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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 21, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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return. they believe in a rapture. what is that supposed to look like? >> the bible does say the next event on god's prophetic calendar is going to be a rapture, and the return of christ. and here's what i'm saying, tj. even though we can't know the hour or the day, god does know the hour and day. it's on his calendar and it's going to happen. instead of trying to predict the date, we need to make sure we're ready whenever it is. >> we thought we would have a little fun with the end of the world discussion. which means i asked my tweeps what activities if they were believers in judgment day. i live every day as if it were judgment day. and corey ingles said me and the other heathens will be hitting up them rapture sales. everything must go as the urlth does! i'm reading as i see it.
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this is lee catalina. i will be trying to figure out why the end of the world will have to take place in u.s. standard time. and spending the day boogie boarding the morganza flood gates and then camping out in the swamp. well, i asked and you delivered in tweeterdom. happening right now in oklahoma, a manhunt is under way for two men wanted for shooting an off duty sheriff's deputy. he was working as a security guard in a restaurant and was walking to a bank when ehe was shot in the head. the shooting was caught on videotape. the dipty is listed in critical condition. and police in mexico have arrested the alleged leader of one of the most notorious drug
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rings. they say he operated a drug route between mexico and the u.s. i talked to a former dea agent who says this arrest is a big deal. >> this is major. you have to remember that this was -- this gang was responsible for a large shipment over a long period of time, over ten years that were coming from mexico to the united states. you're talking about cocaine, marijuana, also, because they were able to free up the borders and get control over the borders, there was methamphetamine and heroin that crossed the borders as well. >> he was also wanted in the u.s. they had offered a $5 million reward for his capture. dominique strauss-kahn is out of jail, released yesterday from rikers island after posting $1 million cash bail. a source tells cnn, he's confined to a manhattan apartment under the watch of a security guard which he's paying for. he faces sex crime charged.
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a new york hotel employee said he tried to rape her last week. when the river spilled its banks in yazue county, mississippi, people there had to choose. run for high ground or stay put and do what they can to minimize the damage. some who stayed achieved some pretty impressive feats of engineering. one man said there was just no choice. >> well, when it got to 55.5, we knew we had to do something. >> and this worked. so far, it's holding. >> so far, it's holding. we design eed to hold 105 feet, and then it was going to be 107. we said we're going to put it as high as the levee at 110 feet, and that's what we built it at, sea level. >> he did it successfully. some forecasters are saying water levels along some parts of the imiss miswon't drop back to below flood stage until next
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month. not everyone can build their own levee. and people on the delta are watching water levels. and now it's raining in some areas making an even muddier mess. the rain comes as the mississippi was cresting in naches at more than 60 feet. we're in mississippi with more on that. the waist-high water is frightening to see. >> the rain didn't help much. it's made officials here more worried about the flooding which is at crest stage here and holding probably at least through today. we're outside vicksburg. the roads are closed. they're mostly underwater. the flood stage here is holding. we're told at naches, the floods crested at the mississippi river at 62 feet, just short of 62 feet. that's about 14 feet above flood stage, and it's still holding. it will probably hold through today in many of these areas. also, we came back from a levee
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that's in some trouble right now. it would be beautiful if it weren't so dangerous. flood waters of the mississippi river have engulfed a lake and are threatening this levee. they have caused a 200-foot slide where the weight of the water has saturated the underpinnings of the livee. >> we're in the middle of a key blake in the levee. you can see where the erosion has caused the slide of at least five feel from here. you can see the seepage, very slow, but very dangerous. this is what they're frantically trying to fill the backhoes over here, and a tractor here trying to shovel gravel to fill the gaps. it's not technically a breach, but that could happen. so the army corps of engineerers rushed in dozens of dump trucks full of gravel. crews works 24/7 to shore it up. peter nimrod said the stakes are
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enormous. >> if this levee fails, what's in the path of the water? >> if this levee would fail, we would have all this water on the riverside, we would inundate the levee. it would be well over 1 million acres flooded. you would have thousands of homes under water, people displaced from their homes for a long period of time. it's very important we pull this together. >> alligators and snakes have been pushed up against the levee as well. if there's a breach, it could carry them closer to residential areas. this isn't just a last line of defense. the road on top of the levee is also the only artery they have to save some residents isolated by the flood. >> if this fails, the people in eagle lake are cut off. >> our only way to get into them would be by boat. >> army corps of engineers officials tell us that it will take at least several days repair the slide in the levee,
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and even then, the job isn't done. they have to keep eyes on 212 miles of the particular levee to make sure there's no more se seepage that could prove catastrophic. let's turn to politics now. the platform of republican presidential candidate is beginning to get crowded today. herman cane, the former ceo of godfather's pizza announced his candidacy in atlanta at a rally. the talk radio host is the fourth republican to officially jump into the race. >> love you. this hour, and this moment, i have looked inside of me and at this moment, this day, amongst thousands and thousands of my friends and with my family here with me and associated that i have known throughout the years,
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this day, this hour, this moment, i came here to declare my candidacy for the republican nomination for president of the united states of america. >> the republican field could expand even more come monday. that's when former minnesota governor tim pawlenty is expected to announce his candidacy for president. and he's going to iowa to make the official announcement. that's where the caucus usually kicked off the presidential primary calendar. suicide bombers hit a hospital in afghanistan. people are dead and wounded, and now a claim of responsibility. full details next. ce its quality and performance, and making their factories more environmentally friendly. producing products that save on fuel and emissions, and some that can be reused again. ♪
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i pick up a 55-pound weight and i cannot believe that used to be right here. [ male announcer ] hurry, join for free today. weight watchers online for men. finally, losing weight clicks. a spokesman for the taliban tells cnn they planned and bombed a military hospital in afghanistan today. at least six people were killed. more than two dozens wouned when the bomb wend off in the city's largest medical facility. it's the same day that a memo from david petraeus went public warning nato troops to expect an increase in high profile attacks in the coming months. the sharp spike in taliban attacks since the death of osama bin laden is no coincidence. they said they're now operating in his name. here is stan grant. >> reporter: the taliban has launched a series of attacks
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since osama bin laden was killed. the latest targing a convoy of vehicles from the u.s. embassy. there was a car full of explosives and it was detonated as the convoy passed by. at least 11 people were injured, two of the foreigners, all injuries were not serious, although a bystander was killed. they're vowing to continue the attacks. they're going after nato and american targets and they say they're going to finish the job that osama bin laden started. >> we love his mission which is not dependent on any one man. we loved him because he was courageously fighting against america and his allies. we have to continue his mission because we love his mission more than the man. >> the taliban also warning that pakistani targets will be high on their list. they say pakistan is doing the bidding of the united states, calling the government weak and they're going to test it resolve. at the same time, the pakistan
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government has been fending off claims it was shielding osama bin laden, that some within the military or the intelligence, perhaps, were colluding with him. this is an old allegation that pakistan has had to deal with, and it plays a double game. on the one hand aligning itself with the united states and taking money. while on the other, also having ties to the insurgents. but the interior minister rejects that out of hand. >> we have never hidden him. we have sincere from day one. maybe we are not as afeshant at the u.s. is, but believe me, my heart breaks when somebody says my country is playing a double game. do you think, stan, that we lost 30,000 innocent people? did we ask al qaeda to kill us? >> they're saying the relationship with the united states is turning a corner. he's looking forward to more cooperation, more respect, and
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intelligence sharing in joint operations. stan grant, cnn, islamabad. a special call to the internential space station today. pope benedict xvi spoke to "endeavour's" crew. he asked mission commander mark kelly about his wife's recovery. gabrielle giffords is recuperating from recent brain surgery. what are the three keys to greatness? venus williams, tennis champ, lays them out as we bring you face-to-face with the tennis star. and johnny depp is back this weekend as captain jack sparrow in pirates of the caribbean four. he ranked 14th on this year's forbes slebtd 100 list. here is a look at some other celebrities who made the lisz. we'll tell you who is number one in two minutes. cost a fortune. it sure does. well, if it doesn't have to get there overnight, you can save a lot with priority mail flat rate envelopes. one flat rate to any state, just $4.95.
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so before the break, we asked if you knew who ranked number one on forbes celebrity 100 list. the answer, lady gaga. oprah winfrey came in second and justin bieber ranked third. did you guess any of those? how about this, jack sparrow is back on the big screen this weekend in the fourth installment of the pirates of the caribbean franchise. this time, he's in search of the fountain of youth. why does he need that? gray drake with joins me from los angeles with today's
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preview and reviews. so let's start with a clip from "the pirates of the caribbean part four." let's take a peek. >> jack sparrow is hell bent to found the fountain of youth. >> the fountain can test you. >> is that really necessary? >> firstly, mermaids, zombies. blackbeard. >> the pirate all pirates fear. >> if i do not make it to the fountain, neither will you. >> arghhhhh! >> oh, great. does johnny depp need the fountain of youth? isn't he ageless? and what about the pirates series? ageless? tell me about your pirates theory. what do you mean? >> i wonder if this is the stuff
1:19 pm
people are going to continue to love as they did the first one. >> that's a solid question. first of all, this movie, this movie is not as solid as the first one. but it's a huge improvement. >> are you getting a delay? >> i think we may be. are we? >> i think so. there's a big pause. you go ahead. i won't interrupt. >> all right, here's the deal. this movie is not as good as the first one, but it's not as horrible as the second two. i have spent the last couple years of my life with low self-esteem because i cannot figure out the plot of two disney movies, and that makes me feel bad about myself. the most fun part about this movie is trying to tell johnny depp and penelope cruz apart. i'm just saying. it's fun. but it's not as much fun. so -- >> a little jab there. >> two words for you, however,
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scary mermaids. like this movie is pretty much what i imagine if aerial, the little mermaid, was a crack addict and you took her pipe away. they're terrifying. >> i'm afraid to ask you a grade on this one. but go ahead, you're having fun with it. i'm enjoying it. >> you know, i think a lot of people are really going to enjoy it, but i'm still waiting for the high of the first one. i'm going to give this one a c level kind of rating. see what i did there? it was average. >> what does that say about my pick in movies? >> it was better than the last two. that's all i'm saying. >> that's enough then. cool, i thought i was geoing to be sold on it. "midnight in paris." is this one i want to see. this is about a want to be writer who is smitten with the idea of vintage paris, transported to the '20s. owen wilson is in it and rachel
1:21 pm
mcadams and cathy bates. >> he gets ideas. >> why are you so dressed up? >> i was doing a little writing? >> you dress up and smell better to write. >> i get the positive ions going. >> what happened? >> the detective agency said the detective is missing. >> you tell me. >> i wish this movie was my boyfriend. i love, love, loved this movie. owen wilson and rachel mcadams are engaged. one night, he's stumbling around paris drunk, and at the strike of midnight, a 1920s car goes by and the people inside beckon for him to get inside. and when he does it in hollywood, its are rr not so great, but for owen wilson, he steps into a time machine and get to meet artists from the
1:22 pm
'20s like f scott fitzgerald and pablo picasso. and woody allen has only made about two interesting films in the last 15 years and this is phenomenal. woody allen at his best, and owen wilson at his best. >> nice to see him back, right? >> it is. he's in top form, and marion cotillard, is a vision as always. this movie is truly fantastic. >> already, what's your grade? >> great is an "a" for i don't know, i don't speech french, but i thought it was great. loved it. >> that's cute. well, let's move on to the dvds. sometimes you don't get a chance to go to the movies so you have to bring the movies home. "the mechanic" is one of them, and "the right" is another. what do you recommend. >> the mechanic is a remake of a
1:23 pm
movie and may be better than the original. action movie, jason stathment, the bald bruce willis, he's fantastic. ben foster, terrifying in the movie to the point where if i saw him in real life, if i should run away from him or kiss him on the mouth. "the rite" however, god save me from the movie. f, f, f. anthony hopkins chewing scenery could not save this film. there's so many better horror movies about religion than this one. rent something else for the love of all that is holy. i won't absolve it of all its sins. >> my producer is saying we should not see that one before the world's ending at 6:00 p.m.? >> absolutely not. go see something fun that's good, that's going to excite you. go see "midnight in paris," or have fun at "pirates." >> and f in english as in flunk,
1:24 pm
not as f in french as in fantast fantastic. >> no fantastic word associated with "the rite." >> i love it, brutal honesty. thanks so much. who doesn't fantasize about being a great athlete. face-to-face with venus williams, reveals what she believes are the keys to achieving greatness. if there were three things i could ask all my face-to-face interviews, if there were three things that were the key ingredients to greatness, what would they be? >> oh, my gosh, first, you can never undermine hard work. it has to be first. and because you're willing to work hard, you're going to get the confidence that you need to
1:25 pm
achieve things. and that would be the second one, confidence and self-belief. and what would be the third? the third one, i would say definitely the third, i would describe it as heart. that could be the first, too. or it could be the third because you might not have a heart, but it's something you can learn. and in terms of heart, i mean, just being able to give that extra, pull it out of yourself, whatever that is, to get the job done. whether it's that heart, and you can learn -- i think heart is something you can learn. >> and you know she's got heart. she showed it in so many ways. venus williams. in 20 minutes, we'll be back with more face-to-face with venus williams. sleel rr answer your e-mails. inyou missed my face-to-face consaighs with venus, you want to go to my blog. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites...
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in the united states." so, we thought we'd take a little time to celebrate. ♪ all right, then, back to work helping clients. individual attention from our highly-trained mortgage professionals. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. a look at the top stories. opening statements are set for tuesday in the casey anthony trial. the jury was sworn in yesterday. she's accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter in 2008 and dumping her body in the woods in the orlando area. she's pleaded not guilty. iranian officials say they busted a spy ring, an american spy ring. they also arrested dozens of
1:29 pm
spies and identified more than 40 people they say are cia operatives. there's no word from the united states government about these claims from irain. the obama administration is sending an envoy to north korea for the first time in two years. robert kij is the state department special envoy for north korean human right. the white house said next week he'll begin a five-day tour to look into the country's need for food. they cut off aid for food two years ago. mid-june, experts say it could take that long for water levels to return to normal in places like vicksburg, mississippi. parts of that city are underwater after the river crested at a record 57 feet earlier this week. and it's still cresting downstream. the flooding started april 30th. the water got so high, the army corps of engineers began opening flood gates a week ago, hoping to spare big cities of new orleans and baton rouge.
1:30 pm
jacqui jeras back with us in the weather center. did opening the morganza spillway help? did it do what they want it to do? >> it did exactly what they want it to do, but it still needs to be monitored because it's not over yet. you mentioned vicksburg has crested. pretty much all of the lower gauges in the lower mississippi valley have crested or are cresting. you can see vicksburg. it's crested but it's still almost 14 feet above flood stage, so we still have lot of high water making its way downstream. we're cresting in baton rouge and new orleans. new orleans is at 17 feet and that's because they're opralting the spillway, diverting the water, down through the atchafalaya, and that's why things are steady there. that's a manmade thing because of what they did by opening up the gates. we had record volume of water moving through the areas late last week. the crest has happened. i thing this is the peak. we're starting to wane off now, but we're not out of the woods
1:31 pm
just yet. why is that? a couple different things. one of which is we're still looking at flooding going on into the middle miss miss river valley. in cape girardeau, you're above flood stage. there's still high water all over the place. as long as the levees hold, we'll be okay, but that's a lot of pressure. in addition to that, the threat of rain. unfortunately in the next five days, 3 to 6 inches in the mississippi and ohio river valley. and you reserve, the ohio river dumps into the mississippi river and dumps into the gulf of mexico. my thinking is this isn't going to be enough to make the river levels go back up. they could be enough to keep the river at a higher level for a longer period of time. we'll are to continue to watch the situation as this goes. through mid-june, so we still have weeks before the river is back in its banks. and i want to mention, june 1,
1:32 pm
hurricane season begins. we have to watch out for tropical storms. they could dump a lot of rain in early june. that could spill big trouble as well. and timal kingdom has a 2-1 chance to win the preakness stakes which gets under way less than two hours away. the 3-year-old colt came from behind the win the kentucky derby two weeks ago, and if he wins today, the horse will be a trot away from the triple kroup, but that would be quite an achievement. no horse has won the triple crown since 1968. hormone replacement therapy and age coming up in two minutes. new information that suggests how old you are when you start treatment may play a major role in whether the benefits outweigh the risks. venus williams talks about
1:33 pm
her life off the tennis court straight ahead.
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spring is traditionally a big selling season for real estate, but the housing market is still in a slump in today's smart is the new rich. christine romans shows how to sell a home in a buyer's market. >> that will help out with that. cleaning up the flower beds, and just cleaning up with mulch and simple flower plantings is not going to cost a lot of money,
1:35 pm
but the focal point of drawing you into the house is going to be key. >> forget the adage, it's on the inside that count. in real estate, it's what is outside. >> steven helps homeowners who want to sell. he helps them redesign the inside and outside in a buyer's market. >> people tend to notice things that are not quite nice -- as nice looking, like maybe it's a plant that's dying. i would get a nice new plant, a flowering plant, and stagger a few out here. >> plants won't break the bank, but a lot of sellers assume they need to make big renovations to sell their home. a report on remodeling projects annual growth and remodeling this year at only 0.2%. but some could be worth the investment. the best returns are outdoor improvements. the froont door, for example. it will cost you about $1,000.
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you'll get babbling 60% when you sell. make it a steel front door, you get back more, 102% of your money. a new garage door, nearly 84% of your money. and a new wood deck, that recoups about 73%. all good investments. and if you can't afford any of these things, small outside touches still matter. >> outside your house, my first impression driving up, you're in a neighborhood, so people are going to come here and see front lawn. you know cleaning up the lawn is key before a showing. >> christine romans, cnn, new york. and if you can swing it, some of the outdoor renovations can really pay off. in fact, they tend to help buyers recoup more than indoor renovations. making science fun will take you to a museum in georgia which lets you learn through touch. ♪
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all right, in healthy living news, the benefits, a woman gains from hormone replacement therapy may be based on how old she was when she began the treatment. thatsd according to a study released two months ago in the journal of the medical association. dr. bill lloyd joins us to explain what this means for millions of women. what can you tell us about the study and its results and how it's being received? >> fredricka, have you picked up a book you read before and read it a second time or maybe watch
1:39 pm
a movie for the second time that you had seen before? in so doing, you make little discoveries like i didn't see that the first time? well, researchers at the fred hutchison cancer center have done what we call a second-look research study. they looked at all the women from ten and 20 years ago, looking at the effects of estrogen and the effects of cancer. they went back and looked at the health reports of over 10,700. every one of them had a hysterectomy, so they were taking estrogen after surgical removal of their uterus, and they only got estrogen. they followed these women for ten years. that's longer than the original women's health initiative. for younger women, 50hysterecom enormous benefits to their bones from taking the estrogen, and the same thing for their heart. and they enjoyed a decreased
1:40 pm
risk of cancer compared to women who didn't get the estrogen. now, the other end of the spectrum. for women 70 and older, they didn't enjoy the benefits to their bones and heart when they took the estrogen compared to the women who took it, and they had a much higher risk of developing cancer because they were taking the estrogen tablets. >> now let's talk about another study, this focusing on what happens when a woman discontinues hormone replacement theiromy. another second look. they went bang to the same women. they followed these women for another ten years. it broke down by age. we knew that when you stopped taking estrogen, dangerous risk for stroke that all women can experience goes away very quickly after you discontinue use of the estrogen. also, there's a change in your cancer risk. again, younger women enjoyed a
1:41 pm
prolonged decreased risken cancer. not the case for women over 70. for all women, though, they got into trouble with their bones when they stopped taking estrogen. so all women who discontinue estrogen therapy have to find alternative ways to keep their bones strong. >> there are still some arguments that some women who have been using estrogen replacement treatment for a long time do inkerr some sort of risks and there is a category who is at a greatest risk. >> exactly, not every woman should be takingist isestrogen. this is salist of questions. first of all, what is your own personal risk and family risk for cancer. if you have a positive risk in your family, give it a second thought. also, women with known heart disease or liver disease.
1:42 pm
elevations in cholesterol. any female smoking cigarettes should not be near these hormones and women with a history for blood clots. high risk for stroke, stay away from the estrogen. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend. >> have a great weekend. thank you for your time. thank you. switching gears quite a bit. it's one of the best science museums you have probably never heard of. chad myers takes us to cartersville, georgia, for this cnn travelers insider. >> i'm chad myers and i'm about to show you one of the coolest places around atlanta, georgia, you have probably never heard of, the telus science muzeem. behind me, the periodic table of elements. you get to look and see what every one of the elements does. indium, what is it and why is there a sprinkler back there?
1:43 pm
it's the metal in the sprinkler head that melts in a fire and turns it on pause it has a low melting point. also cool gems from quartz and geodes from all over the world and especially here in georgia. something else i love about this museum. very few places you see this sign "please touch." they want you to touch. that's a huge piece of petrified wood. you can even see the outside. that's a neat looking piece. coming back over here, another piece of petrified wood. all about the earth. this is the mineral and gem side. there are other places, too, dinosaurs as well. if you come over here, you can hit this, it says here. hit here. you make your own earthquake. and a couple aftershocks, too. right there, kind of cool. then you take a look at the world. the world from the top of the world where you look down at the google earth and some clouds. then you take a look from the
1:44 pm
inside. the crust, and the lith oosphere, places i have never heard of, the lower mantel, the outer core, and inner core, and a science museum, it wouldn't be complete for a meteorologist before coming over here and getting to touch a 112-pound meteor. chad myers, cnn, georgia. >> he had way too much fun here. there's a question for you, what makes venus williams laugh? the tennis superstar answers your questions straight ahead.
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1:47 pm
complete for a meteorologist tennis great venus williams hopes to be back on centre court soon. her abdominal injury is slow haling, so doctors and haners have her taking it easy, which means she had time to go face-to-face with me at her favorite palm beach garden courts and answer some of your e-mails. i like to ask a lot of the viewers what kind of questions they may have for someone face-to-face. >> i love questions. >> and they really are some great questions. some are amusing. tanner's dad -- >> tanner's dad. >> tanner's dad said venus, what is your real spark, drive, and passion? what makes you tick, and what tickles your funny bone? >> my spark, drive, and passion,
1:48 pm
i think anything that i can work really, really hard at. almost kill myself with hard work. does that sound insane? think i'm crazy. and what tickles my funny bone? well, i'm willing to laugh at anything, including myself at all times. and i'm not a very serious person, actually, and i'm not very grown up, and it may seem like it, but when you get to know me, you realize, gosh, she needs another 20 years before she gets to be a real adult. so it's an interesting combination, but i laugh at a lot of things. whatever sparks my funny bone, a big karaoke enthusiast? >> really? where? >> allover the world. in asia, i have karaoked in the u.s., at home on a daily basis. >> in asia, you go to the big -- like it's an apartment building. you go to sign up for a room.
1:49 pm
when people see you coming, are they like, is that really venus williams? >> once they hear my voice, they fall in love? >> really? >> no. it's about having fun. it's not about sounding great. >> right, right, that's true, that's true. you don't have to be a great singer. >> we're a karaoke family. >> are you? >> we are. we all karaoke. some of us have routines. >> at home, microphones sometimes, someone imp rovises and a karaoke night happens. >> anytime of the day, night, singing. after you sing, you feel good. >> that is certainly something that probably no one knew about. okay, barry york is of course going to get personal here. he wants to know about your love interests. >> well, right now, i'm single, and i like that because when you're single, you don't have to call anybody. you don't have to care about -- >> it's not complicated, is it? >> it's great.
1:50 pm
so you know, right now, it's a great life. i live in a house where everyone is single, and we're all bachelorettes. it's fun. one day, i'll grow up, maybe. >> right. and then a. solomon want to know what kind of junk food you like to eat? >> i love junk food. >> you do? >> yeah, i do. i love junk food. >> how can you be a great athlete and still enjoy junk food? >> the key word is balance. >> i guess you do burn a lot of calories all the time. >> yeah, normally, i don't diet. i try to be balanced with eating good foods and sometimes you have more foods that aren't as good. >> what are your favorite junk foods? you have a favorite? >> it changes. one thing that i love are the oreo cakesters. the vanilla cakesters.
1:51 pm
they don't last long. >> but don't envision her reaching into her tennis bag while, you know, on the sidelines reaching for those. something tells me she does that on the off court stuff. so if you missed any of my face-to-face conversations with tennis great venus williams, go to my blog, >> athletically, they are a power house on the field and on the court. but do you know what high school also has a heavy hitter in its music program? details right after this.
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
so a high school in maryland is well known for its power house sports program. its student athletes have gone on to play for the nfl and nba, but the music program has produced big talent as well. after 41 years, the music director is saying his good-byes. ♪ >> i was actually a student at the university of maryland, and and a music education major, and the principal of the high school called, the director of maryland at the time said we want to start a band. do you have recommendations? i recommended me. i had an interview that day, and
1:55 pm
i have been there ever since. that was 1970. >> a lot of students don't play an instrument going into de dematha, and he teaches them to be great musicians. >> he's constantly pushing us. he doesn't settle. the bar is way above the roof when you start in the band program and goes even higher as you keep going. >> i enjoy working with the students. i love teaching. i love music. so it's been the ideal job for me. >> whenever they hear dematha, they think sports, they have football, basketball, but we have a tremendous musical program. i think that's what makes us great and diverse. >> i think everyone should be involved in the arts in some way. in music, i think, especially. the arts is really, i think, what makes us human. and it gives us an outlook, a
1:56 pm
way to express ourselves that we can't rheally do in any other way. >> mr. mitchell is such a pillar at dematha. it's going to be hard to see him go. >> the greatest thing is over the years to see the students i worked with for four years go on and continue in music, and a lot are professional musicians, professional conductors, and if they're not doing that, i know their appreciation for music is greater. >> congratulations and all the best. when mitchell started out, he had just 19 students. now, there are more than 400 in dema dematha's music program. much more of the newsroom after this, including a huge weekend in republican presidential politics. the big names and the not-yet
1:57 pm
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two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. we have become a nation of crisis. we have a moral crisis. we have an economic crisis. another candidate throwing his name into the republican race for the white house. >> we have an immigration crisis. >> best political team on television, and the


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