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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 19, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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considered a legitimate religion. it's a radical interpretation, a totally fundamentalist approach to the bible that mainstream people don't believe. >> all right. thank you all for weighing in on this. we will -- i guess we'll see what happens on -- come saturday. so, thank you all. >> hope to see you sunday. >> thank you. >> i hope so, too. >> i want to take you back to lower manhattan. a live picture outside the bail hearing for dominique strauss-kahn. awaiting news from the attorneys there. that's a media stakeout. the news breaking moments ago that an indictment has been filed against the ex-chief of the imf. they've been asking for $1 million bond. he was willing to wear an ankle bracelet, he wants out of rikers island where he's in prison. we will continue to follow that. newsroom continues now with t.j. holmes in for brooke baldwin. >> thank you very much.
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-- captions by vitac -- s. we're going back to it, more than likely, a lot in the hour as we wait on the attorneys to come out. attorneys were dominique strauss-kahn who we can say is the former world banker charged with trying to rape a hotel maid, former, we're saying here, because dominique strauss-kahn resigned as head of international monetary fund. he's going through a hear, as we speak. we did find out that he has in fact, been indicted in this case and charged in the sexual assault. you know this by now, the story by now that he's accused of trying to or accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid at a high-end hotel in new york city. we have a couple of reporters covering this for us, one being richard roth, outside the courthouse right now. richard what can you tell us about what went on inside that courtroom? >> reporter: the hearing is still going on. as the prosecution and
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announced, there's an indictment filed by the grand jury against dominique strauss-kahn, former head of the international monetary fund. strauss-kahn walked into court, acknowledged his wife and daughter who are present now, in the front row, with a smile, and then he sat surrounded by three courtroom officers. the defense said, he should be granted bail. there's a private security company, which has now been hired or available to watch him 24 hours a day with detention. they've put up the deed of his georgetown home, $1 million in bail, the judge has not ruled on any of that. the prosecution has argued that, because on indictment has been filed against the defendant, he should not be free on bail. there is a risk of flight risk they said. the prosecution says he has the means, he's an international figure with global influence to use enormous resources and has a network of contacts. quote, we see nothing about his assets or his accounts to negate that. the sole asset in d.c. is not in his name, it's in his wife's.
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the prosecution is arguing strenuously that dominique strauss-kahn should not be freed. t.j.? >> richard, that is the crux of what happens go on in there now? that is the back and dport happening in the courtroom? what else can we expect to come out of the hearing that is still go on? >> reporter: well, this was primarily a meeting about the new application by the defense team to get dominique strauss-kahn out of his 11 x 13 foot rikers island jail cell. dominique strauss-kahn denying charges against him when he issued a statement stepping down last evening from the international monetary fund. the attorney for the alleged sex crimes victim says that she will feel less safe if dominique strauss-kahn is allowed free on bail. the judge has not ruled in state supreme court in new york, the arguments, the world media is here to see if strauss-kahn is coming out the door with his wife and daughter. >> you stay with me for a second.
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i'm getting more from what's happening inside the courtroom. i'm going to share this with our viewers. folksen side saying the prosecutor saying there's no right to bail, the strength of the case and potential sentencing, there is a presumption of innocence, the prifz s proof is substantial and made every day. she made outcries to staff and police. we'll continue to go through the details. we'll go back to this. again, expecting the attorneys for dominique strauss-kahn to step out to those microphones when this hearing is over. not sure when it could get wrapped up. right now the back and forth whether or not this man, this man with powerful international influence, should be allowed to be free, at least while this case continues. offering to put up $1 million, made other concessions but will that be enough, now that he's been officially indicted and charged. richard, pick up on some of these points as well. you're getting notes on what's
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happening inside. you talked about a man -- give us more about him, if you will, and an understanding, though, yes, he can put up $1 million, turn over the deed to a home, he can do all of these things, this is a powerful, powerful man with means who it sounds like prosecutors are making a good argument, no matter what you do, this man has the means to get out of the country if he wants to. >> reporter: that's what they're trying to say. the prosecution saying they have a credible witness, hotel maid who came here, an immigrant from guinea in africa, the prosecution telling the judge, the forensic evidence supports the victim's version of the attack that she identified him in a lineup and that an indictment has been voted against dominique strauss-kahn with reasonable cause filed to support those charges. the alleged victim made multiple outcries to hotel staff and police, the hotel sofitel in times square on saturday. she's given complete forensic information and is consistent
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since the attack. as one attorney said, they had to know that she was a good witness to get a high-profile man like dominique strauss-kahn off a plane after jfk airport to act so quickly and immediately. yes, they say that he's an international figure with global contacts and influence. they still fear he's a flight risk. >> they go on to say, as i'm reading from our crew inside and to our viewers, i'm reading to you here, coming to our folks, the inbox, he's a temporary guest in new york. again, we're in possession of his one and only passport. we don't know what he could get. he has resources to live a life of means in parts of the world that are beyond this court. his exit from the hotel was unusually hasty. his exit from the crime scene suggests something went on in the hotel room. we'll check in with you again. you wanted to jump in there. go ahead, richard. >> reporter: just briefly, further down, you -- i don't think you mentioned this, not sure, the prosecution saying,
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dominique strauss-kahn's own conduct has shown the propensity for criminal conduct. monday they hinted that there may be other cases involving other women. no information or evidence brought forth but definitely, they're digging in that direction. >> all right. richard roth, outside the courthouse where all of this is going on. that hearing continues. we'll get back to richard. we will get back. we've shown you the picture of the moicrophones. we'll go back. a lot has come out of the courtroom. we're pecking a lot more. we'll take you back live as we get it. for six months we have witnessed an extraordinary change taking place in the middle east and north africa. >> fareed zakaria joins us next from cairo, a very important city in the context of the president's big speech on the middle east today that just wrapped up a couple of hours ago. we will find out how his message, the president's message, went over with them and
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>> the president sent a message to the air rash world today. he said, from now on if it was not the case before, the united states will side with the people of the region over the powers that be. this is a speech that comes in the midst of a half year of tumult throughout the middle east, punctuated by the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden. the president made the speech today at the state department, just a few hours ago.
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he hit on a lot in this speech. had a lot to wrap into it. it went 40-plus minutes long. we'll be talking to fareed zakaria in a moment. first, let me give you a taste of what the president had to say. >> we have the chance to show that america values dignity of the street vendor in tunisia more than the raw power of the dictator. there must be no doubt that the united states of america welcomes change that advances serm determination and opportunity. yes, there will be perils that accompany this moment of promise. but after decades of accepting the world as it is in the region, we have a chance to pursue the world as it should be. >> the president and the white house billed this as a major address today. had a lot to lump into the speech. he said throughout the arab world a new generation has
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emerged and has presented the united states with an historic opportunity to assert its values. also said that, across the region peaceful voices for change have accomplished more in the past section months than terrorists accomplished in decades. also, what's happening in libya, gadhafi's days are numbered. also accused the assad regime in syria murdering its own people. throughout region, he said, the lsu back democratic reforms and transics to democracy. beginning with pledges to tunisia and egypt, both of which have overthrown autocrats. the israeli/palestinian conflict, the president call on both sides not to stand bias change occurs around them but settle on a map for a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders and with security guarantees for israel, he said other disputes can wait for later. let's get to what's been done right now. listen to more now with the president.
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>> for the american people, the scenes of upheaval in the region may be unsettling, but the forces driving it are not unfamiliar. our own nation was founded through a rebellion against an empire. our people fought a painful civil war that extended freedom and dignity to those who were ensla enslaved. i would not be standing here today unless past generations turned to the moral force of nonviolence as a way to perfect our union. organizing, marching, protesting peacefully together, to make real those words that declared our nation, we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. >> all right. again, a whole lot more from what the president had to say. fareed zakaria in cairo, egypt,
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will join us in a bit. >> president assad now has a choice. he can lead that transition or get out of the way. >> change or leave. syria's leader followed obama'seobama's advi advice. what the president outlined in the middle east speech. speaking to the man who once served as u.s. ambassador to country and israel. [ale announce in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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want to get back to the story, break story, following out of new york. dominique strauss-kahn, the former imf chief in court having a hearing today. he has officially been indicted by a grand jury in the alleged sexual assault of a maid in new york. susan candiotti was inside the courtroom. susan, you have been able to tip outside of the courtroom right now. but that doesn't mean the hearing is over. >> reporter: we're in a brief recess, t.j., right now. you're right, we learned so far there is an indictment. so far both sides are presenting arguments for and against bail. we got see him for the first time since a few hours after his arrest. he was allowed to wear a business suit into court. his wife's sitting in the front row. his defense attorney said of mr. strauss-kahn, that, quote, he has only one interest to clear his name, and called him an honorable man. said he would turn over his passport, they've hired a monitor company to come in and
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keep track of him, including 24-hour guard, that his wife is now here in new york and has rented an apartment where they would live and said it is ludicrous he might leave. they do believe he is a risk of flight, that they revealed that the, quote, proof against him is substantial and is growing every day. the tate backed up the story of the alleged victim in the case, says she has an aunt wavering story and strong, preliminary evidence gathered from the hotel room. the judge has decided, t.j., he will take this under consideration and might make a decision today. it's possible he might get bailed but we'll have to find out. with that, i've got run. >> all right. we'll let you get back in there, susan candiotti, we appreciate you hopping on the line while you had a chance. more happening inside the courtroom. quick recess that we hear. that's why our reporter was able to step out and hop on the line. dominique strauss-kahn, fighting right now to stay out of jail. doesn't want to go back to
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rikers island. who would? doesn't want to go back to jail while going through this legal process. like susan candiotti said, maybe, maybe the judge would rule will to allow him to be out of jail with serious considerations and some serious certainly the million dollar his had to put up, monitoring, so it wouldn't be easy. but now he has officially been indicted. expecting to possibly hear from attorneys when he step out of the hearing room as well. turn back to the president's speech. the major speech the president made a few hours ago from the state department to the arab world on the middle east. it's kind of rocking the arab world, as we speak now. president oesh bama in the majo address said israel and the palestinians should not stand on the sidelines and wait for things to shake out. he said it's time to move forward with talks towards peace. he suggested they can hammer things out. two things now in particular. security guarantees as well as a
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map that was just one of a number of things the president had to weave into the major speech on the middle east. let me bring in, joining me from houston, the former u.s. ambassador to syria and israel. we appreciate you being here with us. you and i were chatting a second ago about the audiences. a lot of folks think it was meant for a couple of different audience but was more so, who? the u.s. audience or the audience in the middle east? >> well, t.j., i think it was addressed to both the american audience and the international audience, especially the audience in the middle east and the broader muslim world. but certainly, to the american audience, i think president obama made an excellent presentation prying to explain the complexity, the challenges that u.s. foreign policy faces in the wake of these arab uprisings and i think, one of the key messages was that we have two guiding posts, if you will, to our policy. our values and principles as
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americans, on the side he labeled individual self-determination, freedom, and on on the other side, national security interests and he outlined what the basic national security interests are. as president he has to balance out values and interest. libbia, obviously different than the way we're approaching tunisia and egypt, where there is a political transition, he made a very strong statement on syria to the president of syria, either move on with reforms or get out of the way. that was a very powerful statement. and then he made, i believe an equally powerful statement to the israelis and the palestinians and the arab world in general that, delay in israeli/palestinian negotiations is not an option that we have to get on with it. and as you mentioned, he focused on territory and security as the way to move forward. >> ambassador, as you mentioned, trying to make the balance between the values and the
12:22 pm
interests, and that's a part that a lot of people take issue with. people in the middle east, how are you treating us one way and treating other country another way. a lot of people will looking for a consistency of some kind and they didn't hear saudi arabia mentioned as well or they think okay, syria's being dealt with differently than egypt and so on and so forth. do people still want and are they going to crave that consistency and criticize the president for not having it? >> well, everyone wants to have a simple answer to complex problems but i believe, t.j., in this complex situation in the middle east, one size doesn't fit all. and the president has to balance out our values in our national security interests. for example, on bahrain, he made a good statement on bahrain. but remember, bahrain is the headquarters of the u.s. fifth fleet which plays an essential role. since 1949, in guaranteeing the free passage of oil through the
12:23 pm
straits straits of hormus to the world. the president definitely i think, balanced that out saying there's a need for law and order but you to engage with the opposition. that's as close as he got to mentioning saudi arabia in his speech. >> all right. ambassador, we appreciate you hopping on, giving us perspective here. thank you very much. need to turn to fareed za car yo in cairo, egypt. cairo the centerpiece of what was happening in the middle east, north african unrest. he is in cairo for us. we're going to join him right after the break.e in 2011at&t is at wk, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people
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a look at some stories making headlines now. the fbi wants a sample of unabomber ted kaczynski's dna. trying to determine if he's connected to the 1982 tylenol poisoning scare. remember that? seven people died after taking tylenol laced with potassium cyani cyanide. serving a sentence after a string of pipe bombing. we'll talk more about all of this with a man that knows the unabomber well, that's at the
12:27 pm
top of the hour. tragic news from the mississippi river flooding. the first death linked to the slow-moving disaster happened near vicksburg, mississippi. the victim a 69-year-old man, walter cook, he was pulled from the floodwaters tuesday. he died this morning. the mississippi river is topping out an all-time high at vicksburg. certainly no certainty of what the floodwaters -- when the floodwaters will recede. look at this. people are doing what they can to protect their belongings. you can see in some of these pictures, what you're seeing people have made their own levees around their homes and in some cases it appears it's working. the mothers of two american hikers held in iran are now on a hunger strike. they fear their sons are in grave danger. josh fatale and shawn bower are jailed in iran since 2009. their trial was supposed to begin last week. neither was brought to the courthouse.
12:28 pm
the moms have not had any explanation about the delay. the two are charged with espionage after being captured by iran while hiking along an unmarked board between iran and iraqi kucur distance. >> somebody's dead, it's the mother, she confesses to doing that. that's troubling. >> a mother arrested for an unthinkable crime, she's even confessed. now her neighbor friend thinks he may know why this all happened. he's going to join me next. thousands of families across south trying to recover from deadly tornadoes. the country legend, hank williams jr., he's asking for you to join in as part of cnn's impact your world. hi, i'm hank williams jr., and you can make an impact to help the people of alabama, georgia, mississippi, that have been totally devastated, the
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bottom of the hour here now. back to the president's speech on the middle east. wrapped it up a couple of hours ago. it was billed as a speech that would really help people understand the u.s. policy toward what we've been seeing in the middle east over past several months. let's bring in fareed zakaria in cairo, egypt. we have been talking about so much and playing for viewers what the president did say in the speech today. but what was missing from that speech? >> reporter: well there were some things missing that were understandable. he didn't talk about saudi arabia. saudi arabia is the place where our interests and our values collide most sharply. now, he pointed out that there would be tension between short-term interests that are and long-term values. he didn't talk much about saudi arabia in specific and i don't
12:32 pm
blame him. saudi arabia, incivility in saudi arabia means $250 barrel of oil, another global recession. that's underto navigate. he did fall back and gave people a broader sense of how people's values are powerfully aligned with what's happening in the middle east, why we should welcome it, why we should support it. he was successful though there are awkward places where our interests and values collide as in saudi arabia. >> you talk about some of those places, and people are looking for some kind of consistency. so after this, i don't know how much reaction you've been able to gauge so far, are people still going to be looking for that consistency and some people in these countries, folks that are down on streets, out there protesting in some places getting killed for what they believe in, are they going sit back and say, do we have a partner in the u.s. or in this president if we have to wait for him to balance out his country's
12:33 pm
interests and balance out his country's morals? >> reporter: you know, t.j., the most interesting thing about being here is you realize how much this is a wholly owned local set of revolutions. they're not looking for the u.s. to bail them out. they're not look for the u.s. to somehow ride in on a white horse. they do want support, moral support, political support, economic support, and i think that what obama has made clear, in general, we support their aspirations in general the united states is going to try as best it can to help make these revolutions successful. but there are going to be differences in our response. i mean, we intervened militarily in libya. it done mean we're going to inter convenient militarily everywhere. it depends on the likelihood of success, which is very low in syria.
12:34 pm
the regime has to talk about an exit strategy, nas yemen. i think people here are looking for some kind of cookie cutter strategy. i think what they were looking for is general support. i think to a large extent they got it. there are going to be some aspects that they would have liked stronger support of the -- but in general, what's powerful about these movements is they are about the arabs and not about the united states. >> fareed zakaria, in a bustling cairo, egypt. thanks so much. certainly we'll be hearing more from fareed throughout the day on cnn and of course this weekend as well on his show. next, talking to a neighbor friend of that mother from texas who is accused of killing her child in new england. and leaving his body in the woods. we're getting new video also from inside the courtroom, as the former imf chief, dominique strauss-kahn facing a new york judge today as we speak.
12:35 pm
12:36 pm
you're looking at now new video we are just getting in to us from a hearing going on, it continues to go on as we speak. this is dominique strauss-kahn. that's the judge in the case. but dominique strauss-kahn, now the ex-head of the international monetary fund, the imf, dealing with charges now, he has officially been indicted on charges that he sexually assaulted allegedly sexually assaulted a maid in a hotel room in new york. now he says he is innocence. but we are seeing this play out. we have a reporter, some of our crew, in that courtroom giving us some reporting from what's happening inside. but he is trying right now to
12:37 pm
get out of jail. he's been held at rikers island. he's trying to get out of there. he's offered up $1 million of his own money, turned in his passport, but still the prosecutor saying this man has international connects and he is a flight risk. this is video from inside. we don't have a live picture but we'll be checking back in with our reporters. they had a brief recess, i believe they just reconvened but the judge could decide today whether or not dominique strauss-kahn is out on bail while the process, the legal process, moves forward. we'll be checking back in with them here in a moment. let me turn to this story of a mother, of a 6-year-old boy, found dead on a remote main road over the weekend is being returned to new hampshire to face second-degree murder charges. julianne mccreary taken into custody wednesday. she was reading the bible when she was arrested. her son, cam done hughes, found under a blanket near the
12:38 pm
maine/new hampshire border saturday. police reached out to the public to help identify him after the body was discovered and brought in naval investigators because witnesses reported seeing ai navy sticker on mccreary's truck. residents held a vigil including people who lived on the property where the body was found. >> -- heard my wife screaming, no, no, no, that boy will never be unwanted again. though he's not bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, i feel like he is. >> the "boston globe" reporting that mccreary previously tried to commit suicide and quoted her mother saying she had led a troubled life. with me now is a neighbor of julianne mccreary, where she had been living in irving, texas. we appreciate you taking time out with us. is this a woman you considered a friend? >> i've known her going on 15
12:39 pm
years and, yeah, i mean, she's baby-sit my child and been at my house i was there the day camden was born at the hospital. yes very close friend. you know, i -- julie was leak family to, you know, to me. >> sir, what do you think it means? does it mean anything to you when you hear that her mother's quoted as saying she led a troubled life? do you agree with that? what does that mean? >> no, i don't. i don't agree with that. julie had her ups and downs, but she always kept going. she didn't try to blame her problems on anybody else. she always worked. you know, she -- she had a few different jobs but she tried and, you know, she did what, you know, she had to do to survive. i mean, like i said, everybody has their ups and downs but i -- she didn't have a troubled life, not to me. not to me. >> last thing here, quickly, sir, is there any -- i think i
12:40 pm
heard you actually say you think this might have been an accident. she's accused but you don't think there's any way you, never saw any indication she might have hurt her child? >> not at all. this is -- this is not the julie mccreary i know. i don't understand what happened. i've known her for a long time. i don't -- i don't know. but i do -- i -- i know -- i know camden and her other son, ian, and i've set up a trust and i would like to give information on that. i know a lot of people in boston have tried. >> we're going to get that information from you. our producers will get it on the line from you for sure and we'll pass that along to our viewers. we appreciate, again, a neighbor friend of julianne mccreary accused of second-degree murder in the death of her son found on the side of the road. >> i certainly wouldn't suggest all knowledge comes from college. i might, instead, suggest that skill is always a matter of
12:41 pm
degree and we need to celebrate all forms of education. >> you recognize that guy? host of "dirty jobs" talking about the importance of training skilled workers as cnn's catherine callaway goes in depth on america's job hunt. ♪el i lo vetoo ♪ ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ i work so hard at my job ♪ and then i bring it home to you ♪ ♪ i love money in my pocket [ male announcer ] when sean was looking at mba programs, he wanted a curriculum designed to meet market needs, with faculty who brought real-world perspective on where the business world was headed and the practical experience to help him make an impact.
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well, all week cnn's been going in depth on america's job hundred.
12:44 pm
despite the high unemployment rate, there's a guy who wants you to know about hundreds of thousands of jobs that are available right now if, though, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty. mike rowe on the discovery channel, "dirty jobs." he recently testified in washington about what he calls the skills gap. a phenomenon in this country that he thinks is just a travesty. >> if we're seriously going to try to create three or 4 million shovel-ready jobs, we've got to come to terms with the fact that our nation no longer respects people who are still willing to pick up a shovel. the skills gap isn't a function of anything other than what we value. we don't value those kinds of jobs the way we used to, so we don't encourage them. look at the nomenclature in education, higher education, right? that's the thing you want for your kidses, right? because higher educations a four-year degree and a four-year
12:45 pm
degree guarantees a certain measure of success and prosperity. bull crap, it doesn't guarantee anything. 60% of all college graduates matriculate into debt, real debt, student loans right now are eclipsing mortgage loans. there's going to be a student loan crisis, if there isn't already. apprenticeships, scholarships, on the job training programs and other opportunities to learn a practical, useful trade, nobody -- nobody celebrates them. we know other there. but nobody really gives them any love, you know? >> let's give them some love. cnn's katharine callaway with a look in the surge of technical school enrollment. >> i'm the oldest. older than the instructor. >> at 61, john appleby is a true senior at chattahoochee technical college. this house painter's journey back to school to study diesel technology began with a decline
12:46 pm
in construction that left him out of a job. >> i got tired of not being able to do any work because nobody wanted to pay me none. so i thought, i'm going to do something i can make a living at and something i will enjoy. >> reporter: appleby counting on making more money as a trained diesel mechanic. many workers especially in the manufacturing sectors, turn to technical schools to maneuver themselves into better-paying jobs. enrollment here at chattahoochee technical college increased 15% over the last year in large part due to the struggling economy. students come here to get degrees in fields that range from mechanical to medical from cosmetology to computers. 17-year-old emily wilson is the face of another growing population at technical schools. the young student, who takes college courses in high school. through a state program, she's using tax dollars that would go to her high school to pay for her technical college education. >> it makes me excited, because
12:47 pm
i know i'm getting ahead where i need to be, to be able to finish college as soon as possible and get my career on a start. >> reporter: emily will graduate high school with a year of classes completed toward her two-year associate degree in accounting. she'll be able to work sooner, and that may allow her to continue her education at a four-year institution. the president of ctc says the colleges have to adapt to the needs of the job market. >> we're going to grow a group of entrepreneurs in the future, a group of people who can lead our country out of this transformational recession we've seen, then we think that we do that through changing the technology that they know, their knowledge base, and it will be done across a spectrum of people from the traditional student to the nontraditional student. >> first day of math class, i mean, i'm saying, i raised my hand and i said, i haven't done an algebra problem since 1964.
12:48 pm
>> reporter: appleby says going back to school at his age has been difficult but as retirement age rises he knows training for skilled jobs is a must for the young and old alike. catherine callaway, cnn. to our viewers, we want to remain you of what we're standing by for. a hearing going on now. dominique strauss-kahn, who is now the former head of the imf, accused now, indicted, officially by a grant jury on seven criminal charges related to an attempted sexual assault of a maid at a hotel in new york. that hearing is going on right now. he is trying to get bail. we will go back live to new york. we're standing by to hear from attorneys. when that hearing is over, he could, could possibly, the judge rule today, and actually have him out on bail. i'm told by my producers we're going to let you listen in to some of this we got earlier. let's listen to the attorneys as they go back and forth. >> economic resources and network of contacts throughout
12:49 pm
the world. the defendant's request that the court should set bail at $1 million is unreasonable, in light of those factors. while we have been given some details about the monitoring arrangement that the defendant has proposed, we have received nothing about the defendant's assets, both liquid or illiquid, the number and type of bank accounts and brokerage account his might have access to or the location of those accounts. and for these reasons, judge, the proposition that $1 million is too high a price for the doeft p defendant to pay for his price of freedom simply doesn't make sense. the idea that the defendant has substantial ties to new york or to the united states is actually belied by their own motion papers, your honor. the sole asset that is attributable to him, a us washington, d.c., is not even in his name, knit his wife's name. and the fact that his daughter is a student here is really of
12:50 pm
no moment. that suggests that she is most likely a temporary guest here in new york and in this country. as an international figure, as a diplomat, the defendant can travel with an ease that most ordinary citizens and people cannot. we are in possession right now of judge, the defendant is a citizen of france, a country that, by law, does not extradite its own nationals and i disagree with the characterization that mr. strauss-kahn would somehow be a fugitive on the run. he has the stature and the resources not to be a fugitive on the run but really to live a
12:51 pm
life of ease and comfort in parts of the world that are beyond this court, and indeed this country's jurisdiction. the fact that his -- and i want to say the fact that his travel plans have been booked in advance does not change the fact that his exit from that hotel almost immediately after that incident was unusually hasty. so while he may have already had plans to leave the country, his exit from the crime scene certainly suggests that something had gone on in that room. and he left quickly, knowing that, in fact, he had a plane that he was to board out of the country. and frankly, judge are, the bail package, really, any bail package, would be insufficient to ensure that he returns to court. wove ju we have just been given these documents by defense counsel. we, of course will review them,
12:52 pm
but we have not had an opportunity to as of yet and i presume the court also has not had an opportunity and these are very important details to be considered about the specifics. and so we really can't say at this point whether or not the proposed package is in fact, what defense counsel represents, which is enough to ensure that he returns to court. our position is that there is no bail package at this time what we have been presented with that would ensure his return and that is the issue, not might he return, not is it likely he will return. this court must be satisfied that the defendant will come back and the people simply are not. we have a man who, by his own conduct in this case, has shown a propensity for impulsive criminal conduct and at the end of the day judge, the defense is asking you to release him with that proclivity and immense
12:53 pm
resources with -- with really only a brace let with a battery. and that is just not sufficient it at this time to ensure that he returns to court and we request that the court consider remand. >> thank you, mr. mcconnell. i was just handed the documents with regard to the security company and i did have some questions. in your papers, counsel, you have referred to this company as being acceptable to the people, or something along those lines. what does that mean? >> i didn't mean to say that tfg acceptable in the sense that our application was agreed to but when we had a discussion with mr. alonzo about monitoring, he suggested the use of this particular company as one that he was familiar with in which their office had confidence.
12:54 pm
>> and with regard to the monitoring and again, i will take moment to read this before any kind of decision is rendered, you talked about setting up the electronic and in the meantime, have human beings accompany the defendant, what is supposed to happen when he leaves the apartment to go to court or any place else? >> we can invite mr. valenti here. the way this works is they accompany him wherever he's going. there is -- in addition, let me be clear. in addition to the brace let and the video, there is a human being with a gun who is on duty 24/7. >> and that person works under the agreement you have reached here, actually accompany the defendant any time he left the premises for legitimate purposes, like coming to court?
12:55 pm
and with regard to the travel documents, mr. mcconnell appropriately suggests that all he has so far is one passport and that the other document you referred to presumably is in hands that can be made -- and it can be made available to the people of the court. what other passports or documents of that nature does the defendant have? >> i have checked this with the french consulate, counsel, i'm authorized to represent to the court that he has no other passports. >> and with regard to the matter of -- i'm sorry. >> confusion has perhaps arisen because he has two documents. they are the the same passport. he travels so much that he ran out of pages in the first passport, so a stamp when you go through immigration and customs, so he had to get a second document. the g-4 visa. >> i'm sorry, the g? >> the g-4 visa is attached to
12:56 pm
the first passport. when he ran out of pages, he is issued a second passport, but he has to carry both of those. it is, in effect, one passport. it is simply a matter of how do you get enough pages in the passport so that the number of countries he goes to can be stamped. >> so when you say one passport has been turned over is it both document? >> both documents. >> and another matter that was appropriately raised by the people was the matter of the defenda defendant's assets and the i realize we haven't had a statement of his asset others than -- we will wait for that to go by. [ sirens ]
12:57 pm
it's my other case. >> okay. to our viewer what you have been watching here this is moments ago and we have got an update. since this all happened, you have been hearing them go back and forth. they are trying to make the case whether dominique strauss-kahn, who is now the former imf chief, whether he should be allowed to be free, to get bail while the legal process goes forward. he, of course, now has been indicted on seven counts, seven different counts now related to sexual assault, alleged sexual assault that took place at a new york hotel. well, now we have learned that, in fact, the judge has granted bail and dominique strauss-kahn, if he can come up with it will be allowed to go free and not have to sit in likers, not sit in rikers island, he can at least be out of jail while the legal process moves forward. pretty hefty here. what the judge says he needs to hand up, my producer saying something in my ear, i can't understand you there $1 million cash bail is what the judge is
12:58 pm
saying. he has to put up $1 million cash to get out. also, a $5 million bond that can be in property or something else. so, a big chunk of change, if you will here, that the judge is saying he has to put up. also, he will have to submit to home detention. also, have to submit other travel documents as well. so the judge allowing him to get out. a lot of people thought this might not.happen because after the grand jury finally officially came back and said, yes, in fact, we are going to indict you, those charges, seven of them, include two criminal acts two criminal sexual acts in the first degree, attempt to commit rape, sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment, sexual abuse again, another kournlgt and also forcible touching. but what you're seeing now is video taped from inside it happened just moments ago, of the back and forth between the two attorneys as they try to figure out whether or not they were going to allow strauss-kahn to be out on bail. let's listen back to this. >> to say something totally
12:59 pm
without proof and is simply an assumption with no basis in fact. it is exactly what he said he is and until saturday, they have been engaged back and forth from the united states to foreign countries with -- on the business of the imf and i suppose one can always imagine -- imagine situations in which people go become highly visible fugitives from the sex offense charges, but frankly, that is unrealistic and in this case, really an unprovable -- not a very -- not a very ready argument, if the court please. we have he checked out of the
1:00 pm
exit at 12:25 and met his family at a midtown restaurant at 12:45 there in plain view to the entire world there until about 2:15, hardly consistent with a man trying to hide himself in the city of new york. thank you, your honor. >> would you like to address, mr. valenti -- >> i wanted to read what was submitted here. as i understand it the people, at least in the past have indicated no problem with the integrity of the company, although they have certainly not agreed that it be employed in this case. >> we lost that video there again to our viewers, come up at the top of the hour, i'm tj whoms in for brooke baldwin. you are watching and listening
1:01 pm
to what happened inside the courtroom a short time ago. what you heard there is the two sides, the prosecution, also the defense, in the dominique straus cannes case going back and forth trying to explain to a judge why, in fact, that he should be allowed to be out on bail while his criminal -- while the legal process goes forward. the prosecution calling him a flight risk, saying even though he hands over these documents, this is a man with international influence and he has resources, in fact, and he can travel any time he wants to. and lord knows, if he gets out of this country, then we will not get him back. he's a citizen of france. but again, here we are, at the top of the hour here in the cnn newsroom. we are going to get much more of that we will go live to new york. but here's what else we have got going on for you here in the cnn newsroom. nearly 30 years ago, a wave of fear spread across the nation after somebody laced tylenol with poison. >> people should refrain from taking extra strength tylenol.
1:02 pm
>> no one was ever convicted, but today, a shocking development. could the unabomber be responsible? plus -- >> the new approach -- >> from power to prison. dominique strauss-kahn quits his job as his accuser testifies. find out what he is promising to do and where he wants to go, should he get out from behind bars. also, president obama gives one of his biggest speeches. >> and you can't have a real dialogue when parts of the peaceful opposition are in jail. >> from the claude uprising to the osama bin laden killing, the world watches, the middle east reacts. again crossing over the top of the hour in the cnn newsroom, certainly monitoring the breaking news out of new york. in fact, we have learned that, yes, a judge will allow bail for dominique strauss-kahn. we will get back to that in just a moment. we need to start with a pretty
1:03 pm
shocking development in the case of those tylenol poisonings. which ones am i talking about? we are talking about the ones that made headlines back in 1982. >> the cook county medical examiner's office here in chicago has definitely confirmed the presence of cyanide in two separate bottles of extra strength tylenol. >> the only safe course here is people should refrain from taking extra strength tylenol, the 500 milligram capsules. >> all right. move forward to now, this year, 2011. and the headline is that the fbi wants the unabomber's dna to see if he had any connection with the tylenol poisonings back then. ted kaczynski, you know the name you note face by now, he pleaded guilty in 1998 to creating bombs that killed three people and injured 23 others. he is now serving life in a federal super max prison in colorado. the question now is did he lace capsules, tylenol capsules with potassium cyanide that left seven people in the chicago area dead? kaczynski says he wouldn't
1:04 pm
voluntarily give up his dna but in a handwritten motion filed in a federal court, we have a copy of it, and we will share it into. now we will talk with roger lane, standing by for us, talk to him in a moment. first, go to dan simon, covering this case for us. dan why do they want his dna now? why has this come up? >> reporter: you know, a really good question, tj this came out of the blue. the fbi in chicago dispatched agents to kaczynski's prison in colorado xrksd him to voluntarily submit a dna sample, kaczynski declined. we don't know if there is solid evidence linking kaczynski to the tylenol case, we are not aware of any evidence that may exist but we knee kaczynski himself is the one that sort of brought this to light. he wrote a letter to a judge in northern california, u.s. district court, basically asking
1:05 pm
that an auction to have some of his items -- some of his items are up for auction, the proceeds would go to some of his victims' families. he wanted that auction to be halted because he claims that some of that evidence would show that he is innocent in the tylenol case. again, we are not aware of any evidence that might link him to the tylenol case. apparently, the authorities in chicago are re-examining this case. nearly three decades after it occurred. it is a fascinating development and puts the spotlight back on that infamous case, 198 2 and also puts the spotlight back on kaczynski, tj. >> what is the next move, here? if he doesn't want to give up the dna, can they compel him to do so or really trying to work out a deal? >> you know, they certainly can. you know it is interesting that they chose this route to go through that they wanted him to give up the dna voluntarily. they can certainly go to a court and mandate that kaczynski provide a dna sample.
1:06 pm
and so it also raises the question that if kaczynski is innocent in this case, why not provide the dna sample? >> dan simon, we appreciate you. let me turn took roger lane, written books on kaczynski, joining me now. you're very familiar with this man. let's talk about the tylenol case. does that -- if you can make any kind of a connection here, determination, does that sound like something up his alley, something as random as these tylenol poisonings? >> not exactly up his alley. he was certainly opposed to the drug industry as part of his bias against society in general. i mean, he felt that drugs would be the kind of thing represented by prozac, was as in aldous huxley's "brave new world" was sort of keeping us quiet when we should be rebelling against the regimentation of modern industrial society. but unlike the bombings, this
1:07 pm
would have been random. i mean, he usually targeted specific industries, the airline industry, tried to bomb an airplane at one point, a timber company executive, people connected with the computer industry. random consumers were not his typical targets. >> sir, i don't know if you have been able to read this motion he wrote, essentially his response. i have it here with me, but it is his response and some people might be able to make it out, it looks like an official court document, the only thing it is not printed it is handwritten, looks like he was looking at another official court motion, he drew the lines where they were supposed to be, the boxes, district numbers and all this kind of stuff. some of it is kind of rambling talking about his property that he certainly wants right now and doesn't want it to be sold. what's on his mind these days what's he been up to, quite frankly, in prison? a lot of time on his hands but this hand -- i don't know if you have been able to read this yet but what do you make of, i guess, his request that his --
1:08 pm
that his items not be sold? >> i have no idea. >> yeah. >> i think that like many people who were notorious once and have now been tucked away, i mean, it's been since 1996, 15 years the man's been in prison, he may be simply seeking notoriety, as many famous criminals do. and this is a chance to get back in the headlines. i have no clue to the way, thank goodness i have no clue to the way that this man's mind really works. none of us do >> you say he has been out of the headlines, notoriety, is there a chance that he would want to take responsibility for what happened back in 1982? you say he liked the attention that could certainly get him some or does he want to play with the authorities for a little while? >> my guess would be that he wants to play with the authorities for a little while. if he wanted to claim responsibility, he could come right out and say so rather than putting up this kind of delaying action with respect to collection of his dna.
1:09 pm
>> all right, roger lane for us, we appreciate your insights on this case, fascinating, kind of a surprise to a lot of people here that they want dna from this man on that notorious case. sir, thank you so much for your time. >> you're more than welcome. thanks for having me. to our viewers, we are keeping a close eye on what's happening in new york city, maybe surprising news to some that dominique strauss-kahn, the former imf chief now accused, now charged alleged sexual assault in new york on a maid at a hotel room there. well, he is going to be allowed to get out of jail on bail, if he can come up with $1 million cash. he will be allowed to get out, according to a judge now, while his legal process moves forward. we will be live at the courthouse, next. at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before
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1:12 pm
the former headof the international monetary fund will get out of jill on to bond if he can come up with $1 million cash and also $5 million insurance bond. we now have the list of charges against him in this case, grand jury indictment we got a short time ago against dominique strauss-kahn. two counts of criminal sexual act, one count of a attempt to commit rape, first degree sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment, third degree sexual abuse and forcible touching, the indictmenting dominique strauss-kahn with trying to rape a hotel maid this afternoon while he was in court asking for bail. richard roth outside the court nous new york for us. we heard the case going back and forth, the case whether or not he should get out might be surprising to some the judge okayed this. >> reporter: who knows with this case. no sign of dominique
1:13 pm
strauss-kahn, they probably have to work out the bracelet and home deans monitor part of the bail package, doesn't walk out with his hands in the air. his wife was here, daughter was here. he blew a kiss to them during last-minute recess. the prosecution argued dominique strauss-kahn should not be set the free, a flight risk, capable of going places where the u.s. has no jurisdiction to get him back. countries and islands and places yes would live a life of ease, according to the prosecution. the defense said the fact that he called the hotel twice to tell them about his cell phone on saturday shows that he was telling people where he was, that he wasn't trying to flee or hide. however, the prosecution says the way he left the hotel room and the hotel indicates something was not exactly normal and that it showed that he already was leaving in haste. so there were counterarguments and the judge said we don't care about the money, bait money with wasn't to make sure he indeed stays there. in the end, the judge ruled that
1:14 pm
bail would be granted for $1 million cash, $5 million bond, surrender of travel documents and passports and a home detention system. the defense has proposed that they had already hired some major security firm to watch him intently and have a camera on the front and the back door of the location where he would stay in man hat within his wife. >> you mentioned it doesn't mean he is going to walk out with his hands up front steps of the courthouse, once they work out the details and monitoring and whatnot, he does leave what is actually next in this legal case? >> the next case, i believe, june 6th. that's the next court appearance and the prosecution, meanwhile, will be continuing its efforts to find more information and build their case. in the court, the prosecutor said that their case is good and growing and that he may have evidence, similar misconduct in their view before and already, they had hinted that on monday there might be other cases, other women.
1:15 pm
meanwhile, the defense is certainly going to do their work and maybe try to investigate the alleged sex crime victim, this hotel made, 32-year-old woman with a daughter who came here, emigrated grom guinea in africa. standard procedure in these types of criminal cases. we know that dominique strauss-kahn resigned last evening from the international monetary fund and as he stayed in his resignation statement, he is going to spend time with his family and make sure his name gets cleared for crimes and accusation, he says he never committed these. >> richard roth outside the courthouse. interesting developments today. we appreciate you. meanwhile to our viewers, more news still unfolding right now, let me bring to you tragic news from the mississippi river flooding, the first death linked to the slow-moving disaster apparently happened near vicksburg, mississippi, a 69-year-old man has died after being pulled from the floodwaters. the mississippi river is topping out at an all-time high of vicksburg. no certainty when the floodwaters might recede. look what people are doing on their own. they are taking it upon
1:16 pm
themselves to protect themselves. you see this? see from the pictures here, a couple folks, a couple of houses, they are making their own levees around their homes and it appears they are holding up just fine right now. also, the mothers of two american hikers held in iran are on a hunger strike. they fear their sons are in great danger. josh fattal, shane bauer face spying charges, jailed since 2009. their trial was supposed to begin last week, neither was brought to the courthouse for it now. the mom also have not had any explanation about the delay. they say their sons are being denied justice and compassion. california, ntsb is looking into why a tanker plane crashed during an attempted takeoff yesterday, burst into flames as you see there, three people on board escaped with minor injuries. smoke from the fire could be seen for miles, as you could imagine from these pictures. the boeing 707 was carrying about 150,000 pounds of jet fuel. it took crews three and a half thundershowers put all those flames out. also in connecticut, police
1:17 pm
say it is one of the biggest drug busts in the state's history. a new york man was arrested trying to pick up 225 pounds of cocaine. its value? $6 million. the drugs had been shipped to a location and labeled elevator parts. delivery workers became suspicious, called police who waited for the man to pick up the goods, he did and police arrested him. maryland, look at this scary picture. can you tell what that is, the last thing you want to see, we have seen the past several weeks during this rough spring, that is a funnel cloud. violent storms ripped across the state there the national weather service confirming two tornadoes touched down, damaging several trees, homes. nobody injured half is the good news. coming up next, cnn's susan candiotti, one of the members of our crew covering the case of dominique strauss-kahn, just left the courtroom in that case. she will tell us everything she saw inside, including what strauss-kahn did when he saw his wife. she's next.
1:18 pm
1:19 pm
1:20 pm
let's get back to the breaking news out of new york today. that is where a judge has ruled dominique strauss-kahn, the former head of the imf can, in fact, get to out of jail while his legal process goes forward. dominique strauss-kahn was, in fact, indicted by a grand jury on seven counts related to an alleged sexual assault on a maid at a new york hotel. let's bring in our susan candiotti who was inside that courtroom when all this was
1:21 pm
happening. susan, tell me, what was the reaction, was there any reaction in the courtroom when the word came? >> you know, what's interesting, tj, very little reaction. i was watching intently the reaction on strauss-kahn's wife's face, an american, a journalist, ann st. clair, didn't change her expression, nor her had daughter sitting right next to her had. throughout the proceeding, they were silt investigate closely and holding each other -- clutching each other's hands, one of their hands. and so when the time came, i was expecting, i must say at least a smile, but, nope, no reaction at all. of course the back of the defendant in this case, mr. dominique strauss-kahn, was facing me, so you could not see his face. i will say that when he came walking into the courtroom for the first time wearing a business suit, not a jail jumpsuit, he looked tired, but his face lit up. he smiled when he saw his wife and his daughter sitting there. and then as the arguments went
1:22 pm
on for and against bail, i think by the time the judge went to recess, there was a sense that things were going the way of the defendant in this case. why? one of the reasons was it was supposed to be a five-minute recess, it was turning into much longer and appears the judge, while listening to what the defense had offered up, might have been asking the state to give a few more -- allow the state to make whatever argument it wanted to make about what it wanted to add to the bail conditions. the news conference, there is a news conference that's about to start now with the district attorney of manhattan. >> let's rerack that for our -- was that live? i think this was video we were just getting, but to our viewer, what we are seeing here is the -- dominique strauss-kahn, his wife and daughter coming out and also that news conference she just referenced our susan candiotti, i'm told, starting right now. let's listen.
1:23 pm
>> this case began with the prompt reporting of the attack by the victim to members of the hotel staff and then to the new york city police department. supporting evidence has been collected by both the nypd and the manhattan district attorney's office. yesterday, a grand jury, which is an independent body under american law that is comprised of impartial citizen jurors, considered the evidence presented by my office and found it sufficient to file an indictment and bring the accused to trial. under american law, these are extremely serious charges.
1:24 pm
based on the grand jury's determination that the evidence spores the commission of noncon seine kwal, forced sexual acts, the defendant was indicted on all of the charges presented to the grand jury, including criminal sexual act in the first degree, a class b violent felony and attempted rape in the first degree, a class c violent felony. during the course of this, the defendant, under an experienced judge, will receive all of the protection available in our justice system to ensure a fair trial. these protections are guaranteed to everyone charged with crimes in these courts, whether or not they are residents or visitors. and that includes each of the more than 100,000 defendants who
1:25 pm
come before my office each year. fairness and impartial knit our american criminal justice system has been the bedrock of our democracy for more than 200 years. it has been rigorously upheld by new york courts and our office. the work of the manhattan district attorney's office will be guided in this case as it is in every case by one principle to do what is right without fear or favor, wherever that leads. thank you. >> all right, listening in there to cyrus vance, not taking questions. the district attorney didn't tell us a whole lot what we didn't already know but updating us about the case, talking about the charges against him had, saying this there is evidence that supports that there was a a nonconsensual forced sexual act. again, you're looking at the front, just outside, live
1:26 pm
picture of the courthouse where this hearing just took place where people found out, yes, dominique strauss-kahn, the former imf chief will be allowed to get out of jail while his legal case moves forward, put up $1 million in cash, $5 million bond, but still, allows to get out there will be electronic monitoring have home detention have to give up documents but still, he gets out of jail. susan candiotti was inside during the hearing today. susan, you were describing, wasn't much reaction when the judge said he was going to allow bail, but did the judge explain himself at all, why he was allowing this? >> oh, absolutely. and i think we have to keep in mind as well, tj, that very serious step was taken today as the prosecutor said, as the manhattan district attorney said as well. this is a long legal road that has just begun and the serious step that happened is the grand jury returned a seven-count indictment. three of those are felony charges, the rest misdemeanors, of sexual assault, of an alleged
1:27 pm
sexual assault upon this hotel maid and also interesting to point out that as this was going on this day, she was testifying for the second day in a row before the grand jury, ultimately obviously that led to the grand jury indictment. the prosecutors made this point in court, saying, "the proof is substantial" and they said it is growing every day. now, the judge explained that as you heard the manhattan district attorney reference that in this country, no matter where you're from, whether you're a citizen or not, that if there is an argument to be made for bail, you will be entitled to it the judge explained he was satisfied with all the serious conditions set, a multitude of them, including how much cash he has to put up, surrendering all of his travel documents, having to stay inside a home 24/7 under at least one armed guard and always travel under a guard he's comes -- guards, plural, to and from court, that these are
1:28 pm
conditions that he has said he is putting his faith in and he -- he made that point directly to the defendant in this case. i'm trusting you that you will adhere to these conditions of the bail. tj? >> susan candiotti inside during the hearing today. we got news, dominique strauss-kahn will be allowed to get out of jail on bail. susan, we appreciate you. thanks so much. the overwhelming majority of people saw that the slaughter of innocents did not answer their cries a better life. it is one of the president's biggest speeches, at least it was billed as. he names names, he blasts specific leaders for the escalating violence around the world and now the reaction is pouring in that reaction is next. hey, dad, think i could drive? i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪
1:29 pm
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or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? we are following these developments out of new york, get to politics in a second but i'm told the attorneys for dominique strauss-kahn are at the microphone, let's listen in. >> my colleagues, we want to express our pleasure that the judge has made this decision, it's great relief to the family to be able to have him with them. we look forward to continuing the defense in this case and be back in court on june 6th. that's really all we have to say.
1:32 pm
that proceeding the indictment will not take place until the 6th of june. it's much better now than it was before we started. no, he is going back to rikers tonight and we expect he will be released tomorrow but we don't know exactly where. >> will he be put on suicide watch? >> no. well, at rikers, i don't know, but he will be leaving rikers tomorrow, we hope. yes, we are rerelieerelived, ve, now we can focus on our steps of the case. >> reporters still trying to get a few more answers out of the attorney for dominique strauss-kahn. that was the man you saw in the courtroom, some video we showed you earlier, making the argument
1:33 pm
that his client should be allowed to be out on bail while the criminal proceeding goes forward and that is the case. didn't tell us much there but said, yes, in fact, the family is relieved. the family we are talk about his wife and daughter were, in fact, in court today according to our reporters and crew that were inside the courthouse, he actually -- this is the one time that dominique strauss-kahn, you are seeing him there his wife an american, actually, his daughter there as well, but actually, that was the first time he lit up and showed any kind of emotion today was when he saw his family, actually blew a kiss to his family when he came in, did kahn. he is not due in court until june 6th, said he is going back to rikers tonight, he does have to put up this $1 million cash bail too get out, also $5 million bond. he has to put up some travel documents, he has to submit to home detention and monitoring and thing likes that bill not be out of jail tonight. according to his attorney, he will spend at least this evening in rikers, that's where he has been held since these allegations were made against
1:34 pm
him and they expect had him to be released tomorrow. also made a comment whether or not he would be on suicide watch. we are told he had been put on suicide watch a few days ago at rikers island, i don't know if that will still be in place tonight or not, but still, maybe not, since he knows he is going to be walking out of there tomorrow. still has a long legal case ahead of him. again, seven charges against him that the grand jury did hand back today, seven criminal charges related to that alleged sexual assault at that hotel in new york on a maid. certainly we will continue to follow those fast-moving developments there. again, another big story today, the president of the united states sending a message to the arab world. he said from now on if it wasn't the case before, the united states will side with the people of the region over the powers that be. this is a speech that comes in the midst of a half-year of tumult throughout the middle east, punctuated now by the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden. the president acknowledged the sea change that's happened over there.
1:35 pm
we had the chance to show that america values the dignity of the street vendor in tunisia more than the raw power of the dictator. there must be no doubt that the united states of america welcomes change that advances self-determination and opportunity. yes, there will be perils that accompany this moment of promise. but after decades of accepting the world as it is in the region, we have a chance to pursue the world as it should be. >> the president had a whole lot more to say. let me give you a little bit more of it. he said the change sweeping the arab world has presents the united states with an historic opportunity to assert its values and also noted that peaceful voices of change have accomplished more in the region in the past six months than terrorists have accomplished in decades. on the tumult in libya, he said moammar gadhafi's daysed and aalso accused the assad regime
1:36 pm
in libya of killing its own people. on the israeli/palestinian conflict, he called on both sides to settle on security guarantees and a map for a two-state peace solution. the united states believes that negotiations should result in two states with permanent palestinian borders with israel, jordan and egypt, and permanent israeli borders with palestine. we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the 1967 lines, with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. the palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves and reach their full potential in a sovereign and contiguous state. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had a quick reaction saying israel '67 borders cannot be defended.
1:37 pm
netanyahu set to visit the white house for talks with the president tomorrow. he is the republican who used to work for president obama, but now, jon huntsman is deciding whether or not to challenge him next year. today, he is also taking a page from the president's playbook. i bet you can guess where huntsman is. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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1:40 pm
time for our political ticker now. for that we join jim acosta who is not in d.c. in the bureau in that newsroom. he is actually out in new hampshire. so if you are in new hampshire there is only one thing could you possibly be talking about and that's presidential politics. >> yeah. that's right, tj. we are going to be witnessing what is basically a presidential politics baptism for jon huntsman. this is going to be his first stop in this state, this crucial primary state in the race for 2012 and the former ambassador to china and governor of utah is not just tegts the presidential waters up here, tj, he is going for a long swim. he is going to be making about a dozen stops over the next five days and it comes at crucial time for the gop. it is no secret that many republicans are a little uneasy about the current slate of candidates and why a lot of washington experts are looking at jon huntsman right now as sort of the tantalizing pros,
1:41 pm
sort of the flavor of the moment, full, not only is jon huntsman telegenic, he is also very campaign salve vism he is also a moderate and that might be a tough pill to swallow for a lot of republicans. huntsman in the past has supported things like cap in trade legislation, same-sex unions for couples. huntsman worked for president obama as the ambassador to china, just stepping down a few days ago that might be the toughest hurdle for republicans in this upcoming race. that is what is going to be going on heart next several days, tj, a lot of kicking of the presidential tires. this is where jon huntsman will be in an hour and a half from now a very familiar stop for presidential contenders. john mccain and barack obama were both here in the race for 2008. >> well, he is getting off to the right start, john huntsman. again, a name not a lot of people know. he is getting more attention,
1:42 pm
but still, he is the one that a lot of people in washington and maybe at the white house would fear the president having to go up against. you hear that reporting out of the white house that perhaps the president's advisers are viewing john huntsman with a little bit of trepidation but, you know that's why president obama just recently, when he was announcing that ambassador huntsman was stepping down from his post in china said, you know it may not work out so well for jon huntsman and his republican primaries to have worked for president obama, but we will see. huntsman is widely respected for his political skills and he may be able to navigate those waters and that's where we are all going to be watching the next several days over here. >> all right. jim acosta, good to see you as always from new hampshire, check with him plenty throughout date on cnn. turn now in a moment to arnold schwarzenegger, heard plenty about what is happening with him and his family and now his mistress and his child nobody knew about. up next, more about that it alleged mistress and the family
1:43 pm
housekeeper, show it was, we are going to show you her house, find out how close schwarzenegger's sons were born. also, a company just made its debut in the document and it's shocking the world, but will it help you find a new job? also, saying we need to hold on tight. forecasters releasing their outlook on the upcoming hurricane season and it ain't pretty. [ male announcer ] j.d. power and associates ranks quicken loans "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." and if we're this happy about providing great customer satisfaction, imagine how happy you'll be receiving it.
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1:46 pm
the plot thickens in the arnold schwarzenegger secret child scandal and the social networking site linkedin is a big deal with investors and look for a busy hurricane season ahead. let's begin with thelma gutierrez in los angeles with what we are hearing about the house keeper in the the schwarzenegger scandal. >> reporter: tj, we are learning that mill dra byian nah purchased this home last september but didn't start living here until two and a half months ago. she talked openly about working for the schwarzen next and also about her desire to retire in bay, field with her son. she is 51, a native of guatemala and worked for the schwarzenegger family for 20 years. one of the pains in says her son is intelligent, well respected and well liked in neighbor hadhood and byian nah kept a low profile since moving in and the
1:47 pm
son has lived in this house full time with a man that everybody out here thought was his father. allison doesic with linked in, why is this a big deal? >> you know, linked in a blowout the first day of public trading, the social networking company closing the day -- closing the day at 94.25, talking about $94. some traders are telling me that such a big jump really means that the investment bankers miscalculated deet manned for the stock and really messed up by pricing it too low but i will tell you what it is really going to be interesting to follow linked in stock the next few weeks and months to see if it holds up and winds up opening
1:48 pm
door the for other social networking companies. i bet right now they are salivating at the prospect of a huge pay day, talking about facebook and the prospect of it taking -- going public itself. tj? >> alison kosik, we appreciate you with the exciting news there thanks so much. let's turn now to meteorologist chad myers, chad, here, always get these predictions about hurricane season what are they telling us? >> probably ten of them but only one official one. that would be noaa, national weather service. said you need to prepare for a busy season. like saying four to ten inches of snow, but it is only may. here is how de they did last
1:49 pm
year, 2010. there were 19 named storms, noaa said 14 to 23, hurricanes eight to 14, there were 12, a big season what do we have to look forward to? >> >> this would be classify as a big season? >> at normal and above. >> how do they do, gave range? >> the range smaller the season gets in but that's high. yeah. >> chad, thank you. something we need to all keep an eye on, chad myers and the rest of our reporters today on the roulette. the secret service, i mean, their name says secret in it. why in the world would the secret service be tweeting? well, they do th. they started this long ago and already a big controversy on
1:50 pm
their hands because of something they tweeted about fox news. that's coming up. i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. -my car did. -thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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let's turn now to wolf
1:53 pm
blitzer in washington for us, with a preview of the situation room. wolf, hello to you. all eyes and ears on the president today what he said and what he didn't say in this speech on the middle east. >> yeah, we are going to dissect it and we have got some major guests lined up. the united states ambassador to the united nations, susan rice. i'm going to press her on whether or not the u.s. in september on this united nations general assembly, vote in favor of a palestinian state or oppose t we will stand by for that also, tony blair, the special envoy to the middle east now, former british prime minister, joining us as well. how much times does sittian leader, bashar al assad, before the europeans and everyone else says he like mubarak in egypt, gadhafi in libya must go i will press him on that point as well. plus, all of the latest news involving dominique strauss-kahn, as you know. you have been reporting it, tj. he is out on bail. tomorrow, he will be roaming around the streets of new york.
1:54 pm
he will be monitored, $1 million in cash bail, but he is going to be out of rikers island that jail in new york. >> yeah's, a lot of people surprised to hear that given how much attention this case has gotten and the crime itself. tomorrow, right mite be walk out of rikers, see you at the top of the hour for the sit room. thanks so much. >> thank you. the secret service is responding now after posting a controversial sweet about fox news. that story, that fallout just ahead. also, some are trying to cash in on the whole controversy surrounding president obama's birth certificate, wait until you hear what they are writing on t-shirts and also who is actually behind it. both of those stories right after this break. presenting miracle-gro liquafeed.
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1:57 pm
service have a twitter account in the first place? >> hey, i want them to have a twitter account, you know? as far as i'm concerned, it can be the unsecret service, if they have a twitter account, they are put out information. the truth is they use it for stuff like press releases and there are needs for press releases, also recruiting and all those kinds of things but the thing about this tj, this was all about the wrong account. somebody was tweeting on the wrong account, it wasn't just any old tweet. it was about fox television. here's what happened. somebody posts these words to the secret service twitter account. had to monitor fox for the story, can't deal with the blathering. turns out the person who wrote the tweet thought they were tweeting on their own account, but it was on the secret service account. secret service sent out a statement, an employee with access to their twitter account mistakenly believed they were on their personal account posted an unapproved, inappropriate tweet,
1:58 pm
didn't reflect the views of the service, plied removed. apologized to the mistake, the user doesn't have access to the account any longer and didn't follow their procedures. >> any insight what that person was actually tweeting about? >> not clear what they were monitoring on fox, why they had to watch a story, could be anything to handle presidential security i candidate security, counter fitting, a lot of things the secret service does. you got me. no reprimand of any kind that employee not in trouble that we know of? >> i don't know. anything could happen, but they are still pretty secret over there. >> yeah, secret now, after the tweet got out. what is this, the re-election campaigning the president's re-election campaign put out -- selling some stuff having to do with his birth certificate what is this? >> actually soint an e-mail to supporters. they are selling t-shirts and
1:59 pm
mugs with a picture of the president on it and a copy of his birth certificate, this is after all the birther stuff sort of broke out. said there is no way to make it go away, but if you can't beat them, use there are for fund-raising. >> doing this as a joke here or there or is this kind of a serious fund raising effort? >> i mean, how much -- it's hard to same i mean, i don't know how many of these cups and things that they have actually decided to sell, the fact of the matter is the president has had fun with that before. you know that hilarious video with donald trump in the audience at the white house correspondents' different, the whole barack obama made in the usa theme was born and now they know that this is


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