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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 22, 2011 3:00am-4:30am PDT

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but she's amazing. >> well, jesse, i wish you luck. >> thanks, piers. >> let's hope we don't have to meet in a couple of years with a terrible scandal coming down on your head. >> no, i think i'm done with all that. thank you. well, good sunday morning. we're still here, and another republican has made up his mind about getting into the 2012 race. mitch daniels says thanks but no thanks and he even says he's sorry. you'll hear his one reason for not running. also just days after president obama angered many when he suggested israel go back to its 1967 borders he talks to a lobbying group this morning, happening in a the maer of hours. a lot of people wondering how is that going to play out?
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also i want you to look at something playing out hundreds of miles out above us right now. this is remarkable we can get a live picture in space. this is happening right now, drew foystle and mike fink are doing a second space walk, two "endeavour" astronauts. it looks like a lot is going on up there. they have some maintenance work on the space station. we'll get more about that. that is a live picture. fascinating to watch them do this work and they were able to get the live pictures. from the cnn center -- hey -- it's me and reynolds. >> hey! >> good morning to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. i'm reynolds wolf, we'll be checking in with him in a second. it's may 22nd on this sunday. as always, good morning to our servicemen and women watching us on the armed forces network around the world. glad you could be with us and
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glad you do what you do. mitch daniels is not running for president. he doesn't have the flash of donald trump or name recognition of mike huckabee his decision could send waves through the republican party. gop insiders were pushing him alleges the clear conservative choice. here is how he summed up his decision in an e-mail, "in the end i was able to resolve every competing consideration but one, but that, the interest is and wishes of my family, is the most important consideration of all." so you see there, he's talking about the family consideration is one he couldn't get past. many suggested that daniels' family would have gotten a whole lot of attention if he got into the race. his family situation many would call a little interesting, maybe a little complicated. his wife, you see, left him in the '90s, married another man, and then got back with mr. mitch daniels, they are married once
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again. sherri daniels is her name, largely stayed out of the public eye since then but a presidential run would have changed all of that. here is more of daniels' statement, apologizing to some in the republican party who wanted him to run, "if i have disappointed you, i will always be sorry. if you feel that this was a noncourageous or unpatriotic decision i understand and will not attempt to persuade you otherwise. i only hope that you will accept my sincerity in the judgment i have reached." we will have much more on daniel, his decision and what it does for the gop hopeful 2012 later in this show. let's turn to some weather, nasty stuff. on am news scene. one person has been killed after a reported tornado ripped through a kansas town, damaging almost every home there. this happened in redding, kansas. 20 homes destroyed, 200 homes in the town were damaged.
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emergency officials telling cnn we have confirmed one person killed, two others injured. that sound you're hearing is large hail smashing windows in parts of eastern kansas. this is happening in topeka. high winds also snapped large tree limbs. it's coming! power lines right here. >> all right, and here is what some storm chasers caught up with in oklahoma. a funnel cloud that was forming there, and i will leave this picture up, not just what we have. reynolds what are you seeing? >> a tornado, might be a funnel cloud but if you look at the ground there's rotation picking up. whenever you have the contact with the earth's surface it's classified not as a cloud any longer but a tornado. one of many that popped up, from eyewitness confirmation and many
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others were picked up on radar, the complete opposite of say a hurricane, a long lasting event, like an elephant's gestation period. we see a hurricane develop across the atlantic, in some cases takes up to weeks to make its way across. these tornadoes strike quickly and as you can see, in kansas obviously tuscaloosa, when they strike they don't have a lot of time to react and take cover. >> they have to confirm, that picture confirms a lot already but this outbreak, mini outbreak. how do you classify what we saw? >> referring to it as a mini outbreak is accurate. you had the components coming together, slow moving boundary, heat and moisture from the gulf of mexico, unstable atmosphere, the catalyst, late in the afternoon the wind out of the southwest, and then the tornadoes. we may see more today. there's another chance that may continue. let's show you what we have happening right now.
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live radar zooming in on a couple of key locations, back toward st. louis, areas north of i-70, a few cells pop up, some relatively strong, tornado warnings are not in effect but one thing we might be seeing from this, t.j., and all of our viewers tuning in across everywhere, some also listening through allied radio, heavy rainfall northeast of st. louis, now moving northeast of kansas city, northwest of st. louis, a lot of the heavy rainfall will fall in places inundated by floodwaters. this is the game changer in terms of the flooding story? probably not. it will add more rainfall to what we possibly need. atmosphere dynamics are interesting. this area of low pressure near the arrow head of pennsylvania and all through parts of the central plains. second component is the other area of low pressure. double barrel low driving eastward, interacting with the moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico and later into the afternoon with the temperatures warming up makes
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for an unstable air mass. if you happen to be flying into o'hare later on this afternoon you have a bumpy ride flying over in this part of the world. heavy rain, small hail, damaging winds and the possibility of isolated tornadoes so we're not out of the woods yet. as we wrap things up, temperatures for the day going up to 83 degrees in chicago, 87 in st. louis, 92 in atlanta, 83 in washington, back out west, denver 73, snow possible in the rockies, 59 in seattle, 61 in san francisco. that's a wrap on your forecast. we have so much more to share with you. t.j. back to you. >> reynolds we appreciate you. to our viewers, reynolds was not here yesterday. i'll explain why we could not be happier that we did not have to work with reynolds yesterday. more on the explanation but we will explain yesterday. >> more than usual. >> more than usual. reynolds good to have you back. >> back at you, man. some of the latest headlines from the flooding in the
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mississippi and also in louisiana some good news, in st. martin parish in louisiana some people getting the news a mandatory evacuation order has been delayed because they believe the river is not going to get as high as feared. the river has already crested in vicksburg, mississippi, but people aren't being allowed back into their homes yet. governor haley barbour warning residents about the health risks. tests of the water levels show e. coli bacteria 200 times the normal level. also disturbing scene out of yazoo scene, mississippi, caskets have started floating up from a flooded cemetery there. so far at least three have floated away. again places like vicksburg, the river is expected to stay above flood stage well into june, makes a tough time for homeowners and also making it tough for people who count on the mississippi river for their livelihoods.
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>> reporter: along the mississippi, even those who work on the water are underwater. >> coming past you on there. >> reporter: but vidalia dock and storage isn't out of business. one of the tugs is helded down the river, though the river has never been like this before. >> mind boggling. it's really hard to comprehend how much water is coming through here right now. i am ein saw of it have tremendous respect for it and fear of it. >> it's usually the easiest part of the river to navigate. >> reporter: not right now because of all this water? >> exactly. >> reporter: they tie up to a barge full of chemicals and along with the tow boat push against the current. they push at 3600 horsepower.
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at points they fight to go 1 mile an hour. >> the water will go out and come in like an ocean tide and we have never seen that before. i've never seen the current white capping off the piers like it is on the bridge right now. >> reporter: only speed can keep the current from smashing the boats and barge into the bridge between vidalia and natches. >> very nervous. >> reporter: they are closer to the bridges than they like and can feel the river fighting for control. >> can you feel it sliding? we're breaking into a slide right now. >> reporter: but they make it and further up river the boats untie, the tow boat heads up north alone with its cargo. >> jeanne meserve is there in natches, mississippi. people there are trying to protect their property, homes and lives. there's a lot of business being
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impacted on that river right now. >> reporter: that's right, this particular business obviously has its offices flooded. karla jenkins doesn't think she'll assess the damage until mid-june. on the river her company is hoping to get more calls for assists to help other boats up the river through this area but she's really worried about the longer term. here's one reason why. a lot of her income comes from hauling grain in barges up and down the river. the farmers here are flooded out, so it's a real question when the grain elevators are going to be full again and when she's going to have business, a complicating factor the cost of fuel. carla remembers when diesel was 45 cents a gallon. now it's up to $4 a gallon, that's having a big impact, too. t.j.? >> just quickly before i let you go, any alligator update? >> reporter: no, i don't know if he ever showed up over across the river over in natches.
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trust me i'm keeping my eyes over. no alligator this is morning. >> just checking. we appreciate you as always. we'll check in later this morning. thanks so much. let's turn back to the live picture, always remarkable that this picture is live, but this is happening in space. can i hear this for a second deidre? >> looking forward it would probably be good to get a consumable check at that point and see what the floorplan looks like. >> good idea. we'll work on that. >> you're listening and you are seeing what's happening right now live, some 200 miles above us at the international space station, two members of the shuttle "endeavour" crew are on the second space walk of their mission. this started four hours ago, slated to go six and a half hours. two of them are doing work on the international space station, filling cooling systems with ammonia, having to lubricate
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systems, handy work but always fascinating to get live pictures of the work happening live, again, 200 miles above us at the international space station. let's turn to president obama, may be looking to soothe hurt feelings with a speech before the annual apac conference in washington, the leading pro-israel lobbying group. he may have ruffled feathers when he suggested israel go back to pre-1967 borders to achieve middle east peace. the president slated to speak to that group in about four hours or so. update on the story we were telling you about yesterday, an oklahoma city sheriff's deputy is recovering after surgery to repair serious damage to his face. major john waldenville was shot in the head aat close range friday night. the sheriff says there's no brain damage. police are searching for two men
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in connection with the shooting, it was all caught on security cameras. listen now to the major's wife. >> he's doing very well right now. everything that they've done so far for him, all the surge ries he's had, has had the best possible outcome. they think he's going to pull through just fine. he's a go-getter, a fighter and positive person. >> waldenville was getting extra work as a security guard when he was ambushed. scientists are getting a close eye on the volcano erupting in iceland. no, not that one. these pictures, a plume coming from the largest glacier in iceland. you remember the other in iceland a few weeks last year that disrupted travel all around europe. speaking about travel, delta airlines giving passenger extra
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leg room, comes as welcome news to some of you taller news but it comes with a price. they call this economy comfort. that sounds great, it means you're in coach, but it means that you're actually getting four more inches of leg room and also costs us a pretty penny in some cases maybe 20 to 40 bucks per inch. some of the flights overseas will cost you $160 extra per ticket. if you had money to win the 136 preakness stakes you have a nice payday, 12:1 odds held off in the home stretch for the kentucky derby winner animal kingdom, also means, you know this, there's not a triple crown winner, a drought that dates back to 1978. we're at 15 minutes past the hour now. take a look at the screen here. it's kind of hard to make this out, hard to read but what you are seeing there, this discovery
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of a 150-year-old tombstone pieced together president obama's past, a past he did not even know about, but you're going to know about it in 60 seconds. it doesn't matter what the weatherman says if you have a symmetrical all-wheel drive subaru
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about 17 minutes past the hour. president obama leaving for europe tonight. here's a look at the itinerary for the trip. another arrival in dublin tomorrow and scheduled to have several meetings with leaders there, and also tuesday on to london, lunch with the queen, she just got back from ireland herself, so that's something they can talk about. the president will meet with british prime minister david cameron, after a state dinner he spends the night at buckingham palace. on wednesday another day with david cameron before heading over to parliament. the president will speak to both houses of parliament and on thursday on to france where the g-8 summit is being held and
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friday more g-8 business with world leaders and representatives from tu nearby is aand egypt and then to poland and warsaw, russia and keeping u.s. warplanes on polish bases. maybe a high point of everything you just saw will be a stop in ireland. he's expected to visit the small town of moneygall where his great, great, great grandfather lived before he game to america. i spoke to makele smolniak. it took a bit of luck to connect the dots. >> it was easy to march back and find there was this fellow fulmuth kearney who came from ireland in 1850. the challenge was finding the
3:19 am
exact location. it took a bit of luck, two months of research and a pair of tombstones in ohio to tell me where to look in ireland. >> moneygall, how did you do that? >> they found this other kearney family and seemed like he fit into them. i wanted him to belong to that family because the father, joseph and brother william both said they were from moneygall. it was fitting the puzzle piece and once i was able to do that i knew that's where he was also from and i did work across the pond, reached out to a number of churches, who had the corresponding marriage and baptisms for the family that wound up in america? >> how sure is it right you got this right? >> 100%? other people piggybacked off of the research and you find roots
3:20 am
in kinrone and others, but moneygall is the most immediate destination i'm sure of it. >> are you sure it's warranted as well. they're celebrating and people writing songs about him, putting up american flags and he's 1/32 irish. do you still get it and say they have a right to celebrate over there? >> i'm half irish-american myself, i may have a bias. it's almost a tradition for american presidents to claim their irish heritage and irish love to claim their native sons. it's a win/win situation. >> you plan on heading over, do you have any plans to meet up with the president? he is going to ireland, we think he'll stop by moneygall, or a lot of people hope he will at least. do you plan on seeing the president and saying hey i put it together for you? >> i hope so. i have a treasured pass to moneygall, so my odds are sure good. >> congratulations.
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you enjoy your time in ireland and we appreciate your taking the time out with us. >> thank you, i appreciate it. on the political front a big name in republican circles has decided to sit out the 2012 election, indiana governor mish daniels. in an e-mail to supporters this morning he said he is not running for president. daniels is a former white house budget director under president george w. bush. he cites family considerations for his division. his decision comes after herman cain announced his run for presidency. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty is expected to officially announce his 2012 run, tomorrow. paul steinhauser has some of the other key story lines. >> good morning, t.j. tuesday the fight over medicare
3:22 am
is in the spotlight. voters in new york's 26th congressional district go to fill their house seat. the winner will fill the seat of chris lee, quickly resigned earlier this hour hours after gawker posted photos and e-mailed from him soliciting a date with a woman through craigslist. in the race for the white house iowa is in the spotlight this week. michele bachmann could be close to announcing a run for the white house visits the state on thursday. next day mitt romney all but declared his second bid for the republican nomination makes his first trip to iowa this cycle. the state and its caucuses kick off the presidential primary and caucus calendar. t.j.? >> thanks to paul steinhauser as always. have you heard about this story? got a lot of people talking last week and we have all been there, you're in a store, maybe on a train, on a bus somewhere in public and somebody just will not stop talking on their cell
3:23 am
phone. how long can you tolerate it? some passengers tolerate it, would you believe, for 16 hours, and then once they confronted her, she's the one that got mad. the story, after the break. eye allergy symptoms.worst it goes right where you need it, relieving allergy eyes in minutes. get visine-a. the most complete allergy eye drop. [ male announcer ] when sean was looking at mba programs, he wanted a curriculum designed to meet market needs, with faculty who brought real-world perspective on where the business world was headed and the practical experience to help him make an impact. my name is sean blankenship, i'm making the electric car more accessible, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] learn more about the school of business at kids today have superheroes that lift buildings. and superheroes that fly.
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actually gets worse. you may have heard it from last week. she had to answer questions about her clothes size, how much she weighed, all of this was happening at the gate, a lot of passengers were all around so this was happening in front of everybody. the lady once weighed 393 pounds. she's trimmed it down, though, to about 268 pounds. southwest says that the passenger cannot fit into a seat with the armrests down, they'll have to buy a second sit. that has been a policy for awhile. that means she and her mom would have bought four seats. the airline has since apologized. they allowed them on a later flight, refunded their tickets and gave them free vouchers. here is a story that had a lot of people talking last week, a rejected passenger, this one on an amtrak train, not a lot of sympathy for this woman, we are finding out there, she was removed for kind of going off
3:26 am
after being confronted for talking too loud and for talking too long on her cell phone. this was on the train now, this was some 16 hours she chose to keep the volume up on her conversation inside one of the quiet cars, despite signs everywhere asking passengers to keep the volume down. police were asked to remove her, they say that's when she got aggressive. she's been charged now disorderly conduct. can you imagine going to bed and waking up to a town you hardly recognize? a suspected tornado tears through america's heartland last night. we will take you there. also from campus to boot camp, increasing number of college grads enlisting in the u.s. army. uratannjoy the delicious, satisfying taste grmet gravy every day. fay as the best ingredient is love.
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we're coming up on the bottom of the hour on this smrngd. the united states military offering college students the one thing once they graduate, a job. they are signing up in droves. pentagon correspondent chris lawrence looks at the surge in enlistment. >> reporter: one of the things that the military is seeing now is a surge of college graduates enlisting in the military.
3:30 am
again, college grads not going the officer route but enlisting. one of the reasons is, of course, the economy. a lot of these graduates have come out and they thought they would be getting jobs in their field with fairly good salaries, well that just hasn't happened the last couple years. take a look at this, back in 2007, just before the economy tanked, about 3,500 soldiers joined the army with bachelors and masters degrees. by last year, that number was well over 6,000. now, the navy and the air force have both reported some increases, too. in fact we traveled to ohio to talk to a young man who has been out of ohio state for the better part of two or three years, he's been working fast food jobs, nothing in his field, just can't get a good shake with anything, and he talked to us about the difficulty of trying to find a job in this economy. >> that's the thing. i've even tried to apply at
3:31 am
local banks. i as just a basic teller. because i haven't been given that experience of anything more than handling a restaurant cash register i can't get those jobs in this market. >> so what did ben harris do? walked into the recruiting station and signed up for the army. now look, he's going in eyes wide open. he knows he could be in afghanistan within a year, but what ben said, and one of the reasons why he and some others chose the enlisted ranks is because in the enlisted ranks they get more of a choice in getting a very specific job skill, so if certain people really want to get a specific skill and be guaranteed to do a certain job, they can sort of lock that in before they head off to boot camp. another reason is, some people really want these hands-on skills that perhaps in some fields you don't get as much of from the officer ranks where you're more in the position of
3:32 am
leadership. big increases in the army, navy, air force but just as a funny aside we asked the marines, they said, no, we haven't really seen any increase in the number of college graduates, but then they told me, look, the marine corps is not a stepping stone to any other job. it's a destination in and of itself. t.j.? >> all right, we are 32 minutes past the hour. i want to you stay with me until after the break. we have a breaking story we need to bring you. the world did not end yesterday. new neutrogena® wet skin kids with helioplex. the first sunblock designed to be applied directly to wet skin. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin kids instantly cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum protective barrier. with wet skin kids, your kids have full strength sun protection. try new wet skin sunblock for adults too. neutrogena® #1 dermatologist recommended suncare.
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35 minutes past the hour on this "cnn sunday morning." we appreciate you being here with us. the former head of the imf, if he was staying at your building wouldn't you want to know about it? the building where he was crashing some of the building managers say they weren't told. you know the name now, dominique strauss-kahn was staying as a guest. the building managers where he was staying did not know about the arrangement. they sent out an e-mail saying he'll only be there for a week, trying to let some of the other tenants know. strauss-kahn is accused of trying to rape a maid last week in a suite at a new york hotel. he has resigned from the imf. we've been watching this
3:36 am
drama play out with dominique strauss-kahn, certainly proved irresistible to the folks at "saturday night live." last night' show the former head of the imf confronted by opinionated inmates at rikers island. >> probably not the high accommodations you're used to but make yourself at home. >> did you hear what i heard? >> we best introduce ourselves. hey, we heard all about you on the news. >> mr. dominique strauss-kahn, former head of the imf. >> well guess what, mr. strauss-kahn, i have a question for you. what's the imf going to do about the debt crisis in greece? >> they had other stuff, too, that was probably a little better than that. also you probably surely noticed dooms day we weren't
3:37 am
necessarily doomed, it came and went, the world is still here, last we checked. we'll check again next hour. people not reporting any major earthquakes. you all were keeping an eye out for things. some people in new york, how are they taking this thing? >> better luck next time. >> last time it was wrong, they said they had to recalculate, they recalculated to this date so maybe they'll have to recalculated again. >> for months they've been calculating. followers of christian broadcasting hale camping have been warning of immediate demise. we haven't heard from harold camping but people around the world have been making jokes like there is no tomorrow, of course twitter of course went crazy yesterday about this. got a lot of people's attention but still not a whole lot of people put a lot of stock in that may 21st date. people look at other stories making headline this is morning, it was over before it started. indiana's republican governor mitch daniels telling his
3:38 am
supporters overnight he will not mount a presidential campaign for the 2012 election. in a late night e-mail "if i have disappointed you, i will always be sorry." also at least 13 people are dead, 67 more wounded in a series of bombings that have rattled baghdad this morning. authorities say 16 explosions targeted iraqi even u.s. security forces. also happening right now, some 200 miles above us, this is a live picture happening right now, maintenance to do, fulfilling scheduled maintenance work aboard the international space station a couple of hours into the space walk, started around 2:00 eastern today. they should be done in a couple more hours. also this morning from overnight, one person dead after reported tornado ripped through a kansas town, damaging just about every home in that town. this happened last night in
3:39 am
redding. at least 20 homes were destroyed. this is just an ominous picture we saw. you see what's in the background there, in the lightning. 200 homes were damaged, not all destroyed. emergency officials gave us the word, hours after the storm passed through, one person was dead and two others injured. [ sirens [ s ] you're hearing large hail smashing windows in topeka, kansas and also high winds. it's coming. power lines right here. >> i was about to tell you about a this but reynolds is standing next to me looking at this picture shaking your head. what were you seeing? >> i'm seeing again the part of the outbreak, a small outbreak but potent certainly. it is amazing in the late
3:40 am
afternoon to see the storms erupt across parts of the central plains, all of the components came together, southwesterly flow, and of course a volatile atmosphere and there is a chance we might see the same pattern take place today but going to move a little bit more to the east this time, t.j., but people really need to be on standby in missouri, parts of illinois, perhaps as far south as your home state of arkansas. so it could be rough. another component possibly heavy rainfall. a lot of people concerned how it may impact the flooding. the impact is going to be minimal which is the good news. all things considered, one of the reasons why we had to have the flooding in parts of the mississippi is because we had 600% more rainfall than we normally have. with the storm this big moving through, although it is certainly not going to help matters it's not going to be a big major game changer so to speak. the big story will be the chance of more tornado activity, a slight chance but still an opportunity, strong thunderstorms, other damaging winds, perhaps even some hail from about texas north to the central and western great lakes.
3:41 am
the best possibility of this, late afternoon, early evening hours and the sat sphere becomes volatile. quickly, high temperatures for the day as we get this map out of the high, expect highs to rise to 72 degrees in minneapolis, 83 in chicago, 87 in st. louis. 92 in atlanta and new york with 62 and out west in san francisco, 61. 66 in salt lake city. t.j., let answer send it back to you. >> i'm going to send it right back to you, reynolds. >> oh, boy. >> reynolds wolf, folks, he was not here with us yesterday, and he had a doggone good reason. >> yeah. >> you look good, don't look as tired as you should or they're great in the makeup room. can we show that beautiful boy footage. this is our new guy. this is patterson wolf. >> he's a mess. absolute mess. he was born on thursday, a very quick delivery. his mom, this is our third baby, has this down to a science. t.j., have you ever seen a trident missile launched from a nuclear submarine.
3:42 am
>> oh, my god. >> seriously, she makes it happen. >> don't give the country that visual of your wife. >> that kind of speed is how quickly she can have the baby. and she's doing very well. seriously we've had the same dr., who has delivered all three of her kids. she knows what to expect when it comes to our babies, he came in and here he is. >> this is supposed to be a beautiful moment. >> you know it is a beautiful moment. i think a lot of folks knew about this. i lost my father about a month ago, heart-wrenching, very unexpected and to have new life in the family like this is a healing thing, it really is and a wonderful moment. we're certainly happy to have him here. it's just, still can't believe he's here. >> i said patterson but it's a long imin and and significance of the name with your dad. >> william patterson after my dad.
3:43 am
it's a happy and loud time at the wolf house. you've got to come over. >> congratulations. deidre leave that picture up as we go into break. 42 minutes past the hour on this "cnn sunday morning." ve it too ♪ ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ i work so hard at my job ♪ and then i bring it home to you ♪ ♪ i love money in my pocket with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain.
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a quarter to the top of the hour. an oscar winner, grammy winner and hall of famer, say they haven't really done anything in their lives just yet. they say they are not done, three icons, morgan freeman, carlos santana and ernie banks in town honored for their careers they say still haven't really hit the high light. take a listen. you guys, whether it's in the profession you're doing, something outside of the profession, what would be the highlight in your career for you? >> i'm going to have to say that one of my main career highlights was having the opportunity and
3:46 am
the ability to channel nelson mandela. that was something. great man, and i didn't embarrass him. >> that's a good question. i probably would say going to cuba and invite mr. desmond tutu and mr. mandela and the dalai lama and do what we did with woodstock with cuba, so my highlight is still up ahead. >> what about you, mr. banks? >> it's still ahead. >> still ahead? >> i haven't found it yet. i'm still searching to are that. >> everything you've accomplished and a hall of famer, you're still looking to are that thing in life you want to do? >> that's correct. and my goal was, my long range goal was to win a nobel peace prize, and still is.
3:47 am
>> what is stopping you? >> huh? >> what's stopping you? >> i don't know. is 80 too young or too old? >> no, you're never too old. get on the bus, gus. >> but i always wanted to do that. i wanted to be an international lawyer when i first started out, didn't make it there. >> just too good at baseball. >> and then good into baseball and that was it, and jackie robinson and hank aaron, all of the guys who played before me, helped me and inspired me and i just followed them, and that was it. >> all right, 13 minutes to the top of the hour now. some unusual traditions happen all over the world, including this one in england. these people literally risk breaking their necks to chase something down a hill.
3:48 am
3:49 am
nadia bilchik here with our "morning passport." the month of may is the time for some unusual festival, celebrations? >> traditions, festivals and the reality is that in britain right now it starts to be spring in may and june so there are all kinds of festivities. >> are they just silly? there's something rooted? >> there's some substance about celebration of spring but one that is particularly unusual takes place in gloucestershire, england, the cheese rolling. the origins are strange and not clear. what happens is you have a group of people trying to catch the
3:50 am
cheese, so the aim is you roll down and catch the cheese. remember that the cheese is going around 70 miles an hour. so people rolling down to get the cheese usually get injured so at the bottom of the hill are paramedics standing by. in world war ii it wasn't real cheese because there was such a shortage so they used a round wooden block. wooden block seems incongruous, but here you have people meeting, what happened was in 2010 it became so dangerous, they banned it. here they are rolling down the hill to fetch the cheese. >> never understood why people do this. we've seen the video every, it is insane. >> they never catch the cheese by the way. >> i don't guess we've had anybody get killed. >> not killed but severe injured. the 2011 cheese rolling
3:51 am
competition which was scheduled has been delayed because they've been charging admission. so people will do it informally but the official coopers hill cheese rolling is not going to happen. >> okay, the next one you have is not as painful or is it in. >> it could be painful, depending on who does it. this is known as face pulling or gurning. the idea is to see how strange a face you can pull. now very interestingly -- >> oh! what in the world are we watching? >> we are watching people, now this gentleman that you're watching now has had his teeth taken out so he can gurn, he can pull his lip up to his nose. >> on purpose? >> yes. >> why? >> because it makes their face more mobile and elastic. the origins of this are unclear. some say they used to tease the village idiot into making faces
3:52 am
and one myth or legend says a gentleman came home to his disgruntled wife and he said to her, stop gurning and he threw the horse collar over her face. >> why would they want to make the faces? why? >> again, it becomes tradition and tradition is how strange a face can you pull? now in australia they pull duck faces but it's how elastic can the face become. >> okay, i'll give this a shot later in the mirror by myself. >> you definitely won't be taking your teeth out. >> i will not be doing that. nadia with our "morning passport" thank you as always. members of the u.s. military who have been injured in combat with found a way to heal through competition. you'll see it, next. which provided for their every financial need. [ thunder rumbling ] [ thunder crashing ] and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor,
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whoa dude [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one, money magazine's best rewards card if you aim to rack up airline miles. what's in your wallet? personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. u.s. service members wounded on the battlefield now challenging themselves and each other in competition. jason carroll had a front seat at the warrior games in colorado springs. ♪ >> reporter: they marched on colorado springs. ♪ the drums of battle igniting the warrior within, but this time, these servicemen and women who once fought side by side will be
3:56 am
competing against each other. >> being laysiest has not been an option in our life. >> reporter: army specialist david oliver is ready, so is marine captain jonathan disbro. >> this whole experience has been an eye opener to are me. >> reporter: the experience, the warrior games, an olympic style competition for wounded service members. [ cheers and applause ] david oliver lost his right arm during a humvee accident in afghanistan two years ago. jonathan disbros's right leg amputated. >> there were several surgeries in six months. >> the challenge is there, it presents itself to you so you can either accept that limitation or take that challenge and overcome it. >> reporter: there are more than 200 others here eager to show how they've overcome their challenges. right now jonathan is getting ready to compete in his first
3:57 am
event of the morning, it is the shotput, so they're going to strap him in to get him in to position. >> nice throw! >> reporter: disbro gets the shotput gold and competes in four other events. david oliver medals, too, fighting for the bronze in the 800 meter. >> i was about to fall on my face, like the last quarter of the thing and i'm sitting there thinking to myself, i got my family to think b the army to think about. i haven't pushed myself harder than that in my entire life. >> reporter: do you remember when you first heard about the idea? >> it was a blinding flash to the obvious, even as they've recovered from these wounds and injuries and illnesses to be symbols of the highest and most capable of their type, and i think they must take, i would take extraordinary pride in that. >> some of these guys that hadn't been involved in sports before, now they're involved in sports, they have expectations on them and the marine corps teams doing pretty well, a lot
3:58 am
of medal winners here. >> reporter: including you. >> i'm happy for the whole team, proud of the team and a great experience so far. >> reporter: ultimately that's what warrior games is all about, men and women continuing to push themselves, never giving up. jason carroll, cnn, colorado springs. we had breaking news from the political trail overnight, one republican decides he will not run for president, and he gave one reason and one reason alone. it's about his family. we'll tell you about it and what some say is his xla indicacompl marriage. he calls it a remarkable love story. we'll reset at the top of the hour. like helioplex... it provides the highest average spf and unsurpassed uva protection. neutrogena®. get the best.
3:59 am
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we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com.
4:01 am
good sunday morning, everybody. just days after president obama angered many when he suggested israel go back to its 1967 borders, he talks to a key pro-israel lobbying group this morning, happening in just a matter of hours, how is that going to play out? also, something we have been keeping a close eye on, just a couple hundred miles above us, this is happening in space, it continues right now, space walk
4:02 am
taking place, two astronauts doing maintenance work, this is one of two space walks that have taken place so far, space shuttle "endeavour" on its mission, expected to continue for the next hour. we'll give you an update on what's happening above us. the cdc is warning you about zombies. i am not kidding, this is real, i will explain. from the cnn center this is your "cnn sunday morning," the day after the end of the world, lo and behold, i'm t.j. holmes and we are still here. let's start with the mideast peace politics. what's happening a couple hours from now. president obama will be talking to apac, the american israel public affairs committee, the most powerful jewish lobbying group in the u.s. he upset a lot of people and got a lot of attention, in
4:03 am
particular benjamin netanyahu who had a meeting with the president on friday after the president made the comments friday about israel going back to the borders pre-1967. how are they going to receive the president this morning? >> i think it's going to be a mixed reception, t.j. obviously the other day there was conternsternation about the borders. president obama offered other things about refugees and dealing with hamas. they'll look for president obama to say we have a disagreement on the '67 borders but at the same time try and assure the israelis and the american jewish community that the u.s. does consider israel as we say an unshakeable ally, and also that the u.s. is really guarantees israel's security even as the peace process goes forward.
4:04 am
>> elise i believe politico had an article out a day or so ago and essentially posted an e-mail from the head of apac reminding members how to treat their guests. some took that as being, telling people hey don't boo the president. we wouldn't think it would go that far. >> i wouldn't put it past some members in the crowd. there are thousands of people there, some people feel very strongly, and so they try to get a little rowdy. sometimes it does happen, in the past depending on what the president said the day before or how people are thinking, but at the end of the day the u.s. and israel are very close allies. american jews know that the u.s. really is indispensable in terms of helping advance israel's interest is not just in the peace process but we've seen all this turmoil in the region, they know that they need the u.s. support so i think they're going to be looking for some concrete things for president obama to say to the crowd to assure them that the u.s. has israel's interest is in mind but at the
4:05 am
same time there is a lot of anger over what he said the other day about those '67 borders because they feel it's not something that the u.s. is really taking into account their needs. >> the last thing you could probably answer this pretty quickly. what's next in the peace process, a lot of people are saying there is no next step. we don't know what's next. >> well, there's no next steps in terms of president obama certainly didn't say i'm going to send secretary clinton or an envoy out to advance the peace process. there's no negotiations. we have this date coming up in september at the united nations when the palestinians are seeking recognition from the international community, so you really have to get some kind of process going before that, because israel and the united states really went to head that off. >> elise labot from the state department, good to see you as always, thanks so much. the president just starts the apac but has a busy week ahead. he will be climbing aboard air force one for a long flight to ireland, he'll spend next week
4:06 am
in europe, after ireland, a trip to london. indiana governor mitch daniels made a decision. he is not going to run for president. gop insiders were pushing him to get into the race. they saw him as the clear fiscally conservative choice. here's how he summed up his decision in an overnight e-mail to supporters. "in the end i was able to resolve every competing consideration but one, and that, the interest is and wishes of my family, is the most important consideration of all." some political observers have suggested that daniels' family would have gotten a lot of attention if he decided to get into the race. some called his family situation, well, complicated, if you will. that's his wife you're seeing there, cheri. she lefd ht him in the '90s, married another man, came back to mitch daniels and they're
4:07 am
married once again. cheri daniels stayed out of the public eye but a presidential run would have changed all of that. hear more from daniels' statement, apologizing to some republican leader, quoting again "if i have disappointed you, i will always be sorry. if you feel that this was a non-courageous or unpatriotic decision i understand and will not attempt to persuade you otherwise. i only hope that you will accept my sincerity in the judgment i have reached." more on daniels' decision and what it does to the gop hopes for 2012 just a little later. head back to space, shall we? that's always fun, the international space station, this is taking place above us as we speak, always remarkable to get these pictures, two astronauts out there, drew foystel and mike fink have been at this for the past five hours, a walk slated to go some six and a half plus hours but they're doing some maintenance really some handy work up there on the international space station, of course this is the last, the
4:08 am
last mission for the shuttle "endeavour." turn to oklahoma, a story you saw developing yesterday on "cnn saturday morning," aboklahoma sheriff's deputy is recovering after surgery to try to repair serious damage to his face. major john waldenville was shot in the heads aclose range friday night, the sheriff now telling us there's no brain damage. police are still searching for two men in connection with that shooting, it was all caught on security cameras. we, the public have not seen that video just yet, but listen now to the major's wife. >> he's doing very well right now. everything that we have done so far for him, all the surgeries he's had that has had the best possible outcome, i think he's going to pull through just fine. he's a fighter. he's a go-getter and a fighter and a very positive person. >> amazing to hear. she's saying he's going to pull through just fine. waldenville was doing extra work
4:09 am
as a security guard when he was ambushed. to ice land, another volc o volcano, scientists keeping a close eye on, erupting, not the one you might be thinking about that caused the problems last year. the plume of smoke you're seeing is coming from the largest glacier in europe, located in southeast iceland. again the one you'll remember, another eruption in iceland, that was the one that disrupted air travel in europe for weeks last year, so a different one this time. actor jeff conway, battling for his life this morning in a california hospital, the 60-year-old star of "grease" kini kinicki and later starred in "taxi" is suffering from pneumonia, and infection of the blood, his struggles with addiction have been struggled in "celebrity rehab" with dr. drew. an airline is trying to give you extra leg room if you give them a little extra money. they're putting you in what's called economy comfort.
4:10 am
sounds great, doesn't it? that just means you're in coach and you have four more inches of leg room. it will cost you a little more, $20 to $40 an inch in some cases. so yeah, some flights overseas cost you an extra $160. quwell did you have money o shackelford to win the preakness stakes saturday? 12:1 were the odds. the underdog held off a home stretch one for a kentucky derby animal kingdom to win by less than a length. there will not be a triple counsel winner, a drought that dates back now to 1978. we've been covering a lot of weather lately, certainly keeping a close eye on the flooding still, a number of problems they are still facing in parts of the south. we'll tell you about a new health warning that's being issued for some folks. also let's say good morning to daddy, reynolds. >> hey, good morning. yeah, it's good times no question about it.
4:11 am
unfortunately bad times in terms of rough weather. we've had incredible parts in some parts of the plains, damage popping up across portions of kansas. what we can see today is severe weather pushes across the great lakes and texas. you're watching "cnn saturday morning." beer and wine, and cupcakes. i was doing the corporate grind, like everyone else. but to be successful, i knew i had to be different. ink, ink, ink, ink, ink... i mean i love that card. it does things differently too. great customer service, going above and beyond to help me out as a small business.
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4:15 am
about every home there. this happened in redding, kansas. at least 20 homes were destroyed. you see this ominous sight here. 200 homes in that town damaged, hours after the storm swept through that town when emergency officials were able to confirm to us at least one person had been killed, another two have been injured. that's hail, large hail you're hearing there smashing windows in parts of eastern kansas, this in toe pico. as i bring in reynolds wolf, the day after it seems silly sometimes to be looking at video which at least in my opinion shows clearly a tornado but we always have to wait for the weather experts to go in there and make the official rulings on the stuff. >> absolutely this is the way it works. it's very strange. it's almost like having some kind of a sporting contest where you have the officials at the scoring table so to speak.
4:16 am
a weird analogy. >> it's official. >> that's how it works. a tornado is a tornado. there's plenty of them out there in parts of the central plains. let's show you the video again. it's compelling. i've gone storm chasing a number of tiles. when you storm chase the objective is to get to the southern half of the storm or southeast corner. the storms move to the northeast. 99% of all tornadoes move to the northeast. you can see some veering through parts of the midwest and plains today. let's show you what we've got. there are a cupful key places, parts of missouri, development southwest of peoria, everything moving eastward, to the northeast of i-55. in t.j.'s home state of arkansas look how quick some things have been popping up. 20 minutes ago we didn't have any rain showers, the eruption of them near little rock and back in conway, if you happen to be duning in from searsay and clarksdale, all dripping off to
4:17 am
the northeast 45 miles an hour. keep that in mind, rain, hail, flash flooding across parts of the central plains and we can't rule out the chance of a tornado or two, perhaps even more by late in the afternoon. all your atmospheric components are there. we've got moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico, the frontal boundaries driving off towards the east that, combined with the heating will make a volatile atmosphere, giving us chance of the storm from the great lakes to the central points driving eastward best chance of dealing with the rough storms. more coming up throughout the morning. t.j. back to you. >> good to have you back as well. thanks so much. >> you bet. let's look at some of the headlines from the flooding in louisiana and mississippi. good news to reporting for the people of st. martin parish in louisiana. mandatory evacuation order has been delayed because they believe the river is not going to get as high as they once feared. the river has already crested in vicksburg, mississippi. people aren't being allowed back in their homes there yet. governor haley barbour warning
4:18 am
residents about the health risks once they get back. he says tests of the water show levels of e. coli bacteria 200 times the normal level. a disturbing sight in yazoo city, mississippi. caskets have started floating from a cemetery. so far three have floated away. floodwaters in the region aren't going anywhere any time soon. some placed expect to be under water until mid-june, making it tough for everybody especially people who live and work right on the river. jeanne meserve is right on the river for us this morning. jeanne, good morning once again. it's one thing, you try to just save your home, but then you have to worry about saving your livelihood as well. >> reporter: that's right. you have to worry about your business and the full cost of business and to farmers has yet to be calculated, t.j. the good news for this story is that the levee system appears to be holding. there have been minor problems,
4:19 am
sand boils keep cropping up but thus far able to control them, there have been no major problems. the second piece of good news is that although the water is still rising in some places, in other places it is dropping, not a great deal yet, but it is going down somewhat. the estimates, as you mentioned it won't go back to normal until mid-june because there is so much water in the mississippi and in its tributaries, it still has to drain out of this system. now, it means that thousands and thousands of people are still out of their homes, and the full cost of this flooding has yet to be calculated. of course, as you mentioned, a lot of people make their living on the water, we went out yesterday in a tugboat and saw some of the challenges they're facing in this environment. the most important thing is the current. the volume of water is so great that the currents are at an unprecedented strength. it's making it very hard for barges and tow boats to make
4:20 am
their way up the river, that of course a critical part of the economy in the middle part of the country. so some people are saying that when the water does go down it's likely that the floodwater also have changed the contours of the river, underwater, they're saying sandbars will have moved and so forth. there's already talk of their having to do dredging when the floodwaters go down and that will be a while yet. >> jeanne meserve for us, we appreciate you as always. we're 20 minutes past the hour now. you know the cdc is there to protect the public safety. the cdc is putting out a warning saying they need to be protecting us from zombies. this is not a joke, the centers for disease control is officially putting out a guide telling you who you to survive a zombie apocalypse. you'll hear it next. [ male announcer ] for fastidious librarian emily skinner,
4:21 am
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[ pigeons ] heyyy! hooo!!! 24 minutes past the hour now. it's not often that the centers for disease control are on the same page as the plot of horror movies. it's a new day now, new day for the living dead. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen tells us about the cdc's zombie plan. >> the centers for disease control this week had a warning for all americans, they said be prepared for the zombie apocalyp apocalypse, the end of the world as we know and they want you to be prepared. take a look at this blog post. look at the url, it really is
4:25 am it promises to provide technical assistance to cities or states dealing with a zombie infestation, if you get infected from a zombie site they'll be there to try to prevent further transmission of the virus or whatever it is the zombies carry. if the zombies atack, first of all you want to have plenty of water on hand to stay hydrated. keep a kit of food that will stay good for a long time, and also have a copy of important documents like your passport and your driver's license, and keep extra bottles of medication that you might need as well as a first aid kit. this is particularly important, some off! to keep the zombies off of you. if all of this looks like what you would expect to have ready in case of an emergency, that's the point, the cdc wanted to get people's attention and it
4:26 am
worked. their blog site actually crashed because so many people read their article and with the message they wanted to get out is that you need to have a preparedness kit together and ready at your home in case there was a natural disaster or something else went wrong, so don't wait for the zombies, get your kit together and you can be an empowered patient and an empowered zombie survivor. back to you >> thanks to elizabeth cohen. another gop presidential candidate has said no to a white house run, indiana governor mitch daniels. i'll tell you who is taking up the run, after the break. ♪
4:27 am
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♪ when you're resonsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪
4:29 am
indiana governor mitch daniels says he will not seek the republican nomination for president, making this announcement overnight in an e-mail to supporters, a former top aide to president george w. bush. he had the backing of many powerful conservatives including the bush family. he joins donald trump, mike huckabee and haley barbour in deciding not to run for the presidential race. this is happening some 200 miles above the earth. two astronauts on a space walk doing a mission some


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