day before he was killed. the murder took place a block from the place where he created the popular dance. hundreds of fans and family and friends gaerred this outside of the crime scene to remember him. police say a motive for the shooting has not been determined at that point. and microsoft founder bill gates spoke at geneva today and laid out the vaccine initiative. he wants more vaccines to fight
11:35 am
against infectious disease. he hopes it will save 10 million lives by 2020. the philanthropist says that the new vaccines could be available by the end of the year, and he is urging pharmaceutical companies to make vaccines affordable in the poorest countries. parents spend time searching for the perfect name for their child. well, in israeli, a couple names their baby like after the like button on the social networking site. the couple says they were looking for something unique and not an attempt to capitalize on facebook, but they simply like the name like. we will give them that. well, turning off the lights and using plastic bags is paying off big time. it pays off in the
11:36 am
11:37 am
you may notice that more and more fortune 500 companies are going green, but why is that? listen to this. >> this plan could cut our energy costs by 40%. >> 40%? >> and we spent $18 million on energy last year. >> hello? >> sir? >> yes, it is about mother nature and social responsibility, but it about saving more than the environment. turns out that going green is helping many fortune 500 companies grow the profits and so how much is green energy saving these companies? we take a look at the top five green savers in today's "big breakdown." at the top is dow chemical. the company has spent more than two decades to supretreamline t
11:38 am
energy use in the plants and it saves them a whopping $760 million a year. since 1990, it adds up to a net savings of $7 billion. and hewlett-packard is spending to save money. 2010 was a big year for them, and they made a $20 million investment to make their plants more energy efficient. they save $5.7 million a year. remember that ibm we showed you, that was a little bit earlier there, and ibm admittedly takes a geek year approach to being green, and the companyp developed its own technology to map out the energy use 3d, and that has saved them $326 million in the last six years. next up, verizon, this past year verizon made some of the wireless service buildings more energy efficient. just that alone has saved them $2.1 million. it is also dipping its feet into the eco-friendly fuels and
11:39 am
rounding out the top five is the local kroger grocery store, and you know the plastic bags? well, they cost kroger a pretty penny, so they are pushing customers and employees to cut back saving up to $795,000. and add to that, it is pushed to reduce energy waste, and when you factor in the 2,500 kroger stores in 31 states, the money saved is huge. they have saved hundreds of millions since 2000. a win-win for the environment, and of course, "bottom line." dressed in emerald green, queen elizabeth's historic visit to the republic of ireland and why it is important and why some aren't happy right after this.
11:40 am
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fewerillshan tylenol. th is laraho chose 2leve anfewells r day free opain. and get the all day pain relief ofleven liquid gels. for the first time ever, a british monarch is visiting the republic of ireland. queen elizabeth ii arrived in dublin today amid much pomp and circumstance. michael holmes joining me from atlanta with much insight. michael, el the l us about the security there, and the pipe bomb that was found there? >> yes, it was found on a bus with people on it, and the army went in and conducted a controlled explosion. but it was a pipe bomb. there are other suspicious devices, which turned out to be
11:43 am
hoaxes, but it gives you the idea of the tensions there. there are 4,000 people involved in the operation of the four-day visit. and you see that automobile for the queen is bomb-proof and bullet-proof, and they are taking no chances here. >> any idea who is responsible for the pipe bomb? any clue? sxwl >> well, you have militant british nationalists who are part of the northern part and not the northern republic, and hundreds of those clashing with police in dublin and also the coded warning of a bomb in england as well in london. >> and michael, i want you to standby for a second, because i want to share some sound that we are getting into cnn of the alleged victim in the imf case. and his name is jeff shapiro who is the attorney for the alleged victim, and let's listen to that, and then i want to talk to you more about that case. >> the world has been turned
11:44 am
upside down for her. this is a person who is a hard-working person who is a single mother and supporting a 15-year-old young woman, and they live together, and she was grateful to have a job. for which she could provide food and shelter for the two of them. since this has occurred, she has not been able to go home. she can't go back to work, and she has no idea what the few ghur is going to be in any respect. so, this has been aside from what took place in the hotel room, the trauma that has taken place in her life is extraordinary.michael, this is time we have heard from the lawyer of the alleged victim in the case and i'm talking about the scandal that has rocked the imf chief strauss-kahn.
11:45 am
>> well, there is another girl in europe who says that she had charges against him, but her mother urged her not to press charges, because her family had close ties to strauss-kahn and now that this is out, she might file charges. >> and what do we think about the imf, and sadly, most people didn't know what it does, and why should we care? >> it is an important organization in a way, especially if you are a poor country, because it is thom out countries who run into economic trouble and through that trouble pose an global economic threat, and giving them loans but always with lots of strings attached though. >> and how does the loan process actually work when you talk about strings attached? >> well, what the critics say is that the imf loans enable member
11:46 am
countries to have reckless policies knowing they will be bailed out, but there is a safety net to delay needed reforms and creates long-term dependency as well. and the strings don't give the countries much of a say in how these rules are applied within their own country. >> and how long has the imf been around? can you tell us more about it? >> well, it was set up post war, 1945, and set up in bretton woods at the same time that the world bank was set up. as i said though that the imf's big concern is that they make the loans conditional on the implementation of certain economical policies and they say that the policies are unfair to country itself, so there is always a criticism about the imf, but it is an important group, because if the country is in trouble, and the trouble extends outside of the border, they step in. >> and when we talk about dominic strauss-kahn, this is a guy who actually had a pretty good beginning at least, and was
11:47 am
going to be a possible candidate to take on sarkozy in france? >> yes. he is a former french finance minister and in the cabinet for some time, and his wife is extremely well known. they are a bit of a first couple if you'd like in some ways in france. she was a television personality, and multimillionaire heiress to a art dealership fortune, so he was going up in his career and being the minister and then the imf gig, and lin weekend the socialist party there, and he was likely to be their candidate and doing well in polling against nicolas sarkozy as well, so he had a chance to be the president. >> from what i have read, you would know better than i would, but it sounds like sarkozy would be the beneficiary here if he doesn't move ahead with this or can't move ahead with this. >> certainly would confuse the field, exactly. >> yeah, all right. michael holmes, good to chat
11:48 am
with you as always. >> see you back here. >> okay. political figures caught in compromising positions, and seeming all too familiar, and should it be an end of their political future?
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
infidelity and politics almost seem to go hand in hand, and the revelation from former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is the latest in a long line of political sex scandals. just this month, nevada senator john ensign retired in the wake of an extramarital affair, and also ex-president shall candidate john edwards and david vitter, and president bill clinton and newt gingrich and that is more than a handful right there, and i could go on and on, but there are many others, of course, so what is the harm other than the obvious effects on the family? well, there is the law. some laws make adultery a crime. most of the laws are not enforced but in michigan, one judge's interpretation says that adultery could bring a life sentence, and it is against the military code of justice and could bring with it a
11:52 am
court-martial, so we wanted to put the question to the stream team, should infidelity be a disqualifier for a political figure. with us is author of "complete idiot's guide to relationships" and andy cohen, author of politico.barr. and it doesn't seem, andy, that infidelity is not a death knell for a politician. why is that? >> well, it is something that everybody can get over, but it is interesting that it ruined mark sanford's hopes of being a president, and he recovered from that and others of course you pointed to clinton and newt gingrich who has two divorces and infidelities on his line, and today, the story is about something he screwed up on the campaign trail and not what he screwed up in his personal life. >> and so they can keep going forward regardless of what happens in their personal life? h. >> well, if it is understandable and time for them to get over it, and handle it on a pr front
11:53 am
well, it is something they can get over. it is obviously not a great political situation to be in, but we have seen a lot of guys recover and some who haven't, but, you know, we have seen proven over and over again, that if there is determination and time to do it, a lot of of the guys do get over it. >> yeah. raul felder, i want to bring you in. are they breaking the law or are the laws so antiquated that it does not matter anymore? >> well, before i answer that, jackie mason had a remark answering the last question, and when clinton was found out, it was said that one day for adultery, and the rest of the life trying to get over it. the criminals are hard at work at the hotel, and it is not taken very seriously. >> and dr. judy, how do we explain the mindset that leads
11:54 am
to these compromising incidents if you want to call them that with the politicians. what is going on in their head? >> well, i have to disagree with the lawyers here, because from a psychological point of view, although anybody's entitled to their personal life and private life, the point is what is going on in their heads is that they feel entitled, and feel sometimes they are above the law, and a lot of the men are narcissistic and me, me, me, and wheeling and dealing in politics anyway and if they are wheeling and dealing in their lives, then psychologically, you have to look at what is this person's character if they are due poll s police -- duplicitous and if they are lying to us, what else are they lying about? >> well, andy, is this all about power? >> well, i don't know what the psychological motivations are with a lot of the guys, but it seems a lot more politicians
11:55 am
that do this, but you have to remember how many people are involved in the game, and a lot who fall victim it to, but at the same time, there are a lot who aren't. there are a lot of successful marriages in politics just like anything else. >> and raoul -- >> and yes, but can't you -- >> oh. judy, finish. >> you have to really look, and you really need to look at what is this person's character, and make some kind of judgments about whether or not they are able to compartmentalize this or if this is bleeding over into the rest of their life, and how they are dealing with our money, and making judgments about that, and in affairs, although not sexual affairs with the international other politicians. >> and raoul, how is a politician's infidelity different from an actor or dentist for that matter, because you sit there and deal with
11:56 am
couples as a divorce attorney, you have heard it all. >> well, it is the sense of entitlement. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. and the same is true in politics, but you know, bill clinton, he's probably the most popular private citizen in the united states. and he is a victim of being a hound dog as far as women are concerned. you have to look at each one separately and say are they doing a good job? i would not worry about my money as much. i would worry with my money with a guy who is a dope and i don't worry about adultery. >> well, we hear about this when it comes out and made pub llic,e hear those words "i'm sorry." dr. judy, is i'm sorry enough? >> i don't think so. and the biggest excuse i had a
11:57 am
sex addiction and i will go for treatment for a month, and that is certainly not enough. people are being let off a little bit too easily and they need to answer to us, the public, because at times we are duped, too, and told the truth. everything i know as a psychologist is that honesty is the best policy and people want the truth, and they want to trust the personal relationships and the politicians. >> okay. dr. judy and raoul felder and andy b andy barr from political coe. we will sadly continue this discussion in the future. we will take a quick break and come back with the news. do you have an english menu? no english. [ speaking chinese ] [ gasps, speaks chinese ] do you guys like dumplings? i love dumplings. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual -- let our financial professionals help you reach your goals.
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