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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 19, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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$140,000 for subway and bus shelter ads warning of judgment day. >> that's your life savings. >> a good chunk of it. >> reporter: on saturday, where will he be? >> as of now, i am planning to be in times square. >> reporter: with media tagging along expecting to see him with egg on his face or in rapture. those in heaven need squun to take care of the pets they leave behind. you can arrange with services like after the rapture pet care and eternal earth bound pets to have nonchristians take care of your animals. one nonbeliever wants to celebrate, "we're still here" day on the 22nd. for some of us, the 21st is problematic. >> reporter: this is my birthday. to put this on me is just we're. so if my birthday is on the 21st, what do you recommend i do? >> pray. >> reporter: and maybe celebrate early. >> happy doom's day, deer
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jeannie, happy doomsday to you. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> that's it for us. it is 9:00 a.m. on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west. good morning to you. i'm carol costello in for kyra phillips. the schwarzenegger scandal keeps getting more shocking. his child with his wife, maria and his secret child with his housekeeper were born just days apart. president obama getting ready to deliver a major speech on how the united states will deal with the new middle east.
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sanctions for some nations and help for others and a controversial suggestion for israel. this just in to us. the number of people filing for first-time unemployment claims is down again. the second straight week of sharp drops. four years into the job and four days after his arrest on sex crime charges, the head of the international monetary fund hands in his resignation. dominique strauss-kahn made the decision from his new york jail cell. he has been in custody since the weekend, accused of serxually assaulting an employee at a hotel where he was standing. calling for his to step down are getting pretty loud. >> it is with infinite sadness that i feel compelled today to present to the executive board my resignation for man nlging director have o the imf.
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in the meantime, strauss-kahn is losing more than just his title. his job came with some pretty nice perks. last year he was paid $521,000 tax free and td imf covered entertainment expenses hotels and first class travel for he and his family. that's what he is losing. he may be gaining something else, an ankle bracelet. susan candiotti has details on the phone because she is on the way down to the courthouse to check in for more information. a judge just refused bail on monday. what's different about today's appeal? >> reporter: well, one thing is different. now, you have a statement from him in which we are hearing his words for the first time. interesting to note. he is denying this, the allegations against him. also, carol, the timing of that resignation is certainly not a
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coincidence given the bail hearing. this time, he has a different judge. this time, his defense team has put together a few more enticements to offer bonds to the court. he is offering to put up $1 million bail. the same amount he suggested on monday. he is saying that heel be confined to home 24 hours a day. he would submit to electronic monitoring probably to include an ankle bracelet, as you mentioned and he would have to check in with the court at least once a day by phone. he has already turned over his passport and he is also putting up the deed to his $4 million home in georgetown in washington, d.c. he also is telling the court that he would wave extradition from any country that does not have a treaty from the united states. he would willingly return, he said. he shouldn't be fleeing in the first place if he is supposed to stay in this district. carol? >> i understand you have new
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information concerning the investigation. in particular, the hotel suite where this crime allegedly went down. >> reporter: it is an important detail that a law enforcement source is telling us about, more details about what happened that night. i am told that the maid, when she went to clean the room, as we all know, her hotel policy kept the cleaning cart in the doorway of the hotel suite, propping it open. so arguably, the prosecution could say that any attempt by the defense to claim that any kind of sexual conduct was consensual wouldn't make much sense that the door was open. susan candiotti, we will let you
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get to work. in two hours, president obama will lay out his vision for america's role in the changing middle east. the region looks a lot different than it did a few months ago. the president is expected to talk about syria and a new round of sanctions against its repressive regime and about egypt and the arab ving spring. he just melee out an obama doctrine for the middle east. part of that doctrine might include an idea of the creation of a palestinian state. the president may suggest israel return to its pre-1967 borders. the holy city of jerusalem would be split. what are you hearing? >> reporter: they have still not revealed how the president is going to come down on that controversial issue. they have just been saying that
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he is weighing whether or not to urge israel to recognize the pre-1967 borders. as you note, very controversial. israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu will be here at the white house just hours after the speech. in recent days, the prime minister has signaled a willingness to compromise on giving it to the palestinians. mahmoud ababas has cut a deal. it is highly unlikely he is going to be in a compromising move to give on something so big as those borders. bottom line, when you add in the fact that george mitchell, the president's mideast envoy, abruptly stepped down last friday. all signs point to a continued stalemate. unlikely that anything the president says today that angers or pleases either side in these
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peace talks is going to make a huge difference. they are hopelessly stalled right now, carol. >> ed henry live at the white house. thank you. let's find out what people in the middle east and north africa are expecting. cnn on the streets of benghazi libya and also egypt, which faces an economic crisis. first, the word from israel. >> reporter: i'm kevin flower in jerusalem where israelis listening to president obama's speech today will be looking to hear words of assurance about the maintenance of the close security relationship between the two countries and support for the israeli government's opposition to palestinian plans to win u.n. recognition of a palestinian state in september. for their part, they are looking to hear serious words of encouragement for the establishment of that independent state. they would like to hear the u.s. president declare that future negotiations should be based on some form of israeli
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concessions. >> reporter: i'm fred pleitgen. many people in this country say they are disappointed at the way president obama has handled the transition that has swept this country. they say they want the president to do more to keep the momentum of the revolution going. one of those things could be an economic incentive package that they say would show egyptians that there are benefits economically to the political sacrifices they have already made. i'm sara sidner in downtown benghazi. the people here in the eastern part of the country that we have been able to speak with are telling us, they are pretty happy so far with obama's policy on libya. what they would like to, though, hear from him during his speech is three things. they would like to hear that he be willing to help fund the opposition, that he be willing to train the rebels and arm the rebels, those three things. when it comes to the arab world as a whole, they say the best way for mr. obama to try and make that relationship better is
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he needs to fully address the palestinian/israeli conflict. >> will he? won't he? we will hear from the president. his speech begins just a little more than two hours from now. president obama will give the speech at the state department. you can see it right here live on cnn. our coverage begins at 11:30 eastern time. he may be an unknown to a lot of people but john huntsman is in the political spotlight starting today. paul steinhauser is here to tell us exactly who huntsman is and why this is such a big deal. >> well, here is why it is such a big deal, carol. he starts a five-day campaign swing through new hampshire, the state that leads off the primary calendars, the first primary in the nation. huntsman is most likely considering to jump in for the republican presidential nomination to make a bid for the white house. who is he? he served in the reagan administration and both bush administrations, the governor of
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utah from 2005 to 2009, elected in '04 and reelected in '08. he was tapped by our our president, barack obama, to serve as the u.s. ambassador to beijing. he would be the second mormon in the field, mitt romney, the former massachusetts governor already running for the white house, carol. >> what are lhis chances? >> is he too moderate for the field? we hear a lot about that. who would he go after? probably not social conservatives, more mainstream or traditional republicans some of the same that mitt romney is going after. one of the criticisms of huntsman, is he too moderate to win in the republican field? his earlier, past support for the wall street bailout back in 2008 and for the stimulus package under president obama back in 2009 could hurt him with some voters in the republican field, carol? >> let's talk about raising money for the obama campaign. the obama cam paper is trying to capitalize on the birther issue. >> you thought we were done with
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the birther issue, i guess not. this time it is the president or his campaign team that is bringing it up. take a look at this. mugs and t-shirt made in the usa with the president's birth certificate being put out by his re-election campaign. it went out to supporters yesterday. for some money, you get the mug or the t-shirt. it would fund the re-election campaign. they say that they could only laugh at this controversy. i guess they have made profit from it as well. >> that's so bizarre. paul steinhauser. thank you. your next political update in one hour. for all the latest, go to our website, when you see the video, you will be amazed to see how anyone survived this fiery plane crash in california. we will have more on that story ahead. the hits just keep coming in the schwarzenegger scandal. turns out his wife and his mistress gave birth just days apart. the latest from los angeles coming up.
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>> al qaeda releases a new audio message said to be recorded by osama bin laden shortly before u.s. commandos killed him. stan grant is following the story from pakistan. >> reporter: osama bin laden's message was recorded about a week before his death. he addresses the uprisings in the middle east calling them a
6:16 am
great and historic moment. he says that israel is very worried by what's happening. he only mentions egypt and tunisia by name. >> reporter: in pakistan, the reaction to bin laden's death has been one of resolve from the pakistani taliban. a comment today, a statement coming from the deputy commander of the taliban here, saying that they vow to finish bin laden's work. they will attack it, he says, with a new zeal. they have already been multiple attacks since bin laden's death, causing many deaths, particularly to military. a number of insurgents also being killed.
6:17 am
he says in the video message that his enemies are nato, america, and the jews but at the same time, he is also killing a lot of bapakistanis. stan grant, cnn. c.i.a. director, leon panetta says too much information has been leaked. he sent a letter warning them saying. it comes a day after pentagon officials expressed similar concerns. >> we have, from my perspective, gotten to a point where we are close to jeopardizing this precious capability that we have and we can't afford to do that.
6:18 am
this fight isn't over. >> panetta said leaks violate the law and will be investigated. story as cross country now. a close call at chicago's o'hare airport, happened monday shortly after vice president joe biden's arrival. the f acaa said it had nothing do with air force two. an express jet plane taking off while a sky west jet was preparing to land on an intercepting airstrip. they saw the conflict and rerouted the sky west jet. they are not saying how close they were from one another. the national transportation safety board is investigating the crash of a tanker plane that went down shortly after takeoff at point mugu air force base in southern california. all three on board are okay.
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near hagerstown maryland, a tornado that uprooted some trees and tossed a few mobile homes around. no one was hurt. floodwaters invade the lake home of mississippi governor, haley barber. sandbagging was not enough to protect the home from the swollen woofl lake in nearby yazoo river. doctors plan a news briefing to discuss the next step in treating congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she is recovering well, they say, following yesterday's operation on her skull. surgeons implanted a piece of synthetic bone made specifically for the congresswoman. giffords' husband, mark kelly, talked about the surgery from space. >> i had the chance at the end of the day to call her mom and her chief of staff and my brother periodically through as the surgery was going on. she is doing really well. everything went as planned. her neurosurgeons are very happy. she is recuperating and getting
6:20 am
back to therapy today. it went really, really well. >> as you know, giffords watched her husband and his crew blast off from the kennedy space center on monday. straight ahead, the arnold schwarzenegger drama. two women, two births, two sons, just days apart. take you live to los angeles. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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it must have seemed sweet
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back then, maria shriver and her long-time housekeeper pregnant at the same time. giving birth to boys. they are half brothers, both sons of arnold schwarzenegger. thelma gutierrez is following the scandal. i'm almost afraid to ask what more you are learning. >> reporter: well, absolutely, carol. i can tell you that mildred patricia baena is not at this home. she hasn't been seen her since sunday, before the scandal broke. it has been crawling with reporters, paparazzi. she wants to stay away from this area. she is 50 years old, a native of guatemala. she moved here to this brand new subdivision, a very upscale area in bakersfield. it is about 100 miles away from the brentwood mansion where she lived, with are she worked for the schwarzenegger's for 20 years, carol. we know she recently retired and
6:24 am
moved here with a 14-year-old son. neighbors say she talked openly about it. she said she had worked for the schwarzenegger's and that she was planning on retiring right here in bakersfield where it was quiet. >> they seem to be very pleasant neighbors and the boy, he seems very well-liked. he is very, very polite, very polite. he also has a little dog he plays with a lot and he rides his bike. not a whole lot but once in a while, i see him but not a whole lot. >> reporter: neighbors hearsay that the family keeps a very low profile that baena lives here with her 14-year-old son and they are the only two people besides another man that they had seen in the area. divorce papers obtained by cnn show that mildred baena had separated from her son less than three weeks after the child was born back in 1997.
6:25 am
we understand from a source that the governor has supported this child from birth, carol. >> so you mean this woman separated from her husband, less than three months after the child was born? >> reporter: right, exactly. she separated from her husband less than three months, yes. >> gotcha. "people" magazine is reporting that maria shriver has hired a divorce attorney. what have you heard? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that that divorce attorney is a very high-powered, high-profile attorney in hollywood. her name is laura wasler. she goes by the name of l.a.w., laura allison wasler. she has handled high-profile women. a formidable force to take on. >> interesting. thank you so much. people are not getting married as much as they used to. after this week's news, who can
6:26 am
blame them? it turns out, those who do get married are staying married longer. a new trend in marriage after the break. changing the way americans view blue color jobs, they may dirty but some have a bright future. we will roll up our sleeves and investigate.
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president obama will lay out his vision for the middle east, expected to talk about libya, egypt and the arab spring and the peace process between the israelis and melee out a obama dook trin f doctrine for the middle east. so much has changed and so much is still changing. susan malveaux takes a look back at the uprising that might have made today's speech necessary. >> reporter: starting with tunisia where an unemployed graduate student sets himself on fire after a city inspector confiscates his unlicensed fruit
6:30 am
card and slaps him. his death sparks unprecedented furry and protests forcing tunisia's long-time president to plea. in algeria, riots break out over rising food prices and a housing crisis. in yemen, students take to the streets. emboldened by its neighbors in the region, egypt erupts. in rallies against the president. egypt's uprising sends shock waves through the middle east. demonstrations spread like wild fire from bahrain to yemen and qatar and jordan. it is the beginning of a change in the arab world. iran cease a renewal of the green revolution of 2009. in libya, the eastern town of benghazi sees its first clashes setting into motion what will soon become a civil war.
6:31 am
then, for protesters, a breakthrough in egypt. after decades in power, mubarak caves to public pressure, quietly resigning. fireworks light the sky over tahrir square. in other middle east and north african country, protests either fail to catch on or are put down by government forces. for others, the violence intense phis. >> we will be victorious in this fight. we will not give up. >> reporter: the united nations led by american forces sends air strikes into libya but the standoff continues. meanwhile, syria descends into chaos. protests take hold in the south and are met with chilling retaliation from the government. hundreds there are killed. now, the united states is issuing sanctions in an attempt to end the violence. >> susan malveaux joins us now.
6:32 am
one of the things president obama will bring up is egypt. many egyptians say, we need help, monetary help to keep the democracy flourishing and bring jobs to young egyptians. president barack obama may talk about $2 million in aid. the question is, americans are hurting for jobs. will this make americans angry? >> a lot of people are asking that question. it is a really good one. what are we getting for our money? this is a movement, revolutions we saw in egypt and other places which bottom-up, not top-down. we had supported a dictator, billions of dollars for mubarak for years. why did the united states do that? for stability. is there any guarantee for stability? a couple things have happened, christians and muslims fighting in tahrir square and egypt reaching out to iran as well as the terrorist organization as well as hamas. we still do not know if that buys us stability. it is one thing under mubarak. it certainly did to a certain extent.
6:33 am
we don't know if that will be the case this go-around. we are not even certain who we are dealing with when it comes to the future and who is going to be in control of that country. >> when you say that, i can't help but think of pakistan. we send them a bunch of money, billions of dollars in aide and now we are wondering, gee, should we have done that? >> or can we even trust them? that's a relationship that is very tumultuous after the killing of bin laden. people are going to be listening for that. can you buy friends and influence there? is it going to be a difference? a lot of people say we are doing this on our own. this is not coming from what the president says. it is not coming from dollar bills. we have a lot of influence, because, oil, a very big factor as well. >> i know you will be covering the president's speech in depth at 11:00 eastern. "newsroom" with susan malveaux. i'll be watching. >> thanks, carol. i appreciate it. the head of the international monetary fund has resigned just days after being arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a maid at a
6:34 am
new york hotel. he wants to devote his time and energy to proving his innocence. in vicksburg, mississippi, the river reached an all-time high of 57.1 feet, 14 feet above flood stage. homes are under water. another health setback forza za gabor. the # 4-year-old actress had problems with a feeding tube and suffers from a stomach infection. in sports, it is always special for a player to get a shot against a former team. kelly johnson took a chance against atlanta. the single scored pinch runner, josh wilson with a tying run and then with the braves' infield drawn in, justin upton, hits a grounder to the right side of the mound. here he is. the braves, they just can't handle it.
6:35 am
ryan roberts scores. the diamondbacks get a come from behind win at home, 5-4. the miami heat did not want to go home, down two games to nothing to chicago. we will show you how they responded along with more sports highlights in 20 minutes. a new survey shows companies are buying ipads and doling them out to companies like they are candy. the reason? we are not sure. allison, how are companies putting the new ipads to use? >> you know, funny you should ask that question, carol. they just don't know how they are using these devices. a survey of 450 businesses showed despite the fact that 78% have either given out tablet devices or have plans to do so, of those, about half have no clue what to do with them. 83% of those businesses say the apple ipad is the tablet device of choice. apple is genius, if you ask me,
6:36 am
carol. one of the issues is not everybody really understands what ipads can do for their business. they do have a huge interest in trying to figure it out. about a third of businesses say there is no one who could even figure out how to get the ipad to enhance their business. hey? what the bosses are doing. they are giving their employees the ipads saying hey, you figure it out. we are walking away saying, as soon as i get finished playing that angry birds game. >> i wish cnn would be handing out ipads. i would figure out a way to use it. >> i would too. >> alison, stick around. this is kind of a good news story. it looks like people are staying married longer than they used to. isn't that fabulous? this is from the census. >> especially with the news that we have heard. >> i can't even think of the schwarzenegger thing. it makes me head hurt. the new census figure shows 75% of couples who married after 1990 were still married ten years later.
6:37 am
that's actually up, alison, 3% points compared to couples that were married in the early 1980s when the divorce rate was at its highest. now, i know you are wondering why, as i am, any ideas? >> gee, could education have something to do with it? we are waiting longer. i no he that for a fact. >> those are two big reasons. we are waiting longer, more mature and educated and have more money. both parties bring to the marriage. you don't have as many money arguments, per se. >> i can understand that. you know what? i think also it is more of like when you get older, you sort of approach marriage as more of a business arrangement. he has his job. i have my job. let's merge our jobs and our union and we have got money and more happiness, right? >> i got married really late in life and i told my husband it was a good thing because by the time we felt like cheating on one another, we would be too tired and we wouldn't even want to. >> you discussed that? >> we did.
6:38 am
>> maybe you should have talked to schwarzenegger about discussing that right off the top. >> stop that. i don't want to think about it. >> i know. it is terrible. >> alison, thank you. many could go up next, with he talk dirty jobs with mike row of the discovery channel who suggests that america's work place is more like a combat zone. we have this great rift in between blue and white collar. i would say our society has waged a sort of cold war on work. >> we will tell you why some are skipping college in favor of vocational school and why that may not be a bad move in a rough economy. plus, what if there were a dna test you could give your kid to determine if he or she could excel in sports? would you pay for it? there are companies promising you can pay for it and find out exactly which sport your child is best suited for.
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all this week, cnn is taking and in-depth look at the job market. today, we are looking at the dirty jobs, in much greater demand. >> reporter: you know him as the host of dirty jobs. >> my name is mike rowe. that's my job.
6:42 am
>> reporter: where he catches snakes, cleans up tar. and deals with a lot of dirt. now, mike is taking on an issue he says he learned from the people who deal with all our dirt. >> we have got this great rift in between blue and white collar. i would just say that our society has waged a sort of cold war on work. >> reporter: a war on a specific type of work, skilled labor. as our workforce shifted to more white collar jobs and the definition of a good job changed, lucrative skilled labor careers such as plumbers, electricians and machinists have seen their image suffer. >> there is a category of work, though, in our workforce that's critical. those jobs have come to feel like call it a vocational consolation prizes. we are not celebrating their
6:43 am
contribution. that's why you have a skills gap at the same time as you have unemployment. >> reporter: according to the department of labor, skilled labor, like plumbers and steam fiters will see a 16% increase in the number of jobs available by 2018. skilled construction workers, a 19% bump. the problem, finding workers with the right qualifications to fill the jobs and an aging workforce that will retire soon. >> all my other suits are made out of rubber. >> reporter: this problem brought mike all the way to capitol hill where he testified in front of the senate commerce committee about the skilled labor crisis. >> we need a national p.r. campaign for skilled labor, something that addresses the widening skills gap head-on and reconnects the country with the most important part of our workforce. >> reporter: they are the quote, dirty jobs and essential to keep the country working. >> it is not about, oh, no, the poor tradesmen. they are going to be fine. they are going to be great, in fact. it is the rest of us who rely on
6:44 am
their work. we are going to take it in the neck. >> i so agree with him. christine romans joins us from new york. have you ever looked for a great plumber? they are hard to find and they made good money. welders make great money by the way. peel don't realize that. there is this big push by president obama and the rest of our lawmakers. go to college. get a college degree. how do you get beyond that? and how do you try to convince kids to go to vocational schools of which you don't have enough of in this country. >> we don't have enough vocational training and high schools have been deemphasizing it. my electrician did go to college and has a lot of other electricians that did work for him. i call it a ladder job. a lot of the jobs on the lower end of health care, they are not ladder jobs. you are not going to climb up them. the skilled labor jobs are
6:45 am
ladder jobs. you can be a boss and hire other people. that's why they are such a great mobility tool in the xeconomy. the mean pay is in the 50s, $50,000. the top paid skilled tradesmen are making well over six figures. if you have got it up here and you got it in here and you are moving up the ladder, you can make a lot of money in these industries. >> you and i talk about this all the time. i love your story. >> you cannot be outsourced. you cannot outsource these jobs. that's one place. these new thought ainnovation jobs can be outsourced 6789 you can't outsource the plumber, electrician, the steam fitter or many of the other ones. >> we need them to do work right here for us, for fellow americans. christine romans, many thanks. all week, we will continue to partner with cnn money and "time" magazine to dig deep on america's job hunt and learn where the jobs are and how to get them and how to keep them.
6:46 am
check out the all new, powered by cnn, driven by you. why don't we take the guess work out of it? there are companies offering dna test results and whether your kids could become the next kobe bryant or tom brady. we will check it out next. th ko, high-efficiency toilets. flush. and done. [ all ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ good-bye
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>> imagine this, your child says they want to try out for the tennis team. wait. you have a dna test that says they are best suited for football. companies are now selling dna tests they claim helps match your child with the sports they are genetically programmed to play best. i'm not kidding. here is how it works. you mail a swab of your kids' saliva to one of the companies. for $200, they analyze a gene. the ethics questions jump out at you. we wanted to bring in the director of the masters of bio ethics program at columbia university, dr. robert pleitzman. >> thank you. pleasure to be here. >> we are glad you are here. this sounds so strange to me. is there any proof this actually tells you anything? >> it shows you very, very little.
6:50 am
it tells you about 2% of the chance that you may be an olympic athlete. that is to say there us a particular marker that 30% of all of us have and when you look, though, at olympic sprinters, 50% of olympic sprinters have it. that means that half of olympics do not have it. so it's not very complete. and we know that there are many other factors involved in whether you will be a good athlete. your psychological state, your drive, how interested you are this the sport, your nutrition. and the problems are that there are also be a lot of pressure on kids one way or the other. so little johnny may be interested and the parents say, no, you don't have the gene. some of these companies are testing for gene has associated with heart disease and alzheimer's disease.
6:51 am
so we face the prospect of companies telling the johnny at 8 years old that he has increased risk of alzheimer's disease. you can imagine this is absurd obviously. it can lead to problems with getting health insurance or disability insurance. >> going back to the sports question, apathlete like bo jackson who was great at baseball and football, what would his dna show? >> well, again, it may show nothing. we find that some athletes have none of these genes and are obviously incredibly successful. so they give you maybe at best a slight increased chance, but there are many, many other biologic factor, other genetic factors as well as psychological factors, your coaching, your drive, how much you enjoy it. >> so bottom line here, don't do it? >> i think there is very, very little reason if any to do it and potentially a lot of
6:52 am
problems. i think it speaks to the need for the government to get involved and see should companies be selling all these genetic tests that give very little information and in fact may confuse a lot of people out there causing more harm than good. >> doctor, you've helped a great deal. thank you so much. we appreciate your being here this morning. >> my gets a hat trick. sports coming up. network all a. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. in an effort to give you the best network possible. thbe pt delicious gourmet gravy. and she agrees.
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let's take a quick look at the day ahead. we'll be covering the president's big middle east speech at 11:40 eastern. also making news, in the next hour, executives from apple, google and facebook will testify at a senate subcommittee hearing on keeping information safe in the mobile marketplace. at 11:30, doctors will hold a news briefing on congresswoman giffords' condition. and the hurricane season begins june 1st and noaa will offer up its prediction on how many hurricanes are expected to hit this year. we're following a lot of developments in the next hour.
6:56 am
let's check in first with ed henry live in washington. >> reporter: the stakes for the president's speech on the mideast so enormous with people all around the mideast. what is the president going to say to try to meet those high expectations is this we'll have details at the top of the hour. >> and i'm susan candiotti. will the newly resigned head of the imf be sprung from his jail cell? he's making a lee deal and i'll tell you all about it coming up. >> and i'm thelma guttierez in bakersfield where i'll have the latest on the woman who has been identified as arnold schwarzenegger's one time mistress. >> thanks to all of you. also have you been putting on of that spring yard work? maybe you can consider putting it off one more weekend because the dooms day movement says that this weekend, expect the rapture. the end of man kind. details next hour. car connection calls the xf,
6:57 am
yet an instant classic." with sports car styling and power, plus the refinement and space of a luxury sedan, the jaguar xf is a timeless blend of performance and craftsmanship. see how jaguar outperforms the competition at or visit your local jaguar dealer.
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your personal selectquote agent will answer all your questions ... and impartially shop the highly rated term life companies selectquote represents for your best rates. give your family the security it needs at a price you can afford. call this number or go to selectquote dot com. selectquote. we shop. you save. lebron james said he wanted to go to miami because he want order win a title. maybe he should have gone to chicago. >> looks like a better choice. the bulls took game one. and of course the heat looking to get back. game two, chicago up seven. chicago feeling at home at the
7:00 am
united center. but here comes miami. in the fourth quarter, stifling defense and lebron james hits the three. he had 29 points. he was the offense down the stretch. hits this shot, as well. the dagger. miami wins 85-75. series tied at one. hockey highlights, vancouver pulls off what they call the goredy howell hat trick. first he scores the game winner. the same period, he gets in to a fight. that's part two. and then he also gets the assist later on in the third period. they skate away with a 7-3 win. they lead two games to hundred. >> thank you, jeff. let's take a quick look at the top stories. shocking details key emerging from the schwarzenegger scandal. latest, his son with wife maria and his secret son born just
7:01 am
days apart. the woman who has accused of woim woman the head of the imf is testifying. dom meinique strauss-kahn has resigned. and number of people file pog first time unemployment claims is down again. the second straight week of sharp drops. president obama will lay out his vision for america's role in the middle east in just over an hour. he's expected to talk about sear syria, the protests and a new round of sanctions. nothing is set in stone, but it may include the creation of a palestinian state. we'll talk about that later this hour. also the president is said to talk about egypt and the ways the united states can help democracies flourish. flashback to 2009 when president obama spoke in cairo.
7:02 am
>> so long as our relationship is defined by our differences, we will empower those who sow hatred rather than peace, those who promote conflict rather than the cooperation that can help all of our people chiachieve justice and prosperity. and this cycle of suspicion and discord must end. >> let's go to the white house and ed henry. so the president said that two yearsing a ago. what will he say this time around? >> reporter: one thing that will tie it right back to two years ago in cairo is when he was talking about purchase sayers of hate and alter in a i have to al qaeda so that young muslims would not turn to the terror group. he was referring of course to osama bin laden. and now that osama bin laden has been killed, it that's one of
7:03 am
the main reasons white house aides say the president has decided to choose will moment to deliver this speech to try and show the word, look, we've talked for so long about how there's an alternative for young muslims. turn away from terror. here is a dramatic example with the death of osama bin laden. but i think what you mentioned about the economy is very important, as well. part of the reason why we saw the arab spring pop up in the first place, not just young people, people of all ages in the arab world thirsting for human rights, they're also thirsting for a job. basic economic rights. and frustrated with the economic inequities of oil rich nations not really sharing the money with their people. and so the bottom line is you'll see the president layout about $2 billion in help from the u.s. loan guarantee, some debt forgiveness, egypt, tunisia, try to use it as a model for other countries struggling to become democracies, as well. >> the other thing that president obama said in his speech in cairo two years ago was that guantanamo bay was
7:04 am
going to be cle osed down. and it won't be. will he mention something like that this i'm around? >> it's unlikely, but if he does, he'll have to talk about how this has been a thorny issue that turned out to be a lot tougher to close than the white house ever dreamed. and the bottom line is he still wants to close guantanamo bay because he believes it's sort of something that just gets more -- uses a recruiting tool, about if you will forks al qaeda and other terror groups. so it's something certainly he's still thinking about, but if you go back to that speech and think about some of the things he did not mention like he didn't mention syria, he didn't mention libya, some of the big issues now front and center in the mideast and who can blame hip for not mentioning some of those countries. the bottom line is two months ago, a lot of people were not expecting this much change let alone two years ago. >> yeah, he's not clairvoyant. ed henry, thank you.
7:05 am
we want to get global perspective. the president is expected to pledge some money to places like egypt and tunisia, but let's listen to an kree giegyptian ac on john king last night. >> at this point whatever president obama will address will really be irrelevant to what the situation is right now because we're advibuilding demoy from the bottom up and it's for the first time in the arab world that the united states or any foreign power doesn't have on do anything with bringing change to this -- and democracy to this part of the word. >> so you listen to her and she doesn't seem to really care what president obama says today. so will his speech even have an impact in that part of the world? >> it's a good question. in 2009 compared to today, many things have happened. just in the last six months, many things have happened. there have been revolutions,
7:06 am
there is been uprisings, there have been war, defiant demonstrations. and i think what arabs now are saying, when change came to our country, we provoked that change. we didn't wait for to come from the outside. we did it internally. and i think that's a huge difference when it come it is to how the arab world is now going to view an obama speech. perhaps there's less of an expectation with regard to what the united states can and will do. >> but at the same time, some egyptians say we need help in keeping our democracy flourishing, we need helps. maybe you can give us money, maybe like as in $2 billion. >> and that would be a continuation of the policy of the last several decades. it's not new that the united states will provide these billions. but when it was providing billions before, it was coming so to a regime that egyptians considered oppressive and it would be a continuation of the same policy because now that the revolution is over, and i his toit to say it's officer, but now that we're in a
7:07 am
post-revolutionary period, so many challenges lie ahead. and with the united states, the realization has hit home that the economy and that jobs are what are going to make this region flourish and democracy take hold. less political rhetoric and more economic assistance. >> we'll see what the president says and how the middle east reacts. thanks. at the bottom of the hour, wolf blitzer will join us with a preview on some perspective on president obama's middle east speech. that's set for 11:40 eastern. this morning wolf will join us in about 20 minutes. more fallout surrounding osama bin laden. al qaeda has released a new audio message said to be recorded by bin laden shortly before u.s. commandos killed him. in it, the speaker praises the recent uprisings. the 12 minute tape was posted on radical iz wlamic websites and calls bin laden the martyr of islam. back here at hope, cia director
7:08 am
leon panetta sent a letter to cia employees saying there have been up precedented leaks on the raid. he warned employees to protect classified information concerning osama bin laden saying the leaks could compromise future missions and put lives at risk. nem robert gates insists there is no evidence top pakistani leadership knew about bin laden's compound in abbottabad. >> i've seen no evidence at all that the senior leadership knew. in fact, i've seen some evidence to the contrary. but -- and we have no evidence yet with respect to anybody else. my supposition is somebody knew. >> pentagon officials acknowledge relations between the united states and pakistan are strained, but say it's crucial for both countries to work things out. from a shabby jail cell on rikers island, one of the world's elite economists has just quit his job.
7:09 am
dominique strauss-kahn formally resigned as head of the international monetary tund days after his arrest on sex related crimes. in the meantime his lawyers are taking another shot at bail. they have a hearing today. susan candiotti is there and what are they suggesting as terms for the court to grant bail? >> reporter: recall, even though that hering is hours away from now, there are reporters and photographers all over the place outside here waiting for that hearing to start. here is what the defense attorneys for dominique strauss-kahn are suggesting to the court, that they are prepared to do if he is granted bail. they're suggesting that he would put up $1 million bail, that's the same amount that he suggested on monday, but it was a different judge then. new judge will be at this hearing. he's also offering to stay at home, to be confined to a home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. where would that somebody here somewhere in man matt tan, possibly living with his
7:10 am
daughter. she has a place here on the upper west side. he would also submit to electronic monitoring. that is likely to include an ankle place let, for example. he probably would have to call in at least once a day to the court to it assure them he's at home. he's already turned in his positive port and he's also putting up the deed to his 4le million home in georgetown, that's a suburb of washington, d.c. he's also saying that he would waive extradition if for some reason he escaped, he left the united states, he would waive extradition to come back to the united states whether it be france or any other jurisdiction that does not have a treaty can the under. so all those things are in play. we don't know whether the sdwrikt attorney will go along with this offer because they refuse to comment at this time. now, for the alleged vehicle imin this case, the thought of her alleged attacker possibly getting bail to say the least
7:11 am
according to her attorney is very unnerving. he says that she is fully cooperating with the police and she is testifying before a grand jury for the second day in a row. >> reliving it in your mind is hart enough. having to recount it even to a therapist is district, much less having to talk about it on the record in front of a grand jury. it's extraordinarily difficult. and nonetheless she's making it through will. >> reporter: now that strauss-kahn has resigned from the imf, it is very likely he will participate fully in his defense and certainly he has a long road ahead of him. >> he sure does. susan candiotti reporting live from new york city and you'll get back to us if anything happens in the short term. the so-called dooms day movement says this weekend will bring a biblical rapture to mankind. some people like our own jeanne moos have some questions about that
7:12 am
that. >> what happens if on sunday we're all here and there is no earthquake? >>le there will be an earthquake. >> not everyone agrees. we'll talk about it in ten minutes. and knee details are emerging in the schwarzenegger scandal like his two sons with different moms. ♪ [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. 8% every 10 years.age 40, twe can start losing muscle -- wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss
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finding out your husband cheated is a bunch in a gut. but finding out it's right he time you got pregnant? schwarzenegger has two sons born just days away part. they wi thelma, you have more on arnold schwarzenegg schwarzenegger's one time mistress. >> reporter: yes, mildred is 50 years old, lives here in bakersfield, about 100 miles away from the mansion where she worked for 20 years. she told neighbors that she was retiring. she talked openly about working for the schwarzeneggers. and the fact that she wanted to come to retire to a quiet place with her 14-year-old son, people who met the teenager say speak speak very highly of him and say
7:16 am
he was a very well behaved teenager. >> i feel for the young boy more than anything because he's very, very nice, pligolite young man. >> this young man is just at the top end of being polite and cordial. he's really a very highly intelligent young man. >> reporter: now, the teenager and his mother have not been seen in the area since sunday. we can say that c. cnn obtained a copy of the boy's birth certificate and it shows that the biw wasboy was born just dar maria shriver gave birth to her youngest son. it also listses the father as being the man that mildred baena was married to at the time. the couple separated less than three weeks after this child was
7:17 am
born and many say their hearts go out to this young boy. >> such an ugly story. i know "people" magazine is reporting that maria slihriver s hired a divorce attorney. what do we know about that? >> reporter: "people" has said that that attorney that's been retained is a very prominent attorney in hollywood. she's represented many prominent women, high profile women like angelina jolie and britney spears and she's definitely a force to be reckoned with from what we understand. >> thelma guttierez reporting live from california. thanks. now let's see how hollywood is reacting. what about major projects that were just announced for the actor? a.j. hammer joins us with that and more. so any chance this scandal might derail schwarzenegger's
7:18 am
hollywood comeback? >> it might happen. hasn't happened yet. all reports seem to indicate that things will it continue as planned for the governator. even the upcoming animated series which features the super me roer with hero with a secret life. and you have to listen to the wording of the press release that came out almost two months ago. it says schwarzenegger's character is so secret that even his wife and kids are unaware, a super hero leading a double life who is also a devoted family than. art imitating life, anyone? one of the executives behind the show told the hollywood reporter that the figuresary series stands on its own, it's going to continue as planned. as for his live action roles, they don't appear to be hurt by these revelations at least at this point. in fact they may even be helped. the producer of a film where he plays an aging horse trainer
7:19 am
publicly speculated they could actually get a bump in ticket sales. so pretty amazing to consider this may not hurt him at all, but again it's a bit early to tell what the fall skroout will. >> the thing that surprises me is how this secret was kept secret for so long. >> it's amazing. and i was talking to somebody last night on hln about the idea that when he ran for governator -- governor, the vetting process that the other candidates put these guys through is so much harsher than what the press and the paparazzi does. as far as hollywood, it's generally forgiving. they forgive a sex scandal after a while even one as spectacular as this one. the newest revelation about all this comes from chlt mztmz.
7:20 am
they say arnold paid for a party all five of his kids attended. it was with baena's niece and the whole family was will. so stun to go sning to see how unfolds. and i think we're at the tip of the iceberg with the new pore. >> i certainly hope this helps maria shriver's endeavors. something tells me i'm sure it will. a.j. hammer, thanks. want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world? it's tonight at 11:00 p.m. on hln. so have you been putting on of that spring yard work is t? s the dooms day movement says will weekend expect the rapture. coming up next, i'll ask john avalon doctor we even listen. but first, oprah winfrey is knocked out of the number one spot on forbes celebrity power list. justin bieber is number three. find out who tops the list after the break.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
we showed you number two and number three on this year's forbes celebrity power list. do we have a drum roll? yes, you might have guessed it, lady gaga is number one followed by oprah winfrey andi bieber. oprah made way more than gaga last year, but gaga has 10 million twitter followers. some say the world will end in fire.
7:24 am
some say in ice. but one group believes it will be another natural disaster and it will happen on saturday. >> the largest earthquake the word has ever seen. buildings will collapse. it will be quite awful. >> 97% of the people god will destroy. >> i don't believe in such [ bleep ]. >> ouch. there will be a big giant earthquake. as you can see, the so-called dooms day movement has been getting a fair amount of skepticism for their prediction. john avalon is an author of a political book. we just wanted to talk about this because it's so weird, john. >> yeah, it is really weird. and there's this radio station/church/ -- well, it's a cult perspetrating will idea. and you have to feel sorry for these about folks. dooms day cults have been around
7:25 am
for awful history and they have a pretty bad track record and no reason to believe it will improve on saturday. >> often i travel around the country doing stories and i've asked just random people, talking about other topic matter, and they bring up dooms day. so it's not just crazy cult did-like people who believe will. some sane people believe this, too. well, it's interesting. we have seen an uptick in millennial talk. some political and media figures talking about it on the radio and television shows, stoking that fire. i have a theory about this. i think it's the baby boomers are aging. they're facing their own mortality. and they somehow some of them think that when the world -- when they end, the world must, as well. i think it's an extension of baby boomer narcissism. and guess what, folks, just not true. >> no offense i, baby boomer
7:26 am
audience. i get it. it's okay. i was just going to say that this dooms day thing is being used this many useful things, as well. for example, the cdc is using a light hearted end of the world campaign to inform people about disaster awareness. some suggestions from the dcc, preparedness 101, zombie apocalypse. they say about if zombies attack or about if there's hurricanes or pandemic, have an emergency kit handy with water, food and all of that stuff. it also says zombies are after your brains, so before -- this is the cdc and this is real. they say plan your evacuation route which is also helpful to have of course before bad stores or other disasters. i didn't know the cdc had a sense of humor like that. >> apparently they do and they're being rewarded for it. their website's been crashed because of the popularity of this. humor is good. humor is our friend. humor is a societal corrective. the sad thing is there's going
7:27 am
to be somebody out there who says, see, the cdc is warning us about zombies. so keep a sense of humor. everything will be just fine. >> let me ask you this bottom line question. if it really does happen, are you going to be one of those people who go straight to heaven or are you going to be one of those people who stay and die a horrible death on earth? >> i wouldn't presume to answer that question, carol, but i'm with the second guy in that interview. i think you need to confront the folks selling the theory and just call it fearmongering and it's kind of sad. >> okay, i tried to end it on a light note, but, no. john, many thanks. we appreciate it. a pitcher picks off two runners in a row from first base, first time that's been done in the majors in eight years. and you will see it in sports. and you know the names. ensign, edwards and thousand schwarzenegger.
7:28 am
the list goes on. politicians behaving badly. what does it say about the men who run for office? we'll try to answer that question on our political buzz. call her. ok. [ cellphone rings ] hey. you haven't left yet. no. i'm boarding now... what's up? um...would you mind doing it again? last time. [ engine turns over ] oooohhhh...sweet. [ male announcer ] the chevy cruze with the my chevrolet app. the remote control car is finally here. well, now she's just playing with us. oh. [ horn honks ] festival of shrimp for just $11.99. create your own combination of two of our most tempting selections from favorites to new creations for just $11.99 during the festival of shrimp. ending soon at red lobster.
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[ male announcer ] wherever you are, whatever it takes, like a good neighbor, state farm is there. ♪ brb is expected in his speech to address the conflict between the israelis and the
7:31 am
palestinians. bring peace to the middle east. maybe. kind of. never? wolf blitzer, nobody knows the struggle better than you. is there anything the president can say that will rejuvenate peace talks between israel and the palestinians? >> it's not looking very promising right now on the israeli palestinian front. the israellys are nervous about not only what's happening in the region but even more worried about about what's happening right now within the palestinian community, the relationship between the two branches. so the israelis are worried about that. they're worried about what's happening in egypt, the largest of all of the arab countries. they're looking at what's happening in syria. so this is a moment when the prime minister netanyahu is coming to washington tomorrow to meet with president obama. there doesn't seem to an whob be
7:32 am
lot got on. a lot of nervousness about president obama and his administration. and there's a lot of nervousness in the arab world about president obama and his administration right now. they would like the u.s. on come forward and put down a formal president obama peace plan outlining a settlement between the iz raesraelis and palestini. everything i'm hearing, the president will be speaking in broader terms. >> over the years, over the decades, any kind of road map to peace so to speak has not really been effective. i was just wondering about the relationship between the united states and israel. is it better or worse now that president obama has been in office for a few years? >> it's probably better than it was a year and a half ago, two years ago, between netanyahu and president obama. it's not where it has been in the past. certainly there's mistrust on
7:33 am
both sides, mistrust here in washington as far as netanyahu is concerned, mistrust in jerusalem within his government as far as president obama is concerned. it's interesting that george mitchell who was the special envoy for the middle east from almost day one of the obama administration, he's there at the state department right now. he's come to listen to the president's speech. he wrote a very terse resignation letter. it wasn't very upbeat. raised a lot of questions of why he decided on the eve of this major speech by the president on the eve of prime minister net q yahoo!i can't netanyahu's visit, he decided his time was up. but he's there today. >> it seems events are happening in the middle east that have nothing to do with the united states. that the united states had no part of. so i guess the question i'd like to ask you is does it really
7:34 am
matter what president obama says today as far as events that may or will happen in the middle east? >> i think it does matter. not so much necessarily because i don't think's get into specifics on the israeli pal less continue beg palestinian front, but as far as the arab spring democracy movement throughout north africa and middle east, they will be listening very closely to see what the president said, how consistent he is. he's been very tough on mubarak saying he must go, very tough on libya, kagadhafi, he must go. less consistent on syria. sanctions, yes. i don't know how effective they will be. but he stopped short of recalling the u.s. ambassador, for example, from damascus, stopped short of saying the leader in syria must go. so people in the region will be
7:35 am
watching and listening very carefully. >> i know you'll dissect the president's speech and we look forward to that. thank you for joining us. some other headlines making news just into the cnn newsroom. authorities want to take dna samples from unabomber ted kaczynski in connection with their investigation in to the 1982 incident in which seven people died after taking -- after taking tylenol laced with some kind of poison. this news just coming into us. we're following it for you. new revelations in the arnold schwarzenegger scandal. we've learned his son with wife maria and his secret child with his house keep are were born just days apart. another health set back for zsa zsa gabor. the 94-year-old actress fell into a coma after being rushed to the hospital. he said she had problems with a feeding tube and suffers from a stomach infection.
7:36 am
it is time for political buzz. each of our brilliant political observers get 20 seconds to answer three political questions. welcome to you will of a you. as wolf just told and you moment ago go, the president will make a speech at the state department. it will center around u.s. policies in the middle east. on so o so what does president obama gain by talking about the middle east today? will. >> i think he gains less than he stands to lose. the last time we heard from the president on one of these issues in the middle east and arab spring was we were told we had to intervene momentarily in libya for a humanitarian crisis. but now it's essentially expanded to ssyria, israel, jordan. so i don't know how he can explain that.
7:37 am
>> i think it's a time for america to reposition itself with those young arabs out there who are trying to change their world. it's an opportunity it for us to be a part of that process so that the extremists are -- it's a way to reposition america in their eyes. >> john. >> this is about one of the defining issues of our time. president excerpts leadership and a vision that america can they have effect this change and make sure evolution occurs, not further revolution and it's not hijacked by the extremes. it's overdue but very important and it will take on syria as well and have debt forgiveness for egypt. >> question two. the country is fascinated by the revelations of the former came cal governor. this isn't the first time we've heard of such a thing. politicians behaving badly. what does this say about men who run for office? >> it says they really like sex. no. truth of the matter is i'm going
7:38 am
to be countered on this one. i think if you look at the thousands upon thousands of men who serve in public office, for the most part most of them are committed to their families, it's just these high profile cases. i don't know the sat ftat for t but i'm willing to bet you the divorce rate isn't that much different from america overall. >> john. >> look, clearly there's some kind of a problem. i think there's an arrogance that sometimes comes with high office and sense of entitlement. this is the least original sip, but it is really pa head tick and i'd like to see more people in ath h. elected office trying to hold themselves to a hire standard rather than looking like idiots and making our whole gender look stupid. >> i love asking this question of men. will. >> i think john's answer is interesting and partially true, but i don't know how that explains every other man in society. and i don't know that there's anything that unique here. the difference is when these guys get caught, you hear about
7:39 am
it. i'm not excusing their behavior, i'm just saying half of society is living in a glass house and holding a rock in their happened. >> third question. the 2012 campaign is mocking the birther movement and raising some funds at the same time. you can get anti-birther swag for just 15 bucks. so our final question, our buzzer beater, only ten seconds, the obama campaign is selling anti-birther cups and t-shirts to raise funds. crass or smart? john. >> smart, funny, confront extremes by point out their absurdity. >> smart, but also crass because it's not true. not very presidential. >> smart and they're really 23450is mugs and made in amer a america. you should buy some.
7:40 am
>> thanks to all of you. political buzz will return tomorrow. the historic flooding of the mississippi river and beyond literally hits home for one southern governor. we'll have that story just ahead.
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doctors plan a news we'ving this morning to discuss the next step in treating gabrielle giffords. officials say she's recovering well following yesterday's operation on her skull. surgeons implanted a piece of s tick bone. mark kelly currently commanding the "endeavour" spoke from space about the surgery. >> i had a chance at the end of the day to call her mom and her chief of staff and my brother periodically through the -- as the surgery was going on and she's doing really well. everything went as planned. her neurosurgeons are very happy. she's recuperating and actually getting back to therapy today. so it went really, really well. >> as you know she watched her husband and the crew blast on from the kennedy space center on monday. officials in tucson, arizona say they will not appeal a judge's decision to release a few hundred e-mails relating to
7:44 am
the mass shooting -- relating to mass shooting suspect jared lee loughner. the school has been under increasing pressure to do so in the days after the january shooting that left eight dead, 13 wonld unded. national weather service is confirming that a tornado with an ef-1 rating touched down near hagerstown, matter lapd. it uproot maryland. luckily no one was hurt. floodwaters slap at the lake home of the mississippi governor haley barb haley. sandbagging was not enough. and we'll have more on the head of the imf in a few minutes. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience.
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7:48 am
>> how can fielders see anything? the conditions make this lay by the tigers scott sizemore, isn't he amazing? the second baseman makes the sliding catch with his back to the plate robbing david or ease. but the red sox beat the tiger 1-0. dominique strauss-kahn has arrived at court well ahead of his 2:15 p.m. bail hering. he resigned as head of the international monetary fund days after his arrest for allegedly assaulting a hotel employee. here's cnn's brian todd. >> reporter: his political enemies recently made hey out of this. a picture of dominique strauss-kahn, a social list, stepping into a porsche worth at least 90 grand. the car is not even hit, but the head of the imf does seen too live well enough to afford the ride. take his salary. more than $440,000 a year.
7:49 am
that's more than president obama and strauss-kahn pays for taxes on it. this at a time when one critic says the institution imposes stark conditions on the governments it lends money to. >> not only are taxpayers paying for that salary, but then they're having to pay the cost in a second way which is that they have to undertake the policies that the imf demands which often hurt ordinary working class people. >> reporter: an imf spokesman responds pay increases are below the rate of inflation. but dominique strauss-kahn's perks don't stop at his straight paycheck. one of his best perks? an annual allowance of more than $79,000 to spend as he likes. according to his contract to maintain a scale of living appropriate to his position. plus he gets reimbursed separately for entertainment 1k3e7bss. it does not pay for his house or other properties reportedly owned by strauss-kahn or his
7:50 am
wife. imf staff assigned outside the u.s. do get housing allowances. analysts say the people like strauss-kahn who aren't american and work at the washington headquarters get other benefits. >> they get allowances for keeping their kids in school, they get health care, they get probably generous vacations. >> reporter: it's also in strauss-kahn's contract that he and anyone in his family fly first class whenever he's on official business. i asked john suwell about strauss-kahn's take home. >> i don't have a problem with the salary. i think this is one of the wos's most important jobs and it's reflected by the fact that strauss-kahn played an absolutely central role in dealing with the global financial crisis that we hopefully are moving out of. >> reporter: he also krets strauss-kahn with dras likely reforming the imf and making it it relevant again after a period when few countries wanted to borrow money from it.
7:51 am
brian todd, cnn, washington. coming up next, we'll return to the schwarzenegger scandal. one writer feels like the media is not fair to the housekeeper. we'll talk to howard kurtz next. [ female announcer ] sun damage is on the rise. now use the best suncare recommended most by dermatologists. neutrogena®, with technologies like helioplex... it provides the highest average spf and unsurpassed uva protection. neutrogena®. get the best. introducing streetsmart edge from charles schwab. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 the all-new intuitive trading platform tdd# 1-800-345-2550 that thinks like a trader. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i'm fine with what i've been using. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 wait. scratch that. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 this one click... usually takes, like, 20 clicks. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 handle all your trading activity in a single window. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 yeah, i think i get it. tdd# 1-800-345-2550
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the schwarzenegger scandal hit the internet with a vengeance. so is the name of the house keeper mistress. howard kurtz has some problems with that or at least some questions. he's written a piece called exposing arnold's housekeeper. and i'd like to read a snippet from your article. the house keeper did not ask to be the center of a white house plirl scandal. what gives the media the right to obliterate her privacy? well, howard, some might say she did have an affair with a married man and then tried to pass off the baby as her husband's at the time. so she deserve what is she gets. >> so why don't we then focus on all the thousands of women who have had affairs with married men, some who have had babies. i feel some sympathy for this woman. she's not a public figure.
7:55 am
she didn't file a lawsuit, she didn't go to the tabloids, the kinds of things that say she's thrust herself in to the news. and then i see her picture in the "new york times" and fox news and i'm questioning why that is. >> the other thing that i don't think people realize, we have run the picture, by the way, just as an update to you, we have. because it's out there. it is out there. the other thing i think people forget was arrenold schwarzenegr was her employer and nobody has really investigate that had angle of the story. >> i think the former governor deserves all the scrutiny that we can bring to bear on what could be real abusive power. she was on his personal household payroll. but it seems to me not just to drag her in, but here's the other problem i have. there is a boy probably about 13 or 14 years old, i don't think any of us want to identify him.
7:56 am
his face has been blurred. but once you identify the mother, obviously everybody will know who the kid is. >> his face is all over the internet. >> which means we have no standards. every news organization will throw up his hands and say, well, we'd kind of like to follow our own rule, but everybody else is doing it, so why don't we. that is a slippery slope. >> the strauss-kahn case. there is an alleged rape victim in this case. there are people trying to get a shot of her. i guess nothing is sacred anymore because usually all media would stay away from an alleged rape victim. >> although some french media outlets have i had pie will woman and there is a tradition of not identifying women who charge sexual assault. she's an alleged victim. so there i think the media are doing the right thing. but 9 stakeout out side the
7:57 am
apartment, this is why people hate the dress pres because we descend like bahrain -- if her story is true, she didn't ask for this kind of strutl scrutin. thanks for joining us. we're about 45 minutes from president obama's major speech on u.s. policy in the middle east. he'll give that speech at the state department and you can see it right here on cnn. our live coverage begins at 11:30 eastern. [ marge ] psst. constipated?
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